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THE CHURRO The Official Newsletter of the Brother District Trio: I-I, Kansas and MinnDak

READY TO HAVE THE BEST KEY CLUB YEAR EVER? Welcome to the Official Newsletter of the Terrific Trio, Illinois-Eastern Iowa, Kansas, and the Minnesota-Dakotas Districts. My name is Casey O’Neill and I am honored to serve as your 2013-2014 International Trustee! Good Morning Key Clubbers and

then. Both of my parents were Key Club

congratulations on being a part of the

Advisors when I was a kid, so I have

largest and oldest student led service

been involved with the best club in the

organization in the world! I am

world since I can remember. The girl

extremely excited to see what is in store

behind me in the picture next to the

for us all in a whirlwind of an

text is my beautiful younger sister, Eiley.

upcoming year.

Eiley is my best friend, and one of the

Since I haven’t met a large portion

funniest gals in the whole world. Before

of you all, here is a little about myself: I

I became an International Trustee, I

will be a senior at Littleton High

served as a Lieutenant Governor for

School, in Littleton, Colorado.

Division 3 of the Rocky Mountain

Littleton HS will be my third high

District, and I was Club Editor at

school, and hopefully last. I’ve been a

Cienega High School as a freshmen

Key Club member since my freshmen

when I was also a part of the Southwest

year, but my story goes a decade before



Email me at Call/Text/FaceTime me at (520)591-0090 Skype me at Casey O’Neill


During LeadCon, I was luck enough to meet all the Governors I’d be working with. As I’m learning about each individual district, I reached out to see what others feel are their districts greatest weaknesses. From the Minnesota Dakotas District, Governor Katherine Lundquist: One problem that the MinnesotaDakotas District has is low attendance at regional events due to regions being very spread out. This year we are confronting this issue by having Lieutenant Governors in geographically large regions host multiple OTCs and Rallies in order to reach out to more clubs. With multiple events clubs will no longer be required to drive 3 hours or more regional events. We also have recently divided one of our regions into two smaller divisions due in part to geographic distance and because of club growth. By separating those two areas we hope for higher event attendance as rallies and OTCs will now be closer to clubs. The Minnesota-Dakotas District has had a problem in past years with having regions that are disconnected from the district because they do not attend district events, like DCON or Fall Rally, and they do not have consistent communication with their regional Liaison or Lieutenant Governor. This becomes a downward spiral as the region becomes more distant from the district and international levels of Key Club. These regions are typically then appointed Liaisons from other regions,


because no one from that region will run for Lieutenant Governor. This year there as been a change in this trend as we only have two liaison on our board, compared to four last year, and one of the liaisons is a two term board member who was able to get members from her region to attend DCON. We hope she will continue to improve relations with this region throughout the year and hopefully they will have a candidate for Lieutenant Governor next spring. We also hope the regions that last year had liaisons but now have Lieutenant Governors will be able to continue to increase awareness in the region about the importance of communication with the district and international. The regions with Lieutenant Governors now will also now have regional rallies and officer trainings, which will increase relationship within the region. From the Illinois Eastern Iowa District, Lieutenant Governor Abby Kauerauf of Division 28/29: One of the most prevalent challenges as a Lieutenant Governor can also be the most important— communication! This is especially true for my divisions. When I first took over the role of Lieutenant Governor, there were a few schools in my divisions that had not responded well with previous Lieutenant Governors. Trying to break the ice with these schools would be a big challenge. Emails, a form of communication primarily favored by almost all Lieutenant Governors, can leave much to be desired, as they are often ignored or skimmed over.

I found that calling, texting or Facebook

stronger district. The main problem the

messaging is a great way to get a hold of Key

board faces this year is increasing

Clubbers and advisors. For example, during

communication from the International level

the end of the year, when Club Officer

to the club level. In the past many valuable

Rosters were being submitted, contacting

resources, such as club building materials

clubs through phone was a great way to

and different funding options have not

collect rosters, while learning more about

made it to the clubs. To fix this, the board

the new officers and how I can help each

is planning a stronger attack on

school individually. Communication is also

communication directly to club officers.

a great way to plan meetings with club

Many Lt. Governors are also interested in

presidents and learn how to better help

holding division wide rallies including

your clubs.

officer training and a service projects. Hopefully these rallies will increase District

From the Kansas District, Governor Jena

Convention attendance. After choosing an


interesting District Convention theme, the

The Kansas District has had a very

board plans on releasing videos and other

successful start to our Key Club year.

promotional flyers to increase member

Through this successful start, there are

anticipation for District Convention.

problems the board needs to work through to continue the success and building of a

Thank you Katherine, Abby and Jena!



