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Above and beyond anything else, I believe that “beauty” is a universal right. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful - end stop. It’s time we all collectively loosen the reins on “beauty” and the limited definition of it that is fed to us day in, and day out in the media and online. The boundaries of beauty are so much more vast, and interesting, and deeply personal, than what we are used to. It's time to look forward... In that spirit of "looking forward," and because my practice and I are wholly committed to learning and growing so that we can actually deliver on the promise of “truly modern beauty,” we decided to do two things… Firstly - We are expanding! Very soon, a whole new wing of TMB will be opening at 199 Avenue Road with a focus on the future: new technology, new treatments, and refreshingly NEW concepts that incorporate next level science and wellness into our approach. Watch for our official opening in early 2019... Secondly: As we build for the future, we wanted to take the opportunity to assess: just who and what exactly are we now? What does “truly modern beauty” really mean? So here it is, I think summed up neatly in a single, very special issue. Truly Modern Beauty is every shape, size, color, age and gender. It is beyond limitation. It is something we know and feel when we see it. It is something that embraces the past and the future at the same time. Truly Modern Beauty can be seen in every person who has discovered, embraced or made themselves over to be their most authentic selves. As beauty providers, we are simply here to help you get there too, should you need some guidance. We are honoured to be able to share the stories of such a diverse, inspirational group of subjects in this issue. They represent what we believe: that beauty must be actively cultivated and nurtured from the inside out, and sometimes, from the outside in. No matter the path, the ultimate goal is the same: confidence, self love, and an infectious sense of pride. Thank you to everyone who took part - you helped us reaffirm why we do what we do - which is to help people discover and embrace their most vital, authentic, and beautiful selves. Enjoy the issue.

Trevor Trevor M Born, M.D. Founder - TMB Magazine & TMB Cosmetic Surgery (NYC & T.O.)





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Why aren't we talking about incontinence? It's time we did... by Nikita Stanley



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What do you love most about your body? My skin! I cashed on the good skin genes. Most essential body-care ritual? I wash my hair once a week and when I do, I make a whole thing out of it it’s glorious. Words for the body-shamers out there? I wish happier lives for them. That’s a rough way to exist. Words for people struggling with body image? Your body is just the house you live in. It changes shape so many times and it does so much for you everyday. Give it a little more love - it deserves it! Your workout video series would be called: “LOL. No.”


What do you love most about your body? I love that my body is healthy and that it allows me to keep up with my very active 7-year old son Rio. Most essential body-care ritual? I drink lots of water, sleep 7-8 hours a night and laugh/smile as much as possible. I also enjoy Epson salt baths. Words for the body-shamers out there? “We rise by lifting others” ~ Robert Ingersoll. Words for people struggling with body image? Love your body. It’s the only one we’ve got! Your workout video series would be called: “Rump Shaker.”


What do you love most about your body? I’m at a point in my life where I love all of it. A few years ago I may have said legs or stomach or neck, but not anymore. Most essential body-care ritual? A steam followed by using all of my Harlow Skin Co. products. Words for the body-shamers out there? Other people’s bodies are none of your business. Maybe time for a hobby? Words for people struggling with body image? Every body type is beautiful (I’ve seen them all, dressed them all, and I see beauty in them all). Focus on what you do love, compliment yourself, compliment other people, the rest will follow. Your workout video series would be called: “Shop Til’ You Drop” (seriously though.)”


What do you love most about your body? My shoulders. And my hands! Most essential body-care ritual? I personally find touch so powerful and healing, whether it’s a massage or adjustments in yoga class. Even a good cuddle will do! Words for the body-shamers out there? Think before you speak. People can carry hurtful words a lot longer than you think. Also, take care of yourself, body and mind, and you will probably be less critical of others. Words for people struggling with body image? You are not alone. Your workout video series would be called: “The 15-Second Workout.” 7




H E A L T H , B E AU T Y & S T Y L E F R O M A N E X P E R T P O I N T O F V I E W. . .

Photo: Mark Binks Grooming by: Erin Winn


photo by Mark Binks





Living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle begins with loving your body... Like most things, one’s body requires loving care to maximize its potential. That doesn’t just mean taking care of it on a physiological level, but an emotional one as well. There are plenty of people out there who work out and constantly diet - but if they are motivated by self-criticism rather than a genuine respect for their body - they are not fully appreciating or utilizing the vessel that is their unique, corporeal self, as efficiently as they can. I am always saying to patients, “Beauty comes from the inside out, and vice versa. When you feel good, you look good. And when you believe you look good, you feel better... ” Holistic wellness is cyclical. Likewise, love for your body comes when you put in the effort inside and outside, physically and emotionally. Here are a few ways I keep my body in optimal shape, so that I can do all the things I love, and look good doing them! >>



