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Hello to all my readers I would like to take this time to inform you of what’s going on with TRUCASH PRODUCTIONS. Currently each month we have a few things going on that you are welcome to come and enjoy with us. One is a fashion show held every month. More towards the end of the month. The fashion show features new designs from different designers. It’s a place were you can come and enjoy fashion. Enjoy a red carpet event and sometimes vote on your favorite designers. We also will be starting a teen fashion show for the month of July for all the teens who love fashion and would love to have some fun and see the newest teen designer. Every month we host a show called INFINITY NEXT TOP MODELS. This event is fun for the contestants and also a challenge. With great prizes for the winner. For the top 5 contestants we have a voting process at the fashion show event were all the designers and guest of the fashion show can go to vote on the favorite contestant. The winner is picked by you. We also offer advertisement in the magazine. If anyone needs more information about any of the events or would like to be a designer in the show you can always come see me or inbox me. And I would respond to any messages within 24 hours usually less. My email address is To check out the commercial for INFINITY NEXT TOP MODEL go to To find out more about us you can visit us at



"It is in the present that we build what the future will be When opening up a business no matter what king of business you have everyone should have a standard of professionalism. A high level of professionalism is expected when you are working with clients. Being professional will help you get more business. Everyone knows more business means more money. What brings me to this topic today in Flavor is recently I went into a couple of rooms to do business. Instead of being able to focus on the business at hand I was distracted with the conversation others in the room were having. No I do understand when you are at work and family and friends come in to visit you they might want to talk about what they have going on in they life. This is fine but when a client or potential client comes in the room the conversation should end and the focus should be on the business at hand. Then when the client leave the conversation can pick back up were it was left off at. Instead of critizing other people business I decide I would help with adding a few tips.

1. Return messages within 24 hours. 2. Inform clients and potential client when you are going to be away for more than two days. 3. Make it easy to connect with other professionals by keeping an updated profile on or list of names and what they do. 4. Dress professionally—nice-looking casual flies in some communities, but business casual (at the very least) is needed on IMVU (no panties showing when you at work etc.). 5. Meet deadlines (grant deadlines, report deadlines, etc.), 6. Arrive for meetings on time. Yes, I’m working to improve in this area! 7. Go on DND when you are in meetings. 8. Expect high performance every day and remember that it’s also OK to cut each other some slack when life interferes. 9. When meeting with a client make sure all other conversations that’s not about business is cut short till after clients is gone. 10. Have a business office and a hangout office and separate the two. With this said I thing that all business should be ran smoothly. We all need to set standards when working and enjoying the use of IMVU.



Topic 1: Opening Up A Relationship With Sexual Talk DON’T EVER DO THIS!!!! If you feeling this nigga and you want to talk to him for real on a serious note, don’t come at him in a sexual way. Because if you do, that’s all he ever gone think of you, as just another bitch to fuck with. He aint going to have no respect for you at all, and if you thinking about being in a serious relationship with him . . . you might as well forget it, cause it aint going to happen. When you first see the dude in RL or over the NET, don’t immediately be like ‘damn you sexy’ or ‘damn yo body this or that’ cause then we know all you seeing is physical, so that’s what we think you going to want is something physical with you. Do you know how many females tell him that in a day? Why you going to be any different? So you think that maybe if you start the conversation with something sexy or something sexual that’s going to make him want you more, na, he going to want yo pussy more, but not you as a person. You opened up that relationship with sex, so in his mind that’s all you wanted, and that’s exactly what he plans to get from you. As soon as you open up that convo with sex, you lost him, now only reason why he going to call you, text you, or see you, is because he thinking that there’s a possibly that eventually he going to get that pussy you been talking about and he been thinking about since yall met. Of course when a dude first see a female he know whether he want to just fuck her, or make a relationship with her, but since you don’t know that upfront, don’t even let that nigga think that that’s all you want from him. I’ll be real, when a female tell me I’m sexy or anything sexual to me, that’s all I’ll ever think about her, no matter what she says I’m always going to remember how the relationship opened up and that’s what I’m going to refer to. Everybody likes compliments, shyt I know I do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compliment me in a way that’s non-sexual, and not just me, any guy, when you see that dude you want to talk to, tell him ‘hey I think your cute’ *friendly smile* or ‘you have a nice smile’ WHATEVER, just make sure whatever it is, NOT SEXUAL!!!! After that, see what happens, you might be his girl or you might not be his girl, but at least he’ll have respect for you. Topic 2: Guys Lie, Cheat, and Treat Women like Shit. Why?! Simple answer to this. Listen really close. WOMEN LET THEM!!!! This nigga has lied (multiple times), cheated on you (multiple times), and has treated you like shit (multiple times), and you still wondering why he does all these things? Hmm, because obviously he’s done all that shyt and you ass still with him. When you do that you know what you telling him subconsciously? You telling him that it’s ok, for him to do what he wants because yo ass is always going to be there. ZZZzzz, lemme slap you! He knows that he can do all these things to you, and all you going to do is threaten to leave him and yell at him, but he knows how to shut you up and make you move on and forget about what he’s done. Secondly, not all guys lie, cheat, and treat women like shyt, because I surely don’t. Lying, everyone lies to get out of sticky situations that they don’t want to be in, women do it to, especially if it’s a guy they don’t want to talk to or he’s not their type, women lie in a hot second and say ‘they got 7

