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The New York Times bestselling author and fitness legend talks to us about what it REALLY takes to change your life for the better this year, and EVERY year...

Dr. Born reflects on the challenges of the past year and shares his 2017 plan for health & wellness

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Dr. Born reflects on the past year and sets his intentions for 2017

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t ’s a new year! While I generally follow the rule that every day is a good day to make positive changes in your life, the new year does present us with a convenient and timely opportunity to examine the present, reflect on the past, and set new intentions for the future.

2016 was a challenging year for many of us. I was certainly affected by the seemingly steady stream of losses; many luminaries and people who inspired me personally over the years passing on - I will miss them and certainly feel their absence. I also noticed many injuries and physical ailments affecting my patients and those close to me, including myself ! A bad back injury was a major setback for me this past year, and I am definitely NOT a person who copes with injury well, especially when it prevents me from pursuing my second passion in life: kitesurfing! But 2016 was also an amazing year. After years of toying with the idea, we finally launched this magazine! The feedback has been amazing and we are thrilled that you all are reading and enjoying it. It was also the best, and busiest year on record for my practice, and my team and I were certainly proud (and grateful) to end the year on such a high note. AND... In 2016 I finally mastered a back roll as a kitesurfer!




any of my patients remarked to me that they experienced similar highs and lows last year, and these intense ups and downs can definitely take their toll both mentally and physically. For this issue, we wanted to acknowledge the past and how it challenged us, and perhaps look at how we might address these challenges in the future. What can we learn from the past, and what changes can we make in our daily lives to create a better present? What can we do to better prepare ourselves for the road ahead? If we are not truly fulfilled and happy, how can we transform ourselves? At the TMB practice, our guiding principle is that inner wellness and outer beauty are intrinsically linked. Making positive, transformative changes with regards to your inner wellness will inevitably lead to a more vibrant, beautiful outer self. And so, in that spirit of “transformation,” in this month’s “Doctor’s Note,” I decided to share some of my own personal challenges from the past year as well as the intentions I have set for myself in 2017, so that I too can live a better, healthier present and future. This year, let’s all make an effort to become more proactive about our beauty and wellness goals. 2017: we’re coming for you! >> cont.

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the last surgery of 2016... another success!



e are so bombarded with digital media everyday, and there’s a fine line between too much versus too little. Like everyone, I have to work to maintain a healthy balance when it comes to my own “screen time.” Checking social media and emails before bed is not a good habit, for a few reasons. The effects of blue light from electronic devices on our natural sleep/ wake cycle is detrimental to our overall health. That small amount of light from your cell phone, laptop or television passes right through the retina directly into the hypothalamus (the part of the brain which regulates sleep) and restricts the production of melatonin (your sleepy-time hormone) making a good night’s sleep more and more difficult. What’s more, viewing or engaging in brain stimulating social media content tricks your body into staying alert when it should be resting. Proper sleep and regular exercise are the KEYS to looking younger, longer. All of this is to say: unplugging from our phones at night is essential. As a surgeon and cosmetic provider who performs procedures on a daily basis, I’m pretty much “on call” for my patients 24/7, so I’m used to getting texts and emails at all times of day. I’m always prepared to respond to a patient’s queries when it counts, but boundaries still need to be set. Thankfully, I have learned a few ways to manage my phone and screen time, which I intend to practice more actively in 2017. 6



kitesurf ing in Maui

Firstly, I am lucky to have a wife (Dr. Lisa Airan) who knows what’s best for me and helps me implement healthier habits! She noticed that all of my texts, tweets and emails were taking up too much of my day, and rightly advised me to start scheduling a specific block of time for these things. Pick a time of the day - preferably the morning or midday when it won’t affect your sleep - and earmark THAT time specifically for your email/ social media communications. Outside of those times, keep it out of sight, out of mind. There will very likely be a “withdrawal” period; we know that social media is addictive and stimulates the “reward” centres of the brain.

Turn off your phone, tablet, laptop and TV at least two hours before bedtime

Gradually replace your screen time with a different, healthier habit: try gentle movement like tai chi or yoga, meditation, drawing, crafting, knitting… there are so many options! Secondly, I have a LOT of patients, and managing ALL of the communications with them can be a challenge. Like many people with demanding jobs, I have sometimes fallen prey to the idea that only *I* can respond to the litany of emails, texts and tweets I get from patients, colleagues, friends and fans. And... I have to respond right this second!!! That’s an unrealistic, and unnecessary way to approach communication, and we do ourselves (and our clients and employees) no favours when we overextend ourselves.

This past year was a good lesson for me in delegating, and shutting off. I have an amazing staff, and I have come to rely on them more and more to filter my communications, so we can all stay healthy, and sane! If it’s an emergency: I instruct people to contact me directly with a phone call no matter the hour. For not-quite-emergency situations: it goes to my practice nurse, Yolanda Balatbat RN, or my surgical coordinator, Andrea Snetsinger. The rest… can wait until morning! Let’s all train ourselves to be better, more respectful communicators in 2017: does that email really have to be sent at two am? Let’s instead commit to getting, and giving each other, the restful sleep we all deserve!


TMB magazine launch

my amazing staff!!!



othing humbles you more than an injury that takes you out of commission and prevents you from doing the things you love. I learned this the hard way when a skiing injury in early 2016 left me almost immobile, and with debilitating back pain that returned later in the year while on a surfing trip. Thankfully, I connected with a couple of excellent physical trainers and after a rethink of my physical fitness, and a newfound focus on injury prevention, I am back to feeling 100% and on my surfboard and skis whenever I can be! Here’s what I learned from the experience.

