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Traditionally, many business owners use New Years Day as an opportunity to take stock of their professional lives, making resolutions that will improve how they feel about themselves, their relationships with others, and their work situation. Unfortunately, this initial infusion of energy and good intentions often falls by the wayside and, by February, many find themselves back in the same old rut. Taughannock Falls On Taughannock Creek, Trumansburg. Thirty-Three Feet Higher Than Niagara Falls.

IN THIS ISSUE: Business Resolutions for the New Year Meet the New Editors New Members WinterFest 2010

UPCOMING EVENTS: TACC First 2011Meeting: Glenwood Pines Wednesday, February 9 Featuring Speakers Pamela Moss And Ravi Walsh. More info on page 3.

Why do even the most organized people have such a tough time keeping their New Year’s resolutions? Mindfulness life coach and facilitator, Ravi Walsh, owner of Paradigm Shifts Life Coaching and Healing (www. believes that many resolutions are unrealistic because the person, business, or organization has not come up with a specific plan that matches their lifestyle to achieve their goal. Walsh adds that another common mistake people make is to try – Ravi Walsh to compartmentalize various parts of their life which doesn’t really work because everything they do is connected on some level. For example, if someone constantly puts off going to the gym then it’s likely that they’ll also procrastinate about certain business situations or decisions that they perceive as difficult. What you want to do instead of separating the different areas in your life, he explains, is cultivate a balance between your personal and business life. As a life coach, Walsh likens himself to a sports coach, who “works with you to help you achieve your goals by giving you choices, rather than telling you what to do and who opens up your key points and strengths so you can apply them to every part of your life”.

“Making a resolution allows you to step into the present moment which is really the only place that you can change what isn’t working and appreciate what is.”

Pamela Moss, a vision-powered life mentor and founder of Inner Vision Portraits ( ) agrees, saying that most New Year’s resolutions fail because people enter the process of making life changes with a negative mind set, most likely because they’ve experienced failure in the past. So, is it pointless to make resolutions? Not at all say Walsh and Moss. “Making a resolution allows you to step into the present moment which

is really the only place that you can change what isn’t working and appreciate what is,” says Walsh. Keeping this in mind, how can you set some reasonable goals for yourself and keep your momentum going? The two agree that before any movement or change can occur, their clients need to set aside some distraction-free time to think deeply about what they really want to achieve.

Ravi Walsh Paradigm Shifts Coaching

Walsh observes, “What I tell all my clients, individuals, businesses, or organizations, is that their first resolution should be to pause for five minutes every day and just be still and silent. This will open you up to living outside of those repetitive thoughts that keep us all from moving ahead in our lives…emptying your mind makes room for different ideas and the wealth of knowledge in your heart to emerge.” He continues, “We can’t stay stuck in our same old patterns. We’re in a new business economy where it’s impossible to thrive or succeed without creativity and positive energy.”

Moss is also a great believer in quiet contemplation. To achieve this she encourages her clients to use tools like meditation, art, or journal writing to get into a introspective space where they can look at things outside of the business of everyday life and create a place where they can deeply explore their dreams and get at the essence of what they really want, both in their business and personal lives. Once they’ve determined this, she likes to use vision boards with people, because they provide an actual visual representation of what her clients want to have in their lives. Her program, “Seven Secrets to Grow Your Dreams”, is based on themes she identified when looking at why some people succeeded with their resolutions while others didn’t. The program uses principles like identifying the gap between where you are and where you want to be, bringing your dreams to life through persistent action steps that keep you moving forward, and taking big goals and breaking them into smaller more manageable pieces so they become more achievable. To make resolutions a reality, “You need more than just will power,” Moss asserts. “You need a plan and some extras, like a buddy or mentor to check in with on a regular basis to make sure you’re making progress.” Walsh’s coaching services are somewhat different in that he initially does a “cultural climate analysis” that explores the behaviors and attitudes that have guided past decisions and may have led to less than desirable results. Noting that he usually doesn’t need to teach his clients anything new because all of the skills that they need are inside of them, he explains that many people who seek him out simply need to change their perceptions

Pamela Moss Power of my Vision

and overcome their resistance and negativity. “People need to open themselves up beyond their stressful thoughts…if you’re personally fulfilled, then you’ll be happier and ultimately a better worker,” he says. The next step he uses is intended to help groups or individuals develop an intention and a mission statement so that they can then actively work toward a solution. Querying, “What will it take for you to thrive in your current environment?” he asks the owners and employees in a business or organization that begin the conversation with an “I can’t”, “Why can’t you?” Usually their resistance is based on inaccurate assumptions, thoughts, and fears Walsh observes, adding, “One of my jobs is to help businesses see that there are opportunities everywhere, even in past mistakes!”

