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THE OTHER SIDE OF THE SHUTTER Mercede Gerula Evie Assault

KIKI LOUSʼS KITCHEN Hot Rollers, Velcro Rollers & Curling Irons

On the cover Model: Mercede Gerula, Winnipeg, MB Photographer: Vintage and Vogue Photography Feature Page: 23

TERMS & CONDITIONS TRUE NORTH PIN UP© is an independent publication. TRUE NORTH PIN UP© chooses to represent all angles of many topics and by no means should any article/topic be taken as the sole beliefs of the magazine and its affiliates. We promote a healthy, body positive look at the modern day pin up and vintage style culture. We choose to look at unconventional and unique lifestyles. At TRUE NORTH PIN UP© we wish to prompt readers to do what they feel - as intelligent human beings - is best for themselves, THEREFORE, we will not publicly adopt any specific company/businesses lifestyle choices and the like. We will always take a neutral stance and allow {within reasonable moral boundaries} our writers, contributors and advertisers the opportunity to present their standpoints in an intellectual manner and allow the reader to decide which methods best for them. We have to be - above all - a forum for freedom of speech given as we are a publicly distributed media source. None of the affiliates, advertisers, or contributors of TRUE NORTH PIN UP© Magazine itself are required to adhere to any particular belief system, so are not responsible or liable for one another’s opinions, topics & recommendations. In the event TRUE NORTH PIN UP© receives unsolicited letters, materials, articles and promotional items, we may choose to reproduce, store, archive or publish these items in whole or in part without remuneration or compensation of any sort. Non-remuneration does not pertain to staff writers, contributors or freelance workers. TRUE NORTH PIN UP© cannot take responsibility for the loss of any photos, articles, or materials during the submission process. TRUE NORTH PIN UP© is copy written works of Keri Looijen & TRUE NORTH PIN UP. All articles and story submissions become the property of TRUE NORTH PIN UP© and its affiliates and subsidiaries. TRUE NORTH PIN UP MAGAZINE© is an niche informational magazine intended for informational purposes only and by no means should it be used as a substitute for the advice or guidance of a qualified doctor, mental health practitioner, licensed medical practitioner or health care provider. If you have serious health, or mental health concerns, please consult your health care provider. The opinions expressed in these pages and website are not always those of TRUE NORTH PIN UP MAGAZINE© and its affiliates, and future articles may contradict past articles. We choose to show all angles of an issue and allow for personal choice. Please see for Legal Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions and Policies for more details. True North Pin Up Magazine Calgary AB 403-507-1788 EMAIL: EDITOR: Keri Looijen PUBLISHING: True North Pin Up STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER. And Director of PHOTOGRAPHY: Keri Looijen SALES / AD INQUIRIES: Subject “Ads"

Photos by iFokus Photo

Well Hello Dolls, Welcome to the premier edition of True North Pin Up! I am so excited to bring this dream to life. I am quickly learning that dreams happen when you set goals and smash them with actions! This summer I realized how disconnected Canadian Pin Ups are. We are the second biggest country and Canada is a vast and dynamic nation. It wasn’t until I scoured the internet looking for a Canadian Pin Up magazine to subscribe to I realized how disconnected and reliant on our Southern neighbours we can be. So thank you for joining me on my next big leap in the Pin Up world! Happy Christmas and have an incredible vintage New Year

We want to make the next edition bigger!

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~ For Upcoming Editions ~ Photography by Vintage and Vogue Photography

Canadian Pin Up Girls Artists Makers Hair Stylists Make Up Artists Photographers Retailers & Shops Events