You don’t have to answer EVERY text or email right away. Delegate and prioritize your communications

Most of the year I am working: in the O.R, in my cosmetic practice, in my office… I work a lot! And so… when the time comes to go on holiday, I become a road warrior. I have to maximize that time off and get as much out of it as I can! In my quest for the ultimate getaway, I might end up pushing things a little too hard. Although we may be eager to get out there and do superstar moves on the ski hill or the ocean, we have to make sure we’re ready for it! Sitting in an office chair all day or standing hunched over the surgical table (as I am) for hours on end does NOT properly prepare one for the demands of intense physical sport. Now, when I book that vacation, I make sure to book a few sessions with my trainers to properly prepare for for the trip ahead so I don’t hurt myself. I’ll also do research ahead of time and connect with a network of professionals (healthcare providers, trainers, rehab) so that if I do get hurt on the road, I’ve got somewhere to turn for help. If there’s one thing I’ve learned as both a doctor and a patient, it’s that you can’t heal on your own: you need help, so make sure you know where it is before you get hurt.

Respecting the core, and keeping the spiral fascial system of the body strong and pliable is also essential. Often when we train in the gym, we are thinking about our muscles independently: we want big biceps so we bench high weights.

Or women want a curvy bottom so they do countless squats and leg lifts. But when we ignore the very important fact that the body is an interconnected system of ligaments and muscles, we risk injury. Proper training works to address imbalances in our muscular strength and flexibility and correct them; it does NOT train one area of the body at the expense of another. I was grateful to work with a physical therapist who incorporated pilates training into my movements and was particularly focused on applying these techniques to other sport. We used bosu balls to recreate “surfing” movements while working on my alignment - making sure I was using the right muscles in the right way to stay balanced and upright. I have a better understanding of my body, and as a result, a better understanding of why I injured my back so badly and what I can do to prevent such injury in the future.

The spiral fascial system: its all connected! THE NEW YEAR ISSUE 2017 TMB MAGAZINE


photo: ESB Professional

3 2


016 was definitely a year of “worry” and stress for many of us. Social media invites constant comparison (Am I good enough? Why aren’t I getting more likes??), and the nature of the technology has been shown to trigger addictive tendencies, anxiety and depression. We have to work harder than ever to ensure that we are paying as much attention to our mental state as we do to the physical. I deal with worry too: mostly I worry about my patients. I certainly am wholly confident in my own work, but when a patient goes home, do they have the network in place to take care of them as they recover? Are there people there to make sure they are acting responsibly? Is the patient following my orders? Will they be OK? I feel an obligation to my patients that never goes away, and that can keep me up some nights. I have learned (and am learning) that the “monkey mind” will just keep



imagining catastrophic outcomes unless I actively work to quiet that voice with other measures. Once again, I arm myself with a solid support network of friends and family, colleagues and my staff to help me cope. They are the people I know I can call at any time of day or night should I need to; that assurance helps alleviate a lot of my worry. I also try and put things in perspective as much as I can: have I done everything I can in this situation? I go through a mental checklist and if the plus column outnumbers the minuses, I can relax. This, plus regular morning meditation helps to keep me balanced. --

Remember: setting intentions for ourselves is very different from making shame based “resolutions” we can’t keep. Rather than committing to “losing more weight” or even “exercising more,” try

setting an intention for yourself like “I will love my body and care for it more actively.” Resolutions tend to focus too heavily on our failings or shortcomings, and the goal should always be to acknowledge what needs work, not what is WRONG with you! Self compassion is an important part of holistic health: be kinder to yourself and inevitably, your own “truly modern beauty” will find its way to the surface! Finally - part of your self care should include regular visits to see me! And if you didn’t already know: I live for and love being your cosmetic provider. Can’t wait to see you all in 2017! - Trevor


with lidocaine


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ransformation” is a word that gets thrown around a lot every January. “This year,” we proclaim, “Everything will change!” We snap that #transfomation tuesday selfie and post it to Instagram, buy classes for the newest fitness craze, download the latest meditation app, and vow to never TOUCH dairy ever again... All in the name of positive “transformation” and self evolution. Come March (for a great deal of us anyway), we’ve fallen off the wagon, we’re depressed, our diet consists of 90% fondue, and we’re resigned to failure. “It can’t be done.” We tell ourselves. So what’s the secret to real, meaningful, self transformation? Here at TMB, we are always searching for that recipe... That plan of action that can help get us closer to realizing our full potential and purpose, because we KNOW: inner wellness leads to outer beauty. We search for those inspiring stories that may motivate one person (and hopefully many more) to make those meaningful transformations in their own lives - from inactive to active, from unhappy to happy, from unhealthy to healthy. In Tosca Reno - we found such a story. Not only has Tosca inspired millions of other people to transform their lives, she herself, is the embodiment of transformation in the face of all odds.

Jacket: Topshop Shoes: Christian Louboutin

For those of you who don’t know her, here is the Coles Notes rundown of the brand and supernova that is Tosca Reno: At the age of 40, Tosca transformed her body from obese and unhealthy to fit and strong, becoming a fitness model and bodybuilding champion in the process. She went on to become an author, publishing 30 books including the New York Times best selling Eat-Clean Diet® series as well as “Your Best Body Now” and “The Start Here Diet.” She has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, The Doctors, The Steven & Chris Show, and was the star of her very own Gemini award winning reality series... cont >>



>> “Tosca - Flexing at 49,” which documented her successful return to competitive bodybuilding as she approached her 50th birthday. She now travels the globe as a motivational speaker, inspiring audiences worldwide to adopt a healthier lifestyle and discover their healthiest, happiest selves. On top of all of this, Tosca is the mother of four grownup daughters, and recently she became a grandmother for the first time. I know what you’re thinking: you’re tempted to think she’s unique. There are just those “special” people that can do anything and we’re not like them, right? People like Tosca “try,” and succeed! People like us try... and fail. But here’s the thing about Tosca: she is who she is - a massively successful health and fitness guru with a huge following because she IS like us. Her story resonates because it is familiar. At various times throughout her life, Tosca has been: A woman, depressed and unsatisfied, physically and mentally worn down. A wife and mother: gridlocked in an unhappy marriage, putting her own health and happiness last for the sake of her daughters. A successful entrepreneur, who finally had it all, only to suddenly, and tragically, lose it all. With every challenge she has faced, she has proven that there IS a way through and forward, and she is ready to show us how it can be done if we are ready to listen. Here is her story.



