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Affecting the World One Song at a Time

Stevie Wonder Legend Prepares for D.C. Show and Triplets

22 Dottie Peoples‘ On Time’ with another Inspirational Message: “I Got This”


Cash Money Record All Set for Their Annual Turkey Giveaways


E.P.I.C The New Kids on the Block in the World of Magazine

Stevie Wonder Legend Prepares for D.C. Show and Triplets


By Stacy Brown

e really is a Wonder. At age 64, as he prepares to play his classic album“Songs in the Key of Life” during a concert tour that kicks off Nov. 6 at New York’s Madison Square Garden, Stevie Wonder is expecting triplets. They will be his 9th, 10th and 11th children for the Motownicon, by five different women. He’s been married twice, but the mother this time is his latest girlfriend, Tomeeka Robyn Bracy, 40, who also gave birth to another child by Wonder last year. Bracy, who hails from Atlanta, has strong ties to the Washington, D.C. area, with previous addresses in Northeast, Washington and Oxon Hill, Maryland. “It’s Stevie’s mechanism for his happiness,” a family source said. “I don’t know that he set out to have 11 children, including triplets at his age, but it’s not like he isn’t happy about it or he can’t afford children. Another source also said that while Wonder has previously acknowledged that he hasn’t always been available to his children,the singer now goes out of his way to make time for each of them. The legend’s eight children range from 39-years to 1-year-old. “Aisha [his oldest] enjoys her dad quite a bit, they get together and eat and joke,” the source said. “He’s been helping Mumtaz with some of Mumtaz’s music and he always talks about how talented his son is.”Earlier this year, Wonder attended his son 26-year-old Kwame Morris’ graduation from Morehouse College and recently he was also photographed goofing around with his young son Kailand, 12, and his daughter Mandla, 9. “He knows that being a father is a full-time job and now that he’s a little older, he feels like he’s up to the task and he doesn’t want to let any of them down,” the source said of Wonder.

Although Wonder and his long time spokesperson Shelley Selover are keeping mum about the relationship with Bracy, those closely associated with the “Superstitious” singer said fathering more children keeps Wonder occupied these days more than music. The women in his life, including his ex-wives KaiMilla Morris and the late Syretta Wright, and those whom he fathered children with, Yolanda Simmons and Melody McCulley, have been cordial after parting ways, sources said “It’s fine,” a relative said. “Stevie loves his children and he loves his music..

Stacy Brown is the co-author of “BlindFaith: The Miraculous Journey of Lula Hardaway, Stevie Wonder’s Mother”Published by Simon & Schuster in hardcover form in 2002 and in paperback in2007.


Date City


Nov. 6 New York, NY Madison Square Garden Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 9 Washington, DC Verizon Center Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 11 Boston, MA TD Garden Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 14 Chicago, IL United Center Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 16 Philadelphia, PA Wells Fargo Center Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 20 Auburn Hills, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 22 Atlanta, GA Philips Arena Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 25 Toronto, ON Air Canada Centre Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Nov. 29 Las Vegas, NV MGM Grand Garden Arena Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m. local Dec. 3 Seattle, WA Key Arena Sept. 22 @ 10 a.m. local Dec. 5 Oakland, CA Oracle Arena Sept. 29 @ 10 a.m. local

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By:Jackie Gardner

So, Where Can I Get a Hazmat Suit? Recently I was at a party – a mixture of friends and family. We were having a good time watching sports, eating food and shootin’ the breeze with each other. The mood was light, the company was great and the drinks were flowing. A new couple arrived, rather late I might add, but that’s how some folks roll! They were a cute couple – early thirties -- and announced they were recently married. Ooohs and ahhh’s were audible, as some of the ladies asked to see the ring and the men gave each other fist pounds of congratulations. Afterwards, they proceeded to scrape the bottom of the aluminum pans for the minimal leftovers, and causally began talking about their recent return from Africa. Africa? Oh hell. You could have heard a pin drop! An older lady cut her eyes and said loudly, “Did you say Africa?” while sliding her chair back, giving them plenty of their own space. I interjected, “What part of Africa?” The room was frozen awaiting the reply. The dude laughed it off, “Oh, it’s all good. We came back way before all of this mess broke out. We good – we weren’t’ in the affected areas. ”I can tell you NO ONE was good. The happy-go-lucky mood was done. The next fifteen minutes was spent talking about Africa, Ebola, diseases, death, doom and destruction. No one wanted to really be in these people’s faces, kind of like actually seeing the pink elephant in the room and avoiding it at all costs. Ebola has definitely given us an unprecedented wake-up call. It seemed it was all right with us when the disease was isolated thousands of miles away to areas we’d probably never visit -- very poor African countries. We walk around like elitists thinking, it’s not something that could happen to us. Even as news reports began to raise the red flag about how quickly the disease was spreading and was clearly getting out of control, we still walked around in our self-contained bubble of privilege. And then two Americans became sick with the disease. That caused us to start paying a little bit of attention. All eyes were glued to the television when they were flown home to the U.S. via special transport for treatment – an actual drug that might help fight the disease. As someone who works for an international organization whose mission is to serve the less fortunate overseas, I was fascinated by this turn of events. Clearly, we didn’t care about it until it was in our own backyard. If there was even a remote chance that we could have stopped the disease from killing thousands, why did not we not say something? I believe the reasons revolve around pharmaceutical companies, money, politics, money and money! Radical folks might even say no one cares about Black people a la Kanye West. I could really go on a rant here. But for every point I could make about compassion, serving the greater good, caring for creation and for each other, there would be equally strong, fierce opposition as to why we should not have stepped in sooner and helped out. We certainly

have enough problems of our own to deal with. Look at the results of this recent election. Yeah, I’d say we are in for a world of trouble, but back to the matter at heart. I walk by faith and not by sight, but I don’t want to be on a cruise ship right now. I really don’t want to be on an airplane, and I’ve become quite antsy when I’m in an elevator and someone starts hacking, sneezing and looking like death. Enclosed places, like movie theaters, small offices and public bathrooms are fertile ground for infection. Did you know “there are five different strains of the disease, four of which can spread to humans while the fifth only affects primates?”* Five different strains.

