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TRU tips Volume 1: 2012-2014

INTRODUCTION I founded TRU Staffing Partners in January 2010 with the goal of creating a talent agency that would be known for unparalleled, transparent, honest representation of candidates and clients in the legal technology industry. This January 2015, TRU Staffing Partners celebrates our five year anniversary, having placed hundreds of candidates and having won numerous awards for superior service throughout the country. To mark the occasion, we’ve gathered and compiled years of insights and advice to share with you in this compendium. TRU began adding a “Tip of the Week” to our weekly Hot Jobs newsletter in April 2012 and we soon after added a “Top 3” feature to the newsletter in December 2012. 4

These tips are typically inspired by the real people and the actual clients we represent as well as market trends occurring in the moment. For that reason, we have kept the content chronological. My hope is that this pocket-size companion will be a constant source of inspiration renewal when you take time to reflect on your career. Take it with you to interviews, on the subway or bus, and add thoughts of your own in the margins! Thank you to all our clients and candidates for your support and loyalty. We hope you enjoy TRU Tips 2012-2014! - Jared Coseglia President & Founder of TRU Staffing Partners 5

April 10, 2012


It’s official: Employers are routinely checking prospective candidates’ profiles on Facebook. Keep your profile picture professional. Have your privacy settings correctly set.


April 18, 2012


If you are actively seeking employment or are already in the interview process, make sure to check your personal email messages regularly! Opportunities come up quickly, and we do not want to contact you at your current position.


April 24, 2012


Bland, nondescript bullet points on your résumé offer no way for you to differentiate yourself or for an employer to understand your value. Quantify your ability and success by adding size and scope to your projects. For example, the bullet point “Managed case databases” comes across a lot differently than “Managed 10 active cases, with the largest having an initial collection of 1.7 TB, and reducing to 520,000 records in Relativity after ECA and culling.”


May 1, 2012


At each job, you should be growing and experiencing new challenges. Make sure you keep track of your biggest milestones and successes: Have you received a big raise? Did you work on a high profile case? Did you work on a case with a huge amount of data? Keep track of the numbers and metrics and you’ll find that when applying for a job and mentioning these milestones, one success leads to another!


May 9, 2012


When it comes time to do reference checks, make sure you contact all of your listed references so that they know to expect the call and you can be confident that you will get a good reference.


May 15, 2012


Every person you work with and for is an opportunity for you to gain a personal or work reference. While doing excellent work is obviously important, take the time to build those relationships with your client and supervisor to the point they would be willing to put their name behind yours.


May 29, 2012


When attending an industry conference, always dress appropriately and have an agenda. These events are often the rare occasions when people from all over the country gather and meet in person – finally! In-person impressions are always lasting. Do your homework on who you will meet, what you hope to discuss with them, and how you can deepen your visibility and credibility in the community.


June 5, 2012


Vertical mobility and financial increase in compensation are no longer the primary motivators for people moving jobs in this industry. Quality of life, work-life balance, mentorship, and exposure to more sophisticated technology are all becoming the primary motivators for job movement.


June 12, 2012


Social media can be a great way to communicate with friends and stay in touch with people you might otherwise not. However, beware of the vulnerable nature of your comments online.  A seemingly innocuous tweet can be the deal breaker for a job offer if a potential employer digs into your social media history.


June 19, 2012


Interviewing shouldn’t be impromptu. Make sure you spend the time to research the company and practice answering questions. When game time comes, that practice will pay off in confidence and make you look polished.


June 26, 2012


When a verbal offer is on the table from a prospective employer, typically it takes two to four additional business days to have the “official” paperwork to you, the employee. Have all of your documents ready as well! These include: transcripts, references, letters of recommendation, written annual reviews, noncompete agreements, employment agreements, and non-disclosure agreements. Have a sense of urgency around delivering these documents to your prospective employer. It’s your first impression, and your first “deliverable.”


July 3, 2012


Continuing education is of great importance to prospective employers. Showing initiative and getting additional degrees, certifications, and accreditations have great value, both in the potential for an increase in compensation increase and for vertical career growth.


July 10, 2012


Choose the phone! Too often we opt for an email instead of picking up the phone and talking to someone we are working with. Don’t hesitate – pick up the phone and balance your style of communication. Talking to people can often deepen the collaboration and provide an opportunity for professional bonding.


July 16, 2012


Did you know that 80% of counter offers usually result in the individual leaving the firm anyway? According to The National Business Employment Weekly, four out of five people who accept counter offers are gone within the year following the counter due to termination, voluntary departure, or reorganization.


July 24, 2012


Make sure your rĂŠsumĂŠ and cover letter are error free. Getting an interview may depend on it. There are companies that will proofread it, or just have some of your friends look it over.


July 31, 2012


An interview isn’t a one-way street. You are interviewing the company as they are interviewing you. Make sure you research the company and come to the table with questions to ensure it will be a good fit and a place that meets your expectations, too!


August 7, 2012


We all know that running late for an interview is frowned upon, but these situations do happen. If you are running late, call your recruiter or your contact at the company and let them know. It is better to let your interviewer know in advance rather than to show up late with an excuse.


August 15, 2012


It is always good for a client to put their best offer forward first. In today’s market, the top talent typically has several offers in play at one time, and putting the best offer forward first shows candidates a sign of confidence in their abilities as well as the desire to have them join your team— and no one else’s.


August 21, 2012


If you have ever thought about relocating to a market where the cost of living is less than the coastal U.S. regions, now is a great time to start looking. E-discovery hiring is everywhere, especially heading into the fall season.


August 28, 2012


“You can’t build community when you need it, you have to start now.” – Katherine Hollar, ILTA 2012 @Career2020: Take Control of your Destiny


September 5, 2012


A panel of legal technology professionals was asked at ILTA, “What is the key to career advancement in today’s market?” The response was simple and unanimous: Make a personal connection with your attorneys.


September 11, 2012


A great piece of advice from an ILTA Session:

“Be sure to connect with your industry’s thought leaders—executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn! Making these connections allows you to build trust, establish credibility, and participate in thought-provoking discussions.” –Lisa DiMonte, CEO Planet Depos & Certified Social Media Strategist


September 19, 2012


Always remember that today’s assistant is tomorrow’s boss. This is a small, rapidly expanding industry, and maintaining strong relationships in the community is key to professional long-term success.


September 25, 2012


How many industry conferences do you attend a year? And which ones? Make sure you make an effort to get to one; it’s important to meet your peers and see them speak!


October 3, 2012


Don’t send your résumé directly to a client without checking with your agent first. Your agent might have a relationship they can leverage to help you in your efforts. Once you send a résumé directly through an online portal, a recruiter cannot represent you to that client (usually for 6-12 months).


October 17, 2012


Does your LinkedIn profile match your résumé? If not, it should! Discrepancies between the two can lead to red flags at the time of offer extension/ acceptance. Make sure the dates of employment match, beware of omissions of jobs with short tenure (it will come up in the background check anyway), and make sure your education lists whether you attended or completed each school.


October 24, 2012


“Always work with the smartest people you can find, and always be in a little over your head.” - Marissa Mayer (CEO of Yahoo), in NY Magazine


October 27, 2012


If you are looking for a new job, create a professional sounding email address and consider having a separate email account for your job search to help you stay organized.


November 6, 2012


When searching for a new job, you should always be prepared to conduct a phone interview on a moment’s notice. Practice your responses to general questions and have your résumé in a place that you can easily access it. Make sure you are clear of distractions, and if necessary, suggest a different time that would work better for you.


November 15, 2012


Sometimes the best thing to do is to do nothing. Waiting a day or two to make an important decision can give you the objective perspective needed to feel confident about that decision.


November 21, 2015


Do you have a 1, 3, and 5 year plan for your career? If not, take some time this holiday weekend to consider what your professional goals are for the near and distant future. Having a vision for your future is the first step in attaining your dreams.


December 4, 2012


A recent Randstad study showed that candidates feel trepidation about an open position if it has not been filled after 72 days. Â


December 18, 2012


Don’t assume the holidays are a break from all business activity. Often the holiday weeks are the best time to interview.