ransformation is possible for anyone, I know because I’ve done it. Many times over in fact. That’s life, it never stops! It certainly doesn’t stop just because you hit a certain age. ”

We’ve just sat down to talk after a long day of shooting and Tosca is as focused and energized as ever. We’ve shot glitter at her through a shockingly loud canon, we’ve made her jump on a trampoline for longer than most people do in a lifetime, we’ve put her in some impossibly high and precarious heels for long stretches - and yet she still exudes the joy and exhuberance that made her our first choice for this “New Year” themed issue. Simply put: the woman is the essence of vitality. The theme of the day is “transformation” and ofcourse, the new year ahead. We wanted to show our readers that the new year can be a great opportunity for healthy change, if approached in the right way. Tosca, and her story, were right in line with our intentions. “There was a time, before I began my journey with clean eating and fitness, where I was pretty hopeless. I was married, with four wonderful children, but... cont next page >> Gown by Galvan London (Holt Renfrew)




<< the marriage was difficult. We were together for 17 years, and he was physically abusive. My self worth was non existent, I was depressed and in pain… And so I ate. I was basically eating a layer of protection around myself, which was of course a very short sighted strategy but it’s what a lot of us do when we’re unhappy, right? At one point I weighed 204 pounds, I was clinically obese and pre diabetic, and I felt helpless.”

“I decided one day that I had just had enough. I wasn’t going to live my life like this. I left my husband, and I decided to change my life for the sake of my daughters. I wanted to show them: this is NOT how it should be. Not how a relationship should be, not how a family should be, not how a mother should be.” “That’s when I began this journey of learning how to care for care for myself, learning how to eat right, learning about fitness... I started to take my health back, and it was a revelation. I began to learn and love the discipline of exercise, I loved the strength that I found within. I didn’t feel like that weak, abused woman. I felt like I had real power. I came alive.”




nd that’s when I met Robert.”

Tosca smiles warmly before giving us her own “Coles Notes” on Robert, as if we don’t already know who she’s talking about. Anyone who has even a part time interest in body building and fitness knows the name of Robert Kennedy: a fitness legend in his own right, he was a highly influential publisher, releasing trailblazer magazines such as “Muscle Mag” and “Oxygen,” which was the first fitness magazine for women in North America. He also helped discover and introduce several well known fitness models and bodybuilders to North America, one of the most notable being Arnold Schwarzenegger. “They say that when the student is ready the teacher will come... Well, that’s what happened! I didn’t really know who he was at the time when we met. We got to know each other, and I revealed to him at a certain point that I had been working out. He smiled coyly, and then he said to me. “Really… Well then I’m going to challenge you. I challenge you to enroll in a bodybuilding competition.”

I mean... I was 39 at this point. I was working out but I certainly wasn’t fit, and he’s suggesting what?? But I said to myself: you know what? Paths cross for a reason. Maybe you should do this Tosca. So I did.” “Training and eating for the competition transformed not only my body but my whole self, inside and out. Suddenly, I’m at the forefront of the fitness movement and I’m shooting Oxygen covers... It was crazy! And during the course of this journey from “sad overweight housewife” to “health and fitness icon,” I began another transformation - becoming an author. I published my first book in 2007 and to our surprise, it sold out in 2 weeks and put me on the New York Times bestseller list. This process of self discovery through fitness and diet allowed me to find my true purpose - empowering others to change their lives through my words. I’ve never looked back.” “It really was a Cinderella story. In that time, I married Robert, and we enjoyed a truly wonderful life. We travelled the world, we kept publishing books that were hugely successful. I was meeting... >>

Bodysuit: Wolford

<< millions of people who were being inspired by the Eat Clean movement - it was a dream come true for me. Remembering where I had come from, that depressed, hopeless housewife, and thinking about how far I had come, made it all the more meaningful.”


osca pauses and turns away from the camera - she’s suddenly emotional. It’s a change from from the woman we’ve seen all day: she’s been entirely professional, composed and ready for anything. The “Tosca Reno” of the fitness world has practiced and perfected her brand and image: that of a powerful woman and survivor, a leader who has the strength to push her followers when they don’t have the will or faith. There are almost no “off ” takes. But in this moment - she is vulnerable. It is in this moment that I truly understand why she is so adored by her legions of fans across the world: she is REAL. “That’s when tragedy struck. My son passed away in 2011, and then a year later, Robert passed away from cancer. It was such a shock to me, because in the

past I had been able to “save” everybody and make them well with clean eating, and here I could do nothing to help him, or my son. I wasn’t used to feeling helpless like that anymore.” “So those were two tragic years, but it got worse.”

“After Robert’s death, I was put in charge of his publishing business, which I knew nothing about. The first thing I did was look under the hood at the financials. We discovered that the business had actually been insolvent for the last five years. I had to bankrupt the business a year after his passing. I also had to sell some of my own books and titles just to pay back the creditors. Then I discovered that all of the money I had made from my books (millions) had all been spent on his business to try and keep it afloat, unbeknownst to me!” She laughs and throws her hands up, surrendering to the comedy of her own wholly dramatic, almost unbelievable story.


ll of this was a big wake up call for me. I kept up with clean eating and training which were the principles that guided me during my first “reinvention,” but something else was needed now. The World Health Organization states that “Health is not merely the absence of disease. It is the presence of robust physical health, as well as mental, social and emotional health.” That statement resonated with me (and still does). Bob’s cancer was a lung cancer, which in traditional Chinese medicine comes from grief. He did suffer some great tragedy in his life and that pain was never resolved. I took that as a lesson for myself: Grief can make you, quite literally, sick, and I didn’t want to be another cancer statistic. Up until this point I had focused heavily (and pretty much mastered) the physical practice of “health,” but this steady stream of loss in my life was a direct calling to start practicing greater self care in those other departments. And, as an author in the health and lifestyle field, I needed to incorporate those aspects of healthcare into my writing.” >>



