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Adventures in rural wilderness

Adventures in rural wilderness

In Trysil, nature is right on your doorstep, and we offer fantastic experiences that allow you to make the most of it. In summer, there are lazy sunny days and intense activities. Autumn offers vibrant colours, fresh mountain air and beautiful walks in the mountains and forests.

In the middle of nature Spend your summer in the mountains! Seven nights at Snøhvit or Fjellrypa, 4-6 bed apartments in Fageråsen NOK

3000. Book before 1 June.

Book now at

Bjørn Holst

Harald Nyberg

Age is no restriction in Trysil, and there are a multitude of experiences lined up for young and old. Take part in some of our organised activities or events, and we guarantee there will never be a dull moment during your stay. In the summer holidays, we offer as many as 30 activities every single day!

Calmness of the forest – joy of the mountains

There are many beautiful hiking areas in Trysil. You can walk on designated paths, choose your own routes, or join a guided mountain trip. On your trip, you can see elk, deer, game birds and other wildlife. With our free cycle and hiking map, you won’t get lost.

Harald Nyberg

Aud Merete Liberg

During autumn, you can use the berry mounds as a guide and pick your way through the cloudberry marshes. The most important thing about the trip is not where you go, but the pleasure and the experiences you have on the way. Take a cooling plunge in a still mountain lake, enjoy the view from a soft mossy rock, have a picnic on a blueberry picking trip and enjoy the peace, the colours and the fresh air.

Jan Hatten

Amazing bathing

Trysil has possibly the largest bathing waters in Scandinavia – guaranteed to be chlorine free. You can actually float along the Trysil River, far into Sweden! We do however, recommend that you stay in the area. Choose between rafting, river boarding, ducky, canyoning, canoe trips, kayak courses and trips on wooden rafts. Amazing!

I‘m longing for summer... Canoeing trip on the quiet parts of the Trysil River. 11-km long trip in sturdy river canoes. NOK


including pick-up. Book now at Leikny Solheim

Leikny Solheim

Family adventures Family rafting – the big hit of the summer. Safe, but intense. NOK


person, including safety equipment and sausages, juice and coffee after the trip. Book now at

Aud Merete Liberg

Family canoe trips on un-charted waterways, open lakes and watery marshland. Enjoy the peace, wildlife and a lovely picnic on the way. Take a trip with, or without a guide. Trips on wooden rafts The river determines the speed, and you are the captain. Choose between big rafts, or a romantic raft for two. Remember that pike swim close to the shore, so bring your fishing rod. If you like, you can camp out in a tepee on a deserted island.

Daring, beautiful and safe

Safety is fully ensured in all river activities, and our guides provide you with training, support and encouragement.

The Trysil River offers exciting experiences for the whole family. Take the children family rafting, or on a family ducky trip. The very brave can challenge themselves to extreme rafting or gorge climbing, or put their courage to the test on a riverboard. We guarantee our activities will give you butterflies!

Birdie, eagle and other birds

In Trysil you can play golf in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, accompanied by the chirping of the birds. Almost all the holes are entirely separate, which makes you feel as though you have the course to yourself. Trysil Golf course has an 18 hole main course, a 7 hole short course and a large driving range. Equipment is available to rent for both adults and children.

Summer in the mountains 7 nights in Vikingrenda, 4-6 bed apartments at Trysil Turistsenter NOK


Book before 1 June. Book now at

Torbjørn Amdal

Trysil Golf course is one of Norway’s leading forest and mountain courses.The main course runs through varied forest terrain at the foot of the Trysil Mountain. And from Trysil, you can reach four other golf courses in just an hour’s drive!

Pedal power – yes please!

Experience Trysil’s natural beauty from your saddle! There are perfect conditions for cyclists of all levels. You can cycle on roads, in the forest, on the mountain, or combine different terrains and hills.

Dream holiday Stay in Norlandia Trysil Hotel. NOK

425/person in a double

room, including breakfast. Book before 1 June. Book now at

Sverre Møller

Arve Tangen

Summer package A one-week stay in a 4-6 bed cabin by the riverside at Trysil Hyttegrend. NOK

4000, including 3 days’ cycle hire and free use of a rowing boat. Book now at

Challenging downhill tracks, vantage points, family trips or themed cultural heritage trips? You decide. There are six marked cycle tracks from 4 to 47km, and longer suggested trips from the map. All routes have pleasant resting areas. You can hire bikes, child seats and cycle carriages in Trysil. Ready, steady, go!