December 18, 2012


TOP 3 e-Discovery Buzz Words Of 2012 • Predictive Coding • The Cloud • Managed Review


December 26, 2012


Send a “thank you� email no later than 24 hours after your interview covering your gratitude, what a pleasure it was to meet with your interviewer, and briefly how your skill sets match up to the job requirements. It leaves a great lasting impression!


December 26, 2012


TOP 3 Legal Technology Conferences To Attend In 2013 • LegalTech New York, January 2013, New York, NY • ILTA, August 2013, Las Vegas, NV • Georgetown Law - The Advanced E-Discovery Institute, November 2013, Washington, D.C.


January 2, 2013


Communication is the key to any successful relationship, including your relationship with your boss. Now is the perfect time to have that often challenging conversation with your supervisor to discuss where you are at professionally with the company and where you would like to be by next year.


January 2, 2013


TOP 3 New Year’s Resolutions For e-Discovery Professionals • I will find avenues to further my professional education. • I will develop more meaningful relationships with the attorneys and clients I support. • I will take the time to stay aware of advances and new technologies in our industry.


January 8, 2013


Education will become the key component to any burgeoning industry’s strategy for long term sustainability.


January 15, 2013


Conference success, in any industry, is all about preparation. Make a checklist of people you want to meet, brands you want to be exposed to and sessions you must attend. TOP 3 Things NOT To Forget When Attending An Industry Conference • Your business cards! • Dress to impress! This is often the one time of the year people actually see you from around the globe. Present an image that is impressive. • Ears are everywhere, so be aware of your surroundings.


January 29, 2013


If you are in New York and have not made plans to at least visit the vendor floor at LegalTech NY, register now! This is an ideal opportunity to see how your organization and others present themselves to the legal technology community. And it’s free!

TOP 3 Buzz Topics For LTNY • Big Data • Predictive Coding • Legal Analytics


February 5, 2013


According to a recent poll conducted by eDSG from January 21-28, 2013 including 1,309 registered voters, a whopping 19% of LegalTech NY attendees were motivated to attend because they were looking for a new job! This was the highest scored motivator for attendees, above business development and seeing new technology.


February 5, 2013


TOP 3 Staffing Trends For 2013, Based On Our LegalTech 2013 Experience • Vendors will need to identify creative business development approaches and methodologies to drive net new top line revenue (in addition to hiring seasoned sales reps across the globe). • Law firms will begin to compartmentalize practicing “e-discovery attorney” hires separate from the litigation practice group. • With the decrease in processing/hosting pricing and the increase in data volume and client demand, service providers will begin to hire more junior level and entry level talent to meet the demand of their growing business and tightening profit margins. 91

February 13, 2013


“Bring your consultant to court.” -Judge Peck


February 13, 2013


TOP 3 “Not So Obvious” Keys To A Successful First Interview • Dress to impress. Men must always wear suits and ties. • Be no more than 15 minutes early and no less than 5 minutes early. • Always repeat and use the interviewer’s name.  People respond positively to the sound of their own name.


February 20, 2013


If you are a woman and not currently a member of your local chapter of Women in eDiscovery, stop what you are doing and join your local chapter today. This is one of the largest groups assembled dedicated to fostering knowledge sharing and professional development for women across the globe in our industry.


February 20, 2013


TOP 3 Things To Remember If You Are Looking For Work Or Looking To Hire In Los Angeles • Geography is everything. LA is really three different cities: Downtown, Century City, and Orange County. • LA is not NY. There are not, per capita, as many e-discovery professionals living in LA as there are in NY. This market does not have the depth of talent available, making roles much more competitive and coveted. • Don’t deny the vendors. There is still a lot of opportunity moving towards the vendors in LA, especially if you are looking to be more consultative or break into the business at an entry level.


February 26, 2013


For law firms—particularly boutique firms—moving towards an outsourced managed services model, the role of the Litigation Support Analyst is quickly evaporating. Those jobs are moving to the vendors, and, in their place, more consultative coordinators are being hired at law firms.

TOP 3 Reasons To Move Your Career To A Vendor If You Are A Litigation Support Analyst • Increased compensation for the truly technical • Exposure to a wider variety of technology, tools, processes, and clientele • More vertical mobility


March 5, 2013


If you are actively job hunting and a potential employer wants to meet with you, take the meeting! You never know where it might lead or how it might be beneficial in the future.

TOP 3 Reasons You Should Never Turn Down An Interview When You Are Actively Job Seeking • It is an opportunity to practice your interview skills. All interviews are great opportunities to test how to sell yourself. • It allows you to put yourself on the company’s radar. A good impression can last a very long time. (Ask our President, Jared Coseglia, how he fell into this industry. You won’t believe the story!) Today’s new hire is tomorrow’s hiring manager.  • There might be other opportunities available. Companies are constantly crafting unique roles for people they like and want to bring into their organization. It happens more often than you might think! 103

March 12, 2013


TOP 3 Reasons To Invest In Additional e-Discovery Education • Employers like employees who invest in themselves. • Education increases compensation value, even if incrementally. • e-Discovery changes quickly; making education habit instead of happenstance ensures you stay on the cutting edge.


March 19, 2013


Corporations are not hiring aggressively in their IT departments for e-discovery talent. Corporations would rather teach someone who knows their data infrastructure all about e-discovery than teach someone who knows e-discovery all about their data infrastructure. Most corporations are hiring e-discovery professionals within their legal departments, not IT.


March 19, 2013


TOP 3 Résumé “No Brainer” Mistakes To Avoid • Ignoring the Cyber Age. Your résumé (dates, titles, education) must exactly match your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.  • Forgetting the Basics. Make sure to double check your résumé for poor spelling, incorrect address or phone number, font being too small or inconsistent with other font use, and too much white space on the page.  • Copy/Paste. If you have the same bullet points under multiple jobs it indicates you are either lazy or have not grown from job to job in terms of responsibility.


March 26, 2013


When leaving a voice mail message for someone, always say your name and phone number twice, so they don’t have to rewind to hear it said again.


March 26, 2013


TOP 3 Tips On How To Ace Your Next Phone Interview • Have a physical copy of your résumé, the job description, and the company’s website in front of you during the call. Type up a bulleted list of items you want to cover during the conversation. • To avoid an awkward start to the call, take charge by answering the phone by stating your name. This lets the person on the other line know exactly who you are and saves them the trouble of asking for you. • If a major distraction occurs during the phone call, mention it. Your honesty will likely be appreciated.


April 2, 2013


“Be sure to connect with your industry’s thought leaders; executives from all the Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn! Making these connections allows you to build trust, establish credibility, and participate in thought-provoking discussions.” -Lisa DiMonte, CEO Planet Depos & Certified Social Media Strategist.

TOP 3 Tips To Make Meaningful LinkedIn Connections •

Personalize your connection message. Tell the person why you want to connect. You don’t want your first impression to be a default sentence.

Recommend and ask for recommendations. This will keep you in the forefront of your connections’ minds.

Answer questions to make people aware of you. Also don’t be scared to ask thought-provoking and creative questions to attract others as well. 115

April 9, 2013


Interviewing is like boxing—you have to roll with the punches and be ready for anything. But the amount of preparation that goes into interviewing almost always determines the outcome. Just like boxing.


April 9, 2013


TOP 3 Tips Of What NOT To Say On A First Interview, If You Want A Second One •

“I am really looking for quality of life and a 35-40 hour week.” That is not the lifestyle of an e-discovery professional.

“I’ve done my market research and my value from a compensation standpoint is X.” 9 times out of 10, candidates price themselves too high or way below what a client is willing to pay.

“I ideally want to practice law, but e-discovery has been a good backup. One I hope to continue to pursue, but I hope to practice e-discovery law later!” Clients are risk averse when it comes to hiring JDs who view a career in e-discovery as a backup.


April 16, 2013


TOP 3 Tips Of What And Whom To Research Before A Job Interview •

Research the company’s mission and recent company achievements, as well as competitive differentiators. Check out the company’s website, look for its mission statement and company values. Also look for company blog, press room or company news.

Research your interviewers. You may find bios or press releases that give you insight into their most visible activities at the company. Also, look them up on LinkedIn. 

Research the industry. You should be prepared to discuss your industry’s financial prospects or other industry trends.


April 24, 2013


While you are at your current position, you should focus on building relationships with associates and case teams with the goal of soliciting more work and gaining more experience. Journal the work you do and projects you have worked on. 

