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TRU tips Volume 2: 2015–2016

INTRODUCTION As this book goes to print, TRU is about to turn seven years old! Plenty has happened since our inception, but a remarkable amount has occurred even in just two years since printing our first TRU Tips book. TRU has been named an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing American Company (#1043), voted #1 National, Chicago, and Washington DC Legal/ Litigation Support Staffing Agency by the National Law Journal, and we acquired the Kennett Group forming TRU Cyber, which now diversifies TRU’s expertise into two core verticals: E-Discovery & Cybersecurity. Over these last two years, the landscape of our industry has changed dramatically. Acquisitions of historic proportions, venture capital driving decisions, Relativity going cloud, the insurgence of awareness of information protection, and the continued commoditization of hosting, processing, and review are all reflected throughout the second installment of this TRU Tips book. For TRU, watching the market and listening to the talent we represent, one thing has become very clear: e-discovery professionals want to work on contract and often want to work remotely. The story of TRU’s pivot from primarily handling traditional full-time permanent placement to a now laser-focus on


contract e-discovery and cybersecurity staffing augmentation is told organically through this compendium. TRU believes firmly that law firms, corporations, and service providers will begin to readily hire contract (often remote) employees in volumes as the industry matures and continues its erratic “peaks-and-valleys” need for talent. One thing that has remained constant throughout all this is TRU’s unique style of representation. We still proudly maintain our core values of delivering unparalleled, transparent, honest representation of candidates and clients as well as maintaining deep subject matter expertise in e-discovery, and now also cybersecurity. Volume 2 of TRU Tips takes you from January 2015 to December 2016—two years of observations, guidance, milestones, wisdom, and evolution. We hope that this pocket-size companion will be a constant source of inspiration when you take time to reflect on your career. Thank you to everyone we represent for inspiring us every day here. At TRU, we are your agents for life. - Jared Coseglia, CEO & Founder of TRU Staffing Partners, and the TRU Team


January 7, 2015


If you work at a service provider, it is good to know what their annual revenue is when you are considering moving from one provider to another. E-discovery companies generating one hundred million dollars per year or more are much more likely to buy than to sell, and companies generating eight to twenty-five million dollars per year in revenue are ripe for acquisition. TOP 3 Questions To Think About When Preparing For A New Year Professionally •

What do I want to do differently this year professionally?


What am I most afraid or intimidated by professionally and what can I do to overcome those fears?


Who do I turn to when I need to talk about my career and professional growth?


January 13, 2015


LegalTech NY is the single most important event of Q1 for all Legal Technology business development professionals.

TOP 3 Ways For Sales Professionals To Organize Preparation For LegalTech NY 2015 • Who you know: Give yourself a meeting or two, especially day one, to meet with people you know. Warm up. Get your social business confidence energized by reconnecting with people who know you and are supporters of your business efforts. • Who you need to know: Identify the top five to ten people you must get audience with at LegalTech NY and start connecting with them now in social media form. Lay the groundwork and excitement for an in-person meeting, and make sure you get face time with them at the conference. • Who you don’t need to know: LegalTech NY is filled with people who will not help you achieve your goals. It is as important to identify who you need to know as it is to identify who you don’t. Don’t schedule meetings that won’t move you forward in your business development efforts.


January 21, 2015


If you are in New York, you must spend at least a few hours at LegalTech NY. It is the quintessential conference for all legal technology professionals to be visible at.

TOP 3 Tips For Scheduling Your LegalTech NY Networking Events • Lock down meal meetings. Breaking bread with clients is always ideal. They are captive and casual during meals, and everyone has to eat! Lock down your meal meetings first, then schedule around those key appointments. • Leave air in your calendar. LegalTech NY is full of impromptu meetings and moments of connection with old colleagues and new ones. Make sure there is some breathing room in your schedule to add meetings on the fly with new acquaintances. • Nothing good happens after midnight. Keep your evenings lively but end your night before midnight. You may see some things after midnight you wish you had not seen from people you do—or want to do—business with.


January 27, 2015


When being interviewed by phone, always make sure you are checking in with the listener every 60–90 seconds. Don’t find yourself in a five minute soliloquy. Good interviews are a dialogue, not a monologue.

TOP 3 Tips For Ensuring An Acceptance Of An Offer • Always meet in person! It may seem obvious, but always meet talent in person before extending an offer. This ensures a more meaningful and intimate connection between employee and employer and leads to more acceptances than declines from candidates. •

Don’t let offers dangle. Letting an offer for someone hang for more than three to five business days is ill advised. Reward and expect decisiveness. Most offers that are extended and not accepted within a week usually get declined eventually.

Put your best foot forward. Always make your best offer out of the gate. Too much negotiating and too much back and forth leads to candidates feeling “taken advantage of” and wondering why the employer did not just make their best offer first. No one likes to feel they are “a deal” for the price.


February 3, 2015


There are eyes and ears everywhere. Know that while you are watching and listening you are also being heard and watched as well. Assume your public conversations are being overheard. Stay positive. Stay professional.

TOP 3 Takeaways From LegalTech NY Keynote •

Technology companies must be willing to get together at the moment of security breach and share information. Transparency is a cornerstone for larger companies in communicating with their users. User trust is of paramount importance to companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Less than five percent of the LTNY Keynote audience currently does cyber security breach fire drills or prevention planning.

Putting the right people in place to bake privacy into your company is a key component of addressing issues of security. The right people may range from product liability attorneys to outside counsel with niche expertise, in-house security experts, and more.


February 9, 2015


Gartner estimates worldwide spending on IT security was about $70 billion last year. Research indicates cybersecurity spending on critical infrastructure alone will reach $109 billion by 2020.

TOP 3 Takeaways From LegalTech NY 2015 •

Cybersecurity is the buzzword for 2015 and will consume significant amounts of corporate and Am Law legal technology spend in 2015 and 2016.

Information Governance is a hot topic and something many professionals are intellectually curious about, but there are not enough job opportunities in this sector to employ the amount of people interested in it. Information Governance is seeming less like an exclusive career path and more like a skill all e-discovery professionals will need to have to maintain their relevance and value in the space.

There did not seem to be a game-changing technology vying for visibility at this year’s show. Most providers are updating and upgrading existing products and services.


February 19, 2015


Hiring Managers: March, April, and May are the three busiest months for hiring, especially for Sales talent. We predict more hires will be made in these three months this year than at any other time of year. Be decisive and deliberate with your hiring or you will find yourself losing your top choice (or several top choices) to competing offers from other firms, vendors, and corporations.

TOP 3 Reasons Job Offers Get Rescinded in e-Discovery •

Candidates counter with unrealistic compensation demands. Clients in e-discovery are losing their patience with candidates who demand bloated salary increases, regardless of the qualifications.

Too much time passes. Offers that sit on the shelf for more than three business days are 70 percent less likely to happen. If negotiation or offer letter generation take longer than a week, both parties tend to become skeptical about expedience and often pull out.

Candidates get caught in a lie. Any misrepresentation, whether verbal or on your résumé, can lead to offer revocation. For example, if you say you completed your degree on your résumé but did not, the issue is not that you don’t have a degree, the issue is the misrepresentation of having a degree. 19

February 23, 2015


Success is all about the details.

TOP 3 Critical Details Missing From Most e-Discovery Résumé •

Size and scope: Hiring Managers want to know how big the cases you worked on were. How large were the databases? How many documents? How much data ingested versus produced?

Exact dates of employment: Dates of employment should be correct to the month and any gaps in employment longer than three months should be explained.

Depth of Relativity skills: Hiring Managers want to know how hands-on you really get daily with Relativity. Are you creating review batches? Are you managing fields/tags? Are you running productions? Are you applying syntax highlighting using Persistent Highlight sets?


March 3, 2015


Changing jobs every nine to eighteen months is not indicative of a healthy career. Consider a professional athlete who changes teams every season—eventually their loyalty, ability to work well with others, and motivations for moving around are called into question. The same applies for professionals who change jobs in legal technology every year. And yes, this applies to Millennials, more now than ever before.


