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MEDITATION the key to anti-aging?


GHAZAL “I finally know who I am, and I am proud of who I am...

SPRING SKINCARE shed winter skin with the latest brightening treatments...


04-06 THE QUIET MIND Meditation offers many anti-aging benefits....

08-17 TRULY MODERN WOMEN Three TMB patients talk to us about beauty, aging, and getting THEIr photo taken by a vogue photographer...

18-21 SPRING SKINCARE get your skin ready for spring with the top skincare procedures at The tmb medspa clinic

22-24 tips for a weary traveller dr. born shares his frequent flyer secrets

26-27 Spring makeup trends gee beauty gives us the lowdown on fresh spring looks...

29-30 WHAT’s new? we look at the latest developments in cosmetic procedures

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Trevor M. Born, M.D


Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon

Health, beauty and style from an expert point of view... I’m so excited to introduce the inaugural issue of the TMB magazine! We’ve been thinking about an in house publication for some time. Many ideas were put forth about what we should cover in our pages: should we focus solely on cosmetic plastic surgery topics? Do people want to know more about trends in the industry? Eventually, after talking to enough of you (my patients that is), we discovered a common thread in your questions: “Do people like ME come here?” It seems that no matter how many “before and after” photos we have to show, they do not answer that VERY important and personal question. You want to KNOW that there are people like YOU, asking similar questions, considering the same treatments or procedures, and you want to know if they are HAPPY. You also want to know that I, as a provider, do actually understand what kind of person you are, so that my treatment of you reflects YOUR values and ideals, not some skewed or out of touch notions about “beauty.” Knowing that you are not alone, that you are indeed in a place that caters to people like yourself, helps you feel confident in your decisions as a patient. With that in mind, we set out to answer our own question: how do we show people that YES, we do share a similar mindset as they do?

How can we show people that yes, we share their sense of style, we share their appreciation for beauty. We understand that “tastefullness” is a crucial sentiment in this field. And YES, there are people like YOU that come here, that have amazing stories to tell, who ARE happy, and who want to share their own thoughts and experiences with others. A clinical photo can only tell you so much about what I do as a surgeon, and what we do for people at my practice. With this magazine, we hope to “open the door” so to speak, and give you some greater insight into our work, our philosophy, our opinions. We hope that you WILL find that actually - we are ALIKE in many ways. We are interested in the same topics as you, we have similar questions, and actually - we have the expert knowledge and resources to provide genuine, informed answers to these queries. Most importantly - we want you, our patients and friends, to know that we have your interests at heart - always. I do what I do because I love to help people, and truly believe that EVERYONE is entitled to feel beautiful, every moment of every day. I hope you enjoy the issue, and look forward to your feedback to make future issues even better. -Trevor

TMBmagazine Editor Erin Mccann

Cover Photographer Jaclyn Locke

Cover Styling Talia Brown

Cover Makeup Artist Erin Winn

Cover Hairstylist Charisse Feliciano

Wardrobe Narces

assistant to the Editor Justin Andrzejewski

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Meditation offers more than just inner peace and wellness for our mind. E M It can actually help fight the physical signs of aging... by


fter a long, difficult stretch of the winter blues (a yearly occurance that, as a Canadian, I had been conditioned to accept as an unchangeable “fact of life...” ), I wisely decided it was time to tell my doctor about it. “I feel sluggish, my muscles are always sore and tight, and I feel like I’m 20 years older than I actually am, even though I’m active.” She prescribed Vitamin D, suggested light therapy, and gave me a referral to a doctor who runs a weekly mindful meditation seminar. “If you do only one thing,” she instructed, “Make it this class. I know it will make a difference for you.” I was skeptical. I’m the type of person who works out stress on the elliptical machine or in a punishing hot yoga class. But persistant feelings of stress, fatigue and depression had worn me down. I would try anything if it meant feeling better. At first, my busy, overworked mind fought the practice with all its might: it wandered from the mantra or breathing every other second, always finding a way to avoid the dreaded “stillness” and instead focus on an existing problem or a new one. My internal monologue sounded something like: “Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... I wonder if X received that email I sent earlier? I wonder if they responded... I should check my phone. I should also get started on my tax return...Oof! NO. Breathe in... breathe out... Wait... who am I kidding?!” This went on for awhile and I was convinced it proved my theory that meditation was “not for me.” Until - something clicked. “Think of mediation as excercise for your brain,” Our leader explained. “Its like a muscle. It doesn’t want to stretch at first. Every time your mind wanders, the act of coming back to your simple breathing practice or mantra is the muscle being worked. With each practice, it becomes stronger.” Twelve weeks later, and I’m a devoted convert. The effects of daily meditation practice - starting with just five minutes a day and gradually increasing to twenty minutes - are more than apparent. Clarity, calmness, acceptance... Now, after twenty minutes of practice, I feel something similar to my post yoga “high;” a pleasant exhaustion, a quiet mind.




