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Final Fantasy X, Kingdom Hearts 3, God of War.... INSIDE


Tidus’s story begins in the metropolis of Zanarkand where he is signing autographs for fans, thinking it’s a normal day as the star player for his Blitzball team, the Zanarkand Abes. Admist the opening match of the Jecht Memorial Cup, a gigantic wave enters the city destroying everything in its path. The only person undisturbed by this is Auron, a man who has acted as Tidus’s mentor since his father, Jechts, disappearnace. Tidus meets up with Auron outside the Blitzball Stadium, but time stops and a boy in purple robes appears before him.

“It begins. Don’t cry”.

What’s your Fantasy? W

e are gathered here today to appreciate this issue of NERDALERT and it’s inclusion of the greatly anticipated release of the FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 remake in HD. I know what you’re thinking...IT’S ABOUT TIME RIGHT!? After everything we’ve been through together, if you were ever going to believe me on something that i’ve written here in past issues, believe me on this; the wait for FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 remastered in HD was completely, and utterly worth it. Some people who are unfamiliar with the limitless glory and excitement that FINAL FANTASY X was able to give it’s players, may not appreciate the overwhelming gratitude that true fans (and you know who you are) felt after their prayers were answered when the creators of the francise blessed us all with the HD remake. Yes, nothing was changed about the game except for the graphics being updated into the HD format, but isn’t that enough?! Especially when the game already offers over 100+ hours of play. Adding additional quests or missions would almost be obsolete and a waste of time and money for the makers. I’m a huge video game fan myself (obviously) but I sure don’t have a limitless amount of time to put into a game that has a bunch of meaningless side stories for me to complete. Even if you weren’t one of us who’ve have been hooked on the francise since our first summoning, now would be a perfect time to enjoy the mind blowing HD grahics and jump into the world of Fantasy and give it all you’ve got. God Speed,

“I have as many guradians as people I trust. I trust them all with my life”

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GAME INDEX Final Fantasy............2/3 God of War...............5 Legend of Zelda........6/7 Pokemon X & Y.........8

Mortal Kombat

Mario Party


Kingdom Hearts

Diablo 3

Pokemon: X and Y


The Journ

2000 - Majoras Mask

While traveling, Link is attacked by a Skull Kid and accidently enters a parrallel universe called Termina, that will be destroyed by a falling moon in three days. Link must relive the same three days repeatedly while trying to undo the events of the Skull Kid with Majoras Mask to prevent destruction.

1991 - A Link to the Past

Ganon, in his demonic form and sealed in the “Goldon Land”. Ganondorf the Theif found the Triforce and was granted his wish to acquire an army and attack Hyrule. While the Knights of Hyrule defended the land, the Sages created a magic seal to close off the Golden Realm. Ganondorf seeks out to break the Sage’s seal.

1980’s - The Legend of Zelda The first game in the series. In this game, Ganon is in his pig - beast like form. Shortly before the beginning of the game, Ganon broke free from the Dark World, and his army attacked Hyrule, stole the Triforce of Power, and captured the ruling Princess Zelda. But not before she had time to had the Triforce of Wisdom.

ney of Link

2002 - Wind Waker

Hyrule has been lost for centuries and now all that remains of its civilization are a few scattered islands on the Great Sea. Link and Zelda discover they are the successors to their counterparks in the old kingdom of Hyrule, now drowned beneath the Great Sea.

2006 - Twilight Princess

Occurs in a parallel world to the “Wind Waker”, following an alternate timeline in which Ganondorf does not take over Hyrule, and is instead sentenced to be executed following the conclusion to the game “A Link to the Past”.

2013 - A Link Between Worlds

The royal family of Hyrule elected to split the Triforce to stop evil from rising again. This had the effect of returning each part to its selected owner; one part to the deceased Demon King, Ganon, one part stayed with the royal family, and the other took its rightful place in the heart of Link and his descendents.

Explo Kalos Re the new X and Po

ore the Region in Pokemon okemon Y

The Kalos Region The Kalos Region is the newest explorable area to the Pokemon franchise! Although the overall gameplay of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y mimic that of the vast majority of the previous games released (thankfully) These versions offer the player a little something extra never before seen in any other Pokemon game, movie, or show! Mega Evolution. Before we go into all of the nitty gritty details regarding the new Mega Evolutions, I think it’s warranted that we first address the new starter Pokemon only available in the Kalos Region: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. Like all of the other starter Pokemon from previous games, the starters follow the tradition of providing you with the choice of choosing Grass, Fire, or Water to start your journey with. But in the Kalos Region, it’s a little more difficult than just picking your favorite type, or whichever one you think is the cutest. Unlike most Pokemon games before, the Kalos starters have a final evolution that involves them being dual -typed of some pretty amazing combonations never before seen in the world of Pokemon. Dual -typed starters were briefly seen in past generations like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with Torterra, Empolean and Infernape but these previous dual - typed starters have nothing on the Generation 6 starters in Kalos. Chespins final evolution, Chesnaught who is supposed to be based off of a chestnut gone Hulk is typed as Grass - Fighting type, a combonation not EVER seen in any other Pokemon

