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MARCH 06–MARCH 13, 2010

TRURO FAMILY NEWS Notice of Annual Meeting and Call for Vestry Nominations At our annual meeting on April 25th, Truro will elect seven new members of our 18-member Vestry to replace those whose terms are expiring. Once again we invite parishioners to prayerfully discern who, if anyone, God is leading them to nominate for Vestry service. These nominations come during a significant event in the life of our church. The Vestry is in the midst of a transition from focusing largely on the parish’s temporal affairs to discerning and setting spiritual direction for the congregation. Day-to-day management of temporal affairs will be delegated to paid staff and volunteers. Consequently, we are seeking new Vestry members with the vision and wisdom to discern God’s will and the calling to be peacemakers as we implement God’s will for our parish. In addition to the above attributes, each nominee must also be a confirmed member of Truro in good standing, over 18 years old, and faithful in corporate worship (unless prevented for good cause) and in working, praying, and tithing (or moving towards a tithe) for the spread of the Kingdom of God. Please submit nominations to Doug LeMasters at dlemasters@trurochurch. org or 703.273.1300 no later than March 16, 2010. If you have questions, please speak to John Petty at, chairperson of the Vestry Nominating Committee, or any current Vestry member.

Parish Gala Dinner Join us as we honor TPK’s 31 years of ministry & the many families who make-up our school community The Gala dinner is designed for the Truro Church family to come together with our Preschool for an evening of fellowship & support! Friday, March 12, in Truro’s Newly Renovated Undercroft, Appetizers at 6:45 pm, Dinner starting at 7:00 pm Dinner: Catered by Pei Wei (P.F. Chang’s Express Restaurant) Entertainment: Jazz Pianist, Robert Redd, heard at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage Cost: $25 per person Call 703.691.1006, e-mail or stop by the Truro Preschool and Kindergarten

Doing It Right for the Dunlaps

New Wineskins for Global Mission

This past Monday Jon and Leslie Dunlap’s house burnt down. The Dunlaps are actively involved in our Home Group ministry, and their children—Noah, Madeleine and David are active in youth group and Sunday School. You can find out how to help them through their website: It is also linked on Truro’s website under the “home” tab. Future updates on how to help will be communicated on the Truro website.

April 8–11, 2010

Peace, Tory

Matt Maher & Band March 28–29

Speakers and missionaries from around the world will come and inspire and equip churches to fulfill our Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. 1000+ clergy and lay leaders, mission committee members, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers and potential missionaries are expected at New Wineskins 2010. Register for the conference at the official Wineskins website: Also, you may reserve a seat online for the round trip Truro bus to Ridgecrest Conference Center Western in North Carolina. The bus will depart Truro Church on April 8, 7:30 am and return April 11, 12:30 pm. The cost per seat is $100. Payment may be dropped off or mailed to Truro Church. Please clearly mark all envelopes with “Attn: Wineskins 2010”. Checks are to be made payable to Truro Church with “Wineskins 2010” in the memo line.

Small Group Discussion Sheets Sunday, March 28th 2010 5:00 pm–6:00 pm: Matt Maher & Band lead Alive @ 5 worship 7:00 pm: Concert with Matt Maher & Band Monday, March 29th 2010 10 am–11 am: “Worship in Liturgy” talk by Matt Maher

Small group discussion sheets are now available in the Welcome Walkway, Nathex, and Chapel each week. A PDF copy of the discussion questions can be viewed on our website. The discussion sheets are located at This week’s study questions will focus on the following gospel lesson: “Refugee Prayers”, Luke 10:25–37 (Pew Bible p. 869), Isaiah 55:6–9 (Pew Bible p. 615)


Rector’s Forum Lenten Schedule The Way of the Pilgrim: An Ancient-Future Way of Discipling

Concert Series benefit for Five Talents International featuring Wei Yu, Cello

March 7—Pilgrimage as Cross-Cultural Discipling March 14—Pilgrimage as Cross-Cultural Discipling March 21—The Way of the Cross as a Stationary Pilgrimage March 28—Pilgrimage as Christian Practice: Conclusion April 4—Easter (No Rector’s Forum) April 11—Confirmation and Baptism (No Rector’s Forum)

In Memoriam Just Born

Helen Egan

Friday, March 19, 8 pm, Sanctuary Photo of Wei Yu by: Chris Lee

A member of the New York Philharmonic cello section, active recitalist and chamber musician Wei Yu will be at Truro to perform a program of works for cello and piano with Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Keuna Lee, piano. In collaboration with George Mason University’s Potomac Arts Academy, Mr. Yu will also be presenting a cello masterclass at George Mason’s Harris Theatre on Saturday, March 20th from 10 am–12 pm. Admission is free and open to the public for both events! A freewill offering will be taken at Friday night’s concert with net proceeds to benefit Five Talents International.