Excercise. Staying is shape is the first and foremost thing you can do to love your body. I exercise 2 to 4 times a week and do specific shoulder exercises (due to an old injury playing football as a teenager) so that I can perform my work, and enjoy my play, to the best of my ability. Don’t think of exercise as a means to just “look good” or lose weight - your body is not just an ornament, its an instrument! Reward and care for yourself by giving your body the strength it needs to live your life fully. (*Sidenote to those with kids playing sports: do not ignore those injuries! They will become a problem as you age, take it from one who knows...) Stay hydrated. Every cell and organ in your body needs water to function properly. Your body needs water to eliminate waste, lubricate your joints, fight inflammation, stay energized - the list goes on.Taking my Reborn Rehydrate Electrolyte is the first step - I take it pre, during and post workout to maintain optimal hydration levels. See your doctor regularly. This one goes without saying but I know all too well how many of you skip those visits! I depend on my healthcare team to help my body avoid, and sometimes survive, illness and injury. Dr. Tony Galea has taken care of me for many years always affable, available, able and ahead of the curve in Sports Medicine. I get regular PRP injections at his clinic for my knees and shoulders - and my joints have remained well preserved despite the beating that I put them through! Bill Wells is a fantastic chiropractor and an elite athlete. Isaac Olajos and Mark Scappaticci have both been tremendous help with my recent shoulder problems. Along with Dr. Jeff Bacher - they have helped me get back to surfing and kitesurfing, and I’m better than ever! Embrace the changes. The only thing that has not changed over the years is my HAIR - Thankfully! Apart from that… my body is certainly not the same one it was at 16 (Oh… To be a teenager again!). But - rather than lament the aging process, I embrace it and accept it. That means fighting it off when I can, and relaxing a bit whenI can’t. Controlling what I eat so that I do not gain weight is a constant. I am very active - but no longer can I chase the calories with exercise. >>

Emsculpt (non invasive muscle building and fat burning) has proven to be tremendously helpful when it comes to keeping my core strong and lean. And ofcourse, I rest when I need to, and practice proper recovery when I’m injured or hurting. Quiet the Mind. There are so many critical voices coming at us on a daily basis through the news and social media, telling us how we should look, feel and act. I make sure to devote time every morning to meditate so I can clear my head of that noise. Take your vitamins. A daily multi vitamin is such an easy way to show love to your body. Regular bloodwork with your doctor can often identify vitamin deficiencies so you can supplement accordingly. I take vitamins that support my brain health, heart health, fight inflammation, and every morning starts with a Revive Protein Shake. >> 10

Most recently, I added the Aethern Skincare supplement to my regimen, which specifically works to maintain collagen and elastin in the skin for a healthy, youthful glow. Chill out. Stress is not good for a body. Do it a solid and just chill out sometimes! Find a relaxing hobby or pastime. Reading a book is an easy stress reliever, and is clinically shown to improve sleep quality if practiced before bedtime. Take that nap, vacation when you need to, and have a glass of red wine if you feel like it (just the one though). And don’t stress so much about pasta! Not much in life gives me greater pleasure than a plate of fresh Italian pasta - I just make sure not to eat it too much, and I counter the carb load with a good workout the next day. // Photography by Mark Binks; Shot at LOVT Studios Toronto

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Something for




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Photography by Miguel Jacob Styling by Joelle Litt (JUDY INC) Makeup by Sabrina Rinaldi (P1M) Hair by Kirsten Klontz (PIM) concept & story by erin mccann shot at neighbourhood studio with thanks to B&M MODEL MGMT. PLUTINO MODELS


BIANCA HARRIS Age: 32 Creative Entrepreneur & Founder of W.IP.P. Toronto: Women Inspiring Passion & Purpose @iambiancaharris @wipptoronto



really don’t think there is such a thing as a "perfect body." A perfect body for me, is a “perfect” relationship with my inner being. Meaning, I am always actively listening to my kind inner voice, the one that tells me I am whole and complete just as I am.

nce I get to that place of understanding, its easy to care for myself, and love my body as it is - because I see how far it's taken me! My successes are due in no small part to my body's strength and resilience. As long as I put in the work: meditating, getting enough sleep, treating myself with respect and kindness - my body will take care of me.

Getting to that place of self acceptance is a process - I have to work on it every day. Like many people, I struggle to tune out my inner critic... I sometimes worry that I'm not "good enough" or skinny enough or as productive as society expects me to be... But the older I get the less I care about external validation, which is very empowering.

I started my organization W.I.P.P simply because I wanted to initiate discussion with other women about what it really takes to create the life and business of our dreams. Now its evolved into so much more than what we had initially imagined. So much of our work focuses on emotional health as a means to achieve your goals, which surprised me. But I recognize now that if you're going to aim high, you won't get there with low self esteem. You've got to love yourself!

Social media tends bring out that critic I think, because it invites "comparison." Its easy to look at all the so called "perfection" out there and wonder, "Why don't I look like that? Why isn't my life like that??" Comparing yourself to others never works! EVER! You are you and no one else is you that’s all there is to it.