TOP 3 Reasons Not To Change Jobs Rapidly, Especially If You Are A Millennial In a recent article titled Millennials Are Not Job-Hopping (And That’s A Bad Thing), Paul Petrone observes that Millennials are staying in their jobs longer than ever before, but then concludes that “what really causes job hopping is amount of job opportunity� and that more job hopping equals a healthier economy because there are more jobs out there. At TRU, we believe there is nothing healthy or positive for an individual or an industry where professionals are changing jobs rapidly just because there are more jobs out there paying more money. Here are three reasons to avoid job hopping:


Increasing one’s salary rapidly over two to four years by changing jobs and getting exponential pay increases can cause an individual to price themselves out of the market for future placement later in their career. Money is important to Millennials, but they are smart enough to think about long term earning potential as they get older and wiser. This is why Millennials are job hopping less as they mature professionally and become more in tune with the value of tenure.

Someone who changes jobs every nine to eighteen months will find themselves being a far less desirable candidate for hire after two to three job moves of this length. Eventually, future employers will see them as someone who will leave quickly and ultimately not hire them. Millennials may be staying put now, more than before, for fear of being viewed as someone unworthy of professional investment from future employers.

There are tremendous professional development benefits to working with a cohesive and consistent team for many years, which is also why Millennials are job hopping less. Think of the most successful professional sports teams or your favorite bands. They play together for years and years, and there is maturity and growth to be had by sticking with the same team over long periods of time.


March 11, 2015


Temporary employment is expected to grow three percent (75,384 jobs) from 2014 to 2015, and thirteen percent (354,877 jobs) from 2014 to 2019, according to data from Economic Modeling Specialists Intl (EMSI) and CareerBuilder.

TOP 3 Recent Labor Statistics Worth Considering •

After two consecutive months of declines, the legal sector added 3,100 jobs in February, according to seasonally adjusted preliminary data released Friday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 1.121 million people were working in the legal services industry in February, the highest since August of last year.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that there will be almost 55 million job openings from 2010 to 2020. Almost two-thirds will occur because of retirements of Baby Boomers. That’s more than 34 million new hires simply to keep pace, not including growth hires.

On a National level, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates there were approximately five million job openings on the last business day of January, little changed from December.


March 17, 2015


Clients will make quicker decisions about hiring in March. Placement cycles go from an average of six to ten weeks (from résumé submission to offer extension) in the end of Q4 and most of Q1 to almost two to four weeks in the end of Q1 and all of Q2.

TOP 3 Positions Being Hired For In e-Discovery Right Now (And The Change In Hiring Cycles) •

Project Managers (Q4/Q1 = 4 to 6 weeks, Q1/Q2 = 5 days to 3 weeks)

Sales Professionals (Q4/Q1 = 6 to 10 weeks, Q1/Q2 = 2 to 4 weeks)

Contract e-Discovery Specialists (Q4/Q1 = 2 to 4 weeks, Q1/Q2 = 1 day to 1 week)


March 27, 2015


There is currently a surge of demand for Relativity developers and Relativity Analytics experts. Pursuit of these advanced certifications will prove valuable when job searching this year.

TOP 3 High Demand/Low Supply Opportunities Available In e-Discovery •

Business Development/Sales Professionals

Relativity SQL Developers

TAR/Analytics/Statisticians with e-discovery experience


March 31, 2015


More than two-thirds of candidates who have received offers for sales roles in e-discovery in Q1 through TRU had no previous proven e-discovery sales experience prior to receiving an offer.

TOP 3 Signs That You Should Move Your Career Into e-Discovery Sales •

You have hit a ceiling of earning potential in your current role. Usually this is around $150,000–$200,000 total compensation annually. Successful sales representatives make around $200,000–$400,000 if they are selling two to four million dollars in sales.

You love being on the front of the project/sales cycle. You like solving the problems, not executing the solutions. You like dealing directly with the end client and have great communication skills. These are monetizable attributes.

You enjoy spending social time with co-workers and colleagues. Sales is a social beast and if you are a passionate networker, you can turn that network into revenue.


April 7, 2015


Though hiring managers are looking for “exceptional” people, they are reticent to hire individuals who require “exceptions” to the rules. E-discovery departments and service providers are clearer than ever before about their culture and the freedoms and limitations within their standard operating procedures. Candidates who expect firms or companies to change protocol during the hiring process will likely find themselves struggling to get the offers and opportunities they want.


April 7, 2015


TOP 3 Misconceptions About Traditional Negotiating Practices Of Major Law Firms •

Law firms don’t typically pay relocation for staffers. Candidates are often surprised by this, but you will find great resistance to getting a true relocation package from a law firm unless you are at a very senior level. You might be best served negotiating for a signon bonus, though this, too, is very rarely offered.

Law firms rarely change the exemption status of a position once it has been approved. One of the common mistakes candidates make during self-negotiations is asking for the role to be changed from an exempt level position (no paid overtime) to a non-exempt level position (paid OT). Rarely do firms acquiesce, and the suggestion can be quite off-putting as it demonstrates a lack of understanding of how firms work.

Law firms stick with the title they created. It can be quite challenging to negotiate a manager title to a director title, mainly because they are viewed as totally different levels of expertise; but, you might be surprised how often candidates place importance on title at the final negotiation. Law firms do not generally change their titling practices. 37

April 16, 2015


When interviewing, don’t talk about what you know; talk about what you have done.

TOP 3 Discovery Companies Who Might Eclipse $500 Million This Year Due To Acquisition Growth Strategy •

Epiq Systems (notable buys: Iris, DeNovo, Encore, nMatrix)

DTI (notable buys: Falcon, Fios, Daticon, Merril, Applied)

kCura (taking investment from Iconiq Capital)


April 24, 2015


Large consultancies will likely hire e-discovery contractors as up to 75 percent of their human capital to support enormous cases in the near and distant future.

TOP 3 Reasons To Have A Contract Career In e-Discovery •

Travel: See the world! Go onsite, typically paid for by the client.

Higher hourly rates: Though they may not get benefits, contractors often get significantly higher hourly rates.

Perspective: Learn many different companies’ cultures and processes. Give yourself more perspective and exposure. Variety is not only the spice of life, but critical to success as a consultant.


May 1, 2015


Crafting your résumé specifically for e-discovery helps a prospective employer approach the interview less from a place of skepticism about your skills and more from a place of investigating your experiences to see how well you articulate yourself.

TOP 3 Tips For Leaving A Good Voicemail Message •

Enthusiasm: Always have excitement in your voice, a slight sense of urgency, and let the receiver hear how much you want to talk to them.

Leave a number: Always leave a callback number, even if you know they have it, and repeat the number twice so they can write it down and then have it checked.

Keep it short, but not too short: Let people know why you are calling them, so they know what to prepare when they call you back. No one likes a mystery. A mystery voicemail is usually going to lead to something bad. Voicemails should be no more than 23 seconds.


May 8, 2015


According to The Verizon report, for the largest organizations in the world, cybersecurity events accounted for $400 million in damages and 700 million compromised records in 2014.

TOP 3 Ripple Effects Resulting From High Demand For Cybersecurity Talent In 2015 •

Accelerated salary potential for all cybersecurity talent at all levels of expertise

Abundant contract opportunities for incident response professionals with one to three years’ experience in cyber-audit

The ability for forensic/e-discovery professionals to reinvent themselves into cybersecurity professionals.


May 13, 2015


Never tell a prospective employer that your ideal start date is more than four weeks from the time you receive an offer. No employer wants to interview someone in January, then hear that the person cannot start until March. Sometimes this can be a deal breaker; sometimes clients will wait. Rarely the latter.

TOP 3 Reasons To Attend An Industry Networking Event •

Credibility is visibility. Being seen is an important part of professional development, especially if you are on the consultancy side of things.


Fill in the gaps. Sometimes meeting people who have the jobs you wish you had helps you understand where the gaps in your professional skill and experience set exist.


Agents for life. At TRU, we believe in representation, not just placement. Meeting an agent at an event allows you to see how your agent interacts with clients, and it allows them to see how you socialize professionally.


May 20, 2015


Always carry a business card. You never know when you will meet someone and only have a moment to hand them your info.


May 20, 2015


TOP 3 Takeaways From TRU’s “e-Discovery Meets Cybersecurity” Event •

Cybersecurity professionals rely heavily on Anti-Virus Software providers and other public sites that publish the latest malware detected online so that they can test against these potential threats. But some providers also develop teams that search for yet undetected malware, commanding a premium in service and specialization.

