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WELCOME FOCUS Parent Session

DEAN OF STUDENTS (920)465-2152

Dean of Students: Who we are

Sue Keihn

Dean of Students and Associate Provost

Brenda Amenson-Hill Assistant Dean for Campus Life

Mike Stearney Assistant Dean for Enrollment and Academic Services

Mark Olkowski Judicial Affairs Advisor

Todd Sanders Webmaster

Lore Slattery Program Assistant

Toni Bergeon Program Assistant

Amanda Wildenberg Program Assistant Shanica Tucker Program Assistant

Dean of Students: What We Do •  Serve as a General Resource for Students and Faculty •  Solve Non-Academic Problems & Issues •  Handle Student Misconduct •  Advise Student Government Leaders •  Supervise all Student Services areas •  Coordinate FOCUS

Why would my student contact the Dean of Students office? •  Illness or emergency •  Require assistance navigating UWGB •  Complex issues (personal or institutional) •  Need neutral party advice/mediation •  Clarify their rights and responsibilities •  At our invitation: Incident Reports •  Underage alcohol consumption •  Vandalism •  Noise violation/disruption

Public Safety Office: Who We Are Randy Christopherson Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Keith Rosin Lieutenant - Administration Jeff Gross Police Sergeant - Operations Jan Hess Operations Program Associate Amy Flint Parking Coordinator

Joan Keberlein Police Services Assistant

Public Safety Office: Who We Are

Police and Security Officers provide police and security services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Public Safety Office: What We Do •  Crime Prevention •  Education •  Emergency phones •  Staff available 24/7 •  Incident Resolution •  Investigation •  Coordination w/other agencies •  Services •  Lockouts •  Bike Licenses and Registration •  Jumper Cables

Why would my student contact Public Safety? •  They are a victim or witness of a crime •  They feel they are in physical danger •  To report suspicious or unsafe conditions •  They require nonemergency assistance •  Example: Locked out of their car, classroom

Counseling Services: Who We Are

Amy Henniges Director

Greg Smith Senior Counselor

Marlene Regan Senior Counselor

Brian Stahlkopf Senior Counselor

Mary Ann Rose Program Associate

Jackie Hallada Office Associate

Denise Baeten Office Assistant

Counseling Services: What We Do •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Personal counseling Problem solving assistance Crisis intervention Stress and time management Referral Sexual Assault Response Insight Alcohol Education Program “Prevention Programming” Academic Success Group

Why would my student contact Counseling Services? •  They feel anxious/ depressed •  Life changes causing stress •  Personal conflicts •  Other Mental Health Concerns •  They want to be proactive •  Stop stress before it starts •  Keep up with academics

Collaborative Efforts •  Educational Programming •  Student Review Team - Emergencies - Privacy Rights •  Student Health 101

Case Studies

Case #1: Not Just Noise •  Incident •  Noise complaint/underage drinking •  Action •  Public Safety Incident Report •  Referral to DOS •  Resolution •  Peer Board sanctions educational experience •  Lessons for Parents: •  OUR COMMITMENT: LAWS ARE ENFORCED •  OUR APPROACH: TEAMWORK •  OUR PHILOSOPHY: EDUCATE TO REDUCE RISK

Case #2: Academic Challenges •  Issue •  Student having difficulty in class •  Action •  DOS Staff, referral to Counseling •  Resolution •  Sort out personal and academic dimensions of problem •  Delineate options & alternatives •  Facilitate student decision •  Lessons for Parents: •  OUR COMMITMENT: Student well-being •  OUR APPROACH: Facilitated problemsolving, follow-through

•  OUR PHILOSOPHY: Students will make good decisions with good info

Questions & Answers

Student Experience Video

UNIVERSITY UNION & DINING SERVICES (920)465-2400 (920)465-2550

Connect in the University Union •  Center for activities, entertainment and development programs •  Bands, dances, karaoke, crafts, open mic, and more. •  Student employment opportunities and internships •  Leisure and recreational games and tournaments •  Hang-out and study spaces •  Food, services and conveniences

Services located in the University Union •  University ID Services •  University Ticketing Services

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

University Dining Services University Reservations The Phoenix Club Student Government & Student Organizations Office of Student Life American Intercultural Center The Phoenix Bookstore UW Credit Union

Hungry? University Dining Options o  The Marketplace University Union •  Market Place Entrees •  Bravo •  World Flavors •  Chilaco •  Sweet Peppers Deli •  Soup and Salad Bar

University Dining Options o  Common Grounds Coffeehouse University Union o  Freshens University Union o  Garden Café Cofrin Library o  The Grille University Union o  Corner Store University Union o  Mary Ann Cofrin Hall Cart Mary Ann Cofrin Hall

What is a University ID? •  ID card – Student’s official university ID. •  Library card – for check out of books and materials. •  Access card - for Residence Halls, select academic areas, Kress Events Center, and more. Name/ID

•  Declining balance card – for goods and services: meals, books, laundry, photocopies, computer laser print outs, health services, vending, off-campus merchants, etc.

