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FEBRUARY 20–MARCH 06, 2010

TRURO FAMILY NEWS Joining the Journey: Following the Cross of Christ by Jerry Eisley and Marshall Brown From the Council of Nicea (325 AD) to the present age, “pilgrimage” has always been an important part of Christian experience and encouraged by the Church. Early pilgrimages were made to the Holy Land to visit the places of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. As Christianity spread, pilgrimages were made to cathedrals built to commemorate the lives of saints and wonderworkers. Pilgrimage is a human need; they are made for all sorts of reasons and places. The Rector’s Forum during Lent will focus on the theme of “Pilgrimage as Christian Practice,” and you are encouraged to come! When the Eisley girls were little, we always felt the need to put them in a stroller and take them to the mall on “Black Friday,” the day after Thanksgiving, to begin the Christmas shopping season. We never planned to buy anything; we just went to look and wanted to be in the spirit of the crowds descending on the mall. Today, Black Friday is followed by Cyber Tuesday, which is the biggest day for online shopping. It was Francis of Assisi who introduced live crèches to the life of the Church at Christmastide. It was the same St. Francis who encouraged placing the fourteen “Stations of the Cross” as a way of making spiritual pilgrimage without leaving home. Some can’t make a literal pilgrimage, but they can walk The Stations, in the same way that some can’t go to the Mall, but choose to buy online! Throughout the Middle Ages, pilgrimage to holy sites was a way to increase and strengthen faith. Pilgrimage in the Christian sense is to experience the events of Christ’s life in real time. It is to call to the heart the sacrifice that Christ made for each of us. These Stations of the Cross belong to all of us. We invite you to follow Christ through this Lenten season by coming to Friday prayers at Stations of the Cross in the large sanctuary ay 7:00 pm Fridays in Lent, or by walking the Stations in the Truro undercroft gallery.

Truro Preschool and Kindergarten Sunday at Alive@5 Service, February 28 It is February, the month that Truro Preschool and Kindergarten (TPK) students, their families and staff visit Truro Church! This year the students will be sharing the gift of song and scripture on February 28 at the ALIVE@5 service! TPK is one of the many ministries of Truro Church and is a vibrant, multicultural community, filled with 150+ little blessings and a staff of 25 women who love children and the Lord. Please make plans to join us for this service and the fun and fellowship of a Pizza Supper following ALIVE@5 on Sunday evening February 28! All are welcome to attend!

Parish Gala Dinner Join us as we honor TPK’s 31 years of ministry & the many families who make-up our school community Friday, March 12, in Truro’s Newly Renovated Undercroft, Appetizers at 6:45 pm, Dinner starting at 7:00 pm Dinner: Catered by Pei Wei (P.F. Chang’s Express Restaurant) Entertainment: Jazz Pianist, Robert Redd, heard at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage Cost: $25 per person Call 703.691.1006, e-mail or stop by the Truro Preschool and Kindergarten


Lamb Center Benefit Concert

Matt Maher & Band Rescheduled!

Saturday February 27, 7:00 pm St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church 9203 Braddock Road, Burke, VA 22015 The Robinson Chapter of the Tri-M Music Honor Society sponsors the third annual, “Robinson Gives Back” concert. Many times throughout the year students ask members of the community for support of our music program. This is an opportunity for those students to give back to the community by helping those who need it most. This concert was created to help raise funds for The LAMB Center which provides assistance to homeless individuals throughout Fairfax County. Over the past three years the money raised at this performance has purchased hypothermia shoes and has helped cover utility expenses at The LAMB Center. Students from Robinson Secondary School’s choral, band, guitar, and orchestra department participate in this event. Music has always been associated with bringing people together. It is our hope that this performance might help people experience the beauty of music and provide help for those in need. Donations for The LAMB Center will be accepted at the door.

Prayer Ministry at Truro Jesus says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Are you tired, discouraged, in need of healing or peace? Truro has a rich and varied ministry of prayer, and offers many opportunities to receive prayer or to serve as an intercessor. Have you noticed the prayer teams at the front of the sanctuary in the transepts? Prayer teams are available to pray with you at all services during and after communion. If you are in need of a more extended time of prayer, two members of the Healing Prayer Team will set aside two hours to listen and then pray for you. The Intercessory Prayer Team responds to all prayer-line phone calls and passes those prayer requests along the prayer chain. The great Methodist preacher, Dr. W. E. Sangster describes prayer as a funnel: “God pours His redemptive power into the world through the funnel of His people’s prayers—the more prayer, the more power. God does not move except in response to the concerted prayers of His people.” Avail yourself of this power. Come for prayer whether your needs are small or overwhelming. If you would like to know more about prayer ministry at Truro or would like to consider being a part of a prayer team contact Georgene Assur 703.591.0038 or Jackie March 703.207.0482