Blazer: TopShop 16

<< I dug deep and did some emotional homework. Some of the words I’m using now are “practicing gratitude,” and saying “thank you.” Being able to say thank you even though I’ve lost so much - that is monumental. Because I still have so much to be grateful for! And I know there are many, many people who have also suffered loss, and are suffering, and they need to find a way forward. So I realize now that I have transitioned again from “the boobs and butt fitness lady” to someone who’s more relevant on an emotional level. There are so many people within my demographic who need a mentor, someone to help them through the tough times and show them that life after 50 can be beautiful, and powerful, and alive.” “It’s not about perfection. It’s not just about the aesthetic package - getting the perfect butt or biceps or what have you. It’s about the best “you” from the inside out. The heaviest “set and reps” I ever did were spent learning to express my emotional self and be “okay” with it. So that’s the new focus: health inside and out, at every age.”


hich brings us to the question we’ve been dying to ask: As someone who has transformed herself “inside and out,” and began that process at an age where the status quo dictates you should be starting to “wind things down”... What exactly is the secret to success? For all the millions of people out there who have already broken their New Year’s resolutions, what is it exactly that is preventing them from succeeding and reaching their full potential as physically, socially and emotionally healthy beings? “Well, I think first off it’s an ongoing process, so this idea that we reach a “peak” and can then say “Oh look! I’ve done that. Bye now…” That’s not how it works. I’m certainly still working at it! And the goals change with time. But I think that what prevents people from reaching their true potential is fear, and this negative self talk that goes on in our heads. And now with social media, constant comparison ignites that voice: “I’m not good enough. I’m not as beautiful. I’ll never be that…” It’s next to impossible to really know yourself if you can’t turn down the volume on that negative chatter.


or a long time I struggled with that “negative” voice. Even when I was shooting Oxygen covers every other month, my self worth was so low I just couldn’t understand why; I couldn’t see the beauty that others saw. What I really wanted, was to align my outward appearance with how I felt inside. That is a challenge for many of us: the outside doesn’t match the inside. Turning down the volume on the negative self chat and turning up the positive was ultimately what helped change the perception in the mirror.” “And of course, Trevor (Dr. Born) was instrumental in that process as well. How you go about changing that perception of yourself - there’s no one way to do it. It takes effort, and some emotional honesty, and yes, for me and

“It’s not about perfection. It’s not just about the aesthetic package: It’s about the best “you” from the inside out...” many others it involved a visit to his office to ask the question: What can I do so that I can look and feel more beautiful? And you know what? He has options for you that you might not have thought of, and he’s an extremely knowledgeable and caring doctor, so he can help you.”

surgery (with a different surgeon) and the result was just… too much. They were too big. I didn’t feel like myself with this massive chest, so I went to see Trevor to see if he had a solution. He was so different from the “caricature” of a plastic surgeon I had formulated in my mind. His thinking was so reasoned, logical and he was almost… “artistic” in his approach to the shape of the body. I’ll never forget, he said to me, “The ‘S” curve of the body is one of the most beautiful things in nature. You want to respect that, and not go so far that you start creating harsh angles in the body.” It made so much sense. Don’t throw things off balance. Trevor helped me get back to a physique that felt like “me,” and that was really what I had wanted in the first place. To be me - not a completely different woman - just ME, at my best.” “The beautiful thing about Trevor is that his approach to caring for yourself and your outward beauty is not a “cowboy” approach. There’s a very steady journey of progression that starts with looking after your overall health, and then your skin, and then maybe investing in anti aging treatments that maintain and enhance your beauty... Everything he’s recommending really makes sense and is based in that philosophy of total wellness: having the inside match the outside. And it has this ripple effect: you see Trevor for your microdermabrasion or laser treatments or whatever it is that makes you feel a little more confident about that reflection in the mirror… Then you start thinking, “Well, maybe I could start eating a little better to help my skin look better,” or “Maybe I’ll drink a bit more water or work out a bit more…” It’s this slow and steady circle that nurtures, and it ultimately brings you back to his office, because it works!”

“How I first met Trevor - there’s a bit of backstory. Giving birth to four kids takes its toll on your body, and then with the huge weight loss once I started eating clean and getting fit - I was left with a bosom that was… well, “rocks in a sock” would be the best way to describe it! And as a fitness model, the physique that was encouraged was a strong, ample derriere and a large, ample bust to match. So, I had breast


hen it comes to “New Year’s” resolutions, I have found that the key to success is to set realistic goals. In my industry in particular, we see this huge burst of “New year, New You!” propaganda and it often encourages these lofty goals which most people can’t fulfill. What does work is acknowledging where you’re at, and starting to take small steps toward a healthier lifestyle. I like to ask my clients, “What is one healthy habit you >>



Gown by Ciara Boni (Saks Fifth Avenue) Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (The Room at Hudsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Bay)

>> can commit to today?” I have seen great success with just drinking more water. I mean, who can’t do that? Drinking more water fights dehydration, increases your metabolism, helps you eliminate waste from the body - the health benefits of drinking more water are proven. If you can drink more water every day, you are on your way. Wellness and health is built on the back of hundreds of small steps, not one big one. “ “Just. Start.”


nce again Tosca collects herself, she takes a deep breath and makes sure we have eye contact. I now know what it feels like to be a weight machine in the face of Tosca Reno: she is determined to get this one last rep out and it’s going to be her best ever - just wait for it... “Just start. To the people who are reading this, if I could sit with you in your living room I would put my arm around you and hold you and tell you: Do. Not. Wait. If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, having lost a son, and a husband, it’s that life is short. Your life is beautiful, and powerful, and your story needs to be shared.” “Don’t wait. Don’t wait for the right day, or the right trainer, or the right diet - just start. Accept where you are, and go for it. You have a purpose, you DO. Even on your way, you will discover things you didn’t think were there! So just start with that one small step. I promise you that you can be your happiest, best, most authentic self if you do that, because I’ve been there. Stuck and lonely and lost - and every day I take another small step away from that towards something stronger, and more beautiful.” “2017 is THE year for all us. Let’s go get it, and celebrate, and have a great time doing it.” //




Let’s get a few things straight...

