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IBM B2B Integration SaaS Technical Mastery Test v1

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D. Set-up: Permissions tab

Answer: A

QUESTION: 35 What on-premise IBM software creates value to your customer by automating B2B processes, integrating B2B with their internal systems and having flexible direct connections with trading partners?

A. IBM Sterling B2B Integrator B. IBM Sterling File Transfer Service. C. IBM Sterling B2B Collaboration Network D. IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services

Answer: A

QUESTION: 36 A customer who currently does manual business documents with their trading partners can save between________ and______ by automating business process documents, according to Forrester Consulting research.

A. 50%, 70% B. 20%, 50% C. 20%, 30% D. 10%, 30%

Answer: B

QUESTION: 37 A partner should present their customer analysis on how to fix items in their current B2B environment and get the customer following a best practices approach to B2B thereby reducing risk in what phase of the selling process?

A. Interviewing B. Discovery C. Assessment D. Showing & Positioning Business Value

Answer: D

QUESTION: 38 In showing a customer the value of automating small partners, what is constant regardless of partner size?

A. The manual cost of processing a document B. The number of transactions C. The number of trading partners D. All of the above.

Answer: A

QUESTION: 39 You have completed a discovery analysis and ROI calculation. Under what circumstances would you suggest to a customer that a managed service solution is best?

A. If the investment is slower and more costly but easier to implement. B. If the customer gets the same amount of features to mitigate their B2B risk as their current environment. C. If the customer gets more features at the same or lower cost and reduces their overall B2B risk. D. If the investment is easier to implement regardless of the investment.

Answer: C

QUESTION: 40 In the example provided in the review materials showing the total cost of ownership between on-premise software and the outsourced B2B managed services solution, which of the following is the best reason why the customer should pick the managed services solution?

A. The additional features will help drive greater revenue for the customer. B. It frees up current B2B infrastructure staff to do other projects within the company creating more efficiencies. C. It will result in better customer satisfaction across the customer's supply chain. D. The additional features eliminate the customer's B2B risk all while lowering the operational costs of their B2B operation.

Answer: D

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