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Yellows Paper

Issue 01

June 2019

In today’s world everyone is a photographer. But in the endless stream of photos it is not often a mere frame etches itself into the memory of the viewer. But every now and again, a photo is of such magnitude and beauty that it forces us to pause for a second and immerse ourselves into the eternity of that stunning, dream-like frame portraying the beauty that is life.

Founded in 2005 by photographer, Mikkel Mortensen. Yellows is a photographic agency and creative collective of high-end still and video photographers and industry leading conceptual style directors (conceptual stylists). With a distinct and finely honed personal approach, Yellows brings significant aesthetic to every project, specializing in producing stunning visual content for trend driven editorials, portraits and cutting edge advertising. From the hint of an idea to complete brand identity, Yellows conceives and executes both creative and commercial direction producing unforgettable, dynamic and on-point communication leading to measurable results for your brand. Photographer – Rune Buch Client – Montana Portrait – Peter J. Lassen Location – Montana, Bredgade, Copenhagen

At Yellows we believe in synergy and cohesion in order to nail the unexpected perspective and tell a bigger story. With us, you have one photographer dedicated to your project but the insight, knowledge and experience of the entire agency. Personal engagement, trust and a high level of professionalism act as a foundation, paving the way for the wild and visionary.

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Ark Journal, Front Cover Stylist – Pernille Vest / Gitte Kjær Location – Studio x Viaduct

Photographer – Pia Winther Client – Pernille Corydon Stylist – Christian Schleisner Hair and Makeup – Malene Kirkegaard Model – Sif Olivia Location – Ordrupgaard, Charlottenlund

Photographer – Enok Holsegård Client – Oak-The Nordic Journal/Iittala Stylist – Sara Ingemann / Atelier Copenhagen Location – Y2, Brøndby

Photographer – Enok Holsegård Client – Rum Stylist – Sofie Brünner Location – Copenhagen

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Ege Stylist – Sofie Brünner Location – Thorvaldsen, Copenhagen

↰ Photographer – Rune Buch Client – Arctic Treehouse Hotel Location – Rovaniemi, Finland

Photographer – Kristian Holm Client – Monocle Portrait – Yvonne Koné Location – Oliver Gustav Studio, Copenhagen

Photographer – Christian B Location – DOKK 1, Aarhus

Photographer – Christian B. Portrait – Jørgen Leth Location – Lynfakrikken, Aarhus

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Montana Stylist – Gitte Kjær Location – Frøsiloen, Gemini Residence, Copenhagen

Y2 PRIORPARKEN When Yellows founder Mikkel Mortensen first laid eyes on an historic 1950’ies building in Priorparken, an suburban business park outside of Copenhagen, he envisioned Y2; one building with an array of possibilities for studio photography. In a sea of cost-conscious bunkers, the straight-lined building immediately stands out with its rich, greenish copper-clad façade that enshrines the whole structure. The building itself transmits the values of Yellows with a subtle, yet commanding presence, an aesthetic attention to detail and long lasting craftsmanship of the highest order. At the tail end of 2017 Y2 was opened. It’s a place for inspiration and ideas, which exudes quality and design. Y2 contains of five completely new studios – from 20 to 108 square meters in size – with different inflow of natural light and endless possibilities for artistic control. Y2 allows for full versatility for our own photographers, as well as external photographers who wish to make use of Y2 for their own, professional work. Check y2studio.dk for more information. To compliment the beautiful, greenish copper façade of Y2, the main hall and kitchen area inside was completely redesigned by Gitte Kjær and Charlotte Rahr Mortensen. They wanted to create a space, which exhibits the various qualities of Yellows. Raw concrete walls and cold, industrial steel now effortlessly blends with luxurious materials such as marble, leather, a beautiful terrazzo floor and bright oak panels. The design process took one year to complete, and now Y2 stands as a forceful, stylistic testament to the timeless design of the 1950’ies. Designed by stylist Gitte Kjær and architect Charlotte Rahr Mortensen. Couch by Paustian, Lamp by Sacrecoeur Design Shop, Chairs by Erik Jørgensen, Mirror Object by Mater, Aluminum Object by Elkeland, Floor by White Concrete Floors, Walls by Detale CPH, Blacksmith: Martin Gruhl, Carpenter: Mads Jensen

Studio 1 – 110 m2

Studio 2 – 70 m2

Studio 4 – 90 m2

Film- and video production is a natural part of our DNA. Check out our latest productions for Team Danmark, Montana, Matas/Nørgürd Mikkelsen and other Yellows clients on vimeo.com/ypaper

Y. Yellows Paper Issue 01, June 2019

Kristian Holm Photographer kristian@yellows.dk +45 40 82 27 86

Henrik Hugo Petersen CEO henrik@yellows.dk +45 26 12 20 56

Christian B. Photographer chrb@yellows.dk +45 20 70 00 38

Natasha Penaguiao Photographer Apprentice natasha@yellows.dk +45 22 71 72 20

Mikkel Mortensen Photographer and Founder mikkel@yellows.dk +45 22 36 33 27

Bo Johannsen Retouch and Colourist bo@yellows.dk +45 36 81 77 92

Text – Casper Ulsøe

Emil Stegemejer Photographer Apprentice emil@yellows.dk +45 61 69 05 13

Graphic Design – Jesper Egstrøm

Casper Ulsøe Text casper@yellows.dk +45 61 99 01 89

Rune Buch Photographer / DOP rune@yellows.dk +45 31 41 84 70

Rune Rasmussen Retouch and Colourist runerasmussen@yellows.dk +45 26 81 07 68

YELLOWS Y1 Steenwinkelsvej 4b 1966 Frederiksberg C Copenhagen Denmark

Victor Neumann Photographer Apprentice victor@yellows.dk +45 31 40 24 60

Pia Winther Photographer pia@yellows.dk +45 26 24 85 29

Jesper Egstrøm AD/Graphic Design jesper@yellows.dk +45 51 60 50 10

YELLOWS Lynfabrikken Vestergade 49B 8000 Aarhus C Denmark

Back Cover Photo – Kristian Holm for Monocle

YELLOWS Y2 Priorparken 880 2605 Brøndby Denmark

Cover Photo – Mikkel Mortensen for Ark Journal

Enok Holsegård Photographer enok@yellows.dk +45 23 64 34 44

Peter Townsend Agent peter@yellows.dk +44 (0) 207 099 1028

Paper – Munken Polar Rough 120 g.

Lotta Agaton Stylist lotta@lottaagaton.se +46 (0) 70 899 2998

Print – Reklametryk

Sofie Brünner Stylist info@sofiebrunner.com +45 31 67 47 08

Photographer – Kristian Holm

Yellows Y1 Steenwinkelsvej 4B 1966 Frederiksberg, Denmark studio@yellows.dk www.yellows.dk Yellows Y2 Priorparken 880 2605 Brøndby, Denmark www.y2studio.dk

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Yellows Paper - Single - Web