With global operations in 20 countries, Rustic Pathways has paved the way for providing superior quality community service, language immersion, and life skills for high school students.

Key Club is proud to represent our newest sponsor, Rustic Pathways! Have you ever wanted to go on a trip of a

experience, Rustic Pathways is providing the

life time, but you really wanted it to

opportunity to take our commitment

mean something not just to you, but others? Key Club International has paired with Rustic Pathways, a global leader in designing superior quality community service, education, and

to be servant leaders to global

10 customized Key Club service programs

adventure programs. With 30 years of

CALI-NEV-HA CAPITAL Cambodia: From the Ground Up July 1- August 1,2014 55 Service Hours $2,495 + Airfare

Ghana: Volta Village Life and Service July 15 - July 30, 2014 30 Service Hours $2,795 + Airfare

service. Below are some of the specially designed district tours, available all in the summer of 2014. Even if your district isn’t below, you can always join in on another district’s tour. Enjoy!




India: Lost Children of India July 23 August 7, 2014 40 Service Hours $2,795 + Airfare

Thailand, Burma, and Laos: Tribal Issues July 8, - July 23, 2014 64 Service Hours $3,295 + Airfare

Peru: Sacred


Valley Service July 15 - July 30, 2014 52 Service Hours $2,995 + Airfare

THE ELIMINATE PROJECT Need ideas for a fundraising project you and your club can do? Try one from the list below —or come up with your own! If you have new ideas, please share them with us. Send them to Campaign@TheEliminateProje

Get in the game. Sponsor a powderpuff football tournament like the Myers High School Key Club did. Charge for admission and refreshments.

Run for the cause.

28 Countries Left with MNT

Host a 1, 3 or 5K walk/run for your A place to play. Set up a fall play community. Encourage day for moms with young Here are some other small participants to wear children. Have club members sign examples: costumes and offer prizes to the up to staff booths for facerunners and/or walkers with the painting, games, sock-puppet best costumes. And give them an • Host a penny drive. theater and more. Ask for a small incentive: Participants must raise admission fee and see if nearby at least US$25 in pledges for The • Organize a benefit concert. businesses would like to sponsor Eliminate Project to be eligible for one of your activities. It’s also a the costume prizes. • Have a poetry slam. great opportunity to educate mothers about The Eliminate Team up for good. Ask a local Project. See if you can also • Organize an art show. restaurant to donate part of an partner with the local parentteacher group at your high school evening’s earnings to UNICEF Rake leaves for donations. like the Key Club of Cypress Falls • to gain their support for your did. Make sure to publicize the initiative. event ahead of time to friends, family, neighbors and school staff.

US$36,648,854.69 As of July 16, 2013

US$73,351,145.31 to fundraise until ICON 2015


MEET AVERY HITCHCOCK I met Avery at my very first District Convention about a year and half ago. I remember a huge smile, and a guy who had the determination of a fox! Avery is one of the most intelligent and caring people I have ever meet. Here’s a little bit more about him! How did you get involved with Key Club? I learned about Key Club about my time in Builder’s Club, but then I switched schools and later found Key Club during a school service fair. I wanted to keep doing service throughout my high school career.

Why did you stay with Key Club? When I went to my first District Convention, I met so many people I was amazed to meet so many caring people. We were all so united, and shared a common bond.

What has been your favorite Key Club memory so far? At District Convention in 2013, our board members found out that we had reached our goal of US$18,009 dollars during The Eliminate Luncheon. Our goal represented that it only takes US $1.80 to save a mother and her future babies, and the ‘09’ stood for every nine minutes one baby dies of tetanus. We surpassed our goal, it was amazing.

What is your favorite service project?

From the Rocky Mountain District

Anything that has to do with March of Dimes because many of my friends were born prematurely, so it’s good to know that there’s an organization to work towards better education and development towards a brighter future!

What do you expect out of this year as a International Trustee? I hope to inspire others, do service, develop a sense of friendship throughout my districts, and continue to love Key Club in my last year of high school.

The Churro, Iss 1  
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