It’s scary! A few who did get Ebola were wearing protective gear, which tells me the powers that be have put their best foot forward on how you contract the disease but it is not 100%. I’m glad for those who have fought and survived; I’m sad for those who fought and died. But the fact that the U.S. had the virus in some lab, had a possible “cure” and only released it when its hand was forced, really makes me wonder about what other lifesaving drugs are not being made available to us. Could there already be a cure for cancer? Think about how many millions have been spent on this research along. Could there be a cure for Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s stuck in some bureaucratic stronghold? And where did Ebola come from – for real, since no one knows for sure how the first person got infected?* As Arsenio Hall used to say….things that make you go hmmmm!

CASH MONEY RECORDS: All Set for Their Annual Turkey Giveaways Co-CEOs​, brothers​,​and Cash Money Records co-founders ​Ronald​“Slim” Williams​& Bryan​“Birdman”​Williams ​are s​et to Provide Over 5000 ​Turkeys ​ (including​ all​ the ​​f​i xings​)​ to ​t​hose ​l​ess ​fortunate​ in our communities!​ After 18 consecutive years in their hometown of New Orleans, the brothers have extended their love and support to ​serve those ​in need​in New York & Miami as well.​We’re excited to be bringing you back all of the details and highlights from this extraordinary event.​ The ​T​urkey ​G​iveaways stand out as an extension of the work done by the Johnny and Gladys Williams Foundation, which was established by Cash Money Records and ​the ​brothers. Honoring their parents who instilled charity within them​, they continually magnify the scope of the giveaways with each passing year.

By Lydia King

In keeping with the foundation’s philosophy, these entrepreneurs and philanthropists take every opportunity to give back and bring light, laughter, and love to families as well as individuals in need. ​Details ​About The Turkey Giveaways:

​ e 1st Giveaway begins in ​Miami, ​Florida on​FriTh day, November 21​, 2014​. This marks the third year YMCMB will host the giveaway in South Florida. Cash Money artists will distribute turkeys and side fixings to the Miami community at Little Haiti Soccer Park (6301 NE 2nd Avenue; Miami, FL 33127) from 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Partners of the Charity event will include Little Haiti Optimist Club, City of Miami NET and WERD (99 Jamz). YMCMB is introducing for the first time free health screening in this market. Health sponsors are Euphoric Healing (chiropractic massages) and Iceberg Guards (dental). ​The 2nd Giveaway will be in ​New Orleans, ​Louisiana

on​Tuesday, November 25​, 2014​. The New Orleans giveaway remains a staple of the holiday season in the Big Easy. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ​​New Home Full Gospel Ministries (1605 Carondelet Street; New Orleans, LA 70130) will be the location for this year’s bevy of activities including but not limited to mobile video games, free health screenings, and music by Q93. The Williams brothers and Cash Money artists will be available at the park to personally hand out turkeys and side fixings to families.Courtesy of United Health Care, the screenings include checking for high blood pressure, respiration, pulse, diabetes, HIV, STD’s, and more. Guests have the opportunity to receive eye

exams, podiatry, dental cleanings, and check-ups in the fully staffed medical area. Following their introduction last year, Aortic Disease and Marfan Syndrome heart screenings will also be on-site. ​ e 3rd Giveaway will be in ​New York, N​ew York on Tuesday, November 25,​ Th 2014.​For the third consecutive year, the New York giveaway is all set to take place at the Harlem YMCA (180 West 135th Street; New York, NY 10030) from 2:00pm-6:00pm. YMCMB artists, famous athletes and Ball Up star players (Special FX, Mr. Afrika and AO) will be on hand to personally hand out turkeys and side ​f​ixins’ to disadvantage families. For the first time, YMCMB have partnered up with Iceberg Guards (dental) and Harlem Hospital ​(​medical) to provide free health screening at this year. Ronald ‘Slim’ Williams states, “We look forward to this all year. It’s one of the most important things we do. We’re very happy to once again expand each of these giveaways this year and be able to help more people than ever before. We’re just thankful we get the chance to do this.”​​Birdman adds, “For all that we’re blessed with, giving back is crucial. It’s an honor to serve the community, and that’s something we take a lot of pride in. We want to do more and more every year, and we’re all very excited about what’s happening in 2014.” Tru.’s media team, along with our Executive VP of Marketing and Promotion, Elizabeth A. Spicely have most graciously been ​invited​to ​cover the annual Turkey Giv​e​away​courtesy of, Cash Money Records. As Magazine Publishers and fellow contributors to the community, this opportunity more than excites us, it ignites us!​This is an empowering offering of love and support to communities in need not only in these cities, but all around the country. As we see it, Ronald & Bryan Williams and the entire Cash Money organization are doing more than providing food to the hungry on one of the most important days of the year. They are integrating health & wellness, enjoyment and fun into their generous ‘giveaway’ activities by truly feeding these communities, as well as all of us​;​with hope and encouragement for a better day, and THAT... is the best gift of all. You can expect​all​of​the​exciting​details and highlights to be ​captured by ​the Tru. Entertainment Magazine team​and don’t worry we’ll take tons of pictures for you all to see! We​‘ll be​​featuring Ronald​“Slim” Williams​​, Bryan​“Birdman”​Williams​and the Cash Money family​​​in ​a​n upcoming ‘​S​pecial ​E​dition’ i​ ssue of Tru. Entertainment Magazine, so e sure to be on the lookout for one amazing issue! We’ll be shar​ing it all, including those telling​and special​moments​, ​which will forever be embedded upon the hearts​...​of so many. Keep it TRU!

New Orleans The 2nd Giveaway will be in ​New Orleans, ​ Louisiana on​Tuesday, November 25​, 2014​. The New Orleans giveaway remains a staple of the holiday season in the Big Easy. From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ​​New Home Full Gospel Ministries (1605 Carondelet Street; New Orleans, LA 70130) will be the location for this year’s bevy of activities including but not limited to mobile video games, free health screenings, and music by Q93. The Williams brothers and Cash Money artists will be available at the park to personally hand out turkeys and side fixings to families.Courtesy of United Health Care, the screenings include checking for high blood pressure, respiration, pulse, diabetes, HIV, STD’s, and more. Guests have the opportunity to receive eye exams, podiatry, dental cleanings, and check-ups in the fully staffed medical area. Following their introduction last year, Aortic Disease and Marfan Syndrome heart screenings will also be on-site.