University Dining Plans •  Declining balance or “a la carte” style plans •  Dining Points carry over to spring semester, but must be used by May 31, 2010 •  Limited amount of Dining Points converted to Pass Points •  Plans loaded prior to the designated move-in day

Residence Hall Dining Plans •  Required for all students living in a campus Residence Hall.

•  Contracts available online mid-summer and billed with tuition. •  Choice of plans per semester: •  $800 (minimum dining plan)

•  $975 +$25 bonus ($1,000 plan)

•  $1,150 +$50 bonus ($1,200 plan)

Apartment/Commuter Dining Plans •  Optional plans for on and off campus apartment/commuter students. •  Choices = $250, $400, $500 (+$25 bonus), or create your own plan.

Pass Points (available to all students – optional) •  Declining balance account •  Accepted at most retail and service locations on campus, as well as select off-campus merchants •  Purchased in one of three ways: 1) University ID Services website 2) University Ticketing and Information Center 3) Value transfer stations

Pass Points

•  Active as long as enrolled • Non-refundable while enrolled

• Website that allows students to manage their accounts….

Point and Plan Fall INCENTIVE •  Purchase any of the following and you will receive an entry into the drawing for prizes! •  $250 in Pass Points •  Apartment/Commuter Dining Plan •  Upgraded Residence Hall Dining Plan ($975 + $25 bonus or $1,150 + $50 bonus) • Participate in The Phoenix Bookstore EZ Book program

Off-Campus Merchants •  Accept Pass Points •  Restrict purchases on certain items •  Sampling of Off-Campus Merchants •  Festival Foods •  BP Stations •  GB Pizza Company •  Hilltop Café •  Papa Johns •  Subway •  The Bluff •  Wing Zone •  Toppers Pizza

On-line Card Office •  Students can… •  purchase Pass and Dining Points •  check balances •  view activity •  deactivate ID if lost or stolen •  Parents can… •  purchase Pass and Dining Points

Where can the Point Plans be used? •  Dining Point Plans Campus restaurants and convenience store only. Guaranteed that Dining Points will be used for food and beverages only. •  Pass Point Plans Most retail and service areas on campus, along with participating off-campus merchant locations

Benefits to all Point Plans •  Safety & Security – If ID is lost/stolen and reported as such; all Point Plans are deactivated and the points/dollars are saved. •  Convenience – no need for cash, and faster service time in campus retail areas. •  Saving – 5.5% tax savings on all food and beverages in campus restaurants. •  Budget Management – you determine how to spend for the necessities. •  Peace of Mind – have the points for what you need, when you need it.

Pass Point Incentive

TODAY ONLY! + an entry in the drawing!

Purchase $250 in Pass Points and receive a Phoenix Pack($60 Value) which includes: •  Reusable Bag •  UW-Green Bay Refill Mug •  Athletic and Performing Arts Vouchers •  Food Coupons •  Club Games and Golf •  And more!

Thank You!

Stop by our booth at the Resource Fair.

THE PHOENIX BOOKSTORE 2420 Nicolet Drive, Green Bay University Union (920)465-2323

COLLEGE TEXTBOOKS •  New Book Price: $169.00 •  •  •  • 

Total Pages: 1,312 Table of Contents: 17 pages Index: 40 pages Full-Color Illustrations: 1,280 •  CD (Required for Coursework) •  First Printing: 57,500 copies •  Reprints: 6

HARD COVER ROMANCE NOVEL •  New Book Price: $27.00 •  •  •  •  • 

Total Pages: 324 Table of Contents: 0 pages Index: 0 pages Full-Color Illustrations: 0 First Printing: 975,000

Cost of Books: Why do my books cost so much?

Buy Back: Why aren’t my used books worth more?

Dollars Spent on Textbooks

Take 20% Off Today’s purchases!

This form is due by August 3!

HEALTH & COUNSELING SS1400 (920)465-2380

COUNSELING AND HEALTH CENTER •  Medical clinic on campus for enrolled students •  Located in Student Services Building Room 1400 •  Open 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday •  Staffed with 5 Registered Nurses •  Contract with Board Certified MD’s and Family Nurse Practitioners

SERVICES •  RN assessment with referral to on/off campus providers •  Over the counter medication

•  •  •  • 

Prescription medication Lab Allergy injections Liaison with family doctor at home

COST •  •  •  •  • 

Refer to handout Free R.N. assessments Free over the counter medication Vaccines, refer to handout for cost Minimal charge for medical evaluation and prescription medications •  Fees paid with cash, check, or pass points •  Itemized receipt for insurance purposes.


