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The Salvation Army Georgia Division



Our Mission

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian church. Its message is based on the Bible. Its ministry is motivated by the love of God. Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

A Message From the Divisional Commander

Dear Friends, As I review The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report, I am simply amazed. Through the faithfulness of God and the generosity of the people of Georgia, over 750,000 meals were served, 325,000 nights of lodging were provided, 130,000 toys were distributed during the Christmas season, and 1,000 children were given a camping experience this past year. My heart is encouraged to know this was made possible because of the thousands of people who volunteered their time, made contributions, and prayed for The Salvation Army. Together we made a difference in our communities. Together we changed lives for the better. As you review this report, I hope you take as much pride and encouragement in it as I did. Thank you for believing in the mission of The Salvation Army and trusting us with your confidence and contributions. We commit to you to continue Doing the Most Good for the most people in the most need. May God bless you,

Major Charles Powell Divisional Commander, Georgia Division

Jamie Client / Recipient Almost a year old and full of giggles, little Avreyanna is happy and content in her mother’s loving arms, especially when she finds a cookie in her hand. “She’s just so happy all the time,” Jamie Boykin gushes about her baby. If you are anywhere close by, it doesn’t take long to be captured by Avreyanna’s infectious joy for life. “No matter where we are or what happens to us, we know God will take care of us,” says Jamie. As she talks about her circumstances, it’s easy to see why Avreyanna was born with such a bright outlook on life. “We were staying at The Salvation Army shelter in Savannah until we were evacuated to Augusta,” Jaimie says calmly as Avreyanna struggles to get a closer snuggle in her arms. One hundred Salvation Army shelter residents, including Jamie and Avreyanna, along with approximately 2,600 other Savannah residents, were evacuated by bus ahead of Hurricane Matthew to an Augusta shelter served by The Salvation Army. A few days later, many of the evacuees in Augusta were brought back to the main shelter in Savannah located at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center. The Salvation Army shelter was damaged slightly during the hurricane, so residents had to stay at the Convention Center until power was restored and repairs could be made. “We were so glad to see The Salvation Army canteen pull up here to the Convention Center – we knew you would take care of us,” says Jamie as she puts Avreyanna in her stroller. “The Salvation Army has been so good to us – helping us with whatever we need.” Prior to the hurricane, The Salvation Army in Savannah was able to provide Jamie with a safe and secure place to live, food, and necessary resources. This allowed her to get Avreyanna’s stroller and child care, so she could return to work and get back on her feet. “The residents and people at The Salvation Army shelter have become like our family,” says Jamie, “There is a lot of joy here, even in the middle of everything going on.” Jamie’s story of need in desperate times is not an unfamiliar one to many people in Georgia. Each year, with the help of donations from generous people from all walks of life, The Salvation Army is able to help when and where it is needed most. Repairs were eventually made to The Savannah Salvation Army building, and shelter residents were able to move back within a few days – just in time for a planned party to celebrate Avreyanna’s first birthday. Whenever and however the storms of life strike, it is a comfort for those in need to know The Salvation Army will aways be there, ready to respond with helping hands and willing hearts.

The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report


Staff / Worker / Volunteer

Hope is an amazing thing. It can take a family by the hand and lead them out of the depths of despair. It can raise a community up out of unthinkable disaster, and bless us with immeasurable spiritual riches in the midst of desperate times. But when disaster hits, who are the messengers of hope? Who are those who stand firm in the face of the storms in life with a heart to selflessly serve and share an encouraging word when it is most needed? They are people like John Korp from Savannah, GA, who endured the wrath of Hurricane Matthew to help his community through the storm, and to help repair and rebuild when it had passed. An unassuming, single dad with two pre-teen boys, John serves as the Mission Specialist for The Salvation Army of Savannah, where he shares the Good News of Jesus Christ and the good work of The Salvation Army. “Before the mandatory evacuation was announced by local and state officials, my priority was to get my two boys, John Jr. (12) and Gavin (10), to a safe place out of town with their grandparents.” Korp said. “After I made sure they were safe, I knew my place was here with my community, serving our people here.” In the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, John found his home on Wilmington Island severely damaged. Fierce hurricane winds toppled a towering 100-year-old oak tree onto his house, piercing and crushing the roof. “A house can be rebuilt, but lives are what matter.” Korp said, “I’m here to help people rebuild their homes and their lives.” John is a man who puts his faith into action. “I was reminded of a scripture verse where God says He will work all things for the good of those that love Him,” Korp said. “For me, it reminded me I was doing what He wanted me to do in serving His people, so I knew He was going to take care of me.” A contractor cut and removed the tree from John’s home within a few days. Repairs were made and John Jr. and Gavin returned home with their dad in their newly repaired home. “All the things in my life have made me realize I can trust Him, and wherever He leads, I will follow.” Korp said. This world needs more people like John Korp. The good news is that John is not alone. There are many people like John serving and volunteering in The Salvation Army each and every day, ready to face the storms of life with determined faith and a commitment to serve others in their time of need.

