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Editors IN Chief: Lisa Cook & Jason Hitchcock Copy eDITOR: JON GEBERS Contributing Editor: Michelle scheffer, Vernon Appleton Writers: Krystal Allen, LISA COOK, REBECcA GORDoN, STEVEN BAKER, JASON HITCHCOCK, JERRY LEE McGUIRE, Vernon Appleton, Kathy Ellis PHOTOGRAPHY: GARY ISSACS, HESH PHOTO, JERRY LEE McGUIRE, STEVEN BAKER, JOEL GILTNER, JIM J. NARCY, Lisa Cook, John rumley, jason hitchcock Illustrator: Sherry Hern, Jason Hitchcock comic: Lisa Cook

truly Rejected issue 2 2013


Front Cover: An Immigrant Story Cover Photo Courtesy of Gary Isaacs

Truly Rejected wants to thank all of the great and talented people that have helped with our first and second issues. All contributers are volunteers. We are excited to get the word out about Denver’s independent buisnesses and happenings along with stories of the unique people and their awesome life styles.

Back Image: Saskia Mesmer Wearing Marian and Ginger


1st: Darin Roth

Contest Winners:

2nd: Scott C. Fuller


If you are interested in helping out with the magazine or website, or if you have an idea for an article, contact us! We are the Outsiders, Outcasts and Oddballs. We are the Underground. We are the Forgotten. We are the Mixed up, Messed up, Fucked up, Fabulously Artistic people, places and things. We are what makes Denver unique and inspiring. A city where we; the Truly Rejected live, love and create - demanding the world become a little more aware of the beautiful unusual.

3rd: Jon Thorpe





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riting a story on West Colfax motels

years, it seems I’m best known for being the crazy frontman 714

was just kind of a nutty project that

for the Denver band Wanker. This was a total accident that went

came together over a period of about

too far. Wanker started out innocently enough as an idea for a

20 years. For some strange reason, I’ve

comedy sketch when I had about 10 minutes to fill while editing

always had a crush on old vintage neon

one of my TV shows. Nick Trombetta and I were throwing

signage. The bigger, the gaudier, the more I fell in love with it.

around this funny idea of a goofy British punk band that played

With my disposable camera I would go around town and snap

crazy songs and dressed way over-the-top. In a way we were

pictures of all kinds of signs for my own enjoyment. Some of

poking fun at all of these local heavy metal bands that were on

those pics were of the motel signs you see here.

the scene at the time who always took themselves so seriously.

Looking back, I found that at one time or another I’d either

“Posers” or “Wankers” we always called them, so it was only

stayed in, partied in, or knew someone who stayed in at least 90

appropriate we called the group Wanker.

percent of these West Colfax motels. Playing in rock bands since

For the sketch, I decided to play the part of an odd lead singer

the late ‘70’s, I found these places real handy as a dressing room,

named 714, and Nick became Nicky Stiff, the frilly guitarist.

a place to sleep off a gig, or just a place to hang with friends who

With a couple of other stand-ins, we shot a bunch of funny

were patronizing them.

scenes and lip-synced to a couple of silly songs Nick and I wrote

It was only a couple of years ago that I decided to research what

for a short “mockumentary” skit to fill the 10 minute slot. By

I could on these old motels and put together a story. I really had

Halloween 1987, the comedy sketch aired, we all had a big laugh,

no idea why I was writing the story. For my own amusement, I

and figured that was it.

figured. The few people I shared it with didn’t find it interesting

This innocent comedy sketch exploded in our face. Within a

at all, so I just kind of tucked it away. Then later I found out

couple of weeks some people down at Westword magazine went

about Truly Rejected and (ding-ding-ding!), there was the reason

nuts over the band and wanted to do a big write up. So for the

why I had written it! It was waiting for you guys to

first time a decision had to be made if we could actually pull

come along.

this thing off live. The problem was that there wasn’t even a real

 A bit about myself....

band, just this goofy comedy skit. I was hesitant because I was

 I’m a Denver native. I love my city and I like to think that I was born here to die here. I couldn’t live anywhere else. The history of this city is fascinating to me and I’ve produced a couple of documentaries on the Denver auto racing scene in the past. I grew up going to Englewood Speedway, Lakeside Speedway, and even raced stock cars at Rocky Mountain National Speedway (“R.M.N.S.”) once I was old enough to drive. I also spent time as track announcer at R.M.N.S. and Second Creek Raceway over the years. I still write a lot of stories and share hundreds of great old photos on if any one’s interested. I love doing voice over work and radio, and was lucky enough to co-host with Brian Pavlik for a couple of years on a local music show on the old KRRF-AM. “X-treme Talk Radio!” I’m still pursuing this type of work now. I’ve been a part of the Denver music scene for over 30 years playing in numerous bands (some simultaneously), and during 18 of those years it was my full time job. I finally figured out you need a good day job if you wanna rock n’ roll!). During the 1980s I produced videos for 35 of Denver’s original bands when I had a couple of cable access television shows on the old American Cablevision. The video I made for the Denver Mod band The Rumble won the MTV Basement Tapes Contest in 1987 and got some national rotation. Although I’ve played drums in my bands for those 30-some 007

just a drummer “acting” the part of this crazy front guy, but we went ahead and found a couple of real musicians, learned up about 9 songs, and booked a gig at Cricket on the Hill. We thought it was funny that these goofy characters we had created

were actually going to play live and maybe get a small mention

Long story short, Wanker ended up playing hundreds of shows,

in a magazine, but what happened next we never saw coming.

released four albums and a few singles, 14 promo videos, was

Four days BEFORE we ever played a note on stage, the Westword

turned down by numerous major record labels, and did two West

put us on the cover of their magazine with a big two page article

Coast tours. And all this from a stupid TV comedy sketch.

inside. The whole thing just exploded! To say that Wanker

Just a few of the other popular Denver bands I spent time in

was an overnight sensation would be true, the word was out,

were The Late Models, the Damn Shambles, Sticky Fingers,

the stage was set, and we hadn’t even appeared yet. Talk about

and the Beef Torpedoes. The little ol’ Cricket On The Hill was

pressure. I was really terrified! Other bands could work at it for

always a favorite place to play (I still miss it!), but I enjoyed

years and never get this kind of press, and it was just dropped

some of the larger venues like the Ogden, Bluebird, Gothic, Fox,

into our laps.

The Oriental Theater, The Soiled Dove at Lowery, and the big

We really just wanted to do the one show, but afterwards things

Rockfests in the late ‘80’s & early ‘90’s at

really snowballed and we kind of had to go out and keep playing

Confluence Park.

these “characters” every weekend. The cool thing was that we

So needless to say I spent a lot of time frequenting old motels

still never took ourselves seriously, as every “event” we played

along the way. The West Colfax motels are fond memories to me

was just still part of this comedy skit. Hilariously, Westword

and I hope splendid new adventures for all.

voted Wanker “Best Rock Band” for ‘88 and “Best Rock Band”


for ‘89. We were playing a big joke on the Denver music scene and for some reason, everyone seemed to be playing right along with us. Weird.


1 Eddie Bohn’s Pig n’ Whistle

2 009


Motel: 4801 W. Colfax Boxer Eddie Bohn had great success for 65 years with his Pig n’ Whistle restaurant. Built in 1924 with a gas station attached, a motel was constructed in 1937. The four units built on the site was Denver’s second motel at the time. Attracting many famous names of the day whose celebrity faces graced the walls of the place on B&W 8x10 glossies, the Pig finally closed down in 1991, one year after Eddie “The King of West Colfax” Bohn had passed away. A fire consumed the restaurant and part of the boarded up motel in 2010, and the sign is all that now remains today, even though other businesses now occupy the land.

2 Aristocrat Motor Hotel: 4855

W. Colfax – Within eye view of Bohn’s is the once elegant Aristocrat. Bar X Motel: 5001 W. Colfax – This ‘50s western themed motel sports wagon wheels on the second floor railings. Long since removed is the “AAA Approved” oval symbol from the sign which can partly be seen on the left.

3 Rocky Mtn. Motel: 6001 W. Colfax


Located across the strip and next door to once rowdy rock n’ roll clubs like CP’s Tavern, the Rocky Mtn. got a lot of use from rock bands and too-drunk-to- drivehome fans. Nice detail in the mountains painted on this early ‘50s style sign.

4 Bugs Bunny Motel: 6218 W. Colfax

Built along the strip in 1952, it only took a big corporation like Warner Brothers 45 years to get around to suing the little Bugs Bunny for copyright infringement. The motel was forced to repaint the sign as the “Big” Bunny. Actress Susan Lyon (known for her lead in 1962s “Lolita”) threatened to jump to her death from one of the windows of the motel after an argument in the mid‘60s. Police weren’t too concerned as the “Bugs” was only one story high.


Homestead Motel: 8837 W. Colfax Wagon wheels hadn’t been retired for that long when the fancy Homestead was built in the mid ‘50s. It’s been said that one of the rooms is haunted with a “floating towel rack”.


King’s Rest Motel: 7013 W. Colfax If you blink you’ll miss this little strip of rooms sandwiched between other buildings on the strip. Known as the King’s Rest Modern Motel during the mid-20th century, this once premier motor court converted it’s rooms to small apartments during the ‘80s.



7 A & D Motel: 11891 W.

Colfax –This cool early ‘50s cactus sign enticed many over the decades to stop in. It was once known as the A Bar D, with the word “Bar” neoned in the white space between the A and the D.

8 Golden Hours Motel: 11080

W. Colfax – It was reported that John Hinkley, Jr. was living in room 29 at the Golden Hours before he left in his attempt to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in 1981. The ‘50s style sign and overhang were replaced and removed for a more modern look. This is the first in a series of three motels located just feet from each other on the strip. (All text and photos copyright 2112 by Jerry Lee McGuire)

8 0012


24 hrs 7 days a week 303-733-7095 0013

Oh, Wheelie?

bike shop........ Downing & Larimer Denver, Co




nly er ’s o r e eat v h n t d De wne Now o y l ent pend

Eclectic live music: Film: Special Events: 4335 west 44th avenue Denver Co 80212, 720-420-0030


E S : V I NC E N T C










N Y : J

Denver ART COLLECTIVES Written By Krystal Allen

Art collectives are a pastiche of different visual artists, musicians, and really anything labeled art brought together by like-minded folks with a common goal. I spoke with three different art collectives in Denver, and yes, every group has their differences but every group also spoke of a common purpose to collect, promote and provide amazing art to the community. Mouth House is a do it yourself venue providing an array of services to artists. Denver Art Rock Collective, (DARC), brings genre less bands together and Denver Creative Movement, (DCM), are educator’s looking to teach our kids the lessons on how to be awesome future artists.