oon, looking in the mirror I began to wonder, “Am I crazy, or do I actually look fanstastic??” I seemed to look brighter, more vibrant, dare I say - youthful? Turns out, I might not be crazy after all. There is growing evidence that meditation may be the key to turning back our biological clocks, or at the very least, slowing them down. Thanks to a new generation of brain-imaging studies, scientists are starting to compile evidence that meditation may have long-term implications for physical health. A 2011 study on meditation out of Colorado used recent brain imaging techniques to study telomeres, which are compound structures that protect our chromosomes - think of the plastic bit on the end of a shoelace that stops it from fraying. Every time a cell divides, its telomeres get shorter, unless an enzyme called telomerase restores them. This enzyme declines with age. Short telomeres are believed to be markers of accelerated aging. The study found that meditators who had practiced for 4 years or longer had significantly higher levels of telomerase than the non-meditators. This indicates, in theory, that meditation protects telomeres and therefore can slow or even reverse cellular aging. Meditation is also a proven stress reduction technique, and if we look at the physical impact of stress on the body, we can start to understand further how and why regular practice can ultimately slow the physical signs of aging. When the brain perceives a threat in our environment, it sends signals to spur the body into action. The nervous system responds with what is known as the “fight or flight” response. Your heart beats faster, your breathe quickens, and your pupils dilate. Fat and glucose are released into the bloodstream to give you a boost of instant energy. Another stress response triggers a branch of the immune system known as the inflammatory response, to prevent possible infection. These responses might help us in the moment, but they also cause damage to body tissues. Add to this the fact that in the modern world, these stress responses are triggered by persistant long-term threats which they weren’t designed for: debt, morning traffic, work pressures... (cont on next page) TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM


Try a simple loving compassion meditation for five minutes a day. Direct the mantra first at yourself, then toward others: May I be safe. May I be free from suffering. May I be at ease... May all beings be safe. May we all be free from suffering. May we all be at ease...


he brain responds to these psychological stressors the same way it would react to, say, a bear about to eat you! A system designed to serve us in “life or death” situations is now triggered almost constantly, and that takes its toll. Chronic stress has a debilitating effect on the body, putting us at greater risk of diseases including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and depression. Cortisol - a hormone released during stressful times, also wreaks havoc on our external appearance in a myriad of ways: it disrupts the balance of other hormones which can lead to acne breakouts; it triggers an elevation in blood sugar which in turn damages collagen and elastin fibres, and that means more fine lines and wrinkles. There is even evidence that stress really does cause your hair to go grey: systemic inflammation caused by chronic stress can “switch off ” pigment-producing melanocyte cells in your hair follicles. Put this all together and it seems clear: the more stressed we are, the worse we feel, and the older we look. Meditation however, seems to be effective in changing the way that we perceive and respond to external events, thus reducing stress and the stress reponse. Researchers are also finding that meditation actually changes brain structure and the functions directly related to the stress response. A 2011 Harvard study found that mindfulness meditation decreased cell volume in the amygdala, the area of the brain responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress. Participants in the study also produced less cortisol, and exhibited a smaller inflammatory response to stressful situations. Another neurological study in 2012 out of UCLA examined brain-aging differences between meditators and non-meditators. In that study, meditators showed less age-related decline in the thickness of their brain’s cerebral cortex. 6



ntuitively, none of this is news. We all know that stress ages us physically and mentally, so taking up a practice that can easily be done solo, and costs nothing is a no brainer. Research has yet to conclusively prove the anti-aging benefits of meditation, but new studies reveal more and more evidence that any practice which can minimize stress and quiet our overstimulated, busy minds is beneficial to our health and well being. Oprah Winfrey, Paul McCartney, Susan Sarandon, even NFL quarterback Joe Namath have all endorsed the benefits of meditation publicly, to name just a few. Looking at the list of famous meditators, one is struck by a) their astounding productivity, and b) how great they look for their age! Ultimately, taking up meditation was (for me) about much more than just “looking good” for my age, or finding the next anti-aging miracle. But I do wholeheartedly believe that total wellness demands a certain amount of inner and outer harmony: when you feel good, you look good, and vice versa. Meditation has proven to be an excellent compliment to my personal wellness regimen, which includes (among other things): yoga, kettlebells, regular trips to my family doctor, a glass of wine with dinner and the occasional trip to Dr. Born’s office... Meditation though, filled a particular void within my routine: it forces me to focus on the present moment and understand it without bias, and with compassion. That alone has given me invaluable perspective in my daily life, reduced my stress, and made me a more tolerant person (especially toward myself ). As I gain strength with each practice, I am without a doubt, moving forward. Perhaps all I am seeing in the mirror is my own acceptance (at last) of the woman looking back at me: she is getting older, but in this moment? She looks pretty darn good. //


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Does she? Doesn’t she?

There’s a reason BOTOX COSMETIC ® is the one and only. Ask about its benefits – just like millions of other people have.