Wear that crazy sexy outfit, be proud of every curve, don't sweat the small stuff, because the more you love your body, the farther it will take you.

Turning the volume down on that negative (or unproductive) noise is something I've become much better at since taking up meditation. Meditation has literally changed my life. When I meditate, I connect with my inner self, all of the noise quiets, and I remember who I really am.

If you're on the receiving end of negativity or body shaming or hate of any kind - block and delete. But also remember: people often hurt people because they are in pain too. Be compassionate, and do your best to radiate goodness." // 14

Jacket - Second Cousin Vintage Underwear - Wolford Jewellery - model’s own





ELISE TROISTER Age: 28 Stylist & Owner of Second Cousin Vintage Clothing Shop @secondcousinv


here’s no such thing as the perfect body. All bodies are beautiful. A person’s individual style is more interesting to me than whether their body is a certain “type.” In terms of how I feel about my own body - I care more about how I present myself to the world. My body is just a blank canvas for whatever crazy outf it I decide to put on that day. It’s a lot more productive to focus your energy on something you have control over. Of course... I have occasionally thought about having a bigger butt, I’m only human! Rather than fixating on “how you look,” the best thing you can do for your body is just to take care of it. I don’t eat meat, I drink lots of water, I sleep every night and I shower every morning. Sometimes I shave my legs and my armpits. Ha! Stop looking at strangers on Instagram and go do something fun! Instead of worrying about whether your body is “perfect” enough, go treasure hunting at your local vintage clothing shop and find a cool outfit that fits you perfectly. That is truly perfection!” //

Jacket - Comme des Garçon Tulle - Stylist vintage collection Rings - model’s own


GREG SAMBA Age: 31 Dancer, Choreographer Teacher at The Underground Dance Centre @greg.samba @theundergrounddancecentre



I have been to many auditions where the focus is only the right “look.” There is a body type, a skin color, a type of beauty they are looking for - and very often, I don’t fit in that box. You can be the best dancer in the room, but you don’t get picked because you don’t fit that “image” that they think is perfect. That can be hard, because when I learned how to dance, I never focused on the “image.” I learned to focus on the movement, the feeling of it, the way it moves an audience…

In my teaching, that is one of the biggest obstacles I see my students having to overcome. They will say something to me like, “I can’t do that, because I’m not you…” They are afraid to even take that first step because they worry it will not be perfect. When that happens, I deliberately choose someone who is the complete opposite of me and ask them to do the moves, and most often, it's amazing! So I say, “See? You have to make every dance your own. Use your body to tell the story only you have to tell.”

At a certain point I realized that my journey as a dancer wouldn’t be typical, because the industry only has so much time for people who don’t fit within their definition of “perfect.” I had to ask myself, “Who are you? Why do you dance?” That was when I realized: I dance because I love to inspire people. That realization helped everything click for me, and I made a choice: I want to be a dancer who tells stories.

I have a saying, “If you want to learn how to dance, all you have to do is take the first step, and smile...” Dancing is the purest expression of joy, of life, through the body. If you’re not feeling that joy flowing through you, through every muscle and nerve in your body - you’re not dancing! Don't worry about looking perfecct - just worry about being in the moment, and being alive." //

s a dancer, you are more than just the movement. You’re more than just a body doing a particular set of steps. What I try to do when I dance is merge with the movement. I bring my body, my personality, my whole story to the movement, and I infuse the dance with all of that. I try to become what the movement feels like. That’s what separates the artists from the... I guess you could call them “technicians.” An artist is more than just technique. An artist doesn’t try to be “perfect.” If you look at all the greatest dancers - they are often very “imperfect,” and that is what makes them interesting to watch, because their flaws make them real.

want to make you feel all kinds of emotion when you see me move. I want to use my movement to make you feel the story. And so when I dance - I will smile, I will laugh, because mostly the stories I like are happy, or funny. Sometimes it's a sad story, and I will embody that with my face, my body, everything, so that you are filled with that sadness… When I realized I could take people on those kinds of journeys, I realized that my body - exactly as it is - is what allows me to do that. So now, I make my body fit the story. The way I drop my knees, or flex my muscles, or sometimes highlight the lack of muscle to poke fun at myself… I couldn’t do all of that if I weren’t me, or if I were “perfect.”


shorts & tights - Nike 21




J Lingerie & Jewellery - model’s own Tulle - Stylist’ vintage collection



JUDITH MARIA BRADLEY Age: 73 Model & Actress Mother, Grandmother, Former Caregiver Instagram Star & “Eternal Optimist” @judithmariabradley



am positive that each of us, as a soul, comes to this earth as perfect. You only have to look at babies to know this: we are born perfect! The only reason we don’t stay that way is because we download all of this information around us and we get confused. We forget that in fact, we are perfect, that our body is a gift. Sometimes it takes a long time for us, for the soul, to remember that fact, and to be once at again at peace with the body it finds itself in. Having worked with the elderly, I know that sometimes, we don’t realize how perfect we are until that very last breath. But life is wonderful, isn’t it? That clumsy dance we do, that battle between ourselves and our body - it's a gift.

