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Trust-IT Services Ltd was established in 2002 with its Headquarters based in Middlesex, UK. Since 2008, TrustIT’s operational offices are in the heart of Tuscany, Italy, in downtown Pisa. Trust-IT designs and delivers communication platforms for the ICT industry. It is made up of a dynamic, enthusiastic, multinational team with over fifteen years of hands-on experience in the field of Communication services. Experience includes marketing, PR, international co-operation, event organisation and access to an extensive network of ICT contacts around the globe from business, to governmental and academic. Trust-IT’s delivery of tailored services is appreciated in rapidly evolving, internationally distributed communities in areas such as: Distributed Computing, Digital Repositories, Cloud Computing, Digital Libraries & Software Development.

Contacts Managing Director, Founder Silvana Muscella

Director Hilary Hanahoe


Telephone + 39 346 2233822



Optimising Media Relations. Managing PR. Maximising Visibilty One of Trust-IT’s core competences lies in developing communication strategies to effectively convey key messaging around the benefits of community engagement, breakthrough technologies, emerging trends & new ideas, as well as grand challenges for ICT advancement in Europe and globally. ›› Developing tailored communication plans with measurable goals. ›› Building on well-established press relations and “win-win” media partnerships with the scientific, trade and technology press to raise awareness and maximize visibility. ›› Designing newsletters, authoring articles and delivering in-depth analyses with the target community firmly in mind. ›› Conducting interviews with pioneers and leading figures to showcase key achievements and explore issues of interest to the ICT and wider community. ›› Producing high-impact press releases, delivering press conferences, roundtable debates, blog casts & live recordings from international events. ›› Establishing dissemination synergies with stakeholder support associations across a spectrum of sectors to underpin community outreach and event promotion.


“ Trust-IT is a prime organizer for ‘cloudy’ activities across EC projects and more, including OGF Europe. I’m sure you are already aware of its cloud working group (www. php?id=132) indeed its work is being presented at CloudWorld in San Fransisco in August. Trust-IT can help with introduction to the OGF Europe cloud folks”. William Fellows, Principal Analyst & Journalist, The 451 Group , US & UK

Typical KPI’s used in projects : - Target percentages of specialised magazines & periodicals; - Traditional & web-based covered during the planned timespan; - Customer satisfaction indexed through spontaneous or one to one interviews; - Marketing database community & depth; - Target event attendance.


Optimising Media Relations. Managing PR. Maximising Visibility Media Conferences

Science, Technology and Innovation

International Media Partnerships

The high-profile media conferences organized and moderated by Trust-IT at OGF23, June 2008 in Barcelona, brought together a distinguished panel of experts. The media conference generated a significant number of articles and filmed editions highlighting key discussion points. OGF23 Media Conference, June 2008 - attendants from enterprise, government and research “Read how the leading faces of grid computing see the future shaping up following a groundbreaking meeting at the recent Open Grid Forum 23 media conference in Barcelona, which brought together some of the key figures in European Grid research to look at the possible future applications affecting commerce, academia and beyond”. ‘Grid Computing Faces the Future’, eStrategies Projects, pp.10-13, in-depth feature on OGF23 Media Conference.


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Dissemination from more than 30 EU research projects OGF World Community Grid Keith Jeffery

Werner Vogels,, Mario Campolargo, EC and Jamie Shiers, co-ordinator of the worldwide LHC computing grid feature on the front cover of eStrategies Projects, July 2008.

Interviews 2009 for eNewsletters & IT websites Project directors, leaders of national and EU digital preservation programmes, researchers from industry R&D with background in Information and Controlling Systems & Software Architects.

Organising Events on ICT Related Themes ›› Professional, Pro-active & Innovative 360 degree international event organisation. ›› Flexible and dynamic multi-lingual team with the right contacts in EU27 & around the globe to ensure the right venue for your event. ›› Extensive network of contacts to guarantee the right participants attend your tailor-made event. ›› Pluri-annual experience in multi-platform event budgeting for Europe and the world. ›› Key Performance Indicators monitoring event success. ›› Engaging international media in various ICT sectors. ›› International media conferences with business, academic, research and policy representatives. ›› Content materials designed and provided before, during & post-event.