TOP 3 Tips On Why It’s Important To Keep A Journal Of The Work You Do •

A record gives you stories to tell during your interviews.

By writing down what you’ve been through, noting what worked and what didn’t, and analyzing what might help you in the future, you’ll set yourself up for much greater professional success.

A work journal can serve as a log to help you spot issues that you may be too busy to notice otherwise.


April 30, 2013


All interviewing sales professionals should have a written 30-60-90 day plan prepared when they get to the final interview. It helps set clear expectations of what the goals and measures for success will be. It also allows you to get adjustments in strategy from the prospective employer before coming on board.

TOP 3 Tips On How To Write A 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan •

The first 30 days of your plan is usually focused on training, learning the company systems, products, and customers.

The next 30 days (the 60 day part) is focused on more field time, less training, more customer introductions, review of customer satisfaction, and getting visible to your client base.

The last 30 days (the 90 day part) focuses on sales. It should include things that take more initiative on your part: landing your own accounts, scheduling programs, or coming up with new ways to get prospects’ attention.


May 7, 2013


In today’s internet age, it is challenging to keep personal and professional life separate online. Following simple best practices for online privacy is important if you are looking for career mobility.

TOP 3 Tips On How To Best Practice Online Professionalism •

Photos are for friends. It’s ok to make a few choice photos available for public consumption on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, but keep your albums private for friends only. Making those crazy nights you had on Halloween available for all to see might be a deal breaker before you even get in the door to a potential employer.

Only accept actual friends on your Facebook page. If you must accept business contacts, utilize Facebook’s privacy settings to limit what those contacts can see.

Tweets are forever. Don’t make comments you wouldn’t want your boss and/or mother reading.


May 14, 2013


Meet the deadlines you set when it comes to considering offers. If you tell a client (or your recruiter) you are going to make a decision by a certain day and time, do so. Nothing is more discomforting to your future employer than asking for more time after a deadline has passed for making a decision on accepting or declining a role.


May 14, 2013


TOP 3 Topics Candidates Are Most Afraid To Talk About (But Need To) •

Compensation. Money is funny, and you should talk to your recruiter about compensation on every call you have to make sure you are honest about your expectations before you get too deep into an interview process. Clients should be very clear to a recruiter about their level of flexibility on salary expectations. 

Time Commitment. Often employees in e-discovery say, “You know what this industry is like” with regards to the time commitment to the job. But the reality is every firm, vendor, and corporation is different. Set clear expectations as to typical time and overtime hours if you are the employer, and be honest about your ability to meet those expectations if you are the employee.

Professional Growth. This doesn’t mean vertical mobility. This means actual growth: learning new things and getting exposed to things you didn’t know before. As a candidate, know what you want to learn and be open to learning things you did not think of! As a client, have a clear list of skills that the new hire will gain and experiences the new hire will get the opportunity to participate in. This gives both employer and employee something to look forward to and to aim for in the future of their relationship. 131

May 21, 2013


TOP 3 Tips On How To Break Into The World Of e-Discovery •

Do your homework before investing in an e-Discovery Certification Program, and carefully weigh which training and certifications can truly advance your career.

Get technical! Learning Access and SQL will never be a bad idea.

Stay current with trends in the market, what the different brands do, and how they differentiate themselves.


June 4, 2013


“If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality, I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.” - Patrick Oot, Special Counsel for e-Discovery, SEC


June 4, 2013


TOP 3 Interview Mistakes To Avoid •

Not knowing anything about the company. Company history, locations, divisions, and a mission statement are usually available in the “About Us” section on most company websites. If the company is publicly traded, all of its financials are available online. Do your research! 

Negativity regarding current and past employers. You don’t want the interviewer to think that you might speak that way about his or her company if you leave on terms that are not the best. Always find the positive in past experiences.

Not having any questions at the end of the interview. It’s a smart idea to have a list of questions prepared to ask the employer. For example, “What does it ultimately take to be successful at this firm in this role?”


June 11, 2013


“Without trust, relationships fail—and without relationships, businesses fail.” - Stephen Covey

TOP 3 Ways To Improve Your Collaboration With Your Agent •

Learn to take the note. When you don’t get the job, learn from the feedback! A candidate who can make an adjustment regarding how they present based on feedback from his/ her recruiter is a candidate that a recruiter will continue to advocate for and invest time in.

Don’t lose track of your progress. Make sure to always keep a record of where you applied directly, how long ago, who you met, and how it went. A memory for details is one of the most attractive qualities in a professional hire.

Avoid showing your frustration on social media. You should be aware by now that many employers are checking your social media profiles before an interview. Be careful with what you post. You risk the chance of not getting the interview. 139

June 19, 2013


“If I have made an appointment with you, I owe you punctuality. I have no right to throw away your time, if I do my own.” - Richard Cecil

TOP 3 Reasons Why Punctuality Is So Important •

Being on time to an interview or meeting shows that you respect the person who set up the meeting. Punctuality reflects on your image as an employee and is an important job skill that will contribute to your success.

Punctuality shows you can be counted on. If you are always punctual, people will naturally assume they can count on you. If you arrive to work on time, hand in assignments on time, and are punctual to meetings, people will think of you as dependable.

Punctuality tells others that in addition to knowing the importance of a meeting or interview, you also know the importance of being part of a team. 141

June 25, 2013


“Over the next five years, non-practicing attorneys will compete for the same roles that existing legal IT, paralegal, and litigation support professionals occupy or aspire to grow into.” - Jared Coseglia, Non-Practicing JDs Turn to E-Discovery


June 25, 2013


TOP 3 Reasons Why You Need to Keep Up With Industry News • Keeping up with industry news demonstrates a commitment and passion for being a part of the e-discovery community. • Current news about e-discovery makes for great conversation on an interview.  • Experts stay on the cutting edge of news for their respective industry. A true e-discovery professional always follows who is buying whom, what new technologies are emerging, and what professionals are joining which organizations.


July 2, 2013


Summertime does not mean fewer jobs are available! Quite the opposite. TRU has over 100 openings coast-to-coast that we are currently looking to fill! 

TOP 3 Reasons To Job Search In The Summer Months •

Fewer candidates are job hunting right now. Stand out in the crowd, or the lack of crowd, by igniting your job search in the summer months.

Starting a new job in the summer typically means workload will not be quite as heavy as in the fall or spring. This will give a new hire several weeks to settle in and get comfortable with the new company before business explodes, which it tends to do in litigation support in late August/early September. 

Summertime often creates a more relaxed attitude towards people being out of the office. It can be easier to get away from your current job to explore options in the summer.


July 9, 2013


If you are an employer, it is very important to have job descriptions for the roles you are trying to fill.

TOP 3 Reasons Why A Job Description Is Essential To The Hiring Process And Professional Success •

It means you are serious about hiring. Even a brief job description is better than no job description.

It sets expectations as to what it will take to be successful in a role. The clearer the written expectations of the job are prior to interviewing, the more prepared an employee can be to articulate the most relevant experiences and skills as well as to highlight where they will need additional training or mentorship.

It is good advertising. Prospective clients of yours will look at your job descriptions and see how you elicit potential employees. It sets a tone about your culture, desires, and qualifications in professionals your clients will likely interact with and receive service from. A job description can be a wonderful ad for your business. 149

July 18, 2013


Don’t waste time on an interview asking softball questions which a potential employer will give a generic answer to. Be direct and challenging with your questions.

TOP 3 Questions Every e-Discovery Professional Should Be Asking When In An Interview With A Major Law Firm •

How does the firm/department stay on the cutting edge of technology and innovation?

What are the practicing attorneys’ perceptions of the Litigation Support group and your services?

What will be the most challenging part of this position, and how have other successful employees with similar roles overcome those challenges in the past?


July 23, 2013


Always have a résumé ready. You never know when opportunity will knock.

TOP 3 Things to Update On your Résumé When You Are Not Actively Looking For A Job •

New tools/technologies you are exposed to

Special projects or cases that serve as milestones in your current position

Changes in title, promotions, accolades and the corresponding dates that go with them


July 30, 2013


Résumés do not have to be one page long. Potential litigation support employers would rather see more detail of your specific experience than truncated content for the sake of maintaining the “one-pager.”

TOP 3 Most Common Résumé Myths •

Résumés should be one page long.