Health History Form •  Will be mailed during the summer. •  Please encourage your student to complete and mail back to campus •  No physical exam required. •  Students should be aware of their medications, allergies, medical / mental health conditions and immunization status.

Immunizations •  Immunizations that are highly recommended and available on


•  MMR—2 doses after first birthday •  Tdap—1 dose if greater than 5 years since last Tetanus •  Influenza A—Annually in the fall. •  Gardasil (HPV)—3 doses for women •  Hepatitis B—3 doses •  Travel Immunizations •  Menactra (Meningitis)—1 dose

Meningitis •  Meningitis causes swelling in the brain and spinal column or septicemia •  Can result in permanent disabilities or death •  Incoming freshman living in resident halls are at increased risk for bacterial meningitis due to: –  Close living quarters, compromised immune systems –  Change in eating and sleeping patterns, smoky environments, alcohol use. •  The vaccine is 90% effective against 4 of the 5 strains of bacterial meningitis. •  Vaccine is available on campus, at your local health department or at your physicians office.

Insurance •  Check your coverage for: •  How long is your student covered on your plan? •  Do they have to be full time student status? How many credits? •  What kind of coverage do they have outside your provider area? •  Who are the providers they can see in Brown County? •  Be sure they have an insurance card before coming to campus.

UW System Student Health Insurance Plan •  Mailing going out end of July with coverage details, cost, and how to enroll •  All undergrads carrying at least 5 credits/ all graduate students eligible •  Provides basic coverage for those with no other insurance options •  Counseling and Health Center does serve as liaison with the company

Bursar, Financial Aid & Student Employment Bursar Office (Cashier & Student Billing) (920)465-2224 Financial Aid & Student Employment (920)465-2075

Student Employment Why do Students Work while attending college?   Help pay for your tuition   Earn some extra spending cash   Get a feel for the work that your major entails   Gain experience not available in the classroom   Working students have higher GPA’s   Afford a real meal!

What Kind of Jobs are Available? •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Tutoring Office/Clerical IT/Helpdesk Kress Center Cofrin Library Weidner Center Labor/Maintenance Golf Course And more!

How to find jobs‌ On the web: uwgb/student Or stop by: UW-Green Bay Student Employment (located in Financial Aid Office)

Fee Information

Do it all On-Line! •  ELECTRONIC REFUNDING •  Sign up through SIS. •  Receive email notification of refund being processed.

•  NEW PAYMENT DUE DATE •  Fees are due seven calendar days after the start of the term. •  Due by 4:30pm on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2009.

•  FREE ON-LINE E-CHECKS (Electronic Funds Transfers, EFT) •  Pay with the FREE on-line E-Checks through the SIS. •  No special setup required with your bank.

•  NO PAPER BILLS WILL BE SENT •  Email notifications will be sent to students' campus email address. •  SIS GUEST ACCESS where guests can view the student’s financial information and pay on-line if they choose.

SIS – Financial Info

SIS – Financial Info

SIS – Financial Info

PARKING DECALS •  Purchasing parking decals through the mail during the summer. •  The parking application will be available at between June 8th and August 14th, or link from the Bursar’s Office website. •  Print the parking application, fill it out and mail it to the address listed on the form along with a check. •  Decals will be mailed out beginning July 20th. •  Annual Decal: $90.00 Semester Decal: $45.00


AMERICAN INTERCULTURAL CENTER (920)465-2720 University Union

AIC SERVICES •  Advise on academic success, personal growth and development of multicultural students. •  Orient new multicultural students to the culture of the institution. •  Promote student’s understanding of their own cultural heritage and identity. •  Educate the University community about diverse cultures, cultural differences and the rich contribution of other cultures.


Welcome Back Gathering ALLY Conference Step Show & African Dance Panel Discussions and Multicultural Speakers


Black Student Union Intertribal Student Council Organizacion Latina Americano Southeast Asian Student Union

Intramurals & Recreation

Health & Wellness

Events & Games

NCAA Division I Athletics

Kress Event Center •  Free to UW-Green Bay Students •  Open 7 days a week!

