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Vice President Yasmine A. Branden, CCA

Secretary Dove Sifers-Putman

Treasurer Sandy K. Field, CBT, CIT

Who Votes: Members classified as “Active,” “Corporate” and “Member-at-Large” are eligible to vote for NAWIC National Officers by ballot. The NAWIC Office will produce the ballots. Ballots will be sent by June 1 to all voting members based on the NAWIC Office’s record of paid and processed members as of May 1. Ballot information will be emailed to all voting members. Those who do not have e-mail will receive a paper ballot. Voting Instructions: All ballots must be returned by June 30 to be counted. Each ballot returned will count as one vote. All instructions on the ballot must be followed in order for a vote to count. Tallying and Notification: The ballots will be tallied by an outside source as determined by the NAWIC Office. The outside source will send a letter with the determined outcome of the election to the execu-

tive vice president of the Association. The number of votes a candidate receives will not be published. Each candidate may submit a written request to the executive vice president asking for the number of votes she received with a breakdown by region. Candidates and the NAWIC Board of Directors will be notified of the results by July 7 via e-mail or phone. Results will be posted on the NAWIC Web site by July 8. If a second vote is required, ballots will be sent as soon as possible after July 7. You must vote in the first ballot to be eligible to vote in a tie situation. Remember: As in any election, your vote does count. Write-in Candidates: Write-in candidates will be allowed. To qualify, write-in candidates must have their application to the NAWIC Office prior to ballot information being e-mailed on June 1.

CANDIDATE BULLETIN BOARD To help familiarize members with the five candidates running for national office, an interactive, online Bulletin Board will be available at NAWIC Online on March 24. Go to >Member Sign In > Member Center > Bulletin Board. We hope you will find the Bulletin Board to be user-friendly. However, if you have any questions, please e-mail Tim Elmore, NAWIC Web specialist, at, or call him at (800) 552-3506.

“You must vote and make your voice heard. Otherwise, you will be left out.” Mari-Luci Jaramillo


Cindy Johnsen, CBT, CDS, CIT




AWIC must embrace the present as we imagine our future growth and develop into the association of choice for all women in the construction industry. Through our membership, NAWIC continues to provide strong support for women in construction. Our leaders must be connected with the membership since our members are our best resource to achieve this growth.”

“I am fortunate to have many mentors in NAWIC who believed in me and continue to help me in my growth, personally and professionally. Mentoring is an integral part of the NAWIC culture, helping members to realize their strengths and future potential. My strengths include the ability to effectively listen and communicate as well as thinking strategically – all necessary to guide NAWIC into the future. I will continue working with members to identify their strengths so they will succeed in arenas they never thought possible.”

Candidate Facts

Chapter Affiliation: San Bernardino-Riverside, Calif., Chapter #111, Region 12 Year Joined NAWIC: 1997 Company: Granite Construction Company Company Type: Heavy Civil Construction Position & Job Duties: Project Specialist. Johnsen assists the Regional Business Manager in business procedures and is a job cost subject matter expert; a key member of the process improvement team; and a part of the regional administrative/accounting team specializing in contract/ subcontract administration, transportation/rental equipment agreements, accounting and project management legal issues, invoice review and internal per company policy; conducted branch communication. financial and budget analysis; assisted in estimating and construction; and Years in Construction: 22 was a member of the job cost team in a software conversion. Other Industry Experience: Johnsen served as a real estate broker, Community/Industry Affiliations: notary public and an administrative • NAFE – National Association of manager for a real estate develFemale Executives oper/home builder for eight years. She • AATCC – American Association of worked as an estimating administraTextiles Chemists & Colorists tor whose duties included contract • People to People Inc. administration, insurance, bonding, bid proposals, assisting estimators and job Education: cost accounting for large heavy civil • Bachelor of Science, Home Economfirm. Also, Johnsen held a position as ics, California Polytechnic State a construction administrator/trainer University, San Luis Obispo where she trained engineers in job cost • Construction Document Specialist