Website - Artist Premier’s Group - Twitter - Flickr - Facebook -…/Universe-Miami/117557311664094… Tumblr - Pinterest -


Affecting the World One Song at a Time by Cyrus Webb


or over 40 years the group known as Sounds of Blackness have been giving the world amazing music featuring their unique sound, positive message and contagious energy. Since the early 1970s the man serving as music director for the Grammy award-winning group—Gary Hines—has seen how the music of Sounds of Blackness has struck a chord with others--- and it has been an amazing privilege. “I’m honored beyond words,” Hines said to me during our conversation, and he is quick not to take any credit for himself. “This has happened only by the grace of God and support of our fans (which he chooses to call family). The whole experience has been a tremendous honor for me and the entire group.” Sounds of Blackness is known for its electric live performances, however over the latter years many have gotten to know the group and their music through

social media and online retailers. “To see the way the music has traveled around the world is amazing,” Hines expressed. “When I was in college there was a book that discussed a Global Village. It was a concept, now it is a reality. All you have to do is click on a button or mouse and we get instant feedback around the world. We are connected by the universal language of music.” For Sounds of Blackness their mission has always been to bring glory to God and inspire people. I have personally been inspired by music from the group, but during my discussion with Hines I referenced two songs from their project released a few years ago called The Sounds of Blackness. The first was the single FLY AGAIN, and for me and so many others the words show you that no matter where you are in your life there is still hope for you and what you can achieve. “You’ve given up,” the song says, “said you can’t

BLACKNESS take no more. You’ve never been in this place in your life before. You threw your hands in the air. You really want to give up now. Your family gone, money too and you don’t know what to do.” How many of us haven’t felt at least parts of that? It goes on to say this: “Spread your wings and fly. You have to know that you will fly again. Everything’s gonna be alright… There’s gonna be a brighter day. Celebrate a new day. Go ahead and smile, it’s ok. Stay encouraged. You don’t have to cry no more...” It’s messages like that which generations have heard from Sounds of Blackness and realized what was possible for them. Another single from The Sounds of Blackness project that is being played on their shall, TX with special guests ACWC (Acapella Chorus of website is Wiely College). Using social media and the support of their called RISE. fans coupled with the crowd-funding site Indigigo they are hoping to secure the funds to release the project in a power“Rise above the hatred and lies,” the song ful way. says. “You can do much better if you choose to give yourself a second chance. It’s time for you to rise. God gave you all the things you’re going to need. Start believing that it’s a brand new day. Get on your feet. It’s gonna be a better day.” Once again you hear the message of not allowing the cares of the world to get you down. “It’s your time to lead,” the single continues. “You have everything you need… Get up and do your thing. Nothing can stop you. You must believe that you can do it too. Get on your feet. It’s your time to rise. “ While you are on the main page of the Sounds of Blackness website you will also discover details about their current project: a live CD that is slated for release this Fall. Hines told me that the process all began last year when they were blessed to have their first live recording at Wiley College in Mar-

Hines says that the project SOUNDS OF BLACKNESS LIVE features “16 show-stopping, roof-raising live tracks of Soul, Spirituals, Gospel, Inspirational R&B, Hip-Hop and Worldbeat plus bonus studio tracks!” All in all it will continue the messages of Faith, Hope, Love, Inspiration and Education that have been a hallmark of the group from the very beginning. As we were wrapping up our conversation I asked Hines what he would share with others about what it takes to be successful in pursuing your goals and dreams. He said it was a combination of the 4 Ps: Prayer, preparation, perseverance and perspiration. If you are willing to do all four you are destined for greatness. Stay connected with everything going on with the group and updates on new projects and performances at www.


Minnesota’s three-time Grammy Award-winning Sounds of Blackness returns with their 35th Anniversary performance of “The Night Before Christmas – A Musical Fantasy” on December 22nd at the Guthrie Theater. “The Night Before Christmas – A Musical Fantasy” is a contemporary adaptation of the beloved poem, “A Visit From St Nicholas.” This family-friendly musical production brings Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph the Rappin’ Reindeer to life in hilarious song and dance as they learn the true meaning of Christmas. The music ranges from R&B/Hip-Hop to Jazz, Blues and Gospel and features Sounds of Blackness singers and band in show-stopping, roof-raising songs and scenes. This is a mustsee performance during the holiday season at the Guthrie Theater.


GUTHRIE THEATER, Downtown, Minneapolis Minnesota WURTELE THRUST STAGE MONDAY, DECEMBER 22ND Doors: 7PM | Music: 7:30PM | All Ages TICKETS ON-SALE FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 12TH AT 11AM Reserved Ticket Prices: $39.50, $35.00 & $20.00 (children under 10) Reserved tickets available at the Guthrie Theater Box Office, charge by phone at plus applicable fees, does not include $5.00 handling fee 612-377-2224 and

Dottie Peoples

by Cyrus Webb

‘On Time’ with another Inspirational Message: “I Got This”

