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NOW I HAD THIS ARTICLE IN MY LAST ISSUE OF FLAVOR AND I’M GOING TO KEEP PUTTING IN EVERY ISSUE UNTIL PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ITS NOT OK TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A PERSON WHO WANT KIDS. Ok imvuers I been observing this issue with avatar human kids. I notice a lot of parents are looking to upgrade they kid furniture to real kids to have a more interactive with the child. This for parents is fun and makes imvu more like real. I know I like to. I enjoy spending time with my avatar kids. Taking them to kid pageants, recital, parks as well as other things. In the process of looking for my kids I came across many adults who are playing the role of kids just to use the person for credits. This is not acceptable. It is not ok to play on someone feeling and use them. This should be a wonderful experience not one were you have to worry about being use. We as parents don’t mind buying our kids what they need but not as the expense of being used. Everyone work hard for the credits we buy and we are being generous by spending some on the kids. Please don’t use that. Everyone knows being on imvu cost real money and this is entertainment for us all. Let’s make this experience a good one. Also I came across the problem with people adopting kids and not doing anything with them. If you going to adopt a kid avatar please take the time to spend time with them. If you take the time it can be enjoyable. Please please people stop telling people to stop having kids. I know for a fact no one can’t tell me nothing about how many kids I have. I’m going to do what I want and everyone knows I love the kids. But the thing I hate is when people have kids and can’t afford them. Don’t get pregnant if you can’t afford your pregnant cloths or the baby. Handouts are not acceptable it’s called begging. Only have what you can afford. 3|P age


A message to the people. Doing something everyday to improve your self should be a goal everyone set for they self. Don’t every be afraid to make mistakes, a mistake is only a mistake if its not corrected. Every morning I wake up I think of something I can learn to day. I’m a hustla as well as a grinda. Some of you may not know what it means but it is a quality everyone should have. To assist some who needs to know what it means to be a hustla and a grinda I gave you the definition. Some take this as positive some may take it as negative, either way it goes we all should be out here getting ours.

Someone that makes money in any way they can/want. Hustler H.U.S.T.L.E.R - How U Survive This Life Everyday, Resourcefully. A hustler is a person who works freelance for themselves to make fast money however they can. A hustler's work is usually dishonest and/or illegal. A hustler's work requires the sleight of hand and deceptive skill. A hustler is clever, cunning, smart and quick-witted. A hustler always wins

hustler A hustler is the way one lives his life. Going out on the streets or wherever making money and working hard for it. A hustler is not lazy he's consistently out earning money. He gets the money by using his smarts and out cunning everyone out there. A hustler has ambition and a more serious approach to life than that of a gangsta or a pimp. He’s more mature, and doesn't necessarily carry a gun. It can apply to any race, and it’s the way you uphold and carry you.

Grinder 1. Someone staying on top of their shit. (I.e. making money, accomplishing goals, getting an education, career, etc.) 2. Someone who is always on the grind.

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There's a special kind of closeness, that only families know, that begins with childhood trust, and deepens as you grow. There's a special kind of happiness, in sharing little things, the laughter, smiles, and quiet talks that daily living brings. There's a special kind of comfort, in knowing your family's there, to back you up, to cheer you up, to understand and care. Of all the treasures life may bring, your family means the most, and whether near or far apart, that love will hold you close I had been told growing up that “blood is thicker than water�, meaning that blood relations will always be there for you and to support you. What I have found to be true, however, is that it does not matter if one is related by blood or not. I have wonderful friends (who I consider family) that have supported me through the years with their love, honesty, and compassion. They have stayed by me through the good the bad and the uglies of my life, just as I have been there for them. They know more about me than my own blood relatives. We create our own family functions with our kids. I’m more with them than anyone in my family outside of my kids. On IMVU I have a strong bond with my sisters and family on here. No one can tell me that we are not family. During the hard times in our life we have been there for each other. Even if it ment getting up in the middle of the night just to talk. I am very blessed to have a wonderful immediate family who are very close and respectful of one another. Many cannot say the same in this world today. And we all should feel blessed to have wonderful people in our life that we consider family.

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Birds do it, bees do it, and men do it any old time. But women will only do it if the candles are scented just right -- and their partner has done the dishes first. A stereotype, sure, but is it true? Do men really have stronger sex drives than women? Well I still don’t know. Honestly I feel it depends on the woman and the man and many factors play a part in there drive. Personally I have met some women who tell me they been with the boyfriend for a while and she the one demanding sex. Hmm after a night out at the club with the girls she came home horney and practically had to beg for sex. But I hear it more often that men do have stronger sex drive. I heard many stories about a man having to do a lot for his women to have sex with him. Or he would go a whole week or two without sex and out the blue she wants it and wants it now. I mean come on now a woman work is never done. She bare the children, take care of the household, schools, doctors etc. sometimes a woman is tired and sex is the last thing from her mind. But I’m going to let the experts tell it. Study after study illustrates that men's sex drives are not only stronger than women's, but much more straightforward. The sources of women's libidos, by contrast, are much more difficult to pin down. It's common wisdom that women place more value on emotional connection as a spark of sexual desire. But women also appear to be heavily influenced by social and cultural factors as well. Here are seven patterns of men's and women's sex drives that researchers have found. Bear in mind that individuals may vary from these norms. 1. Men think more about sex. The majority of adult men under 60 think about sex at least once a day. Only about one-quarter of women report this level of frequency. As men and women age, each fantasize less, but men still fantasize about twice as often. 2. Men seek sex more avidly.

