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RICHARD “When I walk into a room, I feel ready, I feel confident... That makes an impression, and for me, that’s worth investing in...”

THE FITNESS PRESCRIPTION practical fitness for good health with Dr. Trevor Born

FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN the fear of medical procedures and how to overcome it



Dr. Born explains the thinking behind our latest issue....

06-14 TRULY MODERN MAN meet our cover star: richard mcnutt...


registered nurse yolanda balatbat talks about fear of medical procedures and how to overcome it...

20-27 THE FITNESS PRESCRIPTION dr. born invites us to a 7am workout sesh with his fitness trainer shelby pilot...


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Oh my... the body issues plaguing men and what you can do about them...


GEE beauty wonders: when it comes to skincare, What would Dr. Born Do?

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e did it! The second issue of TMB magazine is here and we couldn’t be prouder of it. Many of you reached out after our first issue landed, to tell us what you loved, what you’d like to see more of, and to all of you I say: thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts with us, and we hear you! I think this issue will deliver on many of those fronts and we’ve certainly tried to step up our game with the entire look and feel of the magazine... BUT... We’re doing things just a little bit differently for our sophomore issue, and here’s why... It will probably come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of my practice’s patient base is female, but the balance seems to be evening out, with more and more men approaching us about antiaging, body shaping and enhancing their overall physical beauty and “wellness.” It cannot be stated enough how happy it makes me that men are becoming more comfortable and proactive about maintaining their appearance and well being. There are many preconceived notions about “gender” and “beauty” that are frankly, outdated and tiresome in this day and age, and its time we just got past them. I’m happy to see that shift taking place within my practice. For those who are still lagging: Guys...It is okay to want to look good. We notice the wrinkles! We notice the receding hairline! We notice the extra weight around the middle that seems to appear from out of nowhere once we hit the age of 35... So it follows, that if we are noticing these things and worried about them and desiring of change, that we work towards accomplishing that change, right? We’re good at that kind of alpha go’get’em problem solving, right? Well... therein lies the challenge. Those persistent old ideas about “masculinity” can make it difficult for many men to admit to their insecurities, let alone seek out help to change them. And that’s where I come in. I want us all to talk more about what’s really going on when we look in the mirror. So - this issue is about starting that conversation. It’s not “vain” to do so. Talking about “beauty” is not “un-masculine.” “Beauty” is not solely the domain of the opposite sex. A beautiful looking man, and a man that feels beautiful, is a beautiful thing! And helping people feel beautiful, inside and out, well, it’s why I do what I do. We all deserve that feeling. Guys included. But guess what? That kind of genuine self assurance and confidence takes work. Often, it requires help. It demands that we be candid about what we really want and what we need to do in order to get there. So for goodness sake, lets start making it happen! The amazing thing about living in this day and age is that you can become the truest, most beautiful version of “yourself ” if you are just honest and brave enough to acknowledge the difference(s) between the “you” in the present, and that truer version of yourself that lies within, waiting to express itself. Change is always possible. Change can be something as simple as switching up your tried and true excercise regimen, or recognizing that maybe, in addition to that excercise, you need a little help from someone like me to really get the physique you desire. There is nothing wrong with change, or desiring it, or seeking help to achieve it. What IS wrong, is looking in the mirror and feeling like the reflection looking back at you isnt’t really YOU, at your best. I assure you, I promise you: it can be. Lets just start talking about what you really want that reflection to look like, and go from there... -Trevor

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Health, beauty & style...

From an expert point of view...

What we’re really thinking about and what to do about it...


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he conversation with the creative team behind our cover story sounded something like, “We need a Clooney vibe. Handsome but approachable. Great smile. Charming with a hint of mischief…” You might think that’s a tall order, and it is. But we’re lucky. It didn’t take long for all of us in the meeting to come up with a name. It was unanimous. We knew who our guy would be... If you’re ever at the TMB office, you’ll see his picture in our hardcover books and on the television in the waiting room. If you’re a patient who’s felt apprehensive about moving forward with any procedures, whether it’s just a little Botox or a major surgery like a facelift, we’ve probably had him call you to talk about his own experience. He’s like that: candid and honest about what he’s had “done,” happy to chat and generous of his time when it comes to these matters. Whenever we have new male patients come into the office, or wives and partners asking about what their significant other’s can do to “look better,” they breathe a happy sigh of relief when we introduce him. As a handsome, charming, successful man, he offers uneasy patients some reassurance: you (or your partner) will come out of here looking good, looking normal. Like yourself.

It’s fair to say he’s our secret weapon. And there’s one more thing: he is Damn. Handsome. Our magazine was born out of a desire to “pull back the curtain” on cosmetic surgery so to speak. We wanted to show people the reality of the industry, of our practice, from our perspective, rather than have them rely on unfiltered internet searches and old wives tales from 1986. There are so many myths, so many assumptions about what we do, and those untruths extend to ideas about what the typical “plastic surgery patient” looks and sounds like. This won’t the first, or the last time you hear us say this within our pages, because it bears repeating: They look, and sound, just like me and you. They are just like us.


ut rather than just saying it, we know we’ve got to show it. You like seeing examples. You want to know, without a doubt, that there are guys out there who’ve “done stuff,” who came out of it looking and sounding “normal.” You want to see real, relatable examples of people who look and sound like you: they have families, jobs, they put their shoes on one foot at a timelike the rest of us… Well - we’re ready. In fact, we are grateful for the opportunity to show you, and anyone else who might be interested, just how amazing our patients really are!

They’re the whole package and then some: brains, beauty, brawn. And let’s get something straight: we can’t take any of the credit, they’re like that already! We don’t “create” superhumans. We aren’t in the business of changing who people fundamentally “are.” Quite the contrary. We help people to be the truest, most beautiful version of themselves. And no one (including us) can tell you “who” that person is, only you. Our authentic self is something only we can know, and feel, as unique beings. So… you tell us who you are! We’ll help you get there. We can help you manifest that person; that version of yourself that feels truest, happiest. THAT is what we do. And we are really, really good at it.


nd so, without further ado, we’d like you to meet a beautiful person we know. His name is Richard, and (clearly) we’re all smitten with him. Just looking at that glimmer in his eye, you know he’s got figured something out. We figured that since he’s kind of been our unofficial spokesmodel at TMB for so long, we should put his actual modelling skills to the test and shoot him in some great fall winter fashion and a few beautiful vintage timepieces and talk to him about life, family and what it takes to love how you look. Eat your heart our Clooney, meet our cover man: Richard McNutt.




ichard walks into our mess of a photo studio, takes a look around, then looks over to me and Yolanda (Balatbat - TMB’s registered nurse) and mouths the words “What the--??” He wasn’t quite expecting this. We’ve built some huge fake walls for our set, there are four racks of clothes just for him, there’s a hair and makeup artist waiting for him, there are people with cameras everywhere and everyone working is fabulous in that tattooed, hip young fashion kind of way.