References should be included in initial résumé.

Employers are content with résumés that list career highlights by skill set rather than chronological experiences.


August 6, 2013


Maintaining an updated résumé is a good way to track your milestones and professional progress. It is also always good to keep your résumé fresh, as documenting your experience years after the fact can be challenging.

TOP 3 Ways To Keep An Updated Résumé •

When completing a milestone or project at your current employer, send yourself emails documenting your experience and the measure of your success. When it is time to update the résumé, you will have a series of “milestone” emails to pull content from.

Keep a handwritten log of your activity in your desk drawer for easy access. Start your weeks by logging what you achieved the week before and what you hope to achieve in the week ahead.

Call your TRU agent! Have them maintain it for you, sending us content to add to existing résumés on file.


August 13, 2013


TOP 3 Keys To Having A Successful Business Conference Experience •

Plan ahead. Know where you want to be and who you want to be with. Know that your plans, and everyone else’s plans will change, so not everything you plan will get executed. Better to plan more and accept when less happens.

Know names. Conferences are about networking. Know the names of people you plan to speak with or meet. Know their name before you meet them, so you can introduce yourself with confidence. Everyone loves a fan.

No good business is done after 11 PM. Know when your day is over and get ready for the day ahead.


August 21, 2013


Consultative Project Management is not a competitive differentiator. It is a necessity if you wish to compete at any level in this industry.


August 21, 2013


TOP 3 “Did You Know?” Moments From ILTA 2013 • Did you know most corporations do not have document management systems? • Did you know that TAR, CAR, and Predictive Coding are being used interchangeably by leading industry experts? • Did you know that there were more vendors, law firm, and corporate attendees at this year’s ILTA than any year prior? (3K+)


August 28, 2013


Application of e-discovery technology to assist in agendas of Information Governance are being explored but not readily accepted or utilized aggressively in the current corporate marketplace. Professionals who seek these skills and experiences will increase their marketability as the industry matures.


August 28, 2013


TOP 3 Must-Know Statistics About The Current State Of The e-Discovery Job Market •

East vs. West: The New York marketplace still maintains the most opportunity in the country. The East Coast dwarfs the West with its abundance of opportunity (and available talent). 

WDC Drought: There is an unusual drought of talent at the Project Management level with firm experience in the Washington, D.C. area. Firms in D.C. are no longer being shy about relocating talent to fill PM and Senior PM roles in their Litigation Support groups. If you are willing to move to D.C., now is a great time to be looking; salaries are increasing in D.C. to match NY rates for truly seasoned talent. 

Develop This!: More and more exhibitors at ILTA are developing their own technology. There is a slow uptick in demand for software developers, managers, and engineers for companies making the “proprietary tool” play in the space.


September 4, 2013


Mid-September to mid-November are always the busiest hiring weeks of the year. There will be opportunity in abundance and lots of movement in the job market in the coming weeks and months.

TOP 3 Reasons To Make A Job Move In The 4th Quarter •

Client demand is intense in the fall; thus, firms and vendors are more willing to pay top dollar for top talent to fulfill client needs.

Firms, vendors, and corporations are gearing up for 2014 business objectives. Joining in the fourth quarter allows you to ramp up and hit the ground running before the new year.

Hiring managers tend to make hiring decisions faster in Q4, accelerating the search process.


September 10, 2013


Keep a professional “wish list” of companies you admire or might want to work for in the future. It is always helpful to admire your competitors. One day you might join them.

TOP 3 Things To Consider When Creating A Professional Wish List •

Visibility: Is perception reality or has this company done an amazing job of making themselves known in the community? Look for the people who are easy to find, and then evaluate deeper into the organization.

Culture: Does the organization have little turnover? Do people get promoted from within on a consistent basis? Does the company often add to staff rather than replace departures? If the answer is yes, these are signs of a solid culture.

Unique Differentiator: What makes them stand out in the crowd? What makes this company unlike any other company they compete with in the marketplace? If you believe in the differentiator then you will likely fit the culture and fight for the company’s success as if it were your own.


September 17, 2013


Every person you work with and for is an opportunity for you to gain a personal or work reference. While doing excellent work is obviously important, take the time to build those relationships with your client and supervisor to the point that they would be willing to put their name behind yours.


September 24, 2013


There are many ways you as a manager can assist in the professional development of your litigation support staff…for free!

TOP 3 Free Ways To Help Your Staff Develop Professionally •

Vendor Demos. Vendors love to give demos and WebEx’s. Having a monthly forum where service providers showcase their emerging technologies to your staff helps them have perspective on the market and encourages dialogue about how the department can improve with new strategic partners. 

Post-Mortem. How many managers are doing case-by-case post-mortems with their litigation support staff? This exercise allows everyone to identify, as a group, what the successes and failures were throughout the lifecycle of a now dormant case and address how to improve the process for next time.

Professional Affiliation. Encourage your staff to learn from others in the e-discovery community. Association and volunteering of your time and talent to a professional group will enhance your professional experience and that of others. Nothing has more potential than direct knowledge transfer from peers in the industry.


October 1, 2013


Hiring managers: Use the interview process as an exercise in marketing for all your interviewees. Every person you interview should leave excited and interested in working for your company, even if you are not planning to hire them. 

TOP 3 Ways To Inspire And Excite Interviewees About Your Brand On An Interview •

Origin Story: Tell the interviewee how the company was built, grown, and what your participation in that process has been. Knowing the humble beginning of an organization helps a prospective hire appreciate the time it has taken others to build the brand and inspires them to be part of that story.

Love the Job: Use the word “love.” Tell the prospective hires why you love working there. Keep it simple, digestible, and basic: “I love this job because….”

Evolvers: Be sure to include examples of how others have grown into more advanced roles while at your company. Potential employees want to know about people whose success has been recognized in the form of upward mobility. Stories like this inspire an employee to have a vision of themselves at your company beyond the immediate job requirements and needs. This tactic is especially useful when interviewing lateral hires.


October 8, 2013


“A goal without a timeline is simply a dream.” - Robert Herjavec, Shark Tank


October 15, 2013


True SQL and Relativity skills are a powerful combination right now. If you have experience in both and want to stay on the administrative side of litigation support, you are a hot commodity right now!


October 15, 2013


TOP 3 Trends This Month From TRU Recruiters From Around The Country •

Competing e-discovery software companies are looking to “disrupt the status quo” in a Relativity-laden marketplace.

San Francisco and Silicon Valley e-discovery and litigation support professionals could benefit from being “more open-minded” about potential career paths if they are looking for growth.

“Analytics” was the buzzword at RelativityFest, and kCura’s dominance in the market is self-evident from the attendee participation last week in Chicago.


October 22, 2013


Understanding the greater political and business dynamics of the e-discovery marketplace is an essential way to distinguish yourself as a sophisticated and savvy industry professional.

TOP 3 Dynamics To Monitor In Your Industry To Heighten Your Professional Savvy •

Monitor when a company gets acquired, merges, folds, or opens its doors.

Monitor when a company has a change in executive leadership.

Monitor a company’s quarterly earnings reports and stock trading.


October 29, 2013


e-Discovery is a very small industry. Every ally you make is someone who may do you a favor or speak highly of you years down the road in your career. Every unfavorable impression you make can be a moment not forgotten. Make the most of your moments and always fight to make everyone an ally, even your competitors.

TOP 3 Reasons To Make Allies Out Of Competitors •

Cost sharing. Sometimes the best way to win a deal is to bring in a partner who offers something similar, but different. Perhaps a hosting/processing company that partners with a managed review provider to win a master service agreement. Share the cost, share the spoils, win more big business.

Overflow. Often, companies in e-discovery can only handle a certain volume of work. Good alliances with competitors could prove cost effective when volume becomes a challenge, whether related to collecting, processing, hosting, or reviewing documents.

Future investment. Often tangential or even direct competitors invest in other companies or even acquire them. Know that today’s direct competitor could become your angel investor or your boss down the road! 187

November 5, 2013


Know the “cost of sale” for each of your clients if you are a professional e-discovery sales rep! Sales managers across the globe are more closely scrutinizing the cost of sales for all their reps in an effort to evaluate and mitigate the expense associated with “wooing” business from new and existing clients.