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aving worked for a cosmetic surgeon for some years, I can tell you: I’m the most popular person at dinner parties. The questions flow endlessly from every direction.There are so many elephants in the room I can barely keep up, and - I’m usually the last person to start, and finish my meal. “What is the most popular thing people have done?” “Have you had something done?” “As a feminist, do you feel conflicted about working there?” I’m used to it, and when these question gets asked, I’m all too happy to answer them. I am grateful for any opportunity I’m given to debunk some of the myths and taboos associated with cosmetic procedures, the people who perform them, and the people who undergo them. Such questions reveal a truth about the topic that I feel obligated to address: people want to know, but are afraid to ask. Why? Plastic surgery is still a taboo subject in many circles. To even be mildly curious about cosmetic enhancement is to risk being labelled “fake,” “shallow” and worse. So what happens? People don’t ask. Instead of seeking out a knowledgeable person who can offer informed answers to their questions, people hit up Google and are bombarded with an unfiltered, often horrific picture of the industry as a whole. It’s difficult because the reality is, many people who do undergo cosmetic procedures are, for a variety of reasons, very private about it. In fact, in my work at a plastic surgery practice, the greatest challenge I face is convincing potential patients that yes, we do actually have patients! Many of them! And they’re just like you! And yes - I am one of them. I have no qualms about telling people that I have “had something done.” I am also a proud feminist, university educated, the main breadwinner in my household, and... I also like spending hours on end at Sephora, I know the words to most Ke$ha songs, and I’ve taken pole dancing classes. The point is - I am many things rolled in to one complicated woman, but I can conclusively say that I am anything but fake, or shallow. And I am not alone. On a daily basis at the TMB practice, I encounter dozens of remarkable, multi-faceted, brave and beautiful women who - like me - are making, or have made, a personal choice for themselves with regards to their appearance. 8



hey are patients at a cosmetic practice, yes, and they are also daughters, mothers, grandmothers, entrepreneurs, CEOs, scholars, artists... I consider it a privelege to serve them, care for them and help them look and feel like the best version of themselves, whatever that may be. I am consistently amazed and empowered by their stories, and as wonderful as it is to work for one of the best plastic surgeon’s in the bizz, it is actually not him (sorry Dr. Born!) that keeps me coming back to work every day. I come back because I love learning from these women. They have taught me that beauty is unique for every individual. That age is just a number. That being yourself if more important than worrying about what other people might think about you - that you deserve to be happy, you are entitled to it. It occured to me at a certain point that really, they should be doing the talking, not me. If just one lost Google searcher were to instead hear from one of these women directly, hear her story and learn about her personal experience - that would be meaningful. That would change some minds, help people to understand the motivation behind the work we do, and learn about the positive impact it can have on a person’s life. So, without further adieu, I present to you the Truly Modern Women of TMB. We invited three of our favorite patients to join us for a day and talk about their perspectives on beauty, aging, “having stuff done,” and the challenges they face as women. They are a cross section of women whose lives and accomplishments are worth reading about, because they are at once wholly unique, and entirely relatable. These women are just like you, just like me... We brought in a top notch hair, makeup and photography team (whose work has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Fashion...), got ahold of some couture gowns and made a day of it. It was a magical experience for everyone involved. Laughs, tears, the works. The most amazing part? Listening to three different women - all from very different backgrounds, at very different points in their lives - come to the exact same conclusion on the topic of beauty: beauty is about self- acceptance, loving who you are. When a 20-something, a 50-something and a 60-something all say the same thing, you know that’s advice worth listening to.

From left: Ghazal Masteri, Nan Campbell, Sissy Federer

Photography: Jaclyn Locke; Styling: Talia Brown: dress by Narces; Makeup by Erin Winn; Hair by Charisse Feliciano



“ M

y family moved to Canada from Iran when I was 17 years old. Moving to another country at that age was difficult. Having to learn a whole new language, having to leave behind all my friends... When we first got here, I didn’t leave my room for months. I was so upset. Eventually, I came to understand that everything would be okay. I told myself, “Look at all of the people who have done this before. If they can do it, you can do it too.” And I did. I worked hard, and within a year I was accepted into university and was beginning to find my way. I am proud of that. I was bullied in high school, for not being “pretty enough.” I remember there was one girl who said to me, “You can’t be friends with us because you have a big nose.” It was so hurtful. If I could go back to that moment, knowing what I know now, I would tell myself: “This is NOT important. It’s not important what they think. YOU are the person who decides if you are beautiful or not.” I know now that I am the one who decides how I feel about myself, and I choose to feel great! So that experience didn’t break me, it only made me stronger. I’m turning 30 in a few months. One one hand, I am sad that my twenties are ending. But on the other hand, so much of my twenties has been spent questioning myself, and worrying about what other people think. What if I made a huge mistake? Is this the right decision? What if they don’t like me? So actually, turning 30 is also a great feeling, because I know myself and have confidence in myself so much more as time passes. I am who I am, and I am proud of who I am. If I could talk to other women my age, I would tell them: This is YOUR life. Try to remember that you only live once, so enjoy it as much as possible. I look at all of the time I spent worrying about everything, about what people might think, and I can never get that time back! So I’m going to start living my life day by day. I’m going to do the things that make ME happy, right now in the present. This is MY life, and I am going to enjoy every second of it. So that would be my advice: don’t be afraid of what other people might think, or how they might judge you. Just be yourself. That’s what really matters. ”