“I didn’t really get that this was what this was!” he laughs. “I thought this was going to be like when you take my photo in the office or something. But this is... bigger than that. Is that a video camera too? Wow...” “Well, obviously we’d pull out all the stops for you!” I tell him. And that is the truth, we wanted to take things to the next level for our shoot with Richard. He’s important to us. He’s been a patient of Dr. Born’s for sixteen years, and during that time he has been one of our greatest spokespeople. In this field, word of mouth can be hard to come by, the “hush hush” nature of plastic surgery prevents many of our happiest and most loyal patients from ever mentioning our name. But Richard isn’t like that. He’s referred many new people to us, he’s always willing to talk about us and the work that we do, and most importantly, he’s always willing to talk about himself, his experience at our practice and with Dr. Born (Richard had a facelift performed by Dr. Born when he was 51 years old. just over 10 years ago). We owe him a great photoshoot. 8


He’s quickly shuffled off to meet with the wardrobe stylist and get changed, and again his eyes pop a little. “I get all my clothes tailored, are you sure this stuff will fit? I really didn’t realize this was such a big deal. I would have brought stuff of my own...” Thankfully, our stylist is a pro and everything fits. “I love this jacket, I would totally get this. I can’t believe it fits so well!” he exclaims. It’s true, it fits him perfectly, which is a surprise because the thing is: Richard’s arms are seriously pumped. The stylist remarks to me, “We need to make sure we get shots of him in short sleeves to show off those muscles!” We do, and we also send him home with that jacket. Its too good on him not to. “I don’t really ever get my photo taken. I’m not a model so I hope this looks good...” He tells the photographer as we get started. The photographer reassures him, and its not long before the two of them are laughing every other second. “I’m all about tailoring. I get my suits taken in by my tailor and my face taken in by Dr. Born...” More laughs ensue, and this sets the tone for the day. Richard loves self deprecating humour, and it’s easy to see why. By the end of the day, he’s had conversations with almost everyone in the room. A photography set can be an awkward place, especially for ‘regular’ people. Richard overcomes that quickly by using himself as an “in.” Nothing to talk about? He starts the conversation with a joke about himself. Feel intimidated by all the strangers?

He makes a joke about being the only “old guy” in the room and suddenly, everyone feels “cool,” deserving of their place there. Little does he realize, we all know we’re there because of him, because he is the coolest guy in the room... The jokes are tempered with talk about the things he enjoys most, his family, his work, riding horses. When those things come up, he gets more serious. Every mention of his family, his daughter and granddaughter, is accompanied by a big, warm and sweet smile. When work comes up, he gets animated and intense, punctuating those thoughts with his hands to emphasize the point. When he talks about Dr. Born, he usually laughs. “Is this my present from Dr. Born?” he asks, referring to the diamond encrusted Rolex on loan from Ritchies Estate Jewellery. “It better be.” He glares at me with complete seriousness, and then, with perfect comic timing, bursts out laughing. I wipe the sweat from my brow, I was nervous there for a second! After the shoot we sit down to talk. The room is quieter now and Richard gets serious again as we begin our conversation. I’ve explained to him that we’ve brought him out because we’re doing this issue about “men,” and we want to start a dialogue about men’s beauty, anti aging and maintenance. He nods his head as I go through my list of talking points. Clearly, he talks about these things often with others, he knows it’s important. “Men want to look good. No question about it. There is this posturing that goes on with some, like, the beer drinking, masculine >>>

Polo shirt: Banana Republic Timepiece: Vintage Rolex Chronograph 9

Jacket: Hugo Boss Shirt: Banana Republic 10

<<< bravado thing. “Oh I don’t care about those things. I’m a guy!” kind of protestations, but that’s not real. We care. We see things, and we care. Whether we have the courage or sense to do something about it, well that is another story.”


nd so we begin to get the heart of the matter, its the reason why I wanted to talk to Richard so much. Men are living longer, working longer, staying active longer... “Aging” has changed and the baby boomers and continuing to redefine and challenge the notion of life as a “senior citizen.” Retirement is now less about “stopping work” and more about starting a new chapter. “Letting yourself go” because you’ve hit a certain date on the calendar is not the way we’re doing things anymore. So I want to know, are men interested in, and invested in keeping up their appearance? Why is this still such a slow moving train? Why does that “macho bravado” thing seem to prevent a lot of men from talking about “maintenance?” “Well, most men won’t talk about it openly, but they are thinking about it, and curious. I’m certainly not afraid to talk about it. At most cocktail parties, I’m doing the talking and nine times out of ten, I’m answering questions about “plastic surgery.” Guys will wait until the room has cleared, until there’s a more private moment to ask about it and then… unleash. “Why did you do it? When did you do it? What was it like?” For me, the answer is pretty straightforward: I did it for myself. I didn’t do it to make someone else happy. I wanted to maintain my look, my “looks” for as long as I could. And I still do, at 62 years old. It’s important to me. When I get asked those questions, I know right away the reason they’re asking is because it’s about them. So I’ll just address that right away. What are you thinking about doing? I’ll ask them. And that’s when they’ll tell me, and I’ll ask them why. Why do they want to do it? If the answer is along the lines of “I want to do it for me, to feel my best,” that makes me happy. It should be for yourself, and no one else. And I will emphasize that there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with taking care of yourself, and getting some help.” “I find it funny that we pay for material things, for instance, your car. We’ll pay over a hundred thousand dollars for a vehicle and its nothing. It’s an “easy” decision.

Richard getting primped by stylist Nicole...

But the way I see it is: I park my car. When I go out to an event or party, I leave it in the lot. It’s me that gets out of that car, and it’s me that walks into the room. It’s my face that everyone sees when I make that entrance. That first impression - what people see when you make an entrance - that is worth investing in, for me. That is where so many interactions start: people just responding to the way you enter a room, the way you carry yourself. And in my business, in my personal and social life, I depend on those interactions. Connecting with people is everything. “Wow, you look great!” someone will say, and that’s when I’ll just jump right in and say, “Well, if you paid as much as I do, you could look this way too!” And we’ll laugh, and they’ll want to know more, and before you know it we’ve made a connection. All because I looked a certain way when I walked in and carried myself with confidence and pride.” “I think some men also have a hard time spending money on themselves and their appearance. That investment, for some reason or another, maybe because they’ve got family or other big priorities, can seem frivolous. Certainly, it was a lot of money to spend. But it’s been ten years since I had my facelift, so now, it kind of seems like nothing at all. Ten years of looking and feeling great and that was all it took? Worth it. A bargain, absolutely.” Ofcourse, we’re not just here to talk about “guys” in general. I want to know about Richard, what motivated, or motivates him to take care of himself ? What were the challenges he faced when he first contemplated cosmetic surgery?