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"Men want sex more often than women at the start of a relationship, in the middle of it, and after many years of it," This isn't just true of heterosexuals, gay men also have higher frequency of sex than lesbians at all stages of the relationship. Men also say they want more sex partners in their lifetime, and are more interested in casual sex. Men are more likely to seek sex even when it is frowned upon or even outlawed:  About two-thirds say they masturbate, even though about half also say they feel guilty about it. About 40% of women say they masturbate, and the frequency of masturbation is smaller among women.  Prostitution is still mostly a phenomenon of men seeking sex with women, rather than the other way around.  Nuns do a better job of fulfilling their vows of chastity than priests. Baumeister cites a survey of several hundred clergy by Sheila Murphy in which 62% of priests admitted to sexual activity, compared to 49% of nuns. The men reported more partners on average than the women 3. Women's sexual inclinations are more complicated than men's.  What turns women on? Not even women always seem to know.  For men, the results were predictable: Straight men said they were more turned on by depictions of male-female sex and female-female sex, and the measuring devices backed up their claims. Gay men said they were turned on by male-male sex, and again the devices backed them up. For women, the results were more surprising. Straight women, for example, they were more turned on by male-female sex. But genitally they showed about the same reaction to male-female, malemale, and female-female sex. 4. Women's sex drives are more influenced by social and cultural factors.

 Women's attitudes towards (and willingness to perform) various sexual practices are more likely than men's to change over time.  Women who regularly attend church are less likely to have permissive attitudes about sex. Men do not show this connection between church attendance and sex attitudes.  Women are more influenced by the attitudes of their peer group in their decisions about sex.  Women with higher education levels were more likely to have performed a wider variety of sexual practices (such as oral sex); education made less of a difference with men.  Women were more likely than men to show inconsistency between their expressed values about sexual activities such as premarital sex and their actual behavior. 5. Women take a less direct route to sexual satisfaction. Men and women travel slightly different paths to arrive at sexual desire. "I hear women say in my office that desire originates much more between the ears than between the legs. “For women there is a need for a plot -- hence the romance novel. It is more about the anticipation, how you get there; it is the longing that is the fuel for desire. Women's desire "is more contextual, more subjective, more layered on a lattice of emotion," Men, by contrast, don't need to have nearly as much imagination, since sex is simpler and more straightforward for them. That does not mean that men do not seek intimacy, love, and connection in a relationship, just as women do. They just view the role of sex differently. "Women want to talk first, connect first, and then have sex.”For men, sex is the connection. Sex is the language men use to express their tender loving vulnerable side,” "It is their language of intimacy."

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6. Women experience orgasms differently than men. While researchers find it tricky to try to quantify issues like the differing quality of male vs. female orgasms, they do have data on how long it takes men and women to get there. Men, on average, take four minutes from the point of entry until ejaculation. Women usually take around 10 to 11 minutes to reach orgasm -- if they do. That's another difference between the sexes: how often they have an orgasm during sex. Among men who are part of a couple, 75% report that they always have an orgasm, as opposed to 26% of the women. And not only is there a difference in reality, there's one in perception, too. While the men's female partners reported their rate of orgasm accurately, the women's male partners reported that they believed their female partners had orgasms 45% of the time. 7. Women's libidos seem to be less amenable to drugs. With men's sex drives seemingly more directly tied to biology when compared to women, it may be no surprise that low desire may be more easily treated through medication in men. Men have embraced drugs as a cure not only for erectile dysfunction but also for a shrinking libido. With women, however, the search for a drug to boost sex drive has proved more elusive. Testosterone has been linked to sex drive in both men and women. But testosterone works much faster in men with low libidos than women, and while the treatments are effective, they are not as effective in women as in men. "There is a hormonal factor in [sex drive], but it is much more important in men than women.

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LAS VEGAS -- Protect yourself at all times. It is the oldest adage in boxing. Victor Ortiz did not do that, and he paid the ultimate price. Floyd Mayweather Jr., who had dominated the first three rounds, looked brilliant in his first fight in 16 months, but that brilliance may be overshadowed by the way he scored a stunning knockout with one second left in the fourth round Saturday night to win a welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Some at ringside called it a sucker punch from Mayweather. Others blamed referee Joe Cortez, who did not have his eye on the action. Whatever you want to call it, Mayweather drilled Ortiz in a triumphant return to the ring.