Climbing Wall Aerobics Studio

Weight Room

Facilities •  14,000 Sq. Ft. Fitness Center •  2,000 Sq. Ft. Aerobic Studio •  3 Lane Indoor Jogging Track •  Climbing Tower Aerobics Bridge

•  Six Basketball or Volleyball Courts •  8 Lane Pool with an Exercise Pool •  12,000 Sq. Ft. Indoor Field Turf Gym

Turf Gym

•  4,000 Seat Event Center

Programs •  Intramural Sports o  Outdoor Sports •  Co-Rec Football •  Co-Rec Softball •  Co-Rec Soccer •  Co-Rec Volleyball •  Disc Golf •  Ultimate Frisbee •  Golf League •  Tennis

Programs •  Intramural Sports o  Indoor Sports •  Men’s Basketball •  Women’s Basketball •  Co-Rec Volleyball •  Co-Rec Soccer •  Co-Rec Wiffleball •  Co-Rec Dodgeball •  Co-Rec Flag Football •  Co-Rec Ultimate Frisbee •  Quad Volleyball

Programs o  Aerobics Classes •  Step •  Abs •  Cardio Kick Boxing •  Yoga •  Pilates •  Aqua •  Power Yoga •  Zumba

Employment Opportunities •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Front Desk Assistant Website Coordinator Fitness Attendant Weight Room Attendant Lifeguard Swim Instructor Aerobics Instructor Referee and Officials for All Sports •  Scorers and Time Keepers •  Event Staff and Games Management


•  16 Division I Sport Programs •  UW-Green Bay students receive FREE admission to all regular season home events!


•  •  •  •  •  •  • 

•  Men’s Basketball •  Women’s Basketball •  Cross Country •  Men’s Golf •  Women’s Golf •  Skiing Men’s Soccer Women’s Soccer Softball Swimming and Diving Men’s Tennis Women’s Tennis Volleyball

LIVING & LEARNING AT UW-GREEN BAY Residence Life (920) 465-2040

Our Mission •  To support UW Green Bay’s mission to educate and graduate students •  To provide affordable, safe, convenient and well maintained housing for students •  To provide programs, services and leadership involvement opportunities designed to help students succeed on personal, social and academic levels

Living and Learning at UW-Green Bay Students who live on campus are more likely to… •  •  •  • 

adjust quickly to college become involved in campus life establish supportive relationships experience accelerated development •  enjoy their university experience •  earn better grades •  graduate

Residence Hall Living 11 halls with 60-194 students each (800 total) Mostly first-year students One Resident Assistant per 30 students Furnishings and services Private bathrooms Common area lounge, kitchen & laundry room   Card access to hall, laundry and vending   Dining Plan required            

Apartment-Style Living   14 apartment buildings with 63 to 122 students ea (1200 total)   Mostly upper-class students   One RA per 30 to 40 students   Single & shared bedrooms   Furnishings and services   Kitchen, living area & private bathroom   Common area lounge and laundry room   Card access   Dining Plan optional

Resident Assistants (RA) & Area Coordinators   Help students adjust to college   Foster community development   Provide educational programs and activities   Facilitate leadership involvement opportunities   Uphold community standards   Offer assistance and referral   24/365 on-call service

Office of Residence Life Community Center          

Student meeting and gathering place Where staff offices are located Reception desk, mailroom and TV lounge Computer Lab and Service Center Equipment checkout

Roommates!   Roommate letters in July   Contact your roommate   Discuss expectations, sleep and study preferences, hosting guests, sharing belongings, cleaning, hobbies and interests, etc.   Complete a Roommate Agreement together   Ask for help if needed

What to bring, and not bring! ď Š Computer, TV, cell phone, calling cards, radio, alarm clock, flashlight, batteries, three-prong power strips, lockbox, games and sporting equipment, bed linens, toiletries, cleaning supplies, vacuum ď Œ Candles, incense, fireworks, cigarettes, alcohol, weapons, two-prong extension cords, halogen lamps, open-coil cooking and heating appliances, pressure lofts, pets, electrical and plumbing fixtures

Housing Rates for 2009-2010 •  $3,300 for a two student residence hall room (plus $1,600 for the dining plan) •  $3,500 for a 2 bedroom, 4 student apartment •  $4,100 for a 4 bedroom, 4 student apartment •  Housing and dining plan are billed with tuition each semester •  Summer 2010 is an additional $1,200 for housing

Things to Think About…            

Renters insurance coverage Parking and bus transportation Student employment opportunities Reapply for 2010-2011 in March 2010 Apply for summer 2010 in April 2010 Contact us if you have questions Phone: Website: Email:

(920) 465-2040

Things to Think About…            

Renters insurance coverage Parking and bus transportation Student employment opportunities Reapply for 2010-2011 in March 2010 Please complete Apply for summer 2010 in April 2010 Contact us if you have questions your evaluation!


Phone: Website: Email:

(920) 465-2040

FOCUS 2009 Presentation  
FOCUS 2009 Presentation  

FOCUS 2009 presented during the R&R session in June