Life-Changing Psilocybin Retreat

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Truffles Therapy


Truffles Therapy offers the top Psilocybin retreat facilities in the Netherlands. Where they heals the globe from major health issues with magic truffles. These Retreats allows you to examine yourself in a peaceful ambience to keep your stress away. Find out how to achieve long-lasting positive effects on your mental wellbeing with these Retreats and what it includes in the whole session.

Meditation & Yoga

Nature Walks

Vision Boarding Sessions

Talk Therapy

Cures Health Problems  Psilocybin Retreat helps people with fighting

from Cancer and Terminal Illness. Decreases depression and anxiety, treats number of disorders like social anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, cluster headaches, obsessive-compulsive disorders, migraine, alcohol or smoking addiction and many more.

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