themed product, ever, anywhere in the world. Fennekin, the elusive and mysterious fire fox Pokemon graced us with the pleasure to finally get our hands on a Pokemon typed with two of the most favorite types; Fire and Psychic. The only other time that a combonation such as this has ever been used in another Pokemon was for Victini, the super rare “Victory Pokemon” who could only be obtained by a special event released by Nintendo for only a short few months during the release of generation 5 Pokemon “Black and White”. Missing the event basically screwed you over from ever obtained such a prized Pokemon and powerful type match-up, until Fennekins final evolutino of Delphox! The final starter offered in the Kalos region is Froakie, the awkward blue frog type Pokemon. Despite Froakie stage appearance, he actually has proven himself to be quite useful within the game. Froakies final evolution, Greninja, ends up becoming probably one of the most badass looking final starter evolutions since Charizard back in generation 1. Greninja, which I’m sure you’ve been able to figure out all ready was created to look like a hardcore ninja, having its long frog tongue wrapped around its neck like a scarf. But if Greninjas looks dont get you hooked on choosing him as your first partner, perhaps his type mash up of being Water - Dark will. Even though the dual - typing of Water and Dark has been seen before by some previously common

Pokemon, like Carvanha back in the Hoenn Region of generation 3, Greninja has restored our faith in this predictably killer combo by introducing some new attacks that only he can know, like Water Shuriken - a move that resembles ninja stars made of water. Like all of the other Pokemon games released since it all began back in the Kanto Region of generation 1, the game starts out in a small village where you start your journey by picking one of the three starters given to you by the Pokemon Professor, or in this case, Professor Sycamore in Vaniville Town. From there your journey sets out to explore all of the Kalos Region, looking for new Pokemon, battling trainers along the way and challengin gyms in order to earn gym badges for your qualification to enter the final challenge of the Pokemon League and Elite Four. Even after you manage to beat the Pokemon League and Elite Four, the journey isnt over because like a true Pokemon Master, you gotta catch ‘em all. Something i’m sure you’ll agree is a lot harder than it used to be, especially with the introduction of yet another 100+ Pokemon,

bringing the new total of Pokemon you must acquire to reach Pokemon Master status to well over 700 different Pokemon. Even though the idea of needing to obtain over 700 Pokemon may be a little overwhelming, especially to the novice trainer, it’s important to understand that the game truly never ends. New additions to the game are available fro download over the new and improved online system that the Nintendo 3DS offers. Just to kind of elude to what knid of game additions are going to be offered over the online downloadable packages include; new areas beciming explorable, new trainers to battle, and even new legendaries. So make sure to always be kept up - to - date on the message boards online so you can get the jump on becoming one of the first to explore, battle and capture these new game additions. Now, what you’ve all be waiting for, probably. Within the Kalos Region of generation 6 of Pokemon, the creators decided to give us a never before seen (or heard of for that matter) experience within the realm of the 24 billion industry that is Pokemon; Mega Evolutions. I know what you’re thinking, why would they decide now to add an evolution line to some of our beloved Pokemon from previous generations? But, I think you’ll be glad they did. Understanding the vast majority of true Poke - fans may have a hard time coming to terms with the introductin of adding a random evolutino to Pokemon we’ve known existed for years may not catch on too well, the creators tweaked Mega Evolutions in a way that differs from a Pokemons traditional evolution by making it so Mega Evolution is not permanent, and that it requires a special “bond” between trainer and Pokemon, which can

occur when in battle. First, Mega Evolution is a none permenant form of evolution that can only take place when the Pokemon is being used within a battle, meaning that once the battle is over the Pokemon returns to its previous appearance (Mega Venusaur will return to its normal Venusaur state). But you have to be careful, you can only Mega Evolve ONE Pokemon per battle, so make sure to plan accourdingly. But, don’t expect to be able to Mega Evolve your Pokemon right out of the gate, the ability to Mega Evolve won’t be given to you until after your acheivement of beating the fourth Gym Leader, Corrina. Once you do this, you will obtain a Mega Braclet, which will give you the power to form a strong enough bond with your Pokemon, but only when the Pokemon you are trying to Mega Evolve is holding the correct Mega Evolution Stone. (Charizard must hold Charizardite X or Charizardite Y). Once you have both of these requirements, sit back, and watch yout Pokemon’s stats go through the roof! On top of looking extraordinarily kickass. There have only been a few Pokemon released that are able to obtain a Mega Evolution status, but there’s expected to be an additional downloadble content that will provide us with more Mega Evolution opportunities with some of our favorite Pokemon. Now you may be surprised, but the Kalos Region isn’t done shocking us quite yet. Genereation 6 of Pokemon has offered us an 18th type of Pokemon! The Fiary type. This is huge news in the realm of Pokemon, especially since we haven’t seen an introduction of a new type since generation 3 with the release of the Dark and Steel types. The new Fairy types change everything. Not only are there completely new Fairy type Pokemon in Pokemon X and Y, but the creators took a leap of faith and have actually re-typed some of the previous Pokemon; like Jigglypuff, Clefairy and Marill. Jigglypuff and Marill have only been dual - typed, leaving their existing Normal type for Jigglypuff, and Water type for Marill. But they have decided to completely re-type Clefairy as only Fairy, which makes sense. The Fairy types have already proven to be worthy opponents, despite their cute and girlish looks. This is primarily because of their complete immunity to Dragon type Pokemon, as well as their only weaknesses being Poison and Steel.

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