“Well, for me, the decision (to see Dr. Born) was really about looking how I felt, and how I feel. Strong, healthy, active. I never wanted to try and look like I’m in my twenties, and I see those bad results on some men and that was always important for me to avoid. That wind tunnel look. I want to look like me. Me, at my best. And I’ve always tried to do that, in my work and personal life, I’m always asking, how can I be the best me? What does it take to get there?” “From a young age, I learned to surround myself with people I admire. I would look at them and study them, what are they doing? Why are they successful? Why do they look so good? I might not have been all that smart at 30 years old, but I was smart enough to hang out with people smarter than me! And that’s really how I’ve built my career and life: Surround yourself with people who you admire, people you want to be like, and learn from them. In my case, there were people in my circle who were having work done, so I started to think about it for myself. I asked those same people who I should consult with, and made a list, and started doing my research. I went to several consults with several doctors. That was important: I got an education about these things. You can’t get the same thing just by going online. And you can’t learn everything just by talking to a friend or colleague who’s had work done - because we’re all different. Every face is unique and how you go about treating it will be as well. I really did my research, cause you know what? Surgery isn’t cheap. When I invest my money, I do my research so I can know all the risks. Same situation here.” >>> cont... THE MEN’S ISSUE 2016 TMB MAGAZINE


<<< “Know the risks. Don’t try and take shortcuts or go the cheaper route. Take that investment seriously, even more seriously than you would with a financial investment, because your face is with you for life.” Richard suddenly pauses to collect himself. He’s a little emotional and apologizes for breaking - but quickly motions to the camera to hold, he wants to get through this thought and he wants us to hear it: “That’s one of the reasons why I’m so open about what I’ve had done. Its important that people do the research and understand what it is they want, and what they are getting out of it. Not every doctor is created equal. About two weeks before my surgery, a colleague of mine at Bosley (Real Estate) passed away from complications after liposuction. It was in all the papers, the doctor had his license taken away. It was awful. She was young, she had a son. I don’t know if it would have changed anything, but I wish that we had talked. I mean, we were both about to undergo surgery at almost the same time! I can’t help but wonder, if we had talked, just shared our experiences with consults and the various doctors, and I could have told her about doing the proper research, because she went to a really shoddy place... So yeah, I am always very honest and candid about the work I’ve had done. If we can help one another achieve what we each want, and safely, just by talking, that’s a good thing. I could care less about what other people think, that’s not a good enough reason to be quiet about this sort of thing.” “That experience with my colleague really scared me, and I was grateful that Dr. Born was so understanding. He offered to postpone if I needed. He talked me through the various fears I had - complications, potentially dying - and he really helped me overcome those fears.” Fear comes up often in our discussion. Fear of change, fear of judgement, fear of a bad outcome (from looking bad to dying on the operating table) so I ask Richard about his thoughts on these many fears. What did he experience? Aside from Dr. Born’s reassurance, how did he get past the fear? “I mean, when it comes to the fear factor: Throw it out the window.



There is no room for fear in your life. I think fear holds so many people back from being who they really want to be in life and attaining what they really want. If you’re not pushing and its not hurting, (and I’m not talking about the gym, I’m talking about everyday life), you’re not going to get anywhere. If you know what you really want, you’ve got to just get past the fear and go for it. When it comes to how you look, if you’re thinking about making a change and seeing someone like Dr. Born, just take that first step and start by asking the question. There’s no risk in asking the question. If you’re afraid of what people will say, what your boss will say, who’s looking at you or gossiping about you, I say - who the heck cares? It’s you. You’re the one that lives this life everyday. Don’t waste that energy on fear.”

You only get one shot at this life. It’s not a five minute rehearsal, so you’ve got to do whatever you need to do to be happy, and fulfilled, in all areas of your life. Yourself, your family, friends, work - all of it.

“You only get one shot at this life. It’s not a five minute rehearsal, so you’ve got to do whatever you need to do to be happy, and fulfilled, in all areas of your life. Yourself, your family, friends, work - all of it. If you’re waking up in the morning and you’re not happy that’s tough. We all have up and down days, but mostly, you should have days that start with you feeling good about yourself. Looking in mirror and thinking, yeah, that guy looks good. Not the opposite. I know there are people who feel more sadness than happiness, they don’t love themselves, or feel they deserve love, but we do all deserve that. Love and happiness. That is fact. And it really does start with loving yourself. If fear is holding you back from that, do whatever you need to do to get past it.”

“I was certainly afraid of some things going in. Mainly, I was afraid I would come out of surgery looking too “pulled” or tight. The wind-tunnel look. So to overcome that fear, I just talked with as many doctors as I needed to until I found one that I trusted.” “And that was Dr. Born?” I ask. “Yes. Its funny, because the first time I met him at that consult, I didn’t like him. I thought he was standoffish. Arrogant maybe? And then when I calmed down about the whole thing afterward, I realized that actually, he really knew what he was talking about, and the reason he rubbed me the wrong way was because he wasn’t telling me what I wanted to hear. I was around 46 at the time, and I wanted to hear “Yes! We’ll fix it. Let’s do it. It’s going to look great.” And actually, he told me “No.” He said I wasn’t ready, that if I waited a few years I would get a better result and more longevity out of the procedure... I thought “Gosh, he doesn’t even want my money!?” So, I needed that time after meeting with him to really process what he said. That was when it clicked. I thought: Do you want someone doing this who just tells you what you want to hear? There were actually doctors I consulted with who told me they could do the surgery in two weeks, then they pointed out other things that needed “work.” My ears, my cheekbones, my chin… I mean, I didn’t ask for a complete makeover!? So it clicked at that point. Do you want someone who is confident in what they do, enough to tell you that they know better than you? I decided: I want the expert who isn’t afraid to stand up to me. He understands that less is more, and the most important thing to me was to not look “overdone.” “10 years later, I know I made the right decision. Sure, I look older - I am older! There’s no getting around that, and I don’t want to get around it. I love my life and I love being 62! I’ve got a wonderful daughter and I’m a grandfather. I’ve got a job I love. Life is amazing! And its a good feeling to know that I don’t look like I’m all beat up and ready to throw out. I see other 62 year olds and they look tired, and yes, I am glad I don’t look like that! I arrive for work and I look ready, energized, no dark circles, no droopiness... That stuff isn’t there, it’s just me.” >>> cont...