ou just can’t compare yourself - to anyone or anything. I remember my daughter was maybe 5 or 6, and she was looking at a fashion magazine and asked me, “Mumma, Do I have to look like this?” And I told her then, “Absolutely not! You're going to look like you and only you.” Even now, there are people who tell me “Judith, I want to look just like you…” My goodness! No you don’t! You should want to look like your own magnificent self. It's a difficult thing to do, but don’t compare yourself. Each of us has a different path to walk, so why should any of us look the same? People often compliment my energy and my confidence, and I’ll hear them say things like “Oh - I could never do that!” It pains me to hear that, because I’m not some magical creature. I work at everything I do. Everything in life is a choice, and I choose to live! You have to get up every morning and tell yourself, “I choose to get out of bed today. I choose to walk. I choose to smile. I choose to dance!” Every day, you have to make the choice to love yourself, and if you do love yourself, you’ll do whatever it takes to bring love and joy and comfort to that unique body of yours.

There's never been a doubt in my mind that this this body of mine is a perfect gift. Maybe it's because of my parents and the lessons they taught me. They told me at a very young age that I was a soul, and that I'd come to this planet to learn some lessons. I remember my mother telling me “Judith, you’re probably going to be very different. Don’t let that bother you. Love your body, because that's the body your father and I gave you, and it was made with love.” That has always stuck with me. She also used to say things like, “Just stay dressed, and stay ready, and Heaven will give you a script….” Tips like that are pearls that help get us through life, and thanks to her, I have never doubted for one moment that I didn't love being in this life, and this body.

In my mind, "truly modern beauty" requires loving your body to the fullest. Or perhaps more accurately, it requires loving yourself, so that you can love your body in all its glory." // 25





on Kelly: Cape dress - Zoffranieri; Bodysuit- Alexander Wang on Erinn: Bodysuit - Pink Tartan

ke &

KELLY CHILDS & ERINN WEATHERBIE Mother (55) & Daughter (28) Founders of Kelly’s Bake Shoppe @kellysbake @kellychildsxo @erinnweatherbie



elly: The reason we created this “vegan empire” you could call it (which honestly - we never expected it would become when we started!), is really because of our passion for plant based eating. We were so inspired back when we first went vegan in 2008, and it was our visit to a farm sanctuary that was the critical turning point for both of us…

rinn: There’s an emotional element to that as well. When you ingest animal protein you’re ingesting a lot of negative energy. All the stress and negative emotion the animal had to endure - you take that in. With plant based whole foods, you’re ingesting things that have come directly from the earth, things that have been fed a diet of sunshine, water… It makes so much sense to fuel your body with that, instead of something that has suffered. That kindness, I think radiates from the inside out, it actually has a physical and emotional effect.

Erinn: Absolutely. I remember driving home after we visited the sanctuary - which is a place that rescues animals who are destined for slaughter - and we both just knew so profoundly that we we had to change our ways, right then and there. K: We knew we had to make the change ourselves, but we also felt a responsibility to share it with the world. To “share the love” we like to say. And that's where it started. We embraced the idea of “a kind diet” and opened our first restaurant, Kind Food, and from there it really just blew up.

K: This body - this is all we’ve got to take us through this lifetime and hopefully in to the next one. And we are all born perfect - every living soul! When you really think about that and take it in, you understand that the most important thing you can do for yourself and others is to love and respect the body that houses that beautiful soul of yours. In our case, we honour our bodies by filtering what comes in and out of and just making sure that every cell is nourished with kindness.

E: We wanted to share with people how easy it is to adopt a plant based diet. It doesn't have to be difficult. You don’t just eat vegetables and greens all day long! There can be so much variety and versatility in a vegan diet, and it's delicious, and most importantly your body will thank you for it.

E: It all goes back to that original mandate we set for ourselves: sharing the love. My mom made sure that I understood from a young age: I am perfect just as I am, and deserving of all the love and joy life has to offer. I’m grateful for her, and for the gratitude that she has instilled in me. I just want to share some of that love and wisdom and kindness with the world so that we can love ourselves, our bodies, and all beings, as much as we all deserve." //

K: When I went plant based, I actually felt myself de-aging. I gained an extraordinary mental clarity, my skin improved, my tummy got flatter. I just felt lighter and brighter all over. It was illuminating, to actually experience and understand the direct connection between food and your body, and realize that your body - every cell is fuelled by and made up of the things you take into it... 29





Suit - Christopher Bates Belt - Rag and Bone 32

MARK MCKOY Age: 56 Athletic Trainer, 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist (Hurdles) & World Record Holder @markmckoy



verybody comes to me in January and says they want to lose 5 or 10 pounds… The first thing I say to them is: Get real. Don’t lie to yourself. If you know you’re going to come in and work out, and then leave and go eat at McDonald’s - just forget it. If you’re going to drink at night - its not going to happen. Most of the time, “losing weight” is not a great enough purpose to motivate someone. An athlete’s purpose is to win - that mentality will give them the drive they need to make it past the finish line. So if you want to really lose weight: think more like an athlete and make it about something more. Make it about being a better father by setting a healthy example for your kids. Enrol in a competition and strive to win it. Make it about healing your body or relieving a specific ailment - maybe you’ve got a bad back, so your goal could be to fix that with better core strength.