Mouth House

Mouth House may be a lot of things, but boring is not one of them. Do you need a record label, studio space, a venue to rawk out your new tunes,or a gallery to hang up your kick ass painting? Or do you want to be featured in a really cool art zine, stapled and ready for your reading pleasure? Then fear no more, Mouth House is here. In no way should anyone underestimate the ambition and sheer drive that the originating seven had in creating their do-it-yourself art collective. Mouth Houses’ principal members Joe Hatfield, Pat Sutton, Sam Underwood, James Partin, Clay Dehaan, Richard Ingersoll, and Ben Vansyocmay originally thought their idea was epic but nobody imagined how far and fast their dreams would take them. A little over a year ago, Mouth House was Pitchfork House while Joe and others were mere friends and band mates. Together they began Mouth Bomb, a record label, with the intention to help each other record and promote their music. Eventually, they were helping so many bands record their music that it occurred to them, while at another do-it-yourself venue, to open Mouth House. A week later Pitchfork House was empty and available for some real party people. Mouth House moved in. To get the party started everyone reached out on facebook, the Mouth Bomb website,, and on other do-it-yourself websites like to contact artists. Local and traveling bands, visual artists, performing artist, comedians and the list goes on, anyone involved with art was contacted and the response was enormous. “It blew up in our face. It just happened so quickly,” Partin remarked. Mouth House provides a space for artist’s of all kinds and for many traveling artists it will also provide a place to sleep and food, if needed. House is essentially a non-profit organization.


Any donations they receive from a show go back into the pockets of the artists and never their own. This is fucking rad! Most do it yourself venues seem to share their same core beliefs, that is to create a space for artists and community members to feel welcome, concentrate on the art not on the booze or outrageous door prices and any money raised goes back to the artist. This common objective may be why Sutton hopes in the future Mouth House and other do it yourself collectives such as Seventh Circle Music, Rhinoceropolis, and Unit E will collaborate to create a networked collective, working together to establish their common initiatives. Additionally, the group hopes to move Mouth House to a bigger space and would like to focus more on providing recording space, expertise and equipment. In the meantime, House will continue to provide the Curtis Park community a place to share their art and that is wicked awesome! So do the friendly neighbor thing and check ‘em out. House puts on shows three or four times a week at 2858 California Street, Denver, CO. More information about bands that are playing can be found at their website

Denver Art Rock Collective When I met with the Denver Art Rock Collective’s founding members I was charmed by the common experiences they shared, their humor, respect and admiration for each other. After six years you could still feel the love in this collective. While I was sitting there listening to the group tell me stories, sometimes spoken simultaneously, it occurred to me this community of musicians transcended. Transcended from an insignificant grouping of bands and transformed itself into a supportive and loving family. Not bound by blood but by mutual experiences, their drive to create exceptional music, and finally their sense of humor. Six years ago Kasey Elkington saw a common trend; the venues around Denver didn’t know how to book his band, The New Ancient Astronauts. Other bands like Morning Sickness and the Inactivists experienced the same problem; venues didn’t know how to book them because their sound didn’t represent one style of music.Their music incorporates several styles: anything from hip hop, punk, jazz, blues, surf rock, techno, rap, or psychedelic space rock. The possibilities are endless. Also, it is not atypical to see a multitude of instruments playing such as the theremin, glockenspiel, sitar, an Elmo doll,

notions of how and what music should be. Just as we are taught to understand religion, politics and number of other things, we are taught to experience music. For most people this means it will exist within a particular genre, express a message and the recipient of the message will experience some kind of emotional response. DARC members are putting this idea on its head and people get pissed when you fuck up their tightly structured worlds. DARC groups unhinge, rearrange, and then reshape the way we and a vacuum cleaner amongst others. Babbling Brooks, a member of The Cadillac’s poignantly explains, “When I see an Inactivists show there is no word to describe [them]. They’re the Inactivists- they’re their own element and the same for Morning Sickness. You can try to label them with 20 different things but you truly can’t label them.” So it was decided to create a community of genre-less bands or as Victoria Lundy from the Inactivists describes them “a community of outlier bands.” Although unique and inspiring; bands playing multiple genres of music were cast out as too different to put on a bill or if they were put on a bill it was often with the wrong group of bands. Elkington of the New Ancient Astronauts and now The Cadillac’s was inspired to start a collective because he was “interested in making the music scene more of a community rather than a competition.” Bands like the Morning Sickness, Inactivists, Yerkish, and Little Fyodor heard about Kasey’s idea and immediately jumped on board. Elkington remembers, “We are definitely drawn together by a mutual understanding by how peculiar the scene can be because everyone was put through the same grinder before we meshed together. That’s why it made so much sense to form a collective so we don’t just get pushed through and end up on the wrong bill where people are booing us.” The boos may still be heard, but the members of DARC are not letting it faze them. No matter if people like them or not, if anyone is watching them then they have accomplished their goal. “If they boo who gives a fuck. We are doing this for us; at least [they’re] paying attention,” Kasey remarked. DARC shows are complicated. Lundy explains, “We’re playing far more complicated music laying down multiple chords unlike say, your typical punk band who may only be putting down three.” DARC bands are creating musical concepts, a new brand of music that many people may not like. Most people who like DARC are either part of the DARC membership or are musicians. “We knew before we got on stage and that the musicians in this town were going to love it and they did,” Kasey laughed. It’s not difficult to see why some people wouldn’t understand DARC. They’re fucking up preconceived


have come to know music, thus presenting something so different and unique that it will either entertain or frighten all the while wearing a pink tutu. Brooks said, “It’s like you want the audience to leave thinking who farted on my dinner?” That kind of shit takes guts to pull off. Music is an emotional experience for most people so when you present something so completely different, some may embrace it but others are unable to detach from their prejudices, their ideals so they may react with hostility. Brooks recalls, “It’s amazing how many people are naturally annoyed and angered by something that makes them fucking think. It makes sense if I was at a political convention but I’m at Old Curtis Street bar, they get so pissed off they want to murder me.” It makes sense why so many DARC member use humor to help them convey their message. A message whether coming from politics or music if not delicately or humorously expressed may be seen as pretentious or just too hard to understand. Humor is a perfect tool to explain complicated messages. That’s why there is an undertone of humor in every DARC group. Shows are meant to entertain, amuse and maybe make you chuckle (if you get the joke). Brooks describes such a show, “When I first heard the Morning Sickness and Mat pulled out his Elmo and played it on the guitar. It sounded amazing and I was smiling my ass off the entire time.” Or another time when Lundy was playing for the first time with the Ancient Astronauts she recalls them showing up with a timpani and saxophone. Elkington laughs, “Yeah that was a great era, when we used to bring those instruments in and everyone’s jaw dropped.” Or when DARC collaborated on a Floyd tribute show, except no one sang a Pink Floyd song as it was originally written. One of the bands wrote a rap song interpreting an obscure Pink Floyd song. Kasey remembers, “One of the audience members getting so mad that we were changing Pink Floyd and I just couldn’t stop laughing.” Whether you’re entertained, amused or as Lundy put it “like a dog hearing a strange noise,” you’ll definitely hear something you have never heard before. After six years DARC bands continue to support each other, laugh together and grow. The collection of bands that make up DARC are phenomenal and deserve your attention. If nothing else they have stayed true to themselves. Living according to their principles and values, no matter how

different from other groups they may be. It takes courage to stand behind one’s beliefs when they run counter to a society or a group. Brooks summed it up perfectly, “DARC is about having a great sense of humor, being a good fucking person, and having the ability to create something unique without following someone [else].”

Denver Creative Movement In 2009, while perusing Facebook Elle Naef had an ah hah! moment, realizing most of her friends were either musicians or artists she thought why not have an event to bring all of them together and promote their work. So with the help of two of her friends, Noel Roberts and TJ Wethington, they planned, promoted and put on a successful festival of music, arts and crafts. Based on the success of this first show, the three decided to form their own art collective, The Denver Creative Movement. The Denver Creative Movement or DCM team has put on many shows and benefits such as the show at the Oriental Theatre where patrons were encouraged to be the artists while bands played. Another event of importance to DCM was the show benefiting the Toys for Tots Foundation. Helping Toys for Tots achieve their goal was especially important to DCM because just as Toys for Tots supports the community by providing underprivileged children a good Christmas; DCM hopes to eventually support the community by providing arts education. As funds to support arts education in public schools are decreasing, non –profit organizations like the DCM will step in and provide an alternative place for these programs to grow. Naef, Roberts and Wethington have big dreams for their collective and with just a little more time and money, they’ll be realized. “We are working on our 501(c)3 right now,” said Naef. “We want to purchase or lease a facility so we can provide a space for anyone to come and learn how to play an instrument or paint, whatever it may be. The idea is the facility will work like a co-op. Musicians or visual artists will teach anybody in the community who wants to learn in exchange for free art space, practice space or studio time,” Naef said. The DCM team’s plan to build a community center where established


artists and community members can come together to learn and grow from each other will be an impressive accomplishment. “We want the Denver Creative Movement to have a more long lasting effect on the community,” Naef said. Therefore the DCM team is working hard to ensure their dream comes true. Naef and Wethington have developed their business plan. A lawyer has been contacted to help them with all of the 501(c)3 documents and a small business owner is providing support to help them hit the ground running. As the details are coming together there is still a big snag that is preventing them from moving forward. Money. In order for them to get their 501(c)3 status it’s going to cost them at least 2,000.00. So for now the team continues to promote amazing music and artists of all kinds while educating the community of their vision. “We want to create a space for anyone to come and learn a new creative skill for free and have the opportunity to grow with other artists,” Roberts said. If you are interested in learning more about Denver Creative Movement, DCM, and want to either donate or volunteer your time to help them achieve their mission then check them out on their facebook page http://www. or to simply donate go to Art Collectives are established by people who are passionate about art, music and the like and want to share this with their community. I hope these articles encourage more people to create art collectives in your communities. There are never enough!

Contributing Photographers

Vincent Cheap

for a while until he decided his real interest was in art. Specifically, photography for a short time and then painting until he got bored with school and years of having bad teachers drove him to the point of dropping out. Or as he likes to put it, “an extra long hiatus”. Not deterred by shitty fucking teachers, Vincent didn’t slow down creating his art and with the help of friends still enrolled in college, he was able to use studio spaces at the university. One of the nice things about living in a college town, (especially one with a decent art department) is the end of the semester students trashing their old supplies. All you have to do is not be afraid to do a bit of dumpster diving. After going on hiatus, he got into punk rock and started going on tour with a lot

Written by Jason Hitchcock Photos BY Hesh Photo



of his friend’s bands. It was in the late 90s when record companies gave bands money to tour. Vincent also played guitar and trumpet ome of you might know Vincent

in a band called Presidents Wives for eight or nine years. Though

“Cheap” as your bartender at

he had to give up the guitar after breaking both wrists trying to

3 Kings Tavern, slinging your

punch his brother, missing and hitting a building. Being with the

drunk, punk ass drinks at happy

bands gave him the great opportunity to learn how to promote

hour, or you might recognize him from

both bands and his art, something school had never taught him.

working with his girlfriend, Tina, at their

“Some of the first work anyone ever saw of mine was work I did

shop, Fast Geek Boutique. The other

on flyers,” Vincent recalls. From there he realized he could book a

possibility is you might have no idea who

space, have a rock show and easily place his art work in the venue

he is but have some of his art work and

and have himself an art show. Occasionally he would have his

not even know it. Vincent calls Denver

brother read his poetry before the show, but according to Vinnie,

home though his family would constantly

punk rockers don’t like being talked at so his brother had to

move from one place to another. This

dodge a lot of bottles.

allowed the opportunity in the summers

Though he has had opportunities to have his work in galleries

for Vincent and his twin brother to work

there is something that he enjoys more about putting work in bars

on their interests. His was art and his

and music venues. “I consider my stuff jovial and bars seem to

brother, Charley the City Mouse, poetry.