In the world we are living in today it’s obvious that none of

us are immune from day-to-day challenges. Take music legend Dottie Peoples. For over 30 years she has been a source of inspiration and encouragement to music lovers, giving them what seems like the perfect word for the right time. Though she has been given an amazing gift and seen the results of using it, even she has gotten down and wondered if everything would work out. What got her through it is something that we can all find encouragement in: God’s message to her was ‘I Got This’. It is that message that her new project I GOT THIS: LIVE shares, is someone who has been thrilling music lovers for quite some time. Including her cover of the popular single by George Benson “Everything Must Change,” Peoples shows that no matter what happens or where you are from the only constant in the life is God’s love and His Will for all of us. “It’s a blessing to see the response to the music I have sung,” she told me during our conversation. “When people come up to me and tell me how the music has blessed their lives it is something you can’t really explain. One lady told me that her mom was in the hospital and all we did was put your cd next to her bed and it ministered to her. Hearing things like that really blesses you. Mrs. Peoples has known she had the gift of music for quite some time, and now with the advantages of technology and social media literally hundreds of thousands are staying in touch with her online. “I’m from the old school,” she admits, “and Twitter and Facebook are new to me. People were telling me ‘You got to learn how to use the computer.’ It’s been fun, and it’s been a learning process for me. The most enlightening thing to see is how people really do communicate through these new means. Through these new venues Mrs. People has been able to encourage those who reach out to her and share how she--like them---are relying on God each and every day. “It’s that assurance of knowing you’re not alone,” she said to me. “A lot of times we go to God and we ask for things and then we pray for things. God comes when He gets ready. I was going through just like everybody else was going through. I was getting discouraged. My attorney told me ‘You bless other

people. You sing about He’s on time. You need to check yourself and know that God has got your back.’” That was just what she needed to hear, and from that the single I GOT THIS was born. “God had that situation,” she says, “just like He has it for others. No matter what you are going through God is saying ‘I Got This.’” Other inspiring songs from the new project include BREAKTHROUGH, NO TIME TO WASTE and of course EVERYTHING MUST CHANGE. What was it about that song that made it a must for Mrs. Peoples? ”I always tell the story that when I was younger I sung jazz, and I loved George Benson’s “Everything Must Change”. The main reason I wanted to do it was the message. After listening to that song you can ask yourself: Is there a change you need to make in your life? Time is winding up. It’s time to get your life in order. I knew I could minister to the people with the message.”“Everything Must Change,” the song says. “Nothing stays the same. The young become the old. Mysteries do unfold. “ The only thing we can look to that will be the same yesterday, today and always is God’s love for everyone of us. It is the only thing we can depend on. So as she reflects on 30 plus years of ministers to the hearts of the world what is Mrs. Peoples truth? “You have to know that the God that you serve is an on time God,” she says. “No matter what situation you are in He’s there. Know this: With God in your life no matter what situation you are in He can handle it. God is a good God. Believe it. Receive It. Know that He is God alone.”Stay connected with Mrs. Peoples online at Her album I GOT THIS: LIVE is available through Amazon and Itunes.

Editorial Column



odays letter to the people….I am troubled by injustice. And I am compelled to write and let my mind free. It started with Adrian Peterson….the media explosion taking this great guy down. Because of his status. Let me tell you, he is good a man as you would ever want to meet. And the things he has done for the good of others in Minnesota & Texas. Its huge. He is genuine ---REAL---and loves his son. Let me tell you how it is growing up in the south. Parents switched and spanked the kids all the time. To this day I love and thank my Grandmother for it. The switch that made me mind. Made me respectful. Because the parents feared for their childrens lives. If you as a black man or child could be put in jail for nothing, or something fabricated, and not return home. 99% of the whippings were about you as a black kid, needing to be home when you were supposed to be home. Home where you would be safe. I remember one time my grandmother was crying harder than me, because she had to do it. She was making me mind to keep me safe. The fire hose on the kids in Alabama. The missing kids. The 3 girls bombed in the church. All horrific endings for kids in the south in the 60’s. Today stories of incredible injustice still prevail. The young man in a hoodie shot to death. The young man in Louisiana shot in the chest while handcuffed. The young man in ST. Louis shot 6 times unarmed. Lied in the street for 4.5 hours. These stories sound like something from Martin Luther King times, but these are recent events---unbelieveable this still happens today….because of skin color. You cannot deny the reason. In the past those stories would go untold. Today, thanks to the social media, & cameras in our phones….VIDEOS uploaded instantly to utube--we are finding out faster and more often the atrocities put on our black brothers and sisters. Wrongfully jailed, killed, statistics…show the imbalance of people of color and the injustice. So when something like switching works for a black parent to control their child, and keep you safe and teaching them about the rules of the “real world”, respect and accountability, it is used again and again in our culture. That is the root about where switching comes from. Adrian PeCont on pg 39

Emotional Balance Achieving your Desired State of Mind

Emotions; we all have them, love them and hate them! We have all been there, where something came your way that you just were not expecting and then in a flash your life can be turned upside down. Along with this challenging season comes a whole host of emotions rising to the surface as though you were beginning to hear crazy voices inside your head. It is these moments when we allow negative emotions to dictate our actions that results in words you wish you didn’t speak and actions you truly regret. It’s time to get off the emotional roller coaster ride you seem to have a season pass for. We can no longer blame others, blame our nationality or even our history. There comes a time when we take personal responsibility for our emotions and learn how to manage them.

Before we move on lets list some harmful Anger Shame Frustration Depression Hopelessness Hatred

These are but only a few of the negative emotions that we can experience. I know that we all have felt the internal pain that emotions can produce. I want to encourage you right now; believe that you will get through this. Understand that your current circumstance does not define you but rather is helping you to grow and evolve as an individual. You do not have to live with this pain for the rest of your life. So take a few deep breaths and think of something that makes you happy. Exhale all that worry and stress and just be still for a few moments.


Many times our emotions get a bad rap simply because all we do is focus on the negative side of them. To be sure, there are positive sides to our emotions that were given to us for our enjoyment and also for our physical and mental health as well. Let’s take a moment and list some the positive emotions:

Gratefulness Excitement Happy Relaxed Curious Expectant These are but a few of the positive emotions we can feel and experience if we would only be more purposeful about which emotions we activate verses just wrestling with the negative ones when they show up. Understand that when we focus on the negative we become narrow minded and our focus is completely on the negative situation which is activating those negative emotions, and you know the rest from there. However when our mind is experiencing positive emotions our mind becomes very open and our ability to be creative flat out increases our overall state of wellbeing

Dr. Kathleen Hall is the founder and CEO of The Stress Institute, and Mindful Living Network.