November 5, 2013


TOP 3 Ways To Entertain Clients Without Spending A Fortune •

Bring Them Home With You. Nothing is more meaningful than inviting someone you do business with into your home. If you are truly a relationship-driven sales professional, sometimes a home-cooked meal and insight into the family life of the person you buy services from can mean much more than a thousand dollar dinner.

Unique Cultural Events. There are free and cheap local cultural events in every city across the country. Sometimes getting a client out of the office, out of their comfort zone, and exposing them to something truly local and unique creates a memory that lasts a lifetime. Great sales professionals are great cultural attachés.

Raise Money Together. Collaborating with a client on a charitable event that is meaningful to you raises funds for a good cause, focuses positive energy toward a common purpose, and often involves physical activity (a walk or run) which can unite people who are looking to see if the needed chemistry is there to partner beyond charitable endeavors. 191

November 12, 2013


Washington, D.C. has been the busiest city for new hiring of e-discovery staff in 2013 to date.

TOP 3 Reasons To Relocate To Washington, D.C. For e-Discovery Work •

Government agencies provide a wealth of opportunity for talent at all levels of experience to find jobs in e-discovery that are focused on quality of life. (No overtime!)

Current D.C. talent has shown reluctance to move jobs in recent months; as a result, employers are much more willing to consider and compensate relocation candidates.

D.C. offers a wealth of cultural, educational, academic, spiritual, and social diversity for families or singles.


November 19, 2013


If you are late for an interview, no matter how late, always apologize to the interviewer. An apology might warrant forgiveness and the lack of one might mean the end of your consideration.


November 19, 2013


TOP 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions On A Sales Interview • What is your current quota/revenue generated/base salary/total compensation with commission? • Why do you believe you will be successful selling our brand and services? • What is the largest engagement you have sold and how did you succeed in getting and retaining the client?


November 26, 2013


This week is Thanksgiving. Be sure to take the time to tell people you do business with how thankful you are for them!

TOP 3 Reasons To Be Thankful That Your Career Is In e-Discovery • e-Discovery is a booming industry with tremendous amounts of growth opportunity, both horizontal and vertical, available in the market. • e-Discovery is a tough industry to break into if you are not already in it. Be thankful you found a way in! • e-Discovery salaries continue to rise 10-20% year over year!


December 3, 2013


Having your JD is a key differentiator for job seekers in e-discovery.

TOP 3 Career Pathways For Non-Practicing JDs • Sales: Many service providers prefer or even require a JD to sell their solutions. • Project Management: More and more law firms want their senior project managers to be attorneys, particularly if the firm has a heavily outsourced model for e-discovery processing and hosting services. • T.A.R. Consultant: Whether employed by a firm, vendor, or corporation, an attorney who understands how to harness analytic tools will have a powerful future in the legal industry. 201

December 9, 2013


Proofread your résumé! A typo can and almost always will lead to you not getting the job as a result, particularly at a law firm.

TOP 3 Typo Mistakes On e-Discovery Résumés • iConnect (is actually iCONECT) • Recomind (is actually Recommind) • Do not abbreviate Litigation Support as “LitSup”


December 17, 2013


Never take an interview on your cell phone in a cafÊ or out on the street. Always be in a location where you have crisp reception and no background noise.


December 17, 2013


TOP 3 Most Compelling Statistics In A Recent National Recruiter Survey • 79% of recruiters described the labor market as candidate-driven, up 12 percentage points from a year ago. • 42% of candidates refused job offers as a result of accepting an offer with another company, up from 33% in the first half of 2013. • 25% of employers are presenting job offers within two weeks of the first interview, up about 6 points from the first half of 2013. (for full survey article visit: http://bit.ly/1fnjS76)


December 31, 2013


Start your new year off with clear goals and objectives about what you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. Professional planning is the key to professional success.

TOP 3 Professional Resolutions For 2014 • Spend more time working on your career, not just in your career. • Avoid taking business matters personally. • In order to take charge, you must find time to recharge.


January 6, 2014


In 2014, vendors will buy other vendors not for their talent or technology, but for their client base.

TOP 3 Questions To Ask Yourself At The Top Of 2014 If You Are An e-Discovery Vendor • How much client retention is based on the quality and caliber of the project managers’ customer service and skill set? • What is the average cost of net new client acquisition, including the sales talent and sales expense reports? • What is the #1 competitive differentiator of your organization?


January 13, 2014


Delete the objective from your résumé. The objective is to get the job. Instead, have a brief summary overview of your skills and accomplishments/milestones in place of an objective.


January 13, 2014


TOP 3 Reasons To Attend LegalTech NY 2014 • Networking with peers is essential to personal success, and this is the most widely attended event in the industry. • Vendors are showcasing their “latest and greatest” technology at LTNY, and this is your opportunity to get exposed to them all in a short period of time. • LTNY is typically one of the busiest weeks of the year for “final interviews” for TRU candidates. Executives from across the country are in attendance and it’s a great way to meet all the decision makers necessary for a company or firm to make an offer!


January 21, 2014


We are seeing an increasing desire from corporate and AmLaw clientele for their preferred e-discovery service providers to offer an “all-in-one� solution, and that includes document and managed review without channel partnership.


January 28, 2014


Attending LegalTech New York is a necessity for anyone in this industry. Passes are free to walk the vendor floor and attend certain sessions. Participation makes you part of the community, a critical element to professional distinction when seeking vertical mobility.

TOP 3 Reasons To Attend LegalTech NY, Whether You Are An Entry Level Professional Or A Seasoned Veteran • New Technology: Providers will be showcasing their “latest and greatest” and this information will be the catalyst for endless conversation with new and existing clients. • Relationship Building: It’s a great event to meet those from across the country with whom you have only spoken on the phone.   • Visibility: See and be seen by the community. Make your presence known. 219

February 4, 2014


Having a clear set of goals and agendas before attending a conference will make the conference experience more rewarding and focused.

TOP 3 Goals For LegalTech NY 2014   • To observe and identify a new, disruptive technology emerging in the e-discovery space • To meet 10 people whom I have never met before that share my passion for e-discovery and to be inspired by the potential for collaboration • To have an “aha moment” about a process, procedure, or protocol that I thought I understood, but now have new and valuable perspective on thanks to knowledge shared at the conference


February 11, 2014


A phone call is always better than an email when delivering information of a personal, confidential, or time sensitive nature. An email is a great immediate follow-up to complement a missed call. 


February 11, 2014


TOP 3 Takeaways And Winners From LegalTech 2014 •

“Predictive Coding/Legal Analytics” and “Information Governance” may be the buzzwords de jour, but their adoption rates are still very limited and providers will not likely see revenue spikes as a result of integrating these services until 2015 and beyond.

“Managed Services” is the phrase of 2014, with tremendous adoption rates in the law firm and corporate community. Iris Data Services has clearly established themselves as the market leader in this genre with many competitors following closely in their footsteps.  

“Consolidation” is going to be aggressive this year. With banks, investors, and venture capitalists in far greater attendance, having specific panels targeted to them, it is clear that roll-up will be a necessary function of the continued health of the industry at large.


February 17, 2014


When interviewing, whether you are the interviewer or interviewee, try to avoid asking and answering questions in the hypothetical. Focus on storytelling and concrete examples from your work history that are demonstrative of your expertise.

TOP 3 Stories To Tell On A Typical e-Discovery Interview • Your experience working with a difficult or challenging partner or associate, and how you successfully won their trust and acceptance of technology and process • The biggest or most complicated case you worked on, why it was so challenging, and how you helped achieve order and success • What your greatest milestone achievement professionally has been and what the keys to your success leading up to that milestone were 227

February 24, 2014


A successful interview is all about preparation. TOP 3 Acronyms You Should Think About When Organizing Your Interview Preparation • SWOT: A matrix used to analyze the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats in a particular project.  • STAR: A job interview technique where you are asked to present the Situation, Task, Action, and Results for a recent challenge.  • SOARA: A job interview technique where you are asked to present the Situation, Objective, Action, Results, and Aftermath of a recent challenge.


March 3, 2014


Statistics compiled by the National Employment Association confirm the fact that over 80% of those people who elected to accept a counter offer from a current employer and stayed at that employer are no longer with the same company six months later.