We are new here Please let us introduce ourselves... Our Ringleader

Our Editor in Chief is Keri Looijen, aka Kiki Lou. This quirky prairie knock out hails from Calgary Alberta. Kiki Lou, learned to walk in heels at the tender age of 30. She was raised in the garage fixing cars and in the antique store hunting for treasure. As a connoisseur of fine cars and classic rides she has quite the impressive collection of rides, over 60 vehicles. They might be matchbox cars but no judgement here. As a single mom of 2 boys she’s not afraid to get dirty and nothing grosses her out. She is most notably the self proclaimed “Queen of the Kitchen Twist”, drives her van like it’s stolen and climbs mountains looking for waterfalls. Being a Daddy’s Girl has made her one tough cookie who can build a house, fix a car, likes craft beer and can curse like a sailor. Currently an Integrated Marketing Communications Major student, she can’t sit still and has many projects on the go. She is the co-founder of Moms, For Real. Epic Party Planner of Rides For Relief Charity Car Show and Fundraiser. Editor in Chief of True North Pin Up Magazine, which will connect the Canadian Pin Up Community from Coast to shining Coast. She’s tuned in as a certified yoga instructor. She always makes time for car shows, volunteering with various local organizations and most Friday’s (in the summer) is at A&W raising money for MS. Kiki Lou is always in search of adventure and dreaming about camping in a 50’s airstream with pink flamingos, hammocks, her kiddos and her pooch. She is a lover of books, writing and all things stationary. An avid hunter, she scours the antique and thrift stores and markets looking for vintage pyrex and odd kitschy treasures for her home. Unshakeable, as a vintage horror movie buff she claims to never be scared and has a fascination with old monsters and scaring children on Halloween.

Photo by Ron Fillier Photography

It’s a magazine catering to the Canadian Pin Up. We are based out of Calgary, and love travelling, connecting and building relationships all over the vast land we call home.

What is


We love to learn about what makes Pin Up girls tick and why they are so passionate about this lifestyle. We love to see everyone living their best life, growing and loving every moment of it. We are cheerleaders of others. We love to hear the amazing things you’re doing. We are so many other things and we are so happy you’re here!

Mission Statement We believe in revolutionizing and connecting the Pin Up Community, and those living and loving the vintage life in Canada. Connecting Pin Up’s and vintage lovers from coast to coast. Supporting local and featuring all Canadian Pin Up and Vintage related people, places, things and activities. We feature Canadian Pin Up’s, Retailers, Artisans, Photographers and Events. Revolutionizing and empowering the entire community through body positivity, connection and authentic expression of self. From Canadian to Canadian.


Integrity. Empowerment. Local. Revolution.

We here at True North Pin Up Magazine STAND FOR Integrity, Empowerment, Local, Revolution and a whole bunch of other things too. We hold BODY POSITIVITY high, because we are all unique and we are all beautiful. INCLUSIVENESS, we want to create a community of people who are ALL WELCOME to be themselves. No division, no alienation. Everyone is welcome. LOVE and kindness, we never know what someone else is going through, be compassionate. SUPPORT and encourage each other, where ever you are in your journey. COMMUNITY, we band together in support, acceptance and love. SHARING, we have new ideas, different experiences and can share freely and safely. FINDING JOY, spark a little joy in someone else and you spark a little in yourself. GENUINE CONNECTION in a healthy, open and honest way. ADVENTURE, life is an adventure lets live it! Climb that mountain, chase that waterfall, enter that pin up contest. Share your adventures with us. So let's CELEBRATE each other and LIFT each other up. Life is hard enough.

Shift perspectives. Shatter stereotypes. Be joyfully and unapologetically YOU!

Winny Wonderland Winona Sim Photography by Alder + Grey

Winny Wonderland is a BC Pinup and mid-century vintage enthusiast. She recently moved from the big city of Vancouver back to her childhood stomping grounds Vancouver Island with her little family and couldn't be happier. She's looking forward to some outdoor shoots in this scenic wonderland she's proud to call home. Ms. Winny is the proud owner of a 1954 Ford Crestline and enjoys exploring the windy seaside roads of Vancouver Island. “When I look at her I don’t see the flaws, I think of all stories she could tell and dream of the fun adventures yet to come. And who doesn't love those beautiful curves?! Gosh, I hope people say the same about me at that age!” Ms. Winny laughed, when asked about her car. When she's not busy working in the tech department of the busy BC Film Industry, chasing her 2 young children around, or cruising in her vintage car, she loves thrifting for vintage clothes & pyrex, gardening and experimenting with new twists on vintage hairstyles. With the face of a 50’s housewife and the mouth of a trucker, this gal’s a true modern day pinup! Find her on instagram @winnywonderland