TACC’s February Business Luncheon speakers, Moss and Walsh, will discuss this topic in further detail on February 9th at noon at the Glenwood Pines Restaurant so please plan to attend! | Trumansburg Chamber of Commerce Newsletter | 2

MEET THE NEW EDITORS! With the start of a new year, there will also be some changes in the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce newsletter. The newsletter will now be published quarterly and TACC members Sue Henninger (Finger Lakes Writer), Fran Maguire (Maguire Family of Dealerships), and Todd Mallinson (1160 ESPN-WPIE) will be serving as its editors for 2011.

Todd Mallinson

Fran Maguire

Sue Henninger

Todd has been managing radio stations for about half of his nearly thirty years in broadcasting, including the last three with 1160 ESPN WPIE. He and his wife Tina recently purchased the station and hired a local reporting staff committed to significantly elevating the local sports coverage of Trumansburg and other area schools. He is also a current TACC Board member.

Fran is the Chevrolet dealer in Trumansburg and partner of Maguire Family of Dealerships, a dedicated community volunteer, and a longtime TACC member, who is currently serving a term as Co-President of TACC.

Sue is the proprietor of Finger Lakes Writer, a freelance writing business, as well as an enthusiastic volunteer in the Trumansburg community and a long-time Chamber member. She has extensive experience in various types of business-related writing, including not-for-profit and business newsletters. She also writes a regular column for Tompkins Weekly newspaper and feature articles for regional publications.

Todd’s goal is to help provide a wider array of useful community business news in the TACC newsletters and on the Chamber website and he looks forward to receiving feedback from other members.

Fran would like to see the Chamber newsletter add some regular features like “Welcome New Members”, highlights of what’s happening in the region surrounding the Trumansburg/ Ulysses area, and updates on decisions made, and goals set, by the Village and Town Boards that might impact local business owners.

One of Sue’s ideas for 2011 is to coordinate the article themes in the newsletters with a talk by a guest speaker at the monthly Chamber luncheon so that TACC members can learn as much as possible about topics they’re interested in.

Fran, Sue, and Todd are all looking forward to contributing their time and skills to the TACC newsletter! Thanks to those who contributed to the TACC newsletter in 2010 and please continue to contact any of us with news items at sue@,, or

EVENT INFO The Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce (TACC) will hold their first 2011meeting at Glenwood Pines on Wednesday, February 9 featuring speakers Pamela Moss and Ravi Walsh. Members and guests are invited to come and renew business relationships, meet new members, and enjoy a great 30 minute program: “Strategies and Techniques to Help Businesses Make Goals and Resolutions for 2011 a Reality”. The program will follow a hot soup and sandwich lunch served at Noon. Attendees are asked to park in the lower lot where they can walk directly into the lower dining room. Reservations are welcome by contacting President Cheryl Reynolds An all-inclusive $12 fee will be collected at the door. Start your business New Year right and join TACC. | Trumansburg Chamber of Commerce Newsletter | 3

WINTER FEST 2010 By Sue Henninger, Finger Lakes Writer

The weather was perfect, the Business Open Houses warm and friendly, and the street food plentiful. What more could those who took part in this year’s annual Trumansburg/ Ulysses Winter Fest ask for? As usual, Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce members played a huge role in the success of the muchanticipated yearly event. Village Office Clerk Tammy Morse, assisted by Village Trustee Debbie Nottke, Village Treasurer Tammy McMillen, and Town Clerk Marsha Georgia, was responsible for creating the Festival schedules and fliers, supervising the vendor paperwork, and booking the entertainment including the hilarious Hilby the German Juggle Boy and Crossroads the Clown. Morse was also the “go to” person for the Saturday night activities at the Trumansburg Fairgrounds. Friday night on Main Street, many Chamber business owners welcomed Festival attendees into their seasonally decorated establishments for holiday treats and good cheer. TACC members Tompkins Trust Company, Trumansburg Telephone, Life’s so Sweet, Trumansburg Optical, Good to Go, Funky Finds, Hazelnut Kitchen, and the Falls Restaurant & Tavern were all brightly lit and open to the public. The Twin Lakes Snowmobile Association, Charles O. Dickerson High School’s Model UN Club (coordinated by TACC member Sue Henninger), the Trumansburg Food Pantry (catered by TACC member Ron Don’s), were all

