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TRUFFE FAร‡ON CAVIAR The truffle with its exquisite, but delicate and commanding aroma, is one of natures most splendid gifts, for an unfortunately brief season. After a long, intense and passionate period of trials, we have finally found the right form, colour and smoothness of that other gastronomic legend, caviar. And so, the Truffe Faรงon Caviar made with Tuber Melanosporum was born. The real challenge has been to elaborate a truffle without altering or losing any of its taste or aroma. But at the same time offering to your pallet the singular sensation of a mellowed sensuality. The Truffe Faรงon Caviar can be savoured throughout the year, to accompany or flavour any dish, such as poached eggs, risottos, purred potatoes, foie poele, hollandaise sauce, yoghurt, butter and all types of tartars sauces.

PRODUCTS TRUFFE FAÇON CAVIAR 50 g 50 g tin Truffe Façon Caviar TRUFFE FAÇON CAVIAR 30 g 30 g tin Truffe Façon Caviar


Truffe Façon Caviar Lover's Collection is a new gourmet range, composed of three products: . Truffe Façon Caviar with Parmentier . Truffe Façon Caviar with Cream of Foie . Truffe Façon Caviar with Cream of Pumpkin Each one contains the elements necessary to prepare either a delicious starter for 4 or appetizers for 12 combining black truffle caviar Truffe Façon Caviar with either parmentier of potato, cream of foie or cream of pumpkin. Following the easy instructions, truffle lovers will be able to enjoy an authentic haute cuisine dish at home made from black truffle caviar.

VIVALDI GIFT KIT 50 g tin Truffe Faรงon Caviar and nacre wooden spoon.

Acipenser (sturgeon in Latin) was created in 2003 and in the same year it became a pioneer in the importation of caviar from Azerbaijan to Spain. The political problems in this country interfered with exports and so from 2005 Acipenser became the exclusive Spanish importer and distributor for Caviar Kaspia (Paris, 1927), the most important importer-distributor of caviar in Europe. Since 2006 Acipenser has also dedicated itself to the commercialisation of fresh truffles (Melanosporum and Magnatum), which are primarily exported to France. Over two years, Acipenser researched the relation between these two mythical gastronomic products and created a new product, the Truffe Faรงon Caviar, literally truffle which looks like caviar. It was then patented, marketed and presented to the public at the 2008 Food Fair Alimentaria held in Barcelona (Spain).

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