There are more than a few myths surrounding cosmetic procedures. Many of these myths are completely unfounded, outdated and just plain false! Once and for all, we’d like to clear up a few misconceptions and set the record straight...

with Yolanda Balatbat, RN 20



Botox makes you look frozen...

Botox® Cosmetic injections should NOT make you look frozen! One of the most common fears people have about this treatment (which diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and brow) is that they will come out of it looking “waxen” and unable to move the muscles of their face. What I generally tell people who have this fear is: Botox® Cosmetic is a safe, proven and effective medication which, when administered properly by a licensed and trained healthcare provider, can give amazing results. But… there is good Botox® and bad Botox®! The scary “frozen forehead” we unfortunately see on certain people is most likely caused by improper dosage of the medication, and poor injection technique. How much, and where you place the

injections is critical, so it is essential that you seek out a qualified person to perform the procedure. The best practitioners know exactly where to inject Botox® to avoid side effects such as a droopy brow or overly “frozen” forehead. As for the safety of Botox,® it was approved by the FDA in 1989 for the treatment of medical conditions such as uncontrollable muscle spasm, and was later approved for the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles in 2002, so there is a long and proven track record of its safety. However, it is a medication, and as such, is not right for everyone. Your provider will determine if you are a good candidate. Thirdly, as with any medication, there are potential side effects and these should be explained to the patient beforehand so they can make an informed decision. If a patient is feeling nervous about the treatment, I’ll remind them that Dr. Born is one of the most experienced and respected injectors in North America and the TMB practice one of the TOP Botox® clinics in Canada. Our record of success and happy patients speaks for itself - no frozen faces here!

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Silicone breast implants “leak...”

Not true. Previous generations of silicone implants were filled with a liquid silicone material, so if they were to “rupture” for some reason, the material could potentially “leak” out of the exterior shell of the implant. However, the newer silicone implants are made of a thicker, denser “cohesive gel silicone,” which is more of a solid “gummy bear” like material. If you were to cut into a cohesive gel implant, it would stay intact, thus the potential for “leakage” or migration in the body is nil. Furthermore, cohesive silicone gel implants have been extensively tested for safety and toxicity by Health Canada, which has determined that cohesive silicone gel implants are safe for use and that the cohesive gel does not seep, run or shift. There you have it!



Liposuction gets rid of cellulite...

Liposuction is a surgical procedure which removes fat located in the deeper layers of tissue. Cellulite is caused when excess fat is “squeezed” through the dense, fibrous network of collagen fibres (or connective tissue)in the superficial layers of the skin and surrounding tissue. With liposuction, we can remove the deeper underlying fat, but this upper layer of tissue will not be affected. While some patients may see a slight improvement in their cellulite after their liposuction surgery, we do not typically recommend this procedure to address this particular issue. There are other options though! We have found that non surgical procedures which focus on skin tightening and collagen production are effective at improving the appearance of cellulite. CellutoneTM targeted vibration

Kylie Jenner definitely kicked off a trend in lip augmentation but is the look right for everyone? photo: DFree

Lip fillers always look like “duck lips...”

There is a certainly a “trend” happening right now with lip fillers, and so we’re seeing more of the conspicuous “duck-faced pout.” Once again, this comes down to injection technique and the volume of filler used in the lip area. Good lip augmentation using fillers such as Belotero® should yield a soft, beautiful looking result and should not throw the rest of your features “out of balance.” We can definitely plump up the volume of anyone’s lips as much as they want, but often, we are explaining to patients that symmetry and balance of the facial features are actually the keys to the most aesthetically pleasing result. Giant pillow-y lips simply do not look good on EVERY face! Seek out a provider you can trust who has a good understanding of aesthetics and you will not end up with “duck lips!”

You CAN still breastfeed your infant after breast augmentation surgery.

therapy in combination with VanquishTM non surgical fat reduction use radio frequency heat and pulses to break up and eliminate superficial fat and rebuild collagen in the dermis. The result is a smoother appearance and firmer, tighter skin to the treatment area.


Only women have cosmetic procedures...

As if ! Men are just as concerned about their appearance as women are, but tend to have different priorities than women when it comes to their cosmetic goals and expectations. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, The number of cosmetic procedures performed among men

has increased over 325% in the last 20 years. Within our practice, we notice more men investing in “maintenance” treatments such as Botox® (for minimizing fine lines and wrinkles), facial fillers such as Radiesse® and Belotero® to restore lost volume for a more “rested” and rejuvenated appearance, as well as general skincare and anti-aging treatments. The most popular surgical procedures are liposuction (the tummy and flanks) as well as gynecomastia (male breast reduction), indicating men are most concerned about their physique.


You can’t breast feed after breast augmentation...

photo: Rohappy

Breast implants should not impair breast feeding. There is a myth floating around that breast implants will reduce glandular tissue or nerve sensitivity in the areola but there is no scientific data that supports these claims. With any surgery there is a potential risk of nerve damage around the incision, but within our practice, we have never encountered a patient who has been unable to breast feed after breast augmentation surgery. // Are there any other “myths” or “old wives tales” that you’ve heard regarding cosmetic procedures or surgery that you are curious about? Let me know! We’ll investigate and publish answers in future issues! Send questions to me at: Follow Yolanda on Twitter! @expertnurseRN



look different feel different

2017 new year special 25% off your vanquish me non surgical body shaping package! valid until march 01, 2017

BTL Vanquish me™ is the only selective rftM system for contactless, non invasive fat removal treatment. 416.921.7546

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Ever wonder what the pros do to keep their skin glowing? The Gee Beauty crew talks to us about what works for them, and some tips for you on how to:

GET YOUR GLOW ON! E photo: RomarioIen

veryone wants a gorgeous glow. It’s the single mostrequested skin goal made amongst all of our clients, both in Toronto and Miami. No matter the age, skin-type or ethnic background, radiant skin is like a universal symbol for healthy, youthful beauty. When

your skin glows, people notice. They ask what’s different, or what you’ve had done. It’s something they can’t always put their finger on, but they know they want it too. And believe us when we say “we’ve tried it all!” in the quest for getting and maintaining that oh-so-glow! While we know the triedand-true combination of

proper exfoliation and hydration are key players for success, we also firmly and passionately believe that incorporating wellness components like natural greens supplements, clean beauty products, and making lifestyle choices to maintain balance, all definitely contribute to achieving “beauty from the inside out.”

