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Data Cabling | Voice Cabling | Fiber Splicing & Termination | Cellular Distribution Systems Finally No More "Dead Zones" and/or "Dropped Cellular Connections". Increase Productivity and Security in your educational facilities.

King Com Cable is proud to present OCC’s patent-pending Cellular Distribution System.

Making the cell phone coverage inside your building as good as the coverage you get outside.

(CDS) is a cellular signal booster system designed to provide a simple solution for eliminating in-building cellular dead zones. The CDS system improves localized cellular coverage within a building that experiences low signal strength where service provider coverage is acceptable at a nearby outdoor location. The CDS solution applies structured cabling concepts to support wireless communications within a building, using newly installed coaxial cable to distribute wireless signals. This is accomplished using a unique Distributed Antenna Technology. In average buildings, four antennas are cabled to the rack mount CDS panel, creating signal pathways to an external omnidirectional antenna for signals that otherwise would experience heavy signal losses. The larger the building the larger the CDS system needed. Materials that cause such losses include external metal siding, concrete and rebar, which seriously inhibit cellular signal inside your building. These materials are bypassed using this unique system, making the cell phone coverage inside your building as good as the coverage you get outside. You may qualify for a free on site demo.

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Above the CDS Dual Band Width System | Below A installed CDS System Example

Top 4 Common Questions:

1. Which of the following services do your networks repeat? CDMA - Sprint & Verizon GSM - ATT & T-Mobile 3G - Data 4G - Data Answer: Our System repeats all of the above. Unlike other systems that cater only to one frequency like just ATT or just T-Mobile or just Verizon etc... our system caters to all frequencies with in the 824-895 MHz Cellular Band and the 1840-1990 MHz Cellular band. So really depending on the strength of the signal outside of your building will depend on the strength inside your building.

2. What might be the typical installation cost? Answer: The cost for one CDS System is about $15K installed depending on the configuration of the building of course. Some buildings will need multiple units due to area, size and construction. Note that other systems start at $30K plus and only cater to one cellular service, like just ATT or just Verizon and it would cost a small fortune to have all services covered.

3. Why Do I Need A Cellular Signal Booster System? Answer: First and foremost for Security purposes. In an emergency you need to have total communication throughout all areas of your facility, school, office building, hospital etc... Second with Smart Phones today your productivity depends on quality connectivity. Buildings are not constructed to be cellular signal friendly. You're cell phone is just not your cell phone any more it is a portable office that your employees and customers demand quality connectivity to.

4. Who is King Com Cable Networking Inc. Answer: King Com Cable is the authorized installer in Minnesota for the manufacture OCC of the Cellular Signal Booster System (CDS System). We would be more than happy to put you in touch with the manufacture rep for further technical questions. Of course King Com Cable Networking also prides itself in our other services of Data Cabling, Fiber Optic Splicing & Fiber Terminating, Voice Cabling and of course Cellular Distribution Systems.

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King Com Cable Networking Inc. Proudly Serving Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa King Com Cable Networking is proud to offer only the very best Cellular Signal Booster Systems From Wilson Electronics.Wilson Electronics is the premier cellular signal booster company in the USA.

Stay Connected Indoors. No more dropped calls in your office, building, warehouse, multistory building, schools, hospitals or any large facilities. Wilson Electronics manufactures building signal boosters and booster antennas to improve cell phone signal performance in a single room, an entire home, a large warehouse, schools, colleges, multistory office building or any commercial buildings. A typical wireless building system includes an exterior antenna that detects weak cellular signals and sends them to the booster. Powered through a standard wall outlet, the booster amplifies those signals and sends them to the inside antenna, which communicates the stronger signal to cell phones and data cards indoors. When a cell phone or data card transmits, the process is reversed. Wilson's cell phone signal boosters overcome the problem of dropped calls, limited range and slow data rates for cell phones and data cards by amplifying weak cellular signals. Our cell signal boosters are able to pick up weak cellular signals from a cell tower and transmit them to your cellular device, and then transmit a more powerful signal back to the tower. King Com Cable works closely with Wilson Electronics to, based of the floor plans you provide us, to custom configure your own cellular repeater system for your unique application and situation.

Seriously this product is revolutionizing the solution to Cellular Signal Boosters. The cost is extremely attractive. At a starting range of $2,995.00 installed and covering 35,000 to 50,000 square feet, depending on the structure, this hot new booster system does what the most expensive ones do and more. You are literally saving 10’s of thousands with this cutting

edge new cellular signal booster system. Now there is no reason to not fix your cell signal problems in your buildings. This will increase security and productivity.

The accelerating adoption of smart phones and wireless-enabled tablets is driving demand for strong, reliable cellular signals in office buildings, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and much more.

King Com Cable is proud to be a distributor and installers of Wilson Electronics, the manufacturer of North America’s top-performing and top-selling line of cell phone signal boosters. It’s a awesome dual-band device designed to provide strong cellular signals and larger coverage area inside any building.

The unit significantly extends connection range for wireless devices carrying voice and data, and provides a reliable connection even in weak signal areas, reduces dropped calls, and speeds data transfers on 3G networks.

This Cellular Signal Booster System is the highest gain signal booster Wilson has released to date, delivering a maximum gain of 75dB at 1900 MHz and 70dB at 800 MHz. It incorporates Wilson’s patented network protection technologies to prevent interference on cellular networks. This signal booster works with all cellular devices on all North American service provider networks (except Nextel/iDEN).

Wilson Electronics has been the leader in the wireless communications industry for more than 40 years. They design & manufacture a wide variety of cell phone signal boosters, antennas and related components that significantly improve cellular communication in mobile, indoor, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. All Wilson products are engineered, assembled and tested in the company’s U.S.-based headquarters. Wilson boosters fully comply with FCC regulations for cellular devices and are FCC type accepted and Industry Canada certificated. Wilson Electronics has developed and patented a variety of technologies for protecting cell sites by preventing network interference.

Cellular Signal Booster Systems  
Cellular Signal Booster Systems  

King Com Cable Networking offers cellular signal booster systems for small buildings to large buildings at a 3rd of the cost of other system...