Consider what Kathleen Hall stated:

“Happiness is a physical state of the brain. When we are happy our brain produces neurochemicals that result in us wanting to eat, have sex, or maybe sing a song.” Let’s take a look at some of the neurochemicals that our body produces: 1(Endocannabinoids: “The Bliss Molecule” Endocannabinoids are self-produced cannabis that work on the CB-1 and CB-2 receptors of the cannabinoid system. Anandamide (from the Sanskrit “Ananda” meaning Bliss) is the most well-known endocannabinoid. The assumption is that each of these acts like a key that slips into a different lock of the cannabinoid system and alters perceptions and states of consciousness in various ways. How awesome that we produce these many different compounds within the frame work of our own bodies.

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EMOTIONAL BALANCE Dopamine: “The Reward Molecule” Dopamine is responsible for reward-driven behavior and pleasure seeking. Every type of reward seeking behavior that has been studied increases the level of dopamine transmission in the brain. If you want to get a hit of dopamine, set a goal and achieve it. Oxytocin: “The Bonding Molecule” Oxytocin is a hormone directly linked to human bonding and increasing trust and loyalty. In a 2003 study, oxytocin levels rose in both the dog and the owner after time spent ‘cuddling’. The strong emotional bonding between humans and dogs may have a biological basis in oxytocin. If you don’t have another human being to offer you affection and increase oxytocin your favorite pet can also do the trick. Endorphin: “The Pain-Killing Molecule” The name Endorphin translates into “self-produced morphine.” Endorphins resemble opiates in their chemical structure and have analgesic properties. Endorphins are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus during strenuous physical exertion, sexual intercourse and orgasm. Make these pursuits a part of your regular life to keep the endorphins pumping. GABA: “The Anti-Anxiety Molecule” GABA is an inhibitory molecule that slows down the firing of neurons and creates a sense of calmness. You can increase GABA naturally by practicing yoga, meditation or “The Relaxation Response.” A study from the “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine” found a 27% increase in GABA levels among yoga practitioners after a 60-minute yoga session when compared against participants who read a book for 60 minutes. The study suggests yoga might increase GABA levels naturally. Serotonin: “The Confidence Molecule” Serotonin plays so many different roles in our bodies that it is really tough to tag it. For the sake of practical application I call it “The Confidence Molecule.” Ultimately the link between higher serotonin and a lack of rejection sensitivity allows people to put themselves in situations that will bolster self-esteem, increase feelings of worthiness and create a sense of belonging. To increase serotonin, challenge yourself regularly and pursue things that reinforce a sense of purpose, meaning and accomplishment.




nyone who has heard her voice would say that ​Kimberly Brown was destined to be a ​star! ​​ From​​​singing at her father’s church at the age of seven,​to packing venues around the world, she has been singing her heart ​to the pleasure of her fans for over a quarter of a century. Kimberly has always been a lover of music and although fascinated with many different styles of music​​,​​​her ​one true ​love has always been Christian/Gospel music.​A ​ ​s a loving wife​, ​mother​and daughter she modestly sets aside her own well

deserved pat on the back and credits her parents, Pastor and Mrs. Henry Brown, for her firm foundation and her solid, Christian values.​​ Having toured extensively as a member of ​legendary Gospel group “Sounds of Blackness”​,​​Kimberly is no stranger to working with music industry heavyweights ​like:​Jam/Lewis of​​Flyte Tyme Productions, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Luther Vandross, Marvin Sapp,​ as well as​Fred Hammond​. Believe me this very long list of accomplishments goes on and on! Her talent is clearly both well respected and sought out by many of ​the most powerful and notable industry producers and movers and shakers in the entertainment business today.

Very rarely in this time and age do we come across a gifted performer who has ​not only given stellar performances throughout the ​​country and across the world, b​ut has also worked on multi-million dollar​film soundtracks and international projects. Like any TRU artist Kimberly doesn’t simply stop at being a phenomenal ​singer​and ​songwriter​. The multi-talented musical force is also​ ​a; ​Director, ​A​ctress, ​M​odel, ​T​eacher, ​S​tudio ​ V​ocalist, ​S​pokesperson, ​Public S​peaker​,​​ ​​as well as the ​ Director of Music Ministries at ​two local church​es in Minnesota.​ ​ Still, in spite of working on making all of her musical magic Kimberly still makes time ​to volunteer her talent, and finances to support charities ​like: Trinity Ministries Community Meal Program, The Twin Cities Ronald

Association Volunteer Appreciation Award​ Kimberly Brown uses her gifts and talents in many amazing ways. With her angelic voice she soothes us, and with her powerful songs she transforms us. ​ is is an artist you must not only hear, but Th also see in action. We urge our readers to do yourself a favor by listening to Kimberly Brown​and her music. Check out her site for upcoming performances and appearances. We think you’ll find that your own life will be abundantly blessed, by the experience of bearing witness to the TRU soul and gift of this anointed talent that fearlessly is... Kimberly Brown. ​CHECK OUT: ​

Kimberly gets REAL with TRU ​

Q: This may sound like a ‘silly’ question but what moved your heart to motivate you towards creating great Gospel music? A: I was raised in the church, and my father has pastored since I was 10 years old. I’ve always loved (gospel) music, and have been singing since I could talk, so when my mother declined to sing the sermonic selection when my father preached, they gave me the microphone, and the rest is history. So, I guess you can say that it’s always been in my heart. My parents placed it there, but as I grew to know and love Jesus, I knew it is what I was called to do. I always say, “Music is the key that can unlock any door”. Q: How do you balance an entrepreneurial business career, a career in music, and modeling and then still make time for family? A: Actually, for me they all go hand in hand. But, I’m a ham for the camera, so the modeling, spokesperson, stage stuff is all just a part of who I am. The business and volunteerism part of me also comes very naturally, as they both deal with people. I LOVE people! Now as far as the family part goes, I have the best family in the world. They support me, encourage me, and then get right in the trenches and work with me. Without their support, I couldn’t do all that I do. They come first before anything else. Family always comes first. My parents taught me that. I use things and love people, because the other way around would be a tragedy. Q: What would be your advice to other young aspiring Gospel artists who hope to achieve even a portion of the accomplishments you have already made? A: Be true to your calling. God has gifted you and called you for a purpose, and you must be true to that. I used to want to be like other people, sing like them, look like them. I didn’t try for long though, because

it was quite uncomfortable. I also would say to take your time and enjoy every moment of your journey: the struggles, the victories, the trials, every moment. No one said it would be easy, and it’s not, but when you remember who called you, you can enjoy every moment. I am so blessed to have accomplished all that I have, and I have truly enjoyed every moment of my journey. The journey is what makes you, so stay the course! Q: What can we look for from Kimberly Brown in terms of upcoming projects and also in the years to come? A: I am very excited about my new endeavors, and I have many. I will release a new CD in 2015, “Survive”. This CD will be a combination of worship music and inspirational music. Most of it will be original tracks, and will include music that is dear to my heart. As I grow, my music grows, so it will be a little different than the first CD, “By