Ethan Miller/Getty ImagesVictor Ortiz let his guard down for just a moment in the fourth round, which was long enough for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to drop Ortiz for the knockout. Ortiz was getting tagged repeatedly by Mayweather right hands for most of the fight. Mayweather was making it look oh-so easy, as he usually has during a career that obviously will send him to the Hall of Fame. But in the fourth round, Ortiz found some success. He landed a couple of hard shots that had Mayweather shaking his head, as if say he did not feel them. But then Ortiz drove Mayweather into the corner post. Instead of following up with punches, Ortiz drove his head toward Mayweather's face as if to intentionally head-butt him. Cortez immediately called time and deducted a point from Ortiz. Then the fight turned somewhat surreal. As Cortez was calling time, Ortiz -- seemingly acknowledging his wrongdoing -- hugged Mayweather in the corner and even appeared to kiss him. Then Cortez waived them back together and they touched gloves. But with Cortez looking away from the fighters, Mayweather unloaded a left hook and a flush right hand to Ortiz's face. Ortiz dropped and was unable to beat Cortez's count as the crowd of 14,687 -- clearly an Ortiz house -- went absolutely wild.

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"In the ring, you have to protect yourself at all times," Mayweather said. "After it happened, we touched gloves and we were back to fighting and then I threw the left hook and right hand after the break. You just gotta protect yourself at all times." During the lead-up to the fight, Ortiz's trainer, Danny Garcia, had accused Mayweather of using his elbows and being a dirty fighter. But it was Ortiz (29-3-2, 22 KOs) who turned dirty with the head-butt, not Mayweather, who was well within his rights to throw the punches that ended the fight. "Time was in," Cortez said. "The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal." Mayweather (42-0, 26 KOs) did not have a lot of time to celebrate and was soon questioned about what had happened by HBO's Larry Merchant during an in-ring interview. "He did something dirty," Mayweather said. "His corner said I was dirty, and he did something dirty. All along, his corner was saying I was dirty, but I won the fight." At that point Mayweather's interview with Merchant degenerated. Mayweather began to get into Merchant's face, saying, "I'm going to do you a favor and let you talk to Victor Ortiz, because you've never given me a fair shake. You ain't s---." "If I was 50 years younger, I would kick your ass," Merchant, 80, said back to him before turning to Ortiz. Mayweather, who made a minimum $25 million, walked away from Merchant, clearly in no mood to dissect what had happened or to address his overwhelming performance, one which he deserves credit for as he took apart a man 10 years younger than him (Ortiz is 24) while coming off the long, self-imposed layoff.

He also faced a significant weight disadvantage. Ortiz, who was making the first defense of the belt he won via decision in a fight of the year candidate with Andre Berto in April, stepped onto the unofficial HBO fight-night scale at 164 pounds. Mayweather was 150 pounds. It made no difference, as Mayweather claimed his seventh world title covering five weight classes. Ortiz was, of course, not happy with what had happened, even if he has only himself to blame for the head-butt that led to the knockout. "I took a break by the referee and I obeyed exactly what I was told," said Ortiz, who made $2 million. "And then, boom, he blindsided me. I'm not a dirty fighter and I apologize for the head-butt. I came to entertain the fans and I think they were entertained. There was a miscommunication with the referee, and neither he nor I are perfect." This is true. But, in the ring anyway, Mayweather sure is.

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Hello to all my readers I would like to take this time to inform you of what’s going on with TRUCASH PRODUCTIONS. Currently each month we have a few things going on that you are welcome to come and enjoy with us. One is a fashion show held every month. More towards the end of the month. The fashion show features new designs from different designers. It’s a place were you can come and enjoy fashion. Enjoy a red carpet event and sometimes vote on your favorite designers. We also will be starting a teen fashion show for the month of July for all the teens who love fashion and would love to have some fun and see the newest teen designer. Every month we host a show called INFINITY NEXT TOP MODELS. This event is fun for the contestants and also a challenge. With great prizes for the winner. For the top 5 contestants we have a voting process at the fashion show event were all the designers and guest of the fashion show can go to vote on the favorite contestant. The winner is picked by you. We also offer advertisement in the magazine. If anyone needs more information about any of the events or would like to be a designer in the show you can always come see me or inbox me. And I would respond to any messages within 24 hours usually less. My email address is To check out the commercial for INFINITY NEXT TOP MODEL go to To find out more about us you can visit us at

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Sometimes being in a relationship you are tested. When I say tested I mean with a female being with a man. There are always some chicks out there who want what you have. I have seen were a female would know that a man is married and will still send him messages, gifts, and even flirt right in front of his wife face. There been time were so called friends will try to get with the friends husbands behind they friends back. And when approached about the situation they would deny real fast. The same thing for men. On many occasions I seen were a man would try to get with a girl knowing she in a committed relationship with maybe his brother . Everyday a woman or a man is tested in their relationship. From family not liking your wife or husband till friends or other people hatting on what they do not have. I was always told if you are really into your relationship nothing can pull you apart. Sometime we as humans have to understand that things do happen in every relationship. Sometimes our loved ones is sent to jail, have a family emergency, or just life in general. If you are really down for your other you will understand you sometimes have to suck things up and stay down. There are also the question of is this person right for me. During my experience in relationships, some of my own and some from observing others I realize that it’s hard to find the right person. Finding the right person requires time. Don’t be desperate to jump into a relationship. If you really looking for the right person you will know it requires time. Ladies and gentleman please understand that if your girlfriend/boyfriend don’t have the same goals or close to the same goals in life your relationship is not going to work.