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • Committee Coordinator, 2010-2011 • NEF Business Plan Chair, 2010-2011 • Finance Chair, 2008-2010 • Region NEF Liaison, 2008-2010, 2004-2005 • NEF Strategic Plan Chair, 2008-2009 • Strategic Plan Co-Chair, 2007-2008 • Region Crystal Vision Award Chair, 2005-06 • Region Forum Parliamentarian, 2005 • Floor Vote/Credentials Chair, 2005 • Region Forum Parliamentarian, 2004 • Region APC Parliamentarian, 2004 • Credentials Chair, 2004 • Region Legal Affairs Chair, 2002-2004 • Region Business Management Chair, 2001-2004 • Floor Vote Chair, 2003 • Region Construction Industry Chair, 1999-2000

(CDS), NEF • Construction Industry Technician National/Regional/NEF Committee (CIT), NEF • Construction Bookkeeping Technician Member: • NEF Strategic Plan, 2009-2010 (CBT), NEF • NEF Nominating, 2009-2010 • Regional Fund Review, 2008-2009 National Offices Held: • Director’s Fund Trustee, 2003-2005 • Vice President, 2010-2011 • Treasurer, 2008-2010 Outstanding NAWIC/Industry • Region 12 Director, 2006-2008 Participation: • Coachella Valley, Calif. Chapter BrilElected Chapter Offices Held: liant Star for membership recruitment, • President 2002 • Vice President • YWCA Appreciation Award, 2000 • Corresponding Secretary • National Construction Industry Project • Treasurer submittal, 1999 • Director • San Bernardino-Riverside WIC of the Year, 1998-1999

Reason for Running “I am running for the office of President-Elect to utilize my proven strengths and experience to increase the value of membership and to champion NAWIC so we become the association of choice for women in the construction industry.”


Riki F. Lovejoy, CBT, CIT




“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other." John F. Kennedy

Candidate Facts

AWIC has been an integral part of my personal and professional development throughout my construction career. As the owner of a small construction management consulting company with contracts across the nation, I’ve learned the significance of ‘global resource’ and how this is essential to my success and the success of every member in this Association.” “Each step in my leadership development in NAWIC as Chapter Director, Chapter Secretary, Chapter Vice President, a three‐term

Chapter President, Region 3 NEF liaison as well as the Region 3 Director (2007‐2009) and currently the NAWIC Secretary, has prepared me to be NAWIC President. One of the primary revelations during this journey is understanding how the Association is evolving globally into a key player in the Construction Industry. My goal is to continue to assist members in realizing their goals for success in our industry through education, networking opportunities and leadership development.”

Chapter Affiliation: Greater Orlando, Fla., Chapter #73, Region 3

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair:

Year Joined NAWIC: 1987

• Legislative Awareness, 2009-2010 • NEF Region 3 Liaison, 1993-1995

Company: RFL Consulting Solutions Inc.

Outstanding NAWIC/Industry Participation:

Company Type: Construction Management Consulting

• Nominated Chapter Member of the Year, 2009-2010 • Organization and Extension Committee Member for Space Coast and Gainesville Chapters • National award for best Chapter website design, 2000-2001

Position & Job Duties: Owner and President. Lovejoy’s duties include accounting, project management, etc. She does whatever it takes to keep the company running. Years in Construction: 25

• Certified WBE with National Women Business Owners Other Industry Experience: Lovejoy was the owner of a carpentry Corporation • Habitat for Humanity and miscellaneous specialties

• Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF • Construction Bookkeeping Technician (CBT), NEF

subcontractor. She has also worked in commercial general contractor project Education: management and administration. • Bachelor of Science, Business

National Offices Held:

Community/Industry Affiliations:

• Certified MBE with National Minority Suppliers Diversity Council

Management with minor in Management Info. Systems, University of Central Florida • Associates Degree in Construction Technology

• Secretary, 2010-2011 • Region 3 Director, 2007-2009 Elected Chapter Offices Held:

• President, 2000-2001, 1990-1992 • Secretary, 1988-1989 • Director, 1987-1988

Reason for Running

“As we continue to position NAWIC as a powerful resource in our industry, I am prepared to be the strong voice representing the phenomenal members of this Association as we strive to meet the goals of our strategic plan.”