Playground – with nature’s apparatus

Trysil is one big playground, offering games that use nature’s own apparatus. You can try out the activities we have provided, or you can find the equipment that best suits yourself and your family.

Farm visits On our farm visits, you will meet cows, pigs, ostriches, wild boar, donkeys, sheep, mules and peacocks. You can barbeque, try your hand at fishing in a big fish pond, jump on a trampoline and get to ride on a tractor. You can also see sheep, goats, hens, and rabbits on one of our idyllic mountain farms.

Horseback riding An exciting horseback ride in forest terrain, including a visit to a bear’s den. Half-day excursion, NOK


Book now at

Laila Fredhjem

Climbing school for little monkeys Climbing is an exciting activity for all the family. The day begins with a short introduction to the use of ropes and to safety and climbing techniques. Thereafter, you will be able to try some climbing and to learn how to safeguard those you are climbing with. When we get tired, we light a fire and grill sausages.

Trysil is a great holiday destination for adventurers of all ages. Would you like to experience something new in our vast playground? Go for a trip in the natural surroundings and test out the games nature provides on the way. On a beautiful sunny day, you could also try one of our lovely bathing areas. Fishing, fishing school, safaris, dog sledding, horse riding, guided mountain trips, family rafting and family ducky are all good fun for little adventurers.

Beaver safari Beaver safari involving a great canoeing trip and useful information about the beaver.

280/adult and 140/child.


Book now at Aud Merete LIberg

Indian canoe trips You are welcomed by the Indian chief, and the children will be kitted out with war paint and feathers for the paddle trip. After the canoe trip, there is an Indian competition in bow and arrow shooting, blow pipes with arrows, lighting fires and barbequing. How!

Fishing trips with a guaranteed catch

Large lakes, small, still lakes and the Trysil River, offer high quality fishing for both young and old. There are great opportunities for the most experienced fly fisher and even for young families with just a stick, a hook and a float.

Fishing package Stay for a week at the fishing centre in a 4-6 bed cabin. NOK

8500, including a

river boat, 3 days of fishing information and 2 half-days with guides. For 4 persons. Book now at Laila Fredhjem

Arve Tangen

Go fishing in rowboats used by lumberjacks and be certain to catch something. Go family fishing, or join in on a fishing school or a guided fishing trip on a timber raft. You can also experience exclusive fly fishing in a separate fly area. You can hire both rowing boats and fishing equipment, and you will find a number of excellent fishing guides. The fishing permit is inexpensive, covering over a hundred rivers and lakes! Johan Brenneng

The Trysil River is part of Scandinavia’s longest water system. The river, and its subsidiary streams provide large quantities of wild fish. On your hook you can expect to find trout, grayling, pike and gwyniad. There are lots of places where we guarantee that you will catch a bite. Happy fishing!

Zoo – completely cage-free

The wildlife in Trysil is unique to Norway, and there are a variety of animals that are close by, and in their natural habitat. For an extra special day you can join our elk safari on foot, with elk dogs. We guarantee your pulse will be racing when you and your tracker dog stalk the king of the forest.

Horses for courses Equestrians of all ages can ride across superb terrain in the forest and the mountains of Trysil. You can ride Norwegian cold bloods, ponies, or Shetland Ponies, either on your own, or with experienced horse-loving professionals with a vast knowledge of nature and wildlife. Wooaahh!

Husky-cross Go dog sled riding in the summer! Race around the track in a small, light, four-wheeled carriage. The breaks and steering are easy to manage, but you will be equipped with a helmet and a visor for safety’s sake. Each carriage holds two people, and if you don’t dare to drive yourself, assistance is available from experienced guides. Laila Fredhjem

On the hunt for the king of the forest Choose between elk safari on foot or by bus. From NOK and NOK



Book now at

Ola Matsson

Bjørn Holst

In Trysil, you can also get in a canoe and paddle on a beaver safari. You will be taken on a tour of the beaver’s kingdom, where you will search for beavers, beaver lodges, fellings and any other tracks.

Arve Tangen

Highlight after highlight

There is always something happening for both young and old in Trysil. The cultural district of Trysil has a lot to offer. You can learn about the olden days at the country’s oldest rural museum, cycle or walk along culture trails, visit farm dairies, or experience a taste of Trysil’s culture and history with tours, stories, role-play and songs.

