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Rocco Moon, Ted Nugent Son weight in on Kendrick Lamar and his Rap career

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TRU. SPIN D.J WHITE MIKE By Corretta Doctor Allison


hen it comes to social excellence, Virginia’s #1 DJ, is Mike McMillan, widely known as ‘DJ White Mike ‘. Mike started his career as a professional disc jockey in the summer of 2006 in Harrisburg, Virginia when a friend asked him to be the DJ at a birthday party. The crowd gave such positive feedback about the music that Mike was inspired to start DJ’ing at more events. Eventually, what started as a favor for a friend soon evolved into a fruitful career. Mike was influenced by legendary greats like Grandmaster Flash, DJ Jazzy Jeff. Mike started creating blended records and remixes of popular records for his website. The buzz soon circulated from the northeast to the southeast and Mike began receiving DJ Requests from people everywhere. As Mike’s popularity grew,so did his business. He shared the stage with celebrity artists such as T-Pain, Lupe Fiasco, The LOX, and Musiq Soulchild. Mike was the Sound Engineer for the ‘Iyanla Vanzant Speaks’ event in Hagerstown, M D a couple of years ago where he created the show track and Emcee’d the event. Mike also serves as the resident DJ for The A List Agency and Event Management , Headquartered in Cologne, Germany.

For Media, PR and Booking Requests please use the contact form at or visit

DJ White Mike is the first in his family to graduate from College and continues to create a legacy in his education, his career and is creating a mark in the Industry with his skillful music productions. DJ White Mike is sponsored by Good Times, a Florida based Fine Tobacco Product company and was recently named by them as one of the Hot 100 DJ’s in the country. Mike is expanding his reach by accepting bookings for International Shows around the world.


Michel’le Lil Mo’

Chante Claudette


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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR First of all Lydia and I want to give thanks to everyone who has been instrumental in the making of Tru Entertainment Magazine. This is our 16th Issue and it is our hope and prayer that with every issue Tru. is getting better and better. Honestly, We had no idea we get to issue 16 but, with God’s blessing and the love and support of our Tru. friends and Tru. family, we keep it moving. Tru Entertainment Magazine was designed to be a source of encouragment to those in need. To promote those looking for an outlet to display their talents that may have previously gone unrecognized. So now, sixteen issues later and hundreds of thousands of readers from all around the world, I can honestly say Tru Entertainment Magazine is here to stay for a very long time. 1- Love/ 1 -Mission Thanks Again Kevin King, Sr. Editor



man he meets is totally wrong and inconclusive.

Is Gay In? I

t’s in the news. On TV and in the movies and more and more politicians, celebrities and sports figures are starting to emerge in a lifestyle that at one point in time was considered a “no-no” in a society that was homophobic and cruel to those living the gay lifestyle. So what has changed? Is homosexuality just a fad like that pair of stone-washed jeans or members-only jacket you used to rock? Or, is it something that is here to stay on a permanent basis?

Some may say that it’s an expression of free-love, an expression of identity. But, contrary to popular belief, being gay is NOT a choice! Many even see it as a ‘behavior’, and not an intrinsic part of a persons’ being. Research has shown that homosexuality is an example of a normal and natural variation in human sexuality and is not in and of itself a product of negative psychological effects. They tend to conclude that sexual attraction is controllable, if not changeable. This I agree with to some extent. It is indeed controllable. Throughout the years many have controlled their sexual urges that they’re naturally feeling for that person of the same sex, not because they wanted to, but because they had to. Society dictated that they should. We were all victims of that thought being implanted in our brains. Come on be honest, too many, homosexuality was a “sin” an “abomination”, non- scriptural even. But, is being gay really that serious, the way that people make it out to be? Gay people, just like heterosexual people, are attracted at the core, to a gender at a young age, which, at that point of innocence has no sexual overtones. So that stereotype or notion that every gay man wants to have sex with every

As times progress and modern day thinking began to present itself to a human-race with ‘blinders’ on, we begin to see and understand that gay is not a behavioral condition, it’s a “LOVE” condition, and you cannot control the biggest and most powerful part of the human body and of the human heart, for it feels for whomever it desires; whether that be of the same sex, or, of the opposite. For love knows no boundaries and does not see color, gender or creed. This is not a fad that will disappear in due time. It is not representative of a rebellious period in society. Gay men and women have always been here, masking it for many years. So today, when you see your favorite movie star, or singer, or even that rough and tough athletic figure announce that they are gay, it shouldn’t be such a huge and astonishing surprise. And this is a good thing. Because that indicates that society has matured to a “substantial” level. To a point of acceptance, which is not such a bad thing in this writer’s opinion. So let’s revisit the question, “is Gay in”? Here’s the answer; Gay has always been “IN” in my opinion, it’s just remained hidden until it saw fit to... come “OUT.”



Gena Rinckey is a freelance journalist who is very passionate about her volunteer work and bringing awareness to public injustice such as; government waste, fraud and abuse. She’s also a news junkie who loves reality shows and travel.


n December 26, 2012, the Women’s Medical Services clinic, operated by abortionist Dr. Robert Alexander in Muskegon, Michigan, was shut down. But it was not the Board of Medicine that ordered the Women’s Medical Services clinic to be closed. The clinic was shut down by the city of Muskegon’s Fire Prevention Bureau after a break-in had been reported and investigated by the Muskegon Police Department. According to the Muskegon Chronicle, Fire Marshal Major Metcalf referred to the clinic as a “filthy mess” due to poor housekeeping. This photograph is just one of many that spread through several Michigan news sources. Yes, indeed, conditions inside the facility were filthy. On Monday, January 7, 2013, reported that the results of their FOIA of the police report from the night of the reported break-in noted the following: Over five months have come and gone and yet Dr. Alexander Bio-hazard material and unsecured sharps throughout the building still has a full license to practice multiple unsanitary medical instruments medicine in the state of Michiblood on the floor and walls in multiple locations gan. Why? Is it because the state uncovered buckets containing unknown fluids located in the operating of Michigan is not quick to act room area blood dripping from a sink p-trap in a room used by patients upon very serious issues of public multiple bio-hazard bags located on the floor and in closets safety and the welfare? Is the multiple unsecured containers containing used hypodermic needles Board of Medicine just not really unsecured medications located throughout concerned about the public? As All patient information was unsecured and scattered throughout the of June 7, 2013, a quick search on office portion of the business the state’s website indicates that The ceiling tiles were rotten and water soaked due to a roof leak. There Dr. Alexander’s license is still acwere buckets of water in multiple locations to catch the protruding water tive. Where is he now? I learned where he reportedly began working in February 2013. More on that later.

Dr. Alexander has quite an interesting history as a physician from everything I have read on and, seen on WOOD-TV 8, and discovered in documents provided to me by the state of Michigan through a FOIA request. The aforementioned news sources have all done an incredibly good job in covering this story. A simple Google search using the term “Robert Alexander abortion” yielded more information about Dr. Alexander, and that too has taken over a week to process with the information I gathered myself. This story even made Breitbart. com at the beginning of May, where it was disclosed that a baby’s severed head was found inside the womb of one of his patients. When I read that story, I decided it was time to do some digging myself.

In 1986, Dr. Alexander was named a co-defendant in a 51 count indictment in the United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division (Criminal No. 86-80328). Dr. Alexander, a doctor licensed to practice in the state of Michigan and registered to dispense controlled substances, was part of an unlawful conspiracy to knowingly, intentionally and unlawfully distribute controlled substances outside the scope of legitimate medical pracMy FOIA request resulted in 230 pages tice or for no legitimate purpose at all from on or about November of documentation regarding Dr. Alex- 1980 until March 1985. During this period of time he was employed ander, containing 20 documents dating (documents reveal he was “moonlighting”) at a weight-loss clinic in back to 1988. However, the Michigan Detroit. Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (“LARA”) has an open The controlled substances he unlawfully prescribed were: Desoxyn allegation on file which was opened in (8,490 units), Preludin (1,260 units), Percodan/Percocet (2,260 units), September of 2012, four months before Methaqualone/Mequin/Parest (90 units), Valium (4,470 units), TalDr. Alexander’s clinic was closed. win (3,200 units), Tussionex/Hycodan (446 units), Tuinal (160 units), and Tylenol #4 with Codeine (58 units). It is currently being reviewed by LARA within the Department of Michigan’s All of these prescriptions were sold to “patients” for $15 for each Attorney General and unavailable for prescription, and “patients” were instructed to complete registration public access at the present time. I forms for obesity in false names. Unfortunately for Dr. Alexander, spoke with Mary Hess, Michigan’s FOIA some of those prescriptions were sold to undercover FBI agents. Coordinator by phone before she processed my request, and she told me that The indictment prompted the filing of an administrative complaint she would duplicate the documents she against Dr. Alexander by Michigan’s Board of Medicine, and on Dehad provided to WOOD TV-8. cember 15, 1988 Dr. Alexander was found guilty of 10 counts in the United States District Court indictment, and he was sent to federal prison. This is when everything began to hit the fan, and various other proceedings commenced against Dr. Alexander by the Board of Medicine, as well as in the Ingham County Circuit Court, all regarding the

status of Dr. Alexander’s medical license. Over the time period from July 1989 until the present time, Dr. Alexander has had his medical license revoked twice, served a prison term for his part in the illegal drug conspiracy, and was fined. Dr. Alexander’s history has been quite the challenge to follow. Pleadings bounced around between the Michigan Board of Medicine, LARA and the Ingham County Circuit Court. Mix that in with a bit of what many perceive as evidence of a possible conflict of interest and maybe even corruption involving the then-head of the Board of Medicine, Dr. George Shade. Dr. George Shade is the former Chairman of Michigan’s Board of Medicine. He took an interest in Dr. Alexander’s case. When Dr. Alexander was released from prison, Dr. Shade wrote letters to the Board of Medicine in support of Dr. Alexander to get his medical license back, even going so far as to act in a supervisory capacity in a training program at a hospital in Detroit. The relationship between the two doctors has raised many eyebrows, and Dr. Shade later refused to even investigate numerous and serious allegations against Alexander in 2009 regarding botched abortions. Dr. Shade left the state of Michigan in October 2012, and is now the Chief Medical Officer at St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis. There are two botched abortion complaints against Dr. Alexander in the state of Michigan, but Dr. Shade successfully quashed the investigation of the first two. The first complaint occurred in 2009 and was filed by a doctor, whose name has been redacted from the FOIA information I received, as well as the patient’s name. The patient went to Dr. Alexander for an abortion in April of 2009 and underwent an abortion procedure. According to original allegation dated June 4, 2009, a month later the woman felt movement in her abdomen and pain. Shockingly, the woman was still pregnant (A compelling TV news story on her case can be viewed here). The doctor who filed the complaint stated that, “It is my opinion that Dr. Alexander was grossly negligent in this case. At the time of the elective termination the patient would have been approximately 26 weeks pregnant.” The doctor continued: No matter how obese the patient was, he should have visualized a viable intrauterine pregnancy. If he would have ruptured the membranes he could have killed the fetus or been responsible for delivering a premature neonate. If he had placed the suction curette through the placenta the patient would have bled to death in his office.