With each new year, we strive to learn more about what we put into our bodies and on our skin, improve the quality of our relationships and personal practices, and always to take better care of our minds, bodies and spirits.


ere’s what we’ve found works for us in our quest for glowing skin...





am a true believer in beauty from the inside out. A clean gut absolutely improves the texture, tone and strength of our skin. The biggest game changer for me was eliminating dairy and refined ingredients from my diet and introducing Elle Macphersonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Super Elixir Alkalizing Greens into my morning routine. Super Elixir is an all-natural, organic nutritional supplement that works



am huge fan of all-natural, non-toxic Tata Harper skincare, especially her aromatherapy treatment oils. The Bedtime Treatment is one of my favorite rituals to help relax the body, calm the mind and allow for a deep sleep. How to: roll the applicator into the center of the hands, rub



ou are what you eat! Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s my motto when it comes to my skincare strategy. When we eat optimally and minimize toxins, we have a better functioning digestive system, which in turn contributes to a more vibrant, glowing exterior! I aim to always eat the least amount of processed or packaged foods as possible, and incorporate lots of leafy greens into each meal.


together, place hands over the nose and take six deep inhales. This will allow the treatment to go into the bloodstream and provide instant relaxation. Sleep is such an important part of our beauty routine because it allows our body time to regenerate cells, digest and burn calories, and relax our mind and body.

y go-to skincare combination for an instant glow is the Colbert MD Tone Control Facial Discs (which lighten dark spots and even out the skin-tone for a brighter complexion) then I mix one pump of his Stimulate Serum (to boost collagen, refine the skin, regenerate cells, and restore radiance) with the Illumino Oil (containing vitamin C and retinol)



to promote alkalinity in our bodies, giving us optimal health, positive energy and glowing skin! The powder is filled with probiotics, digestive enzymes, extracts from green tea, pineapple, goji berry and loads of greens that work together to coat the stomach and promote natural detox. I saw results in my skin after taking it for three weeks and have been committed ever since!

to really nourish, strengthen, plump and illuminate my skin. I often recommend taking your time to massage your skincare products into your skin when applying.This will allow for better absorption of the products. Work your serums in an upwards motion, and on the eyes, apply serums and creams in one circular motion until the product is absorbed.

For me, drinking a green smoothie each morning is an easy way to pack the greens in, and it helps me set good intentions for the rest of the day. My favorite skin-boosting foods include free-radical-fighting, antioxidant-rich fruits, vitamin-packed salmon and white fish, raw nuts, avocados for healthy fats (great for glow), quinoa, and dark chocolate.

CELENE - Toronto 2 Roxborough Street West Toronto, ON M5R 1T8 416.486.0080

- Miami 1845 PurdyAvenue Miami Beach, FL 33139 305.868.3533

Love your






Photos courtesy of Marek Kacki, MD

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the latest in non surgical cosmetic procedures...

photo: Roman Samborskyi

new non surgical treatments show promise in the reduction of stubborn cellulite on the legs and buttocks.... Ahh – the dreaded cellulite. For those of us that are plagued by it, there probably isn’t a single cream or remedy we HAVEN’T tried. Saran wrap and coffee grounds? Check. Lemon juice/Cayenne pepper cleanse? Check. Massage with coconut oil? Check. Results from all of these treatments? Meh. Not the miracle we’d been hoping for to say the least. So what exactly is cellulite? Why are some of us pre-disposed to getting it? Why do many of us develop it seemingly overnight once we hit a certain age? And, is

there ANYTHING that can actually be done about it?? The good news is, new non surgical combination therapies - Cellutone Therapeutic Vibration combined with Vanquish ME non surgical fat reduction, has shown promising results in the improvement of unsightly cellulite. But first lets understand “what” causes cellulite to begin with. Cellulite is a condition in which fat deposits contribute to a “dimpled” or “lumpy” effect of the skin. The most common areas

affected by cellulite are the thighs and buttocks. For some people, cellulite is very faint and appears only when the skin is pressed or held taught. For others, cellulite can be painfully conspicuous, with large areas of lumpy “orange peel” skin, deep dimples and creases. Cellulite is caused by fat deposits that are “sandwiched” between tough collagen fibers and connective tissue in the skin. These collagen fibers are anchored tightly to the muscles below, so when fat deposits grow larger they are forced outward which is what causes

the skin to “bulge” and dimple. The cause of cellulite is still not completely understood. There are several theories as to why cellulite plagues some and not others:, here are a few: Genetics: Women are more likely to get cellulite than men, and if your mother had it – chances are you will get it too. Other inherited characteristics may play a role in how much, or how noticeable your cellulite is such as thin or fair skin, slow metabolism, or circulation problems. cont >>



