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ENOV613X-3DE V6 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for 3D Users (V6R2013X)

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Answer: A

QUESTION: 88 Which of the following definitions uniquely defines a Business Object? (3 good answers, select all that apply)

A. Type B. Vault C. Policy D. Name E. Revision F. Attribute

Answer: A, D, E

QUESTION: 89 What kind of filter in VPM V6 allows the user to filter the 3D design data visually?

A. Configuration Criteria Filter B. Attributes Filter C. Volume Filter D. Predefined Configuration Filter

Answer: C

QUESTION: 90 You have customized a Navigation session to suit your needs. How will you store this session's data for later reuse?

A. Use the Propagate tool to save the session. B. Add the session to your Favorites list C. Use the Capture tool to save the session. D. Export the session as a 3DXML file.

Answer: B

QUESTION: 91 After checking a file into a Workspace folder, what does this icon represent?


A. Check Out for Edit B. Download C. Subscription D. Check In

Answer: B

QUESTION: 92 It is NOT possible to use the Examine mode during a Co-Review session.

A. False B. True

Answer: A

QUESTION: 93 What is the preferred format to exchange data between two VPM V6 environments?

A. .igs format B. .stp format C. .3dxml format D. .xml format

Answer: C

QUESTION: 94 The Bar Search is case sensitive.

A. True B. False

Answer: A

QUESTION: 95 Which of the following Volume Filtering options, filters objects within a certain clearance around a CATIA V6 Part?

A. Box Selector


B. Sphere Selector C. Proximity Selector D. Any of above

Answer: C

QUESTION: 96 In order to use the review tools like Section and Measure, you need to open the data in what?

A. The relevant CATIA workbench B. The Navigation window C. The Authoring window D. The Examine window

Answer: D

QUESTION: 97 Which component below of the 3DExperience Platform is required?

A. Index Server B. Real-Time Collaboration Server C. Main Collaboration Server (MCS) D. LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server

Answer: C

QUESTION: 98 You want to embed a 3D XML model of the assembly into a Microsoft Word document. Which command will you use to create the 3D XML file?

A. PLM Access > Export B. PLM Access > Capture C. PLM Access > Explore D. PLM Access > Print and select the Word doc

Answer: A

QUESTION: 99 What types of objects can be included as content in a route?


A. Any type of object B. Documents and Parts C. Documents only D. Parts only

Answer: A


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