match that atmosphere,” Vincent continued. “I like being able to

Vincent says his mother still has stacks of

place my stuff in the bar also because I set the prices as oppose to

paintings he did when he was a kid. After

the gallery where they have to jack things up. I can set the price

high school, he spent about 12 years in

for a piece at $50 bucks or whatever I want. There’s something

Fort Collins where he studied journalism

embarrassing to hear a drunken guy yell out ‘$500 dollars! What


the fuck?’ It also seems that art work at the galleries become like false gods. It’s all quiet in the gallery. The painting’s sitting up on their white walls and everyone is standing around.” In the old days, bars were the common area where everyone would meet. Important decisions and politics were discussed in bars and an artist would show their work there, to become recognized. In Denver, a lot of good work can be still seen in bars or coffee shops around town. The inspiration for Vincent’s painting comes from watching people. No, not through a pair of binoculars, but out in public places (that might not sound much better). As a child, Vincent’s family would go out to the mall or public places and sit around and watch people walking around. “It was something our family just did,” Vincent remarked. Now don’t be worried about sitting at the bar and Vincent drawing you at your best (drunk ass) moment. It’s not how you really look but how Vincent sees the people around him. (I don’t think he sees a lot of people with bombs on their chest running around, at least not in Denver) He is drawing people the way their mood reflects. Sometimes other influences sneak in, like after watching The Simpsons, his drawing will resemble a character from the show. Right now his work has what I guess could be called bunny people or bunny torsos. Vinny says he is not very good at drawing hands, so many of his characters don’t have arms or hands. Drawing bunnys has revelance and a story too. His rabbit characters are inspired from when he was in a band. The band members wanted to go on a Front Range tour and thought it would be cool to rent bunny costumes, but as Vincent put it, “They are fucking expensive!”. They figured it wouldn’t very wise to spend all of their gig money on costume rental. Not to be deterred a friend of Vinnys went home and made them a bunny suit that was used by all the bandmates on tour. Once when loading gear after a show, Vincent’s buddies took his pants from his backpack and left him with only the bunny suit pants to wear. The suit made it through the tour and was retired shortly after. Artistically throughout America, the whole rabbit thing seemed to become very popular. It was around the time that Smoking Labbit came out and whenever you opened a juxtapose magazine you would see rabbits gracing the pages. There were bands like Black and Brown wearing bunny costumes and movies with titles like Brown Bunny. It was only a matter of time that all of the bunnies would be retired. The suit did have an afterlife though and it became passed around a lot and was used in all kinds of inappropriate activities. Years later the bunny suit made its way back into Vincents life, full of cigarette holes and stains. It now sits in his closet waiting for its next reincarnation. Luckily the bunny suit lives forever in Vinny’s art.


Because Vincent changes addresses often he doesn’t really have a big collection of his work (minus the stuff from childhood) nor does he ever take photos of his work. Usually, he just leaves his paintings somewhere or gives them away to friends or sometimes trades them. But occasionally he gets calls from people saying they have seen his work in places like Chicago, where pieces of his artwork hang in a bar. In Oklahoma, a woman had five pieces of his art work, but he has no idea how they got there or who she even is. Another girl from Denver has fifteen pieces she found in a dumpster behind what used to be the 15th Street Tavern. “It is always really cool how my stuff pops up in places like it does,” Vincent said. If you ask Vincent what his goals for his art are, you might get an answer you wouldn’t expect. “I’d love to be the new Salvador Dali of the dorm room,” Vincent mused. “I think in colleges, when they have those poster sales, I think they should have all original art sold there. I’d really love it if my art was everywhere like old Cheryl Tiegs posters. Now go check your closet, attic or alleyway because you never know, you might find your very own Vincent Cheap



DENVER'S PREMIER ROCK ESTABLISHMENT 60 South Broadway, Denver Co 80209 (303)777-7352

Keeping up with John Rumley John Rumley, a.k.a Rumley, a.k.a The Asshole, a.k.a MacGyver, a.k.a The Man of a Thousand Ideas. This Renaissance Man has been a member of the Denver nightlife in one aspect or another for a vast majority of his life. Keeping up with his Written by

activities can be rather hard. He has played many different

Jason Hitchcock

instruments in many different bands. Urban Leash, Tone

Photos BY

Thugs, Mau Mau 55, (who became Pygmy Love Circus)

Jason Hitchcock

Poison bone, Slim Cessna’s Auto Club, Tarantella, Munly,

and John Rumley

The Hush, and currently he plays with The Buckingham Squares. He has also filled in with The Fluid, toured with 16 Horsepower and Dogs of Pleasure. These bands are all well worth Googling. John’s hard drive sits in his garage/sound stage/studio full of music he’s recorded, homemade skits, fake commercials, short films, as well as music videos he created for his bands and gigabyts of photos he’s taken of anything that catches his interest. If he’s not at home working tirelessly, you can probably find him in his workshop building guitars or banjos for Denver musicians as well as musicians halfway around the world. John is an experienced Luthier and his one of a kind hand made guitars are very sought after. This ultra busy entrepreneur also does master repair work at the Denver Folklore Center (1893 South Pearl Street, Denver 80210) fixing every kind of stringed instrument heard of. John’s career as an entertainer started at the age of 5, dancing ballet in the Denver production of The Nutcracker Suite, at Bonfils Theater, (2526 East Colfax Avenue. Now the Tattered Cover) where his dad was one of the preformance directors. Talented daddy, Mr. Rummley Sr., was also the modern dance instructor for Denver University. Whenever they needed extra child preformers for a show, John’s father would have him and his brothers join the acting or dancing ranks. Productions like Epidaurus Ancient Theatre, Medea And The Golden Apple or even Zorba The Greek, his father had them preforming in whatever came up. John practiced ballet every Saturday morning for three years, something he loathed but did anyway. He continued performing in plays, hanging out in the prop rooms and dressing rooms and spying on half-dressed ladies until he was in the 7th grade. Around that time he started to become more involved with other not so artistic interests. Because of his father’s dream of having a Partridge Family-like band, his


dad purchased his children musical instruments. Instead of

bedroom door. He remembers the magic of watching the

the drum set John wanted, he was given a Mandolin that he

pictures slowly develop. His interest grew and he obtained his

absolutely hated. Years later that mandolin would get him into

first film camera. That, and the access to DVI and Final Cut

his first band Tone Thugs, where he started writing music and

Pro led him to get his start in creating music videos.

songs of his own (“Mostly” he says, “because I wasn’t good

John’s love of television shows like Johnny Carson and

enough to play other’s music”). But with the help of Patrick

The Dean Martin Roast, made John’s newest endeavor

Bowers, a long time friend, he became a better musician and

the next obvious course of direction. His newest project

started to learn other instruments. This lead to him to play

Late Night Denver lets John’s wild imagination grow to it’s

with several different bands including Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.

fullest potential. The You Tube show allows him to use all of

There are several things you might notice if you’ve ever been

his knowledge of acting, directing, film.special effects and

to John’s shop at Denver Folklore Center. It’s not the stack

costumes. His personal prop room is full of some of the coolest

of guitars, banjos, stand up basses, or the random cool shit

shit you’ll ever see.

that he has pulled out of dumpsters or found at the ARC or

Late Night Denver

Goodwill (like that creepy little banjo playing clown he has

“That’s right folks. Get comfy. You’re here at Late Night

displayed on a shelf ). The biggest thing you notice is his

Denver. Now, a big round applause for your host, Mr. John

collection of over 4000 DVD’s and VHS films. They vary from

Rumley”. Denver’s new late night variety show born from the

old B films to new releases to classics. GoodFellas or All That

mind of John Rumley and his co-host Heather Dalton. With

Jazz are two flicks that have a high probability of being shown

the goal of putting Denver nightlife on the map and giving

on his little TV when you visit John or come to pick up

local bands, comedians and all of the super talented people of

your instrument.

Denver the recognition and attention they deserve. John likes

John’s love of film started at a rather young age with

the idea of Late Night Denver, hanging out, playing make-

photography. He learned to develop his first photographs in

believe and having fun with friends. It may be one of his most

his familys dark room located in a closet right outside his

fun, interesting projects to date!


John’s lust for life never ceases. A non-stop action man with 3 kids of his own. He still drives motorcycles through his house. He has even been known to shoot old civil war muskets loaded with paper outside his front door. John has lots of stories to make you laugh or go “No fucking way!” Late Night Denver guests will have a lot to live up to while chating with John Rumley. The first guests for his show are no other then; The Quad City Madman himself- Magic Cyclops, Hot Lead Hard Fury Director M. Van Michaels and Co-Producer/Co-Writer Jesse Frazier with musical guests Wheelchair Sports Camp! LATE NIGHT DENVER airs Saturday January 5th on The Youtube Channel:Late Night Denver. “I want the show to feel like you’re going to a party. Have a good time, get all dressed up and just be sitting on your couch,” John laughs. “The Ground rules for the show are simple –There will be no smoking under Denver law. Wait! There will be smoking. Smoking and drinking and all elicit drugs will be done back stage along with all of the debaucherous sex and whatever else goes on back there.” “The truth is, there’s no back stage. That’s the shit I hope is going on in your home. Sit there on your couch with no pants on for all I care. I just don’t want to see it. Well… send pics. That’s ok, I guess....

Potty Shots at Lions Lair 3 Kings Old Curtis St. Bar Bar and Crash 45

Fast Geek Boutique is located at 321 West 11th Avenue. Fast Geek Boutique’s main focus is creating one of a kind clothing and art work, Along with our creations, we also sell indy/local, vinyl, cd’s, books, tapes and art work.


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was first made aware of roller derby as a young man in the

actually called “Roller Jam”, a more high speed, aggressive

70s. That would be the 1970s. Wild, tight-shorted women

version, invented by a rival of Mr. Seltzer.

punching, jabbing and snarling at each other at breakneck

The guys of the Rollin’ Bones Derby Team practice at a rink in

speed. Decades went by. I was made aware of its resurgence by

Brighton, CO called The Wagon Wheel. . This place is a time

a friend Amy Larson. She had made her way through the ranks

capsule dedicated to the 1980s. Florescent carpeting, video

of roller gals, made the cut, and began breaking skulls. Anyone

games, and of course the ubiquitous disco ball over the rink

who has a TV guide can count the cliché films made about

itself. This is not what is called a banked track, just your run of

female empowerment and comradeship made via this sport. Not

the mill flat roller rink that we all spent hours of our childhood

to take away from the ladies as they are tough, dedicated and

traveling in slow circles to the sounds of Air Supply. However,

damn good. However it’s only a matter of time till the greasy,

these men are not going slow. Their practices are brutal and

hackneyed hands of Hollywood scriptwriters got their meat

physically challenging and not without injuries.

hooks around the idea.