a man’, or ‘they don’t date’. Um, last time I checked, most of the time that’s a lie! Women lie too, don’t play, and some women do lie to their men about other men, so please don’t gimme that shyt. If every guy you date seems to act like this, it aint them it’s YOU YOU YOU!!! It’s YOU, you are the problem, you are fuckin up your personal life because you’ve got internal problems that you don’t know about that are attracting these men. You fall for the ones that will hurt you every time. To you, I say, stop getting in relationships, spend some time with yourself, and learn you first before you drag another dude into your pain and failures. If you let a dude keep coming back, time after time again, you only telling him that you are okay with what he does and it doesn’t affect you because you ‘love him’ and you’ll always take his ass back. NO! Not the way to go! Little white lies, yea they’re going to happen, but if he lying to you about major things DROP HIM THE FIRST TIME HE LIES! If he’s cheating and you know about it and it happened and there’s no way he can deny it, DROP HIM THE FIRST TIME HE CHEATS! If he uses to treat you good and now he’s treating you like shit and you know it, DROP HIM AT THE FIRST SIGNS THAT HES TREATING YOU LIKE SHIT!! Simple, easy, be done with him, CASE CLOSED!





With a lot of thing on our minds I know we sometimes lose ourselves so I went on the internet and found these quotes and pomes. I know for a fact I DEFINE ME. So this might fit you too. I DEFINE ME! I am the president and CEO of my life, so I will make wise choices and be accountable for my actions. God made me an original, so I will act original, think original, BE original; I will not die a cheap copy! I have a voice. I was created with a purpose that I will strive daily to fulfill. The criticism of others will not take me off course, because I'm in the driver's seat of my life. It takes courage to be me, and my presence is essential. I add value to any environment that I enter; therefore suicide is never an option. I know the world is a better place because of me.   

If I am unhappy with my life, I’ll change it. If I hit a glass ceiling, I’ll break it. If I was born on the wrong side of the tracks, I’ll move.

  

If the horse is dead, I’ll get off. If I want to keep earning, I’ll keep learning. If I can’t get a job at someone else’s company, I’ll start my own

I say things as I see them. I'm not perfect so neither are you. Like me, hate me still not my business. It's the story of my life the way I like to tell it. Truth? Or Fictions? Well it's for me to know and for you to guess. I'm A Woman with a Mind of My Own. Being me is What I Do Best.