“I Have the Best Family in the World” His Stripes”. I am stepping out of the box on this one. I am also doing a lot more as a writer, so expect more original music from me. Along with the CD will be other products that celebrate survivors everywhere. I am really excited about this song and all that it represents. I will continue to promote the “Get Up, Get Moving” campaign that began earlier this year. It promotes physical activity, and healthy lifestyle choices. I will of course continue to promote the song and the video too. We are already branching out into other cities, and I expect this campaign to grow as healthy choices are vital to the quality of life. I will also be presenting a new foundation in 2015, that will promote volunteerism and making a difference in the lives of people. My work with the American Heart Association and with my local church, First Trinity COGIC, has inspired me to do more. I am blessed to be a blessing! I can’t tell everything right now, as a lady never reveals everything, but expect more presence from the Kimberly Brown brand in the years to come.

“They support me, encourage me,”

Adrenaline: “The Energy Molecule� Adrenaline, technically known as epinephrine, plays a large role in the fight or flight mechanism. The release of epinephrine is exhilarating and creates a surge in energy. A surge of adrenaline makes you feel very alive. It can be an antidote for boredom, malaise and stagnation. Taking risks, and doing scary things that force you out of your comfort zone is key to maximizing your human potential. Just think, our bodies have the capacity to release these neurochemicals naturally into our bodies with no side effects. It is interesting that from the pharmaceutical companies to the drug dealers, we are producing drugs to mimic what we already produce naturally. It seems like we are always trying to take a short cut to achieving and feeling what we desire. Take the time to understand how each of these can be activated by thought and body movement. What are you waiting for? You and I have a party inside of us waiting to be released and enjoyed! When it comes to directing our emotions in a positive way it is good to know that our brain is equipped with all that we need to experience a positive side to emotions. So then how do we handle negative situations when they come our way? 1)Do not take anything personally, don’t be offended. 2)Do not react immediately. 3)Take a moment to center yourself if necessary. 4)Meditate, pray, reflect. 5)Be solution minded not problem minded. 6)Look beyond emotion and hear what someone is really saying 7)Be aware and responsible for your own emotions, keep Zen like. 8)Breathe through your circumstance. 9)Believe that all things are working out for every ones good. In conclusion, let us as a species, the human race, be ever evolving to the type of person that reflects the love and light of our creator and may we display a passion for life that spills out to others as we make our way. You and I are well able to achieve a more balanced state of mind so decide right now that the emotional roller coaster that you are on is over. You have no need for outward synthetic copies of what our bodies naturally produce. All that you need is already inside of you, waiting for you to activate the wealth of resource within you.

see you stable, whole and happy. May peace begin to settle within you bringing a calmness that allows you to establish yourself authentically enjoying the life you have been given. Believing in you George Aja

terson ---I would bet my life on AP as a good father and taking care of his family. And I personally have seen what he has done for Special Olympics in Minnesota. I have participated in his events to fund raise and watch him in action with these kids. A gentle soul is he. Loving and kind and treating all of these kids as so special. The negativity and the pounding that the media put on him last month….it reminds me of the story in the New Testament. Jesus’ last supper….”before the cock crows, Peter, you will have denied me three times”. All of the media who have fawned over AP; are the first to shred him the first chance they get. Our society is so judgmental. So busy in other people’s business…and so quick to throw stones. I am a fan of our Minnesota state governor. Mark Dayton. A good man who has done great things for our state. But so disappointed in his statement to the press calling AP an embarrassment to state of Minnesota. All for political posturing. He didn’t need to comment. Just let it lie. It had nothing to do with the governor. Let justice work it self out. No need for him to get involved. No comment would have been a great answer. Just like the prosecuting attorney in Houston for AP’s case. My belief is he is planning a political run in the near future…some office? and using this case for his own personal gain. Of course we don’t know that, but it will surface I am sure. Watch for that. Dayton called AP the most embarrassing thing for the state of Minnesota. What a shame. What is an embarrassment is the social workers and police that failed in the recent case where the child was killed by his mom—NOT SWITCHED—after 29 calls to police to help this child. Maybe if the mother was a big sport star, then system would be all over her immediately….the kid might still be alive today. In my day of playing in the NFL---Watch any old NFL game film of Monday Night Football….when

The views or opinions presented in this Article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Tru Entertainment Magazine

Cont from pg 25 the camera came in close to a player….all the black players grinned wide and waved and yelled “hi mom” . Because they know who was responsible for keeping them in line and out of trouble all thru their childhood. Switching them as necessary, crying with them and never stop working for them, supporting them. Maybe the NFL would not be in the trouble it is in, if we went back to saying “hi” to mom when the camera shines on them. Respect….you cannot buy it, or pay someone enough money to appreciate it. Respect is taught at a young age, and in our day it was the switch that was part of the process. PS. Mama----for the love you gave me, & the spankings, and the lessons you taught me, LOVE YOU, RICKEY Rickey Young is a former American football running back who played nine seasons in the NFL

Mike De’Cole

On Blast!!