Jacket: Hugo Boss Sweater: Black Brown 1824 Pants: Harry Rosen Shoes - Mr.B Timepiece: Rolex Diamond GMT Master 13

<<< cont...“It can give you a new lease on life, a renewed confidence. And that’s really what I wanted for myself: to feel good about myself, to have that genuine confidence that is there even when no one else is looking. To get up in the morning and have that energy that comes from just loving yourself, feeling ready to take on the day because yes! You look good!” “It’s just one small piece of the puzzle really. How you look affects how you feel, and how you make others feel. When my daughter introduces me to her friends, I know that how they see me will also affect how they see her. So I always want to put my best foot forward, and make the best impression, for her. I want her to be proud of herself, to feel good about herself, and part of that means being proud of where she came from. For her to be proud of me, that is truly rewarding. Family is the most important thing in my life.” “And yeah, when she introduces me to new people as her father and I’m met with “gasps” of disbelief because I look good for my age, it feels pretty great! But like I said before, I’m never too proud to tell those people: I paid to look this good, and they can too.” //

photography: mark binks styling: nicole manek hair & grooming: erin winn

Sweater: Ralph Lauren Timepiece: Panerai Radiomir Black Seal 14


The phobic fear of medical procedures and/ or surgery is a condition referred to as “Tomophobia,” and can be so severe for some that it manifests actual physical symptoms. With proper management and treatment, a patient can manage this fear and overcome it...


urgical fear is a psychological condition that is experienced by some patients preparing for surgery. It is described as Tomophobia, and refers to the irrational and severe fear caused by an upcoming surgical procedure or medical intervention. The fear of surgery is so significant at times, that it can manifest physical symptoms such as nausea, chest pain or increased heart rate. Patients with existing anxiety disorders may be more prone to surgical anxiety compared to the average patient, but regardless of the patient or type of procedure - simple, complex, emergency or elective - the fear or the operating room is very real, can affect anyone, and can be completely debilitating. As a registered nurse with over twenty years of experience working in the O.R, I have pretty much seen it all, and it’s my job to help patients understand why they are experiencing this fear and what they can do to overcome it.



There are many reasons why Tomophobia can take hold; understanding these underlying issues is the first step towards managing and/ or eliminating the symptoms.

One of the biggest hurdles for patients undergoing surgery is “letting go” of control. Giving someone else control over your body while you are unconscious is a scary thought. Even when the people caring for

My job as a nurse is to help patients understand why they are experiencing this fear and what they can do to overcome it...

you are qualified and experienced medical professionals, it can be daunting to relinquish control and submit to the process. This is most evident during the induction phase of general anesthesia when a patient is about to lose consciousness. Suddenly, a patient feels

by yolanda balatbat, rn the medication taking hold and that “loss of control” becomes real. I have seen many patients suddenly become agitated and panicked, trying to fight off the effects of the anesthetic and stay conscious. Movies such as the 2007 horror/ thriller “Awake” certainly don’t make matters easier for us, with its portrayal of a young patient who experiences intraoperative awareness (ie. they are “awake” throughout the entire surgical process, experiencing every “cut” of the scalpel…). These terrifying stories contribute to people’s fear that they may

Another issue we deal with is the fear of “bad outcomes.” The “unknown” factor when it comes to elective cosmetic procedures is particularly powerful: without a guarantee of an “exact” result, patients become fearful that they will come out of surgery looking “wrong” or “bad.” Facial procedures are especially unnerving, and I commonly hear questions from patients such as “What if my facelift looks too tight, or pulled? Can I get it reversed? What if I look like a totally different person?! I don’t want anyone to know I’ve had surgery so unless you can tell me or show me exactly what I will look and promise it will be perfect, I don’t want to do it!!!” Sigh… If only we could provide patients with a photo from the future that shows them exactly what they will look like after surgery, we wouldn’t have this problem! And of course, there is the biggest fear of them all: the fear of one’s own mortality. Those horror stories come into play again here, making patients wonder, “Will I wake up from general anesthetic? Am I going to die? Who will take care of my family? My children?” Patients often refer to something they heard somewhere, something they saw on the internet, someone who knows someone who “died on the table” or acquired bad complications from plastic surgery… While some of those stories may be true, many are just urban myths, scenes pulled from “Final Destination” movies that have no basis in reality.

them concentrate on their road to recovery. Education is key, and with that in mind, I’d like to share a few things that in my experience, can help minimize the fear and anxiety of surgical procedures:


Trust your doctor and health care workers. You’ve hopefully done your research, been referred by a friend and made a choice based on a good experience with the doctor in your consultation. Trust your gut feeling: if a doctor leaves you wonting, consult with another one until it feels right. If you’re a patient at our practice, you’ve chosen Dr. Born for a reason, so now you’ve got to trust that it was the right decision. He has a well deserved reputation for being “the best,” and is known for being meticulous and (sometimes brutally) honest: he is doctor who will not steer you wrong! I should know: I’ve worked by his side for 20 years. If you’ve done your research on the operating facility where your surgery will take place, you should know whether it is properly certified and regulated. Our operating facility is approved by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and OHP, so you can rest assured you have chosen a safe environment to have your procedure.

Photo: Ruslan Grumble

“wake up” in the middle of surgery, unable to verbalize their discomfort due to the paralyzing effects of the anesthetic. Imagining oneself in this position of total helplessness, with no dominion over your own body is enough to make anyone change their mind about surgery!


Trust yourself. You’ve decided what you want to have done. Own that decision and know that only you know what’s best for you. There will be inevitably be people around you who will project their own fears and/or judgements regarding surgery onto you, so you have to be steadfast in trusting yourself and be able to filter out those external voices. You’re smart, you’re responsible, you’re mature enough to make your own decisions - you’ve got this!


Find healthy ways to alleviate your anxiety. Stay active, excercise, meditate (check out our previous issue for the article “Discovering the Quiet Mind.”), and eat well. Doing good things for yourself will minimize your stress levels and anxiety both physically and mentally. Seek our reassurance from trusted sources: if you’re scared about the surgery, we can arrange for you to speak to a patient who has undergone the same procedure as you. Seeing and hearing from someone who has “been through it” will give you an honest and unbiased perspective, and help you feel more confident and prepared. And lastly, follow the doctor’s orders! Our pre operative supplements and instructions are designed cont. next page

As a healthcare worker, it’s vital that I (and those in my field) are able to recognize the symptoms of surgical anxiety at its earliest stage. In doing so, we are able to alleviate a patient’s fear of the “unknown” and help



fall & winter special: mention this ad and receive 25% off your vanquish non surgical body shaping package! valid until november 15 2016 info@tmbcosmetic.com 416.921.7546


Cont. from page 31... to prepare you for the rigours of surgery and help speed up your recovery. Our way works, we’ve got 25 years of O.R. experience that says so. Follow our plan and you’ll feel better, faster.