TOP 3 Things To Consider Before Accepting A Counter Offer • You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy. From this day on, your loyalty will always be in question. • The same circumstances that caused you to consider a change will repeat themselves in the future, even if you accept a counter offer. • Counter offers are usually nothing more than stall devices to give your employer time to replace you. 231

March 10, 2014


More and more in today’s e-discovery and litigation support job market, law firms want to hire talent with law firm experience and vendors want to hire talent with vendor experience. TOP 3 Side Effects Of Law Firms Focused On Hiring

Talent With Firm Experience, And Vendors With Vendor Experience

• The lifecycle of placements, especially at firms, from a job being posted to a job being filled has extended by an average of 6-8 weeks (4-6 weeks at vendors). • There is significantly less talent interested and available for law firms to pick from. • Firms are increasing their compensation packages to attract passive job seekers from other law firms. Vendors are decreasing their compensations and investing in up-and-comers who are quickly trainable. 233

March 17, 2014


Don’t hesitate! To our clients: Right now active job seekers in litigation support and e-discovery are garnering multiple offers at increased compensations. If you meet someone you really like, don’t hesitate! Make an offer and make a strong one, or you might lose the almost perfect candidate that you thought would solve your needs.

TOP 3 Reasons To Make Decisive Offers In Today’s E-Discovery Job Market • A decisive offer lets a candidate know you are serious about this hire and that the need for their talents has a sense of urgency. • Losing an ideal candidate can often delay your hiring timeline by four to eight weeks. • March, April, and May are always the busiest hiring months of the year in this industry. There are lots of opportunities for talent right now to consider and there will be lots of movement in the coming months. 235

March 25, 2014


For all job seekers: Please be mindful not to use ALL CAPS on résumés, because you lose the safety net of spellcheck. Most spelling errors occur in ALL CAPS on résumés.


March 25, 2014


TOP 3 Questions To Avoid Asking On A First Interview •

“What is the work-life balance like?” New employers expect a “give all” attitude from new hires, especially in litigation support. Whether intentional or not, asking this question on a first interview sends the message that you are not looking for a job that requires meaningful overtime. Explore this question on future interviews, but not on the first one.

“Can you tell me about the benefits: vacation, 401K, tuition reimbursement?” This is a question for a final round with Human Resources and is often putting the cart before the horse. Don’t waste your precious time on a first interview asking questions about things that will not help you do well on the second interview.

“How can I move up vertically in the organization?” This sends a message that you are looking to move up before moving in to the organization. Try redirecting the question to frame how you might grow professionally in this role and in this company, rather than vertical mobility.


March 31, 2014


The higher your base compensation requirements, the fewer opportunities there will be for you in the e-discovery job market.

TOP 3 Reasons Why Law Firms Are Overpaying for e-Discovery Talent •

Law firms do not want to groom and train talent. They want project managers from competing law firms with solid pedigree and brand-specific technical skills and are willing to overpay for exactly what they want.

Law firms are generally less concerned about their profit margins than vendors, and therefore pay top dollar to get seasoned, experienced, customer service-oriented project managers and analysts into their firm—and quickly.

Since most law firms have not had a need to hire manager or director level talent for many years, more budget is being allocated to elevate the project management and regional management ranks within the firm.


April 7, 2014


Working in a temporary or contract opportunity is better than not working at all as you are looking to land your next full time job in e-discovery.

TOP 3 Reasons Why Working In Contract Positions Are Good For Your Career •

Your odds of being seen for interviews for permanent positions are significantly increased if you are contracting versus not working at all.

Contracting allows you to meet more people, build a broader professional network, and foster relationships that could lead to big opportunities in the future.

Learning a variety of different cultures, workflows, technologies and processes through contract and temporary work can often make you a much more seasoned professional in a short amount of time.


April 14, 2014


Communication is key. This phrase may feel cliché, but its importance rings truer than ever in today’s hiring decisions. Technical acumen and skills may get you an interview, but confident and clear communication skills will get you your dream job as well as real professional growth potential. Assess your strengths and hone your skills in communicating complex topics in a way that resonates with a broad audience.

TOP 3 Ways To Assess The Current Strength Of Your Communication Style •

Create a habit of inviting feedback on your written and oral communication skills from colleagues. The more often you ask, the more likely you are to make people comfortable offering productive feedback.

Ask someone close to you (e.g., a sibling, spouse, long-time friend or colleague) to describe your communication skills in three words.

Ask your recruiter to offer feedback on your communication strengths and weaknesses.


April 21, 2014


It is too easy to evaluate a position (as employer or employee) through the lens of salary and total compensation. Look beyond compensation numbers and measure contribution and success by the value of the work you are deriving or delivering.

TOP 3 Ways To Create And Measure Value To Your Organization •

Improved Standards: Engage in projects or initiatives that create new standards of service. Go beyond the simple task at hand and improve the process or documentation of the process so your stamp of involvement is known and helps the organization at large.

Elevate Organizational Brand: Be a positive example of your organization as you interact with the industry at large. Serve as an ombudsman for professionalism and competence reflected in your organization. This is more easily measured today through social media where your employer can see the influence you have within your sphere of expertise. 

Profitability: Top line numbers are a hollow measure of value. Track your impact on profitability and use that as a key indicator of value.


April 28, 2014


The 2014 ACEDS Conference has proven to be a wonderful venue for connections and intercommunication between corporations, law firms, and the providers who service them.

TOP 3 Quotes From Day One At The 2014 ACEDS Conference •

“We have to bring the costs down in litigation.” – Hon. David Waxse

“Discovery is not the time to fight. The courtroom is… but these days most cases are never getting to trial.” – Hon. Alicia Otazo-Reyes

“Predictive Coding by some standards is just research by roulette.” – Bill Speros, Esq.


May 5, 2014


Attending conferences is part of every industry expert’s professional development. We strongly advise every e-discovery professional attend at least one, but ideally two conferences a year.

TOP 3 Reasons To Attend The ACEDS Conference Next Year •

Speakers did not “pay to play;” therefore, content from panelists is less driven by salesmanship and more driven by education (and invitation).

The attendee list was much smaller than many other conferences and this, at times, fostered more meaningful connections between attendees beyond simply shaking hands and moving on to the next person.

There was a high percentage of attendees from the corporate sector and much lower percentage of vendor attendees, allowing for deeper exploration of corporate agendas and personalities. 251

May 12, 2014


Every role, at every company, in every industry, requires some modicum of salesmanship. If you are looking to exponentiate your earning potential, consider shoring up and deepening your business relationships.

TOP 3 Ways To Integrate “Selling” Into Your Daily Professional Habits •

Take a lunch or coffee meeting at least once a week with a colleague or professionals in your industry to talk about what they do, what you do, and how you might learn or help each other.

Be welcoming and accommodating to vendors and sales professionals. You might be working with them some day.

Get involved with social media. Read articles, tweet them, and re-tweet others in the industry you think have compelling things to contribute.


May 20, 2014


If you are more than two minutes late for a call, apologize for being late immediately once connected.


May 20, 2014


TOP 3 FAQs From The Bay Area Community During A Recent Trip To California • Where is there to go professionally at a law firm once you are a Senior Project Manager? • Why is there so much less opportunity in the Bay Area market than in New York and Washington, D.C.? • How do I get a job at an in-house corporate legal department?


May 27, 2014


TOP 3 Positive Hiring Trends For May/June 2014 •

Hiring for more seasoned professionals making $150-200K in base salary is up! There are a number of rare and coveted director and manager level roles open and available at firms, consultancies, corporations, and vendors.

Hiring for entry level professionals is up! Demand for the “next generation” of e-discovery professionals with 6-18 months’ experience is increasing as we head into summer and as providers look to groom younger talent at lower cost rather than hire for experience. Salaries range from $40-65K for these professionals.

Hiring demand for sales talent is up (peak demand for 2014 to date). However, available talent is scarce and providers are beginning to look outside the industry for fresh talent. Base salaries can range from $80-175K, sometimes higher. But the higher the base, the greater/faster the expectation of revenue generation.


June 2, 2014


First interviews are generally about one thing: getting a second interview. First interviews lean towards a candidate selling themselves to a company, while second interviews often are more about the company selling themselves to the candidate.

TOP 3 Mistakes Candidates Make On First Interviews •

Too demanding: A first interview is like a first date. It’s good to have ambitions and professional goals, but a first interview is not the time to lay out a series of demands and requirements unless you are the employer.