A Manager of Document Review can nowadays easily calculate the number of contract attorneys needed for a project based on variables including deadline, cost limitations, seats available/scalable, amount of documents, etc. But a Cybersecurity Manager may not so readily be able to determine how many incident response auditors they need for a project based on relatable variables like timeline for compliance reporting, length of threat detection notification, number of devices requiring collection, etc.

Outsourced cybersecurity is still highly consultative, while much of e-discovery (processing, hosting, and review) has become highly commoditized. Cyber requires not just superior written and verbal communication skills, but specifically strong interpersonal people skills, experience interviewing people, the ability to elicit information, patience, and the ability to write detailed reports and recommendations for clients. The latter is still the highest value-add and biggest challenge for external cybersecurity professionals looking to get ahead. 51

May 29, 2015


Gartner estimated that total revenue for the enterprise e-discovery market was approximately $1.8 billion last year and had a compound annual growth rate of 12 percent.

TOP 3 Revelations From The 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report On e-Discovery •

Driven and Microsoft (Equivio) get added to the list while EMC, Integreon, KPMG, and Stroz Friedberg have been dropped because they did not meet one or more of the inclusion criteria. kCura and FTI maintain status as the dominant leaders in the space.

SaaS sales (aka Managed Services, subscription services) are trending up significantly for all providers.

Addressing cloud-based data and solutions (social media, Office 365) has created greater nuance, caution, and accountability requirements for corporations and law firms utilizing proprietary e-discovery software.


June 2, 2015


The global market for e-Discovery (Software and Services) is projected to reach $11.6 billion by 2020, driven by growing demand from governments and private enterprises, rise in criminal prosecutions and civil litigations, and increased investigational admissibility of digital data.

TOP 3 Keys To Being A Successful e-Discovery Contract Consultant •

Patience: This is the most important ingredient. Things take time when you are on contract. Building trust (or even visibility) with the client, finding your niche value to the client, and accelerated responsibility comes much more slowly when consulting versus when working directly for the organization.


Travel: Living the lifestyle of a contract consultant can often mean a lot of travel and a willingness to set up camp wherever you are needed most.


Simplify: Being able to simplify things for a client, providing short bursts of critical info, is essential. Time is money when you are a consultant, both yours and theirs, and a consciousness towards efficiency is critical to success.


June 9, 2015


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, cybersecurity jobs are in demand at twice the rate of typical IT roles. However, cybersecurity positions take 25 percent longer to fill due to the lack of available talent.

TOP 3 Professional Traits That Prime An e-Discovery Candidate To Move Into Cybersecurity •

Professionals with a strong forensic/EnCase background

Professionals who have CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) certification and understand complex puzzle-solving on networks

Professionals who consult on security, CISSP, CompTia


June 17, 2015


Never assume a role is filled until the employee shows up for the first day of work.

TOP 3 Most In-Demand Positions Half-Way Through 2015 •

Relativity-Certified Project Managers

E-Discovery Sales and Business Development Roles

Cybersecurity Consultants/Analysts


June 23, 2015


If you are a contract attorney or are a contractor in a large group of legal support staff and you wish to negotiate your compensation— do so individually. Trying to negotiate compensation as a group will likely not lead to the desired results.

TOP 3 Reasons To Get CEDS Certified This Summer •

For up-and-comers moving into e-discovery from other legal or technical disciplines, distinguish yourself from your peers with a CEDS certification.

For veterans in the space, validate the existing skills and experiences you have had by getting CEDS certified.

For everyone, you will learn something new and meet new people through the process of becoming certified. The certification is ever-changing.


June 30, 2015


Candidates who are accepting new positions should not worry too much about the start date. Start dates are usually the most flexible part of the negotiation.

TOP 3 To-Dos To Enhance Your Career Over The Summer Months •

Get certified. Top certifications that can move you forward professionally include: EnCase, CEH, RCA, RCSE, CEDS, and more!

Attend conferences. Top conferences coming up include LegalTech West, CEDS, ILTA, and more!

Develop a meaningful relationship with an agent. You wouldn’t buy a house without a real estate broker; why would you go looking for a job without a talent agent? A good agent knows the market, and, like a broker, will help you make smart choices in tune with the reality of the job market.


July 9, 2015


Clients should always meet candidates in person before making an offer.

TOP 3 Legal Technology Jobs In Demand That Are Not Quite e-Discovery •

Systems Engineers

Information Security Analysts

Incident Response Analysts


July 15, 2015


Forget about length when drafting your résumé; instead, focus on content.

TOP 3 Tips For Revamping Your Entire Résumé •

The résumé should say not what you did, but what you achieved. What was your current organization like when you arrived and how did it change over time as a result of you? What were the biggest milestones for each position?

The résumé needs size and scope: How many people are managed? What is the size of data migrations? What is the size and scope of cost savings for clients? What is the size of project bids? What are the budgets for departmental growth?

The résumé must tell a story; if you add in all of the above, a story will emerge. What is the story of the support you provided for cases, clients, and companies?


July 21, 2015


It takes much more courage to ask your current boss for a raise and promotion than to go interview elsewhere and try to get a raise and promotion using an external job offer.

TOP 3 Worst Times To Ask For A Raise •

If you have been in your job for less than a year

If you received a raise and promotion within the last year

If the organization is clearly going through a period of costcutting and human capital reduction


July 28, 2015


July and August are popular times to take vacations as many industries slow down in the late summer months. If you have colleagues, managers, or employees who are on vacation but you’re still in the office, help them relax in their time off by covering for them wherever possible and by being thoughtful about your correspondence with them.

TOP 3 Ways To Help Your Co-Workers Unplug On Their Vacation •

Organize: Before your co-worker leaves for their vacation, create and review a list of all activities, outstanding deliverables, and anticipated issues that might arise during their time away and make a plan for how you will address each one.

Prioritize: Use subject lines and/or priority markers not just to signal

Summarize: If possible, gather your non-urgent questions, information, and updates into a single email and send at the end of the day. Your co-worker checking in on their email while on vacation will appreciate being able to quickly review and respond in one email instead of scrolling through multiple emails.

urgent emails but to specifically mark low priority emails that you aren’t expecting a response on.


August 4, 2015


When interviewing for a position, prepare three to five questions for your potential employer. They should be open-ended and good conversation starters that will be easy to remember if you get nervous and need to take the focus off of you for a minute.

TOP 3 Questions To Ask On An Interview •

Browse the company’s website and make a mental note of anything you don’t quite understand or would like to know more about.

Ask your interviewer how he or she would describe the company culture, specifically the culture of the department you will be working in.

Ask who previously held the position and why did he/she leave and what made them successful in their role.


August 12, 2015


You should never give notice to your current employer until you have cleared all background, reference, and conflicts with your new employer.

TOP 3 Keys To Giving Notice •

Do it in person and in writing.

Always give two weeks’ notice if you are a permanent employee.

Be gracious and thankful for the opportunity and leave on the best possible terms (you will need the reference).


August 19, 2015


Don’t use negotiation as a means to buy time on an offer you do not intend to accept.


August 19, 2015


TOP 3 Negotiation Tactics That Lead To Offer Or Candidate Withdrawal •

Setting a start date too far out: Often candidates (or clients) will approve a start date for a new hire that is six to eight weeks from the time the offer is verbally accepted. This can lead to changes in the client’s budget or need while waiting for the person to start which cause offers to be rescinded. Conversely, candidates sometimes change their minds, get counter offers from current employers, or receive offers from other interviews they were waiting on during this long period before starting.

Dynamic recalibration of compensation expectations: Whether you are the client or the candidate, it is imperative that you set expectations on the compensation package as early as the first interview. When a client or candidate comes in for the final interview and suddenly the salary expectations have changed, offers are often rescinded or not even extended, or accepted.

Making the role a “prove yourself” position after meeting someone: Sometimes clients reconfigure roles in order to allow the candidate to prove themselves before getting promoted to the role they originally interviewed for. Be certain about what you are hiring for before you begin the interview process. That certainty and confidence will attract and retain the right talent for your organization.


August 25, 2015


E-Discovery Sales Managers should not be expected to “carry a bag.”

TOP 3 Reasons You Should Not Expect A Sales Manager To Be An Individual Contributor •

You should not put the manager in competition against his team. You should establish the manager as a trusted leader and expert from the first day of employment.

