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5-steps starters Guide ! for resellers!

Welcome to Trust the Brands!

Most probably you have just received an invitation from one of the brands you sell, to join the Trust the Brands Program and place the brands’ “Authorised Reseller”certificate on your website. This document will guide you through the implementation in five easy steps: 1.  Join the program: fill in the application form 2.  Login to your account and complete your data 3.  Request your Authorization 4.  Grab the Certificate-code from your account 5.  Paste the code to your website

Step 1: Join the program! Fill out this form on

Remember to select the brands you wish to be authorized for. This allows you to skip step 3.

Step 2: complete your data!

Upload your logo and add your company description

Edit store details and optionally add additional domains you use

Step 3: Request your Authorization!

Fill in the brand you wish to be authorized for. The request will be sent to the brand. The Brand Manager will receive an e-mail notification.

Step 4: Grab the Certificate-code !

Once the authorization is granted you will receive and e-mail notification. Log in again and grab the certificate-badge-code.

Step 5: Paste the code!

Paste the code to the desired page and position on your website. Once the page is viewed the code generates the certificate and the tooltip automatically. Please note that the certificate is domain sensitive. It will not work on a domain that is not authorized.

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5-steps starters Guide