June 6, 1925—February 18, 2010 Mother of Dennis Egan

Dr. Franklin Dixon January 25,1927–February 27, 2010 Husband of Rhea Dixon

Spring Forward On Saturday March 13 don’t forget to set your clocks ahead 1 hour before going to bed that evening, marking the start of DST.

Mary Eleanor Stevens February 5, 2010 Daughter born to Mary Catherine and Syman Stevens

Healing Prayer Service Sun March 21, 4 pm, Chapel

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes… by Anna Hornbuckle Wee Worship happens every Sunday when our preschoolers and youngest children offer worship. Recently while teaching, I was once again amazed by their insight and sensitivity to the Lord.

responses—I did get a few—but received answers like “I want to be a better listener in school;” “I don’t want to be afraid of the dark anymore;” “I want my mom to feel better;” and “Love.”

The lesson was on Solomon and how he requested wisdom when asked by God for whatever he wished. After explaining the importance of this, I asked the children what they would wish for. I expected more materialistic

I was reminded to have faith like a child, and to desire the things that please God’s heart. (Matthew 18:2-4)

PRAYER FOR THE PERSECUTED CHURCH—With few Christians, life in Afghanistan is dangerous for those who decide to serve Christ. Rejection by neighbors and family can be even more threatening than persecution from the government. Bibles and other Christian study materials are difficult to find. God is using technology such as radio broadcasts and mp3 players with the Dari New Testament to reach the Afghan people. You are invited to pray with others for Afghans and other persecuted Christians on Monday, March 8, at 7:00 pm, in Truro’s Conference Room. This opportunity for awareness and prayer is given on the second Monday of every month. For more information call Alana Johnson on 703.772.3404 or e-mail

READING GROUP—The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, will be the book discussed at Reading Group Wednesday noon, March 24, in Common Ground. All are welcome. For information: call Joan Meyer, 703.591.8617.

ANGLICANS FOR LIFE AT TRURO will present Kelley Wesley and Holly Gilbo of Sanctity of Life Ministries (SLM) who will speak on their outreach to women in the community and on SLM’s Ultrasound Project, on Wednesday, March 10, in the Chapel at 6:30 pm. UGANDA CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY NURSES COMING!—Dessert reception on Monday March 15th from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in Common Grounds for nurses or others in health care to meet nurses from Uganda Christian University and learn about their nursing program and health care in Uganda. These are Master’s Degree students who have been taking classes at Bethel College for the last 3 months and are on their way back to Uganda.

Teaching is definitely a learning experience!

FALLS ARE NOT AN INEVITABLE PART OF AGING. FALLS ARE PREVENTABLE!— Local experts from the NVFPC will present the key components of a comprehensive Fall Prevention Program developed by the CDC and injury prevention programs. You will learn: how to review your medications; how to modify your home safety; how to increase your physical strength; and how to improve low vision. Questions will be answered from our local experts. Free to the public March 26, 2010, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm here at Truro Church in the Undercroft. For more information on this event contact Bradley Ann Morgan at 703.999.1691 or Becky Schaffer at 703.475.3044. APPLICATIONS FOR SPRING ARTS FESTIVAL ENTRIES!—In conjunction with the City of Fairfax’s Spotlight on the Arts, Truro will be hosting its First Annual Spring Arts Festival April 30th & May 1st 2010. Applications for Fine Art, Rotating Concert Stage, and Festival Marketplace are available online at, or in the welcome walkway. Truro needs your help in getting the word out about this exciting event! Submissions from artists inside and outside the church are welcomed. Questions? Contact


2010 TRURO FAMILY & FRIENDS RETREAT Mission and Family, the Heart of the Parish May 21–23, 2010 | Canaan Valley Resort, Davis, WV Please join us for the first annual Truro Family & Friends Retreat at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia. Retreat Brochures are available throughout campus, at the retreat registration table and also available for download online. General Questions: Beth Dorman, 703.644.1990 (h), 703.638.4522 (c), OR Registration Questions: Alice Hunt, 703.273.1300 ext. 312 OR

Daughters of the King Preparation Class The Daughters of the King (DOK), established in 1885, is a lay Order for women who are communicants of churches in the Historic Episcopate. Every Daughter pledges herself to a lifelong program of daily prayer, service, and personal evangelism, dedicated to the extension of Christ’s kingdom and to the strengthening of the spiritual life of the parish. The emblem of the Order is in the form of a modified Greek fleury cross inscribed in Latin, “Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine,” the watchword of the Order, meaning “With heart, mind, spirit uphold and bear the cross.” At the base of the cross are the letters “FHS”, initials that stand for the motto of the Order, “For His Sake…I am but one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I ought to do. What I ought to do, by the grace of God I will do. Lord, what will you have me do?” Members wear this cross daily as an outward and visible sign that we cannot live a day without Christ in our lives. Truro’s chapter was formed in 2003 and now has 61 members. A new preparation class will begin March 22, at 9:30 am in the Gunnell House. The class will meet for eight weeks and will cover what it means to be a Christian woman in community and how to undertake a Rule of Life. An orientation session will be held Monday, March 15 in the Gunnell House at 9:30 am. All women of Truro are invited to participate. If you feel that God is calling you to this study or if you have questions, contact Anne Walnut 703.218.9897.

