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IDentify providence A COM P R EHE NS IVE GUIDE

Whether you’re commited to a school or just visiting to see if this is the city for you; there are a few places you should visit.

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Johnson & Wales University There are quite a few colleges to choose from. Located right in the middle of downtown providence is Johnson & Wales University. You can stroll through Gaebe commons; the largest gated green space in providence, where you’ll find many JWU students lingering about. You might also encounter a seasonal event there, such as pumpkin painting or One Ton Sundae, where you will receive one whole entire ton of ice cream in a bucket, compliments of the school. During the spring JWU hosts a carnival, 5k run, and concert all in one weekend.


Ontop of the hands-on

learning experience, I have

met some of the best friends I will ever have in my life. - Timothy Newhook

brown university Or stroll through Brown University’s college green. You will walk past their Alpert Medical School, or the Trinity Repertory Consortium. Brown offers 70 concentrations from Egyptology to neuroscience. Brown is committed to giving students the freedom to pursue whatever course of study they are interested in, and encourage them to create their own paths in the pursuit of their career. Brown is recognized for being the number one college for happy students as well as for its global reach in cultural events and research.


Providence has so many cute little shops, stores,

restaurants and bars that

are very accessible and fun to go to, I love living here.

- Jennifer Quinn



Providence College is the perfect school for me.

Its jst the right size, and they have one of the best

programs in the country for my major, elementary ed.

- Justine Henretty

college Providence College is a more secluded option, with all of the benefits of living in providence. PC is a primarily not for profit, catholic institution located on the Smith Hill side of the city. The college itself sits on its own, fenced in land. It is about a five-minute drive from the heart of downtown Providence. On the campus is a chapel, as well as a brand new fitness facility. Some events include dodge ball tournaments, glow parties, and a Halloween run. The college was ranked top five in “Great schools, Great prices� and offers a masters program as well as many undergraduate degrees. PC has plenty of space and is a more suburban choice of school.

Rhode Island College Rhode Island College is located on a 180-acres in the Mount Pleasant section of Providence. This combines easy access to the benefits and resources of down town while mintaining a suburban atmosphere. Rhode Island College has undergone expansion in recent decades at the under graduate and graduate levels. The college now serves approximately 9,000 students in courses and programs on and off campus.


I Love going to ric because the campus feels so much like home. Its a small comunity where everyone is so helpful and nice. - Tara Jean Marie Martino

Providence Performing arts center The Providence Performing Arts Center features all types of performances. It is now a world-class facility hosting first class Broadway touring shows, plays, contemporary acts, concerts, and much more. The beauty of the Theatre combined with the excellence of the productions makes every event at the Providence Performing Arts Center a work of art!


They have somehow managed to make you feel

like you hae stepped back in time, but the amenities and service are so modern.

Bravo, ppac


represent Providence well. - Morgan Lam

Trinity Repertory Theatre Another local theatre is Trinity Rep. Trinity Rep. is home to just as many shows and performances just like PPAC. Trinity Rep, however, is more of an acting company instead of just a theatre. The company offers acting classes as well as other ways to get involved.


No matter where you are

sitting you feel so close to the actors; almost as if you are

immersed in the sets and the performance. We love it.

- Max Mclennan & Family

federal hill


Don’t forget to find the pasrty shop before you go home. - Justin Curdele

Take a walk through Federal Hill, and listen to the lofty church bells while walking the cobblestone walkways and shop at boutiques, visit the art galleries and dine in some of the finest restaurants in the country. Bakeries and coffee shops are full of delicious breads and pastries and a must for that perfect cup of espresso or cappuccino. Enjoy dining and music outdoors in the great square with the grand fountain.

Thayer street Thayer St is the ultimate teenage hangout. It has everything a teenage / college student would be interested in. The weekend is the best time to go. You will meet some of the coolest people you will ever know. Artists, musicians, street performers, bikers, etc.


Definitly one of the best places to explore in providence. - Meagan Sylvestra

as220 AS220 was founded in 1985 on the principle that freedom of expression is crucial for the development of strong communities and individual spirits.When you walk in, you will see that it is not your normal design school, or any school in general.


