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Dr. Strange Angels and Demons Scientist of SPCC

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Dr. Strange Dr. Strange is able to do many things, such as space travel through a hole or a door, moving space, time loop, or even multi-universe teleportation. In physics, some of these are possible in theory.

Multi-universe Some scientists have put out different theories to explain them, but no concrete proof is given. An interesting theory is that we are actually creating an infinite number of us every second. So actually, we are just one of the many ourselves created. While you are watching the phygazine, another might be doing your physics homework. Scientists think that this theory can explain how quantum mechanics behave.

Move space and time You will need a lot of mass. Basically, all of us is altering space-time without us even knowing. However, the bending effect is very small, having no effect in daily life at all. In Dr. Strange, the Masters can be increasing mass at certain points to cause such change in space.

Teleportation through a hole In physics, a tunnel can theoretically be created between two points in the universe as a shortcut called wormholes. One of the ways to produce wormholes is using black holes to pull space together. In general relativity, it has been proved that black holes are able to bend space so much 4D tunnels are formed in the universe. (Mr. Won will give a talk on special relativity soon. Stay tuned!) The black holes do not need to be very big. Some of these are so small we cannot see them. Scientists believe that we can use a special form of energy called negative energy to enlarge the wormholes. Dr. Strange and other masters are possibly doing that when they are doing that circle hand gesture.

Time loop It can be achieved by multi-universe. If only one universe exists, we would be altering our past when causing time loops. This would create the very famous Grandfather Paradox. Suppose you go back in time to kill your grandfather when he was a child. Then your grandfather could not give birth to your father/mother, and you would not even appear in the world. Since you are not in the world, you cannot go back in time to kill your grandfather so your grandfather would live and give birth to you. To solve this paradox, a time loop is looped back to another universe where another grandfather would be killed. Therefore, it does not affect the universe we are in. So when Dr. Strange is looping time, he is looping to a whole new universe.

Angels and Demons

Antimatter bomb

What is antimatter?

The opposite of normal matter Do not have electrons, neutrons and protons Electrical charges inside are reversed (e.g. positron vs electron) Cancels out normal matter and releases energy

What does the book/movie say about the bomb? They stole antimatter particles from CERN (Movie) The bomb causes significant damage to buildings upon exploding in mid-air (Book) The bomb barely does any damage at all The antimatter particles are stored in a glass capsule

What mistakes were made? Although CERN does produce antimatter, it exists only in small amounts and disappears quickly 'If you take all the antimatter produced in the history of the world and annihilated it all at once, you wouldn't have enough energy to boil a cup of tea' ~Gerald Gabrielse, a scientist at CERN Antimatter can only be stored in a complete vacuum and cannot come into contact with the walls of the container 1 kg of antimatter bomb material could produce an explosion with a magnitude of over 40 megatons of TNT

To conclude, there simply doesn't exist enough antimatter and the technology is not advanced enough to produce an antimatter bomb that will work.

Teacher's interview:) Name: Mr. Wong Ho Yin Years of teaching in SPCC: 16 (since 2000) Previous researches: Master in Liberal Studies Chose Liberal subject due to curiosity • A new subject at that time • There is a topic on Science, technology, society & environment --- want to know the similarities of Liberal Studies and Science subjects Subject studied in the university: Physics (of course) Any dream jobs before? Actor "Every occupation is being an actor." • Eg. Being a good teacher, we need to find out special ways to let students understand different concepts. Students are the audiences.

Reasons to be a Physics teacher: • Finished secondary school studies in 1993 and the information of the subjects that can be studied in universities at that time were limited ⸫ Chose the subjects by exam results taken in secondary school • Not many choices if you want to have an occupation related to Physics • Not teaching Liberal Studies because the study is for enhancing knowledge for science Difficulties during teaching: E-learning --- eg. new device, platform • Needs time to learn • Even students learn faster as they use technology frequently, while he only uses it at work Interests: Reading comics and animations (Japanese)

QUESTION OF THE MONTH A piece of copper of mass 0.2 kg is heated in a flame for enough time until they are in thermo-equilibrium with each other. The piece of copper is then quickly transferred to a cup of water of mass 0.5 kg. The temperature of water rises from 20 C to 44 C. Assume that the heat capacity of the cup and the heat exchange with the surrounding can be neglected. Estimate the temperature of the flame. (Specific heat capacity of water = 4200 J -1 。 -1 kg C , specific heat capacity of copper = 370 -1。 -1 J kg C )

DON'T HESITATE TO SEND US YOUR ANSWER NOW! To submit the answer of the question, simply send it to Solutions will be revealed in the next edition and GREAT PRIZES ARE WAITING FOR YOU!!!


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Forced to move

Across 1. a unit of time; the universe is around 13.8 billion _____ old 3. a measure of how displacement changes over time 5. Newton and Einstein discussed this in two different ways 7. a device used to measure whether light is blocked Down 2. the second derivative of displacement 4. a measure of how position changes 6. when the bus is in ______, you cannot talk with the driver 7. a measure of how much energy is transferred in a given time 8. is equivalent to mass in Einstein's most famous equation

Acknowledgements Special thanks to: Mr. Wong Ho Yin Teacher in Charge: Mr. Won Hon Kit Editors in Chief: 5G Chris Ng Students in Charge: 4G Noel Cheong 5G Markus Mak 5A Michael Lam Editors: 3A Ella Yam 3A Fung Man Wui 3F Diana Qian 4A Trever Cheung 4I Ryan Chan

Phygazine November Edition 2016  

Dr. Strange X Angels and Demons X Scientist of SPCC

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