Due to the Snowmageddon of 2010, Matt Maher and his band have been rescheduled to join us for Palm Sunday! The band will lead worship for the Alive @ 5 service on the 28th, followed by a concert at 7:00 pm! Matt will offer his “Worship in Liturgy” teaching on Monday morning, specifically geared for our youth and worship leaders. We hope you will be able to join us! Sunday, March 28th 2010 5:00 pm-6:00 pm: Matt Maher & Band lead Alive @ 5 worship 7:00 pm: Concert with Matt Maher & Band Monday, March 29th 2010 10 am–11 am: “Worship in Liturgy” talk by Matt Maher Know of a place to put a Matt Maher poster? Contact Kirsten Boyd at or pick one up in the covered walkway.

Newcomers Series If you are new to Truro, or maybe you’ve been around for awhile, and are interested in learning more about the Truro family, we’ve designed a special series of conversations just for you! The Newcomers Series is open to all; attendance is required for those who are pursuing membership. The next Series starts on February 28, 2010. The group will gather on four consecutive Sundays from 10:00–11:00 am in the Gunnell House Parlor. Light refreshments will be served. Nursery care is available for children up to age 4. The Series will also be offered starting April 18. Classes are interchangeable. If you miss a session, you can simply catch it the next time around. The sessions will be informational, but include plenty of time for interaction and questions and are led by Truro leaders—both clergy and lay. We look forward to these special times to get to know each other better. Come with your questions! Feb 28 or Apr 18: Vision and Values—Tory Baucum Mar 07 or Apr 25: Our Worship & Liturgy—Coleman Tyler Mar 14 or May 02: Our History & Heritage—Mary Ailes Mar 21 or May 09: Finding YOUR Place at Truro—Marshall Brown & Laura Workman To sign up, contact Laura Workman, 703.273.1300, ext. 316.


2010 TRURO FAMILY & FRIENDS RETREAT Mission and Family, the Heart of the Parish May 21–23, 2010 | Canaan Valley Resort, Davis, WV Please join us for the first annual Truro Family & Friends Retreat at Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, West Virginia. Retreat Brochures are available throughout campus, at the retreat registration table and also available for download online. General Questions: Beth Dorman, 703.644.1990 (h), 703.638.4522 (c), OR Registration Questions: Alice Hunt, 703.273.1300 ext. 312 OR

COMPASSIONATE LEADERSHIP: Rediscovering Jesus’ Radical Leadership Style by Ted Engstrom and Paul Cedar The authors define Christian leadership as, “leadership motivated by love and given over to service… subjected to the control of Christ and His example.” While stating that Christian leaders should have all the best attributes of a good secular leader (selfless dedication, courage, decisiveness, compassion and persuasiveness), they begin with Christ’s example of serving His disciples by washing their feet. This is the motivation for developing a style of leadership that serves others as well as leading them. The book looks at how Jesus led and helps us to apply His principles to our positions of leadership even in the secular world. It covers leadership skills; developing your style to fit the situation; meeting the needs of the task, of the individual and of the team; working with your followers and mentoring; manifesting the fruits of the Spirit and leading with love. Don’t be tempted to stop at the end of the main part of the book. The four appendices are full of how-to’s and examples. They pull everything together so that you are ready to lead, “In an attitude of prayer, with conscientious determination and with a clear conscience before God and your fellowman, focus[ing] your efforts as a compassionate servant leader.” This book is available in the Truro Library. For the next month it will be in Common Grounds on the shelves labeled, “New at the Library.” Later it will be available on the shelves in the lower hallway of the Administration Building (call number: 253 Eng). WEEKEND TO REMEMBER—Whether your marriage is young or old, hot or cold, blossoming or wilting, the Weekend to Remember marriage conference sponsored by Family Life Today may be just for you. This is a great adjunct to “The Marriage Course”. The weekend will provide you with the time where you can put aside life’s daily obstacles to focus on each other, and the tools to make your marriage stronger and healthier according to God’s plan. The regular rate for the conference weekend is $129 per person ($258/couple). However, if you register using our group name “TruroChurch” for any of the upcoming nationwide Spring or Fall Weekend to Remember conferences, you will receive the discounted rate of $89 per person ($178/couple). Military couples, College Students, Marriage Counselors, First Responders and Full Time Domestic and International Missionary Staff may attend at a special rate of $69 per person. A pastor and spouse may attend free of charge. There is one remaining local conference: Hyatt Regency Reston on 3/12/2010. Find out more and register by going to our group website at:, contacting Stan or Catherine at 703.847.2045 or sending us an e-mail at CONFIRMATION / JERUSALEM PILGRIMAGE INFORMATIONAL MEETING—Calling all YOUTH! It is not too late to take the next confirmation course and/OR to consider this year’s Pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Youth and parents are invited to get details about both on Sunday, February 28 3:30–4:30 in the Upper Room. For more information, please contact Dave Lilley at dlilley@ or 703.273.1300 ext. 322.