I am the waves that swish against the rocks I am the wind that blows through your hair I am the sun that shines on your face I am the rain that drops on your face I am the cool breeze that wakes you in the morning I define me I am the person who picks the radiant flowers I am the person who gives courage I am the person who believes in hope I am the person who stands in the midst of gravel I define me Who dare tell me who to be? Who dare frown upon me? Who dare tell me what to wear? Who dare tell me I have no opinion? Who dare tell me to be quiet? Who dare tell me when to smile? Who dare tell me when to sit? Who dare tell me when to walk? I define me I have wisdom to share I can be successful

I can walk on high waters I choose to walk upon the Lord I choose to love thyself Because I define me

I can think for thyself



With Independence Day fast approaching I had to do an article on what THE 4 TH OF JULY really means. For a long time as I was growing up I didn’t know what the 4 th of July really meant. I knew it had something to do with Independence Day but was for sure what else. All I knew is that I couldn’t wait for 4 th of July to come around. That meant we would get a new red white or blue outfit, have a huge barbecue, get to see family we haven’t seen in a while and we got a whole lot of fireworks. As I grew older I started to understand it a little more. To make it a little easier to understand I’m going to give u a simple Wikipedia definition. “Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, family reunions, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States”. ok so now I done my part and gave you the text book version of Independence Day I’m going to tell you

what I plan on doing. I’m going to a fat barbeque at someone theme water part and have a ball. Then I’m going to come home that night and enjoy all the fireworks. Running around my hood, helping little kids pop there fireworks, and giving mines away to the little kids who don’t have any. To me 4th of July is one of them time of the years were you can enjoy all of you family’s company a chance to spend it with your closest friend and enjoy life.



To all of you who don’t know what GRIND CITY is as quoted from DaGrinda “GRIND CITY is a networking community with in IMVU to promote the skills and events of its members” We here at GRIND CITY have a lot going on and support each other on our hustle. We all know that no matter how hard you work you still need someone to support you and what you stand for. Here at GRIND CITY I have found that support. For me it’s good to be around people who have the same mentality in life as me. Who understands that life means work and then you will see your rewards. Before coming to GRIND CITY I thought I knew it all but realize I didn’t. With the help of mayor and other GRIND CITY member I learned a lot. More importantly I learned that there are people out there who are not just users. There are people who will support you long as you show you worthy of the support. With that said I’m going to stay repining my city GRIND CITY. TRUCASH BLOCK


BaddBitchD4illest: When did u start designing/creating? ExoticAznBeauty: Dec BaddBitchD4illest: What made u want to start? Was it for credits or your love for fashion? ExoticAznBeauty: i started Dec 4th ExoticAznBeauty: both ExoticAznBeauty: i wanted to rock my own stuff ExoticAznBeauty: my style....hmmm well i like sexy simple gear something that describes my real style ExoticAznBeauty: D BaddBitchD4illest: What should we (IMVUers) expect from you in the near future? ExoticAznBeauty: what to expect from Exotic Fashions well jus expect the unexpected! Loll I’m always into the latest and hottest products so yea that’s what u can expect: D BaddBitchD4illest: good :) ExoticAznBeauty: Exotic Creations Is Official! ExoticAznBeauty: D


BaddBitchD4illest: When did u start designing/creating? Evildoinone: From the time I joined IMVU. : I joined IMVU 8 29 07 BaddBitchD4illest: ok Evildoinone: and by the next month i was developing BaddBitchD4illest: What made u want to start? Was it for credits or your love for fashion? Evildoinone: Honestly I started because I wanted to show my creative side Evildoinone: and I enjoyed wearing my products rather than buy outright Evildoinone: I would say it’s sexy/playful BaddBitchD4illest: What should we (IMVUers) expect from you in the near future? Evildoinone: You should expect better textures as I am always looking to learn new techniques Evildoinone: loll well it doesn’t apply to fashion but I say "love is like a job. You have to go to work if you want paid" BaddBitchD4illest: loll so true


BaddBitchD4illest: When did u start designing/creating? IgNiTi0NSoSiq: mhm IgNiTi0NSoSiq: 2 months ago BaddBitchD4illest: What made u want to start? Was it for credits or your love for fashion? IgNiTi0NSoSiq: I don’t really have a love for fashion but my whole family on here are devs most are pro IgNiTi0NSoSiq: so i decided i wanna dev too IgNiTi0NSoSiq: i used it as a way for me and my mom to get closer as well so we have something in common BaddBitchD4illest: right IgNiTi0NSoSiq: but now that I’m getting into it I’m starting to like the whole fashion thing IgNiTi0NSoSiq: it opened my eyes a little BaddBitchD4illest: What’s your style like or how do u describe your fashion line? IgNiTi0NSoSiq: Well the fits in my catty are more casual it have a young person's style BaddBitchD4illest: What should we (IMVUers) expect from you in the near future? IgNiTi0NSoSiq: so u could expect to see a lot including hair fits shoes etc. IgNiTi0NSoSiq: more n more everyday IgNiTi0NSoSiq: right now I’m working on fit that I’ve seen celebs wearing IgNiTi0NSoSiq: so that’s my project right now IgNiTi0NSoSiq: With God on my side i can’t fail BaddBitchD4illest: aww i like that :) IgNiTi0NSoSiq : :D



