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Who is the man behind the winning cases? How does Mr. Wotorson describe himself and what are his goals in the legal profession?

Ronnie Wotorson

“I tell people I’m a lawyer, not an Attorney. There is nothing corporate about me and I didn’t go to law school to make money. I was earning well and on a road to becoming a star in Corporate America before I dropped out and went to law school. I simply wanted to fight for justice. Win, lose or draw, my clients will be heard and get answers even if it’s not the answer they hoped for. Justice doesn’t always mean money. Justice is the satisfaction of knowing you were treated fairly no matter who you are. It’s basic fairness and no one should be denied that. I also tell my clients that I can’t guarentee the win, but if it’s justice you seek, I guarentee the fight in that, we both seek the same thing. You can’t fake passion and my passion for justice is innate. My voice gets loud when I’m speaking to a judge or jury about my clients and what the defendants have put them through. I often have to catch myself or have someone moniter my tone so its not mistaken for being disrespectful or simply loud for no reason. My goal is to keep doing what i’m doing and I pray that God keeps blessing me with the knowledge, strength and courage to continue fighting for Justice.

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