“ M

y definition of “beauty” now, at 57, is very clear to me. Beauty is athleticism, it’s about being fit and healthy, and being confident in yourself and who you are... Its certainly not about being ultra skinny or “perfect.” I’m not interested in perfection! I want to be strong and healthy. If I could sit down with the “me” from 20 years ago, I would tell myself: “Just BE HAPPY. Don’t be so hard on yourself ! Don’t take everything so personally.” If I had known then that happiness was the MOST important thing, I would have made a better agreement with myself to just DO the things that make me happy and not worry so much about what other people think. Having had three children, there was a point at which I felt like the person I saw in the mirror didn’t quite “match” who I really was - a very active person with a big appetite for life, who loves to eat great meals and travel... A friend of mine - who is very much like me and shares a similar philosophy about “life” - told me she had visited Dr. Born and showed me what she had “had done.” I couldn’t believe it! She had also had three children and her results were amazing. I made an appointment to see Dr. Born that day. That was the best decision I could have made for myself at that time, so that I could feel beautiful in my own eyes - not for anyone else. To see MYSELF in the mirror. I feel amazing every night when I slip into my nightie, I feel FANTASTIC when I’m sailing my boat and I can wear a bikini (at almost sixty!). I’m not hiding anything - and that feels great. If I had any advice to give to other women it would be this: Be happy. Don’t worry or fret so much about making a change if you feel its right. We are SO lucky to live in a time where we can enjoy our health and our looks for so much longer than women used to be able to. I’m so thrilled to be living in a time where I can truly BE the person I want to be! So just be happy and do whatever it takes to get there. Happiness is unquestionaly the BEST facelift. Happiness is the thing that finally allowed me to have my face match my body, my body match my heart and my heart match my soul...”



Photography: Jaclyn Locke; Styling: Talia Brown: dress by Narces; Makeup by Erin Winn; Hair by Charisse Feliciano

Photography: Jaclyn Locke; Styling: Talia Brown; Makeup by Erin Winn; Hair by Charisse Feliciano




e all age differently. We all have a different story, so there’s no right way or wrong way to do it, but you do have to embrace it. That’s important. Aging comes to all of us, there’s no running from it! You can’t stop time and you shouldn’t try. Embrace getting older and enjoy it, there is so much to enjoy! Sure, you hit a few speed bumps along the way, but you learn to just pick yourself up and KEEP GOING. I’ve never been one to lament getting older. I hear younger people talking about turning thirty, its this huge milestone or marker in their lives, but I mean... I loved turning forty! Because by the time you get to forty, you finally have a sense of who you really are. And I’ve just kept on going full speed ahead since then. You’ve got to keep moving. You can’t be sitting all the time. Be active, eat well, play sports. Those things help you to maintain a positive attitude about yourself at any age. They’ve certainly helped me! I love to play golf, I’ve got a personal trainer - I make the time to do these things because I know they help me feel good. For many years I was so focused on being a mom, and a wife, and I also worked in the hotel business. And don’t get me wrong, I loved doing all of those things! Family is the GREATEST joy in my life. But at certain point, I realized, “Wait a second, what about me?” You’re so focused on everything that has to get done - putting meals on the table, doing the shopping, caring for everyone else in your life - that you kind of forget about taking care of you. You HAVE to take care of yourself. At a certain point, I just knew that it was time that I did, and that was probably when I first started coming to Dr. Born’s office... You have to love yourself. When you love yourself, you understand yourself more, and that is what allows you to spread love to your family and friends. Loving yourself lets you love others better. So if I were to give advice to other women I would say: take care of yourself, keep your mind active, hold your head up high, just keep moving, and find a way to love yourself!”




Just be yourself. Have fun and enjoy the moment! You have to live for today, not yesterday or tomorrow. Do the things that make you happy and don’t worry so much about what other people think. Live your life and enjoy every second of it...”

Photography: Jaclyn Locke; Styling: Talia Brown: dress by Narces; Makeup by Erin Winn; Hair by Charisse Feliciano TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM



Time to shed that dull winter skin and reveal your freshest face for Springtime! These beauty treatments will take your complexion from zero to a hundred...


micro needling - (also known as Collagen

Induction T herapy) is a celebrity red carpet favorite when it comes to skin rejuvenation. This minimally invasive treatment uses fine needles to create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin, which triggers the body’s healing mechanisms to create new collagen and elastin. The result? Improved texture and firmness of the skin, a reduction in pore size, scars and fine lines and a youthful, dew-ey glow to your complexion. “There are many versions of microneedling out there, but the ones provided by physicians and in physician’s offices are generally more precise, and can penetrate the dermis a little more deeply, yielding more noticeable results,” explains registered nurse Yolanda Balatbat “The recovery is very quick, which makes micro-needling a good, fast alternative for skin resurfacing compared to other downtime heavy fractionated laser treatments.”