A Personal Appreciation of Gary Jaskulski by Alan Bonsall Gary Jaskulski was Truro Church’s Director of Music & Arts from 1997 to 2001. We have prayed for him for nearly two years, but on Ash Wednesday he passed away at age fifty due to the effects of pancreatic cancer. His priest prayed with him, his wife Merrilee, and children Christian and Catherine just a few hours before he went to the Lord’s arms, and later the priest said, ”He gets to skip Lent and go straight to the Easter Resurrection!” I first became acquainted with Gary in an unusual way: Many years ago I visited a church in Connecticut for a Christmas Eve service. Gary was the music director at the time, but I didn’t even notice him, much less meet him or remember his name. As I left the service, I only had one thought: how could a little country parish have such an excellent-sounding choir? The mystery stayed with me for a long time, and quite a few years later while I was serving on the search committee for a new music director at Truro, Gary submitted his resume. He found us! We had never met before he came to Truro, but we quickly became good friends. Gary had some unusual gifts. His wife Merrilee, calls it the “Pied Piper effect,” and I agree. He was very soft-spoken, but somehow people just wanted to be around him. He was a great story-teller, and he always told side-splitting stories of his experiences in the music ministry wherever he served. During his time at Truro,the Parish Choir did achieve new heights. Under Gary’s leadership, we were able to acquire section leaders, we learned new music, and we even learned how to sing gospel music, thanks to all the time Gary was able to spend with Horace Boyer. But Gary’s stronger passion was leading the children’s music ministry, with the Royal School of Church Music training program. He said that teaching good music for the church was important, but what he really wanted to do was give them great memories. While serving on the organ committee with Gary, I was really able to appreciate his superlative talent as an organist, which was his true passion. Because of the work of the organ committee at the time, I travelled with Gary around the country while he played and evaluated different types of pipe organs. I really had no idea of his skill until then, but I wished that all Truro parishioners could have heard him play some great pipe organs. With bachelors and masters degrees in Liturgical Music, he had performed many recitals and he taught lots of young organists. For his whole life, Gary was singularly dedicated to serving the Church and inspiring her people through the gift of music. From his first position as a church musician at age seventeen to his last at a large parish in Ohio, he taught, led, and worshipped with thousands of people who will greatly miss him. So at least for now, we must say goodbye and “well done” to a great servant of the Church. Soli Deo Gloria.

calendar sun 07

07:30 am, Worship 08:30 am, Worship 10:00 am, Worship (en español) 10:00 am, Youth Small Groups 10:00 am, Rector’s Forum 10:00 am, Newcomers Series 11:15 am, Worship 01:00 pm, Engaged Couples Seminar 01:00 pm, Love The World Fellowship 01:00 pm, Alpha (Auld Shebeen) 05:00 pm, Alive@5 Worship Service 06:00 pm. Active Parenting of Teens Class 06:00 pm, Youth Group

mon 08

06:30 am, Men’s Bible Study and Fellowship (ICM Building) 07:00 pm, AA Meeting 07:00 pm, Prayer For the Persecuted Church

tue 09

09:30 am, Women’s Bible Study 11:30 am, Military Prayer 04:30 pm, Hosanna and Praise Dance 06:00 pm, Worship Dance 06:30 pm, Outreach Policy Group 06:45 pm, Young Adults 07:00 pm, Personnel Committee Meeting 07:30 pm, Boy Scouts 07:30 pm, Buildings and Grounds Committee

wed 10

06:30 am, Men’s Bible Study, (Truro) 11:00 am, Holy Eucharist, Chapel 06:00 pm, Student Ministry Training 06:30 pm AFLAT Choose Life Series 07:30 pm, Discipleship

thur 11

06:30 am, Men’s Fraternity 09:30 am, Women’s Bible Study 09:30 om, Mom and Me Play Group 10:00 am, DOK Bible Study 06:00 pm, Vestry Exec Committee Meeting 06:30 pm, The Marriage Course 07:15 pm, Choir Rehearsal