“Knowing there is an organisation that could handle the complexities of remote event management allowed me to feel confident that all of the preparations were well in hand... More importantly, seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the worldclass attendees’ faces during the event really demonstrated the positive impact Trust-IT had on every aspect on the summit... Trust-IT has continued to stay very engaged and crucial to the ongoing drive behind our ground-breaking efforts to create the global research library of the future”. Lee Dirks - Director, Education & Scholarly Communication, Microsoft External Research

OGF25 – Keynote Presentations

GRL2020 Website


Organising Events on ICT Related Themes Strategic Event Organisation

Executive Workshops

Close collaboration with Programme Committees; development of dedicated websites with online registration; payment facilities; production of event literature; targeted invites and confirmations to participants; on-site event & registration management; registration billing; programme development; speaker & participant recruitment & management and exploitation of global networks of contacts; fully-themed support material; dedicated on-site management.

GRL2020 Europe 2008 - 40 participants Event literature - Event position paper booklet Post event report printed and distributed to all participants.

International Conferences 4th EGEE User Forum, OGF25 & OGF-Europe International Event - 2009 - 650 participants Event literature - Conference programme printed and distributed to all participants - Sponsorship and Exhibition Packages - Poster & Demonstration Management. GRL2020 Position Papers


GRL2020 Post-event Report

A sample of events organised Date



The 23rd Open Grid Forum - OGF23, 2-6 June 2008

Barcelona, Spain


EuroIndia 2004, 24-26 New Delhi, March 2004 India


Euro-Southeast Asia Singapore 2006, 19-23 June 2006


GRL2020 - Asia 24-25 February 2009

Taipei, Taiwan 35

EGEE London Business Day 21 May 2008

London, UK


EGEE Business Day/ LinuxDays 2009, 3-5 July

 Geneva, Switzerland


Supporting & Reaching International, Complex, Scientific and Business Communities Direct interface with major stakeholders and EC Policy makers in helping to shape Europe and its activities related to Interoperability & Open Standards ›› Prime Mover and author of Interoperability & Open Standards initiatives in the field of Distributed Computing related to OGF (Open Grid Forum); ›› Trust-IT managing director is a member of OGF Board of Directors advising on global strategy and strategically positioning the activities of the organisation and pushing European efforts forward ›› Trust-IT pursues state of the art developments in the area of cloud computing and specifically encourages dialogue on the openness, interoperability and collaboration necessary in this field. ›› Network Gatherings are organised by Trust-IT to ensure standardisation efforts are kept as a top priority in Europe and globally.


“Silvana Muscella, the Executive Director of the OGF-Europe project. OGF-Europe (www. has been instrumental in promoting OGF standards, organizing events and doing community outreach, specifically in the European arena but with worldwide impact. Ms. Muscella is preparing a proposal to the EU for a follow-on project, OGFEurope-II (…)”. Craig Lee, President of OGF (

›› Strong engagement with the Clouds-Standards group.


Supporting & Reaching International, Complex, Scientific and Business Communities Trust-IT organised, developed & rapporteured the Global Research Library2020 events in Italy (2008) & Taiwan (2009). This involved interaction with top experts in their field worldwide and the editing of position papers and the production of post-event reports. This were delivered to major stakeholders including policy organisations & International press & media. As a result of GRL2020 Trust-IT co-authored a Global Research Data Infrastructure project involving leading academic and research experts from different domains. Moreover, the community Trust-IT developed for GRL2020 was instrumental for this.