s an athlete, I’ve learned that you really have to respect your body. You're not going to get much out of it if you don't. If you truly respect your body, you make sure it doesn’t just look good, you take care of it on the inside. A lot of people forget this. They confuse health, with fitness - but that’s a mistake. They’re two separate things. You can be fit, but if you’re not respecting your body - eating well, getting enough sleep, practicing stress management- then you probably aren’t healthy.

I’ve come to understand this more profoundly as I’ve gotten older. I used to think I could outwork anything. But I know now: you can’t outwork a bad diet or bad habits. You can’t outwork poor mental health. And it's also important to understand: what you see on the outside does not necessarily reflect what’s going on inside. So, a “perfect body” isn’t necessarily one that has a low body fat percentage, or bulging muscles, or curves in all the right places. A perfect body is one that is healthy, and that you feel happy with. It's a body that helps you achieve your goals. People often get it backwards. That’s something many could stand to learn from athletes: we don’t go into the gym to just try and “look good.” We work hard to try and achieve something athletically and the body is a byproduct of that. So what you need to do is work on your goals and the things you want in life. A healthy body will help you do that, whether its a size zero or size 20.

Naturally - there are always barriers to people’s health and fitness. I often tell people that there have been more hurdles off the track than on the track for me. But I've always been very disciplined - I could never be an athlete without having that. I work hard. Ultimately, the body you want comes only through the natural work that you put into it, so I put in the work. And it bears repeating: it is hard work! I wake up early every morning. I work out sometimes 3, 4 times a day. I follow a plant based, whole foods diet. I make sure to get enough sleep. So I’m happy with my body. I feel good, and I think I’m doing pretty well for an old guy!" // 33




A color issue again... the retouched version is green-ish... loses the warm of his skin tone.



M 36

Trench coat - Andrew Coimbra Bralette - Free People Hosiery - Wolford Footwear - Marc Jacobs Blouse



Age: 35 Singer-Songwriter Radio Host Professional Model & Curve Activist @meredithshawtoronto



e’re too preoccupied with judging and measuring ourselves against others moment to moment, and actually, if you let that go, I think you’ll find that the world is so ready for you. I like to call it “Getting on your own team.” When you let go of all of the negative noise pulling you down and get on your own team, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you attract people who love you as you are, and just want to help you and see you rise.

actually got into modeling by accident. I was shooting the cover of my album and it was the makeup artist who asked me “Have you ever plus size modelled?” It was a funny moment because at the time, I was offended. My heart just sank, because I thought, you know… “Plus size? Really??” I had done my best to prepare for that shoot - working out, eating right… So really I was doing what a lot of women do which was holding myself up to an unrealistic standard. Cut to a few years later - I’m modelling in Toronto, New York, Miami… And modelling has given me such purpose in my life, not only because it changed my view of my own body (for the better), but because it has given me an opportunity to help other women see themselves and their bodies, as enough - just as they are.

I just try as much as I can to be a positive voice that counters the negative ones women and girls are subjected to every day. Because - make no mistake - I hear them too! Even today, on this wonderful shoot that has such a beautiful message, there was a voice that went, “Uh… Girl. Are you sure about this? You are wearing nothing but panty hose right now, and you are squished in here and there...” I call that voice the “B*tch on my shoulder.” She is a voice that even I, as a model and body positive advocate, have trouble tuning out. You’ve just got to recognize that loving your body is a journey there will be good days and bad days. Be kinder to yourself on the bad days, celebrate the good ones, and just remind that b*tch on your shoulder, "Hey! My body is beautiful just as it is, thank you very much." //

What surprised me the most when I embarked on this career path was just how open people were to that: To loving me as I am, and helping me succeed. I want more curvy women out there to know that. People are ready for a representation of beauty that includes you. So actually, the problem isn’t them (the industry), it’s us. It’s that inner critic nagging at us, telling us “ You’re not good enough.” 37




MIRIAN NJOH Age: 20’s Fashion Blogger & Professional Model @miriannjoh



rowing up, I experienced so much self-doubt and insecurity, simply because there was nobody around me that looked like me. There was no representation of people like me in magazines, or the media, so I had no one I could relate to or emulate... Out of necessity, I was forced to shape my own path and create my own definition of beauty and style. There was great freedom in that - I could explore and experiment as much as I wanted - but there was also a lot of confusion, many missteps…

’m at a place now where I can really embrace everything about myself and say honestly, I love myself. I used to be so insecure about my skin, my hair, my eyelashes… you name it. Now, I see people bleaching their hair and brows and I have makeup artists who refuse to use mascara on me because they love my white eyelashes… and I understand: these are the things that make me unique. Certainly, they’ve helped set me apart as a blogger and model in the fashion world. Just practice perseverance, and patience, and eventually you will come to see that the exceptions - they become the standard.