Photo By Kevin King


e were invited out this month by Twin Cities club promoter, Tre’ Chirp Jackson to hear and see R & B artist, Mike De’Cole do his thing at the REV Ultra Lounge in downtown Minneapolis. Let me say, we were more than pleasantly surprised. Mike is a soft spoken gentleman with a strong soothing voice that just oozes talent and takes us back to the days when music was sweet and lyrics were something that you fell in love listening to. His alluring presence as he works the stage and woos the ladies within arm’s reach, reminds of the charm and elegance of icons like; Sam Cooke, Smokey Robinson and Otis Redding who graced the stage in the 50’s and 60’s. Mike De’Cole is neo R&B artist reminiscent of these soul legends. Big shoes to fill maybe, but, just as Smokey moved us with his sincere lyrics, Sam Cooke captured us with his soulful vibe, and Otis Redding moved us with his passionate vocals, Mike De’Cole smooth and melodic carefree style proves that he is a force to be reckoned with, all his own. His first single “Lost Without You” takes us back to a time when R&B songs were created with real instruments by real musicians. This was a time when songwriters wrote about love, pain and joy instead of promiscuity, drugs and the degrading of women. “Lost Without You” was heard on Reverbnation by Verizon Mobile who offered him an opportunity to perform at the Chicago talent showcase at Buddy Guys Legends and at the 2013 Essence Music Festi- Photos By Kevin King val. Not a bad intro onto the music scene and clearly well deserving. Mike’s first full album titled “So It Was Written” is complete, and if it’s anything like his single, we’re all in! You’ll find this rising star at;

Photo By Kevin King


Fallon and Meg New Pioneers

By Lydia King

The new kid on the block in


reetings Tru. readers, we want you to check out the new cutting edge magazine exploding onto the scene this year. E.P.I.C. Magazine is an innovative magazine focused on; influencing others, showcasing both creative music, unforeseeable fashion, next level art, different types of life styles and more. These young entrepreneurs are targeting that eclectic group of individuals ages 21-35 who are authentic and cultured and also cool outrageous lovers of uniquely raw style. E.P.I.C.’s mission and vision is to expose people’s individuality and creativity and to be a platform for that individuality and creativity, whether it’s popular or not. They share with us that their overall plan is to focus on illuminating those who have worked hard at their craft and taken it to the next level. E.P.I.C. intends to share information with their readers that no one has thought to tap into and give facts, rather than opinion. “We make our readers aware of what is going in their community, environment, and government. We inspire a lifestyle of dreaming out loud, health, wealth and power. E.P.I.C. is dedicated to becoming a worldwide name by being able to diversify ourselves to all cultures. We are here to be the voice for tomorrow’s future.Curious to find out more about their E.P.I.C. dream we dug right on in! Tru: What motivated you to take on an endeavor this big?

the magazine world.

E.P.I.C. Everyone in this world is searching for their niche in life and we were able to discover ours, which was the ability to recognize authentic, raw talented people. The motivation behind this was sheer ambition to want to spread a message so profound, and take on the task of exposing undeniable originality that deserves its proper presentation and recognition. Being creators ourselves we are able to tap into what people would want to know about different artists as well as different genres. This has been an ongoing dream for 5 years and with continued hard work and dedication we plan on turning our dream into reality. GOD continuously confirms “Keep Going”, so we plan to! Tru: How do you plan to stand out among the thousands of other publications on newsstands today? E.P.I.C. In 2014 most media has scrutinized what it means to put out a valuable story by replacing it with drama, lies and negativity. While others might not focus on the negative they really don’t dive into the culture as whole, yet highlight only one aspect. The fact that there are tons of tabloids and gossip sites is one of the reasons E.P.I.C. will stand out, we will bring ingenuity and authenticity of the culture of art, in all of its various forms. E.P.I.C. will constantly impress our audience by giving them unique content that is refreshing and innovative. We’re not selling dreams we’re exposing them; in hopes to motivate our generation and generations to come, to dream big and know that there truly are no limits. Tru: How and when do you plan to launch your first edition? E.P.I.C. We want to introduce ourselves to fel-

low blog sites, magazines, potential investors, and artists who believe in what we’re doing - to familiarize the world with E.P.I.C. By Fall we will have a soft launch which will be a small glimpse of what our readers can expect from E.P.I.C. We will also be giving weekly updates on exclusive events and artist that we work with on our website. The official first issue will debut within the next six (6) months. E.P.I.C. Magazine is our Monet and will be well worth the wait. Meeting young creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit and vision gives us great joy in promoting. Tru. Entertainment Magazine is a proud sponsor of this trendsetting new magazine and we hope you’ll join us in the journey to see what this E.P.I.C. magazine intends to offer to the world. We’re excited for them! For more information on E.P.I.C. visit their website at; Follow them on Twitter; @weEPICmag on Facebook: We E.P.I.C. nation and Instagram: @ we_epicnation

Tru. Community Feature; Mayors Lane

Elizabeth A. Spicely

Takes you on a trip down; “MAYORS LANE


his is a column which highlights Mayors from various cities throughout the country who focus on building bridges between the community, and its leaders. Meet award winning Mayor, Dwan B. Walker . Mayor Walker comes from a small town in Pennsylvania where he’s making a huge difference. If you ever want to move to a city where the residents are close and the Mayor greets each resident every day with a huge hug and a warm smile, welcome to the City of Aliquippa. Mayor Walker is the City of Aliquippa’s first ever African American Mayor, since the city’s 204 year existence. He is also only the second African American to ever hold a position in Beaver County. The City of Aliquippa is located 20 miles outside the City of Pittsburgh which overlooks the beautiful Ohio River. As Mayor for the City of Aliquippa Mayor Walker is responsible for the general management of the city as well as enforcing all of the laws and ordinances for Aliquippa. As a lifelong proud resident of the little city, he graduated in l994 and later attended Robert Morris University in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. There he earned a