Sales Managers should be measured by their ability to motivate other individual contributors, reduce overhead expenses, and increase the profitability and bottom line for the entire company or business unit.

The external perception of the manager to a client should be from a position of leadership, not individual contribution. This sets different tones for the relationship with existing and potentially new clients.


September 2, 2015


Am Law 200 firms rarely invest more than 1.9 percent of their gross annual revenue on security efforts.

TOP 3 Ways To Attract Sales Talent In Legal Technology •

Offer something different. All successful sales representatives want to avoid their client base feeling as though they are being sold the “same thing, different brand.” To attract top talent in sales today, your company needs to have a clear differentiator—a borderline industrydisruptive differentiator.

Offer accelerators. Compensation plans that offer generous accelerators after hitting “over achiever” targets will help attract topearners. Many successful legal technology sales representatives work for big companies with caps on commission. Those who know they can drive five to ten million dollars want to be more meaningfully rewarded on the back end of sales success.

Set realistic expectations. Rebuilding a “book” takes time, and companies who set humble short goals and scaled aggressive long-term revenue expectations with new business development hires tend to retain them and their clients longer. Set a pace that everyone, including new clients, can maintain comfortably. 83

September 9, 2015


Work from home positions are rare in e-discovery.

TOP 3 Most Available Remote Positions In e-Discovery •

RCA Administrators

Account Managers/Sales Executives

Data Processing Analysts


September 16, 2015


Be aware of how your law firm or vendor stacks up against others! Know your firm’s ranking in the Am Law 200 or your provider’s place in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

TOP 3 Firms (In Order) With Highest Revenue Per Lawyer In 2015 •

Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz (top)

Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP


September 24, 2015


Litigation Support hiring managers at law firms are trending towards hiring less experienced talent for lower salary requirements rather than paying top dollar for seasoned law firm project managers and analysts (exceptions do exist).


September 24, 2015


TOP 3 Cybersecurity Acronyms You Need To Know •

APT: Advanced Persistent Threats are a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by humans targeting a specific entity.

IPFIX: Internet Protocol Flow Information Export was created based on the need for a common, universal standard of export for Internet Protocol flow information from routers, probes and other devices that are used by mediation systems, accounting/billing systems and network management systems to facilitate services such as measurement, accounting and billing. The IPFIX standard defines how IP flow information is to be formatted and transferred from an exporter to a collector. Previously, many data network operators were relying on Cisco Systems’ proprietary NetFlow technology for traffic flow information export.

DDoS: A Distributed Denial of Service attack is an attempt to make an online service unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. In a DDoS attack, the incoming traffic flooding the victim originates from many different sources—potentially hundreds of thousands or more. This effectively makes it impossible to stop the attack simply by blocking a single IP address; plus, it is very difficult to distinguish legitimate user traffic from attack traffic when spread across so many points of origin. 91

September 30, 2015


Did you know that when you register to take the Relativity certification exam (RCA) you are provided with study materials and demos to help prepare for the exam?

TOP 3 Questions From Day One Of ACEDS Conference 2015 •

If IG solutions help clients reduce e-discovery spend, and the vendors selling e-discovery and IG services are one and the same, why would vendors be incentivized to aggressively push IG solutions if it could cannibalize their e-discovery revenues?

How can cyber and analytic experts from the government sector successfully transition into the commercial sector?

Will there be an abundance of purely technical roles in e-discovery in the future, or will all e-discovery professionals have to be consultative and client-facing as the industry matures?


October 6, 2015


Visibility is credibility. Tweet, retweet, and “favorite” industryspecific people, places, and events you find compelling.

TOP 3 Tips For Successful Professional Tweeting •

Make yourself highly visible online professionally, and invisible personally. Don’t mix your food-photo tweets with tweets about your industry.

Follow those who use Twitter for professional communication, enlightenment, and transfer of knowledge. Unfollow those who use Twitter as a means for personal reflection, ranting, or political agendas.

Tweet daily, ritualistically.


October 13, 2015


Have you taken our Relativity Checklist? Many of TRU’s clients now request and often require that candidates seeking jobs dealing in Relativity complete our checklist prior to interviewing.

TOP 3 Keys To Success At Relativity Fest 2015 •

Learn something new. Walk away from the conference knowing something functional about the Relativity technology that you did not know before you went.

Network. Meeting with peers, being visible, and communicating with other leaders in the field is an essential part of success at any conference. Be sure to have targets of people and practitioners you want to meet.

Nothing good happens after 12AM. Remember that impressions can last a lifetime, or at least a career-time. Know when it’s time to call it a night.


October 21, 2015


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cyber positions take more than 25 percent longer to fill than traditional IT positions.

TOP 3 Factors Motivating Cybersecurity Professionals To Make Job Moves •

Increased compensation

Working for companies with greater technology resources and more sophisticated and complex client problems

Getting out of the government sector and into the commercial sector using their cyber experience


October 28, 2015


The UK and EU Market are heating up and anyone with e-discovery skills and dual citizenship is in high demand right now!

TOP 3 UK Trends In The e-Discovery And Cybersecurity Job Market •

Relativity has landed: With more providers rolling out Relativity to their European clients, talent with RCAs and deep Relativity experience are needed in London.

Cyber contracting available: Large consulting firms need to augment their existing staff with EU-based data breach and incident response experts to facilitate client requests. Requests are not yet frequent enough to warrant full-time hires, but for contractors, the market is ripe!

Leadership pathways: Now more than ever there are leadership pathways for e-discovery professionals in the UK. The legal technology vendors in Europe are robust enough in talent/clients to merit more sophisticated leadership, where they once just had PMs.


November 3, 2015


According to the SANS Burning Glass Cybersecurity Jobs Report, there were nearly 50,000 postings for workers with a CISSP certification in 2014, the primary credential in cybersecurity work. That amounts to three-quarters of all the people who hold that certification in the United States—and presumably most of them already have jobs.

TOP 3 Most Posted Cyber Jobs In 2015* •

Engineer (e.g., Security Engineer, Information Assurance Engineer) takes the top bill at 26 percent.

Manager/Admin (e.g., Data Security Administrator, Information Security Manager) comes in at 19 percent.

Analyst (e.g., IT Security Analyst, Cyber Intelligence Analyst) takes a close third at 18 percent.

*Statistics as stated in the SANS Burning Glass Cybersecurity Jobs Report


November 11, 2015


Many professionals in e-discovery and cybersecurity will be up for their year-end review in the next four to six weeks. Make a plan for what you want to achieve and discuss in your year-end review.

TOP 3 Questions You Should Be Prepared To Address In Your Year-End Review •

Do you see yourself with this company three years from now, and if so, what do you see yourself doing?

What will you do differently this year to achieve your professional goals? What will you do the same?

What do you need from your employer to help you achieve your goals?


November 18, 2015


There are no silly questions (unless it is the same question asked again and again).

TOP 3 e-Discovery Acquisitions Of 2015 •

Epiq acquires Iris Data Services

DTI acquires Merrill

UBIC acquires Evolve


November 25, 2015


Humility mixed with confidence is the recipe for success in your professional life. Make sure this week you tell the people who help make you great that you are thankful for all they do.

TOP 3 Things We Are Most Thankful For This Year •

The continued loyalty and trust of the talent we represent: This year TRU Staffing Partners reached the 500th placement milestone and we are so thankful for all the individuals who continue to entrust us with the handling of their careers.

The collaborative and ambitious clients we service: This year TRU has grown exponentially, adding cybersecurity staffing and a constantly refined yet expansive portfolio of e-discovery clients. We are so thankful for the clients who allow us to staff for them and embrace our collaborative approach.

The excitement of our industry: Thank goodness e-discovery and cybersecurity are continually evolving, changing, and challenging professions to be in!


November 30, 2015


The OpenDaylight Project is a collaborative open source project hosted by The Linux Foundation. The goal of the project is to accelerate the adoption of software-defined networking (SDN) and create a solid foundation for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The software is written in Java.

TOP 3 Currently Most Requested Programming Skills •





December 9, 2015


A recent CareerBuilder survey found that 58 percent of résumés have typos. TOP 3 Holiday Hiring Misconceptions •

Candidates are waiting for their bonuses so there is no point to interviewing now. FALSE: Even if a candidate is waiting to receive a bonus, their interview process doesn’t slow or stop while they wait. The holidays are a great time to get candidates’ attention and interview availability if they are slow at work and not travelling, which is often the case.

