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DIFF 2013 and the Manipal Connection

MANIPAL AND DIFF Manipal Univeristy Dubai was very proud to be one of the Bronze Supporting Sponsors for the 10th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival from the 6th - 14th December, 2013.

cations Department offered its students an exciting opportunity to report on the festival news and events, placing them in a real working environment to enhance their classroom experience.

This year was the third consecutive year that marked Manipal’s association with the leading film festival in the region.

Additionally, four Manipal students also participated in the DIFF Young Journalist Award mentorship programme and the coveted title was brought home by Neha Kalvani.

The Media and Communi-



DIFF 2013 in Pictures


Making Manipal Proud

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Making Manipal Proud A tête-à-tête with Neha Kalvani, winner of the DIFF Young Journalist Award story ideas were original, creative and carried enough “new sense “. How were you able to ‘think differently’ in handling each assignment? I was the only student pursuing my Masters in Media & Communication. I think this gave me an edge because I was using my skills not only as a photojournalist but as a multimedia journalist. I put all my skills and technical know-how to build each story with more character and depth. I combined my skills in photography, video and online to produce stories. Give us an overview of what the DIFF YJA Programme was all about.

What have you taken back from DIFF YJA on the whole?

Each participant shortlisted for the programme was assigned daily tasks by our mentor, Colin Brown. These tasks were divided into writing and photography activities depending on our strengths and interests. Over the course of the film festival, the tasks included covering the festival forums, panel discussions, press junkets and industry interviews that would have to be filed in as stories at the end of the day.

I learnt that it all amounts to the level of initiative, passion and hard work one puts into a task and this assures quality and satisfaction on a personal level. The programme gave me a chance to work on tight deadlines. It allowed me to learn a little more about myself and to enhance my skills as a media professional.

Describe Colin’s technique in preparing you for each day. Every morning from 9-11AM, we would have an editorial meeting to discuss possible story ideas for the day or week. Each participant was assigned a mandatory assignment of reviewing a selected film screened at the festival and a news story. We also exchanged our own story ideas which Colin would go through to check if our


How was your experience working with Colin and the rest of the participants? In one word- unforgettable. This experience has not only allowed me to grow on a personal level but has introduced me to some great people in the media field. I thank Colin for being so supportive and guiding us throughout. I owe it to all the participants, who are now my friends. Each one of us came from different backgrounds and cultures, I think we were able to learn from each other and make it a cherishable experience.

“I’m not looking for the movie-version of a journalist. What I really look for is are they curious, are they restless, do they always want to go and ask the next question, go off and follow something because they feel that that would be interesting, and the need to get that out and communicate that. That’s what I’m really looking for.”

Colin Brown, DIFF YJA Mentor and Freelance Film Journalist-cum-Consultant “The experience was amazing. Everyone was always very energetic and high-spirited. I covered many panel discussions and (developed) a lot of new skills. Mr. Colin Brown was an amazing mentor, he gave us very good feedback and criticism which I hope to remember.”

Nikita Wadkar, B.A Media and Communications

“It’s been a great learning experience, I’ve learnt a lot and I am sure I’m going to take back a lot from it. It was a hectic week but I am going to cherish all the memories. I’ve made a lot of friends as well.”

Disha Dadlani, B.A Media and Communications

“It’s been very challenging and interesting because I have been here for two years before this and I can call this a place where I have grown, where I’ve learnt about the ropes of journalism. It was a fun experience.”

Lavanya Narayan, B.A. Media and Communications


DIFF 2013 and the Manipal Connection  

This A5 size booklet was a third semester final project for my Masters programme based on the connection between Dubai International Film Fe...