Every month for TRUSTAR FLAVOR I like to do something just a little different. This month I decied to have featured strong women in the magazine. As well as strong men. Something I feel the world is lacking. This month I chose to do Michelle Obama due to the love my daughter have for her. Readers one day Michelle Obama went to my daughters school and my daughter was able to hold her hand and talk to her. Since that day my daughter have been talking about The First Lady. So I chose Mrs. Obama as my first Strong and inspiring woman for TRUSTAR FLAVOR. The article was picked from Mrs. Obama online autobiography. First lady, lawyer, Chicago city administrator, community outreach worker and wife of U.S. President Barack Obama. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born January 17, 1964, in Chicago, Illinois. Michelle was Fraised on Chicago's South Side in a one-bedroom apartment. Her father, Frasier Robinson, was a city pump operator and a Democratic precinct captain. Her mother, Marian, was a Spiegel's secretary who later stayed home to raise Michelle and her older brother, Craig. The family has been described as a close-knit one that shared family meals, read and played games together. In 1993, she became Executive Director for the Chicago office of Public Allies, a non-profit leadership-training program that helped young adults develop skills for future careers in the public sector. Michelle Obama first caught the eye of a national audience at her husband's side when he delivered a high-profile speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate from Illinois that November. In 2007, she scaled back her own professional work to attend to family and campaign obligations during Barack's run for the Democratic presidential nomination. Michelle says she's made a "commitment to be away overnight only once a week — to campaign only two days a week and be home by the end of the second day" for their two daughters, Malia (born 1999) and Natasha (2001). It has been reported that the Obama family has no nanny, and that the children are left with their grandmother, Marian, while their parents campaign. "I've never participated at this level in any of his campaigns," Michelle says. "I have usually chosen to just appear when necessary." 21

Since her husband's political role pushed the Obama family into the spotlight, Michelle has been publicly recognized for her steely, no-nonsense campaign style as well as her sense of fashion. In May of 2006, Michelle was featured in Essence magazine as one of "25 of the World's Most Inspiring Women." Then in September 2007, Michelle was listed in 02138 magazine as number 58 in "The Harvard 100," a list of the most influential alumni for the year. She has also made the Vanity Fair best-dressed list two years in a row, as well as People Magazine's 2008 best-dressed list. As the 44th First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama has focused her attention on issues such as the support of military families, helping working women balance career and family, and encouraging national service. During the first year of the Obama presidency, Michelle and her husband have volunteered at homeless shelters and soup kitchens in the Washington, D.C. area. Michelle also has made appearances at public schools, stressing the importance of education and volunteer work. Ever conscious of her family's diet and health, Michelle Obama has supported the organic food movement, instructing the White House kitchens to prepare organic food for guests and her family. In March 2009, Michelle worked with 23 fifth graders from a local school in Washington, D.C., to plant a 1,100 square foot garden of fresh vegetables and install bee hives on the South Lawn of the White House. Periodically, throughout the summer, the same students returned to harvest various foods and learned to cook fresh-grown organic vegetables. In 2010, Michelle has put efforts to fight childhood obesity near the top of her agenda. Both Michelle and Barack Obama have stated their personal priority is their two daughters, Malia and Sasha. The parents realize that the move from Chicago to Washington, D.C., would be a major adjustment for any family. Living in the White House, having Secret Service protection, and always being in the wake of their parents' public lives has dramatically transformed their lives. Both parents try to make their daughters' lives as "normal" as possible with set times for study, bed, and getting up. "My first priority will always be to make sure that our girls are healthy and grounded," Michelle said. "Then I want to help other families get the support they need, not just to survive, but to thrive