The Bone’s, as they refer to themselves, started in 2009 over

It never occurred to me that men, sweaty, burly, mildly and

beers as The Bones asked themselves,”Why should the girls have

angry, would take on this sport. But, Darryl Watson (AKA

all the fun?”. After being invited to practice with the The High

F-Stop), informed me otherwise and invited me to their

City Derby Divas, and improving their skating skills, 3 months

practice. Their very, very scary, fast, dangerous practice.

later. The Bones played their first ever road game against

Before we get into the bone breaking details, (Oh yes, bones

Tucson’s Dry Heat Militia in Phoenix AZ. Though the Bone’s

were really broken), let’s briefly visit the history of roller derby

roster, at this time, was filled in with guest skaters, the match

in these fine United States.

was hard fought and came down to the last jam with a final

Leo Saltzer first invented the precursor to what we call derby in

score of 136-134 over the Militia. They were on their way with a

the 1930s in Chicago. These were endurance contests of skating,

road victory under their belts and wood splinters in their teeth.

by some accounts they lasted for a month or more with full

Practice starts off like any other sport. Guys getting to the rink

time staff and skaters. This being the time of dancing marathon

directly after work, still in work clothes. Getting into gear, knee

endurance contests, these events were often attended by

pads, helmets, jersey, it’s a slow transformation with typical

20,000 people.

locker room banter about their kid’s, work, sports, upcoming

The first televised Roller Derby aired in the 1940s and the

bouts, and the like. They hit the planks and a stern look of

aggressive gals were an instant hit. Often there was more

concentration drops over each face, as they slowly turn up the

physical contact than your average football game. As the game

speed, lap after lap.

progressed, these ladies were seen as examples of women’s

The drills are truly insane. I can’t explain it any other way.

liberation, By 1960, there were hundreds of teams touring the

Example, take a lap at full speed, all the other team mates lay

US, setting up in basketball arenas and thrilling fans coast to

on the rink crosswise and you must jump over them, lay down


at the end of the line, then the skater at the beginning of the

Nothing good ever lasts and derby was dropped from television

human obstical course does the same. Were there crashes, skates

in the 70s. What you may now recognize as roller derby is

in the ribs, wipe outs with arms and legs akimbo? Of course


there were! But they keep doing it, again and again, until

team, the first Jammer to get in front of all the other skaters

everyone gets it right.

is lead Jammer for that Jam. Being lead Jammer means you

“The worst injury I’ve seen in Roller Derby was when Dr.Rob

can call the jam off at any time by placing your hands on your

broke his collar bone at practice, he’s got some serious

hips. Actually, check out this link for greater detail: http://

hardware in there now. Looked like a motorcycle chain on the It

X-ray,” says Team Cappy Lee Mey, (AKA Mr. Badwrench), “I’ve

gives a good explanation .

heard of broken ribs and punctured lungs. There are rules [for

Anyone interested in trying roller derby can drop in with

derby] to protect the players.”

The Bones for $5.00. They have skates available and all the

He continues, “We work with our new players on how to fall

protective gear. Team members pay monthly dues which pay

and how to protect yourself on the track. I don’t think derby is

for the practice space. Mr. Badwrench states the only thing

much more dangerous than any other sport. I’m not one of our

you need to learn for the game of Roller Derby is desire. For

Jammers but I do jam in practice and scrimmages and I would

example, they have had several guys who didn’t even know

say that jamming in Roller Derby is the hardest thing I’ve ever

how to skate when they first started. It’s a tough game to learn

done in any sport I’ve played.”

and you’re gonna pay some dues in the form of sweat, sore

Now, I think would be a good time to explain the rules and

muscles, blistered feet, and bruises.

structure of the game. At first glance it looks like a bunch of

Interested parties can contact them through the team website

people skating as fast as possible and just taking each other


out. But that is wrong. There is a rhyme and reason for every

So come out, see a bout, drink a beer and relax with the

action. Mr. Badwrench assures me that one could enjoy a bout

screaming ruffnecks of the crowd.

and NEVER understand the rules. I could not agree more. It is a fast paced game and full of spills and thrills. Plus the crowd is....well, a little rough around the edges if you catch my drift. Here is a brief tutorial for those unfamiliar with said “rules”. A Roller Derby Bout has two 1/2 hour periods. The periods are divided into Jams. A Jam lasts two minutes or until the lead Jammer calls it off. There are five skaters on the track from each team: one Pivot, one Jammer and 3 blockers. The points are scored when the Jammers lap a member of the opposing


Or just go that one step further....





y name is Esteban or

after that I lost my mojo and life felt gray.

at least for the sake of

In 2007, after I was sixteen, I received my first illegal paper work

this story it will be, for

from my father stating I was eighteen. I got a job at a grocery store

if I gave my real name

and eventually was promoted to night manager. I had this position

or my family’s, we

for two years, waking up at 5:00 a.m. to go to Highschool, then

would be so graciously

straight to work at the store as soon as classes let out.

asked to leave this

Jump ahead to 2010 when I was nineteen. My friend Danny told

country that we have

me to come out and party with him. So we called up our friends

called home for many years.

and went downtown to a dance party. It was so much fun. We

I was born in Mexico City and I am 23-years-old. Right

partied like monsters. At the end of the night, I meet Maria. She

now I live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment in Colorado

was a beautiful shine-ed girl. I felt so warm inside my chest. We

with my Mother and older brother. I grow up in Mexico

danced till the club closed and then she told me to call her later

City with my three brothers, my father and mother. My dad

and she would like to hang out and party more. So my friends

served in the military and then worked as a security guard

and I drove back home and cleaned the place because she was not

and a taxi driver until my oldest brother was born. After

coming alone. She called me up and said that she had gotten lost

having children my dad became involved in organized crime

but was close enough to the house so we could find her. I grabbed

and some of my earliest memories were of him giving us

the car keys to my friend’s truck and another friend and I took off.

frequent “lessons” on how to fight, use weapons, disarm

The car was a big monster truck looking thing that when it started

and kill people, and how to break into cars. Other than for

up sounded like a rocket taking off. I floored it (not thinking about

self-defensive and defending others, I decided these lessons

the drinks that I already had) towards the parking lot to wait for

would not be a guiding force in my life.

the girls. There we where, sitting in this huge truck in the middle

In 2001, just two days after 9/11, we illegally crossed the

of a empty parking lot late at night, when a cop pulls up with his

US border for the first time at Chichuaga with my mother

Christmas lights flashing. The officer asked us what we where

and siblings. My dad was already living here in Colorado.

doing out here so late. We told him we where waiting for friends

We took a bus from Mexico City to the border of Mexico.

to show up as they had gotten lost coming over to our house. The

My mom told me it was a summer trip /vacation. When we

officer said, “Can I see you driver licenses and registration?” I told

arrived, we meet a lady that has many green cards. She looks

him that it wasn’t my truck but my friends and that he lived up

through them all until she can find one that is your match.

there where the window is. He asked to see my ID. I told him that

Then we got in a car and we just drive up to the border. That

I don’t have one and that I would like to remain silent. He then

was my first time crossing with my family.

told me to get out of the car and arrested me right there. My friend

When we came to Colorado, we settled in Denver and we

was free to go since he had an ID. and everything, so he walked

ended up leasing an apartment on Colfax. I was enrolled

back to the apartment. When I was inside the patrol car, I asked

in middle school and, three days after arriving, I started

the officer to tell me my right since I was being arrested. He said,

7th grade unable to speak any English. The school system

“Your rights are to shut the fuck up.” This happen on a Friday. That

in America doesn’t really care. It’s like don’t ask, don’t tell.

Monday, I was going to go take the GED since I never could finish

You can go all the way to college but once you want to

high school because I had to work extra to help my family. So the

apply your profession you can’t. School for me was blurry

officers took me to jail. I don’t really want to talk too much about

sad, then it became fun to learn because I was taught how

the officers and the things they said to me because I love them all.

to speak English. Then the black and white world I lived

They keep me safe. But I know they know who the good cops and

in was gone and everything had color. I started enjoying

the bad cops are in their wonderful force. Thank you.

my classes. I became more motivated as I grew older and I

While I was in jail, my brother tried to bail me out. I thought I was

started getting girls numbers. I was making friends from all

going to get out and be able to head back home on Tuesday. I had

over the world. When I turn sixteen I went to school and

already talked to the judge on a T.V. and they said it was cool. I was

all my friends had their driver’s licenses. So I went home

free to go; no big deal. Then I got a call from U.S. Immigration and

that day and I asked my mom and dad, “Hey, when are you

Customs Enforcement (I.C.E.), a private company made from some

guys going to take me to get my driver’s license?” They both

guy in congress to hunt down illegals from all nations. He got all

looked at me. My mom touched my face to check for fever

this money from the Patriot Act. While you are in this immigration

or to see if I was sick. Then she smiled and said, “Are you

jail, I.C.E. asks the government for money for you staying in their

dumb or what? Don’t you already know we are illegal?” I

facilities. You can end up staying there for months or years. You

was like, “What does that mean?” She began to explain and

see, when you are in their system, you can fight to stay in the

U.S. and walk out of there with your green card. That is, if you

With the money from my Mother’s tax return, my father and

have ten to fifteen grand. Boom you are out with a green card.

I flew to Alberta, Canada, which welcomes Mexican tourists.

Money can also buy you more time so you can decide on what

We didn’t make it far due to a careless mistake. My dad had

it is you are wishing to do - try and stay or go back to Mexico.

left his recent deportation paperwork in his luggage. After an

But you could get stuck in there for years lost in the system.

immigration officer discovered this, a quick computer check

There are people from all over the world in immigration jail.

revealed our history and it was back to immigration jail, this

When I was in the immigration jail, it was full of Salvatruchas (a

time at the airport. Soon we where on a flight back to Mexico

transnational criminal gang based mostly out of L.A., made up

City. Then another bus ride and we where back living with

mostly of Central Americans), murderers, drug dealers, other

my Aunt.

cartel members, and of course a lot of regular people like myself.

During my stay at my Aunts, I meet up with one of my cousin

Life wasn’t horrible in immigration jail. It was actually kind to

who invited me out to a ranch for a party. My cousin, some

me while I was there. I made friends with the guards and they

friends, and I hopped onto a bus and head out to a Ranch. When

ended up being super nice!

we arrived, we all decided to go in search for Marijuana. My

After being there for a month, I got my deportation papers

cousin said he knew of a place to try and get some so we started

saying that I was leaving the states on Friday. They woke me

walking and came across an area of hills full of rows and rows

up at 5:00 a.m. and told me to get my stuff. We were made to

of topers from old pick ups just lying on the ground covered

form a line. Then the guards told us that if we wanted to come

in weeds. My cousin goes and knocks on the top of one and

back to the U.S., to make it in a legal way, and they put us on a

after a few minutes from under it a farmer guy with long hair,

bus and drove us to the airport. There was a private jet waiting

ripped up shorts, and old worn out shoes comes up. The farmer’s

outside where seven marshals in a single line where facing us

blood shots eyes opened in excitement to see my cousin. They

with tactical armor, shot guns, g17 hand pistols, no helmets on.

talked for a bit and then he disappears back underground. He

Before we got out of the bus the guards told us not to make jokes

comes back with a Safeway bag of Marijuana for 50 pesos but he

or smile at the marshals. That they don’t fuck around at all.

refused the money. They shake hands and from there we walked

After the flight, I found myself in Chiguagua at one in the

off to a convenience store and ask for mescal. The mescal in that

morning, with nowhere to go and with only a little bit of money

area is some of the finest. It is all clear and has no taste at all,

in my pocket. I ended up getting a hotel room and some alcohol

just a warm feeling in your chest. So my cousin, our friends and

and shared the room with a guy that I meet a little before the

I walked back to the ranch, this large area with horses running

plane ride. The following day, I learned the guy I was with

all over it and a guest house in the back for us. For the next few

had just been released from jail where he served ten years for

days, we partied and towards the end of the weekend, we decide

murder. I jumped on to a bus to Mexico City hoping to track

to go hike up a hill. There we discovered a mining pit with a sign

down some one I knew. Having moved away when quite young,


my efforts were unsuccessful. So there where lots of nights

We walked on and drank and smoked and just had fun. While

sleeping on park benches, lost and homeless, until I was finally

we were walking someone looked down into the mine pit and

able to reach my mother on the phone. My mom was able to

saw a motorcycle racing its way up towards the top. In a few, the

connect me with her sister, my Aunt, where I stayed for five

motorcycle pulls to a stop. A man sits in front of us and yells to

days. For those five days I suffered from severe dysentery from

get the fuck out of here. He pulls a gun, aiming at my head, and

the food and water and I awaited the arrival of my father who

yells again to get the fuck out. We all ran like hell with the guy

was also recently deported after serving five years in prison.

shooting at us.

