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The MOM Chronicles - Alison Fiorini

Honouring her daughter and raising awareness of pediatric cancer with Jordana’s Rainbows.

Tell us a bit about your motherhood story.

My motherhood journey began when I had Lucas in 2004, Jordana in 2005 and Laurence in 2008. Having three kids under four years of age seemed like a lot at the time but when I look back, I wish I had more because I love being a mom!

My eldest, Lucas, has always been mature for his age. He tends to be quiet and modest around us, but he can also be a real joker. When we least expect it, he’ll jump in with a clever one-liner or completely offside joke and leave us all in stitches.

Jordana is a rainbow in every sense of the word. I can’t remember her not smiling or laughing. She received her angel wings in 2016, but her divine presence is still with us.

When we had Laurence we added the perfect spice to our family. He’s full of energy, super engaging, always curious and wide-eyed, and looks up to his big brother in every way.

What’s your favourite part about being a mom?

I truly love it all. I love making memories with my husband and kids. Travelling with them, or just enjoying the simple things like long walks, family meals, or when they were little and we curled up in bed to read together.

What are some of the challenges of being a mom?

Does a mother ever stop worrying? On some days, I find myself worrying about the littlest things. Yet, because of the trauma we experienced, we’ve learned how to let go of some of the things that we can’t control. You become able to recognize an inexplicable divinity, which helps you to let go of some of the pain and worry.

Alison with Jordana

How have you been managing kids and family during the pandemic?

While this pandemic has certainly been frustrating, scary, challenging and lonely, my family has lived through isolation and fear before. We are a little more acclimatized than the average family to the unexpected and unknown, so we’ve been managing pretty well this past year.

Tell us about Jordana’s Rainbows.

Jordana was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma) at SickKids in September 2015.

DIPG is an inoperable brain tumour that affects children in the early years of their life and has a survival rate of six to nine months. Jordana survived DIPG for only four months.

We continue to honour Jordana by sharing her light and love of rainbows through our charity, The Jordana’s Rainbows Foundation. Our mission is to raise awareness for DIPG, and raise funds toward childhood cancer research.

What kind of self-care do you practice, so that you can survive motherhood every day?

Apart from regular excercise, reading, and quality time with friends, my work with Jordana’s Rainbows is also an important part of my self care. It has allowed me to be vulnerable with my pain. Expressing and sharing my story has allowed me to heal, while helping others at the same time.

There are many moms out there who struggle with loss on Mother’s Day. What would you like to say to them?

You’re not alone. Whatever your circumstance is, there are so many people feeling what you are feeling. This is not something you need to bear on your own. We are warriors. We were destined to weather these storms. The key is to channel your pain into good, and service for others—this is where the magic happens. //

Alison wears one of Jordana’s favourite headscarves and The Rainbow Bracelet from JordanasRainbows.com.