Trust-IT played a lead role in the organisation and evolution of the agenda of the Cloudscape Workshop which took place on 14-15 Jan 2009 in Brussels, Belgium. Over 100 attendees came to the Marriott Hotel to listen to talks from International organisations through to SMEs to evaluate the current adoption landscape, analysis of expected future trends, and top-level challenges, particularly legal and policy issues, interoperability, standardisation, and service level agreements. Specialised talks from eBay, European Commission, BT, Engineering, Atos Origin, & The 451 Group. “From my vantage point on the opening panel at Cloudscape, I took a look around shortly after the event began, and counted ninety-five people in the room. About two thirds of these stayed to the end. I think this is a measure both of the strong interest in cloud computing, and of the quality of the event: good speakers who knew what they were talking about, and smooth effective organization�. Martin Antony Walker, Independent Consultant, formerly responsible for business in the scientific research segment of the high-performance computing market for Hewlett Packard in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Developing International Co-operation ›› Trust-IT since 2003 has been a catalyst for the creation of co-operation between Europe and Indian and Asia Pacific partners in ICT with access to a network of over 1,500 ICT players in India. ›› Broad Indian network of co-operation partners such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI), Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Manufacturers’ Association for Information Technology (MAIT) & The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). ›› Active support and involvement in the European & Indian Policy dialogue since 2004. ›› Co-operation involves showcasing technologies and research results to find potential research or future commercial partnerships. ›› Specific vertical market activities to target audiences primarily in the scientific community & industry. ICT theme cover: Grid computing, eHealth, Digital Repositories, Data Infrastructures, eGovernment.


“‘Technology is Power’, if I paraphrase Alvin Toffler. This statement is true today more than at any time in history, and it will continue to be so in the future. International Cooperation is also a must for any modern country. India must go for international co-operation on an equal partner basis”. Dr. R. Chidambaram, Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India. Source: e-Infrastructures across Europe & India Keynote Introduction

Silvana Muscella, Trust-IT Director, meeting EU Commissioner Likkanen on the occasion of EuroIndia2004. .

Welcome EuroIndia2004, Taj Palace, New Delhi, India.


Developing International Co-operation Trust-IT representatives were commissioned by the EC in 2004 to organise in its entirety, from Pisa, the first ever International co-operation ICT event entitled: “EuroIndia2004”. Over 1,200 ICT European & Indian IT experts from academia, research and Industry attended the Taj Palace in New Delhi, India for three days to discuss ICT trends and innovation. Principal sponsors: Alcatel, Infosys, SAP & ST Microelectronics. This event is repeated yearly as a result of EuroIndia2004.

Trust-IT Directors welcoming guests at the Alcatel sponsored cocktail

Trust-IT was the Communications Strategy and Conference Organiser for the ECHOGRID project (2007-2008) and defining communities in China & in Europe actively adopting Grid computing. In Co-operation with National Technical University of Athens (Greece), ATOS Origin (Spain),Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A., Italy - Thales, France. From China: Beihang University (China), Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences - Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences - National University of Defence Technology (China), Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd, (China) coordinated by GEIE ERCIM (France).

Ravi Jain, Vice-President, Tech Mahindra Ltd, remarked, ‘Euro-India ICT Co-operation (2002 to present) provides Indian enterprises with the opportunity to interact and network with experts from industry and academia. This coming together helps actors to innovate and develop solutions with the help of Information and Communication Technologies, addressing the challenges that we all face’.

Social Network hosted by Infosys


Building Online Communities Trust-IT’s community development services underpin marketing strategies that deliver effective messaging to a spectrum of target groups and markets with a special focus on “benefits” and “value-add”. ›› Quality-assured, tailor-made databases are continuously developed that are multi-sector and technology specific to identify pertinent stakeholders & beneficiaries in Europe and globally. ›› On-going market analysis and surveys to cater to the needs & priorities of target and special interest groups and by working closely with distinguished members of the ICT community & the media.


“Capturing best practices, providing a “living” Digital Library Reference Model and addressing on-going educational needs will fill crucial requirements for the global digital library community”. Geneva Henry, Rice University and External Advisor

›› Global expertise to advance knowledge in key areas. Expertise ranges from think-tanks, industry expert groups and identifying “certified contributors” delivering insight into ICT advances, to supporting members of technical working groups and scholarship programmes. ›› Strategic alliances spanning cultural, educational and research associations, R&D projects, standardisation development organizations and technology platforms, fostering effective knowledge exchange on all levels and strengthening community outreach.