gation of misconduct at any and all levels. It I have taken care of another Dr. Alexander patient in the past is absolutely essential that the general public where he perforated her uterus during an 8-week termination. is able to rely upon doctors for good medical The perforation went through the broad ligament. She had a care at all times. massive retroperitoneal hematoma that rendered the patient unable to walk for a month due to the pain. Meticulous steps should be taken so that there are no conflicts of interest or circumstances which could lead to an outcry of corruption at Then, the shocker of them all came when Dr. Susan Berry all within our state government, but especially reported from that “in an email read by Michwith health care. And when an allegation is igan State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker (R-Lawton”), a Muskegon made against a licensed health care profesOB/GUN has urged the state to revoke the medical license sional, it must be investigated swiftly by the of abortionist Dr. Robert Alexander. The physician observed state. that he has treated several of Alexander’s patients in the emergency room, including one on woman in her second trimesThe State Senate Judiciary Committee has ter whose uterus Alexander allegedly perforated during an taken a clear position that legislation is forthabortion.” coming. Now is the time to hold evil accountable. “Dr. Alexander perforated the woman’s uterus so badly that it was hanging on by two blood vessels,” the physician wrote. A good first step would be to terminate Dr. “The decapitated head of a fetus was in the woman’s abdomen Robert Alexander’s medical license immediand the large intestine had been grasped and pulled away ately, and deny him from ever possessing a from its blood supply and into the vagina. The woman recontrolled substance license again. quired a hysterectomy, colonoscopy, and several units of blood to save her life.” *This article originally appeared via Watchdog Wire, a project of the Franklin Center in On April 30 the first legislative hearing occurred over the Washington, DC Board of Medicine’s handling of the case of Dr. Alexander the status of his medical license. Reporter Ken Kolker center/ of WOOD TV-8 was at the state capital for the hearing and reported the following: The Michigan Senate Judiciary Committee, ended with Sen. Rick Jones (R-Grand Ledge) saying, “that inaction, that shocking lack of caring, is going to lead to legislation.” As to the whereabouts of Dr. Alexander, according to Reporter Kirsten Andersen of, he first went to work at another abortion agency in Detroit, but the media coverage caught up to him there and he left his position. But it doesn’t end there. He was hired in February 2013 by the City of Detroit to work at the Herman Kiefer Health Clinic at 1151 Taylor Street in Detroit. This would explain why Dr. Alexander has applied for a controlled substance license, which at that time was waiting for approval. No matter what side of the fence a person is on the issue of abortion, when the safety of the general public is threatened, Michigan legislators are under obligation to act upon an alle-

Did Russell Simmons’ Infamous Video Help Unite Black Women?


Contributing Writer, Raïssa M. Nkuba Is Founder & Executive Editor at Afri-Culture, an online source of information on current “state of affairs” involving Africa, Africans and the African diaspora. She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo — raised in Zambia, Jamaica and Canada. She speaks 5 languages — English, French & 3 African dialects. She’s very passionate about African development and strongly believes in the power of the African diaspora.

hile Russell Simmons’ infamous tribute to Harriet Tubman was one of the most condescending videos I’ve seen in quite some time, I was pleased to see the way it consolidated women of color. Subsequent to its release, black women across the world gathered on twitter to uplift and encourage one another. With the many challenges we already have to face, it’s distressing to see black men add grief and pain to our lives. We moderately have to listen to Rappers call us derogatory terms, on almost every Film or TV show we are carelessly presented, and now we are witnessing the impertinence of one of our heroins. Although this occasion isn’t the first time where a black woman has gotten disrespected by a black man, and sadly, probably won’t be the last, I am delighted to see black women are finally taking a stand. Women of color are constantly deceived into believing they aren’t beautiful enough because they don’t have a particular type of skin, hair or feature. They are continuously reminded of the fact that they don’t fit society’s description of beauty, and that they aren’t intelligent enough to achieve great heights in education and various careers. Without a doubt, being a woman of African descent in today’s society can be quite challenging. But, I am extremely proud of identifying myself as a black woman. I am proud of my hair texture and features, and wouldn’t trade them for the world. I believe I have the capacity to pursue anything as long as I put my mind to it. I embrace the challenges I face daily because they’ve helped me build a stronger character. This incident has unified black women. We’ve come to a realization that only we can defend and speak for one another. I truly hope that even after this catastrophe is forgotten, our bond will remain strong. I am very impressed with the way we’ve responded to Russell Simmons’ degradation of Harriet Tubman. I am also glad to witness how we’ve held him accountable for his actions. In the future, I suggest that we boycott anything or anyone trying to cash in at our expense. Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to remind all black men who continue to degrade and belittle black women that their mothers, aunts, sisters, nieces and daughters are black women also. Just in case they had forgotten. The purpose of this article wasn’t to insult black men, but to state the obvious.


STEAK- N - SNOW PEAS 1-½ pound Flank Steak, fat trimmed sliced very thin against the grain (I used thin cut sirloin.) ½ cups Low Sodium Soy Sauce 3 Tablespoons Sherry Or Cooking Sherry (I used cooking sherry.) 2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar 2 Tablespoons Cornstarch 1 Tablespoon Minced Fresh Ginger or 1/2 tsp. ground ginger 8 ounces, weight Fresh Snow Peas, Ends Trimmed 5 whole Scallions, Cut Into Half-inch Pieces On The Diagonal Salt As Needed (use Sparingly) 3 Tablespoons Peanut Or Olive Oil Crushed Red Pepper, For Sprinkling Rice, cooked according to package (I used brown rice.)

Directions: In a bowl, mix together soy sauce, sherry, brown sugar, cornstarch, and ginger. Add sliced meat to bowl and toss with hands. Set aside. Heat oil in a heavy skillet (iron is best) or wok over high heat. Add snow peas and stir for 45 seconds. Remove to a separate plate. Set aside. Allow pan to get very hot again. With tongs, add half the meat mixture, leaving most of the marinade still in the bowl. Add half the scallions. Spread out meat as you add it to pan, but do not stir for a good minute. (You want the meat to get as brown as possible in as short amount a time as possible.) Turn meat to the other side and cook for another 30 seconds. Remove to a clean plate. Repeat with other half of meat, allowing pan to get very hot again first. After turning it, add the first plateful of meat, the rest of the marinade, and the snow peas. Stir over high heat for 30 seconds, then turn off heat. Check seasonings and add salt only if it needs it. Mixture will thicken as it sits.

SHARON FOX 1-8 oz. tube crescent roll dough 3 oz. cream cheese, softened 1/4 cup mayonnaise 3/4 cup cooked crabmeat, chopped 2 green onions, chopped 1/8- 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper salt and pepper, to taste

TASTY MINI CRAB ROLLS Heat oven to 375째F. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. Unroll dough on work surface. Pinch seams to seal and roll with a rolling pin to create an even rectangle. Cut into 6 rows by 4 rows to make 24 squares. In small bowl, mix cream cheese, mayo, crabmeat, onion, and red pepper. Salt and pepper to taste. Divide crab mixture evenly among the squares, dropping it by spoonfulls that are 1/2 inch from 1 corner of each square. Starting with same corner, fold dough over filling, and tuck end tightly underneath filling; continue rolling to within 1/2 inch of opposite corner. Roll opposite corner of dough over roll; press to seal. Place on cookie sheet. Brush with egg white, if desired. Bake 10 to 15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove from cookie sheet. Serve warm.


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Ted Nugent’s son, Rocco Moon weighs in on Kendrick Lamar, and his If you were to ask Rocco Moon, the son of legendary Rocker the one and only, Ted Nugent, what it was like to grow up the son of one of the most adored legends in rock music his response go little something like this; “I had a interesting child hood. One balanced between two pretty extreme polarities. One being a very normal life, attending public schools with a very rural Michigan backdrop. The other being a life of tagging along on tour with my dad. I didn’t take to music at all. I wanted nothing to do with it. I wanted to get as far away from it as I possibly could. At the age of 13 I decided I was going to have a professional career in basketball. I was realistic though, so I stayed aware of NBA alternatives.

It was in 2008 that Rocco faced an awful realization that was once submerged and suppressed deep within himself: It, was that basketball wasn’t was no longer what he wanted to do with his life. Feeling completely lost in limbo with no sense of direction he began intuitively jotting down all of his inner thoughts and heavy burdens down on paper. His notebook began to accumulate pages and pages of poetry. Thoughts with meaning and even some rhyme cadences that weren’t horrible, Then, he felt another urge. Why not make beats? The urge to make beats he says “was completely separate from me writing down emotions and making them rhyme. The first woman to break my heart taught me poetry and we would have full fledged text conversations in iambic pentameter”! Full of insecurities, and the threat of having to live up to the title blow up by another Rapper of the lighter persuasion, Eminem didn’t sit well with him. In fact that was literally the last thing he says he ever wanted to become. His name for the past 3 years was already either ‘white boy’ or any random Caucasian that he could remotely resemble. But, after a short time of making those beats and writing those words, he decided to fuse the two to at least see what they would sound like together. And the rest, for Rocco, is history. The next thing he know his life had purpose and meaning. He was filled with passion and drive the propelled him into acting as well. His emotions opened up and it became crystal clear to him that music and film would become his life’s pursuit. It by no means was a smooth transition for Rocco. “My dad despised hip hop, rap, and every preconceived notion that he had ever had with it. So supportive isn’t exactly the first thing he was. That changed once I played him a song I made where I sampled a Thelonious Monk song. His reverence for the Jazz master opened his eyes to the capabilities my once frowned upon genre could produce”. “Since diving in, I haven’t came out, and I don’t plan to any time soon. “ We think that Rocco has the gene’s, the brains and the talent and courage to accomplish anything he sets out to accomplish. Here’s his story; Tru: Your dad Ted Nugent is a LEGEND in the music industry. Is that what inspired you to get into it? Rocco: No. Not at all. That’s actually what drove me AWAY from the industry. But as soon as I moved out the house and had some real life altering ‘find yourself ’ moments, music is what came out. Instinctively I turned to writing. Writing felt like it was missing something after a while. It required me to accompany it.

s own career as a Rapper Tru: How did rap become your thing?

