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Plan: a rainbow in the school

materials: one group of students two smokemachines three lightfilters (red green blue) daylight

The experiment was based on the additive RGB color model: If you project a red and green light at the same time on the same surface, you get yellow. with a blue and red light source you get purple.

we found the perfect spot: a long white hallway with three windows

against every window we placed a different color filter: red, green, and

we filled the hallway with smoke

and turned off the lights

while walking through the hallway, I took a picture every meter

the creators, each on a different spot in the hallway

30CC, the Miniemeninstituut and Ief Spincemaille. CĂŠdric, Imane, Dorsa Silva, Riccardo, Laura, Yassine, Karam, Dhondup, Gregory, Giel, Hans (mijnLeuven), Edelhard (teacher) en Ief (artist).

Leuven, january-february 2014.

Rgb hallway  
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