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Brett Hagler is the CEO and co-founder of New Story, author, cancer survivor, and was recently named to the 2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.

needs—shelter, water, electricity—and this was a way to provide that,” says Hagler. Self-Sustaining Charity A unique aspect of the crowdfunding charity campaign is that each time a family receives a home, it contractually agrees that over 10 or 12 years, it will pay it forward so that another family in need can get a house. “They pay forward the cost of their loan with no interest and very small monthly payments to provide for another family in need,” says Hagler. “We do that for a couple reasons. First, in a developing world, people are proud to be homeowners, and this allows them to preserve their dignity. In addition, it’s a multiplier and keeps the charity self-sustaining. For every home funded, we provide a new, safe home for another family.” BHGRE brokers and sales associates are encouraged to pick a family and start a crowdfunding campaign. “Brokers from all over the country have committed to raising enough to build anywhere from one to 10 homes. Plus, it’s fun to get to know the family’s story and chart your progress toward building a home. It’s even sparked some friendly competition amongst team members at our corporate office,” she says.


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“ F O R E V E RY HOME FUNDED, we p rov i d e a n ew, s a f e home for another f a m i l y.” – Brett Hagler

LORE winter 2016  
LORE winter 2016