Holly von Merlot Nikki Slifka Photography by Vixens Photo Studio, Merlot Cheesecake, ifokus photography, Ron Fillier Photography

I am a Red Seal certified hairstylist, International certified makeup artist and photographer based in Calgary, AB. I love helping people look and feel beautiful, it is truly my passion. Everyone should feel confident as themselves! It is amazing being able to help people discover their version of pin up! When I do my own hair and makeup in the morning it helps me to take on the day. I have found taking the time helps with my anxiety and grounds me. It was about 10 years ago that I discovered pin up style/culture, slowly immersing myself in it and building up my personal style. The great thing about pin up is there is no wrong way to do it, you can really express yourself. I love blending vintage styles with creepy and witchy aesthetics. There is no need to put yourself in one fashion box, everyday is chance to show off another version of you! Also I am one of the original members of the Hellbound Honeys, an amazing volunteer group full of wonderful women who are so accepting and generous. We have worked with several different charities over the years including Bikers are Buddies. We also guest bar tend for special events like the Rockabilly Weekend here in Calgary. Recently I have started judging, hosting and organizing pin up pageants. It has been such an uplifting experience, I am so excited to be able to lift up my fellow pin ups and bring together my community. Find her on Instagram @hollyvonmerlot


The Silver FlappeR Christine Pinkney Photography by Alexander Ranger, Jon-Christian Ashby, Joel Abrahamson Photography & Tet M's Photography

I grew up on a steady stream of old photos and stories of life in the 1920's - 40's in Toronto and Regina from my grandparents. They started my life-long passion for all things historic; from clothing, to architecture, books, and furniture. I became obsessed with 1920's fashion when I was in high school, which is when I became known as The Silver Flapper. Growing up in Calgary, Alberta, I didn't know anyone else who loved --let alone owned-- vintage fashion, and didn't think plus sized vintage existed, so I didn't start collecting vintage until I discovered etsy, at age 20. That year I came out as bisexual, started performing burlesque and drag, and finally found my tribe of fellow pin-up style admirers through the burlesque community. I started collecting anything I could find in plus sized vintage and retro style. I even spent a year wearing nothing but vintage in 2009 and blogged about it. Fast forward 13 years, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, where I'm a librarian. I now have an instagram page @Thesilverflapper where I chronicle my vintage style adventures. I focus my wardrobe on true vintage items when I can, or reproduction if I have no other options. 1940's Hollywood glam is currently my favourite era to explore, Though I slip some 20's and 50's looks in here and there. I even travel around Canada to attend vintage events. In 2018 I won best female costume for the Fab Forties Day at Todmorden Mills in Toronto and tied for best female costume on the Sunday of the Gatsby Garden Party at Spadina Museum. I'm so thrilled to connect with fellow Canadian vintage lovers, and look forward to meeting more of you in my future travels! Find her on Instagram @thesilverflapper

Evie Assault Photography by Dano Tanaka Bridge: Dress: The Foxy Shoppe. Hat: Patti Henderson Costumes. Location: The Iconic Provencher Roadster: Location and Car: Brent Hoitnik and Half Ass Kustoms

Evie Assault is an internationally published pinup model from Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has graced the covers and pages of over a dozen pinup books and magazines. Evie is proud to be Manitoba’s premier pinup girl. She is the Coordinator and Host of The PegCity Pinup Pageant at The Winnipeg Tattoo show and The Foxy Shoppe’s official spokesmodel. Evie loves channeling Marilyn Monroe, travelling for work and play – her favourite is going to Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, spending too many hours on Instagram and spending time with her supportive husband Carl and 3 year old French Bulldog Sophie. For daily updates on Evie’s work and life follow her on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @evieassault