BaddBitchD4illest: When did u start designing/creating? Smilez4Mee: ok Smilez4Mee: in december of 2010 right after i had my son BaddBitchD4illest: What made u want to start? Was it for credz or your love for fashion? Smilez4Mee: omg both BaddBitchD4illest: lol. Smilez4Mee: ilove fashion on here and rl and the process intriqued me Smilez4Mee: plus i was tried of spending rl money for creds BaddBitchD4illest: at least ur truthful Smilez4Mee: yes =] BaddBitchD4illest: What’s your style like or how do u describe your fashion line? Smilez4Mee: as colorful! bold! eye catchin, and different Smilez4Mee: i love to be the center of attention when i walk in a room Smilez4Mee: lol so i style my clothes like that BaddBitchD4illest: same here.. i love ur ethusiam Smilez4Mee: eyecatchin BaddBitchD4illest: lol. Smilez4Mee: ty =] Smilez4Mee: lol Smilez4Mee: i feel if u gonna dress ya avi, hoook it up!!! Smilez4Mee: lol BaddBitchD4illest: ikr

BaddBitchD4illest: :) BaddBitchD4illest: loolz Smilez4Mee: :) BaddBitchD4illest: i agree Smilez4Mee: =] seeee BaddBitchD4illest: What should we (IMVUers) expect from you in the near future? Smilez4Mee: hmm good question Smilez4Mee: they should expect great fits lol Smilez4Mee: but for real expect some ince stuff Smilez4Mee: some different things that u wont normally see BaddBitchD4illest: okayy Smilez4Mee: expect to see me more :) lol Smilez4Mee: colors Smilez4Mee: love colors Smilez4Mee: expect to see that BaddBitchD4illest: colors is always good Smilez4Mee: yes!! BaddBitchD4illest: What’s a quote or motto you go by? Smilez4Mee: never say "i cant" Smilez4Mee: and always make sure you are happy with youself Smilez4Mee: doesnt matter what others think Smilez4Mee: as long as YOu are happy with YOU, you'll be just fine



In my 24 years of living I have been through a lot. Even on IMVU we learn things that we didn’t expect to happen even on a game. So some of my life lesson I learn I couldn’t find the words to explain so I got a little help. This is what I came up with thanks to STREETDIRECTORY.COM 1) Cry a river; build a bridge; get over it. Let go of past failures, sadness and people whom we remember but who no longer care for us. This sounds so easy but it’s easier said than done. We all have gone through our share of heartaches and sadness. But when we constantly remember the pain and suffering we had endured, we are allowing that sadness to gain an upper hand over us. What we must realize is that what has happened has happened. It’s over and done with. People change and times change. Moving on in life is very but it’s the first constructive step to a better you. 2) Everything happens in its own time. There are things that we do and expect to be rewarded for which does not happen. In offices there might be a promotion that we might have wanted, a high percentage of marks in a test or a job offer that we were sure that was to be given to us etc that never worked out. At such times we lose perspective and blame our luck and become despondent. We need to realize that there is a time for everything that happens in our lives. And when the appropriate time comes, things will start working the way they were supposed to work. 3) You are the only person who can make yourself happy. Think of your happiness too and be kind to yourself. In life all of us have goals and ambitions. But in the pursuit of those goals we lose sight of the bigger picture that we are doing all that to make ourselves happy. This is seen especially in the case of mothers who are doing so many things for their kids and family that they don’t remember as to when was the last time they did something for their own happiness. It happens to all of us. Be gentler on yourself. Make yourself happy and that can be done in so many ways. Treat yourself to some ice cream, buy a book that you were dying to read, spend a day lolling in the bed and doing nothing. We deserve it and so do our bodies. 4) Laughter is the best tranquilizer with no side effects. Laugh each and every day of your life. Humorous situations happen to us every single day. Whether you choose to enjoy the moment or not is your decision. There are so many excuses in our day-to-day life to have a good laugh. All we need to do is just look at the lighter side of life and enjoy the moment. When you laugh don’t think whether people are watching you or how much you laugh. It’s their problem that they cannot find the humor in the situation that you have found. 5) Happiness is a journey not a destination. As we make our journey through life we have so many things to savour and experience. There is no such thing as instant happiness or happiness that can be found somewhere. Live your life each day, as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. 6) Do today what others won’t so you can live tomorrow like others can’t. So many times we are faced with duties and work that we are not happy doing or performing. In those times instead of hating or shirking from that work we can try and make use of thought that somehow