micro needling pen



intense pulse light Spots are cute on Dalmations

- not so much on your skin! Suddenly its warm out and wearing piles of makeup to cover up brown age spots, redness and sunspots just feels wrong... A spring laser treatment using Intense Pulse Light to zap away those spots and red patches is just the thing to get you ready for the skin bearing season. “The shoulder seasons (spring and fall) are an great time for your IPL treatments, as the sun’s rays are not at their peak,” our resident skincare expert and laser technician Mary Cabral tells us. “Intense Pulse Light treatments target pigmented areas of the skin - red and brown spots. One or two treatments will yield a more even, smooth skintone for a very “Porcelain-like” look. Downtime is minimal. If anything, patients notice redness post treatment, and the pigmented areas darken and flake off over the course of 2 or 3 days before revealing your fresh new complexion.” A bonus? IPL stimulates collagen so it gives you a nice tighening effect. You’ll notice tighter pores and a little lift all over.

Intense Pulse Light for age spots TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM


Louise stopped waiting and got started. You can too. JUVÉDERM® IS FOR YOU

JUVÉDERM®, a facial filler used by your cosmetic doctor, restores lost fullness, while smoothing out lines and wrinkles for a refreshed, rejuvenated you. I T ’ S N AT U R A L L O O K I N G

Using hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in your body, you can instantly see natural-looking results that have been clinically proven to last up to two years. GET A VIRTUAL MAKEOVER

JUVÉDERM® is the #1 doctor recommended facial filler in Canada and worldwide. Join the millions of people who enjoy their refreshed look. See what JUVÉDERM® can do for you by visiting to get a virtual makeover.

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Actual results, not retouched. In addition to JUVÉDERM®, this woman received a cosmetic injectable to treat the eye area and forehead. Actual treatment results may vary. For more product and safety information, and to find out if JUVÉDERM® is right for you, talk to your doctor or visit JUVÉDERM® is a registered trademark of Allergan Holdings France SAS. © 2016 Allergan. All rights reserved.



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mixTo laser - Some of us just need a little spring cleaning... and then some of us need more of a complete renovation. For those who are dealing with years of sun damage or the after effects of diet and lifestyle (smokers, talking to you here...), fractionated CO2 laser treatments can literally take off years of damage with just one treatment. Fine lines and wrinkles, thick “leather” like skin, “smoker’s lines,” acne scars and rough, unevenly textured skin are no match for the miXto CO2 laser, a resurfacing treatment that delivers maximum results with fewer treatments. “mixTo laser treatments probably get us the most consistently “WOW” results among patients,” says nurse Yolanda. “We are essentially ablating the skin to reveal healthy, new baby skin underneath. The treatment gets rid of so much damage in such a short time, but it does require down time for proper recovery. Post treatment, the skin will darken in large patches, and then flake off over the course of a few days. It does look a little scary! But after 5 to 7 days the results are remarkable. Smoother, tighter, glowing new skin!” Your new complexion will be much more sensitive after this treatment, so no going back to old habits! Wearing sunblock and a hat, and keeping covered up in the sun is essential, but the trade off is well worth it.

pre and post Dermaceutic Skin Peel

pre and post mixTo laser peel


chemical peels - When its time to peel off those layers of winter scarves and sweaters, its also usually time to slough off your dull, dry winter complexion! Months of central or baseboard heating leeches moisture from the air and leaves your skin parched - and that’s just indoors! Harsh winter winds also leave your skin chaffed and dry. That layer of dull, dry skin requires a two-pronged attack: One - deep exfoliation, and Two, deep re-hydration. “I love how glycolic acid peels give clients an instant glow, ” Skincare tech Mary tells us. “Everyone keeps talking about the “strobing” makeup trend, and this kind of exfoliating peel really prepares the skin to be a great canvas for that kind of summery, glowing makeup look.” We like the Dermaceutic line of chemical peels, with a range of treatments for all skin types. “Patients receive 3 to 4 peels in office over the course of 6 weeks. Depending on the strength of the peel we administer, downtime can include mild to moderate redness and flakiness for up to seven days. ” Once the peel has worked its magic, you can then infuse the skin with nourishing products. “Chemical peels are an essential preparation for the skin, they allow take home products to absorb better so you can reap maximum benefits. Post peel, I reccomend a soothing product that hydrates and plumps like SkinMedica’s HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. It uses a time released hyuralonic acid (HA) compound that actually infuses the skin with moisture, while plumping out fine lines and wrinkles.”


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hether you fly regularly for business or pleasure, air travel can take its toll. Splitting his time equally between Toronto & Manhattan has made Dr. Trevor Born something of an expert on frequent flying...


very week, I fly from New York City to Toronto and back at least once, often twice. I’m also a devoted kite surfer, which means I go where the breaks are (most often Hawaii). My wife and I also love skiing and hiking (Colorado is a favorite spot for both). All this travel means: Long flights, short flights, layovers, delays - I’ve seen it all! I deal with the stresses of air travel constantly. The best advice I think I could give anyone prone to frequent flying is... get upgraded! But ofcourse, that’s not always possible. And in the end: 1st, Business and Economy class all breathe the same air on a plane and share a washroom up there - germs are the great equalizer...