Hiring Managers are less generous at the end of the year. FALSE: In addition to the holiday spirit, hiring managers often have a slight surplus in their headcount budget that they have to spend before the end of the calendar year in order to get the same or more the following calendar year. You may find placements that get made in December are slightly more generous.

LegalTech NY 2016 is around the corner so candidates should wait to start their job search until then. FALSE: By the time LegalTech NY comes around in late January, hiring managers are already in final interview stages. Get your search started now so that you can meet with executives and final decision makers during early January. This is especially true if you are an e-discovery sales professional considering a move in early 2016. 113

December 15, 2015


E-discovery jobs still outweigh Information Governance jobs fifteen to one in the U.S. market.

TOP 3 Sessions TRU Is Looking Forward To At ALM’s CyberSecure 2015 •

Sound the Alarm: When Do You Make the Decision to Trigger Incident Response?

What Actually Works? Proven Strategies in Cyber Security Risk Management

Look in the Mirror: Where the Legal and Insurance Industries Stand on Cybersecurity


December 22, 2015


There has not been deeply meaningful cybersecurity legislation passed since 2002; expect big changes to the law in 2016 and beyond.

TOP 3 Countries That Are Systemically Cyberattacking The United States (In Order Of Most Aggressive Penetration Attempts) •





December 30, 2015


The 2015 reported average cost of a corporate data breach is $6.75 million.

TOP 3 Suggested New Year’s Resolutions For e-Discovery Professionals •

Become more educated and savvy on cybersecurity, privacy, and big data analytics problems and solutions in the industry.

Ensure this year that you work with or find a mentor who can provide trusted perspective on your career and ambitions. Conversely, invest your time in someone else to become a mentor to them.

Become more visible in your community by either writing white papers or self-publishing articles, participating in substantive exchanges in social media forums, attending conferences or events that promote education and socialization of professionals in your space, or all of the above!


January 7, 2016


2015 marked the highest level of law firm mergers in the last ten years (the record number of mergers prior was in 2013, with 88 mergers). Growth was due largely to global expansion and acquisition.

TOP 3 Law Firms Who Have Acquired Other Law Firms In 2015 (In Order Of Proportionality) •

Dentons (now 7300 attorneys, up from 2500, largely from huge Dacheng Law Offices acquisition)

Dinsmore & Shohl (now 621 attorneys, up from 515)

DLA Piper (now 4200 attorneys, up from 3900)


January 13, 2016


E-discovery sales candidates will be hired in abundance in the weeks leading up to LegalTech NY.

TOP 3 Tips For Successfully Winning The War For Sales Talent In January 2016 •

Be decisive. The month of January is typically one of the busiest hiring seasons for legal technology sales professionals. If you fall in love with a candidate, trust that instinct as they may take another position if you spend too much time window shopping.

Be realistic. Set expectations that new hires can meet. Consider incorporating “activity based” quotas. Outline your training and on-boarding procedures during the interview process.

Be open-minded. Hiring managers are well advised to meet lots of people with varying degrees of success and experience in sales, or people transitioning to sales, as you may not always get your first or even second choice.


January 20, 2016


There is a solid opportunity to augment staff with contract and temporary Relativity talent in most major cities, and massive hiring opportunity for employers willing to hire remote work-from-home talent with Relativity skills.

TOP 3 Predictions For Hot Topics/Trends From LegalTech NY 2016 •

The emergence and presence of new vendors in the cybersecurity, privacy, and advanced analytics space

The growing dominance and attraction of big consultancies for maturing talent in e-discovery

Everyone now selling “managed services” for e-discovery and subscription services for “pen testing” percolating


January 26, 2016


Hiring Managers: There should be no more than a 24 hour window from the time you extend a verbal offer to the time you send a written offer letter. Wider gaps in time between these two events in the interview process for technology hires has statistically led to candidates declining more frequently than those who quickly receive written confirmation of an offer immediately after the verbal.


January 26, 2016


TOP 3 Things To Consider When Preparing For LegalTech NY 2016 •

Sales professionals: Don’t spend the entire conference in your suite giving demos. Make the time to hit the vendor floor and carefully plan your social outings the week of the conference. Giving yourself the opportunity to have “happy accidents” and meet new people is key to seeing return on your conference investment and translating your efforts into potential revenue.

Techies: Map out that vendor floor and know who you want to see, meet, and demo with! For technologies that have the greatest interest to you or your firm, make appointments to have a private demo in a suite with the technology company. Finally, be social! Make the time to get out there, see and be seen. Credibility is fifty percent visibility.

Am Law leaders: Carefully examine how each vendor pitches, prices, and proposes migration of transactional services into managed services. Many law firms will move towards a managed service relationship with a key vendor in 2016 and LegalTech NY is the perfect opportunity to stack them against one another.


February 4, 2016


Biggest Surprise from LegalTech NY 2016: Very few Cybersecurity vendors were on the showroom floor, and yet security was clearly the hottest topic among panel and keynote speakers this year.

TOP 3 Trends For 2016 Based On Conversations From Leaders In The Legal Technology Industry •

Managed Services are becoming the norm/need.

Cybersecurity/InfoSec is required and a powerful service differentiator.

Consolidation equals opportunity.


February 11, 2016


After LegalTech NY 2016, there are two things that every vendor must pursue in order to compete and win in this new market: innovation and consolidation.


February 11, 2016


TOP 3 Staffing Trends From LegalTech NY 2016 •

Sales hiring to explode in 2016: One clear trend in the next six months will be an explosion of sales hiring and sales opportunity in e-discovery. Providers are getting larger and want impact players who are proven to join them, and quickly. Expect base salaries to increase at the point of hire for sales representatives who have a three million dollar and higher annual track record and substantial raises for those who need to be retained.

Contract staffing solutions the norm, not the exception: Law firms are not hiring permanent litigation support talent unless they lose someone, generally speaking. When law firms’ litigation support departments get busy they will augment their staff with contractors so as not to maintain permanent staff they can’t keep billable.

Cyber demand—but supply?: The most talked about topic in sessions at the conference were cybersecurity/privacy issues, yet there was a noticeable dearth of vendors on the showroom floor in this vertical. There will be tremendous opportunity for cybersecurity and InfoGov vendors to carve out business in the legal vertical this year. If those vendors don’t move quickly, though, the big consulting firms will take over that segment of the market for service and become the primary licensors of software. 135

February 24, 2016


Political passions and personal views are best left off your Twitter account if you are using it for business purposes or are a key decision maker at your employer. You don’t know who might disagree with your views, ultimately dissuading them from engaging in business with you in the future.


February 24, 2016


TOP 3 Recommendations For e-Discovery Sales Professionals Actively Looking For New Opportunities •

“Impact” interview, instead of “invest in me” interview: Most sales representatives interview from the perspective of “what can the company do for me and my career/compensation?” instead of interviewing from the “how can I make an impact here and help the company achieve its goals?” perspective. These are uniquely different mindsets and convey radically different energies to a hiring manager on an interview. No matter how chased after you want to feel as a sales representative, know that the employers want to feel chased after ten times more. Furthermore, if you interview for how to make an impact, and believe that based on the employer’s expectations that you can indeed make an impact, chances are you will get everything you are looking for from them as an employer.

Do your homework: You should be selling the employer on why you want to sell for them. Do your homework and be prepared to tell the story of how selling for them leads to success for you. Understand their offerings and come armed with questions about nuance, not broad strokes, as it relates to their services.

Close the deal!: If you are on a final interview, close the deal with your potential employer! Sales hiring managers want to see you ask for the job the same way you would ask for business from a prospective client. Ask for the job, get into compensation specifics, start date, 30/60/90, and walk out of a final interview with an offer in hand or the expectation that one is coming. 139

March 3, 2016


When brokering a verbal introduction, always say each person’s name loudly and clearly. This helps them remember each other’s name and how to pronounce it correctly. If you don’t know how to pronounce someone’s name, make sure you ask before brokering the verbal introduction.

