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Yellows Paper

Issue 03

March 2020

In our fast-paced everyday life, how often do we really pause to see what is happening around us? The colors of the trees, the graffiti on the walls or the finer details of what is right in front of our eyes. Y. Paper is one such chance to press pause and notice all the work and details that goes into composing high quality imagery. Enjoy…

Founded in 2005 by photographer, Mikkel Mortensen, Yellows is a photographic agency and creative ↰ Front Cover Photographer – Emil Stegemejer Client – Louis Poulsen (PH Artichoke, Black) Location – Y2 Studio, Brøndby Retouch – Bo Johannsen Photographer – Pia Winther Client – Louis Poulsen Stylist – Sofie Brünner Location – Østerbro, Copenhagen Retouch – Pia Winther

collective of high-end still and video photographers and industry leading conceptual style directors (conceptual stylists). With a distinct and finely honed personal approach, Yellows brings a significant aesthetic to every project, specializing in producing stunning visual content for trend driven editorials, portraits and cutting edge advertising. From the hint of an idea to complete brand identity, Yellows conceives and executes in creative and commercial directions producing unforgettable, dynamic and on-point communication leading to measurable results for your brand. At Yellows we believe in synergy and cohesion in order to deliver the unexpected perspective and tell a bigger story. With us, you’ll have one photographer dedicated to your project but the insight, knowledge and experience of our entire agency. Personal engagement, trust and a high level of professionalism act as a foundation, paving the way for the wild and visionary.

Photographer – Enok Holsegård Client – Rum (Front Cover, International Edition 09/19) Stylist – Sofie Brünner Location – Carlsberg, Copenhagen Retouch – Rune Rasmussen

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Wendelbo Stylist – Lotta Agaton Location – Y2 Studio, Brøndby Retouch – Rune Rasmussen

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Montana Stylist – Pernille Vest Location – Nomad Workspace, Nørrebro, Copenhagen Retouch – Bo Johannsen

Photographer – Pia Winther Client – Elle Magazine Portrait - Monica Conradsen Location – Hotel The Monica, Ærø Retouch – Pia Winther

Photographer – Enok Holsegård Client – Pholc Stylist – Sofie Brünner Location – Gothenburg, Sweden Retouch – Bo Johannsen

↰ Spread Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen Client – Lintex Stylist - Lotta Agaton Location – Lintex, Stockholm, Sweden Retouch – Rune Rasmussen Photographer – Enok Holsegård Client – RUM Portrait - Poul Erik Tøjner Location – Louisiana, Humlebæk Retouch – Anders Bach Petersen

Photographer – Rune Buch Client – Furnipart Location – Aarhus Retouch – Rune Buch

Photographer – Christian B Portrait – Palle Skov Sørensen Location – Lynfabrikken, Aarhus Retouch – Christian B

Photographer – Christian B Client – BoConcept Stylist - Christine Thorsteinsson Damsgaard Location – Basecamp, Herning Retouch – Bo Johannsen

Telling stories has always been part of our DNA

MONTANA DOP – Rune Buch Stylist - Sofie Brünner Client – Montana Furniture Location – Y2 Studio, Brøndby Editing - Rune Buch Color grading - Bo Johannsen

The demand of visual content has changed. Today, where everyone has a smart phone and lots of data available anywhere, we scroll through an endless stream of pictures. Our eyes and brain quickly move on to the next image in line. Capturing peoples attention is difficult work. At Yellows, we have embraced the art of video photography to add extra value for our clients and the stories they want to tell. Please check out some of our latest work here.

TEAM DANMARK DOP – Rune Buch Art Direction - Jesper Egstrøm Client – Team Danmark Location – Bagsværd Lake Post - Rune Buch

MATAS DOP – Rune Buch Art Direction - Nørgård Mikkelsen Client – Matas / Nørgård Mikkelsen Locations – Various and Y2 Studio, Brøndby Produced by - Mettelise Film Light - Thomas Bekker

VELO CONCERTS DOP – Rune Buch Client – Velo Concerts Location – Vienna, Austria Post - Rune Buch

LOUIS POULSEN DOP – Rune Buch Client – Louis Poulsen Location – Y2 Studio, Brøndby Post - Rune Buch

RUNE BUCH Photographer / DOP rune@yellows.dk +45 31 41 84 70 Rune Buch’s visual style combines the aesthetics of nature with beautiful, subtle designs, which brings forth powerful images. His work – whether within still photos or the art of videography – brings new life into visual stories. The possibilities in today’s cameras are extensive, but Rune has always had a very technical approach to his work allowing him to shoot high-end video and stills that are technically superior.

Y. Yellows Paper, Issue 03, February 2020 Graphic Design: JESPER EGSTRØM Text: CASPER ULSØE Print: REKLAMETRYK Paper: MUNKEN POLAR ROUGH 120 G. EMIL STEGEMEJER Photographer Apprentice emil@yellows.dk +45 61 69 05 13

HENRIK HUGO PETERSEN CEO henrik@yellows.dk +45 26 12 20 56



CHRISTIAN B. Photographer chrb@yellows.dk +45 20 70 00 38

ENOK HOLSEGÅRD Photographer enok@yellows.dk +45 23 64 34 44

VICTOR NEUMANN Photographer Apprentice victor@yellows.dk +45 31 40 24 60

PIA WINTHER Photographer pia@yellows.dk +45 26 24 85 29



Svan æ

rk e


BO JOHANNSEN Retouch and Colourist bo@yellows.dk +45 26 81 77 92

0 t try k s a g 5

MIKKEL MORTENSEN Photographer and Founder mikkel@yellows.dk +45 22 36 33 27

RUNE RASMUSSEN Retouch and Colourist runerasmussen@yellows.dk +45 26 81 07 68

YELLOWS Y1 Steenwinkelsvej 4C 1966 Frederiksberg C Copenhagen Denmark

YELLOWS Y2 Priorparken 880 2605 Brøndby Denmark SOFIE BRÜNNER Stylist info@sofiebrunner.com +45 31 67 47 08

LOTTA AGATON Stylist lotta@lottaagaton.se +46 (0) 70 899 2998

CASPER ULSØE Text casper@yellows.dk +45 61 99 01 89

JESPER EGSTRØM Art Director / Graphic Designer jesper@yellows.dk +45 51 60 50 10

PERNILLE VEST Stylist pernille.vest@gmail.com +45 21 68 39 29

YELLOWS Y3 Axel Kiers Vej 12 8270 Højbjerg Denmark

Check out our 6 studios in Brøndby/Copenhagen at y2studio.dk or here

Photographer – Mikkel Mortensen

Client - Fredericia Furniture



Location – Multiform, Copenhagen


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Yellows Paper 03  

Yellows Paper 03