Rocco: Two ways probably. The first being the same as my dads reasoning for Rock N’ Roll, it was rebellious. It was the music if choice that my parents least enjoyed/ supported. The second, basketball. My love of basketball brought me to the love of basketball culture, which was black culture, which was synonymous with Hip Hop. I see rap and Hip Hop as two different things though. I don’t think I cared to rap. I actually wanted nothing to do with ‘rap’ and being a ‘rapper.’ I was already called Slim Shady and White Chocolate and I didn’t even rap. I was attracted to Hip Hop, not rap. Tru: What’s your take on the recent comment by Kendrick Lamar that HE is the KING of NY? Rocco: All in all, I think it’s doing something positive. It’s making people want to be more lyrical. Thank God for that. I’m not from East or West coast really. So maybe I’m not offended for that reason. But when I listen lean in and digest and take a step back, I get

Rocco’s dad, legendary rocker Ted Nugent is currently on tour and wasn’t available at the time of interview but he did provide Tru. with the following statement regarding his sons chosen career path;

“I am very proud of my son Rocco and his music. His life is inundated with the powerful soul music of my black heroes, but Rocco has a natural soulful sense of his own and his musical genius stands alone” ~Ted Nugent

the genuine impression he wants to elevate everyone. Make people step up to the plate. He wants Hip Hop to be better. And whether that means more lyrical or competitive, both sound better to me. Tru: What do you think makes you stand out among the rest? Do you think that you are the King of Rap? Rocco: I don’t see myself as a musician, or rapper, or producer, or actor. I do all those things and love them. But I want to be seen as an artist. I want to be one of the greatest artists of all time. A lyrical emcee and visionary director or screen writer are vehicles to take that. But king of rap? Maybe at some point. But I see myself taking a route that would closer parallel Pharell than Kendrick. Tru: If you could “change” something about the music business what would it be?

Rocco: Maybe the way people obtain it. But I don’t know. I try to stay away from that phrase just because of how much trouble it’s given me in the past. Wanting to change something I cannot. It will only bring me frustration... Yeah Man - I have no idea! I’m really looking for

something I would like to change. And I can’t really think of anything. How its categorized ? I would change that. How its classified into genres. So many boxes. So many titles and labels. Tru: Do you feel that racism is still prevalent, and do you ever come up against it? If so, how do you deal with it? Rocco: I do. My father disagrees , but a

lot of the people I care about in my life are black, and I get to see how they work through it and how their mind sets are preparing them for something they have to deal with everyday. That they know they will experience. I experience it too. People judge me all the time. My experience is my own and can only be that. But when you come into contact with someone like that, at the end of the day they are afraid. Afraid of something. So afraid that they have to project their fear onto me or my friend. At the end of the day there are only two actions we can take, giving love, and calling out for it. Unfortunately sometimes it’s not as easy as countering to ten cuz people can be hurtful. But , I think a lot of it is a larger manipulation. It’s actually quite natural to judge. It’s instinctive. Every other animal does it. It’s how we survive. But there are people who chase power that will use any tool or weapon against us to keep us blinded. The skin we are covered in is a great distraction. Tru: Do you have plans to collaborate with your dad on any music projects? Rocco: No plans. But I would love to ! We’ve worked together a couple times on some small things. I had him play guitar on a beat I worked on. And I’ve seen his ability to truly let go and flush whatever is inside of him out. Something I struggle with. I think over the

years he’s gained a bit of a flush amplifier/ multiplier as well tho ugh. Tru: What do you want the world to know about Rocco Moon? Rocco: Hmmm. I am a being of Light. A human being. I’m curious. I’m a student. I like making music and film and hope to one day convey a great dream I’ve had to the world. Moon is quite bigger than me. I’m just doing what I’ve been guided to do. If it were up to me I’d probably

still be playing basketball. This young man with a plan is certainly ambitious and we’d expect nothing less, from the son of a Legend! We reccomend you check out his work. He has released a free album called “Loneruare” which can be download at; roccomoon. You can also see the video he directed for the lead single ‘One Deep’ at http://youtu. be/6yAzEYKXkSE.

g n i k wer



This month’s trend should be no surprise to anyone. If you’ve been to a club lately, turned on the television, walked along the boardwalk or logged on to Twitter after the VMAs, you should have a general idea of what Twerking is (let’s capitalize it to give it the respect such a noble art form as this deserves). If you happen to have lived the past few months deployed in the desert or immersed in a comatose state, I’m here to help. Twerking is an old dance form originally used in early African fertility rituals to demonstrate fecundity through the exhibition of the healthy fat stores in the gluteous maximus. Twerking has made a come back in modern music through R&B tracks such as “Twerk it” and “Puttin’ in Twerk.” Miley Cyrus recently made headlines by demonstrating her twerking abilities at the VMAs. Unfortunately, Miley’s lack of gluteal padding made her twerk a little lackluster, to say the least. Had she performed in ancient Africa, she would have lived a long and lonely life as a spinster. So how DO you twerk? Why, just use the following Tru. Magazine exclusive guide and become the biggest hit at the club in no time: Buy a gym membership. Spend some time on the stair machine and do one heck of a lot of squats. If the above fails to give you a voluminous backside, eat a few cheeseburgers. Pick a good track, preferably one involving heavy repetition of the word “twerk.” Buy a ruler and a protractor. Place your feet approximately a foot apart—that’s 30.48 centimeters in the metric system. Bend over to a minimum of a 45 degree angle. Some enthusiast drop as far as 90. Arch your back. Clench your buttocks. Use your hip flexors to pop your backside up and down again in rapid, repetitive motions. Congratulations, you can now blend in successfully at your local nightclub. Complete mastery of the art is rarely necessary, as intoxication is often prevalent at twerking gatherings. Unless you’re prepping for the introduction of the twerk as an olympic sport, most forms of inclined buttock jiggling can generally scrape you by. Note, this move may also be performed with a partner. Good luck, and happy twerking!

Fiona Russell

Fiona is a writing and social media specialist with a degree in English and journalism. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging and working on her novel “The Blood Tax.” In addition to my freelancing work, I run my independent business: Russell Editing and Writing Services, through which I provide resume, dissertation and copy-writing assistance.

The Enjoy Life Movement Getting on with it...

Let’s deal with two mindsets that must be dealt with. The first one is procrastination. Webster’s dictionary defines this as “to put off intentionally and habitually the thing that should be done.” Procrastination is very deadly because it is a paradigm that makes one believe that if I ignore it, it will go away. This is very far from the truth. As a matter of fact it only gets worse. It’s like the person who sweeps their house but is too lazy to pick it up. At first nobody will notice the small pile in the corner but over time it is something that grows so large that it becomes obvious to every one. Let’s discover some of the underlying things that can cause us to be a procrastinator:

George Aja Public speaker, Author, President of Enjoy life movement, LLC george.aja.564@

1)Being overwhelmed 2)A lack of discipline. 3)A lack of knowledge. 4)A lack of money. 5)A sense of discouragement. 6)The absence of a plan.

Let’s tackle the first one ... Being overwhelmed:

When you feel overwhelmed you have allowed all your responsibilities to run you instead of you running them. When you do not write things down they become cluttered in your mind and usually are only remembered when it’s either last minute or it has become to late. Take the time to write the things you must accomplish down on a daily basis and do it the night before so when you start your day, you can hit the ground running. Put these things in priority order and what ever you don’t get done in that day move them to the top of your list for the next day. This will not only insure that you will not forget the important things but also give you a sense of accomplishment. This will help keep you from being overwhelmed. A lack of discipline: Now don’t be discouraged, I now that this is a tough one. Let’s first take a look at this definition: A. Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. B. Control gained by enforcing obedience or order. As we investigate the fist definition more closely we will discover that the first word in the sentence carries a lot of weight. This word is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal. You see this is the word that no one wanting to accomplish anything in life can live without. If we take time to understand and develop the concept of training, it will in turn produce the desired end that we seek for. The word training comes from a Greek word That was used in the Greek games that latter evolved into the Olympics. Picture for a moment the arena filled with people, the flags and colors of your favorite competitors waving in the wind. Listen to cheers of the crowd as the field & track athletes entered in to the arena. Watching them wave to their fans as they proceeded to the starting line. The crowd begins to quite down as these runners begin to take their mark but right before the took their position on the starting line they all “gumnazoed” in front of the whole crowd and were ready to run. I know your asking right now what did they do? What does gumnazo mean? Well now that I have peaked your interest this was the word used to describe an action. The action was to take the white robe that every runner wore and to take it off their bodies exposing the nudity of the runner. The idea behind this action is no different than the swimmer who shaves every hair on his or her body. To reduce drag and to increase the speed is the ultimate goal for these athletes. When we look into the arenas that

deal with competition; that is dependent on speed and time, the removing of anything that would impede your progress must be removed. This increases the percentage of your victory or the achievement of your desired end. So then when we look at this word in relation to training we discover a empowerment principal. This principal is the willingness and wisdom of removing from ones life anything that would keep them from achieving their desired end. You must understand that you are responsible for your own discipline and training. It’s up to you and no one else. So go head and remove your robe run your race and know you were destined to win. You are probably thinking right know where do I start? Allow me to help with a simple concept. Take an inventory of the points of entrance into your life. That would be the gate of your eyes, the gate of your mouth and the gate of your ears. These three represent what enters the eye gate will effect the soul, what enters the ear gate will effect the soul and what enters and proceeds from the mouth all effect the soul that can damage the spirit and ruin a life. Let’s review this first definition: Training that corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character. So watch those gates and train that mind, strengthen your spirit and your character. When we consider the second definition; Control gained by enforcing obedience or order. Personal discipline is of the up-most importance because the ability to say yes or no to your self to the right and wrong things is paramount if we are to achieve the purposes that God has laid out for every human being. That’s right God has a plan for you. God’s intelligent design and purpose has been downloaded into all of us.

A lack of Knowledge: It has been said that “knowledge is power” and that “knowing is half the battle.” Knowledge is defined as: “The fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience or association” Let’s first begin by stating the obvious opportunities for the acquiring of knowledge. Books – library or bookstores. Internet. Audio education. CD’s tapes or mp3. Television. Mentors. It is certainly amazing the day in which we live in, with all of the free information at our finger tips to remain uninformed. There is no excuse for not gaining knowledge. The truth is whether we acknowledge it or not we are constantly taking in information all around us. The problem is most of the time we do this conscience and sub-conscience gathering in the wrong environments and associations. Understand this for sure that to a large degree your current situation is directly connected to what you knew and its application or the lack there of. It is a very interesting thing when you meet somebody who posses a great degree of knowledge but lacks any evidence of applying what they know.