Yasmine A. Branden, CCA

Vice President



s your Vice President, I will continue my dedication to improving our leadership position in the construction industry. By wisely using our current resources and strategically expanding professional alliances, we will become the association to which our industry looks for innovative professional development programs, inspiring mentorship strategies and creative approaches to positively changing the image of construction. We will accomplish all this by remaining true to our history,

relevant to our present and embracing our future.” “Through my years of membership, NAWIC has helped me to not simply follow the expectations of others; rather, to forge my own path as a strong independent woman in a demanding and constantly changing industry. I believe we must now more than ever embrace our futures, mold ongoing challenges into advantages, and continue our journey to making NAWIC the leader in the construction industry.”

Candidate Facts

Chapter/Region Affiliation: Portland, Ore., Chapter #54, Region 9

• President-Elect, 2003-2004 • Vice President, 2002-2003 • Director, 2001-2003 • Recording Secretary, 1999-2000, 2001-2002

Year joined NAWIC: 1999 Company: Neil Kelly Company Position & Job Duties: Vice President/Production Manager. Branden’s duties include managing the Remodeling, Home Performance, Handyman/ Home Repair, Service and Facilities divisions; overseeing legal, contractual and code compliance issues; driving green build/sustainability practices for Community/Industry Affiliations: her company; and training trade • Greater Portland Construction contractors toward more sustainable Partnership building practices • Homebuilders Association of Greater Metro Portland Years in Construction: 24 • The Natural Step • Oregon Association of Minority Other Industry Experience: Entrepreneurs Branden has worked as a • Oregon Remodelers Association superintendent, project manager, • American Association of University land development manager, Women construction manager, non-profit housing program manager and as a Education: legislative educator/lobbyist. • Master of Real Estate and

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • NEF Trustee, 2009-2010 • NEF Region 9 Liaison, 2005-2007, 2009-2010 • National Professional Education, 2006-2007 • Region 9 Membership, 2002-2003

Construction Management, University of Denver • Bachelor of Science, Governmental Administration, Christopher Newport College • Certified Construction Associates (CCA), NEF National Offices Held: • Treasurer, 2010-2011 • Region 9 Director, 2007-2009 Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2004-2005

Reason for Running

National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: • Diversity Task Force, 2009-2010 • IMAGE Editorial Board, 2009-2010 • Chapter Chartering Task Force, 2007-2008 • National Professional Education, 2005-2006 • Region 9 Professional Education, 2003-2005 Outstanding NAWIC/Industry Participation: • Region 9 WIC of the Year, 2006

“As a deeply committed member of NAWIC, I pledge to use our available resources to strengthen our membership, increase our diversity and find ways to embrace our future as we enhance NAWIC’s leadership position in the construction industry.”


Dove Sifers-Putman

Secretary e-mail:


began as a member of the Board of Directors for our Chapter in my first year as a member. I have served in all chapter positions except treasurer in my 14 years of membership. I have also served on various committees and as committee chairman on chapter, regional and national levels.” “High school training and 15 years of work experience in office administration has provided me the experience and knowledge to serve as secretary. I listen well and gather informa-

tion to allow for accurate notes. Serving on the National Board of NAWIC as a Region Director has given me a working knowledge of the NAWIC board.” “My goals for NAWIC are to continue to increase awareness of NAWIC in the industry. We need to encourage our members to share their knowledge of NAWIC and recruit new members. I want to continue to work with NEF and help provide education for our members and the industry.”