I started my blog two years ago for that reason: I wanted to share my experience with others and connect with people who went through, or are going through, the same things as me. Hopefully, seeing someone they can identify with will help them feel less alone and more connected in some way. The internet is a powerful tool in that regard. If you feel isolated or under-represented - you can probably find people like you online somewhere. There’s a movement for everything online! There’s a dark skin movement, there’s a curve movement, there’s a non-binary movement… If you can’t find someone who looks like you in your town, I promise you: there is someone in this world who does and we now have the capability of connecting to them wherever they may be just by clicking a button. That’s changed since I was a kid, and I’m happy to be working in a space that is opening those kinds of doors for people in this world who might be struggling to find their place in it.

It's important to remember: there is no such thing as a “perfect body” or a perfect anything. Each person is going to define "perfection" differently according to what they know and see around them. Its user defined. So, it can be what you have going on right now! If you love something about yourself, flaunt it. Or, it could be an enhanced version of yourself that feels more like “you.” If that’s what you need to feel beautiful - go get it! Any definition of what is “perfect” should come from the person who’s living in that body and in that skin. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, try to define your own perfect. Live your truth and don’t pay attention to any other voices that try to tell what perfection is. If you’re happy, and you’re living it and loving it, that is the perfect body, and that’s all you need." // 40


Blouse - Ellery Underwear - Calvin Klein



PAUL BOEHMER Age: 54 Chef/Owner of Bรถehmer Restaurant @chefboehmer



've been cooking in Toronto for the last 35 years, beginning with Stadtlander's (where I was an apprentice.). From there, I went on to work in many great restaurants such as Scaramouche, Bistro 990, Nekah, Atlas, Ultra and The Spoke club (to name a few), until I eventually opened my place, Bรถehmer, which has now been open since 2010.

o I would say, a perfect body is one that feels good. I've learned that taking the time to cook your meals, sit down and give yourself the proper time and space to eat... these rituals can really help you achieve that feeling: a "perfect body" that is healthy, energized, and content. Loving my body also requires allowing it to experience "joy." I know I need to be active and eat right - but that can't always feel like a punishment. It has to be fun, like a treat. My greatest joy is walking my dog Buddy (or he really walks me!). Walking with him puts me in a great frame of mind, gets my heart pumping a little, and inspires me for the rest of the day to treat myself, and my body, well. After a good walk, I'll eat a healthy meal and get a good night's sleep, knowing that I will feel great the next day.

You could absoultely say my relationship with food plays a huge role in my life, including the way it affects my body, both physically and emotionally. The last few years have been particularly challenging, ever since I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I had to make major changes to my diet and start excercising more (both not easy when you work long kitchen hours). My mid section suddenly became an issue - but I'm sure if I committed to a few more sit-ups I could change that... I'm working on it!

There's no point comparing yourself to others - you've just got to do things that are healthy for you mentally and physically, and accept that you are uniquely you. Growing up tall was not so easy (I'm 6'7"), always hunched over and trying to fit in with everyone else... But as I got older I stood up straight at last and learned to love my height. I still have to duck under a few doors here and there... but life is good. Not everybody (or any body) can make it through a night in a stressful, sweaty restaurant kitchen - and I've logged thousands. That's something to be proud of." //

Diabetes forced me to re-examine my diet, and the ways in which food could either hurt, or heal my body. I have learned to cut out sugar and flour (again... not easy!!) and I stay away from processed food or anything out of a package (Okaaay... Once in a while I fall off the wagon.... Who doesn't!?). But...When I do eat properly, I feel so much better. I have great energy and its much easier for me to have a happy and productive day.


Tuxedo shirt & Jewellery - model’s own

R Trench coat - Filipa K Socks - model’s own


ROBERT WEIR Age: 40 Makeup Artist & Hairstylist @robertweirbeauty



'm a professional makeup artist and hairstylist, and I freelance all over Toronto doing everything from editorial work for magazines to personal appearances for celebrities. I love what I do! I love seeing the transformations… Whether we’re creating a really over the top character for just one night or photoshoot, or helping a person to look like their most beautiful self... It’s instant gratification, seeing a person change before your eyes and their face lighting up because they feel so amazing… Being a part of that process is very gratifying.

think every body is perfect. We are each of us manifestations of the thousands of years of people who came before us. We carry their stories in our bodies - our grandparents and great grandparents... At forty years old, I can look at my body and see my mother and my father and all the people who I really love. It all blends together to create this unique little package which is me - and I love it! Accepting myself has definitely been a lifelong journey. I grew up in a very suburban, white, straight, middle class area of Toronto. I didn't see myself represented that much… And I think people kind of expected me to look like a rapper or a basketball player, which was definitely not me either! It took a long time to embrace my unique style and voice and realize that sometimes it's better to be a rare flower than a red rose.