whatever we doing will prove beneficial to us one day or the other. Maybe the results won’t be seen tomorrow but surely we will benefit because we did something that no one was willing to do. An example would be the people who started companies, which are million dollar establishments today. They dared to venture and put their money in something that their colleagues would not have been willing to do and today their work is paying off rich dividends. 7) It is never too late to be what you might have become. There are several factors that cause us to land up doing the work we do. Many of us at some point of time or the other would have definitely wanted to make a career change and thought that it’s too late to do it. But the truth is it’s never too late. We can start doing whatever we want to do because it’s your life and your decisions. In the U.S, there are people who attend college in their late 60's and 70's because they always wanted to do it. Such people are the ones who believe in this adage. 8) Treasure the love you receive it will survive long after your gold and good health have vanished. We always cherish our material possessions more. Life takes a lot from all of us. Today we might have good health, family love and a good home to go back to. What we forget is that there are some many calamities that can take away all our comforts but love is something that can never be taken away. We need to be more demonstrative of our love towards others and treat our loved ones with more kindness and affection. 9) The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Any huge task that needs to be done seems very daunting at first. But if we analyze the task carefully and do it step by step we will find that things get resolved very quickly and easily. But we need to be bold enough to take the first small step. Once that is done we just need to proceed with small steps towards our goal. 10) Always have: something to do, something to love, something to hope for. These three things are something that will keep the flame burning within all of us. Something to do will keep us busy, something to love will keep us motivated and something to hop for will take us faster towards our goal.



36 RULES OF LIFE Now on a better note this something that should make you all smile. 36 RULES OF LIFE

1. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

20. There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

2. Don’t worry about what people think, they don’t do it very often.

21. Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.

3. Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.

22. By the time you can make ends meet, they move the ends.

4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

23. Thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator.

5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.

24. Someone who thinks logically provides nice contrast to the real world.

6. My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance.

25. It ain’t the jeans that make your butt look fat.

7. Not one shred of evidence supports the notion that life is serious.

26. If you had to identify in one word the reason why the human race has not achieved it’s full potential, that word would be ‘meetings’.

8. A person who is nice to you but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person.

27. There is a very fine line between ‘hobby’ and ‘mental illness.’

9. For every action, there is an equal and opposite government program.

28. People who want to share their religious views with you almost never want you to share yours with them.

10. If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip.

29. You should not confuse your career with your life.

11. Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks. 12. A conscience is what hurts when all of your other parts feel so good. 13. Eat well, stay fit, die anyway. 1 4. Men are from earth. Women are from earth. Deal with it. 15. No man has ever been shot while doing the dishes. 16. A balanced diet is a muffin in each hand. 17. Middle age is when broadness of the mind and narrowness of the waist change places. 18. Opportunities always look bigger going than coming. 19. Junk is something you’ve kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.

30. Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. 31. Never lick a steak knife. 32. The most destructive force in the universe is gossip. 33. You will never find anybody who can give you a clear and compelling reason why we observe daylight savings time. 34. You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she’s pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment. 35. The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that deep down inside we ALL believe we are good drivers. 36. Your friends love you anyway




Ok recently our reporter BADDBITCHDILLEST checked in with the lovely designer MrsMaliStar420 and this is the update she given her