Educate yourself. Knowledge is power! The more well informed you are about your surgery, the more your anxiety will subside. Make a list of all your questions, concerns and fears related to the procedurea and bring that list in to your consultation. Dr. Born has informed, educated answers for you - not the kind you find on Google. The internet is a great resource, but keep in mind: it has no filter. Along with the accurate information, you’ll be getting a lot of noise and few gory horror stories along with it.

TRUST YOURSELF. Own your decision and know that only you know what’s best for you. There will be inevitably be people around you who will project their own fears and/or judgements regarding surgery onto you, so you have to be steadfast in trusting yourself and be able to filter out those external voices.


Plan well in advance. We all lead very busy lives, and planning a surgical procedure where you need to take time out before, during and after can seem harrowing for many of us. Get a realistic timeline for your recovery and organize your life accordingly. Anxiety is often triggered by the fear of scrutiny; knowing when you can face the public without the fear of awkward stares and unwanted questions will help you feel calmer and prepared. Have questions for Yolanda? Send them by email or get in touch on social media! email: yolanda@tmbcosmetic.com Twitter: @expertnurseRN Instagram: @ybalatbat



the fitness presc P

eople often ask me what the “secret” to anti-aging is, and I think they half expect me to say “Botox®!” And yes, Botox® is great and does help! A lot! But no, actually, my answer to that question is, has and always will be: exercise. Nothing else offers the same regenerative power on a cellular level that exercise does. So if you are really looking to take 20


a few years off of your reflection in the mirror, or add a few years to your lifespan (and increase the quality of your life in those later years), you’re going to have to break a sweat. Now I know that as a doctor, people look to me for sound medical advice, and what’s more, they expect me to practice what I preach. I preach that the best way to fight (and manage) aging is with exercise,

so that’s what I do. I work hard, and I work out hard. I do it to look and feel my best and also, to set a good example for my patients.


thought with this issue, I would give you a little insight into my own personal fitness routine, as well as my fitness challenges and goals, in the hope of showing you that yes, I do practice what I preach! I also struggle with many

of the things you are probably struggling with at times: fatigue, injury and yes... gettin’ old! Perhaps, in writing this and sharing, I will inspire you to make a little more room for fitness in your life, or maybe switch up your routine, or maybe even take a break from it if that’s what you need. It’s really all about doing what’s right for your body, at the right time. As a guy in my (ahem) 50’s, I certainly have to be



exercise is the best weapon against aging, that explains why dr. born works so hard at it! here’s a sneak peek at one of his workouts... (note: it starts early... very, very. early...)

careful about what I do - it’s definitely not the same body it was when I was a Pan Am athlete in my 20’s! That doesn’t mean I’m slowing down: far from it. I ski, I kitesurf, I hike, I work out with a personal trainer (Shelby Pilot, my personal trainer for almost 17 years, who also advised us for this article). I’m actually more active than ever, but I make

a point of educating myself, and embracing change when the time is right, so I can be active in the right way, in a safe and healthy way. Well… most of the time anyway... I do like to live dangerously some of the time... Mostly when I’m surfing… :) The following is a breakdown of a recent training session I had with Shelby at Totem Fitness:

the WARM UP 10-15 minutes on the treadmill

Trevor: “My workout starts at 7am, rain, shine, sleet or hail. I’d like to say that getting up at dawn is wonderful and easy, but it isn’t always. Sleep is nice! But I do love watching the sunrise and meditating as it comes up, so that helps get me started. At the gym, I’ll warm up on the treadmill for 15 minutes or so before Shelby comes and gets things going...”

1 >>



aerobic/cardio exercise 1 minute skipping rope

Shelby: “Trevor’s training employs what we call the “Super-Set” or “SuperSetting” method. Basically, we alternate high intensity anaerobic exercises (typically compound exercises that target multiple muscle groups in one shot and require short, intense bursts of energy) with short periods of aerobic or cardio exercises, such as skipping rope, or jumping jacks.

The skipping in between keeps the intensity level of the workout high, which allows us to maximize his workout in a limited amount of time. That’s important because Trevor is so busy! We need to make sure he gets the most bang for his buck in 45 minutes.” He’s also very athletic, so this type of workout challenges him more

2 >>>>>>>>>>>>



the fitness 22


SINGLE LEG SQUAT targets glutes, quads, core


Shelby: Next we have Trevor move into a weight bearing segment. This is a single leg squat or “shoot the duck” in trainer lingo. Trevor has some back pain issues and part of that is because he is on his feet for hours performing long surgeries, he’s told me liposuction in particular can be quite physically taxing, with lots of repetitive, forceful movements. So his back problems are really related to a weakness in his glute muscles; he has a long torso and a tendency to lean to one side when he’s standing for long periods of time. So I like to tackle his glute strengthening one leg at a time with this exercise. By doing it this way, we force the weaker muscle to kick in, as opposed to just a regular squat where his stronger side will just keep compensating, and he’ll never “even out.” If you look at Trevor’s form in the pictures (at left) you can see he’s doing a couple of things incorrectly. People will unconsciously make these little “adjustments” when the exercise is hard, and it’s my job to notice and make them do it properly. First, his bending leg should be at a 90° angle to avoid knee strain and really engage the glutes and quads properly. Secondly, you can see his lower back is a bit rounded in the 2nd picture, and again, in order to really target those glutes, that back should be super straight.

>>>>>>>>>>>> 4a

weighted pelvic tilt targets glutes




Shelby: So this is an example of “Super Setting,” where we’ve just worked the glutes individually with sthe ingle legged squats, and now we’re going target the glutes with an excercise that engages both sides at the same time. This is a weighted pelvic thrust, and he’s pressing 125 lbs here. I did help him get into this pose and assist with the weight at the beginning, so when you’re working with heavy weights you’ll want a trainer around or an experienced buddy for safety. You can see him making a bit of a face here - it’s a tough one, but he’s doing great!

prescription THE MEN’S ISSUE 2016 TMB MAGAZINE



modified bench press (floor level) targets chest, shoulders, back & core


Shelby: So now we’re moving on to the upper body with a modified “bench press” which I have Trevor do lying on the floor. With your typical bench press, you’re elevated, so the elbows can extend below shoulder level and then use your whole body to get the weight back up. This is actually a common mistake men will make at the gym, where they’re benching big numbers but they don’t have the core strength to perform the movement truthfully. They’re kind of cheating by allowing the elbows to go below them, and then using the whole body to press back up.