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An example would be is if a man work all the time on imvu (sample) and the girl don’t there going to be a falling out about time. Same with a woman working and a man not working. If one person is motivated and have goals and trying to reach them but the other person doesn’t have none there going to be problems. Yes I love you means a lot but truth be told if you don’t have the same interest and trying to reach similar goals it’s not going to work. Believe me I have seen these relationships fail constantly. A good way to keep you relationship strong is support each other and each other goal. Even if your goals not exactly alike support you’re other by listening to their goals and assisting when you can. You brains always work better than one. But do not try to take over or control you others goal. Just assist let him/her know you have his or her back. No two people are exactly alike but can come very close to similar interest. I always say “a king stand stronger with a good queen besides him”. When dealing with hater or what I call relationship crashers. Trust in your mate if you two really care a hater cannot come between the two of you. And trust they will try. For the haters also hating is a job and someone has to do it that doesn’t make it pretty. You should never hate on what another person have. Instead if you like what they have then work to get it. There are no short cuts to life. Tell each other everything that way no one can come and tell your mate nothing different or something you don’t know about already. Me personally I hate when things is kept from me no matter how small it may be. I feel I can fight better knowing what I’m up against. Secrets is not good in any relationship. A person told me “if my skeletons don’t apply to you what makes you think I will lie to you” meaning we all have past things we not fond of don’t judge me from my past judge me for now. Unless these skeletons is a threat to your current relationship then it shouldn’t be dwelled on. We all learn from our past. If these skeletons is a treat to your future tell you mate. Don’t hold back if your mate truly care about you he or she will not be threaten from your past. Keep past relationships in the past and look to your future. Ladies and gentlemen we get this often were a past relationship wants to interfere in your future one. Don’t let it! Be clear with your past relationship that they are the past and your current relationship is your future. This has happen quite often were a past would creep into your future whether its wanting what they use to have back or just jealous. Quiet often I seen past relationship break up what could have been a great future one. The past would try anything to get what they had back from using kids if you had any, to my mama want to see you and so forth. Set boundaries if kids are involved. And make sure your current relationship is very active in what’s going on. Communication is the key.

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Troy Anthony Davis (October 9, 1968 – September 21, 2011) was an African American man convicted of and executed for the August 19, 1989, murder of police officer Mark MacPhail in Savannah, Georgia. MacPhail was working as a security guard at a Burger King restaurant when he intervened to defend a man being assaulted in a nearby parking lot. During Davis' 1991 trial, seven witnesses testified they had seen Davis shoot MacPhail, and two others testified that Davis had confessed the murder to them. Although the murder weapon was not recovered, ballistic evidence presented at trial linked bullets recovered at or near the scene to those at another shooting in which Davis was also charged. He was convicted of murder and various lesser charges, including the earlier shooting, and was sentenced to death in August 1991. Davis pleaded not guilty at his trial and maintained his innocence until his execution. In the 20 years between his conviction and execution, Davis and his defenders secured support from the public, celebrities, and human rights groups. Amnesty International and other groups such as National Association for the Advancement of Colored People took up Davis's cause. Prominent politicians and leaders, including former President Jimmy Carter, Rev. Al Sharpton, Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former U.S. Congressman from Georgia and presidential candidate Bob Barr, and former FBI Director and judge William S. Sessions called upon the courts to grant Davis a new trial or evidentiary hearing. In July 2007, September 2008, and October 2008, execution dates were scheduled, but each execution was stayed shortly before it was to take place. In 2009, the Supreme Court of the United States ordered the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Georgia to consider whether new evidence "that could not have been obtained at the time of trial clearly establishes [Davis'] innocence". The evidentiary hearing was held in June 2010. The defense presented affidavits from seven of the nine trial witnesses whose original testimony had identified Davis as the murderer, but who had changed or recanted their previous testimony. Some asserted they had been coerced by police. Several implicated one of the original prosecution witnesses, Sylvester "Redd" Coles, in the crime. The state presented witnesses, including the police investigators and original prosecutors, who described a careful investigation of the crime, without any coercion. Evidence that Coles had confessed to the killing was excluded as hearsay because Coles was not subpoenaed by the defense to rebut it. In an August 2010 decision, the conviction was upheld, and the court described defense efforts to upset the conviction as "largely smoke and mirrors", and decided that several of the proffered affidavits were not recantations at all. Subsequent appeals, including to the Supreme Court, were rejected, and a fourth execution date was set for September 21, 2011. Nearly one million people signed petitions urging the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant clemency.[3] The Board denied clemency[4] and, on September 21, it refused to reconsider its decision.[5] After a last minute appeal to the United States Supreme Court was denied, the sentence was carried out on September 21, 2011.[6]