Miss Mandy Mae Mandy Desrosiers Photography by Rocknema Photography

Born and raised in eastern Ontario in a sleepy little village my heart always felt at home. I grew up swimming in our beautiful clean great lakes, frolicking in waterfalls and spending long summer days roaming our forests. Reading a book under the mighty maple trees and allowing my imagination to run wild with tails of long ago. Summer time is a promise of the sweetest strawberries and best produce going. I was always a little different from everyone else in my village. Fantasizing of the simple days of the past. Everything appealed to me from the clothing to the cars. So much so that I made my life around it. I own my own 1955 Buick Special that I love to drive and also race. I am the flag girl for Armdrop drag racing, an old school drag racing event held at the historic World War ll air strip. I also love baking from vintage cookbooks but what makes it sweeter I get to bake with my mid fifties Gurney oven. Baking vintage with vintage makes the sweetest of treats. I am also a makeup artist and I use my talents to help empower other women. When you feel confident it is contagious. It is my lifes goal to make this world a more beautiful place with love and kindness. Find her on instagram @missmandymae401

Miss Sweet Carolina Caroline Yoeung Photography by Rocknema Photography

Native of Montreal, Quebec, but from Asian immigrant parents, I have surely caught your attention with my almond shaped eyes and my franc smile. However, I am far from being just a pretty face. In fact, I am also a Rockabilly Jive dancer since 2013 and... quite a nerd! Indeed, I am finishing my degree in psychology at the moment and wish to work in the field of mental health next year. I am proud to say that I personify the modern pinup girl most days of the year. It just gives me so much confidence and power. After all, don't you agree that pinups from the mid-century era are the most beautiful woman ever? Find her on instagram @miss.sweet.carolina

Miss Indigo Pinup Alyssa Russel Photography by Sittin’ Pretty Pinup Studio

I'm Alyssa from Bathurst New Brunswick! I go by Miss Indigo Pinup for my love of the colour purple as well as feeling I grew up and an "Indigo child". My pinup style can vary from cheesecake styled kitschy prints to dark witchy glamour. I always had purple bright coloured hair for over 12 years now and truly it is a part of me. I have a love for 80's and 90's pop culture anything, horror films and books. (You should see my collections!) This I love to add as little touches to my pin up persona! Pinup found me in a real dear time in my life when I was pregnant with my first born who is now 4. Growing up, I struggled a lot with social anxiety. I often found myself stuck in my own head in social settings, over analyzing what to say, what I already said, then playing back even after the interaction ended. Already a heavily tattooed purple haired expecting mama, I found myself looking for something to get me out of my head and something truly mine. I walked into a Pinup Boutique called Vixens Boutique in Moncton N.B. and all had changed. Pin up has giving me a ice breaker, a conversation piece that I speak from my heart not my head. It allows me to come out of my shell and has given me the most confidence. Nothing makes me more proud is when I get compliments from little girls from almost every city I visit.

Find her on Instagram @missindigopinup

Mercede Gerula Winnipeg, Manitoba Photography by Vintage and Vogue Photography

I’m a Winnipeg gal, born and raised here. I was introduced to vintage styles at an early age. I grew up watching a lot of old movies with my grandma. I fell in love with the style and elegance of the clothes, the hair, and pretty much everything from the 1920’s to 50’s. I collect vintage style clothing and have an extensive purse collection. I also collect vintage cameras, and have cameras from both of my grandmas, as well as my mother, and sister. The oldest I think is from the 1940’s. Family is important, and my mom is a very positive influence in my life. We support each other, and she’s my best friend. One of my passions is being a singer, as I was trained as a Jazz Vocalist. I try and embrace the vintage styling when I go out socially. Putting on an elegant vintage dress or pinup outfit just makes me feel great. I’ve even got pretty decent at doing my own pinup hair. Last year I entered a local pinup contest and really enjoyed the camaraderie of the community. I love the Pinup Style because it celebrates all body types and really embraces and recognizes that everyone is beautiful. There is no one size that everyone must conform to in order to be a pinup gal. It’s for everyone! I am so thrilled and thankful to be featured in True North Pinup Magazine. The fact that it’s a Canadian Publication is extra special. The photo shoot that is featured on the Cover has been my favourite Pinup Shoot ever. The whole experience with Mark, from Vintage And Vogue Photography was so creative, and I’ve never felt more beautiful and confident. Find her on Instagram @cedemylady

