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Who is Mike Geary? Learn the Secrets from the Weight Loss Guru Himself When it comes to effective weight loss and the best training program to get envy inspiring and chiseled abs, there is no other solution as effective and beneficial as that by Mike Geary. If you are wondering who is Mike Geary, then he is the man who has single-handedly revolutionized the concept of abs training and getting rid of stubborn belly fat. From diet planning, daily workout plans to the do’s and don’ts of exercising – this man knows it all. Mike Geary in his amazingly beneficial book “The Truth about Six Pack Abs” targets the questions and speculations in the mind of every fitness freak – how to enhance the abs, lose the excess accumulated fat and achieve a dream body as soon as possible. The book puts a full stop over all the myths circulating the concept of muscle training. Instead of spending time, energy and money on various diet pills, fitness equipment and hefty weights, it is possible to achieve similar and more gratifying results by specific work out regimes that are targeted to build muscles and shed the extra pounds in one go. The main strenuous challenge in enhancing your abdominals and making the cut and shape of the muscles visible is to lose the accumulated fat in the belly and abdominal regions. A healthy diet plan devoid of oily and fatty food and belly exercises targeted to lose the fat is the game changer when it comes to fast weight loss and muscle building. The truth about six pack abs is all about exercises that give timely and guaranteed results without spending hours in the gym and doing never-ending push ups and sit ups. If you know the right time, the right type and the right style of doing specific belly and abs exercise, you can transform your body into envy inspiring perfection in just a few months. All you need is the correct boost of motivation and the right guidance and you are all set to change and elevate your lifestyle, body and confidence. The book is a supreme collection of the facts and workout regimes that really work and have produced guaranteed positive results for scores of individuals around the globe. There are lots of testimonials and reviews on the web that speak of the authenticity and efficacy of the program. There is also a money back guarantee if you do not garner noticeable changes from the information provided and this promise of full money refund exemplifies the faith the author has in the program. The refund rate for this book is still the lowest as compared to other similar publications in the market; hence, you can safely opt for this book as the ultimate solution to weight loss and muscle gain in just a few months. So, try out the exercise plan for yourself and get noticeable results so that the next time somebody asks you who is Mike Geary, you can confidently tell them your own story of success!

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