Empowerment Principles Gather your knowledge from the proper sources that will feed your purpose. Apply the knowledge you have gathered. Work on mastering the knowledge you have gathered through daily application.

A Lack of Money:

One of the biggest hindrances to reaching our desired end is a lack of money. How ever we must look at money from a proper perspective. Define your dream, write your business plan and do not let a lack of capital stop you from moving forward. If your dreams and Ideas are worthy and inventive by the proper networking relationships in time you will find investors to support your vision. Believe it or not there are people out there who have the means to help you and form a business relationship that will benefit mutually both parties. This is not a book on finance but allow me to offer you some empowerment principles on the subject:

Live a debt free life. cant life. Let’s review some of the Develop a personal budget and stick to it. symptoms that discouragement Be willing to sacrifice now so you can play later. produces: Develop a business plan. Learn how to present your plan to those who can help you. A depletion of our courage. If it applies look into federal grant money. A depletion of our forward proDon’t be afraid to start now, even if it’s on a smaller scale. gression. Invest in yourself, spiritually, physically, intellectually and develA false perception of our availop people skills. able resources Ask the right questions to the right people. A desire to quit. Seek information; so much of it is free!! Internet. A need to isolate from others. Record all wisdom and knowledge into a journal. A Sense of Frustration. Your problem is not money. Begin today and start to execute A lack of motivation these principles and over time you will see your advancement. Listen I know this is a pretty negative list but be encouraged your not the first A Sense of Discouragement: person to experience these feelings. Their have been times in my personal life where Let’s begin by noting that there is a distinct differI have felt all these things at the same ence between discouragement and depression. If you time. I actually have been at the door are battling with depression seek some professional steps and living rooms of all the things help and surround yourself with honest and positive listed above. If I have learned anything in people. Life has a way of presenting situations that will this life is that most all things pass away. cause you to be discouraged. These discouraging situTake the time to re read this and apply ations come in so many different forms. From finance what’s is necessary for your advancement. to relationships to health the list could go on and on. Take one day at a time and embrace the The point is that discouragement is a part of life. Anyfullness of your process; it is within this one who tells you they have never been discouraged process that we acquire all we need for or do not experience it from time to time is a liar and any given situation. is in deep denial. Until next time, this is your friend George Aja...Enjoying Life, Discouragement is defined as: 1. To deprive of courage or confidence. 2. To hinder by disfavoring, to attempt to dissuade. It is interesting that in a very simplistic way we can see that when we are discouraged it is simply the absence of courage. The absence of courage produces things in our lives that are detrimental to us living a signifi-

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Tru. Hustle


Many hip-ho

This months’ Tru. Hustle c businessman from South P And from what we’ve seen,

Born Kareem Williams, the the name Charles Williams Lefty started his career in m

Lefty began early, rapping h Most Wanted” video shoot Williams of the Neptunes . Eightball and MJG Lefty b group named ‘Plead Da Fi

The group dropped three m become co-owner of Lab A shape the careers of noted Mega Ran) and many more

Never one to hustle backw studio and mic behind in 2 ship and family life. After p Multi-Level-Marketing and relocating to Phoenix, AZ, world with a vengeance!

His first single “The Indust Freeway, as well as Random album release will feature s Corey Gunz (Young Mone (Suave House) and more. T high profile hip-hop gossip with some of the biggest na Entertainers.

Multiple hustles, many tale

m “LE FTY” Williams

op artists claim titles like Entrepreneur, Hustler, or Go-Getter, but how many really put in the work?

column features a talented artist and Philly who simply goes by, “Lefty “. , Lefty, puts the “H” in Hustle!

he son of a late Doo Wop singer, by s from the group “The Turbans”, music in 1998.

his heart out on the set of the “Philly t for legendary producer Pharrell . Heavily influenced by 2Pac, E-40, became a part of a South Philly rap ifth’.

mix tapes before Lefty, decided to Addicts studio. He even helped to Philly rappers ; NH, Random (aka e.

wards, Lefty decided to leave the 2003 to focus on business ownerputting up amazing numbers in the d Internet marketing business and , Lefty has returned to the hip-hop

try,” features legendary Philly MC m aka Megaran. His upcoming several noted guests, including ey), Journalist, Daytona, Mr. Charlie To add to his hustle, Lefty hosts a p blog, and has conducted interviews ames in Reality Television and Adult

ents. One Lefty.


ru: Your a marketing expert, you host a high profile hip-hop gossip blog, an artist is there anything that you can’t do?! Which aspect of what you do , do you totally love the best? Lefty: I run my own internet marketing business, I am a dad to a 7 year old little girl and I am about to start a 90 day fitness challenge called “No Bitch Will Ever Call Me Fat Again” ! I am just a rapper and a person that can put deals together and make things happen. I am a person the loves to help people that are deserving of my help. If I had to put them in order. It would be music first because I have been doing music since 1998, the celebrity interviews second because it helps me get my face and name out their in the entertainment world/ marketplace without pushing my music down people’s faces. My music is in the beginning and the end of every interview I do. That allows people that would not have heard my music at all, the change to now hear me as a rapper and as a interviewer. Marketing third because it pays the bills and put a Rolex on my wrist at the age of 32. Marketing should be first to be honest lol lol lol. Tru: How did you get into so many hustles and how do you juggle them all? Lefty: W ell I was in to music first, but I could not fund my career. That pushed me into network marketing, which pushed me into internet marketing and just being a business owner. Looking for a vehicle that will fund this music career and take care of my everyday needs, but not take out all my time in the same breath. The interviews came last. I have info product where I interviewed thirty of the top internet marketers and network marketers. I am talking eight and nine figure money earners. With that said I have been doing interviews for a long time if you really break it down. So, once I started doing music again (about six months ago), thinking like a business man, it was a great idea to do interviews as well as rap. Now I have two doors open in this entertainment industry that is soooooooo hard to get into. The name of the game is building relationships, the way to do th at is to have conversations with people and make

them remember you. If I record an interview with you and put it online, you can never forget me (laughing). As far a juggling all of these things. Remember I mastered whatever I do so everything comes easy at this point in my career. Time management is key for me. Tru: What do you feel makes your music different from other rappers out here today? How does it compare? Lefty: My music is different because my views on life are different. The way I look at things is different, so with that said everything about me is different.

Look at my song “Katy Perry”. From the title you think I am talking about that white girl which is cocaine. But I flipped it and talked about a women dissing a guy out in public, which Katy Perry did to her husband at the Grammy awards show. Who do you know would think, to do something like that and also breakdown getting hit with that Katy Perry, being a guy ? It does not compare because I’m not trying to compare myself to anyone. I do me and they do them at the end of the day. Plus I keep it real, I talk about things that happen in my life.

Tru: Who is your favorite rap/hip hop artist and why? Lefty: Tyga, his flow is crazy and he is a young kid that is doing big things in this music game ! Him and Honey Cocaine are the reason I even came back to do music in the first place. Tru: Are you still connected with Pharrell Williams and do you have any plans to work with him or any of your other major connects in the industry in the near future? Lefty: I am not connected with Pharrell at all. I just rapped for him at the ‘Philly Most Wanted’ video shoot for their song “Suckers “ back in 1998 or 1999. I would love to work with him and pick his brain on the business side of things. I want to work with some singers in the near future for my next project.o grab Tru: Do you have plans to get involved in any other aspects of the entertainment world? Lefty: I want to do T.V. on day. maybe a talk show, speaking on the justifiable bull shit that a lot of these women like to pull on us guys. I do not believe in love so its always an honor to talk to women about that type of stuff. makes for great conversations (laughing) and arguments. You can check out the man on his grind via the links below; Twitter is @mlmkareem Instagram is @thekidlefty And be sure to grab his album; My Views on DatPiff for FREE! php?id=513957 or go to

couldn’t see them well enough anymore. It had to be something new. Something original. Something from inside of me.This was perhaps the most troublesome, because I’d never expressed anything in art before except a replica of an existing image. Something any good sketcher can do. And then it dawned on me what I wanted to paint, and that was the rural images inside of me that lingered You can’t sketch celebrities anymore, I told myself. Get it out of your mind. from my childhood. Something You have to make some other kind of else dawned on me too: I had no pictures. With…your fingers? Then choice but to use intuition. That and the four years of high school I made the decision to give finger painting a try. What did I have to lose? art classes I’d taken, then the two to three more years of art classSculpting didn’t interest me. Pottery es in college, and all those years Intuition was something I used all didn’t interest me. Beaded jewelry didn’t interest me. It was images that of sketching celebrities. Since I the time, every day. As a legally couldn’t see my creations very blind person (who is totally blind at still had a hold of my heart. But not well, I had no choice but to show night), I’ve used intuition my entire celebrity. And not anything from a them to people, for feedback. life. But to apply it to art seemed… reference photo, because I just plain With all of the decorum I could maintain, I put my Sharpie away and settled it in my mind that I could no longer do it. But a Facebook friend of mine named Sonja had another idea. She suggested I try finger painting, because it was something I could do intuitively. She had to be kidding.The only painting I’d ever done was a yellow flower, and I’d used a brush. Finger painting was child’s play. Who could take that seriously? I certainly couldn’t. But the more I thought about it, the more I processed what she said.

illogical, and impossible.That’s because I had always defined art visually. Intellectually I knew art was many things. And maybe at a subconscious level I’d even used it with sketching. But the only way I’d ever produced images was with vision. Certainly not with intuition.All the intuition in the world couldn’t sketch Paul McCartney accurately.