The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report

Georgia Division 182,576

total toys distributed

Total Clothing items distributed


9,841 Days of Camp provided

lives touched nights of lodging provided


individual interviews / sessions provided


families helped with utility assistance


total visitations


757,976 meals provided


food pantry orders

2016 At-A-Glance (Fiscal Year: October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016)


people sheltered

Operating Expenses

217,983 volunteer hours

  $26,403,067 Social services (42%)   $15,165,145 Corps community center (24%)   $8,278,411 Management and general (13%)   $6,392,005 Fund raising (10%)   $5,750,120 Residential services (9%)   $865,607 Rehabilitation services (2%) $62,854,355 Total operating expense

thanks to your contributions last year


total men, women and children

were helped in georgia The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report

A nnual


R eport





Operating Income Contributions$22,432,006 Donations-in-Kind 


Government Funds


Other Income


Program and Service Fees


Sales to the Public


United Way and Similar Funding Organizations

Total Income



Operating Expenses Corps Community Center


Fund Raising


Management and General


Rehabilitation Services Residential Services Social Services

$865,607 $5,750,120 $26,403,067

Total Expenses

Surplus (Deficit)



The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report


Advisory Board / Donor

Paul Martin lives in Athens, Georgia and is a big Georgia Bulldogs fan. He is a very successful businessman and life has been good to him. However, it did not start out that way. He smiles when he remembers how The Salvation Army played a big part in his early years by setting him on the right path for life. “I lived in the area where the Bellwood Boys Club was. The Salvation Army not only taught me values, but they got me off the street and made my life better by being there.” He recalls one early summer when The Salvation Army took him and a group of boys to play a baseball game at another local recreation center. “We were waiting on the bus to pick us up and take us back. We found this big jukebox pushed over in the corner.” Someone had already broken the front of the jukebox, and records were strewn over the f loor. Paul and his friends decided, “Hey, there are new records in here that are not going to be used, so let’s take some!” Well, of course they were caught and found themselves in some big trouble. Captain Kirkpatrick of the local Salvation Army Corps came by and talked with the police saying, “If you let me discipline these boys this summer, I’ll see to it that they never forget to not steal anything.” The boys kept the Salvation Army Corps building clean all summer. They cut the grass, cleaned f loors and windows, and did whatever Captain Kirkpatrick asked of them. “They used discipline to make better people out of us,” Paul recalls. The Salvation Army touched Paul’s life when he needed it most. He now serves on the Advisory Board for The Salvation Army in Athens, Georgia. His life experience has led him to partner with The Salvation Army in Doing the Most Good, and especially to impact young lives that need direction and hope so they, too, can get a good start in life. Paul has also used his experience in construction to benefit The Salvation Army, making sure their facilities are in great shape. “We reached a milestone of serving over 5,000 people this Christmas,” he says proudly. With generous donations, insight, and counsel, Paul is making sure that the mission of The Salvation Army lives on.

The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report

Camp Grandview Each summer, Camp Grandview, located at the foot of Sharptop Mountain in scenic Jasper, Georgia, comes alive with hundreds of children making lifetime summer memories. Camp Grandview is available for everyone, but thanks to the generous donations of supporters, it is affordable enough to give thousands of children from low-income families the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, exercise, good food, and develop new and healthy friendships. Their camping experience is more than just a pleasant vacation. Children learn new skills and self-reliance in a safe place from trained counselors who understand their emotional needs and are able to help them mature. Each week during the summer months, about 250 children from age 6 to 15 come to Camp Grandview from all over Georgia. They get to see and climb mountains, canoe across a lake, swim, dive off a diving board supervised by certified life guards, fellowship with children their age, and experience Bible study and worship every day. Campers also get the chance to learn music, dance, and drama through the music and creative arts conservatory where professional instructors help develop their creativity and imagination. Camp Grandview makes a huge impact on every child who gets to experience camp life. From the first time a camper steps off the bus, to the moment they leave, they are able to see a place filled with fun, peace, good people, and a professional staff. Campers also experience Christ in a tangible way and experience that learning the Bible can be fun and adventurous. Campers who have the opportunity to experience God’s love through camp are changed in a positive way. There are countless stories of wonderful camp experiences, and Camp Grandview wants those stories to continue for the next generation. When it’s time for the kids to leave and go home, you can see them getting on the busses filled with joy because something wonderful has happened in their lives. They have been loved, they’ve been cared for, and they’ve been encouraged. And hopefully, their time at Camp Grandview will help sow the seeds that will help see them through many years to come.

The Salvation Army Georgia Division 2016 Annual Report

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