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Troy Davis' execution must be the beginning of a new resurgence in this country to end the death penalty. The fight must continue forward and that's what will honor the legacy of Troy Davis. As Troy said, it was not just about him but for all the other Troy Davis that came before him and will unfortunately come after him. Davis had an unprecedented amount of support that included almost 1 million signatures calling for his clemency including former President Jimmy Carter, Desmond Tutu, former FBI director William Sessions and Pope Benedict XVI. Since his conviction in 1991 of killing officer McPhail in 1989, 7 of the 9 witnesses have come forward to recant their testimony with allegations that one of the witnesses was the actual killer. But, this was not enough to convince the Georgia court system, the Georgia Board of Parole and Pardons, Larry Chisolm, Chatham County's first African American district attorney or the Supreme Court of his innocence or to spare his life. Troy maintained his innocence up to the time of his execution, even requesting to give a lie detector test which was denied. The death penalty does not serve the interest of justice, the victim's families or our society. Nationally, 130 innocent persons have been condemned to die since the early 1970's. Some have been exonerated by DNA evidence. In Troy's case, there was no DNA, only tainted witness testimony. Sending one innocent person to their death is too many. In Maryland, a Commission on Capital Punishment found that for almost every 9 persons sent to death row, one innocent person has been exonerated. Families of the victims wait often decades for their perceived "justice". Annaliese McPhail, mother of the slain officer says she wanted her family to "have some peace and start our lives." Unlike McPhail's mother, another victim's mother is advocating for repeal of the death penalty. Vicki Schieber, the Maryland mother of a daughter who was brutally raped and killed in 1998, has testified before the U.S. Senate and several states, including New Jersey which abolished the death penalty in 2007. She says she never wanted the death sentence for her daughter's killer even though she was pressured by the prosecutor to endorse it. She says it has brought her and her husband peace. New Jersey became the first state in over 40 years to abolish its death penalty in 2007. But recent hard fought efforts to end in other states have failed. The momentum is growing and now is the time to keep it going. The Supreme Court has moved towards limiting the death penalty forbidding the death penalty for juveniles and mentally retarded and banning for crimes that did not involve killings. The death penalty has not been a deterrent to crime, is expensive, racially biased and unfair. Taxpayers spend millions on a failed system. One Maryland commission found that pursuing a death penalty case is three times more expensive to taxpayers than pursuing a non-capital punishment case. In death sentences, almost half of those receiving the death penalty are black. The prison population is over 40 percent black men while black men make up only 6 percent of the population. Life without parole should replace the death penalty as the most severe punishment in America. For the efforts led by NAACP, Ben Jealous, Amnesty International, Davis' attorneys, Democracy and a host of others, now is not the time to stop. To the family of Officer McPhail, may you find peace one day. And to the family of Troy Davis, you have lost a son, brother, uncle and friend but have gained millions of others. We are all Troy Davis.

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Mother is the bank where we deposit all our hurts and worries. A mother’s love is truly very great and priceless! Mother’s love is countless and meaningful. Her virtuous of kindness is hardly repaid by any precious things in this world. Her deep parental kindness in bringing us up and the hardships she has gone through will never be repaid as they are priceless. In other words, her love for her child is endless and indescribable! With that said many of us have a child or kids and we all know this feeling of endless love. I wake up each morning thankful for the blessings of my kids. When times are hard and I feel like I want to just cuddle in a big ball and just lay there , it’s my kids that’s makes me get to my feet and smile.. For most mothers, the love they feel for their children is a strong and powerful bond that will continue throughout their lives. The love a mother feels for her child is the same whether the child was grown in their own body or in their heart, as when a mother adopts a child. A mother love is non-replaceable. My children are dear to me and I find it hard to see them in pain. I feel like a mother hen watching over her baby chicks. Children are tough in some areas, but always need to know they are loved, wanted and are priceless to us, at any age. Even when our children don't need us any longer to tie their shoestrings or to wipe their noses, they still need to know that we care. Often a child will not feel the impact of their mother's love until they become a parent themselves or their mother is no longer living. Then, the power of a lifetime of love their mother provided sets in. I didn’t realize the impact my mother love had on me till I had my own kids. I didn’t understand the reason for some of the things she did till I was old enough to understand. We as mothers learn to teach our kids life lessons at a young age. As the child grows they grow into the lessons being taught. Many times on imvu I been told I seem older or very caring with my kids. I always let them know it’s because I had kids young and have the loving experience. Even on imvu with my kids I aim to love and to teach. Isn’t that’s what a parent all about. I try to make time for my kids and pay attention to their needs. Isn’t that what being a parent all about? Even for people on imvu who don’t have kids in reals the love can be real and it can be a learning experience for all. To love and accept our children, even when they are driving us nuts and their behavior is horrible is most challenging. But the mix of unconditional love and loving limits are the most important duties and obligations a mother can have. Hugs and kisses are a necessity. Love can be expressed in many other ways too, including the discipline and responsibility we give to our children. Eye contact and a simple touch on the shoulder or a love pat on the back mean so much and cost so little. Try today

