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I n H i s Wo r d s : M a t t P a r ke r Three Things You Can’t Live Without (excluding family and friends):

Motivation: If you’ve ever visited the Grand Canyon or Yosemite or the Pacific Ocean off Maui, you’ve seen the grand, timeless examples of creative and powerful forces in the universe. Every human carries a small torch in this timeless process of life for a short time. I am going to carry mine as boldly as I can, with love and a sense of humor.

Being on the water, a morning workout and the selflessness that my family and wife demand of me. First sale: I clearly remember the first man who gave me a chance to list a property in real estate. I was working out of the back of my car doing yardwork for Ann Rule in the morning and selling real

estate in the afternoon. I had no money to spend. I finally realized that if I told customers I had to work for them because I had to eat, it was an almost-golden sales pitch. I told him my goals were tied to his success, and it worked. The man snuffed out a cigar and agreed to let me list his property. I sold it quickly and, more importantly, had a winning sales pitch.

Parker with wife Kali exploring the United States.



LORE winter 2016  
LORE winter 2016