That last day at my Aunt’s I felt better so I went out to see

About two months later, my Mother, still back in the states,

where my dad was. While I was out though, my dad showed up

had raised enough money and made arrangements for another

at my Aunt’s house drunk and got into a fight with my Aunt’s

attempt for me and my father to cross the border. We packed up

boyfriend. She wouldn’t tolerate my dad’s drunken, abusive

and with my guitar and the money for payoff in our pockets, we

behavior and when I came back she had my belongings in a

caught a ride from a trucker to Sonora. When he dropped us off,

bag and threw me out with my father. From there we went to

he said that we needed to be careful because the area had a very

stay with my Father’s cousin. It only took two weeks before we

high kidnapping rate. Walking through the town to the hotel

were unwelcome there as well. So the two of us took a bus to

where we are to stay at, we watched a guy get grabbed from an

Jugudalajara and moved in with my dad’s sister. This was my

alleyway and thrown into the back of a truck and taken away. It

home for approximately two months. During this time I made

scarred the hell out of us and we quickly made our way to the

money as a street musician- playing the guitar and singing. I was

hotel and gave them the names we were listed under.

well liked because I could sing in Spanish and English.

We waited for three day for a large group to gather. Then


“The smell of hangover was so strong it almost made you sick.” there is a meeting with all the other people and this man tells everyone what we need to bring and not bring. The most important thing is to bring as much water as you can carry. My father doesn’t listen. He only brought 3 gallons of water which is below the suggested amount. Before this trip, I was always taking care of my dad so he didn’t drown in alcohol or from getting into fights. I even remember being in between place to stay, we slept in a tool closet with my dad’s friend that was full of piss jars. The smell of hangover was so strong it almost made you sick. Sometimes we were friends and everything was awesome until the macho came out and that would fuck it all up. But inside all of that, God bless his heart, I do love my dad. The days before the trip were no different. My dad just drank alcohol all the way up till we had to go. The next day was November 1, 2010. We gave 100 pesos to a group of men. The money is to pay off the cartel for use of the land. Then we where stuffed inside a large van with everyone sitting inside airplane style. I still remember what I wore that day: a pair of tight jeans with no underwear, a muscle shirt, my lucky hat, and new shoes. I also carried my backpack with a jacket, my Ray-Bans, a Harry Potter book, and pictures of my mother. They started driving and some time later the van pulls over, the doors open, and you’re blinded by the sunlight for a few. We had arrived at a gas station out in the middle of nowhere. The driver tells everyone that we must leave all electronic devices behind (cell phones, on or off, are able to be tracked). Then we drove for a little bit longer to where a group of soldiers from the Mexican Army inform you to make a line. You paid off the soldiers with 500 pesos. Those who paid more cross last because it is inevitable that many will get caught. So while the US Border Patrol is busy with those less fortunate, the ones who paid more have a better chance. For a fee of five pesos you can use a ladder on the Mexican side to cross over. We were taken to a house right on the border. It was full with probably around a hundred people sitting inside. Lots of them were pregnant women. We all sat there and watched border guards cross back and forth. People continuously come and go from the house. The guide left once with lots of women only to come back to say they had all gotten caught. I remember 0041

being told to never ever lose the guide because they always come back. They never get lost or caught so just keep your eyes on them. If they run, you run. The morning comes and 50-60 people have left and finally our turn comes. My dad and I, along with a group of others, climb over and form a line. We walk with two guys in front who have radios and one in the back that cleans the footprints. We all must walk in each other’s footsteps to keep tracks to a minimal. I stayed as close to the front of the group as long as I could but my father fell behind and kept trying to get me to come to the back with him. The heat became unbearable. The shoes that I had purchased started falling apart because the glue had melted. My clothing had started fading and ripping. The night comes and the temperature drops drastically. During the night we had to find shelter to hide. The only thing around was a bunch of thorn bushes so we ended up hiding there from helicopters flying over. I lay there with thorns pressing into my face and other parts of my body and to keep my spirits up I thought of my family and friends back at home. We all continue to walk through the desert and, one by one, people start to run out of water. My dad was in the back begging people for alcohol. Some people had alcohol that was mixed with garlic that they stored in their boots to keep the rattlesnakes away. People where looking at him like he was crazy but someone ended up giving it to him. So my dad


started to drink a lot and soon the water he had and mine ran

started to change from a flat ground sparsely covered with

out then the group’s runs out. We all keep going. We had no

cactuses to steep hills dense with cactuses covered with piercing

choice. At this point, we became forced to step over the bodies

thorns. After carrying my dad for four hours, we came to a

of people who didn’t make it. There were people grabbing at

dried riverbed. I could not keep going. We where sinking in

your ankles, begging for help and pleading for water, but we had

and we had started to fall way behind the group. I was forced to

none to give. By some kind of miracle we did discover a large

make the most painful decision of my life. I set my father down

puddle of deer urine mixed with rainwater. It smelled so horrible

in the sand. He begged me to stay, but I wanted to see my mom

- a strong musty stench. It was covered in moss but we were all

again. I told him, “You have lived your life. I must live mine.” I

so thankful. We filled our water bottles. It was the best tasting

took him near a road and gave him my jacket. He grabbed my

water I have ever had, ever, still to this day. If we hadn’t came

hand and again begged me not to leave. I broke free, crying,

across it, I most likely would have died out there.

and just ran. I could hear him screaming for me to come back.

Some people stayed behind because they were too weak and

I kept runnung. As day turned to night and the cold began to

tired to go on but my dad and I, along with several others, keep

set in I finally caught up with the group. At that point the path

going. Inside the groups, there were always people coming

led straight up a very steep mountain. I was still crying. This

and going that have these very large back packs. They were

guy turned to me and told me don’t cry and to keep looking

constantly moving in and out of the groups. Some times a person

forward and think about tomorrow.

would appear from out of the desert. They would come and ask

During the night you could hear the cries of people all around

for five young men that could run very fast and then they would

you pleading for water and others shushing them. I realized that

disappear with them and the people that they took would return

I could very easily die here by someone elses hands as I could of

also with these large bags. I am rather sure it was drugs they

dehydration. As I maneuvered from rock to rock, up the steep

were bringing in.

grade in complete darkness, I passed more dead bodies and more

My dad ran out of water again and so I ended up sharing

people crying for help. Another haunting memory I have was

mine with him. I expected him to only take a sip so we could

passing a pregnant woman. She grabbed me, desperately crying

conserve what little was left. Instead, he finished it all, leaving

for water and for help. Knowing there was no way I could carry

me with none. With no more water, he became so dehydrated

her up the mountain and having no water to offer her, I left her.

from drinking alcohol and worn out, he couldn’t walk any

We had to make it to the top. If we missed our time, the trucks at

further. I picked him up and carried him. I then ran to catch

the top would leave and it would be over. But finally at the top, I

back up with the group. I ran till I found myself right behind

could see a flagpole, a couple trucks, and three gallons of water.

the guide. I was not about to lose him. Soon the desert terrain

Everyone scrambled for them.


“It’s something like a cut in my soul” Everyone that made it is then smashed into the back of a Ford 4x4 pickup. Everyone was sitting as close as they can to each other and holding on for dear life so they don’t fly out as the truck had no topper. The truck goes as fast as it can, bouncing up and down with no headlights, taking you on your way to Tucson, Arizona. When you arrive at Tucson, a group of people awaited. They scrub the truck of all the dirt to make it look as if it was not just out in the desert. Afterwards they broke us all up into groups and lay you out in the back of a truck like sardines. For this leg of the trip, I wasn’t as fortunate as from Tucson to Phoenix. They placed me on the floorboard of the truck just inches away from the pedals and lying across the transmission that got so hot during the journey it burned my legs. When I said something to the driver he told me to shut up and not to speak. All I could do was cry silently till I fell asleep. From here I was dropped off at a trailer park where I was placed inside a small trailer full of people crouching miserably quiet, waiting for their turn to catch the ride from their person to take them home or wherever they had setup to go. Finally, my name was called and I was on my way home. I remember the drive as if it was like a dream. It was magical. You realize you’re back in the states and it is just so hard to believe. When I got back to Colorado, it was just an amazing feeling. I couldn’t believe it. There we were driving down the street and I was seeing all the old place I used to know. Finally I pulled up to 0044

my mother’s house, got out of the car,

doing odd jobs to get by. There is always

and slowly walked up to the door and

a bit of a fear he will try to come back

knocked. My mother opened the door

or that I’ll get deported again and run

and all my family is very excited to see

into him. I know this will be something

me. Someone asked about dad. I told

I’ll have to deal with at sometime. It’s

them that he got tired and pussied out.

something like a cut in my soul that

I didn’t really know what to tell them. If

hurts from time to time.

they read this, it will be how they find

I just ignore it.

out what happened.

I have been asked before why I didn’t

Days went by and soon months start

stay in Mexico City. I think every living

flying off the calendar and I never left

thing on this earth has somewhere or

my mother’s house over great fear of

something that they call home. For

going out and getting arrested again

me, my friends and my family are

and sent back to Mexico and making

everything that I care about and are all

my journey all being for nothing.

here. Everything I know is here. The

After a lot of convincing from friends

most beautiful things that I would die

and family, I finally left the house

for are here. Here is where I feel safe.

and went outside searching alleyways

I feel love and this is where I learned

and collecting trash and then started

about love. It was all in my beloved

painting on them. It became my outlet.

America. This is where I feel everything

I ended up making 50 paintings in a

is possible. If I could not come back

week and gave them all to my friends

to Colorado, I wouldn’t have stayed in

and family.