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications. In 2012 he was honored by his college Alma Mater, Robert Morris University as the “2012 Hometown Hero” for providing outstanding service to the community. Mayor Walker has been the recipient of numerous well deserved prestigious awards such as; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Coordinator Award” Citations from the House of Representatives, and the Senate of Pennsylvania, the Dignity and Respect Champion Award, the Jefferson Award for Community Service, the 50 Men of Excellent Award, the Black History Achievement Award, and the Dare to Dream Award. With 39,553 votes to his credit, Mayor Walker was selected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as the Beaver County 2012 Delegate to the Democratic National Convention held in Charlotte N.C. In November 2012, Mayor Walker was asked by the Government of Nigeria to attend an international conference meeting. The theme of the international conference was entitled “Thinking Global and Building Local”, which was associated with an even broader segment entitled “Enhancing Intergovernmental Relations for Sustainable National Social-Economic Development”.

for city youths; his sense of pride for his city is obvious. Mayor Walker consistently holds town hall meetings to keep the citizens of Aliquippa informed on the strengths and weaknesses of their city. He is dedicated and committed to unifying his city and building a close knit community. He is well respected by his peers and the citizens of Aliquippa. With a strong focus on keeping the City of Aliquippa safe by enforcing a very strict drug free tolerance zone. Mayor Walker’s leadership extends far beyond being the Mayor. Well known throughout his towns’ sports community, he truly enjoys mentoring to young children and counseling young adults. Active with the Beaver County Youth Football League, Aliquippa Little Quip’s Football Organization, and the Aliquippa Council of Men and Fathers, he is a loving single father with two beautiful daughters named Aryonna, (age 17) and Aliah (age 10).

Mayor Walker attributes his talents and spiritual upbringing to the teachings of his wonderful and loving parents Donald “Chuckie” Walker and Sharon “Chedda” Walker. He considers every citizen in Aliquippa to be his extended public family. As Mayor, he greets every resident daily with a warm genuine smile and a hug. He simply enjoys the city’s peaceful family atmoMayor Walker is dedicated to rebuilding the City sphere. He’s very tough on crime in Aliquippa of Aliquippa. From spearheading a campaign to and has an open door policy welcoming all bring more businesses and corporate partnercitizens of to stop by to speak with him directships to his city, to his commitment to develop ly with their concerns or issues related to the after school mentoring and education programs community. to putting together a plan for sponsors and corporate donors to fun/build a Recreation Center The Honorable Mayor, Dwan B. Walker and his administration have dedicated their efforts to creating a transparent government with a theme of “One Aliquippa, All Hands On Deck”.




o you have a favorite ballpark other then Tropicana or Comerica and why? And is there a ballpark where you feel you always play well in? I like Target Field. We usually stay close to the stadium, so we can walk there. They have great food and I like the self serve ice cream machine. I feel like I play well at Fenway. It is a good park for lefty pitching especially when facing a heavily stacked right handed team. Do you have any nicknames that teammates call you? DP, the Latin guys call me “Precio� spanish for Price, and Homeright. Do you have any superstitions or rituals?

I would say more like routines. I always wear the same green Tampa Bay shirt and cap to the stadium. When we are on the road, I take guys out to eat and pay for lunch and cabs. I feel like it’s good karma and that will come back to me. Better Inning? 3 Pitches - 3 Outs or 9 Pitches – 3 Strike Outs? Good question!! I used to be really focused on getting the strike outs, but now I think 3 pitches/3 outs. First pitch outs are the way to keep the pitch count down and to go deep in games. Is there a batter you really don’t like to face? Yes, Danny Valencia. Lifetime he is 9 for 12 against me. No matter what team he’s been on, he always hits me hard. The last time we played the Orioles he went 2 for 3 with an RBI double, a single and a walk against me. How did you prepare yourself for games and facing hitters? I prepare by trying to execute my pitches. I like to stick to my style of pitching and my strengths instead of trying to pitch to batter’s weaknesses. First draft pick in 2007, starting pitcher for the 2010 All - Star game, winning the 2012 Cy Young and of course the cover of MLB 2K 13 what are some of your other accomplishments you are proud of? I would have to say winning left handed pitcher of the year award in 2010 and Player’s Choice in 2012. Player’s Choice in my opinion is more important than Cy Young because it is voted on by your peers. It means a lot that my teammates and opponents think that highly of me and my pitching. Where does your love of baseball come from? My parents. We always watched baseball together as a family. I would come home from school, play baseball, eat dinner and then watch a game on tv. It has been a part of my life always. If you could go back in time who would you want to play baseball with? I would have to say Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente. I would also love to play with Dwight Gooden he was an incredible pitcher. I think it would be fun to compete against them. If I could change one thing about baseball it would be? After a batter has two strikes, a foul should be strike three. It would keep the game moving faster. If you weren’t playing baseball what could you see yourself doing? I would be a teacher and coach. I love kids. Favorite baseball movie? Sandlot. I have seen it so many times that if I just hear one line, I know its Sandlot. 5 songs in your Ipod that are on repeat? Oh man, I just got asked that question the other day and it took me like 20 minutes to come up with three!! I would have to say Young Jeezy “Hustler’s Ambition” and “Go Hard”, Lindsey Stirling and Coldplay. What is your favorite thing to cook? Spaghetti, it’s hard to mess up. I don’t make my own sauce I just get the Prego. Have you ever been Pranked? Yes, Sean Rodriguez pranked James Shields and me on MLB Fan Cave. Sean Rodriguez planned it and we had to do a couple “fake” promos. For one segment I was supposed to scream in a high pitched voice and jump in Sean’s arms like a girl because of a shark. They got me to do it like five times before they told me. That was a good one.

One-thing fans don’t know about you? I do not run my dog Astro’s twitter account. What do you do for fun other then baseball? Normal everyday things. I play with my dog, hang out with my girlfriend Tiffany, and video games. I like to do many things that kids like to do. I don’t like to take extreme chances like skydiving or bungee jumping, just like to be as normal as possible. What wouldn’t you leave your home without? My cell phone. It’s how I keep in touch with friends and family. I also run my twitter account through it. Do you have any other favorite sports besides Baseball? I love basketball and golf. I would like to play professional golf because you get to go to beautiful locals and the weather is always nice. Not like pitching in 45 degrees in the rain. What are some of your biggest challenges and how did you over come them? Just staying focused and staying positive when you are struggling in a game. I try to execute my pitches and keep my mentality positive.

What advice would you give to young players? Have fun it’s a game.

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