“The Rescue Of My Art” By Tammy Ruggles

Retinitis Pigmentosa is an eye disease that robs your vision over time, and there is no cure, but I went on my merry way playing with my family and cousins on my grandparents’ farm in Kentucky. My vision worsened over the years, but it didn’t stop me from sketching celebrity portraits. If I could get the reference photo close enough to my eyes, and it was big enough, I could draw it. Yes, at that point, with vision 20/200, I was legally blind but still able to sketch detailed faces, with the help of a black Sharpie and my 47-inch computer monitor. It seemed that I always found a way to compensate. Even after losing my social work position, I picked myself back up and moved on, to become a freelance writer. Then, after a few years, my vision took another turn for the worse, and I reached a brick wall. My vision became 20/400, and it didn’t matter how big the celebrity’s image was, I still couldn’t see the details well enough to draw them. It was time to face the facts: I couldn’t sketch faces anymore. Which meant, to me, that I couldn’t do art anymore. Portraiture was the only kind of art I knew. My free audiobooks for kids and teens art can play in my life. I taught finger painting to a group of children at a community outreach program, and was invited by local art teachers to talk about ways to teach art to blind and visually impaired students. In taking a chance on something new, at the risk of embarrassment and failure, my art was actually rescued, when it could have been lost This is the story of how my finger forever. painting began in April of 2013. Since then, my pictures have *EDITORS NOTE: been included in a few local art Tru. Magazine took great pleasure in exhibits in Kentucky and Ohio. publishing Tammy’s story. It’s one of I’ve sold a few in art shows, courage and inspiration. We hope that online, and in person. Along her story will touch the lives of those with interest came the idea that who need it the most. I wanted–needed–to show the world that the blind and visually Contact Info for Tammy: impaired can create art. But even Find me on DeviantArt tammyruggles. more than that, I’ve learned that I can use art to help others, and Friend me on Facebook www.facebook. this is perhaps the biggest role com/mss.tammy What do they look like? Are they okay? Can you tell what it is? Answers ranged from “Not too bad”, to “Is that a bird or a flower”, to “Show them to a gallery”. It was enough encouragement to keep me going.

Kickin it with Keith, my view on... Faith and Relationships Keith V. Murphy Author, Motivational speaker and Relationship Counselor Contact: or

If more people had an understanding of WHAT marriage is and what God expects of us as married Christians, perhaps things might be better. All too often, we bend or even IGNORE Scriptures in order to submit not to our faith, but to our flesh when the Bible repeatedly instructs us to do the complete opposite. If a person cheats WITH you, they will cheat ON you… Just to clarify before I get started, I do realize that there are women who cheat – for the sake of not having to address everything from two different angles, I’m using ‘men’ for this example… Marriage is not seen as a covenant anymore, but a simple agreement — an agreement that can be backed out of without anyone batting an eye. People throw away their marriages because of lust and then have the NERVE to step into the sanctuary on Sunday morning as if they haven’t sinned against God by committing the ultimate betrayal. You can’t become ONE with anoth-


he state of this world is just sad. The more I sit back and watch, the more I realize how very little integrity most people have. Every societal ill that we have begins with the smallest societal unit – the family. People need to get it together. This world needs some serious change and it starts with the FAMILY. It starts with strong, God fearing men who can stand blameless before God on behalf of their families — and not only that, but who can stand firm and honorable against temptations. It starts with loving, gentle wives who respect their husbands and raise their children up in the way of the Lord. It starts with bonds of love and trust — it starts with passion that is born from cherishing your wife … and through obeying your husband. {And before you all start the debate on submission and obedience, get an understanding of what those mean in the heart of a follower of Christ — it’s not about being a doormat. It’s a mutual ideal, not just about a woman catering to the every beck and call of her man.} er person and then go back later and say, “Nevermind!” It doesn’t work that way. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard someone say, “It’s complicated,” when they’re trying to justify infidelity, I’d probably have a better splurging budget. It’s not complicated at all. You either were with a married person who was NOT married to you or you were married and were with someone that was NOT your spouse. Either one is wrong. Period. Let me let y’all in on a little secret (which is actually not a secret to anyone with more than half a brain) — point blank, if a person cheats on another person with you, they will cheat on you with another person. Ladies (and I use that term loosely here),

in the slim chance that a man is stupid enough to leave his wife to be with a pitiful excuse for a woman like you (and any woman who is willing to be with a married man is a pitiful excuse for a woman) then what’s going to stop him from leaving you for the next thing that catches his eye? Oh, you’re his soul mate? Sure you are. Obviously he thought his wife was his soul mate… See how that ended up. He couldn’t be faithful to his WIFE and you think he’s faithful to his MISTRESS? Even from a worldly perspective, that doesn’t make a lick of sense! On the flip side, I would question the mental stability of any man who would WANT to be with a woman who would accept him into her bed know-

ing he’s married to another woman. You HONESTLY think that when the passion starts to wane and the excitement of your little affair dies down, she’s not going to be chasing after that same feeling with some other dude? You’re a fool. Do you think God is as big of a fool as you??? It goes both ways so feel free to flip the genders around if need be, but however it may apply, just know that adulterers will NOT be blessed. You think you can run through God’s house worshiping and playing that role and then make a mockery of the Christian faith by acting like it’s all fine and good for you to be intimate outside the sanctity of your marriage and come back later begging forgiveness for something you knew better than to do in the first place? Do you think God is as big a fool as you??? He sees through man into the heart — into the soul. He knows your motives. And even if you do create a loving union with that person in the end, that bond will not be recognized in the eyes of God because its origin was unpure. I would imagine there would have to be some very extenuating circumstances for THAT much of a change to take place in the heart so that God would be convinced that you should be redeemed.

The Bible says the following:

Proverbs 5:16-19 (NIV) Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? 17 Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers. 18 May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth. 19 A loving doe, a graceful deer — may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be intoxicated with her love. The Lord is the witness between you and the wife of your youth. Do not be unfaithful to her or God will judge you. Hebrews 13:4 (NIV) Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral. For those who are more apt to follow the New Testament: 1 Corinthians 7:2 (NIV) But since sexual immorality is occurring, each man should have sexual relations with his own wife, and each woman with her own husband. 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV) Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor {…} adulterers {…} will inherit the kingdom of God.


Have you ever heard the saying, “It’s never over until it’s over?” Well, it’s never too late to try to make right

what you screwed up. I don’t know who needed this message tonight but I pray God delivers it to the right set of eyes because He laid it on my heart and it took me the last 2 hours to get it all out here. His Word never returns void so I am confident that the Spirit will lead whoever needs the conviction to this post. Please don’t take this as me judging or condemning ANYONE — Hebrews says very clearly that GOD will judge. That’s not my place… my only intent is to share the word and hope that it brings someone to realize the truth of the error in their ways so that they can reconcile themselves to God before it’s too late. To pick up a copy of Keth’s book “Dance” go to; /

The REAL George Huff

by Lydia King

Today was a “slam dunk” kinda day...


woke up and it wasn’t 98 degrees outside.Which, it has been for the past grueling week in Minneapolis. And, I’ve been home all month working so it’s not like I got a break from the monotony of what is usually a pretty easy going summer here, and for whatever reason has been like ‘hell’ decided to share some of it’s warmth with us! I got my daily list of ‘things to do’ out and one of them was to get on the line with George Huff. One of my very favorite contestants EVER from American Idol. Talk about EXCITED! I used to be (NOTE that I said ‘used’ to be) a HUGE fan of the show, back when it was actually good, and George Huff hit my heart just as soon as I saw that infectious smile of his. His season just happened to be my very favorite season ever, in Idol history and though I had never met George before, Iv’e always felt a certain kinship towards him, a closeness from the first time that I saw his smile flash across my T.V. screen. His spirit, his warmth, his genuine ‘being’ warmed my heart each and every time he graced the Idol stage. Never in my wildest dreams could you have paid me to think that I would be sitting here today kickin it on the phone with George like we’d known each other forever and ever and had been the best of childhood friends! Let me tell you how it happened to come to be that I met whom I now consider to be of the most cherished of my selective circle of people, whom I refer to as “friend”... On one particular day I was feeling down, troubled by one thing or another and my soul was feeling restless. I was on the road and in no particular hurry to get to any particular place. I was dazed and numb and my emotions were, for lack of a better word...”troubled”. My spirits were low. I turned to Gospel music, which I always do when I’m feeling out of sorts. It’s my way of ‘re-connecting’ and anchoring myself. A song came on the radio, the first words I heard were “Believe that there will be a brighter day”.... The beat was funky, driving, and the voice was oh so familiar and sweet but I couldn’t place it. But it’s like, I wasn’t supposed to. He- the song was ministering to me, to my very soul, and in that moment, it wasn’t about the ‘who’, but the ‘what’. I mean isn’t that what music is supposed to do? Transcend all things? was working and I was in the process of being ‘fixed’ by a force greater than I. George sang; “Situations tend to weigh us down and it’s easy to let em’ steal your joy away. It’s always when you, are the closest to, almost gettin through- change seems far away! Everyday we live, there’s problems all around, things you can’t brace yourself for, and then tomorrows another day, I know that it ain’t easy, to smile and hide the pain, oh I’ve been there before. So I’m tellin you, when you’ve had enough you wanna give up, believe that there will be a brighter day. Seems you can’t go on, just stay strong believe that there will be a brighter day”. In this moment-time stood still for me and in the next beat now I’m on the road, head bobbin, shoulders

His music and His Glory

movin and a smile is even approaching my face. That beautiful infelicitous smile of the man I had yet to meet, had touched me all the way through the airwaves, through the atmosphere, reached out and touched me.... and...I didn’t even know that he was the man with the beautiful smile and voice from American Idol, all of those years ago. I rushed home to search the song, I had to have it! Had to add it to my arsenal of; Kirk Franklin, The Sounds of Blackness, Fred Hammond...those who I reached to for musical comfort and support when my day was feelin rough. I went to You Tube, popped in what I thought had to be the title; “A Brighter Day” and there he was...George Huff. I knew it! I just knew there was something special about that song. Something just for me. I mean it was like he was smiling that smile at me all through the song. I was so grateful that his song had brightened my day and that his message in that song reminded me that God IS in fact very real, no matter how down your feeling. I was so moved in fact that I decided to find him on Twitter, where we normal folks go to hope that the celebs of the world will pay attention and tweet us back (lol) and thank him.