e e r T e h t r e d ll n o D U r o e F p d o i h l to S Hard To S

Wishhlistaantd Inspiration Guide For The

AW By Ker

i Looije


New shoes - really, who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes

A purse or two - local retailers are full of gorgeous purses

Vintage Pillbox hats

Vintage muff - Keep her hands toasty and warm while she's not holding yours

Vintage bar accessories - glasses, ice boxes and crystal decanters

Parasol - with flamingos preferred

Vintage radio or record player, with records

Unique chalkware home decor, it was all the rage in the 50’s

Pyrex - Oh please Santa bring me Pyrex

A new car - I take a size 67-72 Chevy Nova SS, cherry red of course, or a 60’s VW bus in turquoise and white with a roof rack and a surf board


the Tree

Hairspray - we can never have too much hair spray. I should really buy stocks in hairspray

Pearls - every girl needs more than one set of pearls Bonus points if you buy real pearls.

Brooches - vintage or Erstwilder. Lots of Canadian pin up retailers carry Erstwilder

Bangles and bracelets - Look for a Canadian or local to you maker


Cuban heel stockings

Hair flowers

A gift certificate to Sephora

Hair salon gift certificate

True North Pin Up Magazine subscription

A gift certificate for her favourite local pin up shop. Don't have one in your town? Fear not! Most Canadian retailers have online shopping. Prices in Canadian dollars and no duty.

A photoshoot with a fabulous photographer! Get the upgrade and get her hair and makeup done too

Does she like any local bands? I’m pretty sure they sell swag and CDs

tS uff the ng i k c Sto

? d e p m u t Still S My suggestion, hit your local antique store and have a conversation with the owner, you'll be sorted out and on your way in no time. You can also feel good about purchasing from an antique dealer or because you're not adding to more stuff to the landfill, and it's uniquely vintage and swoonably perfect. Reduce, reuse, recycle my friends. Check out a pin up retailer in your city, don’t know of one let us know, we have a mile long list of amazing Canadian retailers who actually do a happy dance every time someone places an order. If that doesn’t work, gift certificates for time to pamper herself. Most ladies I know put everyones needs ahead of their own, especially if she is a Mom. Give her time to do her own thing, don’t laze about the house expecting this is the 50’s and she’s at your beck and call. Get a few gift cards and do a monthly present, January is massage month, February, we are getting away without the kids for one night, March, you and the girls are going out etc. Bonus points if you wrap them individually AND cover any kids care required don’t let her do a thing. Appreciate and love her, that might be the Christmas present she really wants. If none of that works, Vegas, take her to Vegas. April 9-12, 2020 is the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, I hear it’s the best time for any pin up girl or rockabella. Tag us in your Christmas morning photos, we really want to know if Santa brought you anything on your wish list @truenorthpinup.

Recipe for a Great Pin Up Photoshoot Ingredients: 1 absolutely fabulous dream chaser (you) Mix: 1 great, highly skilled photographer. ž cup of research, shop around and check reviews. 1/3 cup of a relationship with your photographer, it will help you to relax and feel more comfortable Day before the shoot 2 cups of tightly packed all your clothing and props. Let rest overnight: Have a good night sleep Warning: Adding new face products can cause allergic reactions To bake: Day of the shoot Preheat oven to 400. Add in a Professional hair and makeup session Work the dough. Posing Listen to your photographer; what you think you look like and the other side of the camera are completely different Bake for a minimum of 2 hours Let rest for the rest of the day

Relax and have fun

Adapted by Keri Looijen from the Mark Bilash

Vintage and Vogue Photography “Cookbook”

Photograph provided by: Vintage and Vogue Photography

By Keri Looijen

Send us your local Canadian events Car shows Pin Up Contests Swap Meets Etc.