Mexico but would have gone to South

A few more months passed and we

America or to the Congo or to some far,

heard from my dad. He was picked

far away place. This last time when I

up by Border Patrol and was back in

was in Mexico, I learned a lot of things

Mexico trying to figure another way

that I didn’t see when I was a boy.

back to America. Eventually my father

Before I was blind to the cruel and raw

made it back to Denver. He stashed

reality for my family. I mean, it wasn’t

away in a truck delivering refrigerators.

all bad and being bilingual in Mexico

Finally we had our whole family back

helps you a lot. But it’s a concrete

and things were good for a while. My

jungle were most people in Mexico City

dad got a job and life seemed to go

believe there’s two types of people: lions

back to normal. But after sometime, he

and sheep. When my eyes saw that and

started acting crazy and drinking again

when my heart felt that, I knew Mexico

and then started accusing my mother

was not the place I left behind as a boy.

of sleeping around and just other odd

I learned a lot about myself during

things. I think while in Mexico he

my journey and, all in all, I feel in the

started doing drugs or even while he

end it probably saved my life. When I

was in the states. One day, he finally lost

was eighteen or so, I was really angry

it. He grabbed my mom and slammed

because I always felt that I could do

her against the floor with a knife to

more then just work and work. I never

her throat. He started yelling for her

really knew much about art. to give me

to tell him whom it was that she was

a challenge. I wanted something that I

seeing. When he didn’t get anywhere,

could prove to myself and to everyone

he threated to kill the kids in the house.

that I was more then just a dishwasher

After some time he left and the cops

for a fancy restaurant. Something that

where called and he ended back in jail

I could always keep close to my heart.

and then he was deported again. My dad

I saw this coffee shop/ bar. I sit down

now lives in Mexico City out of a car

on a couch and this woman came and

sat next to me and asked, “What do

seeing hell all around me; the sad

you want to do?” I said, “I want to do

faces; the fake faces. My family is

something big.”

what keeps me going, but art is what

She said, “Like what?”

keeps me alive. It has become my

I didn’t know what I really wanted

reason. It has become everything.

or what she wanted so I looked

Painting makes me feel I am in

over to my right and there it was - a

control and that everything makes

sculpture. So I said, “I want to do

sense. Though my brush flows with

something like that.” She said, “Ooh.

sorrow, it has also allowed me to

I have some friends that can help you

realize how beautiful things can be.

do just that.” Then she told me to do

I didn’t give up. I am alive. I want

some sketches and full drawings of

people to see things how I see them;

the thing that I wanted to do and she

With gratitude. I will never stop

will call me at the end of the week. I

taking people down that road with

didn’t draw anything because I didn’t

me. I know I am fucked up and have

believe her until she called and said

a hard time at times understanding

that we were meeting in a house. I

why the things are the way they are,

hung up and then I quickly made a

but painting makes me feel I am in

huge cup of coffee, locked myself in

control and that everything

the bedroom and began drawing. I

makes sense.

had my drawings and my ideas all

If someone takes something from my

narrowed down. Later that week I

story, I hope it is to never take life,

left my house to head downtown to

and especially love, for granted and

meet with the lady. When I got to

to never give up on freedom,

the house it was like a big party with

life or love.

kids running around everywhere. I said, “So who do I show this to? What is going on here?” Nobody said anything so I took a glass and a spoon and clanged them together and said, “Can I get your attention, please?” Everyone looked at me. My legs were shaking and I began to explain what was in my head. At the end everyone smiled and said, “Yeah, I like that. Let’s do art.” Later that year I got a personal manager and made a sculpture for an awesome festival and received a paycheck in the mail. I made it happen and I’ll never forget how awesome it was. I learned my gift- That I could create something awesome. It felt great to see others look at my sculpture with eyes of wonder. From sculpture, I moved back to painting and that was where I learned how to escape reality after my journey. Painting and art became my life. My eyes were so tired from


s i l l E d e e Sp

IS & ELL ok ATHY y K sa co b Li en it t it by Wr a rt r Po

a Lis



super short and bleached all of the color out. Platinum was a good look. I never knew when to stop and I got some lime spider Manic Panic hair dye. When I finished I looked like one of those large horseflies with that metallic yellowgreen hue. I had been up all night at this point. Along with dying my hair, I was obsessively spying on a neighbor’s house to see if I could hear some girl getting fucked in their hot tub. I went back to my hair project. I dyed and tweaked my hair with bleach, toner, color, more bleach, cut the sides… then, Oh! I want to dye it red now. Wash, color, dry, reach for the scissors, light a cigarette, do a line and start snipping away. At what, I don’t know, but there was always more hair to get rid of. As well as my ass. It was gone too. I didn’t know I looked like an emaciated turkey, but I felt great. I wasn’t homeless all the time. I had my places to live along the way. Cute studios or rooms in a house. My good friend, Sally, and I had an apartment off of Sunset Cliff. It was a beachy, pipe tile roof building. Really great. When I didn’t have a place, I did once dye my hair in a Jack in the Box that Bert (my boyfriend), our friend John and I hung out at. I was going for Pacific Blue Manic


Panic this time. First I had to bleach my hair out light enough so the color would never thought I would be sleeping in a park or in an alley or on a friend’s patio doorstep. Looking back on being homeless, it was a blast. San Diego 1993 Twirling down alleys, I was a part of the dumpster diving bandwagon that was to be a rotating carousel of every possible find in Ocean Beach, California.

Anyone and everyone who engaged in doing speed was somehow connected with dumpster diving. We would dive for anything. It didn’t matter. Everything was a treasure. When you’re on speed, all things become very interesting and can consume your hours, your days, your life. Time would go by and we would all still be there at the same dumpster. A group of meth buddies: Stanly, Tiffany Silverfox, me and lots of others. Tiffany was once in a dumpster filled with only left shoes. High heels of all styles, colors and sizes. She tried so hard to get the left shoes on her right foot. It seemed impossible. She pulled out her pipe, took a big ol’ hit. It became possible. She had her right foot stuffed into a left shoe. It looked beautiful. When I wasn’t dumpster diving or tearing open trash bags and recycling cans and bottles, dying my hair was another hit or miss activity. I considered it art. I cut my hair


take better. The bathroom was pretty simple and there wasn’t a mirror. I used my reflection in the window inside the eating area to see how my newest art project was progressing. I would find my reflection in cement if I had to. About a week later sitting at that Jack in the Box with my hair a very vibrant blue, Sally stared at me and stated that it looked like I might have hepatitis. She was right. I was living with a bunch of drug addicts, camping under the Sunset Cliffs bridge. The sound of the cars going over us would add to the voices in my head from the speed and sleep deprivation. Hours would go by and I would strain my eyes to see imaginary, sordid happenings. I

would look for Bert (Kathy and Bert were eventually married

who was always over at Russ’ for hand-outs wriggled her way

in 1998) having sex with some made up partner. I would push

into my place. We had gotten to be “friends” because I got her

my mind to try to hear someone masturbating. I enjoyed the

high a lot. I let her stay at my studio. I noticed that my clothes

thought of catching someone in the act. I realized while I was

started disappearing. I had recently scored some decent women’s

laying there that I wasn’t feeling good at all. I went over to my

shirts and underwear. I couldn’t find them anywhere. Gayle

pal Russ’ house. Bert was being an ass and just wanted to get

had a big pile of clothes covered with a sheet in the corner of

high and ditch me anyway, so I stayed on Russ’ couch. Morning

my room. There was a note taped to it that said, DONT TOUCH

came and Russ had already left for work by the time I got up. I

THE MOUNTAIN. Man, was I stupid or what? I respected her

tried to eat a banana and couldn’t keep it down. I found some

mountain and never looked through her shit. I found out that

dope residue on a spoon, enough to get a decent hit, so I hit it.

she was the one who took all my clothes. After I kicked her out

It didn’t feel right. I didn’t care. I drank a 7-Up. That was even

she got put in jail. Her daughter got in touch with me and I got

hard to swallow. I stumbled to the bathroom. I looked awful.

back my missing undies. I think I deserved it though. I let her

Blue hair and yellow skin. Get yourself to the hospital now,

take from me. My jewelry had surfaced on this old speed freak

Kat. So I went over to another tweaker friends house named

Nancy’s arthritic hands when we were out together searching for

Tom. He gave me a ride to the nearest hospital. It was obvious

treasures. “How did you get that?” I yelled. I didn’t even know

I had jaundice. The nursed and doctors did a triage and I was

it was missing. “Give that ring back!” I had to put my own sign

admitted. The Nurse Ratched was trying to get me to take a tube

up one day when I just couldn’t take all of the users hanging out

through my nose and down my throat. K-Y jelly was slathered

and using all of my shit. It said, I’M CLOSED, PLEASE LEAVE ME

all over the tube and she kept saying, “Keep swallowing. Come

BE. Kindness is weakness in a tweakers mind and most people

on! That’s it. It’s very uncomfortable but you have to do this.”

don’t have any conscience. Being nice and giving people a place

I have been a lot more uncomfortable but at least it was on my

to hang out was giving them a chance to take advantage of me

terms. So now I have HEP.

and it wasn’t a smart thing to do on my part. But I did have a

I had my own little studio apartment on West Point Loma a

heart and the next day, even with my sign up, [ Knock Knock

few months before I got hepatitis. People came over a lot. They

Knock] . “Can I keep my bike here? I just ganked it from Mike,

would just hang out or hide out from someone. They would get

I’ll get you high.” I let her in. Monica was hiding from the cops.

me high and they never knew when to leave. Gayle, this chick

I felt kind of sorry for her. She was so young and lost. All she


wanted in life was to get high and have some where to stay. She was pretty. A Slavic blond. I wanted to make her smile, fix her a sandwich, and give her something that was stable and a little more normal than her street life. I felt sorry for her. Then I became just like her. I was crashing at people’s houses and using all of their things. I learned that too much free help had a whole new meaning and I became what I had disliked. Shit is fucked up. After being diagnosed with Hepatitis, Kathy continued to use Meth for another eight years. She eventually completely kicked the addiction in 2002. On July 5th, 2006, she and her husband Burt moved to Denver, Colorado. With a healthy new life style and the ability to once again work for a living, Kathy was on the road to having a happy and comfortable existence. In May of 2010, while taking a phone call secretly hiding in a closet, Kathy was told by her Doctor that she had tested positive for Cancer. Stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. She underwent Chemo Therapy and Radiation treatments to try to eradicate the disease. During these processes all of her hair fell out and she was constantly nauseous. While battling Cancer, Kathy began immersing herself in Buddhism and spiritual healing. Striving to be at a higher life-state, she has chanted every day for over a year. Today she is Cancer free and enjoying her life. Working full time and practicing Buddhism, Kathy has a new perspective. She sees life for what it is, a time to appreciate each breath and live each day grounded in the present.


y b a b s i v o Cl

World Famous


Mon-Fri 2pm–2am, Sat-Sun 12pm–2am 2022 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80206 (303) 320-9200











Marianne and Ginger Deconstructed, Reconstructed Clothing WRITTEN BY LISA COOK PHOTOS BY Jim j.Narcy


arianne and Ginger

deconstructed, reconstructed clothing

Sara gushes, “Saskia! My amazing,

emerged from a

line, Happy Birthday and sold at the

brilliant, independent daughter. She is

year long project

now defunct Fabric Lab on Colfax.

definitely the number one inspiration

entrepreneur Sara

From this concept, her designs

in my life and my greatest Guru. I

Mesmer began working on in 2005.

became simpler, more stripped down

love and cherish her so much!”

Sara started making unique designs

and the new clothing line Marianne

It seems that the clothing line has

from within her own personal

and Ginger was born. Completely

attracted quite a following and Sara

closet. Realizing she already had

up-cycled source material clothing,

has been able to finance five trips to

the foundation for re-constructed

it was immediately popular among

South India since 2008. “My clientele

clothing, she separated what she

people interested in the environment

are the coolest people out there!

owned and put it all into three

and anti-consumerism. The line was

Seriously. I get a lot of custom orders

categories: Keep it, change it, or cut

also comfortable for wearing while

from women and men, too. Very

it up for new designs. The process

practicing Yoga, with stitching that

positive, creative people who have

went on to include a stapler, tape

has a lot of give and fabrics that are

their own sense of style. People who

or whatever could be used to fasten,

mostly stretchy.

are merging with the universe in one

hem and hold the designs together.

Each dress is one-of-a-kind. All of

way or another. Because of this type

“Finding a sewing machine became

Sara’s designs are created on a 1969

of exchange of energies, my designs

super liberating,” Sara said. “My

Elna sewing machine which was a gift

have high Prana, or Life Force Energy.