>> Hormones: Some research

indicates that estrogen can make cellulite worse since it encourages the body to build up and store fat. As well, cellulite often intensifies during pregnancy – related to increased levels of the hormone known as “relaxin” which is believed to discourage collagen production. Less collagen means there is less elasticity to the skin, making it more common to see fat deposits pushing up against the skin. Menopause also brings dramatic changes in hormone levels which can alter skin quality and make cellulite more apparent. Lifestyle Factors: Finally, some good news! Lifestyle factors are (for the most part) within your control, so here’s where you can actually help yourself in the fight against cellulite. Things that make cellulite worse include: overall weight gain, stress, dehydration, a high-carb/ high fat diet, and

smoking. Things that discourage cellulite include: regular exercise, limiting your salt and alcohol intake, and eating nutrient rich, anti-inflammatory foods. Cosmetic treatments for cellulite range from the most non committal (creams), to more aggressive measures (surgery). Treatment of cellulite depends on the severity of the individual case and how much an individual is prepared to do. Starting with the more aggressive approach, surgery is an option but not a “one size fits all” blanket solution. Liposuction can be performed to reduce fat pockets, but the loose skin overtop must also be addressed in order to achieve a noticeable improvement and a “smoother” appearance. Fat grafting can be performed in some cases where deep “dents” or depressions occur to smooth out hollows. Buttock and thigh lift surgery, arm lift surgery and tummy tuck all

Before & after photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

NEW COMBINATIONS OF TREATMENTS OFFER A “ONE work to remove excess skin, and then lift and tighten the remaining tissues to smooth out cellulite affected areas. Then there is the non surgical route, which is an ideal option for those who are looking to get their cellulite in check without the downtime of surgery. New combinations of non surgical, non invasive treatments have shown promise in this department: Cellutone™ is a new device that uses sonic wave “therapeutic vibrations” to target the superficial fat layer just below the skin. These “vibrations” work to encourage the breakdown of fat, increase collagen production and stimulate lymphatic drainage, all of which result in the reduction of cellulite. How it works: the Cellutone™ vibrating



handpiece is pressed against the areas of cellulite and fat pockets and emits “sonic waves” through the skin to target the superficial fat layer. Those tough collagen fibres and connective tissue that are partially responsible for your cellulite are softened and broken down by the vibrations, thus reducing the “dimpling” effect. Think of it like a really intense lymphatic massage that happens below the skin. The process stimulates blood flow in the treatment area, which in turn stimulates the production of new collagen, and that results in firmer, smoother skin. “Within our practice,” Dr. Born tells us, “ We’ve found that the Cellutone™ is most effective when used in combination with non surgical fat reduction treatments like Vanquish ME™ ...” cont >> Before & after photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat without surgery or downtime.

Call today to schedule your consultation. TMB Cosmetic 199 Avenue Road Toronto ON

416-921-7546 www, Results and patient experience may vary. While CoolSculpting is safe, some rare side effects may occur. As with any medical procedure, only your CoolSculpting provider can help you decide if CoolSculpting is right for you. In the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh, abdomen and flank. Outside the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure for non-invasive fat reduction is available worldwide. ZELTIQ, CoolSculpting, the CoolSculpting logo, the Snowflake design, and Fear No Mirror are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. © 2017 IC1966-A


-TWO PUNCH” IN THE FIGHT AGAINST CELLULITE... >> “With this combo, we can target fat volume in both the deeper and superficial tissues, and then speed up the breakdown and elimination of fat cells with post treatment therapeutic massage.” Vanquish ME™ is a non invasive treatment that uses radio frequency pulses to selectively target fatty tissue with intense heat, disrupting and killing the fat cells in the treated area. Fat cells are very sensitive to temperature changes, and when introduced to heat from the treatment, begin to break down. So - the treatments are essentially like a “one-two punch” in the fight against cellulite: Vanquish ME™ gets at that deeper fat to reduce volume, and then Cellutone™ follows up by dispersing those fat cells with its targeted vibration, thus speeding up the process for faster results.

What’s more, the radio frequency heat of the Vanquish ME treatment also stimulates collagen production, so you get both treatments working to improve skin quality and tautness in the treatment area. When performed consecutively, a treatment session using both Vanquish ME™ and Cellutone™ targeting the thighs or buttocks would take approximately one and half to two hours to complete. Four to six treatment sessions are needed for optimal results. The treatments are pain free and there is no downtime associated with either procedure. “Certainly, bodyshaping and fat and/or cellulite reduction in the thighs and buttocks is a major concern for many of our female patients,” Dr. Born explains. “The more options we have to potentially

minimize fat and cellulite in those areas, the better. What’s important to remember is that there is still no one “miracle cure” for these issues. Improvement is certainly possible, but it takes multiple treatment sessions using a combination of devices to see results. A certain level of commitment is needed.” // Are there any new treatments or procedures out there that you are curious about? Let us know! We’ll investigate and publish our f indings in future issues. Email us at or reach out on social media @trevorbornmd





NE London, N°15, january 2012

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or many of us, 2016 was a challenging year. Getting to the end of it seemed impossible at times, and proved to be mentally and physically draining. While we could all use a little time at the end of the year to pause and collect ourselves, for most of us it’s just not possible. With all of the holiday “buzz” and excitement in December, we tend to sideline and/or sacrifice our “self care” plans entirely. Thankfully, the “new year” marker provides us with a great opportunity to re-set and recover from holiday excess and get back on track, or, get on a new, healthier track, if need be.


e asked one of Toronto’s leading naturopathic doctors, Dr. Holly Fennell ND of Inside Out Health Solutions clinic, to help us out with our post-holiday recovery plan. Holly and Dr. Born partnered up to create our popular (and absolutely essential) line of pre and post operative supplements, Reborn Nutrasurgicals.™ She has also been the ND of Dr. Born himself since 2006. “Part of my own ‘self care’ includes an annual plan for my overall health,” Dr. Born tells us, “And a visit to Holly’s clinic to discuss my wellness goals is one of the places I start. We review where I’m at health-wise, and discuss some things I can do to feel better moving forward.”