Miss Kray Rolla Kaleena Hanoski Photography by Michele Seraphim Rees Images

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I’m an elementary teacher by day, roller derby gal by night, and a square dancer on the side. When I’m not hopping around to one of these or taking care of business, you’ll find me cozied up at home with my mister and my three-year-old rug rat dancing to some sweet tunes, playing with lego, whipping up something fab, or catching the latest flick. I enjoy making art, going on adventures, having a gas with friends and family, and generally making this world a little kinder place. Why did you enter that particular contest? I entered purely because I believed in the charity (the Garrett Mills Memorial Scholarship) and I wanted to support it and Mrs. Rees’. Oh, and I may have had a couple of friends who were entering too, so it was a way to lift each other up and cheer each other on. With the idea of pin up being pretty little housewives, how do you shatter that stereotype? I think that I shatter the stereotype just by being me. I may be pretty, little, and a housewife but, I am also a confident and amazing woman who is not afraid to speak her mind and get the job done. What do you do for work? What are your certifications? Currently I teach Grade 3 with my best friend. My most recent certification is my Principal Qualifications. Though I also have my Bachelor of Arts in Language & Linguistics, my Bachelor of Indigenous Education with qualifications in Primary through Intermediate Divisions, and my Masters of Theological Studies. How are you involved in Pin Up/Vintage scene? I have always been interested in the Pin Up and Vintage Scene and many of my hobbies and side gigs have reflected that. When Roller Derby came to my hometown, I jumped in and from there made connections with Mrs. Rees’ Vintage Beauty Parlour, and the adventure has just continued from there. Do you use your unique abilities to give back to the community and/or how do you empower other women? I believe that in this life you get out what you put in. I also believe that you need to make this world what you want it to be instead of waiting for others to do it for you. With these in mind, I consciously make decisions to give back and empower others. It can be the smallest gesture like complimenting a person on their outfit, to giving people something that you know they need, to completely stepping out of your comfort zone to raise money for causes that you believe in. What does Pin Up mean to you? To me, Pin Up means embracing who you are and capitalizing on all your best bits. It’s also a nod to all of the beautiful, strong, and courageous women who came before us and showing those coming up that femininity does not equate with weakness, but rather a deep sense of power and influence that comes with being a woman. What kind of local events are there? There are a number of Pin Up pageants in our area of South Central Ontario and even some local Pin Up groups who get together to support causes and even just have fun together. What’s your advice for someone who’s new in your area? Just get out there and jump in. Everyone has been new at some point, and everyone has had the New Gal jitters or feelings of not being enough. But the Pin Up scene is all about empowering each other and finding inner strength and beauty then turning it outwards.

Top 5 Tips for someone entering next years Miss Cherry Pie is Details, Details, Details. It’s all in the details. Stay in Character and Pay Attention to Others. Practice Your Routine and Posing. If you Make a Mistake, Own it and Rock it out like it was intentional. Have Fun!

I am very much looking forward to being a part of the True North Pinup Magazine, with all the people it takes to create a magazine that is filled with articles, covers, images and columns. My column “Ask Mrs. Rees” hopes to share some answers to questions you might have. They could be about History, Makeup, Hair, Fashion of course as those are all pertaining to my expertise but I am also hoping to attempt to answer many questions you might have about, well, just about anything (within reason). I may not be an expert on those areas, but in fun, I will attempt to answer with my personal thoughts which are in no way advice. I am not a therapist but I am a retro girl with a personal knowledge of many things... or I like to imagine I am. I hope the column will share moments of insight, laughter and possibly even some tears. We have set up a form that will allow you to ask me whatever you wish and I will do my best to answer either thoughtfully or playfully. I will try to answer as many questions as I can and some of those questions will be published in the True North Pinup Magazine... so, make those questions thoughtful and your question may chosen to be published! Without further ado lets begin by addressing a letter received from our very own Editor in Chief, Keri Looijen, who has asked what to do with virgin hair when attempting to style it along with best products to use for this type of hair.