fri 12

10:00 am Old Testament Class 12:00 pm, Senior’s Lunch and Fellowship 06:30, pm, Children of the Light Dancers 06:45 pm, TPK Parish Gala 07:00 pm, Stations of The Cross

sat 13

07:30 am, Men’s Fellowship 09:00 pm, Prison Aftercare Meeting 05:00 pm, New Beginnings— Divorce Recovery Group 06:00 pm, Special Forces R n’ R 06:00 pm, Jr. Daughters of the King

sun 14

07:30 am, Worship 08:30 am, Worship 10:00 am, Worship (en español) 10:00 am, Youth Small Groups 10:00 am, Rector’s Forum 10:00 am, Newcomers Series 11:15 am, Worship 01:00 pm, Engaged Couples Seminar 01:00 pm, Love The World Fellowship 01:00 pm, Alpha (Auld Shebeen) 05:00 pm, Alive@5 Worship Service 06:00 pm. Active Parenting of Teens Class 06:00 pm, Youth Group

read ahead March 14 Contemplative Prayers Luke 10:38–41, Ecc 2:1–11

information and needs & blessings when you visit Fill out a Welcome Card—These are found in the pew racks in the Church and Chapel. After you fill one out, please put it in the offering plate as it goes by, or give it to an usher on your way out. Filling out the card will allow us to send you more information about Truro.

what about children, teens, young adults, and families? Our KidZone Team wears green shirts and will help find the right place for your child. Nursery: Nursery available on Sundays during 8:30 & 11:15 am worship for ages 3 and younger. Nursing/Cry Room: For nursing moms and upset infants/toddlers, located in the “Fellowship Room” off the Undercroft beneath the sanctuary. Pre-K to Grade 6: WEE Worship for 3 year olds–Kindergarten and Wow Worship for 1st–6th graders during both 8:30 & 11:15 services. Small Groups are during the 10 am Discipleship Hour. Teens: Small Groups meet at 10 am. Youth Group is Sunday from 6:30–8 pm in the Upper Room. Come for dinner at 6 pm. Wednesday night Student Ministry Team 6:00 pm dinner, 6:30–8 training, located in the Undercroft. Young Adults: We meet Tuesday nights for dinner and fellowship from 6:45–9 pm (Gunnell House Parlor). Anyone and everyone from late teens to mid thirties is welcome to join! Contact: Dave Lilley at 703.273.1300, ext. 322.

needs & blessings Opportunity: Teaching Positions Available—Lorien Wood is a Christ-centered school with integral curriculum, located in Vienna, Virginia. Our primary commitment is to nurture children toward responsible maturity through Christ-centered teaching and academic excellence. We are seeking full-time and part-time teachers of elementary and middle school grades for the fall of 2010. If interested, please contact Julie Holec at or call 703.937.3998. To learn more about Lorien Wood, visit Lost: 2009 Samsung Digital Camera in a soft grey case. It has pictures of Truro events and personal ones. Please call Melissa 703.507.3042. Need: Truro family seeking a junior high, senior high, or adult volunteer to be a buddy during the small group/Sunday school hour for a 9 year old boy with high functioning autism. Minimal skills needed. Main responsibilities would involve keeping child involved and engaged with the lesson. Patience and firmness absolutely necessary. If interested, please call Linda Mathwin at 703.222.1973. Blessing: College student available for babysitting families who have children in 3rd grade or under. Has CPR training, transportation, and has had 4 years as a camp councilor. She is also a graduate of Trinity Christian School of Fairfax. Please leave a message at 703.534.0436 and ask for Hannah or Olga Nicholson.

truro family news submissions The Truro Family News is published weekly by Truro Church. Submissions are due two Mondays (10 business days) prior to the requested weekend to be featured. Submissions are subject to editorial review. Preference is given to Truro members and not-for-profit organizations affiliated with Truro. Truro Church does not necessarily screen, recommend, or endorse any advertisements. E-mail submissions to Needs & Blessings Requests: Truro member requests will be published for 1–2 weeks max. All submitted requests must include the member’s first and last name, along with an e-mail address and/or daytime phone number and 35 words max. Incomplete information may result in the delay of your submission being featured. Questions? Pls. contact, ext. 127, or

Truro Church 10520 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030 Rector: Tory Baucum Associate Rectors: Marshall Brown, Coleman Tyler, Hispanic Pastor: Carlos Pellot Adjunct Clergy: John Reishus, Allan Falconer, Tim Howe, and Derek Rust

Parish Office: 703.273.1300 Clergy Emergency: ext. 370, or 571.529.0151 Parish Fax: 703.591.0737 Lamb Center: 703.691.3178 Preschool: 703.691.1006 TIPS: ext. 530 E-mail: Vestry: Website:


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