TOP 3 Industry-Changing Events In February For e-Discovery (That Could Change The Entire Landscape) •

kCura announces SaaS model creating doubt and competitive concern from third party vendors relying on Relativity.

Rumors fly about DTI and Xerox making bids on Epiq’s stock, making whoever might acquire them the largest player in the world.

LegalTech NY 2016 proves that IG may finally be a viable career path and that cyber-vendors have not realized the great potential in the legal vertical (as demonstrated by an almost palpable lack of cybersecurity vendors on the showroom floor).


March 9, 2016


Having trouble finding an international discovery provider or a provider in a unique domestic location? Try searching on this cool new site developed by industry veterans for industry professionals: www.myediscoveryprovider.com.

TOP 3 Keys To Success For Growing e-Discovery Providers In 2016 •

Global footprint and international data and review centers

Clearly defined managed services model/offering (aka subscription/DaaS)

Expanding sales team with global outreach and coverage


March 15, 2016


If you submit your résumé directly to an employer, an agent cannot represent you to that organization for up to a year or more.

TOP 3 Companies With Cloud Discovery Technology To Watch For In 2016 •



CS Disco


March 23, 2016


Sales salaries for seasoned e-discovery sales representatives are soaring. Companies who want the best are paying $200,000–$400,000 base salaries to entice talent.

TOP 3 Things A Seasoned Sales Representative Should Negotiate In Their Package •

Severance—if RIF (Reduction in Force) or Re-organization

Indemnification against non-compete

Named accounts before and after any periods of non-solicitation


March 30, 2016


Always say “yes” to an opportunity to interview if you are uncertain about what the next step in your career could be.

TOP 3 Reasons To Always Take The Interview •

To make a connection

To learn something about yourself

To learn something about someone else


April 6, 2016


Sales candidates in e-discovery are most afraid to make a move because they believe employers don’t appreciate or understand how long it takes to ramp up and generate sales.

TOP 3 Surprising Trends In e-Discovery and Cybersecurity Staffing For Q1 2016 •

Hiring in New York has been very quiet for project managers and technical analysts, perhaps the quietest in several years.

Service providers are “upping the ante” and offering aggressive comp plans to attract or retain superstar sales talent. (Think $250,000–$400,000 base salaries versus the industry standard $100,000–$125,000.)

Executive level hiring in the cybersecurity vertical is aggressive right now in big consulting firms. If you are a federal cyber expert at the FBI, AG, CIA, NSA, and approaching pension, now is a great time to make a move to the private sector.


April 13, 2016


Did you know the 1983 Matthew Broderick film “War Games” brought the mainstream word “hacker” into the national spotlight? This movie inspired Congress to create The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), 18 U.S.C. 1030, passed in 1986.

TOP 3 Non-U.S. Cities With The Most e-Discovery Opportunities •





April 21, 2016


If you are not an ACEDS Member, become one today! Professional affiliations are critical to vertical career mobility and future business development. In fact, there was an entire panel session dedicated to this topic at the ACEDS Conference this week!

TOP 3 Takeaways From ACEDS 2016 Conference •

E-discovery is no longer just e-discovery. In fact, it is likely more and more made up of the areas of privacy, information governance, and cybersecurity than anything else. Those topics dominated the content and were where the speakers came from in subject matter expertise.

The ACEDS Conference remains one of the only shows committed to showcasing content on professional and career development. If you are looking to learn something about the job market and yourself as a career-oriented professional, attend the conference next year!

Analytics remains an elusive but necessary sell to attorneys and partners at law firms, but next generation senior associates are beginning to increase adoption rates for analytics technology in increasing volume. As a “pure” e-discovery attorney, focusing on analytics and getting technical with it will be key to differentiating yourself.


April 27, 2016


Consolidation always leads to opportunity, and should not be thought of as a dangerous time to join a company.

TOP 3 Reasons e-Discovery Sales Executives Decline Offers •

Base compensation is too low: A $100,000–$125,000 base will not buy you A+ players in the market. Top e-discovery sales professionals are making moves for base salaries of $250,000– $350,000 with first year guarantees of $50,000–$200,000 depending on track record of success.

Interview process takes too long: Most sales representatives, if you give them too much time to consider making a move, will talk themselves out of it. It’s a huge risk for them and clients that do not hire decisively tend to lose the interest of talent quickly.

Lack of empathy: Many sales managers expect too much from a representative, despite their previous success, in the first year. With non-solicits almost always in place, be understanding to your representatives and set the tone managerially that they “have runway” to build their book back up. A perceived lack of understanding here at the middle management or executive level will drive away the most skilled sales representatives in the biz. 157

May 5, 2016


A résumé should never be more than three pages and never less than one page.

TOP 3 Ways To Shorten Your Résumé •

Look for duplicates: If you have been “consulting on EDD best practices” in your last three jobs there is no need to repeat that information three times. Instead, list it only in your current role and delete from prior roles.

Consolidate irrelevant jobs and information: For work you have done that does not relate to the industry you are in, consolidate. No one cares about the details of the waiter job you had prior to being a litigation tech. Delete it entirely or consolidate as a “non-industry” job.

Prolific publications are not for a résumé: Often people who write and speak often list all their engagements and publications. This can take up multiple pages. Try to choose the articles that matter most for the specific role for which you are applying. Listing everything may cause the reader to glaze over your credentials. Instead, highlight the accolades and writing samples most relevant to your audience. 159

May 12, 2016


Always end your business development emails with a call to action in the form of a question that demands a response.

TOP 3 FAQs About The e-Discovery Marketplace •

What is the average salary for a project manager?

How do I get a job in-house at a corporation?

What is the most valuable certification I can get?


May 18, 2016


Now is the time to pursue an e-discovery job in a second tier market. Clients are willing to help relocate you, cost of living is lower, quality of life is higher, and compensation remains flat or increases despite the change in geography.

TOP 3 Staffing Trends For The Month Of May 2016 •

Demand for Relativity Infrastructure talent: If you are a Relativity Certified Infrastructure Specialist or are interested in possibly becoming sponsored upon hire, there are outstanding roles available immediately.


Europe explodes with needs: From contract positions to fulltime hires, consulting to sales to operations, Europe has more open jobs now than some major U.S. cities.


A turn toward the Midwest and Southeast: Chicago, Atlanta, the Carolinas, Texas, Kansas, and other Midwest and southeast cities have been ripe with jobs in e-discovery recently.


May 26, 2016


On interviews and in life, detailed questions will get detailed answers, and vague questions will get vague answers.

TOP 3 Things A Thank You Email Should Accomplish •

It should showcase your writing style and personality on paper.

It should show gratitude for your interviewer’s time and attention.

It should indicate to the interviewer that you heard what they had to say with acuteness and clarity and demonstrate the ability to restate it clearly.


June 1, 2016


Summertime is the perfect time to seek additional training and certification.

TOP 3 Fastest Ways To Increase Your Market Value In e-Discovery •

Get a Relativity Certification (RCA or Infrastructure).

Get experience doing an “IT interview/Data Mapping” with a corporate client.

Shift your career and measurement of success toward sales and revenue generation/relationship management at a provider.


June 9, 2016


The single greatest challenge for CEOs and heads of Business Development at e-discovery vendors is getting the buy-in, patience, resources from and education for their Board or ownership in order to accelerate the business to meet desired investor/owner milestones.

TOP 3 Important Lists To Create Before Starting A Job Search •

Companies/firms you want to work for

Companies/firms you will not work for

Companies/firms you have already spoken to in the last 12 months. (Why the last 12 months? Contact any TRU recruiter today and ask!)


June 16, 2016


Europe is experiencing unprecedented job growth in e-discovery and cybersecurity right now. For those who are interested in world travel and exotic locations to work in, the market is ripe for consulting opportunities.

TOP 3 European Cities With High Demand For U.S. Trained Relativity Talent •

Stuttgart, Germany

Vienna, Austria

London, United Kingdom


June 21, 2016


The cybersecurity job market remains very fractured with consulting firms hiring the bulk of talent, most still at a high level creating leadership roles for building future practice groups. TOP 3 Cybersecurity Long-Term Job Market Trends To Consider •

It will take another two years for consulting firms to hire top level executive cyber talent in order to create greater demand and opportunity for less experienced talent to matriculate from the federal sector and corporate into more lucrative and challenging mid-to-low-level consulting firm positions.


