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Finding Focus Not bad for a kid who claims he was a bit of a challenge in high school. “I was sent to military school in 11th grade,” says Bacal, who notes that he wasn’t much for “rules in adolescence and was bored with school.” However, that military school experience taught him a lot about what he wanted in life. “The strict officers took away your identity, and you had to work hard to get rewards. That made me become ultrafocused on finding success in business and life. I went from nothing to being the head of an 80-kid barrack. I liked being the leader and found myself thriving.” Bacal also learned that if he wanted to be successful at something, he needed to go at it full speed ahead. “I wanted to be a superagent; then, my life needed to be 24/7 real estate.” In fact, he says that his life is all about work and he likes it that way. “It excites me,” he says. And it’s how he found a way to merge his love of closing a deal with his love of video. “I found myself shooting videos of all my listings, and I started to get phone calls [from buyers and sellers]. So I started shooting videos of me being an expert in the areas in which I worked. One video was like knocking on 1,000 doors. But it was still a lot of work as it cost me time and money.” So he developed Roofshoot, an app that allows sales associates to put together footage with music and a variety of customized themes to create a professional, shareable video in minutes. The app, currently in beta, is being tested by more than 350 real estate agents in Los

Angeles who were invited to be part of a special early-adopters group. Because of his success in real estate and with the app, he was named Most Innovative Real Estate Agent at the 2016 Inman Innovator awards, and the app was named at the Realogy FWD Innovation Summit as one of the 15 hottest new technologies. “By creating a company like DareJunkies or Roofshoot, where I can empower millions of agents to make more money through video marketing, it’s helped my business. I love the success of selling property and that adrenaline rush of closing a deal,” he says. Getting an Adrenaline Rush Bacal also loves helping others achieve that same adrenaline rush. “Agents should treat themselves as media companies. You’re more than just a sales associate; you have to be mayor of your neighborhood. You get that distinction by shooting videos of your neighborhood, cool spots, the best grocery stores, schools, interviews with school principals and business owners, open houses, listings and more. Roofshoot is an inexpensive way to do that.” As for what’s next for this entrepreneur, Bacal says that he hopes to secure venture capitalist funding to take Roofshoot to the next level. “Like Jim Jannard and other billionaires, I want to take big risks in life. I want to be forward thinking and crazy enough to continue with passion despite the naysayers in the world.”

“You have to be mayor of your neighborhood by shooting videos of cool spots, the best stores, schools and more.” —Ben Bacal, founder of Roofshoot, an app that simplifies filming real estate videos.


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