Harald Nyberg

Trysil-Knut Ski museum and activity centre opens in March. The centre offers activities, takes you through a history of skiing, and gives you the chance to ski jump, try out the commentator’s box, watch films and much more.

Ola Matsson

Events Trysil holds a number of events throughout the summer. A selection of them is listed below:

Leikny Solheim

Trysil Summer festival, 25th – 26th July Large festival with entertainment, fairground and stalls in the centre of Trysil. Cultural events at Trysil Local Museum with live cottages, traditional food, and entertainment and dancing to well known dance bands.

Knut Nerhagen

The Canal, musical theatre, 8th – 10th August The musical theatre piece “The Canal – a play on the Støa canal” will be shown this year for the fifth time. The Canal tells the story of hard work, romanticism and every day life on the Støa Canal in the 19th Century. Unlimited Dance Gala 50+, 10th – 14th Sept. Senior citizens from far and wide enjoy this extensive entertainment programme. Guided tours, outdoor days, revues, dancing, and boules and horse shoe throwing competitions. Mountain Birds/Fjellrypa, 12th – 14th Sept. Cross country running and hiking in the high mountains for active girls of all ages. 2,700 happy mountain birds made the 2007 event the biggest ever, and we expect even more to sign themselves up in 2008. Ola Matsson

Looking for something special for a corporate trip or a trip with friends? Courses or conferences? In Trysil, there is a lot to do for a lot of people! We can host small and large events, and will gladly put together a package that suits your group.

The atmosphere of summer Summer offer! A 4-hour trip on a wooden raft for up to 6 persons. NOK

1350. Book before 1 June.

Book now at

Eateries and eating out in the open

Good food and drink are an important part of a successful holiday. In Trysil, you will find a wide range of great places to eat. The menu varies from international dishes to the most delicious meals prepared from local produce, served in family-friendly surroundings. You can also experience the pasture idyll with traditional Norwegian food on the Trysil Mountain. Trysil has cafĂŠs, coffee bars, pizzerias and restaurants. On beautiful summer days you can enjoy your meal outdoors at many of these eating places. Would you like to curl up in front of the cabin fire, but avoid making dinner yourself? Choose between takeaway and catering with your own chef and waiter. For large events we offer high class catering.

Out all day? Pack a lovely picnic hamper and take it out into the open! If you would like to enjoy the long summer evenings, Trysil has a number of locations with varied evening offers. The choice is yours!


Leikny Solheim

Have a good stay in Trysil

You will have a pleasant and comfortable stay during your holiday. Trysil offers a wide range of accommodation options, most of which have nature right outside their door. You can choose between cabins, apartments, hotels, motels or camping. Standards are high and prices are low. If you are looking for that little bit extra, you are sure to find it in Trysil.

The friendly centre of Trysil Trysil centre has a wonderful atmosphere, great shopping, a variety of eating places and most amenities. Here you will find great hotels and places to stay. Trysil Tourist Office is situated centrally, on the main road.

Rune Mobæk

Mountain holidays

Normanns Kunstforlag

At you will find an overview of all our accommodation alternatives, so that you can choose the accommodation that suits you best. And – if you book early, you can be assured accommodation in the place of your dreams.

Trysil Resort

The choice of cabins and apartments on the mountain of Trysil is enormous. You will be staying in the heart of Trysil’s spectacular scenery and still only be a short distance to the centre of town and all activities. Trysil tourist centre is in walking distance to Trysil golf course. In Fageråsen you are high in the mountains and nearer the sun.

Trysil Hyttegrend, Øråneset

Further information concerning all of Trysil’s summer and autumn experiences is available at

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You can book a fixed package, or you can put together your own activity holiday that is perfect for you and your family. See you in Trysil!

Destinasjon Trysil BA Storvegen 3 NO-2420 Trysil Tel + 47 62 45 10 00

Normanns Kunstforlag

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Trysil – easy to get at Trysil is easy to find. It is located just two and a


half hours from Oslo, on quick and scenic roads.

26 3 E6



The Trysil Express bus leaves several times a day


Elverum 3 26


from Oslo and from Oslo Airport Gardermoen.




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Trysil Summer  
Trysil Summer  

n Trysil, nature is right on your doorstep, and we offer fantastic experiences that allow ... Age is no restriction in Trysil