Stories lack detail: First interviews are often about storytelling. A good story has a beginning, middle, and end. A good story has detail: problem, solution, size and scope, nature of client demand, your role, technology used, etc.

Pricing yourself out: A first interview is not the time to talk specific compensation. Be honest about what you are making and that you are looking for an increase in compensation but be wary of laying down a specific compensation number you require. You might price yourself out or underbid yourself. 261

June 9, 2014


One question every interviewer will ask you on a first interview is, “What is motivating you to make a move?” Your answer can reveal more about you than you think!

TOP 3 Things That Are Motivating Candidates This Month •

“I’m bored.” Many seasoned professionals are simply stuck doing the same things and are looking for reinvention.

“I want to learn Relativity.” Many e-discovery professionals feel they are behind the curve if they do not have Relativity experience and are willing to make career moves to get it.

“I want more money.” Candidates in today’s market still feel underpaid and, with demand at an all-time high this month, compensation is absolutely attracting talent.


June 16, 2014


If you are looking to hire talent that has in-house corporate experience as a project manager or higher, salary demands for that talent easily exceed 140-150K on the base.

TOP 3 Reasons In-House Corporate Talent Are Leaving To Join Vendors And Consultancies •

Increased compensation. Vendors want talent who have directly worked in-house at a Fortune 1000, and most are willing to pay for it.

Faster Pace. Things can move slowly inside a corporation, and some professionals want accelerated growth, opportunity, and exposure.

Vertical Mobility. There can be a concrete ceiling of growth in e-discovery inside a corporation, and consultancies and vendors provide far more vertical mobility.


June 23, 2014


The contract/temporary job market for seasoned e-discovery project managers has been explosive in recent months and is a great way to break in to an in-house corporate position in the Fortune 1000.


July 1, 2014


Certification is gaining more credibility in the job market. Employers are finally starting to increase the value of an individual’s compensation based on certifications. TOP 3 Certifications Hiring Decision-Makers Are Looking For As Part Of Their List Of Qualifications •

RCA: Relativity Certified Administrators. Those who earn RCA certificates are recognized as experts in administering Relativity, a web-based e-discovery platform for review, analysis and production.

PMP: Project Management Professional. The PMP is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. This certification helps prepare candidates for managerial and project-based positions.

IAPP: International Association of Privacy Professionals. A certification for privacy and data protection professionals. IAPP certification is a key benchmark among top employers, opening the door to career advancement, higher earning potential and an elevated professional profile. 269

July 7, 2014


A recent national survey shows that San Jose and San Francisco are the top two cities for employee satisfaction.


July 7, 2014


TOP 3 Cities With The Most e-Discovery Job Opportunities • New York (with over 35% of domestic jobs in e-discovery) • Washington, D.C. • Chicago (now surpassing West Coast cities for volume of opportunity)


July 14, 2014


Between 2013 and 2014, the volume of e-discovery sales hires made in the industry has decreased by almost 30%.

TOP 3 Reasons Why Vendors Are Hiring Fewer Sales Professionals •

Good (even decent) sales reps in e-discovery are not looking to move around as much as they used to. Any rep making over $5MM (maybe $2MM) is unlikely to find much reason to change companies and start over unless there is extreme upfront financial incentive, an equity stake opportunity, or a cataclysmic event in their personal or professional life that demands immediate job relocation.

Vendors are hiring more consultants instead. Whether large or small, providers are finding that their consultants are responsible for closing—and often bringing in—net new business. Service providers are hiring more consultants with a variable comp tied to sales, sales assistance, or both as part of their comp plan.

The sales cycle for hiring e-discovery representatives has significantly increased. Failure is expensive, and vendors are fearful of paying top dollar for someone who may not deliver. Sales hires can now take between one month and one year (or longer). 275

July 22, 2014


If someone gives you the time of day…take it! A five minute interview can be enough to make a meaningful impression. TOP 3 Ways To Quickly Make A Meaningful Impression In A Five Minute Interview •

Have Your Pitch Down. Being able to quickly tell someone who you are, what your milestones have been, and why you want the job in less than 30 seconds is essential. Having your “pitch” down shows preparation, clarity and articulation of thought, and confidence.

Listen. Don’t feel like you have to tell them everything. How you listen is just as important as what you say. Try to wait two seconds after a person is done talking before you respond to ensure their thought has been finished.

Focus on Essentials. You won’t have a lot of time to get into the nuances of the opportunity. Focus on keys to success, immediate needs in the role, and what they need to know about your work history and skill set.


July 29, 2014


Getting stuck in a lengthy background and reference check can lead to incoming employees becoming frustrated with the clearance process and sometimes taking other opportunities.

TOP 3 Ways Clients Can Expedite The Clearance Process With New Hires •

Start running references before the final interview and before the offer is extended. Most candidates won’t want you calling their current employer anyway until they have accepted, so references will be from previous employers, most of whom can be contacted immediately.

Have candidates fill out the background check approval forms at the first interview, not the last. Having that paperwork ready to submit for clearance as part of the initial interview process is ideal, even if the check is not submitted until later in the process. Many clients have candidates fill out such forms and return them via email before even interviewing.

Talk about money often. Many clients begin talking about salary expectations early in the process. Money is funny and it is ideal to have transparent expectations about compensation set and reset through the interview process. Remember, no candidate likes surprises when they get an offer (unless they are wildly generous ones). 279

August 11, 2014


When an opportunity arises in a third tier geography that you have a desire to move to (or are already located in) and there are rarely opportunities in that market, move on the opportunity! There may not be another opportunity like it in that geography for months or even years.

TOP 3 Geographies With Rare Opportunities That People Want To Move To •

Europe. Candidates are always asking for opportunities to be sponsored and relocate to Europe. These are very rare, but we do see them from time to time.


Austin. A town famous for its culture and progressiveness, but not famous for its abundance of e-discovery opportunities. We occasionally see openings for Austin.


Portland. Also famous (perhaps infamous thanks to Portlandia!) for its culture and lower cost of living, but rarely offers robust job opportunities in lit support, but we do get them sometimes.


August 25, 2014


If you are not attending the ILTA conference, you are missing out on a major networking and industry intelligence opportunity.

TOP 3 Reasons To Attend ILTA • ILTA is categorically the best peer networking event in the legal technology community.  • ILTA always has the best Day One keynote speaker of any conference in the industry. This year’s speaker was prophetic and gave us all a glimpse into the future.  • Clients are more relaxed this time of year and at this conference and personal connections are often easier to make (or rekindle).


September 3, 2014


TOP 3 Legal Technology Hiring Trends To Anticipate For The Fall Of 2014 • Sales staffing and middle management staffing will occur aggressively in September and October. Companies and law firms will want to bolster their business development efforts headed into Q4 and rebuild management in preparation for 2015 growth and expansion.  • Late September through early November are typically the busiest six weeks of hiring in e-discovery. Many people will switch jobs, causing a chain reaction of new openings that must be filled quickly. • Many companies and law firms will look to spend their headcount budget at the very end of 2014 (so that they get the same or more budget in 2015). Expect a surge of project management and technician-level hiring in late November and all of December. 285

September 8, 2014


Clients at service providers are bolstering their management staff this month!

TOP 3 Positions Vendors Will Hire For This Quarter • Middle Management: Managers of PMs, Infrastructure, and Client Services • Sales and Business Development professionals • Consultants (particularly in Info Gov, Info Sec, and Privacy


September 15, 2014


Offers will be made and accepted quickly at the end of the year. Clients who make their best offers first and fast will likely win the war for talent.

TOP 3 Reasons Why e-Discovery Candidates Decline Offers • They have received another offer elsewhere and have decided to take it instead. • They feel that a company (or in-house department) is not progressive/unique enough and may not survive in the e-discovery market long-term. • The compensation or variable compensation is below their desired expectations.


September 29, 2014


Some contractors in e-discovery can make as much hourly compensation in four to six months as their permanent employee counterparts in the industry make in an entire year.

TOP 3 Reasons e-Discovery Professionals Are Leaving Permanent Jobs For Contract Jobs • Greater compensation achieved in a shorter amount of time • Opportunity to work in-house at a corporate legal department • Opportunity to work on landmark cases that are challenging in size, scope, and complexity


October 6, 2014


Just Google the words “counter offer” and you will find leading experts, statisticians, and staffers agree that extending or accepting a counter offer is rarely a good idea.

