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Issuu is the all-in-one platform to create and distribute beautiful digital content, from marketing materials and magazines to catalogs and portfolios. Turn PDFs into:

  • Embeddable flipbooks

  • Social posts

  • Email graphics

Simply upload your file, customize it, and publish. Create once, share everywhere with Issuu.

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How Issuu works

Issuu makes it easy to convert any file into interactive digital content, optimized for all your favorite channels. Here's how Issuu works:

1. Try Issuu now by creating an account. 
2. Select the file you want to publish and upload it from your device, Dropbox, or Google Drive. (Don't have a file ready? Use our Canva or InDesign integrations to design one and upload it in a few clicks.) 
3. Start customizing. Use Issuu's intuitive features to add links and videos or repurpose your files as GIFs and social media assets.
4. Share it. Your flipbooks can be shared in stunning fullscreen mode or easily embedded into your website with auto-generated links.

Enhance, share and monetize.

Use Digital Sales to:

  • Host and sell subscription content online.

  • Create members-only content to supplement free content and resources.

  • Monetize special editions of free content like magazines, graphic novels, and more.

  • Sell gated marketing materials like eBooks, resources, workbooks, and more.

Publications and Issuu's feature Digital Sales elements overlapping

Make publications accessible anytime, on any device.

Upload and host digital Flipbooks online with a static URL for easy-to-access reading 24/7.

Share your Flipbook in different ways, too - as a link, in an email, or embedded on a website - while keeping its smooth flipping animation.

Make publications accessible anytime, on any device

Grow your audience with Statistics and insights.

Make data-driven decisions by monitoring the performance of your content with Statistics. Meaningful insights about audience engagement help you analyze, adapt, and promote your work. Visualize data and generate reports that can be downloaded and shared.

Issuu's Statistics feature analyzes customer publications to show impressions, reads, read-time, clicks, and more.
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$21/ mo

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Get the features you need to start:

Publish and host unlimited flipbooks

Embed flipbooks on your website

Share flipbooks in fullscreen

Publish up to 5 flipbooks privately

Add links and videos to flipbooks

Create Articles, Social Posts, GIFs

Access 30-day statistics

Upload 500 pages or 100MB per file



Control your brand

$44/ mo

Billed yearly

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Get everything in Starter plus:

Customize flipbooks

Remove external ads

Get advanced embedding options

Add your brand logo and colors

Publish up to 50 flipbooks privately

Sell flipbooks commission-free

Use advanced sharing options

Access in-depth statistics

Upload 5,000 pages or 500MB per file



Unlimited everything

$269/ mo

Billed yearly

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Get everything in Premium plus:

Publish and share unlimited private flipbooks

Enjoy $2k in advertising credits

Remove Issuu logo from content

Unlock unlimited API access

Receive priority customer support

Upload 5,000 pages or 2GB per file


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Collaborate in a private workspace


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Get everything in Optimum plus:

Publish and host unlimited flipbooks (public or private)

Manage and share content at scale

Add multiple users with access controls

Team up in private workspaces

Remove Issuu’s logo and add your own

Gain control with administrative oversight

Stay secure and compliant with Single Sign-On (SSO)

Receive custom training and support

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