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he earned his real estate license and took a job working for a Coldwell Banker top producer (not his mother). “I door knocked and charmed my way into a couple of houses right when the market was ripe.” After all, he says, this was 2005, and “I would put a sign in a yard and have five offers on the hood of my car within 24 hours.” A Lesson in Tenacity Soon, he realized that he could do this for himself rather than give half the commission to the top producer. His first year, he knocked on doors and made almost $400,000 in commission. “I had a knack for it,” he laughs. How did he do it? Pure tenacity, he says. He bought himself a nice car, researched the neighborhoods he liked and started knocking on doors. “In 2008, I chose a neighborhood next to Beverly Hills, where the views were insane but the homes were under $3 million. I saw the neighborhood was undervalued and would knock on doors telling people I could bring them buyers if they wanted to sell,” he says. From there, he says, he formed relationships with the neighbors, and moved up and up into more expensive homes. Now, at age 38, he’s rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elite such as Leonardo DiCaprio and billionaires such as Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley Inc., an eyewear and apparel company, and RED Digital Cinema.



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