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Weekend by Walter Fremont My boy Niko started his rounds with the texts asking about Boys Night and I tell him I’m always up for Boys Night and Who’s coming? and he’s quiet for a bit but sends me the names and this is when I know it’s going to be a night:

Licky Lou was chief among us and all of our best friend and certainly the most open with us.

Liquid Nelly was the biggest of us all and probably the closest thing we all had to a father. For he was protector and keeper of us all in the worst of times and in our own personal struggles which we couldn’t bring to the whole group we brought to Nelly cause he’d care for you and keep you warm and he was two years older than Lou who was otherwise senior.

Here I stopped in for some coffee and to see my lovely lady Rebekah who was beyond delicious: gentle and loving and passionate and wonderful with a waffle iron. Just to say Hi! and See you tomorrow? cause we were going out with her friends and maybe a few folks who ran with Liberace back in those days… But tonight was Boys Night! and I see on my phone Niko’s saying that

Boy Georgie’s coming, which is great because I know we’re starting the night at Niko’s where lives with him the most glorious pair of pectoritas and the owner thereof (one of the most shy, rock-hard bodies) was earnestly asking Niko a few weeks back What’s it like, hanging with you guys? knowing full well what it’s like and so this is important because Boy Georgie loves the shy and hesitant and uninitiated and has probably the highest pull-rate of any of us for bringing in something new and yummy to join the festivities.

And I also saw our boy Dano would show and Mikey and Chris were coming home so of course they wouldn’t miss it but with them also meant drinking insane and probably Lucie or Emma which are both fun but hard. *** And so we’re at home, drinking. The liquid sloshing in our heads when he with the pectoritas walked in: beard (trimmed), glasses so kind-looking that we all called him ‘honey,’ and a tight cotton shirt squeezing his pectoritas not unlike how I would if given a chance… And so out! All of us we went together with his pectoritas into the loaded town with our own dice loaded: this was the night which we looked squarely in the eye and asked if it could, please, turn gently around so we could have our animal way 6

the monitor September 2016  
the monitor September 2016