COUNTRY WESTERN DANCE—Come join us for our 3rd Family Country Western Dance Night on Friday evening, March 5th, 7–9 pm in the Undercroft. We’ll have lots of fun snacks, country music, and country dancing tutorials. So “grab your partners,” friends and neighbors, and head to Truro for a night of family fun! (RSVP to Alice Hunt at or 703.273.1300, ext. 312. APPLICATIONS FOR SPRING ARTS FESTIVAL ENTRIES!—In conjunction with the City of Fairfax’s Spotlight on the Arts, Truro will be hosting its First Annual Spring Arts Festival April 30th & May 1st 2010. Applications for Fine Art, Rotating Concert Stage, and Festival Marketplace are available online at, or in the welcome walkway. Truro needs your help in getting the word out about this exciting event! Submissions from artists inside and outside the church are welcomed. Questions? Contact VISITING MISSIONARY—Peggy Lowry, missionary serving in South East Asia, will be available to answer questions about her ministry after the 11:15 service on Sunday, February 21, 2010. Please join her at the back of the church after the service is over and consider going to lunch with her. ANGLICANS FOR LIFE at Truro will present Vince Criste from Divince Mercy Care in the Choose Life Teaching Series on February 24, 6:30 pm in Room 10 of the Parish Office Building. All are welcome.

calendar sun 21

mon 22

tue 23

07:30 am, Worship 08:30 am, Worship 10:00 am, Worship (en español) 10:00 am, Youth Small Groups 10:00 am, Rectors Forum 11:15 am, Worship 01:00 pm, Engaged Couples Seminar 01:00 pm, Love The World Fellowship 01:00 pm, Alpha (Auld Shebeen) 05:00 pm, Alive @ 5 06:00 pm. Active Parenting of Teens Class 06:00 pm, Youth Group

06:30 am, Men’s Bible Study and Fellowship (ICM Building) 07:00 pm, AA Meeting 07:30 pm, Prison Aftercare Meeting

09:30 am, Women’s Bible Study 11:30 am, Military Prayer 04:30 pm, Hosanna and Praise Dance 06:00 pm, Worship Dance 06:45 pm, Young Adults 07:30 pm, Vestry Meeting 07:30 pm, Boy Scouts

wed 24

06:30 am, Men’s Bible Study, (Truro) 11:00 am, Holy Eucharist, Chapel 06:00 pm, Student Ministry Training 06:30 pm AFLAT Choose Life Series 07:30 pm, Discipleship

thur 25

06:30 am, Men’s Fraternity 09:30 am, Women’s Bible Study 09:30 om, Mom and Me Play Group 10:00 am, DOK Bible Study 06:30 pm, The Marriage Course 07:15 pm, Choir Rehearsal 07:30 pm, Prison Aftercare

fri 26

10:00 am Old Testament Class 12:00 pm, Senior’s Lunch and Fellowship 06:30, pm, Children of the Light Dancers

sat 27

07:30 am, Men’s Fellowship 09:00 pm, Prison Aftercare Meeting 05:00 pm, New Beginnings— Divorce Recovery Group

sun 28

07:30 am, Worship 08:30 am, Worship 10:00 am, Worship (en español) 10:00 am, Youth Small Groups 10:00 am, Rectors Forum 11:15 am, Worship 01:00 pm, Engaged Couples Seminar 01:00 pm, Love The World Fellowship 01:00 pm, Alpha (Auld Shebeen) 05:00 pm, Alive @ 5 (Preschool Sunday) 06:00 pm, Preschool Sunday Family Meal 06:00 pm. Active Parenting of Teens Class 06:00 pm, Youth Group

read ahead March 7 Ecstatic Prayers Luke 10:17–24, Ex 33:11–23

information and needs & blessings when you visit Fill out a Welcome Card—These are found in the pew racks in the Church and Chapel. After you fill one out, please put it in the offering plate as it goes by, or give it to an usher on your way out. Filling out the card will allow us to send you more information about Truro.