There will be a Bell Curve on earning potential for cyber professionals after about three to five years of private sector experience, hurling an individual who has exceptional technical and communication skills from a mid-$80,000 a year salary into the $100,000 to $125,000 category.


Cybersecurity being lumped together with e-discovery services in consulting firms and law firms will slowly diverge over the next three years. Each discipline will continue to become more refined and defined, accentuating more and more their differences with regards to talent, not their similarities. Forensic collection will continue to remain the greatest area of overlap technically and privacy the greatest overlap on policy creation. 173

June 29, 2016


In the 26 European countries that are part of the Schengen Agreement, Americans don’t need a visa to spend up to 90 days out of a consecutive 180 days.

TOP 3 Things To Keep In Mind When Exploring Contract Work •

Contract work means you, the contractor, have to be flexible in all ways required by the client. Contract work on e-discovery and cybersecurity is all about urgent needs and clients will not and should not be expected to cater to individual personal needs when hiring someone for a temporary assignment.

Contract work means you get combat pay—usually. You should not expect to make the same compensation as a contractor if the client wants to convert you to a permanent employee.

Contract almost always means paid overtime (time and a half after 40 hours), but also means no bonus, benefits, or paid vacation. Keep this in mind when accepting contract positions and considering pay.


July 6, 2016


In the first two quarters of 2016, law firm litigation support departments are more frequently asking for talent with vendor or consulting firm experience over traditional law firm experience. TOP 3 Ways To Break Into e-Discovery And Litigation Support •

Networking: Start attending events in your city and get to know people! Events such as b-Discovery, Women in eDiscovery (WiE), as well as legal technology conferences such as LegalTech NY and ILTA are great ways to meet people in the industry, make connections and build relationships.

Database knowledge: E-discovery is all about the technology! Start getting familiar with different e-discovery platforms such as Relativity, LAW, ViewPoint, etc. There are many online courses, free WebEx’s and classes you can take to start learning the tools needed to help you get your career started.

Résumé: Have you started attending those networking events? Great! Add it to your résumé. Have you started gaining knowledge and taking classes on Relativity? If so, include those courses on your résumé. When an employer sees you’re invested and committed into breaking into the industry, they will be more likely to want to invest in you. 177

July 13, 2016


“As the world is increasingly interconnected, everyone shares the responsibility of securing cyberspace.” — Newton Lee, Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity: Total Information Awareness


July 13, 2016


TOP 3 Tips To Help You Land A Cybersecurity Job •

Read as much as you can about cybersecurity topics. There are tons of great books such as The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms and Business Professionals by Jill D. Rhodes and Vincent and Polley. There are many free resources on the web and there are several classes offered online.

Choose, study for, and obtain a cybersecurity certification. Certifications are a great investment in your future, will look great on your résumé and will serve as a stepping stone to more advanced certifications. The SANS Institute is a great place to start researching which certification might be the best one for you.

Gain cybersecurity experience through contract work. There are no substitutes for experience, even if you have the proper education and certifications. See what temporary contract positions are out there to help you get some experience on your résumé.


July 20, 2016


Prior to attending an interview, conduct research on the employer. Success in a job interview starts with a solid foundation of knowledge on the candidate’s part. Often you will be asked why you want to work for a company. The more research you conduct, the more you’ll understand the employer, and the better you’ll be able to answer interview questions.

TOP 3 Sources Of Information For Researching A Company •

Check out the company’s website.

Read published materials such as news articles that mention the company and company white papers.

Discuss the company with your network of business contacts.


July 27, 2016


According to a 2015 Peninsula Press analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the U.S. are unfilled, and postings are up 74 percent over the past five years. The demand for these positions is expected to grow by 53 percent through 2018.


August 4, 2016


Epiq Systems has sold for almost half a billion dollars to OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) and Harvest Partners, now combined with DTI making them the largest global e-discovery provider by a margin of well over $700 million annually.

TOP 3 Largest And Most Meaningful Acquisitions In e-Discovery In 2016 •

DTI buys Epiq Systems (16.5/share, or 42 percent mark up of existing stock price)

Consilio buys Huron Legal ($112 million)

OpenText buys Recommind ($163 million)


August 11, 2016


Khizr Khan is now a legend in American politics, but many professionals in e-discovery do not realize that Mr. Khan has been a leader and innovator in our industry for over a decade.

TOP 3 Ways To Make The Transition From Document Review To A More Technical Role •

Get as much training at work as you can. Many companies compartmentalize departments, but if you have a colleague that knows more about processing and hosting data, ask questions and try to learn from them.

Get certified. An RCA certification can go a long way to show employers you are serious about moving to a more technical role.

Be ready to take a step back to move forward. In many cases you have to be willing to start out lower than your current title. While that may be a small step back, the end result is worth it.


August 17, 2016


Skype interviews provide a convenient way for hiring managers to have an initial interview with a candidate before committing to the time and expense of in-person interviews.

TOP 3 Ways To Ace Your Skype Interview •

Set up ahead of time to test Skype’s app completely to familiarize yourself with how everything works.

Test the equipment. Set up your camera so the lower edge of the frame is in the upper part of your chest. Test your microphone for good sound quality.

Dress in the same clothes you’d wear if you were going into an in-person interview.


August 25, 2016


Candidates should never pay for their own flight to travel to an interview. This is the client’s responsibility.

TOP 3 Mistakes Clients Make When Hiring A Relocation Candidate •

Do not suggest a candidate pay for their travel and lodging to a final interview. This sends the message that the client is either in financial trouble or will always expect the employee to cover incidentals once hired. Both are red flags for candidates.

Set the expectation prior to beginning the search as to whether the employee will be responsible for their own relocation expenses. It’s okay to have them take that responsibility, but only if that expectation is set prior to the first interview.

Give them time to see the town when they are there in person for a final interview. Many clients want to cut cost by flying someone in and out the same day, but giving that potential employee a day or two to see the city they will be moving to and explore its culture and social scene often leads to increased interest.


August 31, 2016


Remote work from home hiring for e-discovery is up almost 200 percent from this time last year.

TOP 3 Takeaways From ILTACON 2016 Keynote Day One •

AI technology will drive the jobs of the future and thus law firms need to invest in operational talent and efficiency.

Increasingly, employees want to work remotely from home.

The future will be a future of freelancers.


September 8, 2016


Birthdays are an ideal time to reconnect with people. Almost all social media chat venues have a birthday reminder which gives your contacts an opportunity to reach out, even if it has been years since you last spoke. Business development and ambitious professionals are wise to take the time to use this “birthday alert” phenomenon as an opportunity to reconnect with relationships that perhaps have not been given recent time and attention. Reconnecting with people usually leads to opportunity for them and you.

TOP 3 Simple Ways To Effectively Use Social Media Alerts For Career Development •

Birthday reminders: They are a “feel good” alert and great way to reconnect with people for no reason other than saying “Happy Birthday.”

“Follow” alerts on Twitter: Know who is watching what you have to say. Perhaps follow them back. Perhaps start a conversation.

LinkedIn group alerts: Weekly digests on LinkedIn from your groups are the perfect replacement for the Sunday paper in today’s digital news niche culture.


September 15, 2016


Hiring Managers: The placement/hiring cycle for talent in e-discovery and cybersecurity in late September through mid-November increases dramatically from other times during the year. During these months, aggressive timing and assertive hiring decisions tend to beat out competitors when hiring the best and brightest.

TOP 3 Hiring Cycle Adjustments/Trends You Should Be Aware Of •

E-Discovery Project Managers: (Dec–Feb: three to six weeks from interview to offer; Sept–Oct: two days to two weeks)

RCA Analysts (not yet PMs): (Dec–Feb: two to four weeks from interview to offer; Sept–Oct: two days to one week)

Business Development and Sales Professionals: (Dec–Feb: four to eight weeks from interview to offer; Sept–Oct: one to two weeks)


September 23, 2016


Candidates: A first interview is all about making the client fall in love with you. The tables turn later in the interview process when they begin to woo you, but going into a first interview with an attitude of “being impressive” instead of “I hope they impress me” always plays better in everyone’s favor.

TOP 3 Interview Mantras To Reframe Your Approach •

Interviewing is performance, not improvisation: Plan ahead; know what you want to say and ask before going in.