serving hot food for the crowds to enjoy while walking up and down the Village street. Saturday night the Festival moved to the Fairgrounds for a community bonfire and refreshments, DJ music, entertainment, fireworks, a raffle. TACC members who supported this evening with raffle donations or contributions of time, products and services, or money include The Falls Restaurant & Tavern, Good to Go Market, Hazelnut Kitchen, Life’s so Sweet, Maguire Chevrolet, Millspaugh Bros., ShurSave, Tompkins Insurance, Tompkins Trust Company, Trumansburg Rotary, the Town of Ulysses, and the Village of Trumansburg. Art students from Charles O. Dickerson High School also organized a highly successful “Empty Bowl” project. Additionally, Chamber members Trumansburg Community Nursery School, the Ulysses Historical Society and the Ulysses Philomathic Library planned special winter-themed events, the Trumansburg Conservatory of Fine Arts served as a venue where local artists and vendors could display their crafts, and Tompkins Weekly (published by Chamber member Jim Graney) wrote an article about the Winter Fest prior to the event. Finally, the Trumansburg Elementary School hosted the weekend-long 41st Annual Craft Fair, always a popular and well-attended place to start holiday shopping. **We’ve tried to include all TACC members who participated in this year’s Winter Festival but if anyone was inadvertently omitted please let us know and we’ll acknowledge you in the next newsletter.

NEWSBRIEFS Georgianna Stevenson, Ulysses Historical Society President, is enthusiastic about a new history project, "The History of Our House". Learn how all Tompkins County homeowners can participate at UHS members are preparing new displays for spring: an historic rendering of Trumansburg's upper commercial block, and for car buffs, a 1910 Brush automobile.

THREE-PHASE AGENDA TO IMPROVED COMMUNICATIONS IN 2011 The TACC website is in process of being refreshed to provide a more resourceful hub for members and those considering doing business in, or traveling to, the Trumansburg area. The website retooling will take place in February, and is phase two in our three phase focus on in our communications agenda in 2011. You’re reading our phase one project…this

new quarterly newsletter. Phase three is our Spring brochure which will be printed and also accessible via the website upon completion. Look for the list of members who have their websites linked with us at If your business grows through TACC's website, please tell us; better yet tell others in business. | Trumansburg Chamber of Commerce Newsletter | 4

Shern Hart Recognized as the 2010 TACC Person of the Year at the Annual Dinner hosted at Taughannock Farms Inn in Nov 2010


NEW MEMBERS Pastor Tim Hamilton Calvary Baptist Church 5 Bradley Street

Patricia Heckart and Nana Monaco, Owners Good to Go Trumansburg Market 21 East Main Street

Pastor Tim recently joined TACC on behalf of the Calvary Baptist Church. He explains, “I want to be involved in, and supportive of, the lifeblood of the community which is its businesses. When Trumansburg thrives, we all thrive.” He’s very enthusiastic about contributing to TACC in whatever ways he can saying, “I’ll do anything to support the Chamber, including brainstorming ideas, giving practical help when needed, or attending meetings.”

Nana says that she and her mother Patricia joined the Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce to “convey our willingness to be a part of the community”. Before opening Good to Go, Nana had attended TACC meetings through her involvement with GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance and found the gatherings to be “a great way for small businesses to network, communicate with each other, and make Trumansburg more prosperous.” She and Patricia have already contributed to the Chamber by taking part in Winter Fest 2010 and are looking forward to supporting future events.

Laura Reid, Director/Teacher Trumansburg Montessori School Congress and McLallen Streets Laura recently purchased and renovated the Montessori school, joining the Chamber on the advice of other Montessori teachers, friends, and Trumansburg business owners. She enjoys attending TACC’s luncheons to hear the speakers and meet other people who “love Trumansburg as much as I do”. Laura plans to use her membership to “educate the public about the importance of early education for children,” especially in terms of “nurturing the spirit of the child”.

Trumansburg, NY at Night | Trumansburg Chamber of Commerce Newsletter | 5

Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Winter 2011  

Trumansburg Area Chamber of Commerce Newsletter Winter 2011

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