TOP 3 Reasons Not To Accept A Counter Offer • From the day you accept a counter offer, your loyalty will always be in question. You have now made your employer aware that you are unhappy. • When the company experiences tough times, counter offer acceptors are often the first ones to get laid off. • The National Employment Association reports year after year that approximately 89% of people who accept a counteroffer are not with their company six months later.


October 13, 2014


““The difference between a project manager and a consultant is that a consultant is comfortable asking their clients about other matters they can possibly work on for them and unafraid to mine for additional business.” – e-Discovery Client Services Manager

TOP 3 Differences Between A Project Manager And A Consultant  •

A PM delivers service; a consultant builds a book of business and delivers service.

A PM is typically very hands-on in the daily workflow of projects; a consultant is looking for the next big problem to solve or project to bring in.

A consultant provides leadership and solutions; a PM executes those solutions. 295

October 21, 2014


TOP 3 Recent Acquisitions In e-Discovery That You Need To Know About • Xerox acquires SmartData Consulting (after an acquisition of Lateral Data’s Viewpoint) • DTI acquires Falcon (after a series of powerful mergers with Applied, Daticon/EED, and more) • Advanced Discovery acquires Responsive in D.C. (after taking an undisclosed amount of VC funding several months ago)


October 27, 2014


Become a better Sales Professional by becoming a better listener.

TOP 3 Tips For Being A Better Listener (And Sales Professional) • Always wait two seconds after the person you are speaking with has finished talking to ensure they have finished talking, then jump in! • Always make direct eye contact to let the “sender” know you are “receiving” the communication. • Repeating key information that highlights a digestion of that information is key. This is also key in crafting Thank You letters and emails.


November 3, 2014


Never list on your LinkedIn profile that you are “currently seeking opportunities” or “searching for the next big thing.” This often gives a false impression of desperation or uncertainty about the focus of your job search. (Special credit to Anne Pearson, Paralegal Bootcamp, on this tip!)

TOP 3 “DOs” For LinkedIn Profiles •

Do include a photo of yourself that is professional and polished. Lack of a photo often gives people pause.

Do list your work history exact to the month (not the year) and make sure these dates match your résumés exactly. Consistency between résumé and LinkedIn Profile is essential to interview success.

Do include and make available your personal and professional email. Some LinkedIn connections will want to communicate with you to your work account, others may not. It is often good to create a separate “professional personal” email account for this specific reason. 301

November 10, 2014


Generosity is a muscle that must get flexed and worked often. Look for opportunities to do others professional favors, and you will find favors are returned to you—without you having to ask.

TOP 3 Ways To Show Professional Generosity •

Connect Others. Introducing professional contacts who can mutually benefit from knowing each other is one of the greatest acts of professional generosity one can pursue. 

Be A Mentor. Offering your seasoned experience to those who are up-and-coming helps them make the industry better by being better professionals. Everyone needs a mentor. Look for opportunities to share your knowledge with others.

Share Opportunities. Whether it’s sharing business leads, co-writing an article, inviting someone onto a panel, or letting someone know about a worthwhile conference, look for ways to share opportunities with people in your network you want to help. 303

November 17, 2014


TOP 3 Gender Statistics for JDs in the USA • 1st year Enrollment is 52.2% Male; 47.8% Female  • Total JD Enrollment is 53% Male; 47% Female • JDs Awarded is 52.7% Male; 47.3% Female


November 24, 2014


Take a moment this week to tell your boss and co-workers what you are thankful for at work. You’ll be surprised how far a little humility and sincerity goes!

TOP 3 Things We Are Most Thankful for at TRU •

We are thankful to be part of an industry that continues to change, evolve, grow, and challenge us as agents and talent representatives. This industry is like no other, and we are proud to be part of the legal technology community. Thank you!

We are thankful for the people we work with who send us referrals. Referrals are the highest form of flattery in our business, and a large percentage of the people we represent come from referrals. Thank you!

We are thankful for the loyalty our clients and candidates continue to entrust in us. TRU has continued to expand into new verticals in the last few years and this is a result of you, our clients and candidates, trusting us to grow with your careers and companies into new territory, remaining loyal and collaborative along the way. Thank you! 307

December 3, 2014


Staying relevant in your field can be challenging but it is a necessity for professional growth and vertical mobility.

TOP 3 Ways To Stay Relevant In e-Discovery •

Mentorship. Who is your mentor? If you don’t have one, get one! Everyone needs someone to look up to and share ideas about themselves and their career without judgment. Mentors also are usually people that are thought leaders in a particular space and can help you see the bigger picture within an industry.

Publications. What are you reading every morning before work that is about your profession? There are many fantastic legal technology news publications that take less than 10 minutes to digest each morning. These keep you relevant and are great conversation pieces at the water cooler.

Personal Connections. Who have you met this month that’s a new person in the legal technology community? Meeting new people and hearing their ideas keeps you informed and keeps you part of a conversation. You can’t stay relevant if you aren’t talking to people. 309

December 8, 2014


Don’t be fooled into thinking broader declining hiring trends in other industries apply to e-discovery when it comes to the volume of available end-of-year opportunities (or quality candidates).

TOP 3 Myths About End-Of-Year Hiring Trends •

Good candidates aren’t looking for jobs in December. Myth! End of year is a time when professionals of all caliber are re-evaluating their professional paths and goals for the future

Candidates are waiting for their year-end bonuses. Myth! Many service providers have moved variable compensation payments into quarterly cycles, and most firms are not bonusing e-discovery professionals more than 10% of their base

Desirable clients are not hiring until 2015. Myth! Clients often are spending 2014 budgets to ensure renewal of same or greater budgets in 2015. Furthermore, e-discovery needs come when they come, and that is usually consistent. Clients from all verticals are always hiring. 311

December 15, 2014


“Businesses are required to secure the sensitive information that consumers entrust to them, and cannot subject consumers to unnecessary risk by failing to provide prompt notice when that information is compromised or lost.” - Massachusetts State Attorney General, Martha Coakley

TOP 3 Reasons e-Discovery Professionals Should Learn More About Cybersecurity •

There is abundant demand for talent in cybersecurity and cyber-crime prevention. We anticipate this demand will increase exponentially in 2015.

Cybercrime is a “consulting gateway” to winning trust and new business from corporate clients. Having this service as part of your consultative portfolio opens the doors to more conversations around a corporation’s data, data infrastructure, and where you can help add value. Get “stickier” with clients!

Law firms who host their clients’ data for the sake of litigation are viewed as highly vulnerable to data breach and penetration. The AmLaw 200 will invest in talent and technology in 2015 to stay current with InfoSec standards. 313

December 22, 2014


The holiday time off is an ideal time to reflect on your career and prepare for a job search in 2015!

TOP 3 Career Questions To Reflect On Over The Holiday Break •

What do I love most about my job, and what I am yearning for more of professionally?

What am I currently getting from my supervisor in terms of mentorship, and what would I want more of from my future mentor?

What makes me similar and on par with my peers, and what makes me exceptional?


December 29, 2014


Reading industry publications (books, not just articles) specific to your subject matter expertise is critical to vertical and horizontal career mobility.

TOP 3 Books On TRU’s January “To Read” List •

The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals

Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing

Insiders’ Guide to Technology-assisted Review (E&Y)


ABOUT TRU STAFFING PARTNERS TRU Staffing Partners (www.trustaffingpartners.com) was founded in 2010 by Jared Coseglia and is a nationally-recognized, awardwinning search firm representing talent and opportunities in the legal industry, with an emphasis on e-discovery, legal project management, data analytics, cyber security, information governance, privacy, legal sales, and litigation support staffing. The company works with AmLaw 200, Fortune 1000 and technology service providers to bring unparalleled, personalized career consulting and staffing services to the growing community of professionals working in legal technology. TRU sponsors an annual e-Discovery Scholarship Program, bringing much-needed education and training opportunities to the industry. The company has been recognized as a top recruiting firm for the past three years through several industry awards, including Best of National Law Journal, Best of New York Law Journal and Best of Legal Times.

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TRU Tips: Volume 1: 2012-2014