Having worked in the industry for 18 years, I've definitely seen the barriers that prevent us from moving forward in terms of diversity in beauty and fashion. There is still this limited notion of the “right look,” particularly in editorial and advertising. That “look” is not necessarily representative of beauty in this day and age. We absolutely need a lot more diversity in terms of body size and image in the industry, and I do see some change. There are more curvy girls, more people of color, non binary models… At the same time, I see judgement. People are so critical of women in this business, particularly on the red carpet. I feel like I’m the first line of defense for a lot of these women because I help them look their best, but it would be nice if we critiqued the art a little more and bodies a little less…

I know there are a lot of people who had a similar experience as me growing up. I would just say to them: be patient. Be strong, and it will get better. Express your true self, and you will find that the right people find their way to you over time. Its your body, it’s your life - own it and enjoy it to the fullest." //



TIA DUFFY Age: 30’s Model & Body Activist Founder of the “Be Body Aware” Campaign @tiaduffyoff icial #bebodyaware



Starting the project was actually a bit of a risk, career wise. I wasn’t just a model waiting to be booked anymore. I started actively calling designers, and challenging them about their sizing and their casting practices for runway shows and editorial shoots… I straight out asked them, “Why aren’t you using women with all body types in your fashion campaigns? Why are your garment sizes so limited?” So there were definitely quiet, scary moments when I didn’t get any calls, and at that point I worried. I must have reached out to a hundred designers in Canada and not a single one of them got back to me. Fast forward to now: I’ve got backing from Vogue Italia, brands like Nike are coming on board - its mind blowing. So I’m glad I stuck it out and didn’t pack it in when I was tempted to. It just took persistence and patience, and now I can confidently and proudly say: I am changing the fashion industry for the better.

That’s who I want to reach now with Be Body Aware. Teenagers - they are so susceptible to the things they see in the media, and those years between 14 and 17 are so formative. We need to impress upon young people the importance of body awareness. And when I say that I’m talking about the psychological and spiritual health of a body. It's not all about how your body looks, its about how it feels, right? I remember when I was dieting - not disordered but you could say I was close to it - my body got skinnier, but I didn’t feel any better. So the work I do with Be Body Aware is about spreading that message, that loving and caring for your body is so much more important than what size you are off the rack." //

fter about 10 years in the (modelling) industry, I was ready to pack it in. It was just so frustrating - I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. I was too big to be a “standard” size model, but then I was often told I was too small for “plus size” work. It was a real breaking point for me. I had another career to fall back on that I love (teaching), so I knew I could do that and be happy. But at the same time, I knew there was so much that had to change in the industry, and something inside just drove me to help instigate that change… That’s when I founded Be Body Aware.

feel like the journey really started for me back in my teenage years. I just remember one day, having turned 13 or so, looking in the mirror and “hating” my body. I had never had any issues with my self image prior to that- so where did this negative view of myself suddenly appear from? I started “hiding,” wearing layers and slouching (I’m pretty tall, which was excruciating at the time when all I wanted was to fit in…). It wasn’t until years later that it dawned on me: as a teenager, all of the images I would view in the media and fashion… I mean, I idolized those women. I wanted desperately to look like one of them. And when dieting didn’t change that, I felt “less than” and disappointed in myself. Hindsight is 20/20 ofcourse, so I know now that if I had just loved myself a little more and critiqued myself a little less, I could have avoided so much pain.


Blouse and skirt - Rachel Comey Scarves - Echo New York 49





DISCOVER A NE W ANGLE Have you heard? BELKYRA™ is now in Canada. Find out what people are talking about. Talk to your doctor to find out more.

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NOPE. By Nikita Stanley


rust me when I tell you that I’ve never been one to betray my sex; but there’s something about the female condition that women have been keeping under wraps for centuries and the time has come for me to release us all from the burden. It’s a secret that we’ve managed to conceal with “discreet” pads and liners; with black pants and polite declines of morning spin class invitations. We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure nobody would ever find out… that we pee our pants. Not all of us. But a lot of us. A shocking amount of us, really. And an equally shocking amount of us are doing nothing about it. 16 million people in North America alone suffer from Urinary Incontinence (an involuntary loss of urine). 14 million of them are women.

According to my not so scientific calculations, those stats are far too obscene for this to remain one of those “swept under the rug” female health issues that we - as women - are all too familiar with.