I found him! In fact I told him I’d love to interview him, not because he’d been on ‘Idol’ and I was a fan, but because if his song had touched me when I needed it the most, then maybe, just maybe it would touch someone, anyone who needed it and happened across the article! After all THIS magazine publication is about representing, promoting and enlightening our readers with The and there IS... only ONE. And you will hear me say it often! When you know, then...ya know. So fast forward and here I was on the phone with one of the sweetest and most beautiful souls I have met to date. He called me and the rest is history and will be left to be written. But for now, here is


LK: How did you come to audition for American Idol? GH: I came to Audition for American idol because i was a struggling College Student. (laughter) I had to find a way to pay off all those crazy college bills that I had (laughter). Those people who know me know that I am a man of faith, and for years singing in the church we were told, “singing worldly music was not of God. So during my prayer time with God,I decided to ask him myself. Guess what he told me? “Yup”, He said “go and Audition for American Idol” and that’s exactly what I did. And I’m glad that I did, cause God had a great plan! See what I’m talkin bout Tru. Fam?....o.k. back to the interview LK: Who were some of your favorite peers from that season? GH: Some Of my favorite peers from my season w ere of course the winner , Fantasia Barrino, Ms. Jennifer Hudson, who has gone on to win many awards- to many to name. (laughter)... Latoya London, and also John Stevens whom I keep in touch with till this day- I love them dearly! LK: How has life changed for you since

American Idol? Any regrets? GH: Life has definitely changed for me after Idol. While on the show you don’t get to really know how much the show has affected your life until your standing in line at the DMV and your signing autograph s, or getting stopped by the “Po Po” as Madea calls them, (laughing) and while writing your ticket the cop turns around and asks you for another autograph for his wife. (laughing)! Crazy right? (laughing)

rich or po or, to not let being on the show change who I was as a God fearing person who loved my family, people, and everything music. LK: Understood. Do you keep in touch with any of your former Idol co-stars? Are you working on any projects with any of them? GH: I Keep in touch with lots of passed American Idol Contestants. Nikko Smith, Mandisa, Nidea Turner, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia Barrino, Latoya London, Malinda Dolittle. Just to name a few. And at one point or another have had the opportunity to work with all of them.

LK: Too cool. All of your friend were ALSO my fav’s!! Do you have LK: LOL....yeah, crazy, any plans or endeavors that extend but understandable! Do in the entertainment industry outyou feel like Idol affectside of music? ed your career for better GH: I do had plans that extend or worse , and why? outside of music. Its kind of hard to GH: Idol has affected my totally exclude the music par t belife for the better. There cause that’s where a lot of the other is no worst after being opportunities come though (laughon a show that huge! But ing) but, I have been asked to do then , that depends on lots of plays that conflicted with my the person right? I knew traveling schedule so I had to pass who George Huff was on them . I do a lot of speaking and before I got on the show hosting engagements. Weird right? and decided win or lose,

(laughing) and of course acting is something that I am totally going to pursue in the next year. I enjoy the road so much that’s why I put acting to the side for so long. But I do think now is the time. LK: Whats next for you George? GH: What’s next for George Huff?. Well I am currently on the road with Jennifer Hudson as her background vocalist and vocal arranger. I am writing a play that ccelebrates the life and llegacy of the best male vocalist that ever livedLuther Vandross ! It’s called “The Love Ballad King” -as well as writing and recording my own 1st Love R & B soul album, while traveling as George Huff , The Gospel Artist. (laughter) I am excited about what’s to come. And I assure you it will be my best work. We’re excited for you George, and I can assure you...we’ll all be waiting! For more info on George, follow him on Twitter; @Georgehuff4real for bookings; email

KELLY PRICE By: Lydia King

The R &

My first reac Ms. Price on fallout from h speak with he If you remem friends... was

In 1998 KP re laborated wit and Elton Joh

& B Diva, artist, business woman, wife and mother keeps it funky with Tru.

ction to my upcoming interview with Ms. Kelly Price was one of pure excitement, I was preparing myself to ‘kick it’ with the “Tru. Couch”! Ready to talk about her projects, the industry and most definitely get to the bottom of the rumors and her new show R & B Divas L.A. . Kelly is my girl and I’ve been an admirer for many years so being able to sit down and er candidly about; life, music, reality T.V....put me right in my zone. mber she was stumbled upon by Mariah Carey who ran and told Tommy Mottola about her and the rest, as they say my s history.

eleased her double-platinum debut, “Soul of a Woman” and music fans have been in love with her every since. She’s colth all of the greats, from; Mariah Carey, George Michael hn to The Isley Brothers, Brian McKnight , Diddy, Whitney Houston , and believe me that list goes on and on. But what I’d have to say I truly admire most about the artist, beyond the gift that is that phenomenal voice of hers is her “realness,” that part of her that allows her to speak to you as if your a dear friend or someone she deals with on the regular. I work with a lot of celebrities and she was as down to earth as it get’s from my experience. And while there’s no denying that music is where Kelly Price’s heart resides, she is an Entrepreneur, business woman, mother, wife and now recently even a grandmother-a nd, I’ve gotta respect a woman that juggles all of that with as much grace and elegance as she does. The second of three daughters, Price was raised in Queens, New York, in the church (my girl- so was I). That’s where her musical roots were planted, and tended to, early on. It’s where, as a two-year-old, she began singing in the children’s choir, where she sang her first solo at three and was fittingly-blessed with the moniker, Little Mahalia, a nickname given to Kelly by the teachers in elementary school after hearing her sing the first time. She’s lived up to her moniker, and so much more! This, is Kelly Price...

THE INTERVIEW Lydia King: R&B Davis LA, baby , that’s whats up, that ‘s your thing! Kelly Price: Yeah. Lydia King: When you were approached to be on that show, what was your initial reaction and response? Kelly Price: Initially I said, “Can I please watch the first season and see how you are going to direct it where you’re going to take it, and if it’s going to be like everything else I’ve seen. I really wasn’t too keen on reality television because of so much of what I’ve been seeing.” And so, I watched the first season and I was kind of like the extra diva and I’m tweeting every week and loving the show and loving what I was seeing and even appreciating that although there was conflict, it was handled tastefully. So I sat out the first season of R&B Divas, “Oh, they asked me about Atlanta........ I was actually in the original pitch when the show was being pitched before it got picked up and I just decided that I wanted to kind of sit it out and watch. And respectfully, the creators, Nic ki and Faith and the other producers, Phil Thornton and everyone, they were cool with it. So, I watched it at the end of season 1. I loved it. And by that time, they’d already come up with the idea

of franchising and coming to LA so that even worked out better for me because I live in LA. So when they asked me to be a part of the cast at that point again; they wanted me to anchor the LA cast, and I said “yes” . I felt like it would be great. I was told, “We want to do something different. We’re not keen on what we’re seeing particularly of black women on television. And we want to do something other than what’s being seen.” And I was all for that. That’s what I was told and that’s what I went for. Lydia King: And working with the other divas, how has the process been overall? I know that there has been a little drama that has occured lately. Kelly Price: Yes, yes. Lydia King: So what’s that about and what has the process been overall for you? How do you feel about it? Kelly Price: Well, if we want to be 100% truthful, I’m just going to do that. I mean I’m not popular a lot of times for

being 100% truthful. Lydia King: I appreciate that. We are Tru Magazine, so I appreciate that in you. Kelly Price: Reality TV is big business and at the end of the day, we all started off with, we want to make a really nice, clean, sweet show. The producers were not satisfied. They felt like it was boring. They not only felt that way, they told us that it was boring. They actually – their quote was, “The show was a snoozefest.” And they wanted it to kick into high gear. Me personally, I told them, “We can give you drama. We understand it’s business, whatever. I don’t want to fight with the ladies.

“We understand it’s business, whatever. I don’t want to fight

with the ladies.”

So if you feneed to find a way to have drama in the show, find a way to get drama in the show. Let’s do that. It’s all good.” They introduced Fred for the drama. So that’s what people don’t know. I did not want to – I told them I don’t want to be another black woman fighting other black woman on television. We actually all said that. But they had their idea about how they wanted to make the show. And ultimately, they did what they needed to do to cut the show up and make it look the way they want

ed it to look. In my own defense, I will say, because I’m catching a lot of heat, but I will say this, I am 40-year-old woman. I accept full responsibility for everything I do and everything I say. So everything that I’ve done and everything that I’ve said on the show, I actually did it and I actually said it. But you didn’t necessarily get it when I said it, how I said it, who I said it to, some of it was out of sequence and some of it was out of context. So again, reality TV is big business. These people are in it to make money. And trust me when I tell you, the people who are on the show are not the ones who are making the money. Lydia King: WriterCreators and the producers...(laughing) Kelly Price: Right! It is the people who you don’t see, who you don’t know who are making the money. But with that, I will say, my relationships are intact with Faith Evans, Nic ki Gilbert, Phil Thornton who is also an executive producer who I knew coming into the show, but they are not the only producers or executive producers on the show. So that much I will say. There is no issue between me and Faith, me and Nicki, me and Phil. We constantly communicate and honestly, they speak to me every week when a new episode airs and I’m finding out some other crazy things that I did or said to one of the ladies that wasn’t necessarily done or said to one of the ladies but made to look like it. And they encourage me every week. So with that, the general public doesn’t know that and they wouldn’t know it. Lydia King: Right. Kelly Price: But I speak to them every week and they let me know, “We have your back. Just ride it out.” And that’s what I’m doing. Twenty-one years in this business, I have to honestly say, I get that people are really angry and they’re surprised but they’re angry and they’re surprised because they had never seen

this before because that’s not who I am. So I have to stick with that. I have to stick with that. They’ve never seen that Kelly because that Kelly is not who I am. I’m not saying that I don’t have the capacity to get upset or to go off. Lydia King: Of course. Kelly Price: We all do. Lydia King: You’re human. Kelly Price: I’m human. But you’ve never heard me call any of those ladies out of their name and you’re not going to because I never did. I’m not throwing liquor in anybody’s faces. I’m not breaking bottles over anybody’s heads because that’s not who I am. The best they

could do was cut me up to make me look crazy in an emotional moment. But that’s all that I do. You’ll never hear the big words come out of my mouth. I’m not going to call another woman (*&%) that’s not who I am. So with that, I would just ask the public, look at it but if you’re looking at it, really look at it because we see some things happen on reality TV every week and those things, you don’t see me doing because I haven’t done them. Lydia King: Yeah, understandable. Kelly Price: Yeah. Lydia King: What would you say that you like most about being a part of the show? Kelly Price: What I love most about

has an opportunity to come and have a new start after going through so much tragedy in her life. Lil’ Mo has one of the best voices in the industry. She’s got church edge with hip-hop ability and that’s an interesting great combination. Chante Moore is one of the most unique voices you’ll ever hear as is Michel’le, her voice is a phenomenon because she literally has a thing with her vocal cords where they are underdeveloped so her speaking voice is child-like but her singing voice is a grown woman all day long ! Lydia King: Right! Kelly Price: Dawn Robinson, to me, she’s a legend. She made history. I think that she was – she and her En Vogue sisters were the role models for groups that came along behind them like SWV and Destiny’s Child. Before those groups, there was En Vogue and they were the soundtrack to our young lives. I know exactly where I was and what I was doing the first time I heard Hold On. So you know