The air we breathe on a flight is a combination of air pumped in from outside, and recirculated air in the cabin. Here’s the thing: the air up at 35000 feet has a humidity level of less than 12%, that’s drier than most deserts! What’s more, water corrodes many of the metals used in airplane parts, so they have to keep moisture levels to a minumum within the craft. The result: dry skin, dry eyes, dry mouth, dry nose... Naturally, staying hdrated with plenty of fluids is critical (at least 8oz of water for every hour you’re in flight). Other tools to combat dryness: a good moisturizer, even a thicker nightcream for dry skin; an atomizer to mist your face and nose (I like Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray); and eyedrops (like Theratears Dry Eye Therapy).

Acccording to a 2010 Lufthansa study, the combination of dryness and low pressure in an aircraft flying at 30 000 feet reduces the sensitivity of your taste buds by around 30%. To make up for it, airline chefs load up their meals with tons of salt just so you can taste SOMETHING. All that added sodium does nothing to help our already dehydrated system. If you can, avoid these meals and salty foods in general. I pack practical snacks like protein bars, natural almonds and fruit to sustain me in flight.


eing forced to take downtime because of jetlag or cabin flu is just not possible in my world. I have patients that need care, and weekly surgeries means that I have to do my best to remain as “germ free” as possible for the operating room.

CABIN FLU What a drag to arrive at your destination only to be hit with a nasty cold or flu virus! Although high powered (HEPA) filters are used on the aircraft to remove bacteria from recirculated air we are breathing, its impossible to avoid all the germs that can gather on a long flight. Your best defense: hand sanitizer! Use it after touching ANY surface on the plane. I also get a flu vaccine shot every year which gives me additional protection against many viruses. In flight, keep your body’s immune defenses up by staying hydrated and taking a Vitamin C supplement.

Not easy when you are constantly boarding packed flights with hundreds of people and spending hours with them in a confined space! In order to know how to be properly prepared for flying, it helps to understand why air travel is so physically taxing in the first place.

magazine “Preparation is everything. If you can spend just a little time preparing yourself for the journey, it will pay dividends once you’re up in the air.”


hankfully, with something close to 1000 plus flights under my belt, I’ve learned how to be prepared and cope with the many stresses and pitfalls of air travel. Prepare yourself correctly, and you can land at your destination looking and feeling ready for anything. Here are a few things to keep in mind... TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM




any of the physical symptoms we associate with air travel are actually just the hangover effects of stress. Exhaustion, muscle soreness, dehydration, nausea and irritability, sound familiar? Your body responds to stress by releasing energizing hormones (cortisol and adrenaline), increasing your heart and breathing rates and tensing your muscles, all so you are able to deal with the perceived “threat.” So - when you feel like you are rushing to get the airport on time and get stuck in traffic? Or when you’re worrying about whether you packed everything you need just after you pass through the gate? Your central nervous system responds to these situations the same way it would if you were about to be attacked by a predator. The brain doesn’t differentiate, it just responds. It marshalls every resource in your body to attention so you can get through that situation unharmed. Naturally, post adrenaline rush, you crash, and those crash symptoms are what you are feeling during the flight and after. Do yourself a big favor and plan, prepare and plan some more, at least two to three days before you fly to avoid the stress hangover. Preparation really is everything. If you can spend just a little extra time preparing yourself for the journey, it will pay huge dividends once you are up in the air.


“Creature comforts on a cramped flight can make all the difference. I always bring an eye mask, a pillow for my neck, an atomizer to mist my face, and towelettes to clean and moisturize my skin. I also NEVER travel without my Reborn ReHydrate electrolyte powder; one scoop added to a 500ml bottle of water provides essential anti oxidant support and optimal hydration, both of which are needed on long flights...”



et lag is a temporary sleep disorder that affects your internal clock and natural sleep/ wake patterns when you pass through multiple time zones. We’ve all felt the effects: extreme fatigue, foggy brain, sensitivity to light, even nausea. Unfortunately, when you are travelling through hemispheres, jetlag is unavoidable. However, there are a few things that can minimize the symptoms. Firstly, a few days before travel, I start adjusting my waking hours by an hour at a time to match my destination, either by waking one hour earlier, or going to sleep one hour later. Once you are in the air, stick to your destination’s schedule. The cabin crew may be serving dinner, but if your schedule says otherwise - don’t eat it! Same goes for the in-flight entertainment - if it’s nightime at your destination, sleep. Further to this point, data seems to suggest that our circadian rhythms (natural sleep patterns) are upset by blue (or artificial) light. When we are exposed to blue light, our arousing neurons are activated, making us more awake and often anxious. Turn off your smartphones, laptops and any screens when it’s time to sleep. Bring a sleeping mask and ear plugs to minimize disturbances, and set your watch (or non electric alarm clock, just NOT your phone!) to wake you up at the correct time.