“I’m always happy to see my patients in the new year. It gives us a chance to reflect and review.” Holly tells us, “And absolutely! There is much we can do to help combat some of the negative after effects of the holiday season...”

enzymes work by simulating the effects of naturally occurring digestive enzymes within our bodies. I suggest taking a multi strain digestive enzyme Holly spoke to us about a right after a meal few of the more common such as Douglas “holiday hangover” issues Labs Pan OX5. While it that plague us, and gave us won’t make you shrink it some of her naturopathic will help you button up your tips on getting over them... pants again!” Another appro“I’m always happy ach to combat: Holly, ting bloat is to talk to see my use probiotics. to us about patients in the new Probiotics are the post holiday year, it gives us a good bacteria bloat. All of that support the excess in chance to reflect our digestive December: and review their and immune the eating, the systems. If the drinking, the overall health. holiday season partying... It And yes! We can left you full of kind of renders tackle those bloat, this might January a non starter holiday hangovers be just what you need to get on since we’re as well!” track. A healthy just trying to balance of these look and feel live micro organisms can normal again! How can we not only help with bloating shrink our big guts?! but can promote regular healthy bowel movements. : “Give your gut a break! When formulating the ReIt’s probably over-worborn Nutrasurgicals™ line, ked. Many of us deviate from probiotics and glutamine our regular diets over the powder were added to the holidays, leading to potential protein powder to assist inflammation in our digewith bloating and digestive stive tracts. If you’re feeling issues. Try adding a scoop bloated, gassy and full after of the Reborn™ protein you eat, a digestive enzyme powder to your morning taken for a few weeks can smoothie (like Dr. Born have a significant impact on does!) to give your digestive your symptoms while you system the helping hand it focus on getting your diet needs every day. back on track. Digestive >>




: For many of us the “holiday” is not actually restful at all. The kids are home all day every day (?!), there’s a get together with family every other second and sooo many late nights... Then its back to work on January 2nd and you just feel exhausted. What can we do to combat grogginess and feel a little more energized in the new year?


: “If the holidays left you needing a holiday, some simple nutrients may be just what you need. I always suggest a basic B-Vitamin be taken to promote healthy energy and balance. Be sure to take it with a meal and do not take it at night as it may keep you awake when you need to be resting! Think you may need a bit more support? Come and talk to me about IV Vitamin therapy of Vitamin B shots to help restore your energy and balance.” “IV Vitamin Therapy with Holly was definitely a game changer for me.” Dr. Born mentions. “I have such a demanding surgical schedule, and I travel a lot. An IV session at Holly’s clinic always gets me back on track and feeling energized.” >>



photo: Andrey Popov

A MORE YOUTHFUL, RESTED APPEARANCE B E G I N S W I T H A G O O D N I G H T ’ S B E A U T Y S L E E P. >> “Sleep Hygiene is also follow a guided meditation. something I spend a lot to help quiet the mind before of time talking to my pasleeping. If holiday parties tients about,” Holly tells got your sleep off track, it’s us. “Routine is the most important to get back on important part of sleep track in the new year.” hygiene, it is vital to go to bed and wake at the same : 2016 seemed to be time each day. You really a year of ups and do need your beauty sleep downs. And then the for your hormoholidays... It nes to balance can be a very and reset in orstressful time, der to promote even painful a more youthful, for some. Jarested appeanuary can also rance. Getting feel like the to bed befo“low” after the re midnight is high of all that important as holiday buzz... it allows your What are some stress hormone ways we can cortisol to recombat low set and stabilize. Glutamine & probiotics mood/ the blues I like to suggest in our Revive Protein at this time of that my patients Powder for a healthy gut year? end the day with a tea that I compound that contains : “If you are feeling Chamomile, Lemon low, it is important Balm, Lavender and Cat to identify what is cauNip, and suggest they sing this.





For some it can be relastarting dose is 1,000mcg/ ted to hormones. The New day. When taking Vitamin Year is a great time to not D, choose a liquid form that only check in with yourself is suspended in a fat for betbut to check in with a Nater absorption. turopathic Doctor or your trusted health care proviAnd finally, my go to herb der. When my patients are for patients that are feeling experiencing low moods I the effects of stress, anxiety like to test their hormones and even mild depression is to investigate Rhodiola. any potential Rhodiola is an imbalances. Its “adoptogenic” most imporherb, which tant just to start means it acts the conversawith your tion: whether body without it’s with your altering any family doctor, of its bioloPractice proper sleep hygiene! Unplug and or an ND like drink some relaxing tea before bed... gical functions. me, or even Dr. As with the Born! Your healthcare team use of any herbs, compounds is there to help you identify or medicinal forms of treand manage the situation. atment, it is always imporTalk to us! We’re good listetant to consult with your ners.” healthcare provider to determine if this treatment is “I would also say a regular right for you.” >> dose of Vitamin D is important for mood regulaFor more naturopathic health tion, and while the dose vatips, follow Holly Fennell ND ries per the individual a good on Twitter! @hfennell


longlong term, withwith newnew collagen stimulation term, collagen stimulation

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Natural results Natural results andand a youthful looklook a youthful n n n

Filling nVersatile Versatile Filling Vertical Lifting & Contouring n Vertical Lifting & Contouring Rejuvenation nSkinSkin Rejuvenation



Dermatol Surg. 2007 Dec; 33 Suppl 2: S144–51. Dermatol Surg. 2007 Dec; 33 Suppl 2: S144–51.

® ®



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hen Trevor Born MD throws a party, Toronto’s most luminous (and fashionable!) show up! We celebrated the launch of TMB’s special fall/ winter “Men’s Issue” back in October and were thrilled to see some of our favorite friends and colleagues come out in support. It helps when one of those friends is photographer-of-thestars George Pimentel, who graciously documented the evening for us. Ritchies Estate Jewellery was on hand to auction off some luxury timepieces, and the lovely Dj Nat kept things grooving into the wee hours. Thanks to Jennifer Bassett and Bassett Events for a great party!

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Profile for Truly Modern Beauty

Truly Modern Beauty - The New Year Issue 2017  

Featuring fitness legend and New York Times best selling author Tosca Reno; "Fact V Fiction" Debunking Cosmetic Surgery myths; New Advances...

Truly Modern Beauty - The New Year Issue 2017  

Featuring fitness legend and New York Times best selling author Tosca Reno; "Fact V Fiction" Debunking Cosmetic Surgery myths; New Advances...