s, when ur s Re e r o d M r o irl t on’t colo Dea g a s d t’ ! W h ar g i n h a i r ? I l t h y. To o h s e e Y as vi really hea s h e hd it ’s n a t r o n s, i i . g y n i h l t r heal t s, c un s, s p r a y s e s t e potio . ied w I ’ v e trrs, l o t i o n st, r i e d s p e l l s llion i m dr ye possibly a ithout the w and t i e s tyl pray and roducts I n a H o w cd s o f h a i rtsr y i n g o f p in up p e h n t pou r ending get me neve s till don’t t h a t t s I wa n t ? resul oxo Ke r i x

s, rs Ree M r a n De er wheok f e r p o you r pin up lo or a curling d t a h W rollers ng you creati llers, velcro hot ro iron? Kristan


Dear Kristan, In answer to your question as to what I prefer most when preparing my hair for pin up stying; Hot rollers, Velcro rollers or Curling iron; my preferred tool is not listed here. Hot rollers, (used on dry hair) will give hair a weaker curl then is the hair is wet set but stronger than can be achieved with a curling iron. Velcro rollers, (created to be used on dry hair) well those can be a struggle at the best of times. If this style of roller is used on wet hair it will snag and tangle. If the hair is wound too much or too tightly it will cause breakage. And we don’t want that especially for so little return. These rollers are also difficult to keep clean. Velcro rollers offer a softer set that will last a day or two if you are lucky and are meant to offer volume more than curl. If that is all you need they are a great option as they do not need pins to hold them in place. These give more volume than a round brush but less than a hot roller. Thermal/Curling irons can be a useful too if you know how to curl the hair properly. You must begin by heating up the base (the panel of hair that is carved out at the root). Once the curl is set to your liking, begin gently “clicking” the curl off the iron without disturbing the cork and pin it to the scalp so that it can fully cool before it is so inconsiderately attacked by gravity. You must use a heat protection spray and even still, is this is your go to styling aid, you are most certainly going to see damage to the ends of your hair. Regular trims a must along with treatments to help strengthen the hair. This setting technique can last a couple of days depending on the hair type, if the hair was cooled completely and the setting spray used. This will offer a medium strength curl which more than hot rollers but less than a wet set. My personal favourite way to style my hair when preparing for a long week, I wet set my hair. I begin by washing it and letting it dry until it is damp. It is then sprayed with a proper setting lotion such as Mrs. Rees’ Blue Suede Spray and then rolled in my pillow style rollers “Pillow Talk”. Or try the vintage pink foam rollers but be careful if they are not covered in fabric as your hair can tangle on the foam and again, this can cause breakage. Once my pillow style rollers are in I cover my hair in a silk scarf and then it is off to bed. If I can multi-task something, I will and these two styles of rollers are comfortable to sleep in. The work gets done while you get some beauty sleep. In all wet set situations, you must make sure your hair is fully dry or it’s all for naught. This Technique will last you an entire five to six days hence the weekly salon visits in the 1950’s. You do not need to work through your finished styles, creating different styles throughout the week but you will get approximately 5 days out of your rollers. On day six you can do a wash, and begin again or push through one more day and do a bang style and cover most of your hair in a Rosie the Riveter style scarf wrap. Dry shampoo can also be a dear friend when trying to stretch out your styling. There are many other styles of roller choices: Hot Set: Hot Sticks (medium to Firm set), just be careful of fish hooks on the ends of your hair. I suggest using End Papers on the ends to both protect from the heat of the rollers and the fish hook frizzy ends. Wet Set: Plastic/Magnetic Rollers (Firm set), Brush Rollers (Firm set), these are the ones your grandmother’s might have use with the little stick that holds them in place with a brush in the middle and an outer fabric covered spring. Neither are very comfortable to sleep in so you need to plan to sit under a hood dryer for a length of time. Grab a good magazine like

True North Pin Up and settle in with a cuppa.