Rehydrate Electrolyte Supplement TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM






hen we think of beauty and style, these ladies are top of mind. Miriam Gee and her unstoppable daughters/ business partners Natalie, Stephanie and Celene are one fierce brood of brains, business savvy and beauty know-how. And, oh yeah - they are stunningly gorgeous!!! Together, they own and operate Gee Beauty, a modern makeup, brow & skincare studio with outposts in both Toronto & Miami. Walking into a Gee Studio (or their sister boutique 6 by Gee Beauty) you can’t help but be blissfully overwhelmed by their confectionary of beauty products, tools and accessories. And, we must confess: being just a few short blocks away from the TMB Toronto offices, we depend on the Gee crew to keep our eyebrows on point! Their brow threading and grooming services are life changing... 26


Naturally, when we thought about including a beauty segment in the TMB magazine, we called up Gee Beauty to make it happen. We know that they know: beauty is first and foremost about being yourself, at your best. It’s not about trying to fit into some mold, or adhere to some novelty fad. Now - that doesn’t mean you can’t be trendy! It’s about picking the RIGHT trends and modifying them so that they work for YOU. What’s more: Beauty isn’t static. As we change in life, so must our beauty routine. Still sporting the same look you did 10 years ago? It might be time for an update... Read on to learn about a few ways you can get started on a fresh and modern spring look, courtesy of Gee Beauty:

Gee Beauty Afterglow Blush

Gee Beauty Kabuki Brush



Gee Beauty Tinted Power Primer

Spring is all about shedding winter’s layers, so let’s begin with our skin. Gorgeous, glowing, luminous-looking makeup starts with proper skin maintenance – a combination of exfoliation and hydration so that you have a beautiful, smooth and even canvas for makeup. For the warmer months, try a tinted primer instead of full foundation, and then use just a touch of concealer or stick foundation anywhere you might need extra coverage. Gee Beauty’s Prime Skin Tinted Power Primer is breathable and hydrating without weighing the skin down. It colour corrects while it gives light, long-lasting coverage, allowing for your smooth skin to beam through. We love using a Kabuki Foundation brush to apply any type of primer, tinted moisturizer or liquid foundation as it really allows for a more flawless, professional finish.


Gee Beauty Fan brush

Everyone is into contouring right now, but the trick is to do it right – so that it looks natural. For first-timers, opt for powder shades (as creamy formulations can feel heavy if not applied lightly and correctly). Use a light hand and good brushes. Pick a terracotta-taupe shade of face powder like our Medium Bronzer and using a Blush brush, apply powder from the temple across and down the cheekbone to just under the apple of the cheek. Blend colour so it looks natural. You can also contour under the jawline for more definition around the chin. Use a Fan brush to blend powder. Add a touch of light illuminating powder on the tops of the cheekbones, down the center of the nose, on the brow bone, and the cupid’s bow (right above the top lip) to add definition and to really make the contour pop.

Gee Beauty Medium Bronzer

Spring brows are full, healthy-looking and naturally defined. Its all about working with what you’ve got, and adding a little pencil where you don’t) A few of our favourite tricks: brush hair at the inner corners of the brow upwards to create the look of more hair, fill-in any gaps with a fine-tip pencil like Gee Beauty’s Precision Brow Pencils (use the brush at the opposite end of the pencil to create the desired shade and intensity) Next, use a Brow Highlighter Stick under the brow line to really define and pop the shape. It creates dimension and fullness – not to mention the brightness from the pencil adds a lift to the eye. Set with Brow Fix for your look to last all day and night.

Gee Beauty Brow Pencil & Shaper


A matte-finished look is a fresh take on lipstick. Nude, blush and earthy-brown shades create fullness when used with a matching lip pencil. Line the outer edge of the lip-line and then fill the whole lip in with pencil to start, creating more lasting lip power. Remember, a nude lip doesn’t mean no lip colour: nudes are light, warm and creamy tones that brighten up the face in a neutral way. The real trick to a gorgeous lip is smooth skin! Weekly, gentle exfoliation and daily nourishing of the lips will keep them soft, youthful and ready for attention.

Gee Beauty Brow Highlighter stick

Lattisse Solution


Full, fluttering lashes are sexy and sultry and always add the glamour. Whether you work with your own lashes or wear strip lashes on top of your own – its all about taking good care of your own for conditioned, nourished, strong lashes. A daily lash enhancing serum helps grow lashes and keeps them healthy. A Lash Thickener is an amazing eyelash essential - apply two coats before mascara for fuller, voluminous, longer-looking lashes. Ask Dr. Born and the TMB staff about LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution), a prescription treatment applied to the upper lids which can grow your lashes longer and thicker in just 6 weeks.

Gee Beauty “Its a Gee Thing” lipstick





live beautifully The Thermage® CPT Procedure

Smooth & tighten your skin for an overall naturally younger looking appearance...