being a part of the show is that I did get a chance to spend time with these other women. They’re all incredible. They’re all incredibly talented. Everybody has different goals right now for themselves. So we’re all doing ..., I will say that everybody is doing , what they feel they need to do to get to the next step in their career. And that’s the most I can say without telling anybody else’s story. But we are all very aware, every one of us of what was going on behind the scenes and what was being done to make this show look like, the people who are making it- want it to look like. I respect all of their talent. I’m a fan of all of their music. Claudette, I’m excited about the fact that she

what I mean? Like that’s great. Lydia King:That’s real. Kelly Price: Yeah. Lydia King: So Kelly, do you have any advice for other celebrities that are considering the world of reality TV? Kelly Price: Yes. I will say that if it is not something that you have the final say over when it comes to what happens in the edit room then just understand that nothing is guaranteed and what you see may not be what you thought you were going to see. And then if that is the case then what I’m having to teach myself how to do is to remind myself that what people are seeing is not real. It’s not the emotion and what they’re seeing is real but it’s not reality because it’s not being presented inside of the context. So I have to teach myself how to take it with a grain of salt. And to a degree, even with discussing it with my own team, they’re all telling me and it’s actually a bit flattering that people are as angry as they are with seeing me this way because they know Kelly another way. And they’re not going to see me step out of line. So really I’m telling myself, the people who supported me down through the years are making me accountable for everything I’ve said in my music and in my interviews. I’ve always stood up for integrity and being a supporter of other women and other people. And so what they’re seeing right now is not that girl. So they’re saying, “If that’s not who you are, that’s a problem for me.” So I’m actually glad that they’re holding me accountable because I think they should. Lydia King: Absolutely. Kelly Price: Yeah. Lydia King: I understand Kelly, I get it. Hey,. I actually heard from a source that you’ve got another reality show concept that you’re working on. Kelly Price: Yes, yes. Lydia King: And so, talk to me about that. What’s it about? What’s it called? Kelly Price: Yes. That actually is one of the great things about doing reality TV even though it didn’t turn out the way I thought it was going to turn out because I’m a very quick study so I watch to see how it’s made. I’ve had a wonderful idea to do a show called Too Fat for Fame where I would have the opportunity to take plus size talent, specifically, plus size talent whether you’re an actor or an actress or a singer or a model or any kind of television, even radio personality and help open doors for those people because so many doors get slammed in our faces just because of the way we look. And I say “our” because it still happens to me sometimes even now. People say, “Well, you can’t identify with that anymore. You’ve already made it.” No, I still have to deal with people saying, “You’re too big. You don’t look like this. You don’t like that.” Or they won’t say anything. They just won’t allow me the opportunity to participate in a certain casting call or whatever. And so, we get to shine a light on something that really exists still out there which is fat discrimination. But we get to discover some great talent. I’ve seen thousands of video auditions. We’re doing a live audition in Hollywood on the 28th of this month. And all of that information is on Facebook as well at There is some really great talent out there living inside of plus size bodies that I ask the question, what if every person who was super

talented had been told “ yes” instead of “no”. Like how much talent have we missed because the talented person was told no because they weigh too much? Lydia King: Right. Kelly Price: So we want to bring their talent to the forefront that otherwise wouldn’t have an opportunity. And that’s what Too Fat for Fame is about. Lydia King: I think that is beautiful. So at this point, do you know when the show is scheduled to air? Do you have a network yet or you’re still in the shopping process? Kelly Price: I’m still in the shopping process but I’m moving forward. I believe in this enough that I am spending my own money to get it done. So we’re casting right now. I have a camera crew. We’re shooting the auditions that will happen here in Hollywood on the 28th of this month. I believe in it enough to put my own muscle and my own dollar behind it. And so, I’m moving forward with it and we are in talks with different people from different networks right now. And so, we just want to make sure that it lands in the right home because we want to bring a great show. We want to bring a great show and highlight the talent. And it is unscripted reality but there’s also a format and I do want to be part of the show. We’re going to be developing the artists, next generation artists who are plus size people who are beautiful and just as beautiful and super talented and in a lot of cases, a lot more talented than some of the stuff that’s being presented. So they deserve the opportunity to be seen and to be heard. So we’re doing it. We’re doing it. Lydia King: That is so awesome. Kelly Price: Yes. Lydia King: Oh man, I’m excited. That is a show that I will watch. You are so right. I’ll never forget how upset I got when Jennifer Hudson got kicked off of American Idol. I was furious. I quit watching the show. I mean – to me, she should have won and I just – I was outdone. I was so hurt by it. Kelly Price: Yeah. Lydia King: And what a great thing it is that you’re bringing that kind of attention to something that has been going on for far too long in the industry!. Kelly Price: Yes, I agree. Lydia King: So growing up, Kelly, growing up, what was your passion? Did you see yourself creating and producing TV shows? Kelly Price: I did not. This is something that’s kind of come on me in recent years. I literally thought that I was going to go to school and be a lawyer. That was my game plan to get out of the hood and to never be homeless again. I was going to go to school. I was going to become a lawyer and there was no Olivia Pope back then or whatever, I was going to be problem-solving. I was going to do it for a living and I was going to be in the courtroom and I was going to be arguing in front of the judge and I was going to have on my little suit and my sensible heels. And in New York, everybody rides the subway or rides the bus and you see the business women walking around with their little briefcases with their sneakers and the low pom-pom socks on and their heels are in there back. That was supposed to be me. Lydia King: Right. Kelly Price: But God saw it another way. I’ve been singing my whole life. I’ve been writing since I was 7 years old. But I didn’t believe that that would be something that I did for a living because growing up in church, they told us, “When you sing,

you sing for the Lord. You don’t sing for anybody else and that’s that. And you’re not supposed to get paid to do it.” That’s what they told us back then so I never as a kid imagined that I would be doing this, anything in entertainment for a living ever.

was actually from the show to talk about putting the monologue show together. So I’ve been through a lot in my life but it didn’t determine where I was to end up. So that is the message that I like to leave with. It does not matter where you start in life. You do not have to finish where you started if where you started is not desirable to you. You can do something else and growing up on the wrong side of the Lydia King: Are there any life experiences, tracks or whatever does not determine who that is. any lessons that you feel that you want to It does make it harder for you but it does not – it’s leave your audience with that could help not the be-all and end-all of who you are or where them in terms of your journey and where you’re supposed to be. you’ve been? Kelly Price: Yes. The biggest one I have to honestly say and I tell this because I do a lot of motivational speaking to kids and especially kids in under-served and underprivileged neighborhood s, that where you start is not where you have to end up and it doesn’t matter if everybody in your family never finished school. It doesn’t matter if they’re on drugs or if you have alcoholism in your family. I know what that is. I know what it is to have a parent on drugs. I know what it is to have a parent who was an alcoholic. I know what it is to live out on the street. I was homeless at 4 and again at 16. Lydia King: Wow! Kelly Price: Recently I disclosed actually on R&B Divas LA and through my monologue saying that at 3 years old, I was raped by my cousin and it’s something that I’ve never actually spoke out loud out of my mouth to anyone other than my husband until I’d sat with the lady who

“It does not matter where you start in life. You do not have to finish where you started if where you started is not desirable to you.” ~Kelly



Fox Searchlights **** 4 out of 5

Cast:Steve Carell(Trent),Amanda Peet(Joan),Sophia Robb(Susanna),Rob Corddry(Kip),Toni Collette(Pam),Robert Capron(Kyle),River Alexander(Peter)Liam James(Duncan),Allison Janney(Betty),Zoe Levin(Steph),Sam Rockwell(Owen). Running time:103 minutes. Directors:Nat Faxon,Jim Rash. Fourteen -year-old Duncan(Liam James)on a summer vacation with his mother ,Pam(Toni Collete),and her annoying boyfriend(Steve Carell)and his daughter Steph(Zoe Levin).Duncan is having a hard time adjusting to his mother’s boyfriend and the vacation itself until he meets an extroverted Own(Sam Rockwell),manager of the Water Wizz water park. All four people reside on a beach town in northern Massachusetts.Resentment builds between Duncan and sassy Trent especially when the teenager sees him doing things he disapproves of. What can get Duncan out of his funk?At Water Wizz he meets Owen,a vivacious manager of the place,with a sense of humor that’s dry.Owen’s influence rubs often Duncan who begins to open up.Owen hires Duncan as a helper brightening up his vacation stay. However,Duncan’s home life,like in almost every movie drama today,is rife with dysfuction. But it is the unexpected which illuminates the main character, Duncan.

Welcome to Coach Creer’s Coaches Corner From High School to College to the Pro’s I’m excited to be apart of the TruEntMagzine family, here at CCCC we will explore all of your sporting needs. I will be interviewing on national and local level at the high schools, colleges and professional events. CCCC will entertain topics that is requested by email or what’s suggested to Coach Creer by popular demand.

Fantasy Football Madness


ummer is all but over and it’s a different smell in the air not just Brats and Burgers. Yes It’s Football Season,! it starts at boys & girls club, park leagues and it ends with colleges and pros NFL. Their also another fever that runs rapid among the sports world and its almost bigger than Football itself you guess it , The Madness of Fantasy Football is here. That’s right Fantasy Football has been in existence since 1963. This game was started in New York City by members of a Professional Football team in the NFL .Back in 1963 the original name for Fantasy Football League was G.O.P.P.P.L. which means: Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League. In 1963 your draft order was 2 QB, 4 HB, 2 FB 4 TE, 2 Kickers/ Punt Returns, 2 FG Kickers, 2 DB/Linebackers, and 2 D Linemen Now 2014 50 years later the draft order is easier and less players 2 QB, 4 RB, 6 WR/TE,1 Kicker, 1 Defense/Special Teams Fantasy Football is so popular today its the conversation piece at the water cooler, coffee houses, sports bars and these places are where most leagues hold there draft parties. Today over 32 million people ages 12 and above in the U.S. and Canada from all Walks of Life. Teachers, Coaches, Students, Mom’s and everyone who has a passion for this game.

