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Staying Grounded Her daughter and husband, she says, “keep me grounded. There is nothing greater than family. No matter what I accomplish in work, family is what it’s all about. And with a young daughter, I want what I do with ERA to be authentic and true to who I am so that she and other young women can look to this industry and see opportunity.” Also, she says, watching how her father conducted himself in business and his personal life inspires her to “commit to doing things the right way. It’s important to do the right thing and guide your work by your morals.” Right now, Yannaconne is focused on innovation and growth. “I will not make changes for change’s sake. We’re doing a lot of things well here. I want to capitalize on the momentum we have. I have a fearless approach to work. Instead of saying, ‘We can’t do that,’ I say, ‘How can we get it done?’” It’s that attitude and can-do spirit that can help Yannaconne achieve the impossible. “I have a quote from soccer player Mia Hamm that I love. She says: ‘Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.’ That’s what I want to do.”

I n H e r Wo r d s : S u e Ya n n a c o n n e Motivation:

Bucket List:

I love a challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when you achieve something that no one thought you could do.

Travel for fun, maybe an African safari, improve my golf game and see my daughter become a mom.

Three Things You Can’t Live Without (excluding family and friends): Coffee, all kinds of music (she used to play piano) and the beach.



LORE winter 2016  
LORE winter 2016