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Holy Trinity – Lisa Sturis, with the Rev Richard Goscombe and Stone mason David Baessler inspecting work at Holy Trinity Roebourne. Photo: NTWA.

Heritage Appeals The Heritage Appeals program supports conservation activities in Western Australia through tax deductibility. A comprehensive review of heritage appeals and their operation has been ongoing with recommendations for strengthening and improving this program implemented in 2017. The Finance and Information Technology staff continue to investigate the implementation of streamlined systems with the support of Heritage Services. The objective is to ensure the heritage appeals program provides a community benefit; builds relationships and partnerships with other organisations; is supporting and conserving our heritage; effectively captures information; and promotes the Trust and our objectives. This program has immense opportunities to provide a tangible community benefit and will continue to grow and be developed. A donation was received from a donor who wishes to remain private for the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Roebourne heritage appeal. This substantial $150,000 gift had a direct benefit for the conservation of the church, which is currently undergoing repairs and maintenance. This funding also allowed the Holy Trinity Church to secure a grant from the Heritage Council which requires matched funding. This donation and grant will support the completion of urgent conservation works in 2018.

The appeals program also supports local governments in managing their heritage places. Appeals were established for the Shire of Toodyay and the Shire of Murray, who each identified a significant place which requires conservation attention and will be the current focus of appeal funds. This includes the Old Gaol in Toodyay and St John’s Church in Pinjarra. These places are valued by the community and both Shires have shown strong leadership in the management and conservation of these places under their custodianship. Heritage Services continues to support the heritage appeals program through ongoing communication and advice to existing appeals and the establishment of new appeals. In 2017–18, this included the Australian Sikh Heritage Association supporting the new Sikh heritage trail in Riverton; conservation works to the Thomas Little Hall, Dardanup; and supporting the cultural traditions of the Perth Chevra Kadisha in Guildford.

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National Trust 207-18 Annual Report  

National Trust 207-18 Annual Report  

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