Hey Bre Mamas I was working and some things latest in catty I got a summer poolside fit with flip flops n 5 sizes was trying to expand in sizes some fits were only XXL and i try to state it on the ad A mix of flavor and colors for spring transferring into summer fashion short cut dresses fits with shorts n some dresses with style and class. I will say soon i need to send my computer say and will be off for some vacation that is why the hold up if i can submit anything else i will but am having some technical difficulties which is why its bet to send it away Jazz is aware of this. I don’t have a set style i just try to put a good mix If anything new submissions might be put just without ads hope that you are enjoying your summer ^_^ I checked in with designer AKIOMOR and she said that she was still working hard on her caddy. She coming out with more summer cloths and looking forward to doing some AP cloths next. She also said check out her shoe designs. I finally caught up to designer BrinaMOSTHATED. And she said she still working hard with her caddy. She will be back to doing tattoos soon and working on other things. Ms. Brina is a force to wrecking with so look out for what she comes out with next. After catching up with designer sexi30somthing she lets me know that she still working hard. At one point was a little upset about people stealing her designs she worked so hard for. (I feel you girl I see it to) I don’t understand why imvu makes it so easy for designers to steal a person designs they work so hard for. The way I feel if you going to copy something of someone change it up and make it your own. But anyway sexi30somthin said she look forward to the next fashion show. Thank you hun for your support.




Ok everyone if you don’t know by now I’m here to tell you. During the last month IMVU was having a lot of updates. From creating, VIP being entitled to more rooms. As for us being able to have ten rooms if you VIP all I can say is it’s about dam time. I wish they would have done this sooner but whatever the case may be its better late than never. So what would you do with the ten rooms you can open? Well as for me I had to close things I love to put other things up so I plan on opening back up my favorite rooms. Ok on another note what’s with people beefing on pulse. I would expect that from 13 to 17 years old but once you hit 18 you supposed to be grown. You tell everyone you grown so act it. Leave the kids shit for the kids. To me it seems like people are a little insecure about them self when they post beef on pulse. If you that bad then you would say it to the person face not behind they back or on pulse. It’s ok to vent a little but when you talking under your neck and think u really doing something it just goes to show how soft you really is. Waking up with a positive attitude is a good thing lady and gentlemen always remember that positive energy is the best energy. Another issue I came across is people get mad because you tell them you not hiring noob or no noobe in your room. Well if it is your company you hiring for you have a right to say who you want and who you don’t want to hire. It’s the same as saying in hiring a female assistant so males don’t apply. Same with your room you have a right to say who you want in your room and who you don’t. That’s why it’s your room. Ok now did u know u cannot have anything AP in your room unless your room is set as AP? This was something new to me I was like wow. And then they close my room behind it. So just be ware IMVU police is lurking ready to take your room is it not set right. Just so you know if u get a rush of noobs in your room and you are booting them out but they just keep coming in. its IMVU staff beware.










Shane is a great men clothing designer, as well as avi pic designer. He does custom cloths avi pics and more to contact him please visit the office TRUCASH EMPIRE.


Bre is the head reporter for TruStar Flavor magazine; her professionalism brings the extra flavor to the magazine.


Klassy is the publisher with her business like manor she put an extra flavor to the magazine. Klassy is also co-owner to If you have any issues you would like to be discuss in the mag you can contact her at or inbox all messages will be answered. You can also visit at TRUCASH EMPIRE 40

Well everyone every month we have auditions for INFINITY NEXT TOP MODEL. The top 5 gets a chance to walk the runway for the fashion show. The winner is then chosen by online viewers at Our top 5 contestants were Tiffanyakastar, MrszPiinkyx3, Mzbtterssofine29 and EnvyTheDiva. While each contestant received a prize there could only be one winner. This month winner is the lovely EnvyTheDiva. Envy won a contract for three shows. A spot in three issues of TRUSTAR FLAVOR MAGAZINE and credits. So for all of you who want to know a little more about the lovely Envy here’s a quick bio of her

I'm from Philadelphia I was born & raised there I now live in New Jersey. I have an Associate’s Degree & Bachelor Degree in pastry arts, cooking & baking is my first love then modeling. I love to sing, model, fashion, my family & GOD. I'm single with 3 kids on imvu & none in real. I love my kids especially my daughter Piinky I'm teaching her everything there is to know about modeling so she can be the "BEST IN THE WORLD" better than me, LOL. I owe all my success to my sister/friend Divineimagesmodel she taught me everything I know about modeling & fashion. When it comes to fashion I think out the box a matter of fact there is no box in when it comes to me. I have a saying and it is "Fashion Is Love, fashion Life, Fashion is ME!!!!!!!!!!!