So by having him on the floor, we stop the movement at the elbows (the floor is there) and prevent that “dip,” and that just isolates the right muscles so he can’t cheat.

tmb’s fitness goals: 24


1. Building muscle strength:

2. increased flexibility

3. core strength

less focus on “bulking” and more focus on ensuring that the right muscles are strong in the right way so I can keep doing the things I like doing (for example, strong quad muscles to minimize knee injuries or strong glutes to minimize back pain.

Building flexibility (which is maybe not the strongest component of my routine but is still part of it.) Tight muscles can cause you to overwork other muscles, or engage other muscles in an improper way in order to compensate)

Building core fitness, which is not only important to maintain good balance, but also critical to ensure you don’t put anything out of balance. Balance is really the key to everything: posture, walking - it all starts with a strong, engaged core.


variation of hyperextension targets hamstrings, glutes, lower back





Shelby: This move is a variation of a hyperextension, where you would typically lift from the upper body (to strengthen the back). This version is modified so as target the hamstrings, glutes and lower back by lifting from the lower body (legs). I have the bench elevated here so he gets a nice stretch in his lower back when he releases the movement, and contraction when he lifts his his legs as well.



Thermage® Skin Tightening & Contouring

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targets hamstrings, glutes, lower back


Shelby: Here we have a pretty classic move that I’ve modifed slightly to really isolate the hamstring glutes. We put a 15-20lb weight behind his knee and its just a lifting and releasing motion.

cool down...


In today’s competitive business environment, looking your best is just as critical as performing your best.


leg lifts “doggies”with weights


>>>>>>> 7a


Trevor: So there you have it! Hopefully some of Shelby’s tips are helpful she’s amazing. She really understands what it takes to get maximum results in a minimal amount of time. I think many would agree, its better to work hard and get it over with quickly, right? What you didn’t see here were the outtakes where I’m red in the face and out of breath because this is HARD. WORK. But the payoff is extraordinary, and essential. And remember: drink plenty of water, and rest if you need to. Change doesn’t happen overnight and if you push too hard, you risk injury. Happy workouts everyone. //

MAGAZINE London, N°15, january 2012


Photo: Pikul Noorod

the names are funny, but if you’re one of the many men who


ccording to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures performed among men has increased over 325% in the last 20 twenty years, and topping the list as the most popular procedure? Liposuction. 28


The numbers are telling: men want fat free bodies and the demand for fat reduction procedures isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Certainly, fitness and healthy lifestyle practices are much more prevalent in this day and age, with men

swapping out 5pm martinis and cigarettes for gym visits and smoothies. The ripple effects of this shift can certainly be felt within the TMB practice as well. We see greater numbers of male patients coming in every year, and most of them are asking us about body shaping and fat reduction. “Certainly, the greatest proportion of our male patients come to see me about changing their body shape.” Dr. Born explains. “They’ve either started noticing changes as they age (weight gain or irregular fat deposits), or they’ve been struggling with a particular body issue for some time, and are finally ready to do something about it.”

So what exactly are these particular” body issues” guys are struggling with? And wait a second - am I hearing that guys are living with these issues for a long time before actually doing something about them? My husband can’t rest won’t rest - if he so much as sees a scratch on his car windshield. So what’s the hold up when it comes to their own body issues? “Most of our male patients are concerned about their tummy area. Men start to lose muscle mass in their early thirties, and the rate of muscle loss accelerates as we age. Muscle burns off a substantial amount of energy (calories), so with less muscle, your ability to burn

struggle with your body shape, you might not be laughing... off calories decreases. Unless you are countering this slow down in your metabolism by eating less and being more active, you’ll inevitably start to see some fat accumulation. This fat will typically appear around the midsection: the tummy, flanks or hips and often the chest.” “I think many men notice these changes, and take it upon themselves to do something about it. They’ll hit the gym hard, they’ll try a new diet. There’s often this mentality that if they work hard enough, they can fix it themselves. And that is possible for many, but it’s important to know that in many cases, genetically, the body is not going to change at the same rate or to the same extent when compared to, say, the equal effort of a friend.

So you’ve got these guys grunting it out at the gym and things aren’t changing, but their friend doing the exact same things is looking toned and fit, and they maybe become frustrated or disappointed. Like, why isn’t this working??” “So the physiology of fat in some areas, and in some people, is just resistant. It won’t go away even with tremendous effort. I think a lot of men don’t know that, or maybe they need to hear it coming from someone like me, a doctor, for them to really process it. I will explain to them that even if they went to the extreme, restricting calories and working out every day, there would still very likely be pockets of fat in places that just won’t go away, or won’t look exactly how they want to look.”

“I also think, when you hear these funny names, “moobs,” “love handles,” etc, and now you’ve got the whole “dad bod” thing... I’m not saying that a little extra fat is always a problem, but often times, men can get away with leaving these things because they are excusable in this “cute” way. Like, “Hey! There’s more to love man…” I don’t really know any man who truly wants to have fat around his middle though. And it can be a health issue: visceral fat around your major organs is not good. It can lead to cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, and a host of other issues.” So what can men do about excess body fat and aesthetic body issues? Does it always have to be surgery? That can be a hard pill to swallow for some...

“Well, first off, liposuction can be a very safe, effective way to address these issues, and can be done with minimal discomfort and very little downtime. I think there is a perception about “liposuction” that is perhaps out of step - we can really target areas and remove a good amount of fat quickly with the procedure, and you can get back to your regular routine shortly after surgery. It is still the most popular, most oft performed cosmetic procedure, and there’s a reason for that. It works!” “Apart from surgery though, there are options. And these options are particularly appealing for those patients who are apprehensive about surgical procedures, are time pressed, and who are looking for spot reduction. There are now nonsurgical fat reduction treatments available ... >>> cont. THE MEN’S ISSUE 2016 TMB MAGAZINE


Photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

“Non-surgical fat reduction treatments have come a long way...” <<< cont... that can be done in our office over the course of a couple of hours, with little to no discomfort, and no downtime whatsoever.” “We have one device in particular that we’ve seen good success with that uses radio frequencey technology (RF) to target extra-corporeal subcutaneous fat (the layer of fat that sits on top of muscles just below the skin). VANQUISH™ is a non invasive treatment that uses RF to selectively target fatty tissue with intense heat, essentially disrupting and killing the fat cells in the treated area. Fat cells themselves are very sensitive to temperature changes, and this treatment capitalizes on that sensitivity to reduce fat in the selected area. The treatment itself is very comfortable

and patients can resume their normal activities immediately afterward. During the treatment, we place the Vanquish™ device - which is basically a three tiered panel - around the desired treatment area (typically the abdomen and flanks). A single treatment takes about 30-40 minutes, and the patient just has to lie there while the machine does its work. Depending on the amount of desired volume reduction, a patient will undergo 4-6 treatment sessions to yield optimal results.” “This type of non invasive, no downtime treatment option is very appealing to many patients. Men in particular are often concerned about residual effects post treatment: Will I be out of commision? How long? Will it affect my regular routine?