Grandma taught me to sew in her

from a neighbor named Tom, a doll

Being up-cycled, re-created and

basement when I was seven, so

maker, who was a fashion illustrator

essentially community shared, they

working on my new wardrobe was

in New York in the 1960s.

are full of life.”

a great project to reawaken my old

Fashion markets and shows have been

New designs are focusing more

sewing skills.” Once Sara had her

buzzing with Marianne and Ginger

on function than fashion. Since

wardrobe finished, she kept cutting,

designs. Sara’s daughter, Saskia, helps

beginning the process, Sara’s work

sewing and designing.

her at Fashion Denver’s quarterly

shows less interest in total fashion and

Before the name Marianne and

markets and modeles the clothing line

more interest in the transformation

Ginger came about, Sara called her

on Denver runways and photo shoots.

of old into new. Fashion will naturally


Sara Mesmer sporting Marianne and Ginger clothing line

emerge during design and

The Hi-Dive on Broadway

from the front door to the

guitar and try Yoga. She

creation, but to her this is

and Ellsworth). The band

back of the store, smashing

listened. He gave her a

not the main goal. A big

began with Doo Crowder

up against the band.

book about Yoga and she

reward seems to come from

(of Pee Pee) on Bass, Peter

Most recently, Sara has

carried it around for over

friends, family, and clients

Carnovale on drums, and

been learning sacred music,

a decade, just peeking

wearing something that is

Sara leading the band

or Bhajans, and playing

at it on airplanes. When

comfortable, functional,

with guitar, vocals and

and singing with groups of

she finally started to

and made by hand out of

songwriting. The band

meditators. She has taught

physically practice Asana

something that might have

had the approach of just

yoga at Samadhi Center for

it was overwhelmingly

been otherwise discarded.

learning as they went. The

Yoga and Meditation since

clear a new path was being

Along with designing

audience was their witness.

2006 in addition to teaching

forged. “That was it,”

and traveling to far off

At first, Sara admits, they

privately. She also offers a

Sara continued, “It was a

exotic lands, Sara has been

were quite bad. They

teacher training program at

taste of liberation from

involved in the Denver

tried to keep some of the

the Center. In yoga classes

a mechanical way of life:

underground music scene

rawness as a flavor, intact

she plays her music to

waking, working, sleeping,

since 1999. Her band The

throughout the venture.

get everyone singing and

dreaming… in a disengaged

Dinnermints, played show

Never touring but playing

smiling. “It’s so beautiful

way”. A few years later

after show in dive venues

relentlessly weekend

and sweet.”

in India, she met a Saint,

like 15th Street Tavern

after weekend. A favorite

The journey to Yoga began

Bhavani Ma, who revealed

(now a community garden

show was in a basement

when Sara was 20 years

that she would teach yoga at

on 15th and California)

bookstore at 14th and

old and her then boyfriend

The Center, and a particular

and Seven South (now

Ogden with people piled in

stated she should play

person that would be a


sister to her there. “It was all true and I still work there now,” she

have strengths and weaknesses. When women are held up for all


they have… it is really moving things forward in the world. It

Sara added, “My first visit to India was so amazing. We arrived

is also lifting everyone. Like a huge mass love affair, healing the

into Bangalore very early in the morning and headed to a hotel

long struggles between the genders. In order to help humanity

to rest. There were conversations but I was certain that I had no

overall, women must be loved and respected. [Men, it will

interest in talking at all. I went out to the balcony overlooking

benefit you so much to make the women in your life happy!]

the city; wires, plants, trash. I sat there totally absorbed in

According to my Indian teacher, until the women are really

meditation with no effort. India is the home of so many Saints

respected there will be no peace on the planet.”

with so much expanded consciousness that it’s overall effect is to

Sara Mesmer and Marianne and Ginger are going to make this

take it all in with no words coming out”.

world a better place, with beautiful clothing vibrating with

When asked about beauty, appearances and sexism within

positive energy and a passion for changing the used into new.

today’s society, Sara answered eloquently. “People have treated me differently according to appearances. It is a double-edged

Places to purchace Marianne and Ginger clothing: 

sword. There are negative and positive experiences. On the

Samadhi Center for Yoga

positive side, I feel like I can influence for the good by directing

Moondance Botanicals

my attracting energy creatively. I know many beautiful, powerful

Pilates Aligned

women and men who use their beautiful attracting energy in a very positive way with great success. We are coming into a time that, although still male dominated, it is becoming clear within the world, the power of women’s energy. Both genders



Kirsten Coplans is the co-owner of SEWN. A super

Spending some time in SEWN and getting to hang out

creative and interesting boutique Located at

with Kirsten was fun and fashionable. Trying on outfit

18 South Broadway.

after outfit and loving each one while trying to have

Written By

SEWN opened in February 2012. Kristen has owned

an engaging conversation was perfect for a

Lisa Cook

two previous boutiques. The first was a vintage home

Monday morning.

Photos By

furnishing shop in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset

Kirsten was born here in Denver. It’s funny, but she

Hesh Photo

District and the second was a store called Sparrow

can see from her backyard the Saint Joseph Hospital

here in Denver on 17th Avenue at Franklin. Sparrow

towers where she was born. “Sometimes it makes me

was an eclectic science-y feeling shop of vintage

feel like I haven’t gone very far in life,” she said almost

goodies, plants, art, and other what-nots. She started

jokingly. “Soon they will tear the towers down and

her clothing line Pearl there, named after her lovely

my view will be uncertain. I lived in San Francisco for

white boxer dog, Pearl. Pearl started her retail training

eleven years so that in some ways still has a feeling of

at Sparrow and now you can come see her working at

home, but I guess I really am a Colorado girl at heart.

SEWN whenever Kirsten is there for the day. “We were

Open skies, friendly people, easy living”.

graciously invited to our South Broadway location by

“I have always made things my whole life. For me it

Matthew Brown, the owner of Fancy Tiger Clothing.”

really hasn’t mattered what I was making. As a kid I

Kirsten answered when asked about her prime

loved to make little houses out of cardboard boxes.

location. “He was the previous inhabitant of our space

Little rooms with carpets drawn on the floors, small

and when he and Jaime Jennings, one of the owners

beds with miniature pillows and all the other comforts

of Fancy Tiger Crafts, bought their building down the

of home. Anything tiny appealed to me as a child and

block, Matthew offered us the space. He felt SEWN

still does.  My parents recently renovated their house

would be a good fit for the neighborhood.  Lucky for

and gave me a keepsake box from my childhood,

us, we love our independent business neighbors and

which contained the earliest samples of my collections.

we love the neighborhood”.

Some of which I still collect today. Little plastic deer, a



hand painted Japanese tea set, a wooden Chinese doll. My taste

including the San Francisco connection.  After she got to know

is the same as when I was little. I also found some clothes pin

me a bit, she told her husband she wanted me as her partner.

dolls I made with little sewn clothing, hand drawn faces, and

She didn’t tell me this but slowly reeled me in over the next

yarn hair.

six years. I worked in her store, sold my clothing line there,

My home is an on going project. I collect things and move them

and we did  countless shows and events together. Eventually

around. Add, subtract. Luckily Jil (Friend and co-owner of

we started talking about opening SEWN together. Jil has been

SEWN) told me if I cull things then I am not truly a pack rat.

sewing for over 20 years and absolutely knows her craft. I was

The crazy bird lady that lived in my house before me was with

so flattered she wanted to work with me, a seat of the pants,

rooms packed floor to ceiling with junk and live birds flying

self -taught seamstress with no fashion background. We are

around. So sometimes I worry it may be my fate to continue

kindred spirits and really understand each other. I couldn’t ask

in that vein. I do have a pretty big collection of bird nests.

for a better business partner, friend, and joy to be around.Jil has

However, I really do keep things simple and collect in groups.

a sewing studio at the back of the shop. She sews on a vintage

Mostly I work. That’s my on going project, and there are always

featherweight Singer that she has used since high school. I have

new avenues to explore there”.

a studio in the back room and I put my portable machine on the

“The main designers are myself, designer of pearl clothing, and

desk when I am working the floor. Jil and myself put the shop

my co-owner Jil Cappuccio, designer of Jil Cappuccio One of a

together. Both of us having stores previously, we had lots of

Kinds, Limited Lines. We also carry Dandy Social Club, Phyrne

props and fixtures. I have collected vintage suitcases and trunks

Metal, All Good Wishes, Lucky Me Beads, Vital Industries,

for years and they seemed a fitting element for our store. We

Made with Love by Hannah, Kiwi & Co, Becky’s Buttons &

both have a love of vintage, so sewing accessories and ephemera

Things, Make My Notebook as well as some other fantastic

pepper the shop. We found some big mirrors which we painted

handmade goods”.

very matte colors and the hand embroidered butterflies and

“I met my business partner Jil the first day she opened her shop

flower framed work was perfect for the dressing rooms. The

here in Denver. I was walking  Pearl in the neighborhood and

yarn hangers and hand sewn quilt wrapping the desk give an

just walked in. We started talking and had lots on common,

important nod to all those past crafter ladies that came before


us.  Because clothing is seasonal the look and feel of the shop is

People enjoy buying recycled, restyled clothing, because it’s fun

always changing.”

and easy. They can show their individual style and effortlessly

“I enjoy the quiet when I am not at SEWN. There is so much

createpositive change”.

stimulus in my day that when I come home I love the quiet. I do

SEWN is an active participant in the Broadway Art Walk.

listen to NPR in the car sometimes. Does that make me sound

Staying open late for First Fridays, they usually try to do

incurably boring? I am an avid reader. Mostly nonfiction books.

some type of special sale, feature a new vendor, or some other

Real life is so fascinating! Right now, I am reading a book on

interesting promotion to invite people in.

how dogs perceive the world. Thinking about how smell is the

Pearl and Kirsten are in the store three or four days a week.

most important thing to them is so opposite from how people

They are in the process of getting a bit of part time help, but

see the world. I also try to read a classic novel every summer.

right now Jil and Kirsten think it is important their customers

This year I read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. That’s

get to know them and to see that SEWN is a working studio.

when you understand what great literature is all about. I am

“When they see us working they get the sense that our clothes

usually reading at least two or three books at a time. I like eating

are made on site.”

simple foods. Mostly fruits and vegetables. Home grown is best.

After talking with Kirsten, petting Pearl, and trying on several

I try to grow lots of food in the summer. People at the shop

outfits, I walked away with a beautiful modern dress made by Jil

always ask me where to eat in the neighborhood, but I am a DIY

Cappuccio, a set of hand made pom pom hair accessories, a cool

lunch kind of girl”.

new friend in Kristen Coplans and the desire to frequent SEWN

“I come from a fine arts background. I used to make paintings

many times for years to come.

but eventually realized that I wasn’t very good at it. I got


my masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute in sculpture/installation. I still make mixed media art. I love objects, texture, color, and surface stuff. Making things for a living is the best way to live that I know how. I love my work. I have never worked a day in an office. I have been self-employed

Monday-Saturday 11-6 Sunday 11-5 18 South Broadway Denver Colorado 80209 303-832-1943

for so long, I can’t imagine any other life for myself. This is my way of never having to grow up”. “I have always been a collector and recycler. I live a recycled lifestyle as much as possible. I always consider buying something used first. My recycled clothing line Pearl does not come from the eco-friendly trend that is happily happening now, but from a longer continuum of thought. Making recycled, restyled clothing is a simple way to work that I truly believe in.