Awesome place for artists to come together

and show there craft. I love coming here for shows and events! They do great things for their community too.

- Tim Honore

Constantinos So maybe you like italian food, or cooking in general. Constantino’s is the place to go. Stroll around the store and buy some fresh, imported cheese or some fresh meat. There is also a section with spices, jams, tea, and more.

Small point cafe When school stresses you out, Small Point Cafe is the place to go. Their walls are painted a city skyline with chalkboard paint. Yes, coloring is encouraged. Get some tea, coffe, or some hummus. They have free wifi so you’re more then welcome to stay awhile.


Maybe you want to try something a little different. How about some greek food? Andreas is located right on Thayer street and offeres a cultural environment. The food is excellent, and the bar is a fun place to hang out.

bravo An American Bistro inspired by French Cafe’s. Bravo offers great food and great staff. Everyone is super friendly. Whether it is an entree or a sandwich or burger everything is made with perfection. Nightly specials are always fresh and delicious. Great wine selection. Always a fun night at Bravo. It is always fun to sit outside and people watch.

Craftland Craftland is an awesome place for the whimsical at heart. They offer original prints by local artists as well as tshirts with designs you wont find anywhere else. The jewlery is fun, and the whole store has a certain open, artsiness about it.

symposium books Incase you need a good book to get your mind off of classes, stroll through Symposium. The selection included in this book store is a little strange, but the prices are cheap. Don’t expect to come in here to find what you’re looking for, because you won’t find it, and you’ll leave with something else you might enjoy more.

Garbolino Top of the line designs, for affordable prices. The clothes in this store are chic. Some are the type you want to dress up and go out in, others are cute going class clothes that will make all of your firends jealous. The jewlery is beautiful and can be dressed up or down. Overall this is a must visit for anyone who loves to shop.

The diva’s Palace

Locally owned, Locally designed. This boutique has everything a girl could ever want. The store owner is also generally present, and more then happy to assist you in pick out or styling an outfit. The store is very artsy, and has plenty of jewlery to look at as well.

Indian point Park Located near Wickeden st, Indian Point Park is the favorite of many. It overlooks the bay, and you will often find people sailing or fishing there. There is a big green space to sit and have a picnick or a path to take a walk on. Wherever you are, there is a stunning view. Weather it is the view of downtown Providence from afar or a sunset on the bay, you will not be dissapointed.

Prospect park One of the most popular parks in Providence. Simply for its stunning view. If the weather is nice, take a walk up College Hill and have read a book here. It’s not uncommon to find musicians playing music here, or people walking their dogs. The sunset is stunning since you are literally looking over all of providence.

Directory Johnson & Wales University 8 Abbott park pl. Providence, RI 02903 1(800)342-5598 Brown University Waterman st. Providence, RI 02912 (401) 863-1000 Providence College 1 Cunningham Square Providence, RI 02908 (401) 865-1000 Rhode Island College 600 Mt Pleasant ave. Providence, RI 02908 (401) 456-8000

Providence Performing Arts Center 220 Weybosset st. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 421-2997 Trinity Reperatory Theatre 201 Washington st. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 521-1100 Federal Hill 100 - 400 Atwells ave. Providence, RI 02903 Thayer Street 200 - 300 Thayer st. Providence, RI 02906

Constantino’s 265 Atwells ave. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 528-1100 Small Point Cafe 230 Wesminster st. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 228-6999 Andrea’s 268 Thayer st. Providence, RI 02906 (401) 331-7879 Bravo 123 Empire st. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 490-5112

Craftland 235 Wesminster st. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 272-4285 Symposium Books 240 Wesminster st. 224 Thayer st. Providence, RI 02903 / 02906 (401) 273-7900 (401) 421-0393 Garbolino 254 Atwells ave. Providence, RI 02903 (401) 273-0080

Prospect Park 50 Congdon st. Providence, RI 02906 Indian Point Park 152 India st. Providence, RI 02903

Id.entify Providence  

Identify Providence is a 24 page informational book all about the city of Providence. This book is targeted toward incoming students whether...