Dear Mrs Rees, Help! I ha coming upve a dinner party per fect p , how do I make th ie for des e sert? Amanda

Dear Amanda, To make sure I had the perfect pie for a dinner party, I may be a pretty darn good baker but pies my dear, are not my forte. If I am honest, I would order in a perfect pie from a local Doll who is a professional pie maker. She makes the most “to die for” pies! I would bake it just prior to my guests arrival, remove it from the tray and place it in a beautiful vintage Pyrex pie plate, cover it with a hand embroidered tea towel and we’re of to the races. Sharon Hopkins makes the most perfect pies ever and it would take me years to learn to make a pie crust as good as hers. Not to mention, I love to support other local Boss Girls. My suggestion to you is to try to work with as many other women as you possibly can and form an alliance with those that are good at what you are not and visa-versa. With more hands and hearts we have have more to give! We need to learn that it’s ok to not be good at everything and that there is no shame in asking for help from others when we need it. There is a scene in Downton Abbey, Season one, where Mr. Molesley is heard saying “I’m just stood there like a chump watching a man get dressed” Matthew Crawley feels there is no need for him to be dressed by a valet but this means that Molesley has no job and therefore in his mind, no worth. I feel it is very important to realize that we all need worth and sharing tasks makes us all feel that we have a place.

The Other Side of the Shutter with... Mark Bilash of Vintage and Vogue Photography Meet the man and the studio behind this editions “Cover Doll” By: Keri Looijen

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Book your next shoot with Mark: Website. Email: Phone: (204) 296-6647 Social media: Facebook @vintageandvoguephotography Instagram @vintageandvoguephotography

. Mark Bilash of Vintage and Vogue Photography, located in beautiful Ste. Anne Manitoba, is one of the best pin up photographers in Canada. His work has graced the covers and pages of over 60 international pin up magazines. With a passion for the vintage styling of the 1920’s through the 1960’s he pulls a flair for it in all his sessions including traditional cheesecake, couples, maternity and beyond. Mark has always been a lover of history, with a strong gravitational pull toward vintage. With two studios located in Ste. Anne and Winnipeg Manitoba, offering both boudoir and (our favourite) pin up photography. To separate his quality from the amateur, he is a Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) accredited member, in both studio lighting and pin up photography. One of only two accredited photographers in the pin up category nationwide. This accreditation is quite intense as you have to show a high level of quality in all your work, and prove to a panel of judges that your work is high-calibre enough to gain the sacred accredited seal. Mark pulls his inspiration from the bygone eras of; “craftsmanship, things were made stronger and everything was a piece of art”. With a prop collection that would make an antique lover squeal with joy, he also owns a 1950 Dodge Deluxe and a 1959 Vespa Motor Scooter that makes the gears and grease girls swoon. With an expansive wardrobe of outfits and costumes he is set to help all women travel back in time with ease and to have the best most inspiring photoshoot. With two studios, booking a photoshoot is flexible and easy to access. With connections to local hairstylists and makeup artists he will connect you to get the most out of your shoot and look top notch. Due to his drive to make each clients shoot as individual and unique as they are he prefers to take time to get to know his clients so he can help plan the shoot of their dreams. Photography is a very powerful medium and a treasure that will last generations. He really emphasizes on printed products that help to tell a story, “the physicality to hang on the wall has more impact”. It tells a story of the experience; the positivity, the empowerment and can uplift women for a long time. While no one is totally happy with themselves and it’s always easy to nitpick ourselves. However, when clients see themselves on the computer at the end of the photoshoot is magical. Suddenly they are emotionally uplifted and happy, and leave as if they are on a sugar rush. “A positive uplifting experience, with planning and the actual shoot followed by stunning images, it’s a build up. The images are the bonus.” His favourite part of pin up photography is time traveling with his clients and uplifting and empowering women to see the sparkle within. Mark assures us that the Canadian pin up community is busy, interactive and fun. In his words, Pin Up is wide range of all women and emphasizes on “self love, body acceptance and positivity”. So next time you’re in Manitoba, give Mark a call and book a shoot; then submit your gorgeous photos for a chance and being published in the next edition of True North Pin Up Magazine. ***Flip through this edition to see his work!

Photos provided by: Vintage and Vogue Photography

Photos provided by: Vintage and Vogue Photography

Photos provided by: Vintage and Vogue Photography

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