Letter From Rickey Young

Rickey Young Re-tired NFL Player

Hello everybody, I am so excited to write a bit and be back with you all this month. Summer has been terrific ---albeit short! Many charity golf tournaments and events later…I have just returned from the pinnacle celebrity charity event. What a privilege to be a part of my ex running mates golf foundation tournament. What a great weekend. My room mate and team mate at Jackson State University was non other than the great Walter Payton, former Chicago bear running back. The proceeds from the event goes to the foundation that Walter started & the Payton family has continued to support since his death. The foundation helps under privileged kids with scholarships for college. Many celebrities arrived Friday in Tunica Mississippi to participate in this great event. As I talked to and watched the sports celebrities that attended, I started to think about what the SEC Southeast conference) is today and what is was in the past. . The SWAC ( Southwestern Athletic Conference) before integration, all of the players staying in the black colleges because they were not allowed into the other schools. It was Alabama State, Jackson State, LSU, Dear old Grambling, Southern U, Ole Miss, and Mississippi State, Univ of FLA A&M. The conference was powerful and unbelievably talented. Most of the guys there in my generation, before integration, attended all black colleges. I wish that everyone could have seen the bands when they came marching into the stadium during a football game. It gave me chills, not once, but rather every time they marched in. The list of incredible talented athletes---Talking to these guys what a treat! Harold Jackson from Jackson State then with LA Rams; 00Soul Isaiah Robinson, Southern University, LA Rams; Richard Caster, Jackson State, NY Jets; Robert Brazile, Jackson St., Houston Oilers; Charlie Joiner Grambling, SD Chargers, Mike Merriweather, Pittsburgh Steelers. Thinking about how much things have changed. The small black college has all but faded away. Today kids of color have more options in college, and in sports they want their fame. And the very schools that would not allow my generation to play football there (Alabama, Old Miss, Miss State, Auburn, Texas A&M,) now are winning because of all of the diverse talent on the teams! The great SEC has won 6 straight national championships. As great as my college life was at Jackson State, I can still remember my head coach, Bob Hill, telling my grandmother, Mama Mary, that Rickey will leave here in 4 years with a degree, and be able to be a good citizen, and get a good job. And if he plays as good as I think he can, he might get a chance to play pro ball. And he didn’t let her down. I think about how much care and personal attention I received. On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Speech, I have a dream. Stop and look in the mirror and make sure you are taking advantage of all of the opportunities in your life. Remember the blood and the beatings many took to make yours and my life easier and equal. Let keep moving forward, and keep the I have a dream alive.

Tru Teen

Dogma of a Pond Goer Upon the Ponds murky surface I sit For it is here that clarity comes to me In its purest form the opposite of the pond in front of me. In its murky depths I see a reflection of the depths of my past and present Unclear, and choppy from the simplest of breezes Yet when the sun shines on its surface I see anew A swath of golden light that mimics the hope I hold The Pond is I and I am the Pond In perfect sequence we circle each other.

By; Christian Moses (18 yrs old)

Tru. Teen

Terrorism in Egypt Two sides in Egypt are showing the whole world that they are Zeina Adel My name is Zeina, and I am 15 years old. Writing has always been my passion since I was 9. I have started writing since then, and it helped me through a lot in my life. Everyone has a small passion well mine is writing.

fascism’s victims and that the other side is responsible for what is happening now in Egypt. The most describing word for this is mess. The first side, the Military supporters, believes that 30 June was a real revolution as real as 25 January. They believe that the military had all the rights to defend Morsi’s fascism moreover; they claim that Muslim Brotherhood and most of Islamits are in control of the terrorism that is taking place now in Egypt. Nevertheless, they back up their ideas by real videos. In one of the videos Mohamed El Beltagy, a leader in Muslim Brotherhood, say that the minute General Sissi return in his decision and announces that Morsi is the president of Egypt, everything happening in Sinai will stop. Therefore, this means that they are somehow responsible of what is happening in Sinai, maybe not directly, but they are at least involved. However, Islamits in Egypt have a very different opinion. They believe that Morsi was an elected president and that what is happening now in Egypt is coup against legitimacy. Moreover, they say that General Sissi has no right to isolate Morsi. Nevertheless, they believe that what is happening is Military fascism. They back up there story by showing how many Morsi supporters died during isolating them in Raba square, more than a hundred of them died. They claimed that it is slaughter. They also claimed that the terrorism happening right now in Egypt is made by the military. They claim that the military are doing this in order for them to stay as long as they possibly can ruling Egypt however, they have no evidence. Regardless pointing fingers and accusing the other side of responsibility, Egyptians should stay strong and defeat whoever is doing this in order to end this crisis easily and harmlessly.

A.J. Pierzynski

Playing in his 15th season in the major leagues the Texas Rangers catcher A.J. Pierzynski is the guy other teams love to hate for his particular brand of competition, but they obviously like having him around Arlington Texas. He is a 2x American League All-Star that played a vital role in the 2005 World Series Championship. Despite his reputation of being Public Enemy No. 1, Pierzynski is only hungry to win. This reputation only applies to his on field play but off the field A.J. is “not what people think.” I had a chance to sit down with A.J. before a game and talk baseball, but discovered the Ranger catcher/DH is one of the most genuine, honest and appreciative guys playing baseball today. He is just a regular guy who likes to have fun and doesn’t like the cold weather.


A.J. Pierzynski sits down to discuss his time Catching, Controversy, Cold Weather & 2005 Championship

Haley Smilow Tru. Magazine Jr. Sports Reporter Age 11

Sports Wrap-up with Haley

Haley: Do you have a favorite park other the Rangers Ballpark? AJ: Seattle Mariners Safeco Field would have to be one of my favorites, it is a good field to play ball on and the retractable roof makes it possible to play ball in any weather conditions. Haley: Is there a ballpark where you feel you always play well other than Rangers Ballpark? AJ: I don’t know, I think I play well at Wrigley and at Safeco and not so well at Fenway for some reason. Haley: Polish Sausage, Brat or Hot Dog? AJ: You would think because I am Polish that I would like Polish sausage but myfavorite is actually brats with ketchup. Haley: What’s your favorite restaurant? AJ: Actually I eat at Subway a lot because that is where my kids like to go. Haley: I heard you have a dog, what kind? Do you have any other pets? AJ: I have a yellow lab named Bubba. We don’t have any other pets but my daughter really wants a hamster. Haley: Do your kids come to a lot of your games? AJ: As many as they can but it is really hard because they end up staying up to late. Haley: Being from Florida have you adjusted to the cold when you played in Minnesota and Chicago? AJ: No, I never adjusted yet; I still hate the cold weather. As soon as the season is over I head back down to Florida. Haley: I know you are more than a wrestling fan, so what would your wrestling name be and what is your finishing move? Would you be a hero or villain? AJ: I have been on TNA Impact and WWE Raw and used my real name and my finishing move was the chair shot. Being a villain is what I would choose because they have more fun. Haley: You are known for having a strong personality, what would you like to tell our readers about yourself? AJ: “Don’t always believe everything that you read or hear, I am a normal person.” Haley: When you go to the pitchers’ mound what do you talk about or say to the pitcher? AJ: Sometimes I have to yell, and other times I’ll tell a joke or give advice it all depends on who is on the mound. Haley: I noticed that some catchers paint their fingernails, do you? AJ: Currently I do not, but I have for some road games. If they are painted it’s usually yellow or white, I have tried pink and green but pitchers can’t see it. Haley: Do you get a manicure or do it yourself? AJ: Either I do it myself or a trainer. Haley: What’s your favorite color to dye your hair?

AJ: I would have to say blonde because that’s what color it is now. Haley: Does it hurt to catch fastballs? AJ: It does sometimes but more when the ball is foul tipped. Haley: When a new pitcher comes in does it affect you? AJ: It does because it changes the game plan and how I call the rest of the game. I will make adjustments on how we get people out according to the different pitches a pitcher can throw. Haley: What’s your theme song? AJ: Bullets by Creed. Haley: And what is your favorite song now? AJ: Anything from Jimmy Buffet. Haley: Do you have any rituals or superstitions before and during a game? AJ: Yes too many to even talk about. Haley: Can you give me at least one example? AJ: I make sure that I do everything the same everyday from when I wake up. Haley: Other than winning the 2005 World Series what other accomplishments are you proud of? AJ: The division wins with the Twins and again in 2008 with the White Sox. Also passing Yogi Berra’s record for the most consecutive errorless chances. Any record with the name Berra in front of it means a lot. Haley: What do you remember most about winning the World Series? AJ: It is such a blur, I have to watch video footage to remember everything, but the feeling after the final out is something that I will never forget. Haley: Do you think being a catcher gives you an advantage as a batter? AJ: No, I don’t really get to know the opposing pitchers well enough to guess what pitch they will throw and it can take away from your focus on batting. Haley: What pitcher do you not like to face as a batter? AJ: Mariano Rivera because you know what’s coming and you can’t do anything about it. He owes me a lot of money because he breaks a lot of my bats. Haley: Does it hurt to squat for the whole game? AJ: No because after all these years I am just used to it. Haley: What advice would you give to the youth players? AJ: Baseball is a team game, made up of individuals. You must learn as a team and as an individual. Every game is a learning experience whether you win or lose. Have fun and listen to your parents and coaches.

I’m Guthrie Bonnett, originally from Southside of Chicago (born and raised until I went into the military), 42yrs old, played football and ran track for Morgan Park High School (Mustangs). I graduated and served in the US Army as a “Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division at Ft Bragg, NC. I was deployed to 2 wartime events: Operation Just Cause in Panama (1989) and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm (1990-1991) where I was injured and now suffer from Fibromyalgia (a degenerative joint disease). Chronic pain from Fibromyalgia has limited my mobility and makes photography difficult. Although I’m usually limited in motion, I am learning to “co-exist” with my pain, to get each task completed while I’m photographing. I’m also a small entrepreneur in the Midwest. I own a small retail business in Lafayette, Indiana (A Taste Of Chicago), I have a referring travel business (Bonnett’s Travel and Leisure Co), and I’m a personal photographer (Photos By A Taste Of Chicago). I have the will to follow my meaning and purpose as a photographer and push myself to work through painful photographic situations. I now deal with the pain more psychologically than worry about the things I can’t change. I’m working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Photography at The Institute of Art-Chicago, but also have bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Psychology, and an Associate’s of Applied Science Degree in Addiction Studies. I’ve had the privilege of working with and for some amazing people in the Chicago Fashion World. I started my career as a Fashion Photographer with the position of the Event Editor for Red Carpet Concierge Of Chicago under the direct supervision of the founder Sandra Smith-Doghmi. There, I’m currently on the board of directors and I cover fashion events as a photographer, and report them to my blog that is under construction: ( . I had the privilege of being a photographer covering the 2013 Oscars in Hollywood and will be doing so in 2014 as well. I also am a personal photographer for Midwest Fashion Week, where I work under the direct supervision of Berny Martin. While working with Midwest Fashion Week, I’ve photographed their fashion shows

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