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to think of ways you can show your children how much you love and value them. Here are a few demonstrations of love I have found my children are fond of. You can adapt these suggestions according to the ages of your child. Outward expressions of affection for your spouse such as holding tuck little thoughtful love notes in their lunches, written on a napkin or notepaper or under their pillow. IMVU send them an inbox telling them you miss them. Saying a simple, "I love you!" A smiley face or you're the greatest! Ask them to read to you - whatever they want - for 10 minutes. Ask what they did today how was they day. Spend time listening - this is sometimes hard with an active lifestyle, but more important than ever. Even 5 minutes can do wonders for a child's self-image. Remember good eye contact is one of the keys. Pull yourself away from the computer or desk and sit with them face to face. Mirror their body language, moving forward as they do, or sitting on the floor with them. For younger children even up to 10 years old, holding them on your lap for a minute or two might seem silly, but most kids miss the times when they were younger and were just held and comforted. Share in their hobby or interest. For example, skateboarding may not be your adventure at 25, but ask them about how skateboards are made. Look at what they can do - kids love to show off to their parents, so watch. Listen for, "Watch this mom!" Put down what you're doing and really watch and praise them for their effort. Encourage them to keep trying. Smile and verbally respond. Surprise them by buying their favorite gift without being asked to. Just put it in their room with a little note - Thought of you today! Love, Mom. Take time to lie on blankets on the grass at night and look to the sky for shooting stars together. This is one we do as a family each summer and always have fun, looking up and just sharing, telling stories - listening to the crickets and being together. We fall asleep under the stars until it gets so cold that we all run indoors, dragging blankets behind us. These are no more than simple memory makers. On occasion we have a "backwards day", where we eat dessert first and then the main course; kids love it when their parents are silly at times. Let them make their own family photo scrapbook - try color copying some of photos in your photo 24 | P a g e


albums - this way you are not losing valuable photos if they cut them up. Old cards and gift-wrap can make nice backgrounds and borders. Imvu have them take pictures of family and create they own website for it. Whichever way you choose to share your feelings remember to do something each day. Experts agree that if a child receives their nurturing inside of the family, they are less inclined to look outside to others that might have other motives. Create a home where love is shown. Any parents, whether rich or poor, can afford this. These simple and free actions can have a significant influence on our children's daily lives that will last for a lifetime. The cycle of love between you as a mother and your child will be passed on to their children all over again. Stop and enjoy them now. Before you know it, they will be grown and this time will be lost.

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I know how hard it can be trying to find a nice place to take a date on or just to chill. If you anything like me your patients run thin quick and you would go and make a room the way you want it. No worries im here to help. I went on a search to find some of imvu finest spots and this is what I came up with. LaBelle Arobel (Arobellruby) This is a nice well put together dance club. A lot of seating area and a huge dance area. I went in this club and was in aw by the way it was carefully put together.


LONDON (BrittLondon) AP CLUB

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TRUCASH LAKE HOUSE (MsTruKlassy) Water water water we all love to go take a dip in the lake. This place is kid friendly with many thing to do. Glide through the sky, take a boat ride, a little hike and cuddle with your boo or just relax this is a nice place to go for your do it all at the lake place


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Sometimes I feel bad for Amber Rose. She seems like she really wants to do the right thing, but the wrong things keep happening. She's got to get herself out of this one though. I'm with Africa! For example, she made a statement about Ghana and that there was no middle class. Well, somebody got out there computer and wrote Amber a lil' letter. Like to hear it? Here it go: “Did I hear Amber Rose say there are no middle class people in Ghana? And it is either people are extremely rich or extremely poor? I am a living testimony and a true proof that, she is totally uninformed about Ghanaians. I am not extremely rich and neither am I extremely poor to be living in gutters or dirt as she puts it. I am a middle class Ghanaian and my family has always been middle class. There are several middle class Ghanaians out there living comfortably and not in dirt. (she went on to get on Amber line about the disrespect) Amber shot back apologetically: “People have to understand that this is my first time in Africa. This is not my culture. I have never been here so if I said anything to hurt anyone’s feelings then I am really, really sorry. I saw that a lot of people on twitter said ‘don’t just show the poverty, show the rich people’. But for me, the rich people aren’t doing anything for the little kids and the people that are living in poverty so I don’t want to go hang out with the rich people. I wanted to see the kids in poverty. I grew up very poor. So I wanted to go see them, help them, talk to them and inspire them to let them know they could possibly be somebody great. They can be somebody great. So I want everyone in Ghana to know that I wasn’t just saying that ‘Ghana is a poor country and no one should ever come here.’ Anyone that I have spoken to about Ghana since I have been here, I have been saying that it’s such an amazing place. And I’m sorry for not posting pictures of rich people, but it just wasn’t for me to do.”