My workouts? Will it hurt? Etc. So with Vanquish™ we now have an option that yields very good results, and can really debulk larger areas like the abdomen, and it requires very little commitment on a patient’s part. You literally just have to lie there.” “The next thing you could do to further refine the area of treatment would be the Exilis™ treatment, which also uses radio frequency technology (RF). With Exilis™, we can actually adjust the device to target different depths of fat, so we can treat superficial fat, medial fat or deeper fat, depending on what is needed. This allows us to really shape and contour in the right places, and we can really fine tune our approach to yield an aesthetically pleasing result. Exilis™ also has the added benefit

of skin tightening, so you’re de-volumizing, while tightening up the surrounding skin at the same time, and this is quite important. If you’ve been working to reduce fat on your abdomen only to be left with loose skin that hangs over your pants, well that’s not ideal. So Vanquish™, combined with Exilis™, is really quite an effective combination for all over body contouring and shaping.” “The bottom line is, when it comes to troublesome areas, men don’t have to just “live with it” if they don’t want to. If you’ve been trying on your own to spot reduce fat and not getting where you want to go, you might just need help, and we have plenty of effective, easy ways we can help you achieve your body shaping goals.”//

“we can effectively spot reduce fat on the abdomen, flanks and back with no downtime...”



Photos courtesy of BTL Aesthetics

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Does she? Doesn’t she?

There’s a reason BOTOX COSMETIC ® is the one and only. Ask about its benefits – just like millions of other people have.

BOTOX COSMETIC ® and “THE ONE AND ONLY ® ” are registered trademarks of Allergan Inc. “Does She? Doesn’t She?™” is a trademark of Allergan Inc. © 2015 Allergan. All rights reserved. APC14KR15

hey handsome... THE GEE BEAUTY TEAM JOINS FORCES WITH WITH DR. BORN IN THE NAME OF GREAT SKINCARE! We get it – you don’t have, or really want, to spend unlimited hours on your skincare routine. Yet you’re open to trying a couple of different anti-aging products and treatments to lift years off the skin and freshen up your appearance. Maybe you’ve tried (or completely taken over) your partner’s products, and are curious about a few professional treatments and what the results could be... READ ON GENTLEMEN... 32


For those who are just getting started, just think of it as maintenance. Maintaining the details is what ensures success. You can keep it simple and focus on keeping the skin hydrated (your first lesson: hydration is a major key to maintaining a youthful appearance). Try and all-in-one anti-aging moisturizer to hydrate, sooth and firm. Next, introduce an eye cream to brighten, de-puff and reduce wrinkles. Eye cream should be different than your

face cream – the skin is more delicate and thinner around the eyes, so we need to treat it with a little extra TLC. And when you’re ready (we think you’re already ready), let’s incorporate a vitamin C serum to brighten the skin, help diminish skin discoloration and protect against free-radical damage. Consistency is the key to results. Book a professional treatment, like our Mr. Gee facial designed to gently resurface, smooth, firm and hydrate the skin. Or, book

a consult with the team at TMB to learn more about injectables or other cosmetic procedures. Commit to a quality regimen and stick with it. To get a guy’s personal take on grooming, skincare, and the best professional treatments, we went straight to the (master) source himself and asked Dr. Born everything from his tips to fighting jetlag, his take on men’s brows, and the simplest, most effective ways to rejuvenate your appearance...

Q: So... Dr. B - What is the most valuable player in your skincare regimen?

A: This might seem a little old school, but the MVP of my skincare regimen is actually plain old soap and a razor. The soap combined with the razor - and the elimination of any skin smoothing creams or foams - provides excellent dermabrasion of the skin. The soap I use in particular is Italian, it’s called Lattuga. Men’s skin is thick, so we can be a little more aggressive in our maintenance routine. Skip the shaving cream!

Response: Absolultely! Sometimes keeping it simple is best! Shaving is really an amazing exfoliation for men, so it’s really a bonus. We love a good 2-in-1.

Q: Would you apply a masque to soothe or hydrate your skin? Do you think many men do apply masques?

A: I have used masques, yes. I don’t use them routinely but certainly there are some excellent ones out there and they can be of great

<< skin care - we love it! We swear by SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque because it’s gentle, soothing, and optimizes moisture infusion into the skin. It contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, and leaves the skin supple and smooth. Leave on for 15 minutes or massage it into the skin and sleep with it on overnight.

Q: If you’re feeling tired or jetlagged in the morning, what is your top tip to rejuvenating your skin and or/ eyes? benefit. I don’t think many men do use them because maintenance is a challenge for us. Men, unlike women, haven’t been conditioned to perform these “beauty” rituals to the same extent. Women, from a young age, are typically taught to follow some kind of daily routine: applying the creams and serums, then the makeup, then hair, and so on… Men are really taught to just get up and go, minimize the routine as much as possible. But absolutely, if men were to say, spend 5 to 15 minutes every morning meditating (as I do), it would be a great idea to apply a hydrating or brightening masque during that time. You’d finish with a clear mind and glowing skin for the day! I think you’ve inspired me to start something Gee…

Response: Meditation meets >>

A: Well, this would be an instance where prevention is really the best remedy. The eyes in particular, they reveal the most: they get red, puffy, you might get dark circles… treating these after effects is tricky and I can’t say there’s actually much out there that would work, apart from maybe applying a cold compress to the eyes and restoring proper hydration levels in the body. You’re better off avoiding these symptoms in the first place with a prevention routine. To prevent jetlag, I try as much as I can to get into the correct time cycle on the flight out and return home. I’ll sleep as much as I can, and even use a sleeping pill if necessary, so that when I land, I’m on the right time clock. I always skip the meal (always heavily salted which caused dehydration) and of course, avoid drinking alcohol entirely while I’m in the air. And therein lies the real trick: hydration before >>

<<during and after is what will prevent those visible signs of fatigue and jetlag. I use a hydration supplement (our own Rehydrate electrolyte powder), so I’ll add a scoop of that to my water before the flight, one during, and one after. And I use Rehydrate when I’m generally tired, and yes - it’s good for a hangover too! The other component for prevention I use myself are B12 injections. Getting a B12 shot the week before a trip and the week after helps restore energy levels so you feel alert and fresh. B12 shots have also been shown to improve memory and prevent memory loss, so I very much recommend these treatments for long-term wellness.

