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MAGAZINE 1016 Howell Mill Rd. | Ste. 1601 | Atlanta, Ga. 30318 404.576.8632 | |

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Anatomy _______ _ ______

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Voice of the Bohemian Capitalist


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Light-h hearted

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Uni ue Unique Literary lowlife

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Urban outdoorsman £’ Magazine’s website presence is a tandem project with its print production. All content is supported and expanded via © Copyright 2010. Truist Media Group, LLC


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Audience £’ Magazine provides bi-monthly exclusive content from local and international contributors for readers who seek the finest and most unique in consumer products and entertainment in Atlanta and around the world. £’ is Atlanta’s next publication of choice for the very best in style, entertainment, editorial content and complete cross-demographical coverage for the Atlanta 18-34 year old community. £’ is all inclusive and a dream canvas for advertisers. £’ provides businesses the ability to reach all facets of their market with the reader demographic through one ad.

Each bi-monthly issue comes complete with:






Health & Body


Street Style


Photo Journals

£’ Magazine has a physical distribution of 20,000 copies bi-monthly with an stimated 100,000 weekly readers throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area where the community lives, shops and entertains.

Product Placement Make your brand or product stand out through non-traditional methods such as Product Placement Ads. Dovetail in with our unique content to better connect with your audience.

Phone and advertising representative now to learn more about product placement and how your company can uniquely and effectively reach your target audience. 404.576.8632 © Copyright 2010. Truist Media Group, LLC

Reader _______Profiles ______________ _______

v, 2010 Fur brunch, 21 No

Running the Gamut

£’ Magazine readers are educated, affluent hard workers. 35% are double income LGBT families.

£’ Magazine’s readers are young, professionals, bloggers, artists, The exclusive gay market is just one of travellers and are extremely me- many to be reached through £’ Magazine dia savvy and loyal to the brands advertising. they choose. Reader Market Average Income 48% 52% 47% 32% 8% 5% 7%

are male are female are white are black are hispanic are asian are other

$150K+ $100K-$150K $75K-$100K $50K-$75K $35K-$50K $25K-$35K $15K-$25K

£’’ Magazine’s rates are some of the lowest in the current ad market, allowing advertisers to reach £ the th h exclusive Atlanta LGBT markets. © Copyright 2010. Truist Media Group, LLC






Median Age: 28.5

Mean : $54,500



47% Male 53% Female

POPULATION Atlanta has one of the Southeasts largests student/youth communities and the 3rd highest percentage of gay residents in the US.

DINING OUT 8-12 or more times per month: Average: 62%

Retail Store/boutique: 96% On-line: 41% Catalogs: 21% Private Shopper: 2% Once a month: 53% 2-3 times a month: 45%

ACTIVITIES Attended monthly in past 12 months: Bar: 34% Movies: 52% Sporting Events: 33% Performance, Theater, or Concert: 58%

Over half of £’ Magazine readers are under the age of 30 and travel abroad at least 2 times per year. They also enjoy domestic travel to unfamiliar locales as well. Nothing is spared. © Copyright 2010. Truist Media Group, LLC

Ad ___Sizes _______ ____

Display Ad Sizes DOUBLE

8.375” x 8.375” (Live: 8” x 8”) (1/4” bleed all around)


8.375” x 8.375”


(Live: 8” x 8”)


4” x 8” 1/4


4” x 4” £’ Magazine’s size is like nothing else on the market. As a free publication, £’ distinguishes itself and stands out in front of the rest with its distinctive squared 8x8 size. £’ Magazine is displayed in a variance of artful display boxes, coffee shop tables, chain & boutique hotels as well as high-traffic DOUBLE distribution points.



For F Fo o advertising opportunities,rates and 1st time advertiser discounts, please call a Truist Media Group Account Executive at 404.576.8632 or G © Copyright 2010. Truist Media Group, LLC

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