Exclusive: 50 Cent Wins 'Before I Self Destruct' Copyright Lawsuit 50 was hit with a lawsuit filed by author Shadrach Winstead in November of 2009, who claimed that the rapper stole the concept for his album and movie from his 2008 book, "The Preacher Son – But The Streets Turned Me Into a Gangster." 50 hired entertainment firm Reed Smith to defend himself against the lawsuit, which was filed in United States District

29 | P a g e


Court of New Jersey Yesterday, a federal court in Newark, New Jersey dismissed the copyright infringement case against 50 Cent and his GUnit record label. Reps for Reed Smith told that they won the case for 50, based on the absence of substantial similarity between the themes and plot of the book and movie.

DJ Drama Explains Third Power; Talks 'Gangsta Grillz' Name Departure A number of executives, journalists and artists came out to support DJ Drama's third release, which is due in stores on October 11th. Artist like, Maino, Vado, Cam'ron, DJ Enuff, Big Kap, Crazy Legs and others came through the listening session, which took place at Skyline Studios in midtown Manhattan. Third Power features a number of notable guest appearances, with artists like Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Fabolous, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, Vado, Cam'ron and newcomer Jaz, checking in to support Drama on his third official release. “It's really humbling more than anything,” DJ Drama told about the support he has received for his album and the attendance at his listening part. “I've been doing this a while now I'm just glad that I can keep moving and keep the support going on both ends, to giving love and getting love back and keeping the streets hot too.” According to DJ Drama, the release of Third Power is significant, in that it is first major release outside of his well known Gangsta Grillz brand name. "It's been a great beautiful gift and a small curse,” DJ Drama told about the success of Gangsta Grillz, which his seen Drama collaborate with artists like Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy, T.I. and numerous others. “With this being my third album, I didn't want to name it Gangsta Grillz, because musically. I felt like I wanted a higher meaning, so we called it Third Power."

Ashanti, Ne-Yo Tapped For Boys & Girls PSA Campaign With Denzel, Others

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Ashanti and Ne-Yo will join stars like Denzel Washington, Ervin "Magic" Johnson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Shaquille O'Neal, Smokey Robinson, Martin Sheen, Shaun White and others, for the new Boys and Girls Club of America Public Service Advertisement. The purpose of the campaign is to draw attention to the risks that millions of American youth face each day. According to the Boys and Girls Club, 3 in 10 students will not graduate on time, another 3 in 10 are obese or overweight, while 1 in 5 children living in U.S. suffers from poverty. "This campaign represents an amazing level of star power, but these alumni all participated because they know firsthand the lifelong impact a Boys & Girls Club has on young people," said Roxanne Spillett, president and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of America. "These individuals are living proof that Boys & Girls Clubs help create the pathway to a great future. As a result, they are passionate advocates for kids." "I am a prime example of the need for a community-based safe haven like Boys & Girls Clubs," added Denzel Washington, who joined the Club in Mount Vernon, N.Y. at age 6 and has been the official spokesman for 20 years. "Without the support and mentoring of the Club, I'm afraid to think where I would be today,” Denzel Washington continued. “I certainly would not have the life I do now." The soundtrack to the PSA is the song “I Was Here” by Beyoncé, taken from her latest album 4. Beyoncé donated to track for exclusive use in the spot, which was shot by powerful Hollywood director/actor Ron Howard.

Tupac's Manuscripts Made Available For Research At Atlanta University Center

Gucci Mane Heading to Prison For Six Months

HIV/AIDS Activists Continue To Refute Rapper Game's Theory On Gays, AIDS 31 | P a g e


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Most people don’t realize the extent to which sororities engage in philanthropy and community service. We keep our eye open and gather some highlights from four different sororities on IMVU to share with you here. Check out the different aspects and perspectives of reek life as well positive ways sorority members impact their communities. I interviewed soror’s from Authentic Zeta Phi Chi, Sigma Theta Psi, Theta Psi Alpha, and Alpha Zeta Zeta. These ladies were nice enough to take the time out of their personal lives and sit down with us to tell us about their sorority. My first interview was with the Founder and President of Authentic Zeta Phi Chi, QueenBaePeachez.

The sorority’s colors are black, white, and blue; and their symbol is the powerful white tiger. I asked, “Why did you choose Authentic Zeta Phi Chi Sorority?” She replied, “Authentic Zeta Phi Chi was chosen because many have tried to tear us down but in the end we stand strong and we are the first Sorority that popped on IMVU and made a statement that women can pull together. Authentic means Original and Zetas Mean strong and powerful.” “What makes my sorority different than others is there’s no such thing as I in team and in Authentic Zeta Phi Chi we work hard as a team to overcome any obstacle.” My next interview was with MZJUICEBOXX1283 of Sigma Theta Psi Sorority.

33 | P a g e


The colors they represent are purple and yellow and their symbol is the panther. My first question for her was, “Some sororities require the ladies to pay dues or fees once they are accepted in the organization.” “Does your organization require you to pay fees?” MZJUICEBOXX1283 replies, “No we don’t have to pay any fees or dues.” I know that organizations have a mission statement, and mission statements are a statement of the purpose of a company or organization. “What is your sorority’s mission statement?” I asked. “: To promote sisterhood and bonding among women and strengthening their surrounds with positivity.” MzThuqqCartel and MzKissezCartel are the president and founder of Theta Psi Alpha.