“16 MILLION PEOPLE IN NORTH AMERICA ALONE SUFFER FROM URINARY INCONTINENCE (AN INVOLUNTARY LOSS OF URINE). 14 MILLION OF THEM ARE WOMEN.” I personally only learned of the unhinging pee phenomenon upon my entry into this cool new club I’m now a proud member of called Motherhood. Moms are disproportionately affected by incontinence since a lot of us have pushed watermelon-sized babies out 53

out of our poor unsuspecting vaginas. This puts the kind of pressure on our pelvic floors that they just can’t handle, and then laughing, sneezing, coughing, jumping, running and anything else that puts sudden stress on our pelvic floors join the list of Fun Stuff We Used to Do Before We Had Kids. It seems like quite an unfair progression to me: Grow a human, expel it from your body, pee your pants for the rest of your life? Seriously? Does it really have to be this way? Actually, no. It doesn’t. In writing this piece, I heard from more than 50 postpartum women about their tales of incontinence. Some of them were fortunate enough to have OBs and GPs who think outside the antiquated medical box – doctors who see healthcare as holistic; as something that requires a multifaceted approach and because of that, they don’t hesitate >>

>> T

o address patient concerns surrounding incontinence (most often by directing them toward pelvic floor physiotherapy). But Urinary Stress Incontinence is notoriously dismissed, especially amongst women who have recently given birth; so it’s us who are routinely tasked with the responsibility of actively seeking support for our symptoms. Take, for example, this account of one woman looking to her midwife for help: “Even though I had a midwife, she didn’t just offer information. I always had to be the one asking her what was normal to have happen or what was safe to do. Sometimes I wouldn’t even know what to ask. It almost seems as if they just expect you to know everything about pregnancy and your body-- even if it’s your very first time.” - Tyanna, age 31, Toronto. She’s got a point. With incontinence being an issue that is so common after childbirth, how is pelvic floor health not a topic that’s consistently broached from doctor to patient? Of course, the French have this all figured out. One of the women I spoke with informed me that in France, pelvic floor physiotherapy is mandatory post-childbirth due to the country’s recognition that postpartum bodies require actual rehabilitation protocol and that new mothers need guidance and information to help them regain their physical and emotional strength after pregnancy, labour and delivery. In Canada? Not so much. Here, we turn to our old pal, Dr. Google. The whole thing intrigued me... Knowing women who have experienced incontinence and understanding the physical and emotional toll it has taken on them, I continued to read up on the new technology. Study after study confirmed the same findings:


High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Technology, or HIFEM (the technology that powers EMSELLA) significantly decreases the negative impact incontinence has in patients’ day-to-day lives. This improvement was observed in both short and long-term results and includes decreased frequency of urine leakage episodes and decreased use of hygienic pads. (Berenholz J.) As comforting as these studies were, I don’t believe in telling other people to give new products a shot without first trying them myself, so I sat on the EMSELLA chair and let it flex my deep interior muscles on my behalf for 28 minutes.



could legitimately feel the electromagnetic waves penetrate my perineum and go straight up to (what I can now identify as) my pelvic floor muscles. On a whole, the ordeal was relatively painless (but I’ve done the whole 12-hours-in-labourending-in-a-c-section thing so I’m pretty sure I’m just immune to pain now) and it actually went by quickly considering I wasn’t allowed to be on my phone the whole time I was there - turns out that electromagnetic currents are kind of inconvenient that way. “How was it?” the nurse asked. “It was good.” I replied. “Odd... But good!” In that moment, as I exited the office with my pelvic floor muscles still buzzing (and my right butt cheek still tingling), I found myself overcome with emotion. I felt relief. I felt pride. And most importantly, I felt more optimistic about the status of women’s health than I have in a long time. Is the scientific community finally investing time and research into addressing female specific health issues? Will this translate to more treatments for postpartum bodies that don’t require us to strip down to the buck? Does this mean that preserving quality of life for women is finally inching up the priority list of medical researchers? Let’s hope so, ladies. It’s about time. //

At first the electromagnetic pulses were all going directly into my right butt cheek (a phenomenon I was told by the attending nurse is quite typical amongst first-timers). A few minutes of shuffling around and BONJOUR! When you find the right spot, you get it. Just like it said on the poster beside my kind nurse’s head, “Key effectiveness is based on focused electromagnetic energy, in-depth penetration, and stimulation of the entire pelvic floor area”. Yep. That sounds about right. First in waves, then in quick pulses, 54

*Dr Born recommends that patients come back for maintenance every two years or as needed. References Berenholz J., MD1, Sims T., MD2, Botros G., MD2. “HIFEM™ TECHNOLOGY CAN IMPROVE QUALITY OF LIFE OF INCONTINENT PATIENTS.” Medical. 2018. Samuels J., MD and Guerette N., MD. “HIFEM TECHNOLOGY – THE NONINVASIVE TREATMENT OF URINARY INCONTINENCE.” Presented at 38th American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Annual Conference on “Energybased Medicine and Science”. 2018.



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Truly Modern Beauty - "Love Your Body" Special Edition  

A tribute to all things corporeal. This special issue of TMB is dedicated to body beauty, diversity and pride. With photography by Miguel Ja...

Truly Modern Beauty - "Love Your Body" Special Edition  

A tribute to all things corporeal. This special issue of TMB is dedicated to body beauty, diversity and pride. With photography by Miguel Ja...