Response: These tips are great. Hydration is key. We always say, “water is the fountain of youth.” To help fight tired eyes, use an eye cream twice a day to firm, sooth and help de-puff. Goldfaden MD’s Bright Eyes is gentle yet brightening and firming. Soy peptides, vitamin K, and Rice Bran Extract work to deliver intense hydration while giving a luminous and youthful appearance. cont... THE MEN’S ISSUE 2016 TMB MAGAZINE


Q: Dr. Born, do you ever groom your brows?

A: (sighs deeply...) I wish more men would get on this train. The eyebrows are the frame of the eyes, so if your eyebrows are a mess, your eyes are a mess. People tend to look at your eyes first when they look at your face, so if there is hair going every which way, that’s not good. I would say it’s important to keep the eyebrows managed, not “manicured,” unless that is your thing, in which case, go for it. But generally, my preference for men is to see eyebrows that are clean and under control, and not overdone, over plucked or too arched. And yes - I groom my brows.

Response: Excellent – we love to hear it! Gee Beauty is all about a naturally groomed, well-maintained brow. It’s not about getting every hair perfect; it’s about staying polished in an easy, efficient way. The right brow clean up and shape can lift the face, and take years off your appearance. The Gee Beauty Brow is the perfect 15-minute session to get groomed.

Q: What’s the one skincare product or service you think men need the most?

A: I think if men are looking to prevent long term changes and/or aging of the skin, the one product I would recommend most would be Retinols or Retinoic acid. Collagen breaks down as we age and causes the skin to sag and crease, and Retinols promote cell turnover and collagen production to help a) firm things up and b) smooth out existing lines. But really, I would say there is no “one” product or treatment that can do it all. It’s about doing a combination of things that serve to maintain the vitality of the skin and prevent aging. So, Retinols, in combination with treatments like Thermage (RF, or radio frequency skin tightening) and Infini (micro needling, which improves skin texture and tightens with RF as well) and injectables (Botox especially) are what will keep you looking good longer.

Response: Staying consistent >> 34


<< with a good balance between professional treatments and at-home antiaging regimen is the key to getting great results. Our favourite retinols are SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 or 1.0 for more advanced results, or Retinol Reform that contains aloe, for a gentler approach. We recommend following the product’s directions for proper use.

Q: What is a treatment that men are maybe interested in but too shy to ask about?

A: I think maybe laser hair removal is something that many men want to do, but the stigma surrounding “hairiness” in the wrong places can make asking about it awkward and/ embarrassing for some. Hair on the arms or back, or buttocks is certainly something many men are self conscious about, but bringing it up can be difficult, especially considering many providers of these treatments (at med spas and such) are women. I guess I would want to say to men reading this: it CAN be done, and

<< there really isn’t anything we haven’t heard or seen so there is nothing to be self conscious about. Be honest with us and we will always be respectful and sympathetic to your concerns.

Response: And finally Dr. B what is the biggest “mistake” men make in their daily routine that might be contributing to premature aging?

A: That’s an easy one but this answer may be different that what you are looking for: it’s smoking. Smoking cigarettes, or cigars or vaping (the long terms effects of which we know little about but I suspect will prove very detrimental) will age you faster than anything. Smoke causes a “shut down” in microcirculation in all parts of the body, but particularly in the skin. That circulation allows for nutrients to be delivered to the skin, so you really don’t want to interfere with that. Its why you see, when people stop smoking, there is an almost immediate improvement in their complexion. So stop smoking, and stay away from smoke if you can.

Agreed! Thank you Dr. Born for such effective, easy-to-apply recommendations.. Gee over & out! //


Dr. Mike Rotholz Dr. Cheryl Talskey Dr. Peter Milona Dr. Shirley Blanc Dr. Mark Eltis


416.923.VIEW (8439)



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A holistic approach to life includes a few indulgences. Treating yourself to a little pampering, primping or play time is a good thing! Here are a few of our favorite places in Toronto where you might want to get started...


SPiN ™ Okay seriously guys - ping pong is the most fun! Especially at this downtown T.O. hot spot that lets you play with a fully licensed bar and resto at your leisure. At SPiN™ you can get a lesson from an expert, watch or (if you dare) take part in one of their many weekly tournaments, or even play glow in the dark ping pong! Its kind of surpising how much of a sweat you can work up here, which is good thing if you’re eating wings and beer between matches...



HAMMAM SPA Steam, glorious steam... Spend an hour or two in this beautiful and exotically tiled hammam and let the heat (102° at its hottest) melt away your stress, detoxify your body and soothe your aching muscles. We often drop in just to use the steam room (a lifesaver during our long winters) but a full spa menu is also on offer. Secret tip: a half hour in the steam room is the best hangover cure ever! And while you’re there, you can pick up a pack of Over EZ (www.over-ez.com), an all natural supplement that works to prevent your hangover before it even starts by neutralizing and flushing out booze-induced toxins in the liver. Take Over EZ before you start drinking, and the morning after won’t feel so end-of -the-world-like...





CROW’S NEST We’ve talked about the exfoliating benefits of a good shave before. For a real treat, let a pro barber do it the good old fashioned way - with a straight razor. The superior blades combined with the techniques of Crow’s Nest’s uber cool young barbers will give you the best, closeest shave you’ve ever had with zero razor burn. It feels amazing and its actually very relaxing. During the winter months when your skin and beard can get dry and brittle, this is a ritual that can bring back a smooth, soft glow to your complexion. THE MEN’S ISSUE 2016 TMB MAGAZINE

Photo: George Rudy


You work hard to feel this good, We work hard to make you look it...

-SURGICAL & NON SURGICAL ANTI AGING SOLUTIONS-INJECTABLES-SKINCARE & COSMETIC DERMATOLOGYFreshen up your look this fall at TMB - mention this ad and receive $100.00 of your next Med-Spa treatment Botox® Juvederm® Thermage® Skincare Services, Intense Pulse Light Laser, Laser Hair Removal info@tmbcosmetic.com - 416.921.7546 39

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Profile for Truly Modern Beauty

Truly Modern Beauty - The Men's Issue  

Our issue devoted to the guys... Featuring: "No More Dad-Bods..." Body Shaping and Fat Reduction for Men; "The Fitness Prescription" Fitness...

Truly Modern Beauty - The Men's Issue  

Our issue devoted to the guys... Featuring: "No More Dad-Bods..." Body Shaping and Fat Reduction for Men; "The Fitness Prescription" Fitness...