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“WHEN WE THINK OF INCLUSION, i t m e a n s eve r y t h i n g f ro m b e i n g o p e n t o a l l i d e a s t o p rov i d i n g an opportunity for all p e o p l e t o l i ve i n a safe home. When I saw a p re s e n t a t i o n f ro m B re t t H a g l e r (C E O a n d c o - f o u n d e r o f N ew S t o r y ) , I re a l i z e d t h a t t h i s w a s ex a c t l y i n l i n e w i t h o u r c o re va l u e s .” – Sherry Chris Sherry Chris


lba (37) is a widow and mother of four living in Ahuachapán, El Salvador. Her husband died from an alcohol addiction, and her family has been living on her single income ever since. She works as a maid for 12 consecutive hours a day. Thanks to a partnership between Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE) and New Story, a next-generation charity that crowdfunds to transform slums into sustainable communities, Alba and her children, Jessica (18), who is in her last year of accounting trade school and works as a maid twice a week, Javier (16), Marcos (14) and Jose (13), will have a house of their own, rather than live in constant fear of eviction. They’ll finally live in a home with water and electricity. A BHGRE Community With New Story, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate will rally to raise funds to build an entire community of homes for residents in Ahuachapán, one family at a time. “Our values at BHGRE are passion, authenticity, inclusion, growth and excellence,” says Sherry Chris, president and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. “When we think of inclusion, it means everything from being open to all ideas to providing an opportunity for all people to live in a safe home. When I saw a presentation from Brett Hagler (CEO and co-founder of New Story), I realized that this was exactly in line with our core values,” she says. Known as the next-generation real estate brand, BHGRE seems like a perfect match for New Story, which offers a transparent crowdfunding (a way to fund projects by requesting contributions from a large number of people, usually online) campaign-style program where anyone can set up an individual fundraising webpage for a specific family or portions of the community. One hundred percent of all donations go directly to fund home construction, and every donor receives a video of the exact family he or she has funded moving into its new home for full accountability—showing transparency and authenticity. “I built the New Story model to be transparent. I took a trip to Haiti a couple of years after the earthquake devastated the community, and you never knew where your money went. These people need life’s most basic



LORE winter 2016  
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