An example of Trust-IT’s certified contributor content on the Gridipedia website


Building Online Communities Distributed computing

Computer & Information Science

On-line IT communities

End-users, developers, software & sector professionals, standard and energy efficiency experts from the private and public sector, and EC policy-making bodies:

›› Engaging with top-level experts globally to advance the frontiers of knowledge on Digital Libraries.

›› Cloud computing & virtualisation

›› Championing the importance of skills development and education through eTraining Programmes.

›› Creative industries

›› Expanding the global community of computer scientists, domain specialists, Digital Library and library professionals.

›› Trust-IT has been commissioned by a European consortium of over 90 partners – led by Atos Origin - to enhance existing content, provide tailor-made new content and increase global visibility to their selfsustainable website on the business, operational and IT value of service-oriented technologies.

›› Digital Repositories ›› Green IT ›› Software development ›› Telecommunications ›› Strategic alliances with DMTF, ETSI, OGF, SNIA ›› Industry Expert Group – comprising a distinguished panel of 17 experts recruited from the distributed computing community to evaluate the impact of cloud computing on enterprise IT.


Monitored KPIs Databases & Events - 133 DL related – Dec 2008. After just 10 months > 1,100 contacts EGEE - From 2006, 175 members > 300 key business experts OGF-Europe - Feb 2008 DB had 950 > 1,508, creating  new communities EuroSouthAsia (2004 to present) > 850 Contacts EuroIndia (2002 to present) From 0 to > 1,500 focused contacts

Certified Contributors for QA content ›› Recruiting distinguished members of the IT community to serve as “certified contributors” delivering insight into the adoption benefits & challenges of service-oriented IT.

Community building through awareness raising, market analysis and media partnerships ›› Building an on-line community of IT managers, CEOs, CTOs, CFOs, special interest groups like EU SMEs, technology developers, providers and research institutions.

Developing & Running Communication Platforms ›› Development and implementation of fully functional Content Management Systems – from standard websites to semantic knowledge-based Web 2.0 platforms. Customized, built in-house, animating a community of users, annotating content, images & videos through an integrated knowledge management system using an ontological classification schema for a new user experience in today’s social network. ›› Organising domain knowledge based for exploitation through advanced channels including tagging, multimedia thematic content, optimising search functions and segmenting user categories ›› Professional Copywriting Services – the dynamics & experience of the Trust-IT multi-lingual team allows for the execution of effective copywriting that manages to manipulate technical terminology to the needs of the target market who may comprehend easily. ›› Online Marketing - creation of logos & branding, newsletters, brochures, banners, search engine optimization analysis, social network and email marketing providing a full circle of marketing offers, which all encompass an integrated marketing strategy.


“Trust-IT has the capabilities to truly show what a Channel has to offer. It has been an incredible experience working with them and an ever-growing business relationship leading to new opportunities”. Michele Nannipieri, Managing Director – Innotec Srl, Technical Advisor - B-Channel

Development and implementation of full websites

Professional Copywrite

Online Marketing



Developing & Running Communication Platforms Trust-IT embodies all three facets through extensive experience and professional knowledge exemplified through areas such as European Commission based initiatives like OGF-Europe ( This incorporates the implementation of a customized OGF-Europe Channel, principle content production and leaders of communication and marketing activities.  Trust-IT has been tendered to redesign a dedicated website serving as a central source of information for grid technologies, cloud computing, virtualisation & service oriented architecture through independent, neutral analysis to serve the wider IT community, Gridipedia (


Other examples of fully integrated marketing campaigns portfolioed from both public and private sectors including: ›› Emanuel Ungaro ›› Microsoft Research ›› Gridipedia ›› Trussardi

Trust-IT Portfolio  

Offers an inside look at Trust-IT's portfolio and various work carried out.