Get Comfortable With the Skin You’re In

The Thermage CPT

T H E R M A G E ® is a non surgical procedure that stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen. Results are natural, subtle and gradual, with little to no downtime. You’ll notice your skin looks firmer, tighter and smoother so you can live beautifully - with no injections, and no surgery.

• • • •

softened lines and wrinkles redefined contours and firmness tighter and smoother skin renewed collagen

Ask your doctor today about how Thermage® can help you “live beautifully!”

WHAT’S NEW? A rundown of the latest developments in cosmetic procedures...


at deposits under the chin, aka “double chin,” is an aesthetic condition where excess fat collects in the submental area. “Double chin” is common among people who are overweight, but many people report having submental fullness despite being at a healthy body weight. Aging, genetics, weight gain and loss all play a part, and in many cases, submental fat is actually resistant to diet and excercise. According to a 2015 survey conducted by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) 67% of people said they’re bothered by under-the-chin fullness, or double chin. Until recently, there were few options available for treatment of this very common condition. Submental liposuction has proven to be an effective treatment for double chin, however, many patients report that the downtime and risks of surgery outweighed their desire for treatment.


owever, a new crop of non-surgical treatments are now proving to be viable options for those suffering from submental fullness seeking treatment. The popularity of non surgical, and in particular injectable treatments has skyrocketed in recent years, and now Allergan (makers of Botox®) have developed BELKYRA™ (deoxycholic acid), the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment indicated for the reduction of submental fullness. The active ingredient in BELKYRA™ is deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring molecule in the body (sometimes referred to as bile salts) that aids in the breakdown and absorption of lipids (fat). When injected into fat layers underneath the chin, BELKYRA™ causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, those cells cannot store or accumulate fat. (cont. on next page)

Injectable treatments continue to be one of the fastest growing segment of cosmetic procedures in North America. According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS), injectable procedures accounted for approximately 20 percent of ALL cosmetic procedures (surgical & non surgical) performed in the US in 2015. TMBCOSMETICSURGERY.COM


After the treatment, a patient may notice tenderness and redness in the treated area, this can last anywhere from 2-6 hours. Mild to moderate swelling is also to be expected, which should dissipate within 48 hours. As well, like other injectables treatments, because a needle is used, patients should be prepared for mild to moderate bruising post treatment. BELKYRA™ patients typically need 2 to 4 treatments spaced no more than one month apart to see optimal results. However, in clinical trials, many patients reported visible results in just two to four treatments. Re-treatment should not be needed once the full course of treatment has been administered.


he treatment is not indicated for patients who have a significant amount of excess or lax skin in the submental area. If you have “turkey neck” or “waddles,” BELKYRA™ is not a viable treatment option. In those cases, skin tightening procedures such as Thermage® , Exilis® or Vanquish® may be more effective. In more severe cases of skin laxity, surgical tightening (Neck lift or Platysmaplasty) may be your best option. As with any treatment, is is essential that you consult with healthcare provider, preferably a cosmetic plastic surgeon, before proceeding with anything. BELKYRA™ is a prescription medication and as such, should not be administered without the authorization of a licensed physician.


esults from BELKYRA™ treatments have been very promising thus far. Patients are responsive to the treatment and appreciate the fact that they can address the problem of “double chin” without the downtime of surgery. Within the TMB practice, we make sure to tailor every treatment to meet the needs of the patient. Apart from this new advancement in the treatment of “double chin,” there are other alternatives which can be used in combination with BELKYRA,™ or on their own to maximize results for the individual. Is there a new treatment you’ve heard about that you’d like us to investigate? We’d love to hear from you: 30




he treatment process itself is very similar to those of other facial injectables treatments. A topical numbing cream is applied beforehand to ensure the patient’s comfort. A BELKYRA™ solution is then prepared and injected into the submental area following a specific treatment grid. A lecithin-type of substance within the solution then starts to break down fat cell membranes and their contents (fatty acids), which are then released into the bloodstream, processed and eliminated naturally via the kidneys. As the fat cells in the area are broken down and eliminated, your double chin shrinks in size.


CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat without surgery or downtime. And with 95% customer satisfaction, you’ll love the results of CoolSculpting every time you look in the mirror.1

Call today to schedule your consultation.

TMB Cosmetic Surgery


Our CoolSculpting Specialist will tailor a treatment plan designed to achieve your desired results.

Reference: 1. Data on file. Results and patient experience may vary. While CoolSculpting is safe, some rare side effects may occur. As with any medical procedure, only your CoolSculpting provider can help you decide if CoolSculpting is right for you. In the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure is FDA-cleared for the treatment of visible fat bulges in the submental area, thigh, abdomen and flank. Outside the U.S., the CoolSculpting procedure for non-invasive fat reduction is available worldwide. ZELTIQ, CoolSculpting, the CoolSculpting logo, the Snowflake design, and Fear No Mirror are registered trademarks of ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Inc. © 2016 IC1964-A


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Truly Modern Beauty - Spring 2016  

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