Blue, pink, and black are what these ladies wear. And their symbol is a lion with wings. “Why a lion with wings?” I asked. MzKissezCartel replied, “Because the winged lion is a Venetian symbol of royalty.” They were asked why did they choose the sorority and MzThuqqCartel says, “Well me And Kissez had been going from sorority to sorority and we always felt out of place. So we decided to start our own sorority.” I asked why did you feel out of place? She replies, “The ones we joined weren’t so friendly or they didn’t have the sisterhood bond.”

34 | P a g e


My final interview is with ClaudetteLapur, president of Alpha Zeta Zeta.

“What are your sorority’s colors and symbol?” I asked. “Pink, purple, and black and we represent the snow leopard.” I told her that some people on IMVU think that the sororities on here are a joke and that it’s only about fun and games. And what’s her take on that comment. “It’s supposed to be about fun, but often time’s people take IMVU out of context and simply go too far with things. We take our group seriously, but fun and enjoyment are the goals and we have our serious causes too.” She said. I asked “What makes your sorority different?” She replies, “: I think the only real difference in all of us is seeing that unity and sisterhood is the common goal. Otherwise I don’t see much of a difference. The purpose of a sorority is to establish standards to ensure that every Greek organization on IMVU is well managed and is fully committed to the highest quality of experience for each of its members, with particular emphasis on achievement and involvement. As a member of a sorority I’ve realized that sisterhood is important for women to support each other and to always be there for one another. To me, it means that no matter where I go I have sisters. It's a bond that lasts a lifetime. It's something that's understood without saying a word. It's a connection deeper than words. It's a full, deep history. It's courageous, strong, beautiful women making a difference.

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Rock Angels mission is to build girls courage, confidence, and charter. We want to teach them to discover they special skills and talent, find confidence to set challenging goals for they self and focus more on being all that they can be. Rock Angels was created by a child. She complained that there weren’t enough things for kids to do on IMVU. She also stated that if you find something you had to go to another place to find something else. She decided to make a all in one place for little girls to come and have fun as well as challenging they self. Here at Rock Angels girls can earn badges (stickers) from completing learning tasks and staying focus. The colors are blue green and white. The motto is GIRL POWER. Bee have events lined up such as parties, movie night, sleep overs, pj parties, fashion show, going shopping, parks, and what every her little head can come up with. To sign up for Rock Angels contact TruCashBeee or queenprettydivaBEE (same person different accouts) or hayden3091 Check out the group at And website coming soon

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To all of you who don’t know what GRIND CITY is as quoted from DaGrinda “GRIND CITY is a networking community with in IMVU to promote the skills and events of its members” We here at GRIND CITY have a lot going on and support each other on our hustle. We all know that no matter how hard you work you still need someone to support you and what you stand for. Here at GRIND CITY I have found that support. For me it’s good to be around people who have the same mentality in life as me. Who understands that life means work and then you will see your rewards. Before coming to GRIND CITY I thought I knew it all but realize I didn’t. With the help of mayor and other GRIND CITY member I learned a lot. More importantly I learned that there are people out there who are not just users. There are people who will support you long as you show you worthy of the support. With that said I’m going to stay repining my city GRIND CITY. TRUCASH BLOCK



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HOBBIES: SKATING, WALKING ON BEACH,MASTER MIND JOB TITLE: OWNER OF YELLOW PRODUCTION DJ SERVICEA MATE: FIRST OFF MUST LOVE THE LORD MORE TO COME also in a mate i want some who open to new things, I love to have cookout and have people over so i need some who loves the same thing more to come

Liz AGE: 25

HOBBIES: dancing, singing,, clubbing, shopping, bowling, videos games ,cooking ,cleaning .Job Title: Modeling What you look for in a mate? i want someone who is self -sufficient ,truth, has a nice sense of fashion, sense humor ,honesty, loyalty ,easy going ,thoughtful, someone who going to love me for who I am..

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Name: RazielGazardiel Age : 23

hobbies: creating on imvu, Work: taking care of my 7 clubs What I look for a mate is love and attention doesn't have to be next to me all the time but once in a while send some alone time , and doesn't ignore me when her friends are around

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Special thanks First I would like to say thank God for making me who I am today. I would like to thank my husband for always being there for me and putting up with my stubborn attitude. To my kids for inspiring me on a lot of my articles To DaGrinda for all our support and teaching me a lot GRIND ON. To my family and friend who all support what I do I love u with all my heart. To all my reader thank you for your support. Look forward to the next issue it will be more interactive for all you readers. Look forward to what else we have to offer a lot coming soon. Everyone never give up on your dreams challenge yourself to be the best you can be. If you work hard at it you will succeed. This is my 11 magazine and I’m still pushing strong it don’t stop and won’t stop. HUSTLE HARD GRIND ON. Mz Cash Protégé. Jazzy

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