Pin Cushion By Heide Murray






: R E






LE :




C I S : IN T U M



In The Whale: A Glimpse of the Average Girl Amongst Ugly Girls


he vocal warm ups have been completed and now it’s dark back stage. Suddenly a glow

stick illuminates two men. One man hands a syringe to the other while he takes off his shoe. After the injection, he is violently struck in his manhood. This is only the beginning of the pre-show ritual for the music duo known as In

The Whale. The lead and only guitarist, Nate, then finishes the ritual with a series of stretches. The punch is to boost his ego and the stretches are important because a night of jumping into drum sets can take its toll in the morning. It 0064

is a surprisingly refreshing ritual in this Is Eric

age of bands merely taking shots to calm

and Nate’s Fuck You to mainstream

their nerves before a show.

marketing in which a band promotes

Nate, 26, was born and raised in Las

itself through hyperbole and

Animas, CO. Nate reminisces, “It was

megalomania. There is a certain charm

a small farm town where people drove

found in the self-deprecating humor

tractors or rode horses to school. I

of the band. Nate’s explanation of this

graduated with 25 people. I first started

kind of marketing: “A lot of bands take

learning drums but I sucked at that.

their marketing too seriously; it would

I ended up playing guitar because in

be like You’ve

all the bands I was in, I was the only

got to make fun of yourself or else

one willing to sing. I’m not the best at

it’s like Aww...someone doesn’t like my

singing but I’m not afraid to sing in

music. Fuck you, no one needs to like

front of people. I picked up the guitar

your shit!” The band understands that

because singing and playing the guitar

not everyone will like their music, and

seems to go together.”

they embrace this fact. This pathos was

Eric, 28, was born in South Texas and

forged in the band’s beginning when

moved to Littleton before his senior

Eric and Nate decided to just play what

year of High school. “I started off in

what was fun and what they wanted to

6th grade playing the bell kit. I went

hear. During this formation period, the

through school doing marching band,

duo didn’t care about outside influence.

jazz band, symphonic band, all that. I

As stated by Eric, “We didn’t have to

was a shy kid and playing a percussion

give a shit about the conventional and

instrument was a way of expressing

what everyone thinks. When it became

myself beyond how others

serious we didn’t want to lose that

perceived me.”

dynamic. We have this really interesting,

fun, kinda cool presence on stage and

The band has had some interesting

we didn’t want to lose that.”

experiences on the road, including an

Online, In The Whale has been

unconventional payment plan. About a

described as the Talking Heads

year and a half ago, the band played a

punched in the face by Rage

show in Fairplay, CO. The duo had to

Against the Machine. The band

play a restaurant during the day while

has a different view of itself. Nate

promoting their night show at a local bar.

describes the band as “The White

Nate explains that they were set up in the

Stripes meet Queens of the Stone

restaurant’s entry way, and people had to

Age”. The Eagles of Death Metal

pass by them to get to the food. “Those

and Silver Chair are big influences

people were like I’m starving but I don’t

on their sound. Nate said, “When

want to hear this bullshit.” According

we tell people that, it’s like who the

to Eric, “The woman that booked it said

hell listens to that? Silver Chair is

that we could stay in the camper parked

something we both have in common.

at her house.” She also said that there was

We are the only people we know that

a blueberry flavored surprise for them in

still listen to Silver Chair.”

the camper. The band thought it might

Eric adds, “What we have now with

be wine, condoms, or edible panties.

two guys on stage is very special and

It turned out to be a coffee can full of

unique, and we don’t want to lose

pot and a small pipe. The band ended

that. It’s like, let’s play around with

up throwing this surprise in a trash can

the equipment to make it work as a

from a feeling of self-preservation, as

two piece. People see two guys on

Nate explains, “We are two guys driving a

stage and they don’t know what to

white pickup with a camper shell. We get

expect and then we bring the mother

pulled over and searched all the time. It

fucking ruckus. By setting the bar

was like distribution quantity. Every time

low we set ourselves up for success.

we tell that story people are like, “What,

It’s like an average looking girl

where is that trash can?” We’re not the

hanging out with ugly girls.”

hardest of looking guys and didn’t want

Another way band member Nate

to go to fuck-your-ass-prison.”

sets the bar low to achieve success

The band has also been booked to play

is found in his nick name - 2 inch

inside a GAP store. It was a 2 hour set

wonder - a name that he suggests

and the band was forbidden from playing

in jest, but may be just the thing

any copyrighted material. Eric remarked,

to lure a female in to be pleasantly

“At the time, we were a new band and

surprised. Even though Eric claims

didn’t have 2 hours’ worth of original

not to have a nick name, Nate

material. On top of that there was no amp

exclaims that he should be called

to plug into.” Nate continues, “People

John Shockness due to the fact

were walking into the store and looking

around for cameras and shit, like, am I being Punk’d?” The bands payment for this gig? One pair of jeans each! Nate still wears his payment for the show to this day. As this glimpse of the band comes to a close, return to In The Whale’s namesake. Jonah was eventually regurgitated from the belly of the whale and was successful in his mission, but felt no satisfaction in his success. In contrast, seeing that Nate and Eric are serious about their music, but do not take themselves overly serious, could be the key to their success and satisfaction.

that he is often confused with the member of Air Dubei. Eric explains, “We are 2 black guys wearing glasses. It’s like people see me and think of “that one black guy in that show that I saw once.” A promoter confused me with John once.”



an as M f l o The W



The name Two Tone Wolf Pack may conjure images of a North Carolina College sports fan club or a biker gang from Nebraska. But the members of Two Written By Vernon Appleton Photos By Hesh PHoto

Tone Wolf Pack, Josh and Justin, insist that it’s a members only club in which its constituents only dress in wolf t-shirts. This band was originally called Munster Boogie, as in cheese getting down like crazy! This particular Wolf Pack has a reputation of being rather unpolished; both with their sound and their look. John and Justin come up with a lot of the sound and lyrics for the band. When they aren’t having a battle over who has the fullest, longest beard, the two are pooling their influences to derive gritty and haunting vocals and luring melodies about hardships and survival. The impression of the band’s repertoire runs the gambit between utter despair and high hope. They find inspiration for their trade in some of the earliest recordings of chain gangs in America, murder ballads, and music that dates back to America’s roots. They even take inspiration from unlikely places such as Ken Burns’ documentary, The Civil War. Two Tone Wolf Pack was originally a trio created by acquaintances wanting to do something productive that would grow their friendship. John, Justin, and Aaron started busking, a practice of performing for money or food goods, as a group on the 16th Street Mall and outside of house parties as an acoustic piece. A loud acoustic piece. How else could anyone hear them? Busking out on the mall and other places


around the Denver area was an experience that prepared them to play in bars where the patrons did not really care if they were there or not. The band officially formed when they played at the Tea Haus here in Denver. Over time, they have lost some of the original members due to drinking before shows and causing arguments. Some of the members have just walked out in the middle of a show. From these experiences, the band’s veterans have learned to either set aside the kind of rock and roll attitude that can lead to such breaks, or at least leave it for after the show. This Punk Rock folk band, or “Trashcan Americana” as it is commonly referred, is made up of John Hyde, Justin De Loach, Micah Naylor, Aaron Pott and a new member Dan Garza the band’s first base player. The members of Two Tone Wolf Pack found their start in music at different times of their lives. Some began as soon as they were handed their first recorder in grade school and others shortly after they were born. One member, who wished not to be named, remembers getting his start playing when he was offered free guitar lessons due to a need for a guitarist in his youth group. He recalls how easy it was to do covers of punk songs like Brain Steam and mashing the lyrics with those of Amazing Grace, or changing the lyrics of whatever alternative or punk rock songs that could be put to Christian lyrics. Some examples include: Gold finger’s 99 Red

Balloons and Nirvana’s Teen Spirit. In this same spirit, Another

Just like its namesake, this band has proven its ability to remain

member, Aaron recalls learning how to play because of his

a pack through hard times, which have proven the commitment

church. “Churches end up being pretty bad at a lot of things, but

of each current member, one to each other. The music that has

something they’re good at is giving young musicians a venue to

been forged from this commitment proves that troubles forge a

practice, play in a band, and get comfortable playing and singing

sound that both represents where they have been and a hope of a

in front of people.”

better place to go! Homo homini lupus est.

Two Tone Wolf Pack chooses to use old equipment because it proves to be less stressful when it gets damaged. They state that their ideal piece of equipment would be if Tom Waits himself were on stage singing their lyrics. The worst shows that the band has suffered have proven the band’s character! Aaron has proven himself to be the strong man of this traveling show. Once he had to stop an asshole from spilling his drink, which he had sat on a nearby amp. Another jerk tried to break a bottle over his head. Jon and Justin just kept playing while this ordeal was going on. To top this, the worst show that the group remembers playing was at a house show during the Dead Guy Days. There was a City Council Member, who shall remain unnamed, that screamed at them and threatened to kick their ass if they weren’t over 21. This City Council Member supposedly sold coke to the party goers, while the band played on until 6 am.


WRITEN BY SEAN BOREGOOD PHOTOS BY: AMY BRADLEY With roots in both Ft. Collins and Denver, Colorado’s Wire Faces has a sound that can only be described as bigger than the sum of its parts. Their music seethes with primal energy, chaos, and melodic mastery. Singing drummer Shane Zweygardt, guitarist Ian Haygood, and bassist Menyus Borocz stylistically blend elements of post-punk into theira groove-focused, experimental Rock N’ Roll. This concoction is the result of the band’s somewhat autonomous style of writing. Their affinity to not subscribe to a particular genre has allowed Wire Faces to stand apart from other rock bands, while strengthening the foundation of their creative center, improvisation. 2011 was a momentous year for Wire Faces. The trio had the opportunity, once again, to play at the SXSW festival in front of a mass of un-expecting festivalgoers. They were named “Best Rock Band”for the third year in a row, by the FoCOMA Peer Awards, and were nominated for “Best Post Punk Band” by Westword for the second time. They also released a 6-song E.P., Diamonds & Gold, which gained wide regional acclaim and charted on the CMJ’s Top 200 list of that year. Since then, Wire Faces has been feverishly writing and recording their sophomore full-length recording, set to release in February of 2013. 0068

In fact, the album was written,

not looking for free handouts. There

recorded, and produced entirely by

offering you all a chance to be a part

Wire Faces, and finds the band

of the new Wire Faces record, and in

examining a more mature and colorful

return we will give you all sorts of great

spectrum of sound. The new release

gifts: Private concerts, dinners, custom

truly marks a milestone for Wire

art, collectors items, merch, signed

Faces, and is a great indicator of what

CDs, and downloads. They will even

lies ahead for the band in 2013.

write you a song!

Wire Faces is also excited to announce that they are currently in the process of mastering and pressing the brands new full-length album. Over the past year, they have spent countless hours in the studio pushing themselves to create the best music they have written to date. In order to fund this project they’ve jumped on the kickstarter bus. They designed a campaign to help them raise the funds necessary to release the brand new gem, and would like to invite you all to join there musical efforts by making a pledge. Rest assured, they are

s r g u n i p to e e k t goa s e & s s a l c g n i k a m e s e e h c

ale S Forgurt yo ese bies e ba ch


Written By Lisa Cook Photos By Hesh Photo



Reverened Deadeye




3105 E. Colfax Denver, CO 80206 (303) 321-3604 Tue-Fri 11 am - 7 pm Sat 11 am - 5 pm

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