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East Perth Cemeteries A $15,000 Creative Development grant was received from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries to develop a night theatre production for the Cemeteries. Local director and theatre maker, James Berlyn, is working in concert with actors, Monica Main and Ruben Yorkshire and sound composer, Rachael Dease, to create an experiential promenade performance that will be offered during a season early in 2019. The WA Youth Theatre Company is also involved with some of its members developing specific elements within the broader script. Associate Professor Lauren Breen, from the School of Psychology at Curtin University, is another valued member of the team, providing insights into cast and audience responses to potential subject matter. National Trust staff are also involved, working with the creative team, identifying potential stories and supporting the project with research content. Descendants and members of the public have generously donated to the East Perth Cemeteries Appeal for the conservation works of gravestones at East Perth Cemeteries. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and enable the National Trust to undertake much needed conservation works to some of the hundreds of delicate headstones and grave fences.

In April 2018, four generations of the descendants of George, Mary, Frances and Enoch Pearson Barratt gathered to celebrate the conservation of the shared headstone. Enoch was a former Government gardener. The works comprised removal of a concrete slab that was cast at the back of the marble headstone and the application of a marmorino stucco finish (a thin layer of lime putty and crushed marble) to the back of the headstone to cover the damage from previous repairs. The headstone of John Waldron Brown (died 1878, aged 44 years) had been broken into three pieces and lying on top of a concrete screed that was flat on the ground. The conservator re-attached the pieces and supported the headstone into a new cement composite plinth, resetting the headstone to its original vertical position. The unique wrought iron fencing was also conserved as part of the works. The Friends of the Battye Library has been successful in being granted funds of $82,000 by Lotterywest to develop an enhanced East Perth Cemeteries website. The project will be carried out in partnership with the National Trust hosting the new website on completion. The new website will incorporate an integrated mapping function using GPS technology.

"Descendants and members of the public have generously donated to the East Perth Cemeteries Appeal for the conservation works of gravestones at East Perth Cemeteries."

Barratt headstone showing concrete slab at the back. Photo: NTWA.

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Barratt headstone conserved. Photo: NTWA.

Barratt headstone showing marmorino finish at the back. Photo: NTWA.

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National Trust 207-18 Annual Report  

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