Always stay positive: If you use interview stories about adversity, obstacles, or dissatisfactions, the story should end in triumph with how you overcame a problem and found a solution.

Be impressive: Don’t look to be impressed. Focusing on how you can make an impact at a company usually leads to a positive job exploration. Focusing on what a company can do for you will almost always lead to disappointment.


September 28, 2016


Two factor authentication is the simplest way to avoid a hack.

TOP 3 Financial Statistics Surrounding Data Breach That Will Blow Your Mind!* •

The cost of data breach for corporations between 2016 and 2019 will collectively exceed $2.1 trillion.

The average cost per record stolen is approximately $158.

In health care, the average cost per record stolen is $350. (For reference, at Anthem there were 30 million records stolen.)

*This week’s Top 3 comes courtesy of John Riggi at BDO Consulting from the Keynote at CyberSecure.


October 4, 2016


Privacy law often drives CISO/security strategy and technology implementation.

TOP 3 Questions CISOs Are Asking Themselves In Relation To Their Career •

Should I become a lawyer? (Does having a JD make me more influential with the development of Privacy as a practice?)

Should the CISO also be the CPO (Chief Privacy Officer)?

Is encryption enough to solve some privacy problems at my organization?


October 13, 2016


Management is delegation. Mentorship is elevation.

TOP 3 Takeaways From Relativity Fest 2016 •

kCura goes cloud! Relativity One was marketed as a “PaaS” (Platform as a Service) offering to its thousands of subscribers, primarily third party vendors. This could potentially eliminate hosting (and processing) services for many kCura channel partners. Tensions ran high at the Hilton as vendors tried to react to this not surprising, but quite deliberate news that is undeniably going to change the entire e-discovery landscape in the next three to five years (more on how it will change in upcoming articles from TRU!).

Usage is up! The attendance at the conference was massive and the focus was not on sales (like LegalTech NY/ILTA) but rather on service and technology. People are getting RCA certified in record numbers. The number of Masters went from 13 to 40 this year, and counting.

It could be time for a sea of change. Relativity One may soon cannibalize much of their long loyal channel base, giving opportunity for kCura’s largest licensers who also have their own proprietary technology the opportunity to pivot back to their own tool to maintain data hosting. Other partners who are almost entirely Relativity providers may take more seriously other software solutions besides Relativity to begin to offer to their client base. 207

October 20, 2016


“Brands that people use again and again are almost always about the convergence of love and respect from consumers.” “Don’t start a business—start a cause.” “Clearly defined culture is at the core of any company’s success.” — Advice for entrepreneurs from leading CEOs at the Inc. 5000 conference

TOP 3 Inc. 5000 Fun Facts From Day Two Of The Conference •

The Inc. 5000 added close to 650,000 jobs last year, constituting eight percent of the growth of the U.S. job market.

Inc. 5000 generated over two billion dollars to the world economy, more than seventy percent of the GDP of other countries in the world.

Method (the household cleaning supply company) and former Inc. 5000 list topper does nearly two million dollars a month at Target in sales and over one hundred million dollars a year in revenue. Their CEO firmly believes that social responsibility is inseparable from profitability in today’s economy. 209

October 26, 2016


Social media and marketing cannot work without social responsibility.

TOP 3 “Information” Acronyms To Know In Cybersecurity •

PII: Personal Identifiable Information

PCI: Payment Card Information

PHI: Personal Health Information


November 2, 2016


When interviewing, always use “I” rather than “we.” While “we” helps to describe what your team and company have achieved, it is important for employers to know what you contributed as an individual. Using “I” to talk about your experience helps deliver specificity on interviews.

TOP 3 Don’ts When Interviewing Over A Meal •

Don’t order food where you need to use your hands; too messy, too casual. Avoid the awkward moment of pulled pork falling out of your bun and into your lap.

Don’t eat alone and don’t let someone else eat alone during the meal; if the interviewer orders an appetizer, you order an appetizer. If he/she doesn’t order an appetizer, don’t order an appetizer.

Don’t order alcohol; you would think this goes without saying, but surprisingly candidates frequently order alcohol. If the interviewer orders a glass of wine, don’t feel obligated to do the same.


November 9, 2016


Privacy and security are mutually beneficial but not the same.

TOP 3 Ways Privacy And Security Differ •

Privacy is a human right. Security is how we protect that right.

Privacy is about policy. Security is about implanting technology to support, monitor and refine those policies.

Privacy is treated differently in different cultures. Security technology speaks the same language and must adapt to protect against all global threats.


November 17, 2016


LinkedIn is not the appropriate forum to converse or post your political views and feelings.

TOP 3 Things All Job Seekers Can Learn From The 2016 Presidential Election •

Anything is possible: This could have been said regardless of which candidate won, and it is important for us all to draw inspiration from both candidates and keep this in mind. Dream big and imagine what the right professional opportunity for you looks like, then go get it.

People want change: Change seems to be more critical than predictability. Job seekers express this frequently to TRU. “I really want a change” is a Top 3 motivator.

Jobs get filled: No job stays open forever. Employers have to fill jobs and move the business forward.


November 23, 2016


Take the time out of your holiday week to let the people you do business with know you are thankful for their partnership.

TOP 3 Reasons Law Firms Are Primary Targets For Hacking •

The fact that law firms are not as highly regulated as their corporate clients makes them highly vulnerable to breach and prime targets for hacking.

Law firms are slow to adopt technology and implement cutting edge tools to prove and detect breach threats.

Law firms notoriously store the most sensitive and confidential (aka valuable) data for their clients.


November 30, 2016


In an interview as a candidate, before asking a “challenge” question to an employer, always ask a “bragging” question first. For example, before asking, “What are some of the challenges the department faces right now that I could address and help overcome?” be sure to first ask, “What is working really well here in the department that would be critical to maintain?” You will find you get more transparent answers when you first allow a prospective employer to “brag” a bit, before diving into what “challenges” them.

TOP 3 Motivations For Hackers •





December 14, 2016


Two hundred days is the average time it takes a company to identify malware or an intrusion.

Ray Kelly’s TOP 4 Action Plan For Addressing Cybersecurity In Your Organization •

Recognize the threat: Accept the reality that cyber threats can and will cripple your business if left unaddressed.

Start at the top: Addressing the threat will need strong commitment from your CEO.

Find knowledgeable allies and align with them: You will need to bring in outside assistance.

Monitor constantly: Be prepared for the long haul. Cybercrime will not be won overnight. It is not fix and forget.


December 21, 2016


A spoofing email is a slightly different email from the real one to fool users within a company. Example: johnrandal@brandemail.com for johnrandall@brandemail.com

TOP 3 Staffing Shifts In December 2016 •

Vendors are hiring a lot of SQL DBAs and Relativity Infrastructure professionals. (Beefing up to combat Relativity One?)

Consulting firms are choosing to go the route of offering Incident Response as a service or focusing more on proactive information protection consulting services. Only the big consulting firms do both, and not all.

Business development hiring remains frantic and frequent with providers trying to grow organically through sales talent acquisition.


December 28, 2016


Did you know that wire transfers can be interrupted and stopped by the FBI within 72 hours of being sent? Good to remember if you are hacked and a victim of ransomware.

TOP 3 End Of Year New Year’s Resolutions For e-Discovery Professionals •

Get your RCA!

Expand your mind and wallet by engaging in contract staffing opportunities!

Begin to bridge your expertise into information security and protection!


ABOUT TRU STAFFING PARTNERS TRU Staffing Partners (www.trustaffingpartners.com) is a nationally recognized, award-winning contract staffing and executive placement search firm representing talent and opportunities in two core industry verticals: e-discovery and cybersecurity. TRU’s vast global network of relationships and unprecedented access to temporary talent in litigation support and information protection has earned TRU extensive accolades, most notably as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Company 2016 (#1043) and first place as National Law Journal’s 2016 Best National Legal Recruiter. TRU represents thousands of active and passive job seekers and has successfully placed hundreds of professionals in permanent positions in the Am Law 200, Fortune 1000, and global consulting firm and service provider communities. TRU also maintains an exclusive global roster of contract e-discovery and cybersecurity talent ready to deploy on premise or remote within 24 hours.

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Tru Tips Volume 2: 2015 2016  

Tru Tips Volume 2: 2015 2016