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Biendong Project - PTSC South East Asia Project Description DOF Subsea were awarded the contract by PTSC South East Asia for the tow and installation of the Floating Storage and Offloading vessel (Biendong 01) in the Hai Thach and Moc Tinh field, offshore Vietnam. The scope of work included installation of:

Phase.1 (Sept - Dec 2012)     

Mooring system comprising nine piles, and associated chain and wire legs STL Buoy launch and hook-up Midwater Arch and Gravity Base Three risers two 3” and one 7” Testing and commissioning of the installation

Phase.2 (April 2013) 

Transport, installation and hook-up of the FSO

DOF Subsea’s Skandi Hercules provided the main installation platform for all Phase 1 activities. The combination of the Skandi Hercules AHT capability, 250 t A frame and 140 t AHC crane ensured optimisation for the multiple installation activities. All nine chain legs were accommodated into the internal chain lockers; the 200 m long x ø96 mm mooring wires loaded onto the main working drums. The nine mooring piles and chain legs were installed and load tested to 200t.The STL Buoy was over-boarded by the 250 t A-frame. Once secured, each of the mooring wires was attached to the associated chain leg by means of the ACCD (Anchor Chain Connection Device). The ACCD system is designed and tested by DOF Subsea to provide the safest 100% ROV solution. Finally the midwater arch, gravity base was deployed, the three risers then installed and commissioned. During the riser installation activities the Skandi Hercules was fitted with a reel drive and tensioner lay package. If you would like to contact us about our services or equipment or for further information, please visit our website or call one of our regional offices Norway +47 5525 2200 | UK +44 1224 614 000 | USA +1713 896 2500 | Australia +61 8 9278 8700 | Singapore +65 6561 2780 | Canada +1709 576 2033 Brazil +55 21 2103 3700 | Argentina +54 11 4313 1868 | Egypt +20 2670 2140 | Russia +749 5937 6009 | Angola +24 42 2243 2858 | Congo + 00 24 2514 9949