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IntroductionSymmetry is something many different forms of beauty can be found, beautiful shapes and colours working together creating true art. Symmetry can go into depth within art out of the most simply shapes. For example a triangle put on an angle repeatedly until it returns to its original point can make a complex and unique shape. Colours in the right formation can make great symmetry. Symmetry can also repeat art or make it identical, all of this being said symmetry it’s a large contribution to art. Symmetry’s beauty is also represented in natural causes, for example rainbows, snowflakes, leaves and things like that that bring out symmetrical beauty.

ObservationsDuring my work on the beauty in symmetry I noticed a few things. When creating art with symmetry or using it to recreate the side of an image or copying the image and placing it next to each other often leads to a perfect fit. Also I noticed when looking for beauty in symmetry using different colours both the sides goes well together. I have also learnt the many different forms of beauty in symmetry and ways of doing it.

Why I chose to do beauty in symmetry-

Symmetry Beauty

I really found symmetry an interesting subject and making images with it often looked really nice so I thought it would be a good choice. I also like art so I thought it would be a fun subject to play around with. I also knew it would be a subject I could get lots of ideas out of, I also really wanted to look into symmetry in art form and how everyday things contain it. I enjoyed this subject and I’m really glad I chose it.

Whilst doing this project I looked up symmetry and found images of faces looking almost identical using one side of the shape with the other. I decided to look up a normal face and try it myself and it ended up being almost completely the same and matched in almost perfectly

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