Candidate Facts

Chapter Affiliation: Charlotte, N.C., Chapter #121, Region 11

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • Region 11 CAD/Drafting Chair, 2003-2005, 2006-2008. • Region 11 WIC Week Chair

Year Joined NAWIC: 1996

National/Regional/NEF Committee Member: Region 11 Membership, 2008-2009

Company: Environamics, Incorporated Company Type: Commercial Interior Contractor Position & Job Duties: Southeastern Regional Relocatable Wall Sales Rep. Sifers-Putman sells movable wall products to architects, general contractors and customers. She also creates estimates and does project management. Years in Construction: 22

Outstanding NAWIC/Industry Participation: • Red Rose Recruiter, 2007-2008 • Region 11 Newsletter, 2006

Education: • AutoCAD degree, Central Piedmont Community College • Meadow Bridge High School

Other Industry Experience: Sifers-Putman grew up in National Offices Held: construction. Her father owned a • Region 11 Director, 2009-2011 sawmill. Her family was composed of do-it-yourselfers, going so far as to build their own homes.

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2000-2002 • Vice President, 1999-2000 • Recording Secretary, 1998-1999 • Member Board of Directors, various years beginning in 1997

Community/Industry Affiliations: • Forest Pond HOA, Secretary, 20012010 • Forest Pond HOA Board Member, current

Reason for Running “I am running for the office of secretary because I believe in NAWIC. I want to continue to gather knowledge of the NAWIC board and share my knowledge with members. I want to provide assistance to the NAWIC board members.”


Sandy K. Field, CBT, CIT

Treasurer e-mail:


erving as Region 7 Director, has given me experience, knowledge and desire to serve as a National Officer.” “With 28 years of employment in the construction industry, serving as President and Director of the Builders Association of Corpus Christi, as a Director of both the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Homebuilders, and serving on the Building Standards Board City of Corpus Christi have all given me leadership skills and abilities that add to my qualifications for National Office.”

“My goals would include keeping an open mind to change, an open ear to the members and a willingness to work diligently, ethically and cohesively for what is in the best interest of NAWIC and its members. To identify and seek programs and resources that would help grow our membership, meet the needs of our members and move NAWIC to a greater level of recognition within the construction industry.”

Candidate Facts

Chapter/Region Affiliation: Houston, Texas, Chapter #3, Region 7

Education: • Construction Industry Technician (CIT), NEF • Studied Accounting and Computer Science, Victoria College • Studying for Construction Bookkeeping 101 (CBT), NEF

Year joined NAWIC: 2005 Company: Cadence McShane Construction Company, LLC

National Offices Held: • Region 7 Director, 2009-2011

Company Type: General Contractor Position & Job Duties: Office Manager. Field manages office administrative staff, including accounting and project administration employees; evaluates annual staff performances; maintains office equipment and furniture for office and jobsite trailers; and assists IT and Marketing. She serves as Executive Assistant to the vice president/ division manager and two other vice presidents in the Houston office. She also conducts an annual financial review, establishes an annual budget, maintains all personnel files and assists the Estimating Department by attending pre-bid conferences and delivering proposals.

Elected Chapter Offices Held: • President, 2007-2009 • Vice President, 2006-2007 • Corresponding Secretary, 20052006 Years in Construction: 28

Community/Industry Affiliations: • Associated General Contractors Other Industry Experience: (AGC) Prior to Cadence McShane, Field • Society for Marketing Professional had worked in the homebuilding Services, (SMPS) construction industry for almost 20 • Association of Commercial Real years and accrued 15 years as a full Estate Professionals (ACRP) charge bookkeeper responsible for all financial aspects of the business at three different companies. She moved up the ladder from Accounting to Marketing to positions as vice president, general manager and custom homebuilder.

Reason for Running

National/Regional/NEF Committee Chair: • Region 7 Construction Profession and Education, 2007-2008 Outstanding NAWIC/Industry Participation: • AGC Houston Chapter’s Excellence in Leadership Standard of Excellence Award, 2005 • Builders Association of Corpus Christi Area’s Builder of the Year Award, 1997

“It is my desire to serve as National Officer, using my knowledge, skills, abilities and experiences, to develop programs that mentor, educate and inspire the members to personal and professional growth and ultimate success. In other words, pay it forward.”

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