what about children, teens, young adults, and families? Our KidZone Team wears green shirts and will help find the right place for your child. Nursery: Nursery available on Sundays during 8:30 & 11:15 am worship for ages 3 and younger. Nursing/Cry Room: For nursing moms and upset infants/toddlers, located in the “Fellowship Room” off the Undercroft beneath the sanctuary. Pre-K to Grade 6: WEE Worship for 3 year olds–Kindergarten and Wow Worship for 1st–6th graders during both 8:30 & 11:15 services. Small Groups are during the 10 am Discipleship Hour. Teens: Small Groups meet at 10 am. Youth Group is Sunday from 6:30–8 pm in the Upper Room. Come for dinner at 6 pm. Wednesday night Student Ministry Team 6:00 pm dinner, 6:30–8 training, located in the Undercroft. Young Adults: We meet Tuesday nights for dinner and fellowship from 6:45–9 pm (Gunnell House Parlor). Anyone and everyone from late teens to mid thirties is welcome to join! Contact: Dave Lilley at 703.273.1300, ext. 322.

needs & blessings Need: Free rent in Chantilly (Walney Rd & Route 50). Apt with private bedroom is offered in return for a little assistance and companionship for an wheelchair bound 61 year-old woman. There are professional care assistants M–F in the daytime, and both day & evening on Saturday. Applicant will prepare and clean up after evening meals during the week, and morning & evening meals on Sunday, and shall help to start day on Sunday and assist resident on morning departure (resident attends church on Sunday, sometimes through late in the day). Shall provide minimal assistance as needed. Help is occasionally required with clothing and during transfers into wheelchair but not needed for bathroom visits. Applicant will do light housekeeping as needed, and minimal help with pet cat. Features: Clothes washer & dryer in apartment, Fitness room & outdoor pool-Free, No utility payments, Free parking. Applicant free to hold daytime job or classes. Applicant’s only expenses as desired: personal food, telephone—shared FIOS TV & Broadband Internet. Personal references & criminal background check required. Non-smoking please. E-mail or call 703.815.0844. Blessing: 32” Philips Magnavox Television. Works fine, has remote. I’m giving the TV away, just please come pick up. Perfect for new graduate. Contact Dave Nees 703.638.8749. Need: Seeking Massage Therapist, or other bodywork/therapy oriented practitioner to share bright, pleasant office space in Mosby Tower; full time commitment not required, but would like someone with an established practice who is looking for a good place to work. Please contact Bruce Hunt bhunt@pmti. org or 571.275.0093. Blessing: Looking for a woman who sews for her family to inherit my stash of good quality fabrics, in lengths for adults as well as children. Patterns also available. Contact Lesley Bell, 703.250.2239, or Need: Elderly women looking for transportation assistance to and from Truro for either the 8:30 or 11:15 service. She lives in Arlington within the 22205 zipcode. If you are able to offer your services please call Martha Henderson at 703.536.9258.

truro family news submissions The Truro Family News is published weekly by Truro Church. Submissions are due two Mondays (10 business days) prior to the requested weekend to be featured. Submissions are subject to editorial review. Preference is given to Truro members and not-for-profit organizations affiliated with Truro. Truro Church does not necessarily screen, recommend, or endorse any advertisements. E-mail submissions to Needs & Blessings Requests: Truro member requests will be published for 1–2 weeks max. All submitted requests must include the member’s first and last name, along with an e-mail address and/or daytime phone number and 35 words max. Incomplete information may result in the delay of your submission being featured. Questions? Pls. contact, ext. 127, or

Truro Church 10520 Main Street, Fairfax, VA 22030 Rector: Tory Baucum Associate Rectors: Marshall Brown, Coleman Tyler, Hispanic Pastor: Carlos Pellot Adjunct Clergy: John Reishus, Allan Falconer, Tim Howe, and Derek Rust

Parish Office: 703.273.1300 Clergy Emergency: ext. 370, or 571.529.0151 Parish Fax: 703.591.0737 Lamb Center: 703.691.3178 Preschool: 703.691.1006 TIPS: ext. 530 E-mail: Vestry: Website:


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